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Is The `Fake Plane' / Hovering Jetliner Concept - Moving Earthward?

Hello Clockers - you might want to buckle your seatbelt and read the instructions in the seatback in front of you - because even the IDEA that `aliens' or `the trickster' or `advanced human technology' is suddenly putting `the jet motif' into the `perception structure' - is one that is surely bound to crash your mind and belief system.

You can check the tags below for `hanging jetliner' - and find that more and more folks are experiencing the perception of what appear to be `hanging or nearly hovering jetliners'. Including my wife as I have reported. As you will see from today's report - some of these hanging planes ARE MISSING PARTS - like the wings! Indeed, without the wings, more and more of these so-called UFOs are matching the `rectangular' or `boxlike' forms that are also seemingly increasing in 2011.

But, today's featured UDCC `citizen UFO report' - is from the MUFON `latest' casefiles today - that is of an object low in the skies on August 15th of this year in New Jersey - VERY low in the skies. Below is the written description:

This was the description:
I should have submitted this sooner. However, i didn't. Anyways, It was about 7pm, August 15th, 2011(still daylight, clear sky, and no clouds) and i was driving north bound on black horse pike in Bellmawr NJ. I pulled up to the light at wendys and i noticed what i thought was the front end of an airplane, about 75 to 100 yards in the air, crossing the black horse pike about a mile up ahead, going westbound. It was very low and big.I thought at first, wow, this plane is low, its gonna crash. But it continued. As it continued to cross it stopped, hovered for a few seconds, then proceded again. While looking at it, it didnt seem right... The front was rounded, but square, with no windows, but I noticed 3 or 4 windows on the side at the top, with more holes or exhaust ports on the side. It had a milky white color on the top half, and a dirty silvery metalic bottom. It was made of some type of metal, almost submarine like. As the back end came across, i was expecting to see a tail or tail wings, but there was no tail, just a little hump on the back end. It did not have any wings or rotar blades, it just drifted across the tree tops to the west and then it was gone. I was kinda taken back for a moment, like wow that was really freakin cool. I looked to the person in the car next me, to see if they saw what i saw. But they turned left and showed no interest. I serverd in the USAF as a Security Officer back in the late 90's and i have never seen a craft like this... To me it was a mix between a plane, a helicopter, a sub and a space shuttle rolled into one. The best way to describe its shape is, it looked like a flying metal loaf of bread... Very wierd, but cool...
Here's another picture of the `loaf of bread' that he provided in his report:
What's your take Clockers?
Is some sort of computerish program - programming our atmosphere with visible temporary phenomena?
Is this some sort of over the top `faction' of those who wish for mankind to be more aware of the `changes to come'?
Are `aliens' working on some sort of slow but gradual intensification of `weirdness' in lo of some grander event? Are `they appearing as `planes' to appear less threatening or more `normal'?
Has some sort of ..... computer program..... (that ugly chance that we are only that) F'ed UP?
Believe it or not - other MUFON reports were just as `unusual' - and here's a sampling -
And, MUFON's Link
Oh, BTW, thanks to the person that bought the book below off my blogs yesterday:

Here's a description of it:
As 2012 fast approaches, opinions about what to expect on this much-anticipated date are sharply polarized. Will humanity experience a global, spiritual transformation? Cataclysmic Earth Changes? Or both? Or nothing? If Earth and its inhabitants are scheduled for some life-changing or life-ending event, we should ask ourselves what we know and how we know it, and how to prepare for our future.

Drawing on decades of research into history, religion, and the esoteric, Laura Knight-Jadczyk introduces the concept of "the Wave" to describe the possible phenomena behind all the hype surrounding global transformation. Riding the Wave not only collects the most probable scenarios we may face in the near future it provides the context to make it all intelligible.
With roots in the science of hyperdimensions made popular by physicist Michio Kaku and the Fortean theories of the late John Keel, Riding the Wave suggests that many of the noticeable changes to our world in the last century are symptoms of the approaching Wave. From climate change, extreme ......
You get the idea.
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Orb Caller - UFO Videoer - William Roehling - `Massive Mothership' And `Crashed UFO In The 1930's'

Hi Clockers. The below video is of yet ANOTHER `Orb Recorder' that I've re-run across recently (I've actually featured this guy once before too.). The video, shot in September at an UFO viewing party, is pretty compelling as `high in the sky' Orbs go. ....... Mothership? ....... The only thing I can say is that if you watch it all - it seems to slightly change direction and also seems to have another smaller Orb run ahead of it near the end of the video. Almost 4,000 views.

link to channel -
William is up to over 100 UFO videos on his channel - all in less than two years. Many with `interaction' with the Orb. And, yes, he also has `ideas' about where all this is coming from and why as you can see from his self description at YouTube below: (one of the best descriptions on the internet)
Childhood Abduction)from 8-10 yrs old. When i was a child, i couldn't sleep (insomniac) i would hear things come into my room, my eyes were squeezed shut in terror, they would touch their face to my face(Nose to Nose)& i was out, don't remember anything, this happened many times!

