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UFOs 2013 - The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Hello Clockers and newbies to UDCC - thanks for your patience the past week during my computer crash outage - and, the best to you in the upcoming new year tomorrow. Eat some sauerkraut.

As regulars around here you know, it's been a strange UFO year overall - the media is totally intimidated by the phenomena and with the 'official' UFO disclosure announcement in 2011 doesn't know how to cover it .... since the phenomena ISN'T alien - according to the USA position. Indeed, as far as UFOs go, to the government - every man is entitled to their individual perception and none of them are 'real'..... and, since we are now to think of 'unusual' things in the skies as 'drones' -- the official desire is for the whole 'alien' thing to become nothing more than Hollywood entertainment. While The Absurd Chemtrail Phenomena Is Beyond The MSM's Attention

So, we have a MSM that is now almost totally officially off the case and all those UFO specials of Larry King are now allocated well to the end of the cable dial (to throw in an old radio image of at the end of the dial on an unrated station). The announcement has literally lead to a MSM devoid of speculation about 'alien entities' - add to that robocopters and a proliferation of Chinese Lantern sales - and you are well towards the end game of dampening any real interest in the subject. Proof Of Low Interest

All of which allows of course - the ignoring of what seems to be the cutting edge of the UFO phenomena itself and indeed - a continuation of a development that has only increased over the last few years. Yes, I'm speaking of examples of the 'Orb Interaction' Orb Caller Shares Experience Of Last Three Years phenomena, including 2013's Dean Clark, Robert Bingham and what seems to be a potential motif for the phenomena in many 'close call' experiences. THE NEW Standard UFO Experience 2013 Style was articulated on 2-4-13 first by UDCC. I also talked about the Emerging Orb Projection Experience - ideas too new for other UFO websites.  Such ideas and occurrences are well beyond a dumbed down MSM that basically have been warned off the subject matter. Indeed, how could such a media cover something as absurd as the very common House Hovering 'Neighborhood UFO Phenomena'? Or, the seemingly instantaneous reaction of the US Military to such phenomena - you really expect a wimpy media  to 'question our heroes' of the military? 

THEN we have the probable 'mis-information' (disinfo) websites on YouTube and elsewhere PUMPING OUT fake UFO videos for pageviews - and generating the built in backlash of naysayers (appropriately) who are in general simpleton geeks = and wouldn't know anything about occurrences beyond their everyday simple reality; and more than likely have never read an esoteric book in their life.

And, we can't ignore the dog and pony traveling show The Tall Whites, now ignored in our era of suppression - of the UFO Disclosure Crowd - preaching their version of the UFO truth that involves government conspiracy, UFOs and NUKEs and aliens that are fully here and present on the Earth surface - Many of the same Obama Believer Crowd - oh, they kicked out the Time Travelers And Martian Conspiracy Folks This Year.

                       Twas The Day Before Thanksgiving

And All Through The Internet
A Censor Of Truth Was Lurking
Banning Words Of Concern To The Masses
To The Pips Of A Mouse

Then again, despite all of the above - a glimmer of hope seemed to emerge in the summer when it appeared that NASA Admitted To Orbs In Space. Or, did they? And, more glimmers of hope, an actual MSM coverage of an on-going recurring Orb phenomena - on North Carolina TV.

Finally, all of the above leads to the BEST of UDCC 2013 below - enjoy yourself:

MUFON Report

Amazing Daytime Orb Similar To The Feather Orb of 2012

Continues the 2011,2012 Phenomena.

One of the years best.

When Orbs Are At Their Best

Over 1,800 read this post directly.

A 1/4/13 essay which shows why the US took a 'no aliens' position - to shut down discussion and limit any 'revelations' by other nations. It is all part of the planned 'soft disclosure' by any number of our allies and such - give the data, deny the reality.

A recurring sky phenomena brought MUFON to the scene of a location based 'intentionality' phenomena.  More pictures at the 1/9/13 link ONLY covered by UDCC.

One of the most 'disturbing' things about the UFO phenomena to UFO 'believers' is that connection of the phenomena to OTHER anomalous things:
Same Location of 'bigfoot' and 'purposeful Orbs' OR that Orbs are also involved in the Seamless Missing Time Experience.
BTW, the UFOs reported to MUFON and elsewhere in 2013 have a range of descriptions only matched seemingly by our own expectations of just how weird a 'thing' could be. HUGE, tiny, and house sized all fit the billing. As does Transparent, Translucent - And Buildings In The Sky

Oh sure, those compete with more standard imaginations as saucer shape and Triangle unknown crafts too - but the range seems endless - and  we haven't even described one 'alien' encounter yet. Have we?
But, there were oddities in 2013 too.

