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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dr. Steven Greer's Latest Statement That ALL E.T.'s Are Friendly - Ruffles Feathers

As you may know, recently, in Europe, they had an `Exo-Politics' seminar and invited the `biggies' of the UFO `movement' - one of them - of course - Dr. Steven Greer. And, as you may also know, I've covered the Dr. before in my article about his term CE-5 -- Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. And, this post will NOT be a review about Dr. Greer, but, will examine various statements and ideas he presented in an interview following the most recent seminar -- that video is on the bottom of this page.

The video itself is very interesting; mainly because of the interaction between the interviewer and Dr. Greer. You see, the interviewer is part of the `movement' too - and has a different take on at least one particular aspect of the UFO saga than Greer does. The result, is an interview - that really digs into Greer's explanation for the aliens.

It turns out that the one particular part that the interviewer doesn't like at all is Greer's contention that ALL E.T.'s are friendly, or, at the very least, NOT a threat. And, for that belief, Greer gets vilified mercilessly by the interviewer .

I guess I'm here to `back' Greer in that viewpoint.

Because, unless you accept the very `out-there' conspiracy concept that `Reptilian' aliens are running the planet in one manner or another - there is NO evidence of `aliens' EVER taking over the Earth in its history since humans. Indeed, NO evidence of `aliens' even `living here' prior to mankind's accent in those hundreds of millions of years of life on Earth before mankind.

Now, what Greer is saying is obvious - but important. And, that is, ANY alien race - that is real in the sense we humans are real (having an ontological presence) with the intelligence to GET to Earth - would obviously be MUCH advanced from human intelligence. And, would therefore be MUCH advanced in terms of `armament' too.

In other words, they would have been able to have destroyed us long long ago -- if they wanted this planet. Remember, while intelligence is assumed to only have arisen in the universe after the second generation of stars -- that was BILLIONS of years ago. Some intelligences may have billions of years of science behind them.

So, therefore, as Greer suggests, if we are indeed being monitored by aliens - perhaps by more than one species of aliens - it's obvious that they will NOT be attacking. And, if you think about it -- that was basically how the `outcome' of thought about `UFO's' happened in the 50's.

That being, and apparently the governments conclusion too - was that `whatever' the UFO phenomena IS - it is not a threat to humans. Indeed, it's what has allowed the government to push the whole `UFO thing' - so far away from the common man. To relegate it to the fringe of thought. To be able to `laugh' (others say threaten) at those who suggest otherwise.

BUT, Greer suggests a HUGE caveat -- a HUGE caveat. And that is, that the human race by back engineering crashed UFO's -- IS CAPABLE of Interstellar Travel - BUT IS NOT ALLOWED -------------- BY THE ALIENS. Which is, therefore, why they are here and are impeding our move into space ---- as `THEY' don't want `warlike' humans to come to THEIR planet -- in so an uncivilized manner. Greer points out that humans have already killed 160 million humans in WARS; and, that that is NOT allowed of species that `wander the universe'.

And, I have to admit -- that is an appealing concept -- that the aliens are here to make sure we don't go anywhere else until we get our hostilities in order. And, our priorities in order. To better understand what mankind is to this planet and the universe. Yepper, it's a comforting concept. And, while I will agree that IF aliens are here that it's obvious (to me) they are not taking the planet over -- I find it a stretch to say they are here to keep us here.

But, that was not all that Greer said -- or, should I say -- claimed to KNOW. For example, he maintains that the `Greys' are really a `grown' nanotechnology - and that they are MADE in test tubes - and that they are programmed for specific duties. He also makes claims about mind control by the military.

Finally, one last time - I want to examine a subtly that Greer uses to diffuse the `bad alien' idea presented by the interviewer (who felt that we should have military defenses against the aliens) who sites numerous times of what she would consider violence by the aliens (including the abductions). And, Greer's explanation seemed to go over her head -- Greer ascribes these type of experiences to a more qualitative realm of beings-entities ------ that are NOT ontological like humans and real aliens. And, as you know, in one of my more recent post at my blog The Heavy Stuff -- I got into quite deeply that I feel their are at least 4 types of entities/aliens.

