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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

J. Sparrow - Aussie Orb Videographer

This guy is one of the active posters on `In The Field' the FB group I belong to of folks who actively `look' for sky anomalies. I have covered him before. This guy has TONS of videos at his YouTube channel - see them Here. I've selected a video he uploaded in the past few weeks that REALLY gets incredible..... as I'm opening my mind to the Multiple Orb phenomena being able to manifest as the blinking light phenomena - (and fake plane phenomena) - you must watch this video at what he says is a multiple Orb display after a number of days of rain (he was anticipating a show BTW).

But... I really want you to watch at about the 2 minute mark as an orb takes off into the sky seemingly and THEN discharges another Orb. Wild. Less than 200 views.

Have A Great ThanksGiving

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Four Alien Being Types

This is a re-post of one of my favorite posts of all time and will be part of an upcoming E-book. I wrote it in 2009 at the peak of the UFO phenomena coverage in America for my blog called The Heavy Stuff. This is a detailed look at the `alien perception phenomena' as described from my own unique focus on Phenomenology (what spaces are and human consciousness of that structure). I hope you enjoy it and explore some of my other E-books on my author page:
(links no longer work btw)

Hello, and welcome back to The Heavy Stuff (THS) - a blog to bookmark if you want speculation into realities greatest mysteries. Today's posting is an offshoot of THS's  post earlier last month - having to do with just how strange the whole `ufo' experience can be to an individual or even a group of individuals. It was in that post that THS speculated that occasionally, and perhaps often,  a  `UFO experience' may involve `different types' of entities.

THS, when mentioning different entity types,  wasn't referring about the internet speculation (with some added  fantasy perhaps) that multiple alien races are here, permenantly,  in Earth's biosphere and are probably interacting with humans (some say dozens of races). No, what THS was and is referring to  is `spaces'* (entities) which do not have an equal `basis' of `common reality' grounding - compared to a human. (Wordy, THS knows, but we will get much more specific in a bit.) Let THS attempt to explain:

[* Remember, much of the Phillips Phenomenology (PP) positions `space' as a characteristic which must be actualized for an event to occur. The PP describes `different types of spaces' - and where they occur.]
Type One - Aliens/Entities

(Real & Travel In Craft)

Type One Properties ---> Real `physical' alien - in the same manner that a human is `physical' . A being with a birth, and, on-going, contiguous,  `space-time' reality - rooted in our same human perceived outer reality that we as humans consider a  `common consensus' - considered by all to be called our `real'** ontology. Type One Aliens are beings that do NOT exceed the speed of light for travel and are beings that travel by craft. They are beings that do not need to `become objective' to reveal `their reality of space'. They would be beings as trapped in our common reality as we humans are.

**[In other words, if a class of 100 college biology students were asked in an auditorium classroom if any of them thought the lecture was a `being dreamed' as opposed to being experienced while awake - all would KNOW it wasn't a dreamstate. (Then again with college students who knows, right?)]

Comment - To humans at our 2009 level of consciousness, these Type One Aliens are the most real and `humanlike'  of all alien types. `They' will probably have arms, legs, a head, be able to communicate with each other - etc - humanlike characteristics of which humans can identify. Nevertheless, `aliens' of any sort are inherently scary to most humans, of course.

However, type one beings that travel `anywhere' in the universe ONLY below the speed of light - can be assumed to be rare; very rare - in ANY one particular location, including Earth. That said, being very rare - in a near infinite universe - does not mean non-existent or impossible. Indeed, while of low probability to be at any one location in the universe - this would be the alien/entity type MOST likely to have an interest in living planets like Earth.

But, would such beings, Type One beings,  be so focused as `being here' only in the last 60 years? (Or would it be another type of the four entity/alien choices THS will review?) Wouldn't such type one beings be just as likely to have been here, around Earth, for at least the last few hundred million years? You know, coming and going at will over the millenia - perhaps staying on occasion for eons.

