Friday, August 31, 2012

The 2012 Sky Noise Phenomena Continues Into And Through August

While the MSM has lost interest - and while the phenomena does seem slightly less frequently uploaded - the phenomena certainly goes onward. And, amazingly, the connection with `UFO's' does seem to grow somewhat: The 2012 Sky Noise Phenomena Continues: (SNP)

First up - A 42 year old guy in the Netherlands, who has heard and uploaded the SNP twice back in May also. This video, uploaded in early August, has about 9K views and a 5/1 positive to negative ratio of opinion. (IF he thought the sighting was a real UFO he was very nonchalant and brief IMO). UFO? something seems strange, -  but, with some excellent comments on the video too: He indicated that when he contacted some friends about the sound that they then also heard it from their location.
link -
Example comments:

It's very strange. If it's the U.S. government, they're trying to scare people as usual. They're good at that, if nothing else. If it's real aliens, it seems odd that they'd make so much noise.
its mad the way everyone around the world heard the same noises outside there house, proof is on this 2012 strange things are happens its proof this isnt bullshit its true i heard that same noise and im in ireland
I heard this exact sound, in 60 second ish intervals... it lasted maybe 5-10 minutes overall and came in 4 to 5 stages that lasted maybe 5 seconds each. the sound would stop abruptly or fade out and fade in again for a slight second. The weather was the same as in this video, im hoping to go back and try to hear it again. I was skeptical about this before id heard it for myself but now ive heard it i know its real.

Okay,...... next up is a 34 year old from I assume N.J. in the USA who has been VERY active (warning sign?) in the last few months after his first `UFO' capture over NYC. Yes, he has heard and uploaded the sound. Interestingly, this one, he claims was sent to him by a friend................... yes, it's similar to MANY of the similar heard all over the world in 2012. This one was uploaded 11 days ago and has a 12/1 positive to negative ratio and about 3,500 views:
link -
Oh, ............. about the dog food commercial with Chemtrails I featured yesterday afternoon - began the day yesterday with under 400 views in 6 days - today it's above 600. I contacted the IAM's folks - they didn't respond. Global ParaNormal . Com picked it up too.
Real blogging.
Just like bringing to you today - for the first time in these pagesEVERY UFO FILE THE FBI HAS EVER RELEASED IN ONE LINK - classics that you will be reading all weekend. Seriously.
My warning again to Clockers today - I am close to making a `UFO Disclosure Book' based on my blogging essays here at UDCC - especially the files before 2010. You may want to read all of these for free via the archives as they may not be there or free much longer. It's the holiday weekend - you have time.
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amazing Chemtrails In Dog Food Commerical

Please make sure to watch this commercial until the end, as you will see an amazing display of Chemtrails as they march across yet another American sky. Are the producers of ads THIS STUPID about this on-going world distraction?

At the :08 second mark you will see the first thinner `rocket' chemtrail - the ones that seemingly go straight up (IF you look real close you will see perhaps another `plane' forming an X in the sky with a similar thin chemtrail ---- AND, if you look REAL close - you will see that EACH of the chemtrails are coming out of a HUGE THICK Chemtrail at the base).

At the :21 second mark you will see the MULTIPLE THICK chemtrails (with perhaps a X on the extreme right side of the above roof view). But, the ULTIMATE kicker comes at the :27 second mark with DISGUSTING MULTIPLE THICK CHEMTRAILS SPEWED ACROSS THE SKY.

With under 400 views, a 2/0 positive to negative ratio of opinion (hey, why not go to the site and vote this down and even perhaps leave a little comment for the IAM's dog food people) I present the `I Am Not A Rabbit' - dog food commercial.
link -
UDCC - the kind of original content you find NOWHERE else!
As I've repeated in this blog many times before - The Chemtrail issue is RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR COLLECTIVE EYES and is ignored by our media and government. I lost all respect for so-called `weathermen' on local TV YEARS AGO due to their ignoring of the phenomena. And, the amazing thing is that folks DON'T REMEMBER that it hasn't always been this way!
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Man Waits One Week To Bring Incredible Report To MUFON

The following report is from the MUFON latest UFO reports listing. This event happened supposedly a week ago in Texas and includes an incredible image/rendering of what the `aliens' seen looked like. Get ready for a read that includes the kitchen sink of UFO reports, alien interactions and multiple crafts right in the backyard.
1- I was at home so I went to bed around 10:30 P.M and I usually fall alseep listening to the television so I feel asleep for about thirty minutes then the television went off by itself. I thought it was weird at first so then I started hearing noises like a huming sound so I looked out my window but didnt see anything so I thought I was just hearing stuff so I went back to sleep.

