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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Could These `Chile Lights' Be What Systematic UFO Disclosure Looks Like?

For years upon years the nature of UFO Disclosure - and how it would be done - has been discussed on the internet, and even, the era before the internet. During most of that period - perhaps a third of the full 60+ year UFO era - the comparatively few people that felt the national governments would give us UFO Disclosure has continued to grow. Some individual folks have sprung off of this growing momentum for lecture circuits and much more - beckoning the government to come clean; even to the point of almost positioning themselves as `enlightened ones' with paranormal abilities or abilities to see and know the very future that will be occurring. (Remember, some of them have this behind the scenes information from the aliens themselves.)

This has made for quite a `heady' scene that somehow is expected to `explain' what UFO's are to the masses should a world government CONFIRM the existence of alien beings visiting Earth. Additionally, some of these same `heady' folk - think that it will not only be THEM explaining the aliens to the masses - but - will be THEM explaining the aliens to the very governments themselves. After all, they are the contactees bringing this disclosure to the peons.

So, take the scene as described above - throw into the mix the current soft UFO Disclosure by a few governments (that never `confirms' aliens OR any security threats) - and what you might end up with is -------------------- THE ALIENS TAKING IT INTO THEIR OWN HANDS. And, today, I will present a YouTube video from a few days ago that may represent how `the aliens' are going to self-disclose their presence.

As I've blogged about before - the old `land it on the White House lawn' is quite unlikely if the aliens wanted real time - gradual acceptance - disclosure - with the people of a world (as opposed to dealing with over 200 governments). This is especially true when the governments are looked at in such disregard as they are today after nearly bringing down the very economic system of the world less than 18 months ago.

So, as I've blogged about before - it's almost likely that if the aliens wanted a smooth transition into having an influence on Earth - they would do it as slowly as possible. And, one way would indeed be to introduce similar overwhelming nighttime events. Specifically, events that would be seen as not human in origin and totally mystical - ones that would leave governments opened mouthed and the press silent as usual --- something like the 1997 Phoenix Lights incident.

So, with that as the set-up ---- and with NO guarantee this is even real video ---- I present the `Chile Lights' Incident of 2009 and 2008.

And, this one from 2008 below.

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  1. It's too hard to tell whether these are the real deal or not. However, it is intriguing that the two videos were taken a year apart?

    Although, if these lights are the real deal... What's with the fly over? Why not land and stay for a cuppa?

    To me, at least, it seems pointless to do a fly over. It doesn't really achieve anything, but possibly confuse and scare everyday folks. Enough already! A yearly pass over and that's all we get... I wish they would just land the bloody things and introduce themselves... We're ready!

  2. These are nice videos, and they certainly have an authentic feel to them. However, the unfortunate reality is that they could also be fakes, since software is readily available to simulate this type of video. What we need are mulitiple videos, dozens of them, from different points, observing the same event. It looks like the lights are over a massive city...why aren't thousands of people out taping? When news surfaced of that wayward Russian rocket seen from Norway, there were dozens of pictures and videos circulating. Unless we see lots of supportive evidence of an event, I think it's safe to assume the event did not occur. So in this case, it's likely the videos are not genuine.

  3. Lou,

    First, thanks for taking the time to give your viewpoint. Yeah, I noticed the date being a year different too. Interesting if the videos are authentic anomalies.

    I respect your view of flyovers being pointless and scary - that said, a `landing' would indeed be both too.


    Oh, I agree. But, it's only been a few days on the most recent video - so, give it some time. It's not as if there were tons of Phoenix Lights videos within days.
    All that said, I also would want to see nearly the exact phenomena in other locations before I will say it is intentional from aliens or a super government craft - and, as always - fake - is also possible.

  4. Hi

    In Australia, the results of examinging the Australian Government's UFO files has been posted at:


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