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Thursday, October 23, 2014

1958 - And The Memories Of That Special Boy Scout Camping Trip

So a man in his late 60's has stepped forward to an amazing UFO (Multiple Orb) experience in Oklahoma in the late 50's (when young boys still dreamed of Martians before the first pictures of the surface).
Anyway - it's a great short articulate report worthy of your time.

I was twelve years old in the summer of 1958. While on a Boy Scout camping trip we (all four or five Scouts and our Scout Master)observed an object that looked like a star but it was moving slowly from the Northeast to the Southwest in a straight line across the sky. As we lay there watching it thinking it was "Sputnik" one of the Scouts shouted there's another one! Sure enough coming from the opposite direction (from the Southwest to the Northeast) but far away from the first, was a second object, also moving about the same slow speed and in a straight line on a collision course with the first object. As we watched we picked sides each saying "My ship is going to destroy your ship" etc... Just as the two came within what appeared to the eye to be 3/4 of an inch apart a flash of light was transmitted between the two objects. It was impossible to tell from which object the flash came. However, the second object (the one on the left) disappeared and the first object continued it's course without change of direction or speed.

At first we were stunned, then we all began shouting at once. Our Scout Master seemed as shocked as the rest of us but refused to talk about it. I would be interested in knowing if other people witnessed this event.
So, of course - I searched MUFON for such a report - nothing from Oklahoma in 1958 came up - the oldest Oklahoma report was from 1969 when the man would have been 23. Story or experience? The behavior of the Orbs certainly is within the phenomena characteristics we commonly see reported. 
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Over the last few days I've identified for you characteristics to look for in a UFO website. I've called those attributes Real UFO blogging - as it is a rarity. I've pulled out at least a few of the types of UFO blogging I'm talking about - and put those links into the featured module in the sidebar at the very top. IF you are new to UDCC - and I assume that most of you are - take a few moments to enlighten yourself to the `UFO attitude' around here. Thanks. And enjoy your stay. Bookmark and return -there's over a thousand posts in the archive.
I've decided again to begin with what's going on over at Ken Pfeifers UFO website - a repository of UFO/Orb pictures like no other. (Even if KP and I have slightly differing viewpoints on the phenomena.) - That said, Ken's stuff is always of interest - if only for the potential influence it has on UFOlogy. I am going to bring something he covered recently about Alien Abduction.
As always - red is my emphasis

During writing lifetime I talked with many people who had experienced strange events where they encountered unidentified crafts and or life forms that would abduct them against their will and return them hours later leaving the abductee with a period of lost time they could not explain and no memory of what happened to them during the time they were missing. The people taken often remembered the start of the event and the end or becoming aware of their surrounding at the end of the event but nothing of what happened to them in-between.  
(or, nothing at all is remembered - and fantasies can take hold?)

There is one part of this type of abduction that all of the people I have spoken with share 
(all? I've read lots and lots of abduction phenomena experiences and they certainly don't ALL begin, end or have that attribute - I can be a real pain on the ass about verbiage)

which is each one discussed seeing a ray of light of some type during the event and each person also told me that they could recall a very bright flash of light at point during the abduction . I have been told by about half of the abductees that they thought the experience with the extremely bright light occurred during the end of the abduction event but no one was positive of the timing only aware that they were shown or looked at an extremely bright light.  The second shared similarity that is reported by those who have had a lost time abduction event is that after the event they suffer with a sensitivity to bright light and need dark sunglasses to deal with a bright sun filled day. 
(again, where does this come from - certainly not the experiences I've read...)

