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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did The NYC UFO Event Begin At 9:30 A.M.?

The video below may be the one TV coverage not linked to by UDCC previously that really blows the lid off of the overall coverage. For one - it extends the timeline well into the morning of the 13th - as early as 9:30 according to a vendor. AND, it verifies the anecdotal reports that initially there were `hundreds' of `stars' blinking on and off. AND, it confirms the `clustering together' at times (with the dots of light `doing things').

It also is probably the best TV view of the EVENING UFO with blue lights (supposedly in the same spot in the sky) - which is on the video from the 36 second mark or so for about 30-40 seconds.

Finally, the video provides `funny' info too - such as the `police patrol' that finally investigated at 4:30 only to find nothing and who say `it is unfounded' - (the silliness of police showing up 7 hours later, or at least 3 hours later and saying that - is over the top IMO) - so those who have faith in the police can rest calmly I suppose. The video also includes two interesting points of view from the street - on the MUCH BIGGER IDEA than a UFO in the sky (you know the giggly attitude carried by our MSM) - in one a woman says "as long as it wasn't here to hurt us....that is the bottom line" -- followed by a man who says "if it is real, that would be the best .... we would not be alone".

Hilariously, on this YouTube video, if you look at the verbiage about the video - seems the MYFOX staff was willing to use a reader E-mail to explain the Evening UFO:

A Fox 5 viewer e-mailed the station to say the UFOs were probably balloons floating away from the celebration on Broadway in Times Square of the 100th anniversary of Madrid's Gran Via Avenue.

"Balloons will float to a point and then seem to bob up and down in the upper atmosphere as the pressures change and wind currents blow," Stephen Parris wrote. "The tails were the black strings on them and the blue lights were the reflection of the sun on them."

Never mind that the balloons - seen in this picture - are tiny, (and supposedly released separately) - and would have been released many many hours before -
--- black strings on them? reflecting blue lights from the sun? ---

Give me a F-ing break.
More tomorrow on The El Paso UFO Event too.

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  1. I just came across your blog (I am now following it :)) I have been aware of these events but wasn't that aware of any predictions until I read previous post--the one I hit on first. I like your openmindedness about this Mystery--ie., you give so many percentages to different theories even a paranormal one. I personally think that is the most intelligent for of inquiry. SO many researchers seem to usually only accept ONE explanation for the whol phenonemna (and I am talking about ALL of it not just this recent event)

    I visited one of the links given by your commenters from a previous post, and one of them said it was an airshow "case closed"--GOD that irritates me when these pesudo skeptics say that. To me it means theyir minds are so tight they could crunch nuts!
    HOWever, it is one thing you didn't mention. But I replied to him--to provide evidence that this airshow did their stuff in two different locations on different days and showed same pattern. Will see what he comes up with.

    Your video here is very good.

  2. Very well put. I am glad that you are posting about the time line of events and calling hogwash to the balloon explanation.

  3. The "UFOs" over NYC WERE balloons.

    The UFOs over El Paso WERE a sky-diving team. (I know this one from a lady in the are who told me.)

    This whole nonsense over the desire to believe being so strong that people would ignore the obvious is just silly.

  4. That video with the "tail" on it is nothing but Jupiter - the tail are 3 moons on the left and you can see one on the right. They are "flashing" of course because they are so dim and out atmosphere is scattering the light. I believe something was going on that day in NYC, but this video is easily explained.

  5. How much would it cost to float a bunch of actual balloons for comparative purposes? like $10?
    Ok, anyone in the NYC metro area busy this Saturday morning? I realize the weather conditionds probably wouldn't be as good as the other day (clearest day ever?), but maybe it wouldn't be too bad.

    There are 8 million (+ or -) people in this city. Tons of parties, tons of weddings. That this many people wouldn't be able to identify baloons seems odd to me, but maybe I'm wrong.

  6. I've seen Jupiter and its 4 largest moons through a telescope on many occasions, and that series of lights is most definitely NOT Jupiter.

    Even with a very powerful telescope, Jupiter's moons are still only faint pinpoints of light. And that's in a clearing away from city lights.

    We're talking about a videocamera's telephoto lens, standing in the brightest city in the US.

    Whatever it was, it wasn't Jupiter.

    Just another illustration of how skeptics have an equally strong will to believe as the "true believers".

  7. First thing I notice with some of the comments here is just HOW quick they want an explanation. I see a pattern here with other people in forums about other things that threaten worldviews like challaening scientism, and also being labelled 'conspiracy theorists'--the people accusing what the "case closed" QUICK.
    I smell fear. They will try and claim you WANT to 'believe'--but I personally dont. I just HATE this fear masquearading as serious inquiry.