There were even 'exclusives' to UDCC such as when I interviewed a known person in UFOlogy about his contention that ET's communicate via Modulated Gravity Waves - expect more from this source in 2014. 

Or, the UDCC coverage of the silent Hanging Jetliner phenomena:
http://www.mufoncms.com/files/46912_submitter_file1__IMG956566.jpg (see sidebar or labels for more) (shared by over 5K G+ users)
Oh, over 100K G+ users shared the UFO pictures at this Post.


The UPDATE on Eligael Gedalyovich of the Jerusalem Orb - Oh, BTW, I will have more on this in 2014.

my real opinions

And, deep thinking:


And, my deepest, most speculative esoteric essay post of the year!
Don't read this one unless you want to have your mind blown.
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The UFO Blogging Alternatives

A long time ago I identified 5 types of UFO websites - to be found - if you look hard enough - you may find a short podcast I did about the matter. And, as UDCC winds down .... I thought that Clockers may want some `alternatives' to add into their mix of reading material. To that end.... kinda like a Today Show format UFO HQ's links in their sidebar to 100 UFO sites... somehow missing all 1000 posts at UDCC... best of luck becoming enlightened.

Want more of a `conspiracy UFO' slant? Then Anonymousfo may fit your mindset - where talk by Icke of the moon being a hollow spacecraft is front and center. Yes you will have the opportunity to support the site via PayPal........

Or, do you desire one more over the top - one that is SURE it knows the impossible to know answers? Then Million UFOs is for you -- lots of Dr. Greer proof and don't forget the Negative Multi-dimensional beings choosing Zionist Jews story either......

Something a bit more Scholarly perhaps? Then try out Dr. Bruce Maccabee UFO where ideas (I DO like this one) such as Fundamental Unit of Intelligence are introduced. Some GOOD in-depth looks at some of the classics such as the Phoenix Lights and such.

More into the idea that 1 in 40 Americans are being abducted by aliens? Well then Alien Resistance may be more your cup of tea.... with all kinds of certainty about alien abduction and more.

Or, perhaps a website that is insightful at times and dumber than a box of nails other times? Sure... UFO Con is for you (I've linked to certain pages on some of these websites). BTW, the story I've linked to is one TIRESOME aspect of being a UFO blogger for sure. IF you haven't been hacked as a UFO blogger - you aren't saying anything of value - BTW, UDCC has been hacked at least twice.

And, finally for now - how about a dose of UFO's and rationality? Then Isaac Koi and his analysis may be for your open mind. Or, if you've really got some time perhaps you'd like to read the deepest of conspiracy theories via MUZ in the Faery Woods.
Below is perhaps the last opportunity in 2013 to join the UDCC mailing list before most posts go private:
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High Strangeness `Drone' Seen In Leoma Tennessee 12-12-13 (Latest MUFON Reports)

Oh yeah, real strange - let's HOPE that this is an overactive imagination but I fear that it could be more real than suspected. Once again, the near hanging jetliner phenomena (see sidebar) mixed perhaps with the inherent fear generated by the technologically possible drone police spy state? ... You and Clockers can make up their own mind:
Out side working in my yard,started feeling apprehensive. Looked up and observed what appeared to be a drone. First it was 45 degrees west. as I continued to observe this object, It appeared less than 50 feet above my house. I could see the fuselage, wings prop, Everything! Its belly was whiteish gray, with no visible markings ecept for a round, black Camera lens. When I first noticed this object, I was awestruck. It moved slowly and silently, With a transparent effect observed.I lost sight of this object when I looked down for my camera. I felt a sense of fear, nervousness, and increased anxiety.
Do you feel that sense of fear? These are real perceptions... the fear placement origin?
Have some new stuff up at Strange UFO Stories and Canada UFO's
Spectacular Sky Orb In Toronto
(Great Photos and Brief Video at above link)
Multiple (6) `Oil Barrel' UFOs In Daytime San Antonio Skies
And, thanks for your readership in 2013!

