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Aliens And Logic - `The Search Term'

As regular readers know, UDCC occasionally takes the Google search terms that bring folks to UDCC and then pontificates a bit about those terms - today's being `aliens and logic' - and yes, UDCC is a bit proud that such a search ended up with UDCC as one of the choices; as indeed, UDCC approaches the whole phenomena in a manner unique to most `UFO' websites. (BTW, see `The 5 Types Of UFO Websites' in the sidebar link.)

So, let's play the game a bit and see if any types of possible `logics' might be applied to `aliens' (obviously here on Earth) and logic.

Well, my first suggestion would be to look at my post - `Aliens and Entities Objectified Are There Four Types? from my blog The Heavy Stuff as it isn't quite as `simple' a question as `Are There Aliens?'

So, let's restrict those `aliens' to JUST one of the types - phenomenological aliens that only got to Earth by traveling in a space-craft.

First, Earth has only been a cool place to `visit' for about the last 500 million years (with a solid surface etc) or so - or about the last 4% of time since the BB (big bang) (500million/13.6billion) . 

Suddenly, that's not much of a time window, is it?

Now, the positive is that NOBODY was visiting ANYWHERE in the first part of the Universes run after the BB - as there were no second generation stars to produce the needed elements for life to exist. Just in about the universes last 1/2 of its `life' has any visiting been going on anywhere - that is IF life and intelligence developed at all at the first opportunities. Then again, as you know, there wasn't even our Earth at this junction - simply the stardust that might form the star that blew up --- that then after a couple billion years of gravity action - became Our Sun.

Now, all that said, to intelligences that were going out into the universe in the last 500 million years, - and who are in THE MILKY WAY - our little blue aquatic harbor here might indeed look like a pretty compelling of a place to visit. Right? Logic might suggest that sometime in the previous 500 million years - some intelligences came to our lovely Planet.

What then? Did they stay and populate? (And what kind of spaceship size  would be needed have a sufficient number of crew on board to do such an endeavor?)    Go off looking for the next EARTH (or whatever their planet was named)? 

None of the above seems VERY logical to me - possible but not logical. 

The logical idea to me - would be that such `aliens' who `live' on space-craft exploring the universe at a speed below `light speed' - would almost certainly be NON-Biological IMO. That said, give a mechanical intelligence on a ship a couple billion years - and who knows what `types' of `entities' could be `developed' for such a craft. (Such as `conscious' orbs?) 

Obviously one would think that such crafts abilities would involve the fullest extent of what the human brain is imagining that Nano technology will be able to do. Right? Remember, this craft and internal intelligence has been cruising for BILLIONS of years potentially and would have been launched, obviously, by some `humans' more advanced than us.

Entities, that look like us (humans) or not would probably not be so hard to `do' - manufacture - on such a craft. (Especially with a bit of DNA?) One almost has to imagine the `alien-craft' inside to be of a unique design to be perpetual self-sustaining and creating `entities' of extremely long durability or with no-death as a characteristic.

I can easily imagine our own mankind in the distant future sending out an `intelligence machine' designed to roam the universe and create images of ourselves in some manner to communicate what we feel is our knowledge. To me, it really makes a lot more sense than biological beings endlessly exposed to space hazards - and ground based hazards. And, yes, as we know - the machines could self-replicate - building a new `them' out of the raw materials encountered across the universe when needed.

Now all that said, (and as you can guess, I'm not a big logic proponent of biological aliens in space craft) - it is of course possible that some alien race made it to Earth in the distant past - and eventually set up in our oceans or underground in some far removed location - with to me only the ocean having a possible chance of being true. (The idea of aliens here and living on Earth for decades if not eons.)

Then again, perhaps such biological aliens in crafts have happened by in the last  half century or so by chance or by observing our own advancements - and have decided to set up shop in our local solar system for a bit of time - and somehow, that/this idea makes more logic to me than all I argued above.
A Google Head Jest

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ever Thought Of This?

One of the slightly trusted manners of the anomalous being recorded is when it is done without a human by something like a trailcam or a security camera. And, of course, we all know that ANYTHING is suspect these days due to the nature of photo manipulation and so forth.... but, what you see below is something that I certainly didn't consider before:

The anagram for UFO Disclosure is Ludicrous Foes!
Geeezzz Right?
I updated my `science' blog the other day - good reads including A picture of a find in Turkey over 5K years old - of GAMING Tokens! ....... a great paranormal read and a trailer for Lunopolis. Worthy of your click, IF your not going to dig into the sidebar or further into the September postings.