From 10 to 13yrs old:

I used to see UFOs in the clouds, i felt they were watching me, i would run home & tell my father(worked for "NASA") he told me 2 forget about it & do my homework! This happened several times growing up & was always obsessed w. UFOs!

Age 16 yrs old:

My father sat me down 1 evening & told me a story that changed my forever!

He told me, when he worked 4 "NASA" early 1960s, He was n Security!

When he 1st started at "NASA" 1 of the security officers told him, they (NASA) had a "Flying Disc" Down in 1 of the underground hangers, NASA acquired in the late 1930s, from Canada, it was found stuck in the mud, like a coin that was dropped in mud & stuck straight up like a coin!

Canada let the U.S. take control of it.

A classic 30 ft in diameter Sliver Disc.

He eventually had the chance to see a picture of what was inside of it when it was opened, "Bodies" 4 of them!

2-Greys & 2- Trolls, yup i said "Trolls"!

2-Hairy little Gorilla looking "Troll's"!!!

Eventually he was able to see the craft close-up, said it looked like it was wet, almost like liquid Mercury but solid, a classic 30 ft in Diameter Flying Disc.

The day he finally got 2 view it inside, changed everything he ever knew about 1960s modern day scientific reality, he was told: This is how you can tell the difference between "Man Made" & "Alien"? When he looked inside the 30ft in Diameter Flying Disc,

The inside was over 100ft in Diameter?? Yes i said over 100ft in Diameter!! There was nothing inside the Flying Disc, no Lights, Levers, Handles, Steering Wheels, Buttons, Windows, Drawers nothing that a Human would need to travel in a craft?

There were 4-Four Seats around a Mound or Column, a panel came out that was used for placing their hands on & a Head Band?

There was an upper room he didn't get to see, a Holographic Map Room: There were small Bumps 2 wave your hands across, then Maps of unknown Star Systems would appear as if you were there in the Stars, He was told: it took our scientists over 3yrs to find a Star system that we were able to recognise as ours!

Nov. 2005 my life would Change Again forever!

I was driving my Toyota Land Cruiser on Hwy 280 nth just passing "The Stanford Linear Accelerator" Palo Alto California. My windows open cruisin at 80mph, 2-Two strange Golf-Ball size, dark brown/almost Black, furry, lightly glowing Orb-Entities, side by side, O-O suddenly appeared, almost like they came out of a dimensional window, shot into my drivers window,

hit my left Temple, blasted thru my Head, popped out my right Temple, blew out my passenger window, as if they were shot out of a gun, it all happened so quickly, nothing happened to me, it didn't hurt, but the feeling it left in me was amazing, my head started burning, the burning was in a, what felt like a tube that was made by the Orbs-Entities, the burning was an energy that was left by the Orb-Entities, it started buzzing& Burning,(Indescribable) it was a kind of "Cosmic Energy" & was getting stronger by the minute, it didn't hurt, it actually felt "Incredible"(2 say the least) To describe the Intensifying Energy: Take a strip of Mink Fur, place it across your eyes & hold it, then pull it across while holding it against ur eyes, it's the incredibly soft feeling of the soft fur sliding across your eyes, but X100= The feeling of the energy that was now buzzing in my head(believe it or not)! The feeling stayed in my head for a yr & 1/2, it comes back whenever i think about it or whenever i get "Pulsed" by the Orb-UFOs that i Interact with when recording them. A report ws filed w. the "West Coast UFO Reporting Center"

(Peter Davenport) but mysteriously disappeared during recent search, when reporting, i was asked if i had witnesses or pictures, i said no, he said he couldn't help me because there isn't a UFO Craft or an Alien, but go a head and send in the report anyways. After that night, my UFO experiences shot through the roof! Now these Orb-UFOs are all over the sky around my home, when i tried talking to them, they started dancing & darting all over the sky, it was amazing to see w. my friends & family, although they thought i was nuts! The more i told my story, the more they thought i was crazy, who ever heard of this experience happening to anyone else, anywhere?