2- The first time I noticed anything was around 11:12 P.M. when my bedroom door opened and I could hear something walking beside me and standing beside me and of course I had my eyes closed so I didnt open them until I started hearing something in my mind saying, "Dont be affraid. We no harm.". So thats when I started to really freak out so I opened my eyes and I could barely see two dark figures, one standing beside me on my right and the second in front of me. So I closed my eyes hoping it was a dream but then things got very real. I could feel being lifted up and being brought out back where I could see a small oval shaped craft in my backyard and another triangle craft hovering right above it just few feet higher.

3- I thought the object was an actual UFO the first time I saw it of course. It was oval in shape, had about ten windows on the front of it, the color of it was dark grey and the second craft [triangle craft] was black with small diamond shaped windows around it.

4- Like I stated in the 3rd paragraph, the first object was oval in shape, ten windows on the front side and grey. The triangle UFO was complete black with tiny diamond windows around it. I thought it was weird that the oval craft landed and the triangle craft hovered right above it.

5- My god, I could feel something for sure. I was like, terrified. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not so scared and 10 being terrified, Id have to go with 15. Once I was aboard the oval craft the only thing on my mind was, "How was I going to get out. . or am I ever going to be released...". So once I was aboard the craft it seemed just calm, I was placed on a silver table while about three beings came by me looking at me then talking. As for me, I dont know alien language so I have no idea what they were saying. Then one of the aliens came next to me and showed me this blue light then I blacked out. So I guess I was out for about twenty minutes because I awoke on the table while one of the aliens took my hand and had me step off the table and walk around. I looked all around the craft and it was just walls and rooms and windows. Nothing very interesting but I did get released about ten minutes later.

6- After being aboard the craft the suppose "leader" of the aliens, came beside me and showed me off the craft. I could hear him talking saying like, "Were sorry we terrified you. These are my students for a complete experiment. We will be back soon so do not panic.". So of course I didnt know what he meant when he said, we will be back soon so dont panic. So he showed me to the back door of my house and opened it while I stepped inside and looked back outside while the leader walked back inside the craft and took off in less then 15 seconds. Thats about it.

-Note- The first picture of my drawing is the picture of the two UFOs and the alien who took me aboard the craft. The second picture I found to be looking like the exact leader of the aliens who I saw.-
The guy says the aliens looked like This Alien Being Rendering.
BTW, in reading the reports lately it really seems that either the Orange Orbs are increasing OR that the lantern products for sky use are increasing. I'm less and less impressed by reports of `floating' objects that originated in the same location of the sky or horizon. How about you?
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Man Waits Year To Tell MUFON Of Incredible Tale With Supposed Proof

I don't know, doesn't really pass the smell test with me - and the video links seem empty - I will provide one or two, perhaps you will have better luck:
phone to take a video. I couldnt pick up the light with the normal light effect on so I switched to a negative light filter. I was happy with the results and also very suprised at how much closer it seemed. This is when the object began moving erratically. I remember just being in awe at how it was moving, up down zooming to right above me to miles away then right back. It was incredible! After this, I have no memory until around 5:30am then nothing again til 7am. My memory around 5:30 is of me sitting on the front lawn with my cell phone video on, smiling, very happy and saying out loud "Come on! This is your last chance for me to videotape you before everyone starts waking up! Come on out! Its ok!". Around 7am I started talking with the residents from the house about it, though I didnt remember what I had told them until I asked the day after. I rememeber thinking that I had been with ghosts and that was what I told them. I actually told them that I had "a rough night", that I had seen orbs in the driveway, that there was a presence that communicated with me, that the presence wanted me to have my cat Buddy with me. I also had left a voicemail for my twin sister telling her about the star that was moving when it was happening. She said I was crying but that it didnt sound like I was sad but rather that I was witnessing something incredibly beautiful and amazing. I also remember when I was talking with my friends that I had my cell phone out, trying to make sense of these videos taken in negative effect. I remember showing them and asking "What the hell can that be? Where am I that I could film the roof?" Later that day I went to download the videos and pictures from my phone to my computer, where I saw I actually had 12 videos of that night already on it plus another 6 on my phone! I mustve been going up to my room during all of this to empty my phone when it ran out of memory! So I have 18 videos and 15 pictures. It took months to see any of it somewhat cleary as I dont have the equipment to view the videos in their positive image other than my cell phones which do not do these videos justice. There are videos of me with my cat, at least 2 small craft, an entity opening and closing my car door, more entities, multiple orbs in multiple colors, one of me in my bedroom filming out the window of 2 hovering craft and then this very strange and geometrical light on my just have to see them. I felt very strange after all this and have since constantly seen lights, felt a presence, and mostly seen hovering lights in the woods where there are absolutely no homes. I actually didnt sleep with the lights out for months and have gathered hundreds of videos. I am looking for someone to help me view these videos to put some of my fear to bed. That my one memory was of me laughing and happy, I know no harm came to me, especially since my cat interacted so readily with me during all this. But every time I get that feeling (feels like electricity running through my skull and the outter edges of my vision starts to flutter with a white light) I just get terrified, and I dont want to be terrified of something with such majesty. I also feel burdened with the reality that I have the videos that Ive Always wanted to see when I hear someone has evidence of UFOs. That this entity, this phenonema allowed me, encouraged me even to film it. I also have had very strange things happening with my skin and my hair. White thread-like but plastic-like substance coming out of my pores and out of my hair, my nose...just weird stuff and I cant help but think that being That close to these objects had some sort of effect on me. Buddy had the same symptoms but he has since disappeared (a couple weeks ago). By the way, I didnt click the abduction option above but the interaction the videos show along with my loss of memory as well as the height at which I seem to be filming from, I dont know what happened. I really dont.
Here's the link to the MUFON Report
And, here's a link to one of his UFO Videos.
Speaking of UFO Videos - I updated my Strange UFO Videos blog for the first time in months today - another guy who claims that NASA is showing us the UFO goods and all we have to do is Make An Effort To Look For It. It is an interesting video.