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`Digesting' The UFO Phenomena

Today's headline is inspired by a very recent piece Nick Redfern wrote called `Feeding The UFO Phenomenon' - take a minute to digest it..... then return for my `digested cud'.

Yeah, I really didn't like the article in total as IMO by replaying selected aspects of the UFO phenomenon - and THEN Adding `theory' and `fiction' IMO - one can paint almost ANY picture of the UFO phenomena..... I think I clearly show that side on my other UFO blog Amazing UFO Stories And Strange UFO Videos .... indeed, my obsession with bringing you CURRENT `UFO' reports via MUFON and other sources - IMO, clearly is a superior manner to `analyze' the on-going phenomena and to have a clearer understanding what makes up those perceptions. As opposed to speculating that the anomalous that is being reported all the time in all type of circumstances involves evil.

It does a dis-service IMO to highlight the bedtime alien abduction phenomena, the `Space Brothers' and theories about a demonic presence on Earth - and mix all of that into somehow what the UFO phenomenon IS. Oh Please..... Hardly..... Is what I can say to such a posting. (Nick and I have had our back and forth over his Final Events book before in these very pages.) 

Hell, I assure readers that I could easily make the case that OUR REALITY is a ...................................................................................................... oh, I'm sorry to report that the rest of this GREAT POST (you see about 50%) is only seen by my MailChimp List Subscribers ..... you can get on the PRIVATE UDCC listing today within the next minute. More private blogging to come to those on the listing soon. UDCC will be largely PRIVATE in 2014.

Then, this RRR group post came to my attention - which as usual at RRR, is based on BS IMO. Here it's Contention is that Social Media Is Killing UFO's attacking all the `historical' UFO folks (believers in the old UFOlogy) with the premise that every famous UFO account was done for fame and glory......... Oh really? And, that reports are DOWN (oh, really?) and UFO's won't even be touched by the young demographic - seems to defy the report that Canada's reports doubled in 2012.

So, I'm here to give MY OPINION about the RRR take - what BS......... BS........ BS...... about the only common sense I read was Duensing trying his best to bring up the Bigelow connection to UFOlogy's narrative. Which got ignored.
Focusing on giving you a longer in-depth read today so up next is someones UFO Experience - UDCC as you know, brings citizen reports of UFOs:
It's From Reddit
I've only shared this story with my family and figured it was time to share my life changing experience with all of you. 12 years ago when I was 18, I was driving along the back roads of Evington, VA around 10:30 pm with my best friend from high school. No drugs or alcohol had been consumed (you should know we both had completely clear heads). I was driving around 45 mph and came across a large open field to my right hand side. We both turned our heads as we noticed a bright green and red light in the field. I slowed down to a crawl at 5 mph and tried to wrap my head around what I was witnessing. It was a large craft with a dome shape top and had blades on the bottom like a snowmobile. I remember the blades very vividly. They were made of a reflective material and stretched from the front to the back. The dome of the ship was made of a different material that wasn't reflective (from what I could tell). The craft was roughly 150 yards away and around the length of a school bus. It was tough to get a really good look at it because the lights started out a bit dim and grew more intense the longer we were there.
After stopping the car for a few moments, the craft began to lift off. The way it took off defies all logical explanation. It went up very slowly about 30 feet off the ground and then flew off at a 45 degree angle at light speed. In a matter of a couple seconds it shot into the night sky. It made absolutely no noise whatsoever (we had both the front windows rolled down).
This whole encounter lasted about 30 seconds. I can only describe what I felt as pure shock. I've never felt the sort of "rush" that I felt that night ever again. I guess my brain was trying to process what I saw. My friend never spoke a word while this was going on. We looked at each other briefly when I first slowed down but we were both in absolute shock. I drove home that night after dropping him off and ran home to tell my parents. I hesitated at first to tell them because it's incredibly hard to believe if you had not been there. I felt the strangest feeling the rest of the night and had a very hard time falling asleep.
My friend and I only spoke about it once or twice then he ended up moving away to go to college. I didn't see him again until 2010 and we ended up talking about that night again over drinks. Our stories never changed. He remembered exactly what I did. He even drew a picture of it on a napkin and everything was exactly as I remembered. (The rest of the account at the link)
And, here's an account from SightingsReport.Com

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Drone?