Could we really expect that more than a  handful would be `around' in any given era like ours? (If they did `stick around' how many `aliens' would they need to have a sustainable population?) Could we really expect a huge increase within a short period of 60 years, that we seem to have experienced,  from beings that use  `moving craft' in a `galaxy' context? (If there has been such an increase in the last 60 years.)

Indeed, the idea of a sudden increase in `this type' of alien - a type one alien/entity - just seems unlikely, logically. Why? Well, first, T1 beings living below the `light threshold' would not even have knowledge of mans recent advancements - outside of a 60 year light cone. Could there really be a significant number of civilizations within 60 years that have humanlike entities that have crafts that go a significant % of the speed of light? And who would want to come HERE if they did have such `slow' `interstellar' craft? It simply seems unlikely.


All that stated, doesn't it seem possible that a few - repeat, a few - species of aliens may be camped out semi-permanently on Earth or nearby planets (if they do have near light-speed craft)?It does to THS - but - at the same time - it also seems logical that there AREN'T - large numbers of different types. We can all quibble about what constitues a large number  within a 60 year radius or permanent level of visitation on all `live planets' in the universe. (Meaning that other planets with planet and animal life would be just as likely as Earth to have monitoring `type one' aliens.)

It might be a cool blog post to speculate `how many' craftable alien civilazations might be within any given 100 mile light year `radius'? Why? Because if an entity had access to the universe `above' the speed of light -- there exists little reason to `limit' oneself to the `local' 60 light year light cone. Which leads us to the next logical type of entity:

Type Two - Aliens/Entities

(Real and Travel Without Craft)

Type Two Properties --> Real physical alien - in the same manner as a human is physical and the type one alien. A being with a birth and an on-going `space-time' reality - rooted in a common consensus with similar beings on a planet with a real ontology - just like humans and type one aliens. Beings that can EXCEED the speed of light for travel and do NOT travel by `craft/structure' in the strict sense of the word. Beings that `become objective' to reveal their reality on Earth. (Obviously, the `how' part of this is the `science' side - or - `consciousness' side -- the esoteric aspect. On the science side, perhaps humans/aliens/beings can create machines that can be `stepped into' and as the outcome - provide `bi-location' for the `space identity'. On the consciousness side - perhaps some beings with intelligence on some planet somewhere have been able to develop - just thru `mind' focus -- an ability to travel the universe --- and in essence - `plant'  their `space' elsewhere/elsewhen. To THS, both of these `new location experiences' - would seem to be within the rhelm of possibility if the concept of `dopplegangers' is real. If there is a `space' which can `be representative' within `another reality' (not connected by the light cone to the original now) - then the `doppleganger' may be just the `vehicle' needed. IT WOULD ALSO EXPLAIN THE MANY MANY TIMES THAT ALIENS HAVE BEEN SAID TO JUST `VANISH'. Because, it's not really `their space' that is here at all. It would be like having perception from an out of body experience taken to the 10th degree. Frankly, it, this explanation, would also account for the great variety of `beings' - indeed, those of type two that are more rooted in `science' travel -- may be limited in the way that they can `appear' based on some specific `programming' - ones `space' could appear as perhaps an animal or non-similar entity that was originating the `signal'.

Comment - To humans in 2009 at our collective consciousness levels - these `forms' or alien/entities - are perhaps the most mysterious - as they seem to be possibly `more real' than `more spiritual entites - like Type 3 & 4' (which we will cover soon). WHY? Because things that seem totally solid, totally here - and then can vanish -- does not fit our normal consensus reality. Is this how a Bigfoot can be within 20 feet of a human and compel that human to search to find a `real Bigfoot' - again - for the rest of their lives? Or, how `beings' or entities can come out of, or go into, a `glowing slot' of space - as seen on the Bigelow Ranch.

