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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Absolutely Amazing CHEMTRAIL ORB Video

Are you ready to be blown away today by some incredible footage captured from an airplane seat? That `happened' to someone who was transformed last year in their mindset? That (assuming no fakery) could be the best video ever of the Chemtrails/Contrails - fake plane - Orb (controlled/monitored) phenomena? (IMO of course.) Is this phenomena largely an alien disclosure?

The video itself has been uploaded onto YouTube since last September and has about 14K views, - MOST OF THEM BOUGHT views, (that I assume is how much this guy wanted to get this info out), and has seemingly been missed or buried by the paranormal-conspiracy-ufo website niches. It shows how easily even great videos remain below the radar. Then again, only sites like UDCC, and a few others, consider ORBS to be a big deal in the realm of the conspiracy sites or even the UFO sites amazingly. Paranormal sites have a bit of a larger understanding seemingly.

After all, remember that the UK UFO soft disclosure specifically mentions the `materialization of crafts between 3 Orb formations' - so what makes a `planelike craft' so hard to do? Nothing at all folks.
Now, before I get to the video, at the video itself is an incredible story and flow of comments that make this a much bigger story than a guy catching some extraordinary footage of the anomalous. (I also love the nature of catching the `chemtrail planes' at their own altitude - which brings up why MORE of such videos don't exist.) In a nutshell, the guy claims to have gone from a straight laced corporate guy to what most people would consider to be a flipped out individual. With flipped out beliefs (his channel will go into my Orb callers folder to many folks. I will bring you a sample of the story and comments after the video itself: (2/1 pos/neg)

link - all the comments and his full story is here at this link.
These are his opening words at this video:
PLEASE READ - I indeed had channeled my intentions months ago and in the most profound of ways they were indeed heard & responded to. Now I don't at all expect all of you to believe what I have to say but please hear me out as reading on a forum like this means you are already one-step ahead of most. 

A few months ago I "awakened" & became aware remarkably of a plot against humanity being executed leveraging subconscious vibrational patterns & frequencies embedded in electrical/mechanical products, synthesized sound, & yes planted in our surroundings as sounds of "nature" such as birds, crickets, locusts, etc. These sounds are being manipulated without our conscious awareness presumably invoking mass hypnosis but irrefutably bringing about biological/genetic changes resulting in the gradual manifestation of physical features represented by accounts of reptilians -  

I've had an absolutely bonkers experience over the past few months - to think 2 months ago I was speaking at a tech conference in front of 200 executives is crazy - but I wouldn't change any of this as it is all meant to be. Just please do all of us a service & spread the word. Read my other posts & take a look at Youtube (tsaklar). If you want to read up on my entire experience I have posted it at  
Now, normally, I wouldn't bother even bringing a David Icke believer to the light of day - but - despite his beliefs and perhaps even because of his beliefs - he may have indeed willed via his intentionality's IMO this event video capture. Indeed, the `copy boxes' within the video he uses to get his point across is done quite well IMO. As indeed, the `plane' seems to be more a visual light or representation of some sort - and the Orb is definitely not attached and is leading the `plane'. (Remember, once a few years ago I too saw an Orb pretty close to a Chemtrail. The connection is real for me.)
Now - ready for a walk to the edge of the precipice? 

Why would ANY ENTITY be using `fake planes' in our atmosphere?
Could the `reason' be something similar to what Stanley Fulham believed? Might `aliens' take it upon themselves to `treat our atmosphere' in some clandestine manner to literally save the Earth? Or/and could governments be doing the same thing - right in front of our collective eyes?

Your opinion is appreciated - use the comment form.
BTW Clockers the posting of Ken's great UFO pictures (like in yesterday's post) is about to drive me nuts as they appear to be working in only some browsers. Sorry about that. I will try to use a more basic posting in the near future to make sure they are seen by most of you at least. Also, the 3 folks who purchased the plans for the Free Electricity machine in the past month - HAVEN'T RETURN THE PLANS (yeah) (moneyback guarantee) but, also haven't reported in to UDCC as to how the machine works for them. Finally, please check out the sponsors of this page - support independent blogs. More and more folks are checking out the Orion Telescopes too via their banner on this page. Thanks. 
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  1. the "orb" is a reflected highlight on the wing of the plane.