September 04, 2013 - Posted by philabustah to Personal UFO Experiences
There I was, just a smuck throwing a ball against the wall behind a BJ's Wholesale in a shopping mall behind my apartment complex.  Swatting at those damned 'squeets'  biting at me, I happen to be looking upward.  I saw a rather large craft floating like a blimp above.  But it wasn't a blimp.  Blimps make noise and have and obvious shape.  The shape of this thing, though oval, was hard to distinguish because of two very bright lights coming off of it.  There were 2 planes in the background, both faster and leaving vapor trails.  A guy was coming to work at BJ's and I stopped him as he was coming from his car.  I asked him what he thought the thing was.  He looks up and rather plainly says ' a drone.'  Then he continues to stare for a while and says, more excitedly, 'You know what?  I don't know what that is!'  So we both watch this thing go slowly over the entire shopping center.  No one seemed to be noticing the thing at all.  In our day-to-day lives, we can't be bothered by things like flying saucers, I guess.  I tried to confirm what I saw later with someone who also said it was a drone.
Firstly, what the flog do we need drones for?  Is Al Quaeda springing a new plot to take over BJ's?  I'm sure that there's someone somewhere who can give a completely-baked farce of an excuse.  It rather is troublesome that our lovely everyday citizens don't view that as disconcerting.  How long before little phantasm balls follow us to the washroom?  
Secondly, can anyone comment on drones to describe the nature of these beasts that we're not supposed to notice?  Are they now designed to look like alien craft so we can discount everyone's sightings?
Seems this citizen above is just figuring out what UDCC has been saying for sometime about the drone phenomena's side purpose to TPTB.
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The 2013 Standard UFO Perception Experience (Latest MUFON Reports)

As Clockers are aware.... its taken reading 1000's of MUFON reports for over a half decade ....... for my analytic mind to finally deduce many if not all of the `components' to almost a motif of UFO perceptions .... at least in America. And, today's account of an experience on January 25th of this year has all the standard experiences/perceptions.... that being.... a soundless event.... that begins with a light or orb display that is NOT close to the viewer.... then, as the light/orb comes closer... the light morphs/changes/becomes/is something different... normally in 2013 this would be a Triangle Craft with lights on the corners. With all that in mind I present a report only identified as happening in New York.
I was in my car driving to work on the Friday morning of January 25, 2013. 
It was 5:56 am as I took the final turn leading to my work-site. It was dark at this hour of the morning. As I drove up the heavily treed road, I suddenly noticed what looked like a greenish firework ember falling slowly down into the tree line above me. All of a sudden, a huge, yet silent flash went off which trained my eyes away from the "Ember, glancing all around me.It was very much like a lightening flash, except greenish. 
I remember gripping my steering wheel tightly while expecting to hear a boom as it made me think "Bomb". No sooner did I think "Bomb" there were multiple flashes of green illuminations darting all around me and my vehicle.Ive equated this in current times to feeling as though I were in a microwave oven.These flashes were so bright that I could see right through the trees and hillside terrain. I thought "What the heck, is someone welding?" No sooner did this thought cross my mind, I glanced up to see a light very high above me just dropping downward at an incredible rate of speed. Here, I thought "Meteor" but I just closed my eyes tightly even though it was heading right for me and my vehicle. But then nothing. When Id opened my eyes, the interior of my car was filled with a yellowish glow. As I looked up this time, Ill never forget what I saw for as long as I live. A ufo was the only category that my mind could fit this thing into. It hovered in mid air directly above the power lines, and directly above me. I took in the object for approximately 3-4 seconds. It was metallic in appearance with a grooved bottom, rectangular in shape and had lights coming off its corners. As it was right over me, I only had this view of it. It had to be three to four times the size of my car at least. The entire event was absolutely silent. After three to four seconds, I floored it right under this thing as fast as I could. Once I made it up the road, I glanced back, but to my surprise, it was gone. I went into my job but I believe that I was in a state of shock. I told no one and seemed to be on auto pilot through my day. However, by the time I came home that evening, I became highly troubled and disturbed by the event. I felt sick all weekend, called out sick that Monday. I was literally afraid to return to my job and drive the scenic route. It was quite the experience. Upon calling out sick that Monday, 
I did report my experience to the ufo reporting center, but my report was incomplete. I felt desperate to find some answers myself but just could not tell my whole truth due to the fact that it was so outrageous. In hindsight, its good as I had to grapple with it myself first. This is why Im reporting it now-in full. 
You question your sanity with such an event, question if you hallucinated everything, and youre afraid to tell anyone because they might think youre completely nuts. I knew that I had to pull myself together, and as hard as it was, I went and got myself evaluated as a result of the event. This was a really difficult risk for me to take, but once I was able to prove to them and myself that I was of sound mind, it gave me the courage to move forward in my life. The good news..Im not crazy, and I do have to live with the fact that I will not ever know if I hallucinated it, or not. I simply have to accept it and move on, which Ive done. 