Doesn't it seem likely that many of the experiences that are described as paranormal are really an encounter with these `enhanced' Type Two creatures? Doesn't this really seem to describe much of what is taken to be UFO's - speeding away at unbelievable' speeds? Indeed, if we are ready to be honest as thinking humans - this type to alien - literally from a different world with a `common now' (meaning the alien or entities world does exist as a planet within our timecone) and `common spaces' to our Earth -- seems to be the `main type of alien/entity' that we as humans have encounters. That is, if we base the `population' on the actual number of `high strangeness - close encounters'. (Certainly, there are more `lights in the sky' stories. Remember, lights in the sky stories are a dime a dozen and could involve machines or crafts built by humans within the governments and militarys of the world.)

Key characteristic of Type Two alien/entity -- `travel' of being is accomplished by `structure' of temporarily increased consciousness level or `increase' in space bi-location via some `science' methodology that enhances that ability of bi-locate. For the entity that `travels' the travel is temporary and `not' the `normal state' for such a being.

Type Three - Aliens/Entities

(`Real', Travel without Craft, Do NOT Live On Any `Planet' Surface)

These beings are `real' in `quotation marks' - and do not appear `as real' (solid - in a quantitative sense) as the many close up sightings of legendary creatures such as a Bigfoot (a Type Two creature). That said, they may be viewed as appearing in any `shape' from an Orb to a `translucent' or ghost like being -- ie - an entity that doesn't appear `solid' - and appears to have a light basis. Somehow, a human that encounters such a `being' `knows' that it isn't real in our normal sense -- and furthermore - doesn't seem to be able to have a `permanent time' within our reality common consensus. These beings/aliens/entities seem to be operating on the energy from the local environment.

While it's possible that these entities see `themselves' in some on-going manner - it's equally likely that - these entities have NO on-going consciousness of their own space. There is no reason that both types may be part of Type Three. But, even for `spaces/entities' that see themselves in an on-going manner -- it's hard to believe that these `spaces' were ever `born' or that they `live' on a planet. Indeed, these type of `spaces' seem `very local' and very temporal - probably distorting the very localness and temporalness of common consensus that humans live within on Earth.

Indeed, these seem to be the creatures of `our own making' - mythology -  and iconic shapes and feelings - that can form into temporary `translucent' type of `solids'. The land of angels as a possible origin for this type of entity also. For, if these are not `super-local' specialized consensus events, then - they must be `timeless' beings that permeate everything. These are the `Godlike' `guardian' type entities that Mr. Bledsoe reported (my recent post covers this -  - and that many many people have reported over the years). Likewise, Mr. Bledsoe also reported entities (translucent) with glowing red eyes -- this also would be a Type Three entity.

These type three entities are perhaps the most frightening to humans (with good reason) -- as they appear to be powerful `locally'. These spaces seem to be part of the human condition encountered by only a few. The limited number of `possessions' would seem to fall into this category in general. Entities `built' by the dilemma of the human condition of needing to embrace despair.

Type Four - Aliens/Entities

(`Real', Travel without Craft, Human based - alive and dead)

This type of entity is very similar to Type Three except that it has a `singular human' basis - either `prior' or `current' - as opposed to Type Three being a more `common consensus space' with energy generally supplied by living humans. Indeed, Type Four entities could often be thought of as Ghosts or in the most extreme rare circumstance `a real doppelganger'. These entities would tend to visit or at least be most perceivable to  humans or places they `knew' when alive.

While poltergeist events can be scary - often `visits' from these entities are spiritually uplifting and not frightening. And, unless `called' these entities seem to be short lived and infrequent to often being a just `one time showing' after death - to a loved one -- and often only in a symbolic manner or in a dreamstate.

Nevertheless, most humans consider the Type Four entity to be real and of our very essence - even beyond our own humanness. Indeed, type four entities give the human race hope that we are more than just our physical bones - and thoughts - and that we too - may be connected to the entities of our universe that can travel.
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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
Note The Dictionary Words Associated With The Very Concept Of A Motif
a short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.

design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament

a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition




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