  2. You could be right MUZ. Not in my perception however. I'd say more likely a fake than a reflected light.

    As I'm sure you are aware, Orbs near `Chemtrail planes' is in no way unique.


  3. Agreed Muz, that has got to be the wing tip. You can see it get closer to the "front of the plane" as the plane as the plane flies past. Not a fake, just misinterpreted.

  4. This video is of another passenger plane, flying at slighly lower altitude to the plane where the video is being taken. The 'orb' that the person is suggesting, is the starboard engine reflecting off the sunlight! the starboard wing cannot be seen, as it's shape, colour and angle to the viewer obscures it, against the background colour. This is the type of sighting that people attribute to the 'Loony Fringe' and discredits plausable sightings.

  5. Frrzal - Like MUZ, you could be indeed right. Or not.

    Unknown - sorry you don't feel comfortable with an identity.

    By far the biggest NEGATIVE to this IMO is that the guy seems to be a nutcase via his writings.


  6. I'm the one who told him that the planes were fake, actually, on August 3, 2011. I have the emails. I realized it in June, 2011. He and I are somewhat like alien abductees, but it's a different program, called "Targeted Individuals". Talk about nutcases, listen to the "Talkshoe" shows that go on all night, every night, where Targeted Individuals discuss what is going on with them. They aren't naturally mentally unstable, but the bizarre things that happen in Occult torture programs make them sound completely crazy.
    Here's what is going on:
    The planes are NOT real planes, and they are not on any flight path. Look at flight paths across cities. They are not in a grid pattern, and the planes are not on the radar, or on Planefinder, normally. If they do show up on Planefinder, they will pop up, and either the take-off, or the destination, will be a question mark...."?", and then after a couple of minutes, it will go off of Planefinder. Real airplanes follow flight paths in the sky. They are like roads, and big planes can't just go willy nilly all over the sky, wherever they want.
    They are not real airplanes. There are no videos of them taking off, or landing, because they do not take off, or land, anywhere! They are ORBS that project images of aircraft. They are shapeshifters. It has been going on for a long time. They are the eye in the is in a lot of music from the 80's. Pink Floyd album cover...the triangle with the beam going to it, and the rainbow coming out the other side....that is it. It's a hologram.
    The "Occult" knows about it. The "planes" are "demons". They are what did 9/11. Those planes were the same as chemtrail planes. They were fake planes. There were entities all over the WTC, but people don't know what they look like. They are two dots of light, or an orb. That wasn't all paper exploding out of the WTC! Those were orbs. There were fake helicopters, fake planes, fake boats, and fake birds all over those videos. The real ones may have been turned to dust. There were three planes calling in distress signals from the Atlantic Ocean on the morning of 9/11. The WTC was built to be taken down on 9/11! The architect said that "voices" told him how to build the buildings, just like "voices" told Nicola Tesla how to create the Tesla coil, and free energy.
    The Chemtrail Planes are the same as "Foo Fighers" in WWII. Hitler was in the Occult! The NAZI scientists/Occultists came to the United States, and they created NASA.
    The entities that are the Chemtrail Planes are Inter-dimensional plasma-based life forms. They are Demons/Alien/Devils. They are the same entity that built the pyramids, all over the world, and Solomon's temple. They are the same entity that the Dogon tribe describes, and they say they are from the Sirius Star System. They are intelligent plasma based life-forms; the Djinn. Watch the movie "The Objective", that's what they are. They are the WMD that G. Bush talked about S. Hussein having. They are in control of the world. They are also "Anonymous", or "Legion". There is a leadership, and it is in the Ether (net). They are on the other side of your computer screen. :D
    The WTC was two columns, or Is Is. Sirius. It was a sacrifice, and the celebration to bring in the NWO, where they will be the law. They are the law now...they control the police. The police work for them. They are the Devil, and I won't say who else they are. They have been here before, performing miracles. They can also make storms, earthquakes, volcanoes erupt, and they are "Mothman", and they did "Fukushima", and most importantly, their base is the Moon. That's why they are called Demons. De Moon.