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Citizen Claims Triangle UFO Experience Seen By Multiple Witnesses Was Days Before Roswell (Latest MUFON Reports)

It's a darn good story to tell for sure - wouldn't it be nice for any of the others to come forward? Supposedly happened in Corona Long Island, New York. (BTW, FYI, Kenneth Arnold was 6/24 and Roswell was 7/7 or thereabouts.

This event occurred in 1947, I was 16 years old. A friend and I were sitting across the street from a tavern when suddenly we saw 5 bright white lights coast into view and hovered above the tavern. It was triangle in shape. We were both stunned wondering what this could be. The white lights turned from white to dark red. They pulsated 7-8 times and turned into a bright red. Than the color changed to a dark green and again pulsated 7-8 times and turned to a bright green; than they returned back to white. We wanted to get a better look, but were afraid to go near it.
Someone just outside of the tavern saw it and before we knew it a group of 6 adults were looking. They were directly under it looking up at it.
We heard and adult say, "what is it and what is keeping it up there?" and another adult say, "sh listen." "Listen to what?" was the response.

We were about to cross the street to join the others when suddenly, this thing took off from zero to infinity in 4 seconds.

I told my parents about the event and they just laughed at it. Two days later, my Pop came home with a paper talking about the flying saucer that crashed in the desert of Arizona.

My friend called me and asked, "Do you think that is what we saw?" At that time I had never heard of flying saucers or UFOs. It has puzzled me over the years and I know what I saw and experienced. It was real.
While UFO shapes have been of all kinds - the Triangle shape was quite rare in the early UFOlogy perceptions. Makes me wonder if this is a substituted memory. Wouldn't it be nice if this event had at least a real second point of view?
Yes, UDCC has changed this blogs `Description' - Positioning. Other blogging updates include that my blog Barfstew is still in limbo or worse - and is the purest sign my readers have that something NOT GOOD is up with censorship in this country. I'm serious.
Happy Holidays
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The Oddest Of Orb Experiences

Hail all Clockers.... here here. So, today I bring to you one of my favorite topics around here... BOL (Balls Of Light(s)) or the outer reaches of the normal sky bound plasma Orb experience. It will mean you will have to read The Big Study Improbable Possibilities where several highly unusual `contact' of `light' experiences are isolated. My favorite is of 12 explorers in Iceland encountering a 30 foot ball of light... that ultimately they ran through (some multiple times) and found that they carried the aura of the light with them upon exiting (for a bit of time). 
This BOL seemed composed of every conceivable visual color, all of which were brilliant and "clear". As the group walked through this BOL, they could see the light colors all around them, and felt extremely calm. As they emerged, and this is perhaps the weirdest part of this, it was as if the light "clung" to their bodies for awhile, and they each had their own aura.

They turned and walked again through the BOL; some a number of times. Fascinating as this was, they knew that they had to complete their descent, and walked away. Turning, they saw the BOL shimmer, and then completely disappear --- ONLY THEN DID THEIR "AURAS" DISAPPEAR AS WELL!.
He also details the experience of a man `hit' by a red Orb (with no effects)... and a BOL crawling over a wall and rubbing against a tree before moving along... and then at that spot emerged what appeared to be a small boy with a large head who `flashed' out of existence before two witnesses eyes.
But, he also found a supposed 1950 tale from Kenya of a `healer' who during his session told a man to look through a telescope at a part of the sky and lo and behold -- 3 glowing objects in the sky... man returns to healing session... faith healer comes out of trance and woman is saved...... 
I mean, wow.... The blogger also asks for other reports of encounters with the light and I surely remember this report from 2013 that I wrote about here:
Another of my favorites very recently is the MUFON report of a woman who `touched' an ORB on the top of her car, and how she described the experience and the actual effect (left a soot like substance on her hands and felt `soft rubbery hot' to the touch). As it is apparent that getting too close to `these things' can result in a Time Distortion Experience; - indeed are the ORBS the `time distortion"? 3/19/13
Seems that certain types of spaces have internal characteristics well beyond our normal understandings of space. And, like the Dead Doppelganger pilots of legend who appear on flights of today - only to pop out of existence - `living within that light space' (able to not be) - BOL's are part of that structure too.
Some of my E-Books are below:

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The `Curious' Videos Of The 2006 Chicago O'Hare UFO Incident

Of course, one of the awaited (forever) moments in UFOlogy will be when multiple folks bring forth the SAME UFO video of the same event. Or, perhaps the multiple photographs from multiple people that would be available nowadays via the near ubiquitous movement of cameras into society via the cellphone - if such a UFO event were to happen during the daylight hours in a crowded location.