Monday, August 27, 2012

West Plains, Missouri - `Months of UFO's'

West Plains is a small town of 11K in the very southern part of Missouri - seems that the Orbs there have been having a field day and have been seen by many folks - as indicated by this MUFON Report filed Sunday about an early AM Sunday encounter.
MY boyfriend and i have been watching UFOs for 2 monthes.They start around 1am til daylight.You will have one yellow globe come from the north hover ground level and then slowly rise to the sky.We might get 2 more come in from the east they come across the horizon.They start of red then yellow.They pick up red globes.When they are close they have red yellow and blue lights.Lastnight or early this morning we went riding 4wheeler cos we notice glowing further away.About a mile and a half on a hill,we notice in the woods across from us had 5 to 7 globes they were either blue or yellow towards the north.Towards the east we saw at first a yellow globe and the it split and had 3to4 globes.Then we saw a yellow globe glide fast threw the trees down a dirt road.Toward northwest we saw 4 globes.2 yellow and 2 green.On the dirt road we were on in front we saw a yellow globe.Further down we saw beams shooting towards ski.All of these sightings is everynight.Our neibours and friends have been seeing them too.We live 5to7 miles from town.Our town has maybe 11000 people.The other night one swooped down above our house and watched my boyfriend for about 15 seconds and then took off and disapeared.

So, I then looked up West Plains to see if it might be a part of the larger UFO flap around Kansas City area - and I found this on Wikipedia (it's nowhere around KC):


[edit]West Plains Dance Hall Explosion

West Plains was the site of a disaster remembered in folksong.[5] On April 13, 1928,[6] about sixty young people had gathered in the Bond Dance Hall, on the second floor of an East Main Street building (the ground floor was occupied by Wiser Motors). At 11:05 p.m., as the orchestra played "At Sundown," a violent explosion occurred. Thirty-seven people were killed and 22 more were injured. Twenty of the dead were never positively identified. They were buried in a mass grave at Oak Lawn Cemetery, where they are memorialized by the Rock of Ages monument, erected October 6, 1929. [7] The origin of the explosion was never ascertained; it was suspected that the cause was leaking gasoline from the garage below. Windows were shattered throughout the Halstead block, and the heat, combined with subsequent explosions, twisted cars on the street out of shape. The nearby West Plains Courthouse was so badly damaged by the explosion that it had to be vacated and demolished. Robert Neathery, a lifelong resident of West Plains who died at the age of 96 in 2003, wrote in his 1994 book, West Plains as I Knew It, that a truck full of dynamite parked in the garage below might have caused the explosion.[8]
Could these be some Orb beings kicking up some fun?

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Grading UFO Reports - 2012 Style

As I sit here pondering today's post it is slowly EXPANDING in my minds-eye. What began by trying to figure out if a MUFON report forwarded to me by Ken Pfeifer some time ago contained a real or a Photoshop image, (the MUFON report is less than clear and Ken simply included it) - but, since in the report the person makes no statement of taking a photo I am assuming a manufactured image.
That then evolved into should I bring this already saved Pfeifer MUFON report (Clockers only get the cream of what is sent - since I am more into the `find content' mode) onto the blog - after all - the report had already passed my standards for saving and bringing to Clockers.
I will present the report at the end - but, suffice it to say that it is one of those very few, super close, of course silent, beautiful craft observed doing the impossible, MUFON reports - not exactly a dime a dozen on MUFON. (Let's also remember that Ken has access I believe to a different set of content too.) OH, and with picture and a length of experience, verified by clock, of something beyond a mere hallucination - that was also covered by the reporting person verifying his mental drug related state of mind.
All the elements? ---------------- Or, all bases covered?
But, one doesn't have a UFO blog attempting to bring viable plausible material and content to readers, ----- without huge skepticism. `Bells go off' when something is a bit too perfect on occasion. -------- Such as close up reports of fantastic craft in populated areas that somehow escape EVERYONE else's attention. (And additionally - none of those people had a video capability via their phone or such.)