    Tootles! Oh, my Youtube is ella5024


  7. Ella,

    As you know, I've already moved your comment to a headline post.

    What I'd be interested in - if only to know your perception structure - would be to know more about this `targeted individuals' program.

    It also drives me crazy when folks use - what is to me CRAPPOLA - the idea of beings coming from some particular star system - in your case the Sirius Star System - which is only 300 million years old and WAY too soon for any LIFE.

    Just sayin.


  8. Here is a good article about Sirius, and what it represents (a dimensional current connecting the Earth, Sirius, and Set, a transmitter of human consiousness, etc...), it is described several different ways.

    Targeted Individuals: It was done to me by the group that is involved with Nexus Magazine, the above link. They call themselves the "New Illuminati". I don't see what is new about them, they are the same old thing: Alchemists, Freemasons, Sorcerers, and scientists, involved in "mind control research". Being a "TI" means they have picked you to experiment on, to be a guinea pig in any way they decide, but we all experience the same things, all of which have been called "Paranoid Schizophrenia", falsely. Psychiatry is in on this scam, big time. There are people who really do have it, like they think there are hands coming out of the wall, or they think they can't get up out of their chair, that they are stuck, but PARANOID is real. There are people who get followed around (over 1 million people on gov't watch lists, and nobody is getting followed around?), who get beamed with directed energy, who are used in radiation experiments, who are tortured, discredited, called tin foil hat people, and they are not mentally ill, they are TIs. We get harassed by chemtrail planes, too, and black helicopters, MIBs, alien/demons, all of them! They are inter-dimensional life-forms, coming from this portal/current between us and the center of the Sirius star system. THAT is what did 9/11, to usher in the NWO. THEY are the NWO. Maybe everybody is going to have their own personal alien/demon "cop", to control them. Morgellons is connected to it, too. It's an RFID system that is connected to a single computer, a Beast computer, that could control us all one day, who knows. We all have the fibers in us now, and they were spread by...themselves! Chemtrail planes are morgellons entities. Morgellons is a psysical manifestation of alien/demonic possession, so we are all "possessed" now, and we can be controlled. They are making loud plane sounds over my house right now, haha, they do not like it when I write about this.

  9. Ella,

    A story is one thing - proof is another.

    You are able to put together a fun read that frankly I don't believe much more than 2% of. I remain open to your thoughts however.


  10. Rick, may I ask you what is the 2% that you believe? It's all true, 100% of it is true, but I'm just curious, out of everything I wrote, what is believable to you (or anyone else, in your opinion)?

    Is it
    1. Chemtrail planes are not real
    2. They are the same entity that did 911
    3. This is the secret... that's why it's called "The Occult" (secret).
    4. WTC architect said voices told him how to design the buildings
    5. They eye in the sky refers to these fake plane shapeshifters
    6. They are the same as Foo Fighters
    7. These are what the Dogon tribe is talking about
    8. The WTC two towers represents Isis, or Sirius
    9. They are causing earthquakes, volcanoes to erupt
    10. They control the weather
    11. People get followed and harassed by the Occult and Djinns
    12. Morgellons is an RFID system
    13. The movie "The Objective" describes what they are.

    Does all of that sound false?

  11. What was the two percent that was believable? It's all true, but I'm just curious. :D


  12. Ella,

    Ok here's my thumbnail view for you.

    1)I think that it is possible that some Chemtrail planes are not real and are fortean or alien - possible not probable.
    2)Don't believe.
    3)Don't belive. Anyway, I like the word esoteric better - hidden knowledge.
    4)Don't believe (you have some proof of this somewhere?)
    5)? Don't even understand.
    6)Only if you think that the FF were Orbs.
    7)? Goofy.
    9) Don't believe.
    10)The chemtrail planes IMO may very well be an attempt to modify the warming - I've written about this for years in my blogs.
    11)Don't believe except in a different manner than you I expect. Has to do with intentionalities.
    12)Don't believe.
    13)? --- Why some obscure movie? Silly.