    If for example this even was 'just balloons' and that there are partices etc etc all the time in NYC--how come this event has causedd so much serious wonder from New Yorkers and others?
    Does me saying that mean i WANT it to be 'UFOs and ETs'? NO---but I am humble enough to say I don't know rather than say its swamp gas, balloons, jupter, ur-anus, etc

    I HAVE done that. I have seen vids at you tube where the title is 'UFO SEEN OVER' wherever, and to me it looks like a plastic bag floating by at high altitude. So I wont dodge saying what i think. As you can see ;)

  8. BrandonD: Jupiter is as close to Earth as it has been in 47 years right now. (In the southeast sky.) now. Believe me, I have a 6 inch reflector and look at it whenever it's up. (I don't know what you define as "very powerful" but your statement is simply untrue by most definitions.) Right now, the 4 largest moons are CLEARLY visible with just regular binoculars. Where I live I can even make out an "appendage" (the strung-out moons) with the naked eye.

    And to clear it up for you, I have been a "believer" for 40 years. What I like to believe in, however, are facts. We all keep getting tagged with the 'lunatic' label when easily provable "evidence" such as this gets promulgated as the real thing.

  9. From my perspective as a physical scientist I can state with authority and without any reservations that the UFO phenomena is very real; I stand on an equal footing with everyone else when speculating on the who (or what), how, and why of these events. While I hope that official disclosure is near, this video will only serve as an example of the disinformation that engulfs many UFO discussions today. The analysis by ARCTURUS is entirely correct; the bright object is nothing more than our planetary neighbor Jupiter with a tail formed by Jupiter's co-planer moons. IMO this video does not "blow the lid" off anything except the sorry state of science education.

    The Manhattan incident brought UFO’s to the front page once again but my review of the available evidence suggests that these were ordinary balloons. Balloons normally do not stay in one place for hours but this day was unusual. On the 13th, historical weather data shows virtually zero surface winds throughout daylight hours. A similar lack of any significant wind gusts suggests that the zero-wind condition extended to higher altitudes. Under these conditions it is entirely possible for balloons to remain stationary for a significant period of time.

    The lack of certain evidence can also be enlightening. For example, I found it very interesting that none of the several news helicopters servicing this area captured footage; surprising for an incident lasting longer than 2 hours (maybe daytime UFO’s are just not news anymore?). These helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art telephoto equipment yet nothing has surfaced publicly. Perhaps it will be released later for a second ratings boost; “UFO Event Solved”. Yes, this was a media circus; a photograph depicting several different size luminous balls clustered together in the air, which was reproduced by many newspapers, was actually posted to the internet on October 9th, 4 days before the Manhattan incident by a Photoshop artist. Another confirmation of the lesson we learned from the recent Chinese airport UFO incident this past July, you cannot trust everything you see in print. Recall that 100’s of news organizations around the world were taken-in by a hoaxed photograph of the alleged Chinese airport intruder that was in fact a night time long exposure of a helicopter in flight.

    Regardless if the objects were balloons or real UFO’s over Manhattan this past week we witnessed world-wide front page discussions of UFO’s on an unprecedented level. I now understand that the real world is far stranger than anyone will be able to readily accept and these incidents help us prepare for the day when the existence of UFO’s is undeniable. w0drz

  10. I cannot make out your post. I am not sure if you are being sarcastic?
    Please--where is your source for those weather conditions: "On the 13th, historical weather data shows virtually zero surface winds throughout daylight hours. A similar lack of any significant wind gusts suggests that the zero-wind condition extended to higher altitudes. Under these conditions it is entirely possible for balloons to remain stationary for a significant period of time."

    And I would like your brief (because I dont wanna derail this thread) opinion of the Phenix Lights which also involved stationalry lights in the sky--albeit far more dramatic i THINK than the recent NYC one.

    Also I think I heard a wtiness of the NYC lights say that as well as being stationry some moved very fast. Anyone else hear that? I know memory plays tricks. Propagandists LOVE this 'weakness' LOL

    ALSO, if I may--did you see a recent video where in another part of the country--at night I believe--there were these kinds of lights that performed like shooting stars but THEN formed a particular pattern, and a couple or several days later --in daytime I think--in NYC the same event happened and formed same pattern, and when this news fottage put the two events toether it looked like a mirror image of each other. Now one powtser here --or somewhere--said that there was an airforce show on, and I asked him if this show was in two places on different days, but he never replied. Do you know the video I am referring to?


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