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Friday, August 21, 2009

Over The Top `UFO Abduction' Videos -- Ignore? Or, Watch?

Hello, welcome back to The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for visiting and for your curiosity. As you can see from the title of today's post - my subject is - since fake video's can be generated about almost anything - including UFO's - can they be taken as `Proof' anymore, and are they even worth watching?

So, today, in this post I will include two such videos - one I just recently became aware of that is of a Plane Abduction -- yes - you read that right - a Plane (as in flying) abduction caught on video. The other one is even more bizarre if that is possible - it purports to be a video of a man not only being abducted but even being returned to the exact same place.

First, my comments about the Plane abduction incident and what distinguishes it from the Man abduction incident; it's `shot' by a human - and is REALLY over the top - which to me raises my suspicions. Also, this to me looks like a private prop plane and such planes often draw the look of folks on the ground (as opposed to staring high in the sky to see the occasional jet) - and - one would think that MORE than just the video'er of the event would see this occur. Evidently NOT however. (Or a re-appearance of a plane, since none were missing.)

I won't comment on the seemingly bizarre path the UFO takes to do the abduction - either. Or, how, UN-conventional it's path seems compared to `other UFO videos'. (Then again, I've never seen a plane abduction on video either before this.)

And, I'll say the same thing about the Plane video as I did the first time I saw the Man Abduction video -- show me MANY similar videos - and I may begin to be convinced. But, as of today, - daytime UFO abductions of Planes - I just don't buy it.

Now, onto the Man Abduction video. First, I admit, I have a preference that this was supposedly shot with an unmanned security camera and was submitted anonymously. Additionally, IF entity abduction can happen instantaneously, as this video depicts - it may well occur with a flash of light. I also have to say that the effects that the person shows, as well as the `expert' testimony saying how that is often the case upon `return' - as well as the subsequent story of the gentleman quitting the job and moving on - make this much more compelling to me than the first one (and I am of the belief that 99% of abductions are by entities without a real ontological structure - in other words - a subjective world with real qualities - as in what happens via mutual hypnosis - something I've posted about here

But, once again, - there are a lot of security cameras now in the world - IF this is a real video - I would suspect that this type of event would be captured more and more often -- and - until I see more - I'll withhold judgement on this one.

Security Camera Footage Of An Alien Abduction? - A funny movie is a click away

Finally, my answer to the first question is NO - even the over the top videos are NOT Proof - not yet -- but - YES - they are worth watching and MAY even be real.

Have you seen my UFO archive section on Squidoo - UFO videos and more - thanks for your visit today and thanks for the comments on the previous post too. I welcome your comments on today's post too.

1 comment:

  1. LOL... You know, the plane abduction looks awfully similar to a couple of parachuters... free falling, with the chutes erased from the video, when they go shooting upward. A little sketchy, however, when you see the sharp quick turns, and catch up segments... which could be trick photography as well. Or, also looks very similar to the birds I have hanging out at my house all the time. Chasing each other through the air, and playing games with each other that look very similar to this as well.


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