    It is a mix of bits of truth and story telling IMO. Again, why don't you tell us more about how the alien induction program affects your daily life?


  13. I hope the first part of my post went through..I have a new computer and it looses my password every time, but it posts anyway. Here is the second part:
    5. The eye in the sky refers to the Watchers, the "light". The reason the eye is on top of the pyramid is because they built the pyramids. :). Humans did not build the pryamids.
    6. Foo Fighters are plasma-based life forms. Yes, they are orbs, but they can also be fake planes, fake clouds, or just balls of energy. Foo means feu, which is French for "fire". They were balls of light that took down our planes in WW2 because Hitler was using demons to fight us. Foo Fighters are orbs and orbs are demons.
    7. The Dogon tribe is not stupid. I lived near there, and the tribal language I had to learn is very similar to Enochian language. The entites from Sirius taught us language, after they created us by splicing DNA. They also taught us civilization, and much more.
    8. Have you ever seen the two colums in a Masonic Hall? Those two coluums represent Isis. Is Is.It may sound like luancy to us, but it isn't lunacy to them.
    9. There are videos of these two balls of light, and the electromagnetic disturbances, at the same time earthquakes have happened, but I know they are doing it, becasue they told me they were.:D how's that for an answer. They told me "Voodoo is not God way. God is not finished with Haiti, war is next". They have their reasons I guess. They are doing it, and yes, they can talk and they have human connections.
    10. They drive storms, by ionospheric manipulation, using ion cannons that release massive amounts of positive ions into the air (the trail), and those ions combine with electrons in the air, and that is plasma. Plasma is electrified air. It can be moved around. This how they control the weather, and it's never to our benefit. They are not our friends. Has the weather improved since the 90's when they started doing it? We are having weather-related catastrophies all over the planet.
    11. Read about Gangstalking, and Targeted Individuals. There is a lot of information on the Internet about it. It is similar to alien abduction. We get harassed by the "Intelligence Community",aka the Masons, and the demons they work with (and most of them are controlled by).
    12. Morgellons fibers carry a metal payload, and they do communicate with each other, and a computer system. Read about nanotechnology tracking systems. Iona Miller has written a lot about it.
    13. A lot of our movie scripts are written by the military, especially the CIA and the Pentagon. This one in particular is interesting because it explains the phenomenon of fake planes and orbs better than any other movie I have seen. That's why I recommend it.

  14. Rick, how it affects my daily life is this.

    I have constant harassment by black helicopters, fake airplanes, like chemtrail planes, and many other types of aircraft, no matter where I go. They are over my head all the time if I am outside, and they buzz my roof mulitple times a day.
    They speak through people I talk to, frequently. They make people all say the same thing to me on a given day.
    They have killed several people, by brain hemmorages, and when they do it they post it on the discussion group where I was targeted. They made a list and they do it on certain dates (sacrifice dates), like 9/11.
    I am harassed and followed by intelligence people; first responders. I am followed on planes, in hotels, on vacation, where ever.
    My house is frequently entered and little things are moved. My vehicles are frequenly vandalized.
    I have been tortured and raped by directed energy (this is common and all targets report this happening). It is very noticible energy and it can be measured on a volt meter (I'm and electrician so I know how to measure it with a simple volt meter, but I also have various EMF meters that also show it).
    My appliances are burned out a lot.
    I have blinkies over my house at night...those are what people are calling UFOs now. They are not U to me, but they aren't real, or drones.
    Hmmmm that's about it.