So, 7 years later and endless rumors later, are there ANY `UFO' videos of the event itself? Did the supposedly held video by Dan Aykroyd ever surface? Is there really any such proof? Well, as fans of my UFO material coverage know, just the other day at Amazing UFO Stories I brought a whole slew of videos concerning the incident - but, when I looked back at my own post - perhaps I too was overlooking something.... so, let me bring to you below - the `curious' videos of the 2006 Chicago O'Hare UFO Incident:
First - NONE were released in anything resembling a `current' fashion - remember, in YouTube was already around by late 2006 - let alone in 2007 when the FAA denied the event and the crappola hit the fan so to speak. So, we are to assume somehow that `security' was tight enough to stop anyone from the Airport grounds or passengers approaching the airport from videotaping the incident?..... Of course not. And never could they know WHO or HOW MANY folks might have such footage - the FACT that NONE surfaced at the time.... suggests.... that except for something stashed away for profit later -- that the footage simply doesn't exist -- regardless of how much it would be hoped for..... OR does it?

For those of you that read my post the other day - http://strangeufovideo.blogspot.com/2013/12/november-2006-chicago-ohare-airport-ufo.html .... how about this idea. Since the whole incident ONLY has `perhaps' two photos associated with the event (one from a planeseat) - doesn't it seem strange to outright reject one particular video that CLAIMS to be real based on it `not fitting the description'? 

So, with that in mind (and with myself in the rejection camp) I thought it was worth a real viewing of one persons `video evidence' and their personal claim in the upload of the video:
YouTube Link To Video And Comments And Explanation - 67K views, unlikely original uploader, in French, 2-1 Negative to Positive ratio of opinion - first the video: Uploaded 4-3-2009
In a nutshell, the evidence rejects this video because it is TOO LOW compared to the other witness accounts (this video the person claims the UFO is 750 ft off the ground and the witnesses said more like 1800 feet of a 2000 ceiling...... Reading between the lines one gets the impression that whoever shot the film was a `known' person and didn't want any attention.... Isn't it curious that those `official accounts' that are used to reject this video don't have a `beginning' --- (they do have the straight up with a hole in the clouds ending) -- why couldn't this video be of BEFORE the `reported sighting'? Any reason at all? Do UFO's suddenly ONLY operate from one altitude the whole UFO experience? ..... See my point?

So, the first curious thing is the flat out rejection when `proof is presented' .... but, of course, one must be cautious as `this proof' also exists.... is it any more likely? 
Uploaded on Apr 25, 2007
O'HARE UFO 07NOV'06 Opcenter Screen Capture
A strange video I found while Googling around the net. It appears to be some sort of OPCENTER screen of the Ohare Airport UFO incident on Nov 7, 2006 at around 4:30 PM. Complete with tower chatter... I don't know who Dr. Mous is but he is a strange one... probably a hoax or a fake... Comments?

what was the camera in a balloon as its not moving ? or they have really high control towers over there in the USA. F#@&*%# fail idiot
@ModernGolfer - You don't read well. This is NOT a proof of UFO video. This is an experiment in human gullibility. Your invectives are wasted on me. Try a little intellectual debate versus immature pejorative attacks. I think I'd prefer talking to your 4 year old. I'd probably get more logic from him/her.
Uploaded 4-25-2007 (about the time you'd expect someone who was P.O.'ed by the refusal of the government to fess up to release it) - it has 511K views and a 3/1 positive to negative ratio of public opinion.
Yeah, a huckster - faker, had the first video.
And, of course, the most famous of the FAKE 2006 Chicago O'Hare UFO Video - The Famous Video of a Magazine Article with pictures of the UFO. Indeed, the uploaded this explanation for their TWO WEEK hoax on April 3rd, 2009 
Uploaded on Apr 3, 2009
2 Weeks ago on Saturday 21st March 2009, a video clip appeared anonymously on YouTube claiming to be real footage from the Chicago O'Hare UFO incident which allegedly happened back in Nov 2006? I can now reveal that this clip and 2 others I posted are infact fakes. The reason I did it was to simply prove that photographic evidence is not acceptable proof of the existence of UFO'S, and that some people will and want to believe in anything. By using nothing more than the power of suggestion, psychology and a cheap special effect, this experiment proves the point well. Over the last 2 weeks the clips caused quiet a UFO media frenzy, one clip received a quarter of a million views and even made Fox News in America(shocking!!) Many people including "UFO Experts" believed that what they were seeing was a real Extraterrestrial Spaceship, Just goes to show that people see what they want to see!! So the moral of the story is, next time you are confronted with any UFO photographic evidence, no matter how good or bad it is, LOOK, LOOK, and LOOK again. When it comes to the paranormal and the unexplained, the best piece of advice I can give you comes from Special Agent Fox Mulder....TRUST NO ONE.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this Global Social Experiment.