As you can tell from the above account, encounters with the unknown is unnerving. This yellow and green light effect is something that seems to be in more accounts too.
Did you know that I recently updated my Science Blog - one interesting read there is about how Orangutans make plans.
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Man Captures Picture Of Neighborhood Triangle Craft UFO (Reddit - UFO's)

He titled his comment `One Year Ago This Hovered In Front Of Me'
It hovered over the roof tops rotating to a stop over the middle of the street. I was blinded by very bright lights for a second when it looked like it started to disappear, i grabbed the camera & snapped the pic. It somehow over came gravity & instantly vanished into the sky in the exact opposite direction of the angle of my point of view. So it didnt go up or east or west, it went directly "away" from me.
It was a big solid black triangle craft. There was no sound. It instantly vanished into the sky fast than i could see. When i took the pic the craft was only a couple blocks away, so in a fraction of a second it traveled that far.
It really happened, i dont have the skill to invent this story or make up a picture like that. Unfortunately there are many stupid people out there who offer lame explanations as to what this object could be. It takes an expert in aviation and photography to understand what is happening here.
If you see bright lights a couple kilometers away, you should also see what the lights are attached to. Those arent afterburners from a jet please don't waste your time offering uneducated guess' like that. I was born and raised in the military around jets and planes, there's no mistaking one thing for another after decades of experience.
The Reddit UFO community is weird IMO, only on
this one.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yes, A Flying Witch Video

The RC invasion of our skies continues unabated - which brings to mind other `humanoid flying' videos of the last few years too. Perhaps. (Just wondering..... Why couldn't the RC community build this years if not decades ago?) - Over 20K views, incredibly active comments - and a huge positive to negative ratio of opinion (150-1):
The above RC is the request for a TV show BTW if you don't go to the link for the background info and comments. People are BEGGING for Harry Potter flyers.
It's Sunday - How about a bit of UFO reading from my other UFO blogs?
Over at Amazing UFO Stories And Strange UFO Videos
IS NASA Altering Raw Picture Data?
That Very Interesting UFO Video From August 7th
While at my North Carolina UFO Blog I had this coverage of 
SIX Reported UFO's on September 5th - What's Going On In NC?
While over at Squidoo - Where I am known at the AnomalyMan I have these ParaNormal Pages of content.
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Journal Of Cosmology Declares Findings Of Alien Life (with pictures)

Don't jump too high just yet - but - we have `life' - other than our Earth life - evidently - high up - very very high up - in our atmosphere. All that said, the article in the UK Independent does make a fairly good case that this `life' is from the various comets that cruise our Milky Way and Solar System. Here's a picture or two:
What the H right?
As we enter the weekend I bring to you one of my favorite esoteric, paranormal guys (writers) Eric Stitt
And Here Is His Book
a wild read

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Multi-Hour Orb/UFO Phenomena - Gerber, California (9/17 Photos - Latest MUFON Reports)

About the only compelling UFO account on MUFON today was the very most recent one uploaded - which also includes a few pictures (look at the originals for best view of course) and a detailed articulate description of the experience/phenomena by the `child' of these observers:

1. My father was driving home from the store while i was in the passenger seat.
2. At first i looked at it and thought it was the north star even though we werent facing that direction. After around five minutes it got very bright and it slowly moved.
3. I thought it was a really bright star when then my father said "Why is it so bright?"
4. After the first one hovered and flew in a curve i lost sight of it because it got dimmer and dimmer. When i looked back at the same direction it started another one appeared in the same spot and was blinked red on one side and three white lights on the other side of it. After around a hour we followed one that changed its path and sounded like a jet and was going very slow above us, i had a camera with me because i ran back to my house to make sure it was a u.f.o. I snapped one really good photo of it and when i tried to take a picture of the others they failed or looked just like stars, at one point i took a photo of a orange orb looking u.f.o but when i saw it in person it looked like a distant star.
5. The 1st photo was taken later on when i grabbed my camera.
the second photo was taken when i tried to focus on one of the moving ships or orbs. The third photo was taken when i tried to take a picture of one of the ships moving fairly fast and was it was probably around 10 miles away.
The fourth photo was taken when i tried to take a picture of one of the ships when it hovered in the air and changed from blinking to a white star.
The fifth photo was taken when one of the ships that left the path flew over me and sounded like a jet, i was very impressed with this photo because the ship was not that far but i thought it might have been a plane or jet but it went to slow and this photo makes it proof that it wasnt a plane.
6. After around two hours of the same path of that the ships went by in we went home because it was getting late and i had school the next day.

As I mentioned the report includes pictures:
And, Argentina had one person upload a daytime multiple orb phenomena with pictures (or are they white balloons?):
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Ham Operator Captures Dialog About `UFO Rock' Between F-15's

Well, I like Rock and evidently UFO's - so this is a perfect story for UDCC today. Sourced from a gathering site I've been digging through brings a video IF You Wish To Read The Pilots Dialog On A YouTube Video or use the same link to get the FULL text (in the about section) that I copy a bit of below to give you a flavor of the sighting:
Published on Dec 11, 2012
Transcript Of Transmissions-
Aircraft 1 Pilot ...alright dude no kidding. I just flew over I have a bulls-eye at zero zero eight for twenty -BREAK- I had a radar hit -BREAK- and I ahh, it was swinging looked like thirty knots err there was something there it looks like a uhh it didn't look like a bird it looked like no kiddin' a rock to me I -BREAK- kid you negative -BREAK- I have no idea what it was but uhh basically just -BREAK- heads up try to stay away from seventeen thousand keep your nugget on swivel I have no idea what it was -BREAK- I'm gonna' use my radar to see if I can pick this object up again -BREAK- I've picked it up twice the first time I picked it up my radar broke lock so I thought it was just uhh some kind of bad lock or potential chaff -BREAK- I'm gonna' turn back towards the ahh north for a little bit -BREAK-

Aircraft2- Two will pick up trail -BREAK-

Aircraft 1 Pilot- Thanks I'm gonna uhh -BREAK- start coming back towards the uhh west (faint) I think it was zero zero four for about twenty -BREAK- I've got it again it's at seventeen seven -BREAK- three miles off my nose at sev..yeah seventeen seven I'm flying that way now. I'm gonna' slow down -BREAK- 
The full text is worth your read - BTW, they seem to think the object is nearly hovering or going slowly. Sorry for the lack of dating on the incident and indeed in the comments you will read that some are less than impressed.

How about another read from Ken Pfeifer? (NJ MUFON investigator who shares with UDCC)

In 1982, I was 12 years old. One evening that winter, near the holidays, my mother woke me up from a deep sleep at 2am. She was freaking out, and wanted me to verify that she wasn't crazy.  Our home in Vermont is located high on the East side of the Winooski River Valley. From my bedroom window, there is a beautiful 20 mile view across the valley towards Camel's Hump. About 8 miles away down in that river valley there is a hydro-power dam. At the time it was under construction and there was a large crane at the site. During the holidays they hung a array of lights on the crane tower to look like a Christmas tree. We could see that from our house.  So, what had my mother so scared? There was a light hovering over the dam, and it was changing colors. Red, blue, green, white, red again. It was moving back and forth ever so slowly, and occasionally would "bounce" up and down. I was an aircraft freak even at that age and mom wanted to know if I knew what it was. I didn't. From our vantage point, it was impossible to tell if it was something moving on the mountain side beyond the river or if it was between us and the far side of the valley, but it sure looked like it was moving over the lights on the crane.  My mother called the BTV airport and asked them if anyone else was calling in about this mysterious light in the valley. Of course, they pretty much thought she was a crazy lady and said that nothing was amiss. They did, however, give her the number to our nearest military installation, Plattsburgh Air Base (closed in 1992). So, at my behest, she called them and told the same story. You guessed it - same result. "You're crazy lady!".