And, lastly, I will provide at the bottom a few of the links of relevance to this posting - including the views of the interviewer - which include Roswell as being some sort of craft from our future sent to straighten out our timeline.

Yeah, right.

Greer's stuff sounds simple and logical compared to that.

Please watch this video - and leave a comment.
Much more on UFO's at my blog too.


  1. Funny, I had a slightly different take on the interview.

  2. And gardeners are never threats to plants, from the plant's viewpoint. Until it gets eaten, finally. Past history is no guarantee of future performance, as they say.

  3. John,

    You seem quite mad in your post with all the swearing -- any reason why?

    Rick Phillips

  4. I have been following Dr. Greer for along time. I find him interesting and informative. I also follow Project and other websites on this subject as well. I will have to agree with Kerry Cassidy on the one point she was trying to make. Not all aliens are good guys. Dr. Greer is good, but not God. Kerry Cassidy is good but not God. If you have been a victim of abduction you would have to agree that all aliens are not good guys. They have been known to mutilate people as well as animals. That not friendly to me.

  5. Pasell,

    Thanks for your comments - we can agree that if alien abductions actually occur that the end result could indeed be viewed TO THAT ONE PERSON as negative -- OR -- to the farmer if losing a head of cattle -- IF -- that is done by aliens.

    But, what I feel Greer was referring to and indeed what I am referring to is talking about `A Threat To Earth' and Earthlings. And, at that higher level of engagement - I fail to see the `bad aliens' either.


  6. For further insight I might suggest giving a listen to Dr. Greer's August 14th show on the World Puja Network. I might point out that Dr. Greer said he did not know everything, but we might also rememeber his credentials where UFO Disclosure is concerned. He might have a little more insight than your average joe. He practically single handidly put together the Disclosure Project. He has also led successful C-5 training missions for years.

  7. After watching the videos on You Tube, I felt the need to leave comments... If there were self interest ET's and they'd visited, they wouldn't have stopped there. Due to thier obvious superior advancements, they would have continued and would be self interest dominant!! Period!! That is of course not the case, therefore Steven Greer is totaly correct. Love and peace is the greatest power, that no-one/anything can overcome/take away. Start looking at BAD ET's and we are already predudice/racist!
    If these ET's were human eating, that may not make them BAD! Just that maybe all they know? Like bring up/teaching a child to be a killer with a self destructive weapon, this doesn't make that child BAD, as that is all that child knows, it is diplomatic teaching that would rectifie this, and the source/teaching is what is incorrect. I'd rather the human race, die together in peace and loving harmony, than die in hatred to one another.
    Phil Jermyn. England.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Phil,

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoint.


  10. wow...i believe that if you are going to be giving an interview you should have the respect to let Dr. Greer finish a statement. It seems she had an alterior motive to stick it to Dr. Greer. It's really irritating that she doesn't let him finish what he is saying before she abruptly interrupts. He is the one being interviewed. He's a good man for sitting through the interview. It's people like her that keeps the negativity dangling right in our faces. While I have enjoyed watching some of the interviews from Project Camelot I don't believe she is in the "disclosure" for the "right" reasons. With that being said, I enjoyed watching and listening to Dr. Greer as always, and as for Kerry Cassidy, well, I hope that she falls on deaf ears because I don't beleive her message is a positive one.