2007 i met "The Father of Modern Day Night Vision Ufology"(Ed Grimsley)

I calld & told him about my experience, he wanted me to tell my story to "Jose Escamilla" Jose told me he just made a movie about the exact Orb-Entities(Critters) that "Mated" w. me & wanted me to meet with a scientist named:

"Trevor James Constable" who's an expert on those EBEs,"Etheric Biological Entities" or (Critters) More to come.....
Trevor James Constable Book below:

This book presents evidence that UFOs are mainly invisible and consist of both physical craft and living, biological creatures. The author convincingly shows that our atmosphere is the home of huge, invisible living organisms that are sometimes confused with spacecraft when they became visible. Mr. Constable has photographed both types of UFOs with special infrared film, some of which are reproduced in this expanded and updated edition. Despite his bold leap into the future, the general public and official ufology have a hard time accepting the evidence. In recent years teams of engineers and technicians in both Italy and Romania, unaware of Constable's earlier discoveries, obtained virtually identical infrared photos of UFOs, which were published in Italy. In 1996, NASA used ultraviolet-sensitive videotape to record swarms of invisible UFOs that looked like Constable's earlier photos. Examples from these photos are also contained in this book. Also covered are earlier pioneers into important life energies that play a big role in this research, including Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner, and Dr. Ruth B. Drown. This is an important book, recommended for those interested in the higher realms of our physical reality.
Clockers - if you particularly like one of the videos, make sure to leave its URL in the comments.
See You Tomorrow.

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Latest MUFON Reports Continue To Ignite Imagination

Remember folks, these are the cream of the crop of a sample of ONLY 25. UDCC will occasionally feature `citizen reports' as we have been recently - at a much higher level than normal for UDCC. Read On.......
A nearly Transparent Triangle Craft seen last night in Utah.
Do you remember the song in 1966 called `Their Coming To Take Me Away?` Well..... you can slowly hear the Desperation In This Guys Writing as he describes a Connecticut event that happened on July 3rd. Elaborate Firecracker? The final descent of a Chinese lantern?
And, ANOTHER Hovering Craft Over I-70 In Missouri - Well, Actually - Make That TWO Hovering Crafts In Missouri Yesterday.
WTH is going on in Missouri?
And, what till you read this one: - here's a tease:
The object was totally silent, and left no visible trail such as smoke, debris or exhaust. There was no aura or any type of visible distortion of the light surrounding the object. From my 8 years experience as a Navy F-14 pilot with 1700 hours, I would estimate that the object was at an altitude of approximately 1000 feet above the ground, at an estimated speed of 600 - 700 knots, and would have an actual diameter of 10 to 15 feet. As the object was traveling away, it was observed to slightly vary its course from left to right and back, rather than follow a ballistic trajectory. This made it seem to me to be in to be in controlled flight. I was observing this very slight "sidewinder" motion as if looking from the rear of the object, rather than the underside, due to its relatively low altitude (i.e. If it were a jet I would have been looking up the tailpipe.) In about 5 seconds it passed out of sight beyond the top of the north side of the football stadium. I thought immediately that it was a controlled flying object which was neither civilian nor military. My wife was in awe and said "What WAS that?" I was
Use that link above for the full story. Happened on 11-12.
Or, how about a NON-HUMAN sighting, in Michigan, on Aug. 31st of this year - A Close First Person Description.
Not weird enough for you? If you are really daring you can check out my latest post on The Heavy Stuff - in it, I look at some of Bruce Duensing's latest efforts and let it flow from there.
BTW, Bruce and I will be featured along with about 8 others in Robert Cheatham's upcoming book - I've seen the cover and back page - ....................................holy cow.

 - this one is actually on the rankings at Amazon.
Cheatham's Website where you can see the upcoming cover and back cover -
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Nefarious Six Light `UFO' Photographed In Daytime Massachusetts Sky