Now, here's the other thing about the `perfect' sighting you will be reading and seeing below - by being two minutes in length and being so low - it does limit the total of `possible confirmation locations on the ground'. You know, perhaps only at most a few hundred in the immediate area could have had a chance to see this event and perhaps none of them were outside. It is on the edge of plausible without dismissing the perfect report.
But, the kicker, is for me, the ambiguous photo `ownership'; - is this a rendering or not. Let's assume my stupidity in demanding such and that someone will say it obviously IS. That's cool - but as we all know these days ANYTHING can be rendered including near perfect CGI.
So, I think we might need a UFO Grading Report System - (ok, a UGRS for those that love acronyms) something at least a bit objective and perhaps only being rendered this time for fun; but, let's explore what I feel might be worth consideration.
*= loosely used

Reports with `multiple objective proof via multiple confirmation witnesses'!

You know, be thinking, The Jerusalem Orb - The Phoenix Lights - or the daylong NYC event of Oct. 13th, 2010. 

Reports with single `objective proof*' such as video or pictures!

Sourcing - How did the content come to be on this particular internet page? Did the sourcing come from a site known for `promoting' this type of content? IF YouTube video, is this the original uploader? IF so, how many videos of a similar nature has this been uploaded as original content? Does the uploader have an original content suggesting an interest in producing videos?

Reports without `the proof', but with witnesses for confirmation!

Question To Ask - Can you compare the reports of multiple witnesses?

Reports without the proof or confirmation witnesses in an unpopulated area!

Reports without the proof or confirmation witnesses in a populated area!
SO - looking at it THAT WAY - this report is a `second level' or `the lowest level' of report. But, using skepticism as a guide, let's look at those key questions for those providing `objective proof'. 

In this case, without confirmation in the report of taking a photo the assumption is that it IS a generated image - as such the report falls to the lowest level of attribution. BUT, let's play futher and say the picture was legit. --- Well, the sourcing came from a site known for `promoting' the idea MUFON as an anonymous report. (This is not a newspaper report with names and such or other media that is citing a specific real person.)
Now, that is NOT to disparage this report - I've already said above that it was possible to lack confirmation or other witnesses even in populated areas in our day and age. Real reports of UFOs certainly are not and have never been dependent on such attributes, as I know from my own close up sighting. (Now exclusively inside one of my UFO Kindle books - that was once a post in this blog.)

But, in this day and age of `UFOlogy' and fame from hoaxing and hoax entertainment - and from just the ability to pull the wool over so many eyes at once with a cleverly crafted tale - that ONLY skepticism is the correct mode of thought in the connected world.
And, with that I present the May 21st, 2012 MUFON report with permission to use the picture and report from Ken Pheifer:


On my way home from work on Monday, May 21, 2012 at about 9:40 PM, I was driving west on West Line Street just past Barlow lane, heading to my home which is north of Bishop. It is a fairly dense residential area. Suddenly, through the trees to the north, my attention was drawn to a very bright red light. It outshown every other light in view. Since it was low, no more than a hundred yards off the ground, I was confused by what I was seeing. At first, I thought it was a light on top of some radio tower, but there isn't any such tower in the area. Then, I could see it was slowly moving in my direction. I thought it was too low to be an aircraft, and I have never seen such a bright red light on an aircraft. I slowed my car, and watched intently as the light passed over the trees and into the clear sky above me. It passed slowly over the two-lane road on which I was driving, no more than two or three hundred feet in front of and above me. I would estimate its speed as no more than ten to fifteen miles per hour. What had first appeared as a solid red light wasnt solid at all. It was a spherical object, made up of a geometric assembly of very bright red lights, each apparently identical and equally bright. The lights didn't blink on and off, and did not vary in intensity. I would estimate the size of the sphere as no more than ten or fifteen feet in diameter, about the size of a small car, and as it moved, it was quite clear that the lights were evenly spaced, geometrically all around the sphere. I counted five lights on one hemisphere. It looked like some kind of huge lighted Christmas ornament. And it was beautiful. I was amazed and completely awe-struck by what I was watching. I pulled the car to the side of the road, stopped and rolled down the window, which provided a clear and distinct view of the sphere, which was by now no more than 200 feet away. I was able to estimate its height and distance by comparing it to trees alongside the road. It was completely silent, seemingly floating in the air. It continued its southward course, and as it passed by, the rear of the object came into view. I was struck by how evenly spaced the lights were all around the outside of the sphere. The red lights had an intense, radiant quality. They were very bright, and I could make out each individual light. It was like a ball of evenly-spaced red lights. My view to the south was completely clear, unobstructed by trees or buildings. I watched the sphere as it continued slowly south for perhaps a half-mile, clearly silhouetted against the dark night sky. The red lights remained on. Then, it accelerated abruptly, and moved up so quickly that it disappeared in the darkness. There was nothing left to see but the stars. The entire episode lasted about two minutes, perhaps less. I looked at the clock in my car when I first realized what I was seeing, and again after the object disappeared. I wasn't drinking, or under the influence of any substance. I have never seen anything like it. I am convinced that it wasn't any kind of aircraft; not an airplane, or a helicopter, or any kind of balloon. There was no wind, and absolutely no sound whatsoever. NOTE: The above image was submitted by the witness.