  11. As I said in my post at the Secret Sun blog, I think Project Camelot 1) definitely has a 'let's scare people' propaganda-agenda, and 2) they are deliberately targeting Steven Greer because his viewpoint counters the 'evil aliens' meme that rogue world-government types are intent on pushing. Carol Rosin said that the bogus-enemies list was planned back in the 70's/80's, and consisted of a)the Russians, b)Terrorists/Rogue Nations, c)Asteroids, and d)Evil Aliens, to be trotted out in that order. Greer's position that (besides ETs being non-hostile) humanity needs to do an end-run around hidden-government types by becoming ambassadors to the Skypeople themselves as well as by forming a grassroots initiative to bring forward various zero-point technologies is *hugely* threatening to those who want the 'us-them permanent-war' paradigm to continue.

    I once had high hopes for PC, but after watching them cherry-pick more and more catastrophe-mongers as interviewees, I am done with them. They've shown me that they are part of the problem, not part of the solution, and I am not surprised in the least that Kerry went after Greer the way she did in her interview. That alone screams 'agenda' loud and clear...

  12. Dr Greer is quite right. ALL ETs are friendly and benign. They are here only to help and guide mankind (if we will allow them to do so). The bad ETs are fakes created by the CIA/NSA/NRO etc.

    You can see more info at my site

  13. IMO, the woman is completely rude and assertive with speculative opinion that is fear based.

    Greer obviously has a very good understanding of what we are discussing; and here's why:

    Because what we are talking about is the end goal of science and civilization. What we do defines what we are now and what we are in the future. So the obvious step is to attempt the best we can be.

    These ideas that there are negative "aliens" has to be about those other entities and modern manufactured genetics and the proof is the lies and manipulation going on for thousands of years of recent history. Humans have been doing this to us peasants for thousands of years and continue to manipulate us with more lies and keeping us in the dark.

    A reddit commenter calls Greer's demeanor a schtick, which suggests he buys into the view that there are evil aliens doing this NWO stuff and to him and others with this viewpoint I remind you of two things:

    1) Humans have been deceiving their own species for thousands of years for power continuing to this day...


    2) If you are offended by this, that humans would basically breed other humans for slavery, then unless you are vegetarian you don't appear to have any right to protest being treated as a "genetic inferior" so long as you emulate the same attitude towards other creatures that are less intelligent than yourself. Get it?

  14. Perhaps all ETs are friendly, but Dr. Greer may not.

    I just attended Dr. Greer’s lecture and workshop in Los Angeles. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT! If someone’s personality traits are an indicator, I now have serious doubts about Dr. Greer’s message.

    Dr. Greer’s lecture was light on details regarding the advertised topics, i.e. ‘environmental upheavals, deteriorating world economies, government instability, and the mysterious year 2012’ and heavy on personal topics. During the lecture he made a weak effort to appear humble with his comment, “I am just a country doctor”, but after hearing him talk for a while, it was disturbingly obvious that he is quite impressed with himself and enjoys indulging in name-dropping.

    In spite of his claims of transcendental meditation practice, spiritual he is not. No ‘enlightened’ person is so effortlessly curt and condescending to audience members who dare to ask any question about some of his unclear or contradictory material. Especially, when there was no prior indication that there would be a question/answer period after the workshop's lecture and that he preferred to answer questions then. Even the question/answer period was useless since his propensity to verbal diarrhea permitted only three questions from the audience.

    During the more than boring ET contact and craft sighting fieldtrip (workshop), he added insult to injury by indicating the he could see (remote view) ‘dematerialized’ crafts in the area and that ET’s where present and moving among the crowd. Being an intuitive myself, I can guarantee that no such crafts or beings were present.

  15. My oh my!
    If these guys can't even agree and majestic is creating a war against the universe, then sorry to say people but we are doomed surely.

    Any way, we already showed our intentions to the ET's back at "The Battle Of L.A." Shoot first and ask questions later, and I'm sure this wasn't the first or the last time we lashed out in defense as a natural reaction in being scared, not understanding and percieving the visitation as being hostile. Humans have an enourmous amount of work to do to be confident enough of our existance let alone interstellar travel and interaction with ET's. Too much work for the time we have left. Maybe the next human evolved species will have a better chance. If this doesn't make sense, look at the genesis movie (star trek) where the spok's landed on earth after they found we have warp. Do you honestly think people, if ET landed on the roof of the NASA building, the defense force would greet them with a hand shake? After what we have seen from the 1940's interaction and even these days with our star wars program.