From the latest MUFON reports as of 8:00 AM: (picture/event on 11/21/11)
(cropped image - click to enlarge)
Interesting image above IMO.
Large UFO with Amber Vents Seen over past year in Wisconsin - latest report 11/11/11:
 had just finished dinner and was leaving my parent's house to go into town around 6:30 p.m. when a giant craft caught the corner of my eye to the east. It was so bright and large that I thought an airplane had caught fire and was going to crash. It took a split second for me to realize I was looking at something I could not identify. It was probably several hundred feet wide and had vents which released an intense amber colored glow. It was long and thin, almost cigar shaped (however I do not believe this to be the true shape of the object). My parents stepped outside just as it "collapsed" upon itself. To my suprise it reappeared in a few seconds slightly north but at least a mile away. Its amber glow was still clearly visible. The craft disappeared and reappeared at least once more, even further away. My parents claim two fighter jets flew over the area soon following the sighting. While I heard them, I did not see them. The amber lighted craft has been seen in this area on and off for over a year now.
Strange `Boxlike' object in Texas Skys Yesterday
And, here's one in California Yesterday too
Seems the box and rectangle shapes are popular in November.
OR, how about this LARGE STRANGE object with lights that passed RIGHT OVER a car in Maryland on Friday?
My boyfriend and I were traveling down 1-95 from gaithersburg to BWI airport. About a mile from BWI, neat elkridge exit we noticed a bright green light on the right. The object began heading towards us and literally slowed down and passed right above our car. I got a pretty good view of it through the sunroof. It was nothing i had ever seen before. it had no frist we thought it was a helicopter until we saw it above the car. It was pretty low was quite large and had two extremely bright, large lights coming from the bottom of the object. One light was bright green and one light was white. The lights never dimmed...they just had a steady glow (almost like a search light but they did not move). we could not hear any noise coming from the object and the best way i can describe the shape is like a blimp but much larger. It was flying in a strange path, changed directions a few times and our last sighting of it was when it gaines speed very quickly and we no longer saw it. We were both in shock and have been looking for answers on the interent all night.
But, then again, sometimes MUFON reports bring stories of high strangeness that challenge your very being:
Here's a tease from the above link:
we came around one of the last curves to the left and a Being stepped out of the forest and into the road and "Joe" didnt see the being and struck the being at the last minute and dragged the being half way down the road and the suburban ripped off the Left foot of this being which I will Describe later then the suburban went over the side of the mountain. luckily the suburban came to a halt slamming into a tree suspended in the air by the ROOTS of a tree beneath the suburban between the wheels.

upon me climbing back up to "ries road"

I found the foot of the being to describe this foot it was nothing I ever seen before. it had three toes with sharp TALONS black as nails i can describe more upon request. after me another person out the suburban made it to the top of the road his name was "TODD WEST" todd went to eldorado high school in las vegas. i believe his first name was "Theodore" "Todd" for short. as tood made it to the top of ries road he asked me what happened and I pointed at the foot and said we must have hit what ever this foot belonged to. just then we heard a noise on the cliff side of ries road. i went to look for what made the noise as it sounded like something moving in the grass area. We found a being laying on its stomach attempting to crawl away it heard me behind it and it flipped over on its back while crawling on its stomach it had a similarity of a crocodile the way the back looked and the TAIL and the MOUTH when it flipped over I saw it had 2 HUGE BREAST the size of volley balls or bigger with a pattern on it that resembled
There is MUCH more to the above story if you have more time - hit the link. Including a `man in black'.
UFO Disclosure = Ludicrous Foes
And, since it's Sunday and you have a bit of time - here's a UK sight that is similar IMO to MUFON's latest reports UK UFO Sightings.
Oh, and North Carolina UFO Videos updated yesterday with one of the best GREEN Orb videos I've ever seen - Happened on 9-11 too.
And, speaking of UK UFO sightings - here's a video of two Orbs that strongly resemble...... a rectangular craft/object (our theme today)
Find That Here - Oh, it's a daytime video too.
Hope you have been reading the comments by SOL the last few days in the comments section!
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udcc's most purchased book - by lujan matus
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Incredible UFOs Burn Over Russia 2011?

Or, are there better explanations? (below video found at Godlike Productions:) (about 4,200 views)

Indeed, do you think that it could be a Remote Control plane with Fireworks? (24k views)

link -
Or, how about a Glider Plane with Fireworks?

link - (about 1,800 views)
Here's another example of a Night Pyro Bi-Plane Show:
What Do You Think? and here is an extremely interesting view of the same thing Filmed From The Cockpit.
What do you think Clockers? Those Russian `UFOs' certainly go across a large portion of the sky don't they? In your opinion do you think they look like fireworks, or, something nefarious?
Remember - UFO Disclosure = Ludicrous Foes.
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 - other purchases too - again, thanks from UDCC
Now, check out these possible items of interest too:
Encounters at Indian Head: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited
De Lafayette Mega Encyclopedia of UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Aliens Encounters & Galactic Races (Volume 8)