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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The UFO's On Mars Thing

One of the side stories of the Mars mission by NASA has been the anomalies found in the transmissions from the red planet. Now, NASA explains them as dead pixels or something else. But, one sequence of photos from the first days showed `something' seemingly `moving' in the Martian skies. Yes, from horizon to horizon. (Those dead pixels have interesting abilities don't you think?)

Anyway, while America is largely sweeping these anomalies under the rug - the UK press has been VERY into the story as you can read at this link with great details and Pictures Of The Martian UFO Anomalies - serious stuff IMO - at least the `moving' Orbs.
Is it so outrageous to think that Orbs might be on Mars? The anomalous is famous for liking `desert' like conditions, right?
Remember last week when I brought you the `Dr. Sal' link? You remember, the renegade NASA insider who was telling tales of destruction in 2016? Remember how I said the whole confession would be lost or that original stories would not be corrected? Enjoy Whitney Striber's Excitement At Promoting The Fake And Edgy stuff and tying it into his thinking. (This was before the confession and I am unaware if Striber changed his thinking after the news of the fake.)
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Friday, August 24, 2012

`UFO Disclosure' Trends UP For First Time Since Phil Larson's Official Government Statement About UFO's And Alien Contact

As you know, UDCC seeks out the most real and relevant information about UFO's for it's readers. And, today I'm happy to report that something (perhaps the fake UFO Disclosure Olympics stuff) has actually made the term `UFO Disclosure' within the Google Trends graphic - RISE FROM ZERO. See that direct link here and then return -
My assumption is that it was the Olympic bounce (thought I'd work that in since you will be hearing of a Republican Convention `bounce' I'm sure). Oh well.

(It will be interesting to see if the media will ask about UFO Disclosure this time around in the campaign - or - have they already been warned off?)

Frankly, I don't expect the term will have much relevancy anymore with the idea of DRONES in our collective skies. The boogie man has been removed............... soooooo forget about it. Yeah right........... I also don't expect a spoon fed media to offer any resistance after being put in their collective places after Stephenville. (That is unless the `aliens' themselves forced disclosure with some grand display - a scenario I've blogged about on multiple occasions. Oh, and you may want to dig into UDCC as many long articulate posts are about to vanish into more upcoming Kindle book offerings.) 
Oh well indeed.
Speaking of oh-wells, I had one myself on my best selling (for me and on the charts, but falling, for over 12 days in the top 100 in Paid UFO books on Kindle and Paid 100 Shamanism books) book on the Shaman Lujan Matus. The book, available since the very end of July, has sold 42 copies in August, and today received it's first `review' - from what seems to be a professor making his first foray into writing reviews. 

Now, understand that this guy BOUGHT the book and didn't ask for a refund (all books on Kindle are guaranteed) - and that NO ONE has asked for a refund for that book and I've only had one request in over 130 sales now of my books in the last few months. I think that speaks for itself.

All of my books are CLEARLY marked as being previous blog posts of mine. ----- (These are the very cream of the crop as those of you have bought my books know) --- Somehow, this `professor' didn't know that. Even didn't know that after the FREE preview on Amazon shows him the first chapter that clearly shows it was a blog post. Oh, and as you will read - he says the price is 4-5 dollars, yet another exaggeration of many you will read in his `First Amazon Review'. The book has only sold for the price of 2.99. The best value pricing for authors on Kindle (inside Kindle Author talk there, the bottom line, I'm not ripping anyone off). (One does need to look for the humor in life and a professor looking dumb via words is one of the ways. Right?)

So, the guy goes into a rant and opening line of his `review' is `this is the worst book ever'. Indeed, let me bring you his words directly:
Im sorry to say this is the worst book ever. Its content gives a feww informative insightes in the world of Luan MAtus and that is all. The book has no structure and it is based on repetition from the authors blog. At least 30 pages are un readible!!!
So if the author does not make seriuos changes to the content, structure and understanding to his book please dont through away 4-5 dollars.

So, might it be a bit of an exaggeration when the next line is that it brings insights into a Shaman's world ? And, can I help it that the `book' doesn't have the book structure he is looking for when he has already been told and read for free that the chapters were exactly that? ------------ And, as Clockers know, I am totally fair - while he is totally exaggerating - some of the font on a few of the pages probably is challenging for a few readers - but he is the first to say so. And, thirty pages -- pllllllllleeeeeeassssseeeeee.