See my stills........



See my friends analysis also, Mr Victor Gibbs.........

http://www.ufodata.co.uk/forum/viewto... btw, curiously, this link is not only not active - it links to a site that has on it `best UFO videos for November 2012 .... does this confirm what I've believed that these `best of' films monthly are `produced, fake, and used as a social experiment?

Anthony Wharton, Merseyside, UK, 2009.
And, remember - all of the above was easily out of hand rejected due to the UFO object being `too low' in comparison to the best photo evidence - that I once again bring to you below:
I Mean Really?
Does that craft look 1800 feet in the sky?
When I detail my upcoming book about the Jerusalem Orb of 2011 I will talk about once again such disinformation.
Always remember - UFO Disclosure (anagram) Ludicrous Foes!
I've rolled my 2006 book on the incident into another book - now both are available together!
on sale until next Tuesday for 1.99

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The State Of UFLogy - Or, Why I Started My First SubReddit!

Hi Clockers. As you are aware I have multiple platforms where I spread the best in UFO information, and one of them is Reddit. As Clockers are aware I started the SubReddit a few days ago and have put up a number of easy to use links there. And, as you can imagine, if you are a Redditor (what people who use Reddit call themselves) - it's a big unknown to start your own SubReddit. Indeed, one really is compelled IMO to lay it out as to what the reasoning is - as there are other UFO SubReddits of course.

So, below is what I wrote - my bottom line in many ways as to what and how the UFO information/disinformation is being dispensed in today's post `UFO Answer' world (remember, disclosure happened in late 2011 and you weren't even aware of it).
If you are like many who closely follow UFO Reports' - you have noticed the significant change in what material you are being given about UFOs by the MSM and the internet in the last couple of years. The internet coverage of UFOs has suddenly been taken over by UFO Gathering Sites' - websites that claim exclusive usage of videos - that are truly over the top' in their visual presentation to attract pageviews - Videos THAT ARE RARELY to NEVER given original attribution - have taken over the reporting' that is done and even commented upon. Many to most of these videos are IMO, fake videos. Yes, fake videos.
Additionally, with the late 2011 UFO Disclosure' by the USA - the media now finds itself in the position of being `not in line' if they don't follow the there never has been an alien interaction' theme that the government gave to them to follow by the announcement. It's been called `Suppression through Disclosure' - with good reason. And, when you combine a largely fake internet presence projection (disinfo) about UFOs with a slimy timid media who at best were gigglers' about the complex phenomena before the disclosure/suppression' - you are left with nearly no one who is telling the story about the UFO perception phenomena in the first person'. Let alone telling what seems to be an `emerging UFO Motif' with the actual people seeing these phenomena.
Indeed, with the internet UFO story being those largely fake UFO YouTube videos, they have generated a built in a huge hate the UFO believers' audience - that further diminishes any possible analysis and dialog about an individual UFO perception/experience. NOT TO MENTION THOSE WITH NOTHING BUT INTENTIONS FOR DISINFORMATION. And, one is left with next to nothing of real value anymore - indeed, the words of astronauts about the UFO and alien phenomena is given no credence anymore in our so-called Free Press..... Just look at the traveling roadshow of the `UFO Disclosure' crowd of ex-military being ignored (perhaps with good reason).
All of the above, leaves the average Joe with a well deserved skeptical attitude about any `UFO proof' or material that is an example of the actual experience. All of that is what this subreddit will address - with links to blogs that have the original UFO story' --- therefore this will be many of the dozens of UFO reports uploaded to MUFON and other resources daily with Pictures and Videos (sorted by the State the UFO actualized within) and also importantly the UFO STORIES - the ones without so-called Proof - that seem to suggest a state of high strangeness associated with the UFO experience. But, these stories, like the pictures and videos, will come from again a source like MUFON- and won't be just randomly repeated stuff that isn't told in the first person.