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Giving Thanks That The Exo-Politics Folks Have Quieted Up

Happy Thanksgiving Clockers; and to all newbies today - thanks for being inquisitive about UFO Disclosure. On this thanksgiving I will bring a number of links I found yesterday but didn't get around to blogging. And, as you can see, the whole Exo-Politics mess is what I bring to your eyes first.
One of the irritating 95% or more dis-information sources in the past decade or so has been the Exo-politics movement; which has claimed to have inside sources time after time of truly over the top ideas about the human condition. You will find nearly EVERY conspiracy theory represented at some level of the exo folks. (Solar Warden type stuff.) But, thankfully, one of the worst offenders of common sense seems to have taken their glory and decided to bask in the glow of the disinformation. Yes, I'm talking Project Avalon - Project Camelot - which seems to have vanished with these links as thier last representations of near lunacy.
Human Visits to a Mars Base - no problem - Here's an overview from their own page or if you need more deep throat insiders check out these last blog postings Over 5 months ago.

Yes, over 5 months ago. Over 5 months ago. Be thankful.

All that said, here's someone doing a deep analysis (?)/ believer - who puts all of the BS (as he calls it himself) outthere - You might be reading this the rest of the day - believe it.
Now, I don't know if the produced video has any connection to the Exopolitics folks and I don't have awareness of their beliefs in particular - but, underground aliens are right up their alley for sure: All of 67 views in over a month - HOT. and of course, the hollow earth website oh, the letters stand for world-alien-police-living-underground
Entertained Yet?
Here's a person in Michigan last month who heard (and if you turn the video up you can too) sounds coming from UNDER the ground (which sounds a lot like the Sky Noise Phenomena too) - strange days indeed: 1,400 views or so.

link - (lots of comments) And, as Clockers are probably aware, at least some folks of a conspiracy bent are saying the Sky Noises ARE actually coming from underground excavations by governments for when we are all moved underground because of some pending disaster.
Sky Noise Phenomena recorded on Aug. 31st: New York State. 599 views.

has a `control sound' video at his channel too that was recorded 15 minutes later - Here.
If you think that the Triangle UFOs are new - think again. Here's a fine website that has dug out examples of REPORTED Triangle UFOs as early as 1947 - Excellent Website Too.
Finally - THANKS for being a Clocker today - please bookmark if this is all new to you as UDCC is updated multi times every week.
This guy is a cool blogger who has put together some of his heaviest thoughts into a book - check it out:

Sample Chapters:
How to materialise in a parallel universe

How to channel other people's thoughts
How dreams contain not only your thoughts but the thoughts of others
How the earth is the physical representation of mankind's ideas
How contradiction creates consciousness
How being born is the equivalent of going lucid
How mysticism is the father of science
How black holes and quasars have a distinct connection with awareness
How gravity is made of willpower
How the Sith want what is best for man
How open source software can give us clues to create an 'open reality'
How ego writes bits onto the holographic hard drive known as the universe
How shamanism is a defense against the New World Order
How the greatest secret truth known to man was embedded in a song performed by Queen

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MUFON Report Strangeness - Continues - And INCLUDES Aliens

Hello Clockers and newbies to UDCC, thanks for visiting again today or for having an interest in `UFOlogy' (notice the quotes). Today's look into the latest MUFON files once again is nearly overwhelming - check out the highlights below:
1) A SILENT dirigible-like craft (but with no wings or stabilizers) - On Nov. 16th near Medina Ohio - this report reminded me of that failed UFO that the military was caught launching earlier in the year near Akron. Are they up to it again? (you can probably find it by googling this site in the google search box at the bottom of this posting).
2) Or, how about an ALIEN encounter in Connecticut in February of this year - a tease of a VERY long description:
The entity glowed a dull grey-blue and if I remember correctly the moon was shining so there was some visibility as far as light is concerned. The strange thing was the entity uniformly glowed the dull grey-blue everywhere as if it were naked and had no cloths on. I mean if it were blue-grey skin due to the moonlight, the entire entity would not have been that color due to the fact that it should have been wearing clothing of some type if it were human. No clothing was noticed on the creature. I am not new to UFO and alien reports due to earlier sightings I have experienced and subsequent research, but the over-sized head, skinny legs and arms, large eyes were not present on this creature normally attributed to "grays". In fact the entity seemed much more human-like in form, athletic, intense, focused, at the ready, aggressive in posture. I did not notice any eyes on the creature in the grey-blue haze that was its form yet I could tell it was staring directly at me in a sort of stand-offish way like two animals in the wild that are infringing on each others terrain. After locking eyes or glances for three seconds as if I had stumbled upon this entity and it was surprised to see me there or as if it was waiting for me and that I had noticed it too soon and been too alert, the entity very athletically turned and ran full speed into the woods at about a ninety degree angle to the line connecting our paths. I heard the bushes rustle as the creature took off into the woods and also another sound to my immediate left that sounded like a dear going through the woods by the size of the sound as if it were chasing after the entity
Much more about this encounter Here.
3) ANOTHER UFO that responded to a light flash - In South Carolina Last Night a one hour encounter.
4) A green orb crawling Along a rooftop in 2006.
5) And, how about this OVER THE TOP report:
Incident report : Triangle-craft sighting