Should I point out that he misspells multiple words including - I'm, few, insights, unreadable, serious, and throw, -------- are you kidding me? A PROFESSOR wants stuff like this on the internet?

Anyway, IF you care to indulge in a great book and THEN write a legit review or if you have already purchased the book - you will have a chance to do so on SUNDAY and MONDAY as I will be making this best selling book FREE on those two days - and IF you download the book PLEASE speak up with an honest opinion about it and the content it contains.

Much appreciated. OR, you can even buy the book as a sign of support or impatience. LOL. Nonetheless, make sure to check out my author page on Kindle for some great reading material and thanks for your continued support.
The Shaman Lujan Matus Has Answers Book
Shaman Lujan Matus Has Answers
The above is just a picture of the cover - use the link to read the introduction for free.
Oh, I THANK the professor for the traffic that the words - the worst book ever - will probably generate to this post. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beyond The Great Beyond

Hello Clockers and newbies. Well the continued transition of my blogs continues as I continue to `pull out' my best essays of my blogs The Heavy Stuff and this blog UDCC. Indeed, many of the best posts have already become books as Kindle offerings. I greatly appreciate how many of you have already bought my various offerings.

Today on UDCC I feature my latest book nearly totally comprised of posts from my blog The Heavy Stuff - Beyond The Great Beyond - about 80 pages of mind stimulating posts. Please check it out:

Book Description

 August 20, 2012
Writer, lecturer, and blogger H.R. Phillips, brings 15 of his best blogging essays to life once again in this wide ranging thought provoking E-Book offering. Beginning with the essay that corresponds with the title of the book `Beyond The Great Beyond’ – Phillips digs into the parts of our reality that the mainstream media simply avoids. Indeed, in the essay `Beyond The Great Beyond’, Phillips explores the scientific finding that our visible universe is simply a tiny portion of the totality of the complete universe. NO, not some dimensional or multiverse theory – the idea that OUR UNIVERSE’S contiguous space – is that massive. Indeed, the idea that part of `our universe’, indeed the largest part, is filled with planets and suns and such that will NEVER come into our view, is almost NEVER mentioned about our real human condition.

And, that essay/chapter is just the start of this wonderful juggernaut of ideas to stimulate your imagination – as Phillips then digs into how our reality may END in `Reality Check’ (latest science on the subject indicates a Big Rip) and how our very human awareness is buffeted by `our motion’ in `What Human’s Must Forget – To Have Our Human Reality’. And, equally of interest within human perceptions are the essays `The Six Horizons Of Perception’, and `Beyond Weird, Beyond Impossible – Means Fortean’ – in which Phillips guarantees the reader the ULTIMATE of observed impossible actions.

The essays then turn to the analysis of a survey done by Anomalist.Com – a field in which Phillips has much expertise (especially marketing analysis) – in a two part essay with tons of insights into how people view the anomalous phenomena in the world around us. Then, `Beyond The Great Beyond’ takes a turn into the area of Anagram Truth – by presenting different essays on the anagrams for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and yes, 2012. Hold onto your seats as the anagrams revealed one truth after another about our recent past (and future?).

The final essays bring deep questions – such as `why’ psychics can’t seemingly pick up something such as the Hudson River Plane Crash; and, could the sheer QUANTITY of humans – and their resulting consciousness – trip some sort of cosmic consciousness? Is there a trip point? --------------------- And, then finally, Phillips acts as a `philosopher referee’ in an amazing `conversation’ that was between the best two `chatbots’ on the internet – a conversation with twists and turns that you simply will NOT believe is happening between two `software’ programs approach to intelligence. The title of this masterpiece is `Want Real Esoteric Chat? – Go Ask Alice’.

This is a book you will WANT to own and others will want to borrow. Make sure to check out other titles by H.R. Phillips at his Kindle Author Page.
So, a good 40 or so of you caught my FREE book yesterday on my author page - is there one there today?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interesting `UFO' Object Found In Picture

What I like about this `UFO' picture is the `energy and shape' around the `object'. - Picture taken Sunday (8/19):
Here's the short description:
My Kindle Author Page includes a FREEEEBIEEE today - AND, you can see my NEW book too (which sold a copy in it's first hours of being available).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

South Dakota UFO Videos

Today's post will be a continuation of the UDCC look at UFO's by STATE (you can find many more in the sidebar). And, as with all states, there is NO shortage of what to choose. Also like other states - the ORB is what is called UFO's (with one over the top exception). Ready to begin?
With 224 views, 2-0 positive/negative ratio of opinion - a 14 minute video of an apparent Orb --- and here's the kicker - at about the 9:50 mark - it becomes TWO Orbs.

link -
Here's another Orb video - At least this ORB is Moving - Here's another Orb that is somewhat closer.
Here's a short and seemingly legit MULTIPLE Orb event:
link -
But is this the BEST one? Another of the `orbs with structure' that seem to be turning up in our skies. Believe it or not - it's from just days ago and has all of 30 views: - UDCC finds YOU original content.
link -
You say you want unusual? Okay, how about a Rainbow UFO?
I'm in a bit of a quandary for what should be the final video - especially considering that I normally don't have more than THREE ever in any post that you can play with a click. I guess I will provide the 2012 Sky Noise Phenomena from South Dakota as the link and the supposed over the top probably FAKE UFO as the finale.