This sensitivity increases with the amount of events the abductee has had during their lifetime. Those taken many times over their life have extreme problems with light including night driving which becomes impossible for them if exposed over and over to the bright light that comes with the abduction experience.  I have seen this light as I have been one of those who have shared lost time events and now have extreme difficulty being able to see while out in the bright sun and cannot drive during the blinding sunset or at night without great difficulty. 
I have written for years about how those taken have had some type of memory wipe of the hours spent while being abducted. I also have been fully aware of the fact that those who are kidnapped by whatever and whoever has the ability to do these things 
agreement this time around - it's seemingly the only explanation for the total blank seamless `awake' experiences - where the experience seems totally normal until the `time is missing' awareness. Now - MEMORY `wipe' is a bit speculative in my opinion as I can think of at least one other `phenomenological' explanation.

alter the people they abduct leaving them changed and often returned with physical ailments that stay with them for life or make them ill for a period of time after the event takes place.  You can imagine the upset that someone who has had to endure these things must feel when the world does not believe you and more painful refuses to help you leaving you on your own to deal with the horror of these abduction events and the physical aftermath alone and unprotected by their fellow humans. It is a ugly side of our society that continues to this very day.  Unless you have experienced an event where you are taken and used or abused against your will you cannot understand how awful it is to be one of those who are forced to deal with these things alone and without any form of help besides your own loved ones. And that is only if your loved ones are smart enough to understand what is going on. My heart sinks for those who have families who laugh at or do not believe those being abducted.
(no offense but - this is a very emotional writing and probably less than objective in evaluating these attributes IMO)

 Being completely alone and dealing with this horror has got to be devastating.  I went back over the past two decades of notes I have kept from the interviews and conversations i have had with abductees and realized that the subject of both rays of light and bright flashes of light were being reported over and over. I also realized that those who had more than one abduction also were the people who complained of serious sensitivity to sunlight or bright lights including night blindness due to the lack of being able to adjust their eyes to oncoming car lights. A few of the abductees suffered such severe damage to their eyes during their abductions that they are now losing their eyesight completely.  The fact that the abductions where lost time took place leaving the victim without any recall of what had happened to them during the event made it clear that this type of abduction included having some kind of memory wipe taking place on the abductees during the events leaving them void of any memory or spotty memory at best of what had happened to them during their lost time abduction events.

I knew all of these things however I was not able to place the factors of the bright light flashes or bright rays of light together with the missing memory until now.  One of the abductees I have written about in the past has since become a friend of mine recently sent me an article she found on line.  
The article talked about the work taking place where researchers can erase memories in mice using flashes of light in a bid to uncover how our memory works and can be controlled! 
this is an interesting finding indeed IMO

It was an interesting article which I will post under my article on my blog however for me it was obvious that the flashes of light were part of the memory altering that takes place when humans are taken and abused by whatever or whoever is doing the abducting.  It is by no way a coincidence that human scientists are now using light in this way nor should we be surprised. I doubt there is anyone out there who does not at least suspect if not clearly know that the human race has been given or stolen a great deal of technology from the other life forms that have been visiting this planet
say WHAT? talk about a leap.

most likely from the birth of the planet. Reading that a form of memory control and light is connected should have been obvious to me before. I laugh when I realize it was part of every Men in Black movie made. The fact they used the light flash may have been a joke on society placed in the movies by those who knew long ago that it was indeed the exact way our visitors control our memories. 
(oh jeez, the conspiracy theory...... not buying it)

 I am sure there is a part of humanity, those elite few, who do know what is going on in this universe that know a great deal if not most of what happens to not only lost time abductees, but all those who are taken or have close encounters.  These elite few understand and freely approve of and go along with all types of abductions that take place to all the living creatures of earth including humans. The only ones kept in the dark are the mass of the world’s population that remain at the will and hands of the few and those who visit and do as they please with us.  
I certainly do not share this viewpoint.

At this point in my life I have learned by both research and personal experience that we know little yet live in a world filled with unknowns and unexplained events that we continue to ignore and let happen without questioning or are even normally curious about.  I believe in many things that seem impossible as I have lived and witnessed the impossible first hand. I also know we are being walked down a dishonest path by the powers that control this planet and realize we are simple pawns in a game none of us have any idea is being played out much less understanding.
I in turn think the elites biggest fear is that they have no control.

  All I can do is write what I see and share what I find and let you walk your own path of understanding what is going on around us all the time.  Enjoy each day but in doing so always pay attention to your surrounding and be careful out there as you never know when that light will flash in your direction!   
KENS NOTE :  I have known Chris Holly for a few years now and she has incredible insight about many things but I feel the Alien Abduction topic is her best work.  Check out her work at Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown -
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