  15. Rick, I'll re-write #1-4 because I see it didn't post.
    1. There are no real chemtrail planes. I have been filming them for three years, and I've analyzed thousands of videos, frame by frame. There are no videos of one taking off, or landing, yet they are in every city and town in the world, everyday. They are ALL fake planes.
    2. The planes that "hit" the WTC were black planes. They were not commercial jets. They were transparent. In the videos, you can see the building through the plane. Real planes cannot go through steel beams. Planes are aluminum, and the buildings were clad with steel. No plane crashed in Shanksville, PA. There was no wreckage, and the mark on the ground was there on Google Maps at least 10 years prior to 9/11. A witness said a silent plane went over her head, and it grazed the trees, but it did not make the leaves move. There were no bodies, and they said the plane went into a hole, but no rescue mission was done. They said the plane went into mine, but they didn't excavate the mine to find the bodies. No plane hit the Pentagon. The footage shows a green plasma glob hitting the building, and the hole was not big enough for a plane to enter. There was no wreckage, and no bodies from the people on the plane. The only footage available clearly shows a plasma glob slamming into the building.
    3. Esoteric knowledge is based on Sirius, or Isis. The secret is the fold in space-time between us, and Sirius. The towers are everywhere in lodges, music videos, and movies. Isis is the force that is between the two towers. Read...that's all I can say.
    4. The designer of the WTC was told how to build these buildings, and voices, or "God" told him how to build them. Tesla also learned about energy from them. They can speak to us. I don't have proof, but I'm not collecting proof, either. When I read something and it makes sense, I remember it. I'm not writing a book. I don't collect references for everything I read. It makes sense to me that he knew how to build them because he was told, by a higher power. TWO towers, or 11, is a recurrent theme in esoteric knowledge. I'm getting the feeling you already know. :D

  16. Hi Ella,

    Frankly, #3 IMO is total horseshit fantasy. Sorry. My assumption is that you haven't investigated multiple ideas about the universe by great thinkers - Guth, Husserl, Ouspensky - and other guru's -- who would literally blow away this crap in seconds to most people looking for esoteric knowledge. Sorry.

    #4 - Oh, pleaseeeeeee....... Nutty and useless belief. How about even IF it is `true' - that the `thoughts' might have been `placed' there at a later point? Or, his daughter committed some crime and he was strongarmed - seriously - a thousand explanations are in front of this unproved and unconfirmed BS. Sorry. As you can see Ella some of what you say MIGHT have elements of truth to me and my perceptions and others have NONE.

    #5 - Oh pleaseeeeeeee. You see Ella, that is the attitude you get from those that don't buy into EVERYTHING.

    #6 - So, FF were demons from Hitler - is that correct? ---- Amazing how distorted one can get when plasma orbs, denied by the government, aren't explained. Which allows the whole ball of wax and can of worms to emerge -- like that the FF were demons from Hitler. Please Ella, you need a bit more understanding of the FULL range of what Orbs are and you can dig into this blog for that for sure - so do it.

    #7 - Those Sirius entities again. And, from WHICH of the two star system again? A star system so with SUNS so new that they would NOT have planets with solid surfaces - those entities? ----------- Ella, absolute crappola. Sorry.

    I also want you to know Ella that while I enjoy doing this with the fantasy crowd from time to time that I will probably not bother with additional comments about areas of your thought that I have already commented upon as crappola.

    #8 Oh pleaseeeeee. See Above Answers.

    #9 Ella, all sorts of folks have `things' talking to them in their heads. Outside influences include possible contact from outside and inside the time-cone (for your first reference point. To use the words Voodoo and God and mix that with Orbs and earthquakes - IMO - needs to be sorted out in some grand book you should write.

    Ella, ORBS are perhaps the most amazing thing in our perception abilities and may be connected with HUMANS - which is really quite amazing. Also, IMO, and because I come from things with a look at the phenomenology, SPACES (things you think are demons, etc) can have all kinds of information within them to make them unique - like dna and perhaps with ideas like evil. SPACES -- you need to be MUCH simpler than making that into beings from a planet with no surface. Sorry.

    #10 I am of the opinion and the only public person I know even saying it that CHEMTRAILS may indeed be what has plateaued the world temperatures. Your stuff however is BS at best. Sorry.

    #11 Demons are Masons too huh?