DATE: November 18, 2011
TIME: 18:00 – 20:41
LOCATION: Pasadena Texans

On November 18, 2011, I was being driven back from Austin Texas after receiving medical care for my leg on East Sam Houston Pkwy. Prior to crossing the Houston Ship-Channel, and when I looked into the mirror on the outside of the Buick Rendevous, I noticed a bright light in the sky. I didn’t think too much about it then because I figured it was the front lights of an airplane. A few moments later, however, I noticed the same bright glowing light at my 1500 position, and I the told driver to look at it as well.

It stayed motionless for about 30 seconds , then very quickly shot ahead and maintained it’s position at the new location. Distance gained in this very quick “jump” was in my calculated opinion, approximately 20 - 30 miles. As we traveled, we kept maintaining visual contact on the object and once we reached Pasadena and got off the highway, we kept going south with our eyes still on target, where it was in the south-western part of the sky in the direction of Hobby Airport, where it appeared to be hovering and maintaining it’s position.

At the intersection of Southmore and Preston in Pasadena, we pulled over into a parking lot to observe it more. It was at this location as well, that I called the Pasadena Police Dept. telling them of the craft. The dispatcher then said that he would notify the patrol cars on the street.

Within five minutes of placing this call, three air force planes were seen in the vicinity of the craft, and at the same time, the search lights from Ellington Airforce Base, were scanning the sky. The searchlights lasted for only a few moments, as I believe they did not want to alarm the populace due to the fact that I believe that most people, when seeing search-lights, would instinctively look to where they were pointing.

When the Air Force planes arrived (C-5, and C-17, plus an unidentifiable high altitude plane which appeared to be signaling with a very bright white light (pulsing,) the craft descended in position, after emitting a very bright white light around itself. It was here, that you could discern the shape of the craft. It was triangular in nature. With a reddish/orange circular light located at the top left position of the craft. At this time also, another man was coming out of the pawn shop on the corner, and asked what we were doing, and we pointed up to where the craft was. He was on the phone with his girlfriend and was telling her about the triangle he was now observing. Another man came out of the pawnshop, and asked what we were looking at, and when he saw it, he first said “that’s a cell phone tower,” but when it moved, and he saw the triangle shape, he got pretty nervous and went back into the pawn shop.

After the aforementioned search- lights came on, and the planes arrived, the craft quickly disappeared, then reappeared. From one of the planes, there appeared to be a giant signaling light which was pulsating sporadically, as if it was trying to communicate with the craft. This plane was stationary, while the other two planes maintained a circling position, which I estimate to have been at about just outside of a mile from the craft.

Then, with a very quick “jump,” the craft changed positions and was in the south-eastern sky approximately 20 – 25 miles away, with the Air Force following to it’s new coordinates. As we followed the direction it was going, it would suddenly disappear, and reappear at another location, seemingly using a N,W,E,S coordinate grid.

We drove around the city looking for it, and when we would finally re-locate it, we would drive in the direction that we last saw it. This continued for quite some time, and wherever the craft went, the airforce planes were in that location. One plane, higher up, continued pulsating a white signaling light the entire time as well.