As a subreddit dedicated to sources of original UFO experiences and analysis, - you are welcome to share your personal first person experience too if you wish. This will be a subreddit that understands that the UFO phenomena is multifaceted and most likely is not connected to the disinformation that would wish to control your opinion about it.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Atlanta Suburbs Produce Two Georgia UFO Reports In Latest MUFON Offerings

As a resident of the Atlanta area it's always of interest to read reports that are `local' and these two are real doozies if you ask me. The first Report is to the rare `spiritual UFO' perhaps along the lines of Dean Clark and has a picture associated with the report too (takes you to Georgia UFO). 

The second report takes you to another Orb being supposedly intercepted by Helicopters - that are UNSEEN! (BUT LOUD). Make sure to see the YouTube video at Georgia UFOs.
And, Clockers know that `recurring UFO/Orbs' is an attribute often of the phenomena - And, TWO More From The Latest MUFON Reports Are HERE. You may want to bookmark this site as I've already done three posts on it in a week.
Still waiting to hear about The BS. I do think I have taken the proper steps to get the review.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Some Spectacular Photos Of 12/3/13 Morphing Orb in Grand Forks British Columbia - Latest MUFON Reports

Hello Clockers. I have been way under the weather (bodywise) for about the last 48 hours but it seems to be passing. Thankfully. Now onto some of the continued `1st person' UFO blogs that I am creating - this one even bigger than a whole state ---- Canada UFOs - and this first posting is a WINNER - with multiple photos of structured Orb ribbon - love the morphing of the `bumps' between photos. I have one example below and go to Canada UFOs for the other photos.

Oh, there is a short video link with the above report too.
More Tomorrow

Saturday, December 7, 2013

HIGH STRANGENESS! Another `Hanging Jetliner' Perception/Phenomena Invades Latest MUFON Reports

As you might have gathered in the last few days and posts - UDCC will largely direct you to other UFO blogging efforts of mine on a near daily basis. That said, some issues and the in-depth stuff will largely be here - and UDCC is one of the VERY few websites willing and daring to explore the phenomena known here as the Hanging Jetliner Phenomena. (My Sidebar Has More As Will The Labels).
Below is an August 20th, 1994 account just submitted to MUFON on 12/2/13.
I am a farmer and live on the same family farm all my life. It was me and my wife and two year old son at the time. My wife a school teacher had just cooked a great looking meal. This afternoon we were having dinner on the back patio and it was a quite normal country afternoon on the farm. Please allow me to add that me and my wife until that day had never seen anything out of this world or paranormal ever. My wife spotted a huge cargo jet airliner coming down fast it appeared t her to be crashing? She gos crazy trying to get our son away from the house! The jet appeared to us at that time to really be crash landing on us and our house? At first the jet was high and looked like a normal plane in trouble? When we first spotted the jet it was maybe 500 ft. off the ground? The strange thing was it seemed to come down fast then we looked up again and it appeared to just come to a dead stop in air? The other most crazy and amazing thing was we heard nothing no sound at all coming from the engines? NOW BECAUSE OF THE STRANGE NO SOUNDS? We froze and just watched this huge floating military cargo jet AIRPLANE with huge jet engines and wings just floating right for us. The jet got very very close then banked right and floated right passed us with still no sound coming from nothing? The jet was so silent you could hear the wind passing over her wings. At this time the jet was 50 ft. from the ground? And the distance from us to the jet "Line of sight" was maybe 100 yards or closer? The jet moved passed us very slow and very close. Guessing the speed was 5 mph. Still watching the jet but now from the tail end and we noticed the thing had to climb to get over the 100 acres of woods and trees just 700 yards behind our house. Folks let me say again this huge flying Military looking cargo jet was below tree top level and floating over our house in the middle of the country with no people no building no nothing just me and my wife and son? "AND NO SOUNDS" "PLEASE TELL ME HOW CAN A MILITARY C-17 CARGO JET FLOAT IN AIR?" "ALSO LET ME SAY WE THOUGHT IT WAS OVER? WE THOUGHT AT FIRST THIS THING WAS CRASHING ON US AND OUR LIVES WAS OVER INCLUDING MY SONS LIFE? WE WERE VERY VERY SCARED!" We did noticed the jet had no identifying numbers of any kind? I only seen a white star on the tail fin. The windows and cabin area was all blacked out. The body of the jet including the wings and engines and all the other parts was all dull black. I cannot be 100% for sure but the closest we can get is a Boeing C-17 Cargo jet airplane. It was like watching a floating city come over your house in daylight with NO SOUND? I have been secretly searching for 20 years but still have no answers. 
I hope that this gentleman finds UDCC and looks in the sidebar for more about this phenomena that even my wife experienced. Not all folks see the same Unknown when the anomalous appears in the sky and more and more I am beginning to believe that these are temporary phenomenological space-time displacements - the very essence of Husserl's ideas about the transformation of ideas through temporal characters. The other much more disturbing idea is that these `glitches' are really more of a software problem and that WE are within a simulation by an advanced race of intelligence. Again, want to read more? Go to the labels and go to the sidebar.
My Amazon Books
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One of my books
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And, finally, all Clockers need to see my new presence on Reddit.Com -- Strange State UFOs