So, with 5,200 views and a 4/1 NEG/POS ration of opinion the saucer UFO from May 2009 that we have all been waiting for:
link -
South Dakota is awaiting for your visit to the `boom' area of the USA.
About 8 books have been sold from my Kindle Author Page in the last two days - much thanks. AND, about 6 in the UK in the last 10 days - much appreciated to my friends in the UK and Denmark too (which has also had sales recently). And, folks - I will probably be releasing my latest book by the name of `Beyond The Great Beyond' later today. A killer of a book comprised of previous posts from The Heavy Stuff, UDCC and Barf Stew. A Classic. As Clockers know, I OFTEN have `unannounced' FREEEEE Book promotions on my author page.

LEGO MindStorms 3804 Robotics Invention System 2.0

Sunday, August 19, 2012

`Dr.' Sal's 2016 Warning

(One of the many hoaxers in 2012 was `Dr. Sal' - Dr. Sal eventually confessed this video was a hoax... but as I predicted in 2012 - the CONFESSION video would be pulled eventually allowing only the HOAX video to continue... shows how deep the hoaxers will go in supplying FAKE info for the gullible. 2/8/2016)
Here's something for the Exo-Politics folks and Project Avalon people to drool over and raise vibrations about - an `INSIDER' of NASA with tons of `end of Earth' information that is being withheld. One problem. It's a hoax................. excuse me.................. entertainment. Entertainment hoaxing.

Uploaded Aug. 9th into a one video account and with over 100K views with a 1.8/1 ratio of positive to negative opinion. I will say one thing, this guy can talk a good game and I love the specifics of all of his `claims'. Should spawn a gaggle of imitators to all of our detriment.
Oh, this is the `message' with the video:
A few days ago, my friend asked me to help him tell the world a huge message. For months, I had noticed him withdrawn and worried, and when he explained to me what his secret was, I almost fainted.

The good news is that he's convinced that there's hope, which is the main reason why he wants to defy everything and everyone that has kept him quiet for too long.

Last night he gave me this video, which was almost 30 minutes long. He wanted me to edit out an introduction intended only for me, but I didn't: I want the world to see it.

I only edited a couple of moments in which he is quietly thoughtful or when he searches for a word for a few seconds, with the only purpose of making it as short as possible, without altering the essence of his message.

BUT, only 8,700 or so have seen the above guy's confession video and with a 4/1 NEGATIVE to Positive ratio of opinion. Doctor Sal Fesses Up - which will get buried,  and then pulled at some point - and the `2016 Prediction' will become internet legend.
To all of those thinking the Olympics was the place for forced alien disclosure..............................................
60 of you in America participated in my FREE downloads yesterday off my Kindle Author Page are there any there today?
Amazon Link - Got any kids that would love some Ice Cream?

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Are `UFO's' This Easy To Find?

Between the Orb Caller phenomena and the Citizen Sleuth phenomena - unidentified air objects/entities are seemingly being `outed' more and more via today's video technology. In today's offering, at first glance at least, is one from the citizen sleuth department - UK style. Seems this guy, with over 300 vids, is outing the relentless Chemtrails above his head and their association with VERY fast anomalous craft. He `out's' this phenomena in much the same way that others have been doing - by looking FRAME by FRAME at segments of video. 

Are folks like him catching a REAL phenomena? Or, are these nothing more than glitches in the software or recording? The below video has all of THREE views and was uploaded yesterday. As I said, this guy has HUNDREDS of videos and most with no more than a dozen or so views. A warrior in that regard.
link -
And, if you have more time today - check out what this guy claims to have found via various sound checking equipment - Which He Says Has Been Present For 20 Years.
Canary in a coalmine?
UDCC digs out the original content.
BTW, here's a GREAT weekend read from Lon Stricklers website called Phantom's and Monsters - it's about the first described UFO Account In America (by white men) it happened in 1638 or so....... lots of details.
Updated my `news' blog today too - from the headlines of Reddit.Com - Even ParaNormal News.
Man who runs the National Air Service in the UK says there ARE objects that do not conform to normal flight patterns - find out how often Here. (Also provided at the link as a interview.) Think UFO's with this one.
And, if you are ready to head down into the slippery slope of societies breakdown Read Here About Decapitated Heads That Rolled Into Bogs And Were Preserved For Scientists To Find And Tell Us Such - with nearly a complete brain.
Oh, at the above link is a link to one of my books on Kindle - that is FREE today. Continued thanks to those purchasing my books of late - especially the Lujan Matus readers.
some of my other Kindle Books are below:


Friday, August 17, 2012

Modern Shamanism - A Physics Explanation - And, Lujan Matus

Hello Clockers and newbies to UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) - I have bits and pieces of interesting material today. First, as Clockers know, my latest Kindle E-Book was about my `internet conversations' with Shaman Lujan Matus. And, as a result of that book - Lujan and I (via his wife's writing) have again been in limited correspondence. 