  16. wow. guess torture of humans is okay now. I am sorry but the concept of all aliens are good is simply , simple mind control . to bad some are falling for it. Lets remember our life experiences everyone, No one race can be all good. this smacks of reverse racism against humans or the start of it. I am not buying or listening to the Dr. anymore. He has turned to the dark side.. Sad..

  17. How can we be sure that abductions and cattle mutilations are the work of ETs?
    I've watched a lot of the interviews on Project Camelot and some of it is way out there and very dark and terrifying, especially Green's stuff about our losing our spirits as well as our lives. Could some of these people be part of a government scheme to keep us scared so that when their false flag ET invasion is put into effect we're easier to convince?
    I'm with Greer, he's all about projecting LOVE while much of the stuff on Project Camelot is about fear, well,... they can keep it. I ain't buyin' it.

  18. Phil's sentiments struck a positive chord with me. It would be better that all humanity died together in peace and love with no fear because we wouldn't really be dying, would we? Imaging what a beautiful positive step we would be taking TOGETHER spiritually if we could all face our physical destruction fearlessly and filled with love for one another. After all, isn't this, so called physical reality just an illusion?

  19. I want to thank everyone for their comments - I believe this is the most commented on post on UDCC.



  21. I don't know the Project Camelot people at all but I have seen everything available on the internet regarding Dr Greer. I think that it is unwise to state anything definitively based on very limited evidence, and in that sense I agree with the Project Camelot team. Just because a mother or father of a child loves and cares for their child at birth it does not mean they will always love their child, in fact it is very unfortunate that parents sometimes kill their children. So just because aliens are peaceful now does not mean they will always be. Or it is possible that aliens see us as no more than animals in a zoo, to learn from and do experiments on, and from their perspective the pursuit of knowledge is not bad, but tell that to the person who is being experimented on. The reality of all of this, is that it is all here say, and no one has all the answers. I don't even believe that the aliens have all the answers.
    I almost feel that in the excitement of all of this Dr Greer has managed to brain wash himself. This often happens with scientists where they get a feeling about something and then they only accept data that agrees with their hypothesis and reject anything that does not.

  22. This comment is directed towards Rick. In the intro you suggested that you believe there could be up to 4 different alien races or species. However Dr Greer has already asserted they have discovered around 57 different species.

  23. Just one more comment.
    I don't know how many of you have seen the documentary Grizzly Man, but in a lot of ways Dr Greer reminds me of Timothy Treadwell.
    I am not either for or against the idea that Aliens are all peaceful beings and their intent toward the human race is completely benign, I just can't believe anyone could be that gullible that would be prepared to put all their trust into something that they know very little about. To claim they know otherwise would be deluding oneself.
    I do believe though that pointing a gun at someone is not the best to form friendships.

  24. I don't know how many of you who have watched the documentary Grizzly Man, but Dr Greer reminds me of Timothy Treadwell.
    Timothy was certain that there was nothing to fear but in the end he was eaten alive.
    I feel Dr Greer is deluding himself just as Timothy Treadwell was deluding himself, in the sense that he knows nothing about these Aliens.
    He may have met them even had discussions with them, but so did the Dalai Lama have meetings with President Mao.
    The Dalai Lama recognised by many as one of the most enlightened beings on the earth today, commented to his mother after the meeting that he felt that he had quite a few things in common with President Mao, and that his opinion of him was a benevolent one. Shortly after, President Mao sent his troops into Tibet killing thousands of Tibetans including Monks.
    If the most enlightened being can make an error of judgement regarding another persons character, what makes Dr Greer so sure he is better than the Dalai Lama in this regard.