For a little while, we lost visual due to it’s sporadic nature of travel, but then we finally re-located it again, while driving along a road parallel to south interstate 45. We could see the craft in the sky due east of Pasadena (Red Bluff Road- Genoa Red Bluff). We then followed it to an intersection, where we observed it moving again due east, with one military craft about a mile behind it, and another circling back to join the same direction as the first. We then followed it in the direction it went, and after that, both the craft and the planes disappeared out of sight. Although we continued to drive around, we could not locate anymore movement in the sky from either the airforce or the craft.
Folks, unless someone has a very vivid imagination - the above report is very disturbing in many regards. WTH is going on?
I could have included at least two or three more ORB reports that were over the top too - helicopter type ORBs even.
Finally, if your mind isn't twisted enough by the tales above - in this link I again bring you OVER THE TOP `information' about the `conspiracy' side of UFOlogy - Including NASA, Dick Morris And The Faces On Mars and yes, Bill Clinton's name is in the article. IF you can read this trove of truth - you are a better man than I.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

More Strange Planes In Georgia and Other MUFON Reports

More and more, low flying `strange' craft - often in residential areas - and nearly always with lack of additional confirmation - almost as if only appearing for a temporal period of time - seem to be SEEN occuring at a increased level.

Here's a MUFON report tease:
I hear a low hum, it was faint, however, what really directed my attention to it was the fact that it was low altitude, and pretty large, as aircrafts tend to be. So, as walking outside, I look up to the star covered sky, and see a flat, triangle shaped aircraft, near the road, I could only see the under side of it. The underside, however, was covered in lights on the underside, probably the typical amount for an aircraft like that. The thing that got me was it's speed, it was going around 30-50mphs, unlike most aircrafts. I had time to get my relative to come outside; but not enough to get a camera. They provided some useful info, they said they've seen this aerocraft fly by before. So I thought I'd type a report. I've never seen anything like it before, other than concept designs for military crafts. I think it's odd they flew in a residential area; perhaps it was a Unmanned Arial Vehicle doing some sort of sweep; typical things like that make more sense. However; UAVs have strict rules in U.S. airways that this craft probably violated. Thus, it makes me suspicious that it could've just been a normal aircraft. ........ (Note: Sweeping as in Data sweeps, which means that they picked up all frequencies and communications; which government officials have admitted to doing. Also; potentially taking video or audio surveillance for unknown purposes)
The total report, with additional details, can be found At This Link. The above event happened YESTERDAY. A WHITE Triangle?
And, here's someone recounting an EXTREMELY unusual `craft' UFO from 1971 - yes, 40 years ago. A tease:
And to this day I still remember that object... as if it happened yesterday... unfortunately for me though. I do not remember the date or the month and year that this occurred... I was maybe 14 years old at the time... so that would make the time frame... Approx.. 1970,71... As I said, to this day that object is on my mind.... I have often gone out into the countryside around Allentown from then until now and watched the stars and waited in the hope that I would see that Strange and Beautiful thing again... Someday!!! Forgot to mention it's size... My estimate made by knowing the distance from my window to my neighbors yard.... Remember donut shape... 24 to 30 inches across... and 12 to 18 inches high... it was at least twice as wide as it was tall.. one more thing about this object that was and is memorable to me is the fact that although this thing was GLOWING very brightly.... The ONLY thing it ILLUMINATED was ITSELF.... The walls of the garage, the door of the garage, even the cement walkway underneath itself although within 12 inches of the object.... were in fact not ILLUMINATED by the BRIGHTNESS it displayed... Personally I have never seen ANY KIND OF LIGHT display those kinds of qualities... When you light a light... it always illuminates things around it... Not the Toroid though... Somehow It kept it's light to itself... just itself!!! What was it? What is it? Will I ever see it again? or anything like it?.... Sure hope so!!!.......
And, as with the first report - this one also has additional details At the MUFON link.
Finally, how about a ANOTHER report of a UFO in September that `responds to lazers'? UFO moves because of Lazer - short report.
MUFON's very latest can be found here as always -
Oh, I've updated my newsblog with links from this mornings news that your hometown paper somehow missed - From The Prison Industry To Science and Political Links - did you see that Ron Paul interview on CBS yesterday?
Ever wonder what the anagram for Occupy Wall Street might be? It Rings True To Boot. Please enjoy more of my blogs via the sidebar.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

MORE November Examples Of The 2011 Sky Noise Phenomena

Hey Clockers. This evening UDCC brings you - AGAIN - the on-going Sky Noise Phenomena (SNP) - one of the NEW anomalous phenomena happening all over the world this year. That said, today's November examples are right here in the good ole USA. And, once again, the phenomena is `expressing itself' in more ways than one sound - and is happening both in the daytime and nighttime.

UDCC is about the ONLY anomaly website that is still covering the SNP on an on-going basis - spread the word:
First up - with 383 views - Recorded in Ohio on November 8th, 2011: Still the most common SNP - a loud hum.

This roaring noise I keep hearing late at night it's on going non stop on many nights. I don't live near an airport and no interstate is nearby.