Indeed, Shaman Matus has several websites and has now linked to the book and ran a recent featured post of my introduction to the book Shaman Lujan Matus Has Answers - (BTW, he `loved my booklet'; - more updates about what has happened to sales of the book in a moment of reading); and during our new exchanges via Email, Lujan has informed me of the direction of his newest book - concerning the knowledge he will be bringing to those who value his interchanges with the Carlos Castaneda book character named Don Juan Matus. 

Quantum Mechanics will be the direction.

Now, the Shaman has not been shy about inclusion of the quantum mechanics (sciences best read into the reality structure) side of our reality in his past predictions and thoughts about the consciousness process. Indeed, and by doing so, he is IMO, the cutting edge of thought in some of this regard. Most probably at how `perception structures' are interacting with consciousness and the intentionalities of observation. (I'm surmising at what will be in the new book - but, he indicates that some of his students have been having moving experiences while involved with the words of this upcoming book.) 

As you may know, the alltime best selling book off this blog is Lujan Matus's book below:

On my webpage on I wrote this short review of the above book:
LOVED it – one of the best books I’ve read in the last 10 years. A powerful book with powerful words that probe with insights into the human condition of awareness and actions. Lujan maintains that much of his wisdom for the book comes from visits with the Indian Sorcerer of the books of Carlos Castaneda named Don Juan Matus. Lujan takes these DREAM encounters and brings back the kernels of wisdom that do indeed seem to have ties with ancient knowledge. Much of this book is involved with perfecting actions to gain potential power of awareness – and to break ties with standard awareness.

So, here's the rub of today's posting - I've long speculated in my writings of `the dead evolving'. Afterall, is it so outrageous to think that IF we all go onward in some fashion that includes REAL interactions with other spaces (other people, or the collective that people are) that we would share the LATEST IN KNOWLEDGE into our reality structure and the latest understandings of those that have died/passed?

And, IF so, wouldn't that mean that the quality of the information in the possession of `the other side' may be increasing? Including practices like Shamanism? Especially if the probing `our side entity' like a Shaman, was interested in probing into such structures of information spaces?


Now, before getting hung up on a word like Shamanism - consider how I view this stuff. I look at the phenomenology of things. EVERYTHING is a space- including information and characters in books or in our mind. ----------------- THE DEAD HAVE A SPACE.


Personally I WANT a Shamanism viewpoint on our universe to evolve - wouldn't you? Indeed, isn't one of the `problems' with `set religions' the idea that they DON"T evolve with the `current science' of things?

I also want to stress that my view of Lujan Matus is very based on the idea that `belief' CAN in some individuals produce phenomenological results. Especially if those individuals are deeply evolved in persuing perception of the now moments via a deeply ongoing meditative state of mind. Yeah, consciousness.

Once again, it's easy to schloff this off - and who wants to be told that THEIR mind `could be so much more'? Right? - Nonetheless, it all may be a matter of directed energy - intentionalities. So-called Freewill. At least in the way of perception of human beings.


Ok, now for some exciting news on a personal level. As Lujan Matus is also telling me that my descriptions of reality are helping him too. God help us all if Lujan ever understands my Phillips Phenomenology at a better level than my own basic understandings.


Now more - My new Shamanism book, being featured to Lujan's fans - is HOT on the Shamism and UFO Kindle Charts and are TOP 10 in each. About Two Dozen have sold this week. The book, in the shamanism charts on Kindle is gathered with all the Castaneda books and it's top 5 as of this moment on the UFO niche.

Number Three In Shamanism


BTW, I already have a forwarded message from one of Lujan's readers of his blogs about the above book. Very cool.
Finally, seriously folks, - our reality could indeed be more pliable - especially at the human perception level - than we are willing to admit or to attempt to include within our normal lives. And, perhaps with good reason. As it may be somewhat dangerous to upset our own status quo for survival in a low level consciousness world that is very demanding of our consciousness to confirm.

But, some individuals, especially those with specialized views into their own consciousness via meditative processes - may indeed include within their perceptual boundaries a wider horizon. I myself, look forward to Shamanism's evolution into the consciousness side of quantum mechanics via Lujan Matus. 
Mizpah is Lujan's wife and voice to the internet - both she and Lujan live and use a diet regime to enhance their body and mind - this is her Book - be thinking raw food.
Lujan Matus Information
The year 2012 UFO activity summarized On One Page.
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