  25. Dave,

    First, thanks for your comments. About the four entities as compared to 57 entities; Greers number is referring to (I believe) aliens in crafts, real aliens, that are either HERE (in Earth's biosphere) or around here.

    I, on the other hand, - am referring to `entities' that are likely NOT in crafts. I think I make that clear at the post on The Heavy Stuff.

    It is complicated moreso than many even imagine IMO.


  26. I must say that Dr Greer really helped me connect a bunch of dots. I have been abducted and when he mentioned that people that have experienced real contact might then be targeted by the military complex's psytronics, that made perfect sense to me.
    As for the interview I feel that Dr Greer was brilliant but made little or no impact on the interviewers. Could Fred Flintstone understand Gandhi's position on well, anything?
    Shine on Dr Greer, you have given me a great gift and that gift is hope. Thank you for that.

  27. Thanks for everyone's comments. 2mJYte0F1c_TDcP1QDL5S6ebGJI


  28. what i it all about? for me we the people of the planet are in ascencion ...moving into multidimensionality .we are going beyond the oldest conditioning ... beyond fight concionce ness so that those that want change..will change with an intent of the highest good for all.any entity of any kind that holds that monetary or greed orientated gains are more important than people or the plenet will be left in the 3rd dimension.we are transiting an old program,,,,money/greed is more important than people ...the new program we are creating is people/earth is more important than money/greed

  29. Oh please............ Glad your belief hasn't died despite your expectations about 2012.

    The ideas that human consciousness is going to transform the world - literally - is beyond belief, it's almost stupid in all honesty.


  30. I'm surprised that you would feel that way about the concept of our collective realization of the multi-dimensionality of our Selves considering we all generally believe in the existence of ETs here, RP. Now, I do believe that some folks have gone a tad overboard with the concept of Ascension, absolutely agreed, but just to leave a logical imprint for the concept, the universe (as you say) - literally - is consciousness. It is a substance. So never mind what it involves, whenever a transformation occurs - it was consciousness which transformed, both subject and object simultaneously, yet also with a "component" that is simultaneously neither the subject nor the object. I for one have realized this "unity" consciousness personally, and can say that the intent of these ETs is surely to raise our collective awareness to this level, and considering how intense and - literally - how my perception changed and could actually see with my naked eye the "divine" energy field we all emit, as well as only being able to hear with my naked ear the truth of what folks were talking about instead of their words - I would say that you could absolutely qualify the collective realization as a transformation.

    But in short I'll say it again, everything is consciousness. So, without taking any leaps in logic at all, any transformation is an act of consciousness. Literally. ;)

  31. As a continuation of my previous comment and to relate with the posted article, I do believe that this realization of what I've referred to as "unity" consciousness is inevitable for any ontological (or, taking place within the universe) being to come to. I believe that the good Dr. is essentially saying the same thing when he says that ALL ETs are benevolent, it is clear (to him) that any being that has the means of traveling inter dimensionally has surely come from a civilization that has had this realization collectively (hence their mission to encourage this realization on other planets, perhaps a natural built-in universal mechanism for this stage of evolution?), and so would naturally not have any interest in domination, trickery, or otherwise evil behavior. Now, having said that, I do believe that it is possible for less evolved beings (us) to interpret the actions of beings on this mission as not at all benevolent, but I also believe that is mostly not the case. I certainly don't mean to minimize the cases of abduction where terrible things have apparently happened to people, and I personally struggled with this concept for a long time, seeing as how it basically tore a part my belief that these beings are here to help us. Where I stand now is that these abductions are probably a mixture of two things, 1) the subjective perspective of the abductee projects a threatening and fearful experience on to what is otherwise a (perhaps routine?) check up, or 2) a "shadow government" attempt to destroy the belief in benevolent ETs and their mission by personally abducting these people in their own reverse engineered craft, clever use of mind-altering substances and/or technologies, and a terrible ethic.