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Richmond Virginia Man Captures Pulsating Orb In 200 Magnification Video

And, it's all part of the new blog called Virginia UFOs go take a look.
I'd also like you to take a look at my new Subreddit on Reddit.Com called Strange State UFO gonna be some real good stuff that you will be able to find all in one location.
Another `hanging Jet' report here at UDCC tomorrow. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Ultra Strange - Orbs AS Beings (In The Latest MUFON Reports)

Good afternoon Clockers - I appreciate you stopping back by today for a read about UFOs. Today I go to one of my new blogs, the one that FEATURES `strange UFO stories' directly from the latest MUFON Reports. The first one features an event witnessed supposedly by many folks of a sky anomaly that when it got closer to the location Turned Into A Winged Being with some seeing an Angel and some an Eagle.... trippy. Oh, and another story of the `alien in my bedroom' - this one turning into an Orb as it left via through the walls. Good reading.
I also have a new post up at California UFOs about an ex-military man and what he thinks may have been a mind projection.... interesting.
Thanks For Being A Reader
A new state blog to be announced tomorrow and something REAL new on REDDIT.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Instant UFO/Orb Communication In TWO Reports Of Latest MUFON Incidents

Hello Clockers.
Well, I've started what will probably be THE main UFO blog of posting for me in the future - it's a new blog called Strange UFO Stories and what it will deal with are the reports that DON'T have `visual proof' such as pictures or video - BUT - that have some twinge of connection to a bigger `anomalous' that most UFO observers feel is the actual case at hand.
In the blogs first post - I cover a 1964 incident in which the child that observed it can no longer get the adults to validate the experience and TWO folks that seemed to have a direct communication with what their immediate perception field would include - Indeed, one report says the person simply said... I've never seen a UFO in my life.... and THERE IT WAS. GOOD READS ALL.
Also yesterday - I started Wisconsin UFOs with a very strange report about a basketball sized metallic object just hanging over the interstate - WITH PICTURE.
BTW, the big G continues to ignore any contact about my blog The BS http://barfstew.blogspot.com - it seems that it has been banned. Regardless of your political slant I hope in some way that it opens your eyes to what free speech means in America. The G will evidently not let dissent be found on FREE sources. Chilling. Seriously.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Three BRILLIANT Orbs Photographed From Commercial Flight 11/25/13 - MUFON Report

Good Morning Clockers.
Another new blog for you as promised yesterday and it's indeed California UFO a blog I suspect will be quite active as far as reports from MUFON. This report is a bit unique as it includes the proverbial `good observer' and is done from a commercial jet just last week. The report is at California UFO and another TWO picture links too - a picture example is below:
Thanks for your readership and thanks to the person who purchased my book about Shaman Lujan Matus yesterday - my most reviewed book.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Recurring Orb Displays `Sky Symbols' Photographed In New Hampshire - MUFON Reports

Hello Clockers - yep, another new state UFO blog today for you - this time what is up is New Hampshire where a spectacular Orb display was caught on camera. See the above link for details and another great photo other than the one below:
I've also done most of the first post for the California State UFO blog too - expect to see that tomorrow or here later. I'm also finding a lot of cool `state' anomalous books too as you can see with this book about the Haunted Tales Of New Hampshire. Anyway, the new State UFO blogs have a MUCH simpler and more colorful format and faster loading time. I hope you enjoy them and support them with your clicks. Once again, to begin, all the State UFO blogs will try to mostly feature the reports WITH pictures or video. Go Exploring!
My thanks to whomever purchased my book about Shaman Lujan Matus yesterday - it sold the most of any book of mine in November - find out why it is my most REVIEWED book also.
Finally the update is that the BS is still banned and not restored.... for those that still believe in a free internet.

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