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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is The `Fake Plane' / Hovering Jetliner Concept - Moving Earthward?

Hello Clockers - you might want to buckle your seatbelt and read the instructions in the seatback in front of you - because even the IDEA that `aliens' or `the trickster' or `advanced human technology' is suddenly putting `the jet motif' into the `perception structure' - is one that is surely bound to crash your mind and belief system.

You can check the tags below for `hanging jetliner' - and find that more and more folks are experiencing the perception of what appear to be `hanging or nearly hovering jetliners'. Including my wife as I have reported. As you will see from today's report - some of these hanging planes ARE MISSING PARTS - like the wings! Indeed, without the wings, more and more of these so-called UFOs are matching the `rectangular' or `boxlike' forms that are also seemingly increasing in 2011.

But, today's featured UDCC `citizen UFO report' - is from the MUFON `latest' casefiles today - that is of an object low in the skies on August 15th of this year in New Jersey - VERY low in the skies. Below is the written description:

This was the description:
I should have submitted this sooner. However, i didn't. Anyways, It was about 7pm, August 15th, 2011(still daylight, clear sky, and no clouds) and i was driving north bound on black horse pike in Bellmawr NJ. I pulled up to the light at wendys and i noticed what i thought was the front end of an airplane, about 75 to 100 yards in the air, crossing the black horse pike about a mile up ahead, going westbound. It was very low and big.I thought at first, wow, this plane is low, its gonna crash. But it continued. As it continued to cross it stopped, hovered for a few seconds, then proceded again. While looking at it, it didnt seem right... The front was rounded, but square, with no windows, but I noticed 3 or 4 windows on the side at the top, with more holes or exhaust ports on the side. It had a milky white color on the top half, and a dirty silvery metalic bottom. It was made of some type of metal, almost submarine like. As the back end came across, i was expecting to see a tail or tail wings, but there was no tail, just a little hump on the back end. It did not have any wings or rotar blades, it just drifted across the tree tops to the west and then it was gone. I was kinda taken back for a moment, like wow that was really freakin cool. I looked to the person in the car next me, to see if they saw what i saw. But they turned left and showed no interest. I serverd in the USAF as a Security Officer back in the late 90's and i have never seen a craft like this... To me it was a mix between a plane, a helicopter, a sub and a space shuttle rolled into one. The best way to describe its shape is, it looked like a flying metal loaf of bread... Very wierd, but cool...
Here's another picture of the `loaf of bread' that he provided in his report:
What's your take Clockers?
Is some sort of computerish program - programming our atmosphere with visible temporary phenomena?
Is this some sort of over the top `faction' of those who wish for mankind to be more aware of the `changes to come'?
Are `aliens' working on some sort of slow but gradual intensification of `weirdness' in lo of some grander event? Are `they appearing as `planes' to appear less threatening or more `normal'?
Has some sort of ..... computer program..... (that ugly chance that we are only that) F'ed UP?
Believe it or not - other MUFON reports were just as `unusual' - and here's a sampling -
And, MUFON's Link
Oh, BTW, thanks to the person that bought the book below off my blogs yesterday:

Here's a description of it:
As 2012 fast approaches, opinions about what to expect on this much-anticipated date are sharply polarized. Will humanity experience a global, spiritual transformation? Cataclysmic Earth Changes? Or both? Or nothing? If Earth and its inhabitants are scheduled for some life-changing or life-ending event, we should ask ourselves what we know and how we know it, and how to prepare for our future.

Drawing on decades of research into history, religion, and the esoteric, Laura Knight-Jadczyk introduces the concept of "the Wave" to describe the possible phenomena behind all the hype surrounding global transformation. Riding the Wave not only collects the most probable scenarios we may face in the near future it provides the context to make it all intelligible.
With roots in the science of hyperdimensions made popular by physicist Michio Kaku and the Fortean theories of the late John Keel, Riding the Wave suggests that many of the noticeable changes to our world in the last century are symptoms of the approaching Wave. From climate change, extreme ......
You get the idea.
Finally, welcome to the few new `followers' recently - be aware that I occasionally feature the `leaders' like yourself on UDCC. Dig into the archive to find a bit of `coverage' of nearly every regular on this website.
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  1. Well?
    What's your take Clockers?
    Is some sort of computerish program - programming our atmosphere with visible temporary phenomena?

    I don't know. It is a complete puzzle.

    Is this some sort of over the top `faction' of those who wish for mankind to be more aware of the `changes to come'?

    I hope for that. I look at the insanity of those with trhe power in this world, and those who don't dig whats going on and are asleep. I like to think that I have an ionkling and am doing my bit to wake me and others up, but you also want to know there are other forms of help---and a big part of this will be a Tricksterish kind of help. It HAS to be because this entrenchned ignore-ance goes very deep. You find it hard to reason it away. For example you can try and use reason on a 'war on drugs' advocate all day and get nowhere. These rigid notions go deep, and are mingled with millenia-worth of conditioning. I often wonder if these 'high strange' events are meant to trick people out of their 'reason'.

    Are `aliens' working on some sort of slow but gradual intensification of `weirdness' in lo of some grander event? Are `they appearing as `planes' to appear less threatening or more `normal'?

    It could be that, but I would say it is not to appear MORE normal but more weird lol. But it ALSO could be man-made. There is that knowledge that so much secret shit is going on and they could be coopting strange phenomena to confuse us. This is what they tend to do. For example you often here some conspiracy theorists right-off the WHOLE of the womens liberation movement as being the plan of the globalists. But this is not true--women had the RIGHT to challenge the patriarchal oppression against them, but what the globalists or elite do, as said is infiltrate and COOPT genuine movements. They have done the same with the psychedelic movement etc--so we have to be aware of this. Their main goal is to KEEP THEIR POWER and to make out they are superior than 'common folk'.

    Has some sort of ..... computer program..... (that ugly chance that we are only that) F'ed UP?

    I greatly challenge the whole propaganda that we are robots with no freewill--which is the supposed ' philosophical and scientific' idea of humans. And from this BS comes 'is reality a computer programme'. This is VERY dangerous idea, as these same mindsets go about totally trashning planet Earth.
    If ANYTHING the enitities whatever they are--and it most likely is diverse--are trying to wake us up from 'our' SILLY notions about reality. We really know jack ALL about reality but many of the arrogant movers and control freaks will not admit this, and like a bull in a China shop are blindly destroying everything!

  2. With anti gravity propulsion anything could be a craft, so a loaf of bread would be acceptable.Can't help thinking that a craft that appears white on top and silver below isn't it just silver all over with light reflecting from the top of it ?

  3. I have had multiple experiences through out my life with most recent one on Monday night, being woken up to a bright orange light in my face and then nothing after that. Last year while in Italy I had the most disturbing experience of my life and will be happy to share privately via email.. after that my opinions on everything were changed. For all the skeptics out there, my husband and son were with me when it happened...

    What I saw and witnessed backs up what you all are talking about. Strange, hard to believe, and I am still trying to process everything.



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