    I believe mostly in the latter, though I wouldn't rule out at all the first option in a few cases, after all, one person can have a DMT experience where beings are graciously offering their information, and the person right next to him has an experience where the beings are essentially raping them. (Dr. Rick Strassman has actually documented many cases where people's experiences are very close to your typical alien abduction, see The Spirit Molecule for more information on DMT and his studies.)

  32. Anonymous,

    First, I do appreciate your articulate comments. I too feel I've had `cosmic consciousness' at least once in my life and I have beyond explainable qualitative experiences with others to defy the time-space structure -- so, I assure you that I look at things from a Fortean-Mystical viewpoint.

    But, I also look at the phenomenology of `things' - all things - all spaces. And, to me, it is quite unlikely that ON a planet (beings like us who are phenomenological) most likely are not going to ever see a collective boost in our consciousness simultaneously - let alone it being inspired by our `multi-dimensionality' -- which I believe is actually a multi part type of spaces.

    I appreciate your involvement with this blog.


  33. Anonymous, the way these post is based on the time they are written and sent - I am responding to your second comment now and haven't read it before my first response above.


    Okay, a couple things about your continued articulate comment on a possible state of UFOlogy. First, I am well aware of the DMT book and analysis -- indeed it SHOULD give those that believe in phenomenological alien abductions some GREAT pause IMO. Second, the whole alien abduction thing - IMO - took a great hit in the last couple years to basically IMO VOID - yes VOID near all `bedroom-nighttime' `abductions.

    Moving onward from the abduction phenomena.

    You'll need to read more of my blog(s) to have a fuller thought on `how many' aliens I think are here on Earth OR the idea of `travel' to the Earth. Indeed, I just recently got much more into that so perhaps you only need to read my 2013 posts.

    My bottom line - I doubt very much that aliens are here to `help us'.
    I doubt very much that aliens EVEN IF THEY WISHED could take over Earth as there are TOO FEW of them.

    And, three - the government is RIFE with dis-info at all levels and especially with subject matter than is potentially threatening to the power structure.


  34. Thank you for approving my comments and for the quick response. But now I'm at a loss, and perhaps I will have to spend more time navigating this blog to understand your perspective on the matter, but it seemed to me that you believed at least that the ETs are not here to do us any harm, which I assumed meant you believed they had helpful intentions, which apparently you do not. I'm curious now to understand why you believe they are here, is it simply to stop us from proliferating our primitive (and incredibly destructive) behavior throughout the cosmos? Seems to me if that were the goal they could simply destroy us and would think nothing of it, for the greater good after all. No, to me, "positive" mental attitudes have a valid basis, where as "negative" have no valid basis (a Buddhist prinicple), and it seems to me that if your civilization has developed the means of inter dimensional travel, surely you must have some validity in your reasoning otherwise you have been extinguished long before by the otherwise lack of validity if you had "negative" intentions. Now according to some we have developed the means of traveling to other worlds, and clearly we have not dealt with our collective demons, this is certainly a nail in the coffin for my aforementioned hypothesis about the certainty of positively inclined ETs, but I personally do not rule out the idea that our experience here on Earth is not a typical one, aka we are the exception, not the rule.

    However, I must admit that other than our Lucifer mythos I couldn't suggest much evidence for our being the exception, or that exceptions as far as the routes one can take to evolve (the realities that phenomenological beings can create for themselves) are even possible as far as the universe is concerned. We simply don't understand enough about the nature of consciousness to discern how best to apply what we've learned so far from having lived on Earth to the rest of the cosmos. But, and this brings me to the second point you've made (which I disagree with entirely) which is that there are not many alien beings, or not enough to take over our planet.