I thought I would share. I hear coast to coast am listeners reporting the samething.
was recored 11/8/11 130am went back out at 230am and it was still there at the exact same volume level.
I am certain it's not traffic, a plane,jet or train. recorded in eastern ohio
Next up - Daytime UK - The SKY HORN sound - 732 views - early November:

Now, South Louisiana - early November 2011 - almost exactly like the Ohio Hum: 265 Views:

Still not weird enough for you? How about this very strange High Pitched Sound In LA in the middle of the night in October? or - This SNP recorded in the past month.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

25 Years Ago Today - The JAL Cargo Jet Alaska UFOs Event

November 17th, 1986 - a case unlike nearly all - but forgotten by nearly all; a tease from the description: (History Channel Produced)
On November 17, 1986, a Japanese crew of a JAL cargo jumbo freighter aircraft witnessed three unidentified objects while flying over Alaska, USA. The Boeing 747 cargo plane was on a routine flight from Paris to Tokyo cruising at 966 km/h (600MPH) at an altitude of 10 600 m (35,000 ft). The plane was heading towards Anchorage, Alaska to re-fuel when at 17:11 Captain Kenji Terauchi reported seeing three large objects 610 m (2000 ft) below, describing the largest as resembling a shelled walnut. Captain Terauchi further described the largest craft as twice the size of an aircraft carrier, after several minutes observing the objects the crew noticed the objects matched the same speed as freighter aircraft. The two smaller objects veered 305 m (1000 ft) in front of the craft so much so that the captain said he could feel the warmth of their glows. Military radar picked up the two objects

The above has it all - great graphics too - you can almost feel and see the whole UFO experience in a sense. Includes Military transcripts and such.
See You Tomorrow Clockers
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wading Thru The `End Is Near' Contagion

I am of the opinion that regular readers of this blog and even those that end up on these pages via Internet Searches - are aware of the seeming increasing nature of those who think we are at the `end' of something. Be it political in nature, financial in nature, or even much worse - the end of `humans' reign of power. That end of human power pocket of power resides within the `aliens will take over' or `Earth will end via a `cosmic event'' crowds.

Frankly, on some of the above, who is to say those that harbour the feelings are even wrong? One think tank in link featured on CNBC said that NEXT WEEK the world has a 65% chance of collapse financially - I mean it - I covered that on Nov. 9th on TBS Right Here. The logic was based on a scenerio of events involving Italy's debt problem and the Euro Crisis. Who knows, right?
Indeed, would `the vibes' of a pending financial collapse - send folks into the streets, even sub-consciously, ala the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) `movement'? Is the `world' looking for a `solution'?
And, as a UFO blog - UDCC is obligated to at least occasionally reach into the abyss of `The Lone Truthman' Theory of how information about the `unmentionable' `gets out' to the public in this modern era. With the first place to check - the internet - and one of the first places to check on the internet - YouTube.

So, with all that in mind - UDCC today brings A Lone Truthman - who in the video I am about to show and the `description' beneath the video that I will tease and link to - will explain how he used Goggle Earth to find DOZENS OF UFO CLUSTERS below the surface of the water in a specific/particular area of the map. AND NOW, THEY ARE GONE -- and in typical conspiracy mode - it must be a G conspiracy OR - Aliens are about to attack us all.
Clockers can sort thru this mess of stuff - but, that was just to get you all primed to sharpen your thinking skills today - as it is still early in the day when this post hits the cyberspace of human phenomenology. So, without further ado - and with 524 views in 5 MONTHS - I present:

link -
Description tease from above link:
..... If you enhance the photos you will find that these objects are not part of the water coloring in the area. This is a major Fleet of UFO'S and something is going to take place soon. It is however my point of view that it is going to be some type of Invasion or War !.......
Spooked yet? --- Well, how about another CLOSE Craft encounter in Missiouri? One of a 56 year old woman who was RIGHT UNDER the craft (which was a couple hundred feet up) - and her description of the craft will grip you - It Was FLUIDlike. --------------------- Isn't getting a bit odd that with all these reports of CLOSE UFOs that to my knowledge NONE has been videotaped at a decent level?
UDCC welcomes Anomalist readers and thanks The Anomalist for linking to UDCC posts and thoughts. - Oh, you can find easy transit back to The Anomalist via the sidebar link.
One thing for sure - the end is near for today's post. See You Tomorrow.
The Next two are books - the other two described. Click the pictures for more info on any of them.

 ---- Poster
Yes, even Stripper Shorts are IN on this.

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