    Now, Ella, are there people that are targeted - IMO - absolutely. By the government and indeed BY THEIR OWN INTENTIONALITIES - that indeed can seep into beyond the time-cone IMO.

    #12 nanotechnology tracking systems are indeed VERY worrisome. but, to combine that with at best a questionable `new' disease (and who knows if it is or if it is implanted via the chemtrails or IF it even exists beyond the internet)- is typical of where your ALL IN thinking leads one.

    #13 The fact of consulting the military for `advanced ideas' on a science fiction movie can be done for all kinds of marketing reasons - and are hardly the reason to base one beliefs upon.

    See, Ella, that's about 2% - right?
    Best of luck to you in figuring it all out OR getting the rest of the world to hear the beings from Sirius.


  17. Ella,

    Now about your daily life comments.

    You'd have proof via this video camera you use for filming the chemtrail planes. Proof of the constant intruding. Proof of all of it. I don't believe you and expect that somehow your perceptions are providing what you think you are experiencing in some manner. That is if you are being truthful in any manner.

    Why not use that camera to see WHO is intruding? Etc. It all simply doesn't make sense Ella except that you might be inducing some sort of Fortean perceptions into your reality for your own wonderment.


  18. Every single thing I wrote is true, and I really don't care if you say 2% of it is true, because I see 0% truth coming out of you.

  19. "Now about your daily life comments."

    "You'd have proof via this video camera you use for filming the chemtrail planes. Proof of the constant intruding. Proof of all of it. I don't believe you and expect that somehow your perceptions are providing what you think you are experiencing in some manner. That is if you are being truthful in any manner.

    Why not use that camera to see WHO is intruding? "
    They don't come in while I am home, obviously. Your suggestion that I simply film them is INSANE.

  20. Hi Ella,

    I know that taking away interstellar aliens at a huge level is disappointing to those that `believe' they are in contact with `the aliens'.

    IF it makes you feel better, I do believe that A FEW aliens, real ontological aliens, do probably exist within the Earth's influence and within the time-cone. I do also believe that a perhaps unlimited number of `aliens' (really entities) exist that `could' have contact with human consciousness --- and when one is willing to admit that -- nearly anything is possible. Including perceptions of any kind.

    (Goggle the term High Strangeness perhaps to understand the range of strange experiences that have occurred to humans.)

    As I mentioned, I believe that in the second case, `entities' that `intentionalities' (that would be you) may indeed become the main trigger of phenomena and perceptions.

    Sorry, that you are incapable of putting the `Orb Callers' - into your understanding of what real UFOs may be. And, best of luck with those Sirius beings from a planet with a molten surface.

    Ella, again, just to make you feel better -- I have in my mailbox right now a supposed TOTALLY PROVEN alien experience (via photos and videos and more) that someone claims they can't get anyone to `promote' including MUFON and every UFO group and main individuals -- and guess what, the FIRST link they provide to their proof -- a youtube video -- has been taken down by the user.

    Yeah, right.


  21. They are entities...did I call them aliens? They are "demons". I have plenty of video coverage of them, hundreds of videos. My youtube is ella5024.

    They can live on a molten surface, they aren't flesh and blood. They are from Sirius B anyway.

    Anyone can film the entities ( inter-dimensional light beings)that did 9/11. They are the CHEMTRAIL PLANES.


  22. ella,

    Took a look at your YouTube channel and will give it a bit of time. I did like the Sky Noise Phenomena video of yours.

    Both planets in the Sirius star system formed at about the same time. Just to ask, are you are of the folks that say that STARS are alive with consciousness? No need for molten surfaces, the entity can simply be the star being.


  23. I'm not one of the people who says stars are alive. I'm a scientist. I have an MBA. I'm married to a scientist professor. I was TARGETED by a SORCERER from IRAQ. What is my targeting? DIRECTED ENERGY, STALKING by CHEMTRAIL PLANES, black helicopters, fake crows, and fake vultures. I am targeted by the Djinn. The Djinn did 9/11. That is why we went to IRAQ. You really have to watch that movie! :D take care.


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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
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