    Surely you're familiar with fractal geometry and perhaps a pinch of sacred geometry. Without digressing here, I simply can not understand how one can see how teeming with life this planet is (our bodies too, no less) and suggest that the rest of the cosmos is essentially barren, save for a few outcroppings of ET life. I certainly don't mean to suggest you haven't some logic behind this belief, but I simply find that possibility to be far more unrealistic than the idea that we could collectively and simultaneously raise to a higher level of consciousness. I don't disagree that the reality of such an event would be difficult to imagine nor the mechanics mind boggling, but I have a number of theories (logically constructed) for how this could occur, I don't pretend to know how it will occur, nor that it will within this civilizations lifespan, though I absolutely hope that it will and have faith that it can.

    I apologize for the length of my comments. Do you have any blog entries where you or someone else specifically discusses the idea that here are so few ETs in existence? I don't believe this is the first I've heard of this idea, but I'm sitting here using my body to type this, a single body, but a body that contains within it trillions of cells, most of which are actually bacterial, aka, ETs.. So I've never given much credence to the idea, but I'm more than willing (quite interested really) to see the thought process behind this.

    Thank you,

  35. Swift,

    Again, your thoughts are much appreciated. They have motivated me to re-read my post on The Heavy Stuff referred to and IF I must say so myself - it is one of my masterpieces. (That I may re-post even with part of my response to your motivating look at the anomalous.)

    But, I will give a thumbnail response beyond the above post which is essential about understanding `aliens' and how `prevalent' they may actually be. First, as you can see from the above article we'd need to `estimate' the potential real frequency of each `type of ET' -- so, as you can see, my definition of `alien' exceeds your assumptions most likely. That said, I'll let you respond to each type of `alien' number and perception structure.

    I believe the real evidence for my Type One aliens is nearly totally absent hard proof. That said, I'm sure you have seen the supposed `alien video' of the `area 51 alien' - I've covered those two videos before. I think that IF the video represents the real population of REAL ALIVE aliens the government has ever `caught' - then the question is `what percentage of `aliens' could we expect to `catch' in any given population? So, I think we'd have MORE so-called `proof' if there was any so-called hard proof. This is the one point the TOTAL SKEPTICS have every right to shout - SHOW ME THE ALIEN? -------- But, I said, I'd give you a number - I think it is likely that we `catch' an exceeding rare and low percentage of real aliens on this planet or around the planet in a real ontological basis. That said, IF those videos are evidence of that and IF we `catch' one out of a 1000 entities/beings of a phenomenological basis - then is it unreasonable to suggest that 1000 of these beings may inhabit the planet or nearby space? Is 10,000 a more reasonable number. Are we talking a sustaining population that has `arrived recently' (last 60 years) or the idea of a more long term monitoring. (Just to ask the important question about this degree of alien.)

    Since you seem to be a supporter of the edge theories of some of the Dr. Greer segment of thought - you are probably often thinking about aliens of type two and three as I describe in my post on The Heavy Stuff. As you know now by reading the link - it can be difficult to summarize this material here in a few words.

    Again - I promised some numbers and like type one aliens, one can agree or disagree if the estimate is for a high number of aliens or not. In other words, do you think my `estimate of type one aliens being 1,000 to 10,000 to be reasonable?..... Regardless, moving onto a `hard' Type Two alien temporal being `appearing' in a persons perceptual common consensus reality to be exceedingly rare - THAT said, if one in 1000 folks perceive a `disappearing doppelganger' ONCE in their lives - I wouldn't be the overly surprised. But, lets say the number is really 1 in a million have that experience of a solid temporal being that vanishes before them - before their eyes in OUR reality. Would that mean that 7,000 beings or so have that chance to appear to humans over the next normal lifetime span? Or, if it is one in 10,000 does it mean that up to 700,000 such being appearances are likely. (With the question of course being can these beings go for a ride to appear more than once in their phenomenological lifetime?) Yeah, heady stuff.

    As far as aliens within category three and four - I'll let you respond to what I've written so far and then get into it.

    Thanks for stimulating the old brain structure.



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