It was a crystal clear night, so we returned to the window to watch this object some more. Within five minutes something unexpected happened.  From the opposite side of the valley several aircraft popped up over the ridge in formation and headed down the valley. We could see their collision lights with the familiar red, green and white strobes. I figured military, of course, but wondered about the response time. Plattsburgh is at least 50 miles away by air, so it is possible they could cover that distance under full military power if they had been on the ready line when we called...or, had they already been on the way?  The jets got to within two miles or so of the mysterious object when it suddenly brightened, turned white, and went straight up. Fast. It disappeared into the night sky effortlessly. We continued to watch for several more minutes as the jets did a few orbits, then returned the way they came. With that, we called it a night.  Others in my high school saw the event or heard the jets, but we never saw anything in the news. I'll probably never know, but it definitely helped form the opinions I have today about our visitors from other worlds.  

One would guess the above is another example of the MSM not doing their job.
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`Hoax UFO' - Viral Marketing For Planetarium

Just when you thought you had seen it all - comes this object hovering outside a minor league baseball game - you'll need to be quick or stop frame it for best effect: (about a 2-1 positive to negative ratio of opinion with over 300K views since earlier this month)
And, here is the Truth Is Out There Confession to the video promotion - which obviously, as you can tell by the comments at the video link on YTube - those folks aren't clued into the hoax.
How Weird Are The Perceptions Of Aliens To Humans?
ponder these accounts
huge undertaking book
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

WWAY - TV, North Carolina Exposes A Recurring Orbs In The Sky Story - With Amazing Video!

You know, perhaps `things' are indeed changing once again in `UFOlogy' as now increasingly we are seeing `UFO's stories be described in a new way -- THAT THEY ARE ORBS. 

ORBS. Just as UDCC has been saying for quite some time now. 

Indeed, this is a continuation of NASA kinda owning up to Orbs being IN SPACE near human craft relatively recently. (And, after all, if Orbs can live in a near vacuum is it at all a surprise that something similar can live in the phenomenology structure within our atmosphere. That said, I have a gut feeling that the Orbs in Space are probably nearer to `real' than the temporal Orbs within our environment.

While found again on a gathering site on YT - it provides the background info to the original TV sourcing seen below:
Hattip to Issac Wiley -
This really is a MUST SEE TV piece as they allow the men to talk about how these `Orbs' have been appearing since 2012 (the recurring Orb phenomena involved with Orb Callers - as has been featured on UDCC for a couple years now) and have been displaying ALL of the characteristics that UDCC has been emphasizing -- the structured Orb that splits and almost displays a consciousness. These Orbs are CLOSE - right in the neighborhood once again - much like the neighborhood UFO phenomena again that UDCC has been emphasizing for those truly interested in the anomalous.

Perhaps things are changing to allow a more anomalous explanation of the UFO phenomena now that the Government has Closed the door on the `alien' explanation. That said, as regular readers know, the Orb phenomena is VERY complicated and will not be easy for a MSM obsessed with stories that play in under 3 minutes.

That said, hats off to this small TV station with some guts at providing an access to real UFO information. Oh, I have much more about some weird going on's at my North Carolina UFO blog - I updated it in the last 48 hours with a story about how SIX UFO reports happened in NC just this month on ONE Day (Sept. 5th) - it's a post worth checking out -
You know, since it's Sunday - let's give regular readers a bit to maul over about the Sky Noise Phenomena as it evidently has hit a `skeptic' site. Read it and see it if sounds like the coverage here at UDCC since the phenomena began in MARCH of 2011 in FLORIDA (not the Kiev sound) (error one of many but I'll let you deduce what is going on). Anyway, here's the Sham Inquiry IMO.
And finally for your Sunday considerations - as regular readers know - I've had my FUN mocking the 2012 websites over the last year or so and have noted for you have nearly all were going black (no new content) well before the Dec 21st world ending no show. Some have tried to go onward and the ones connected to the on-going `UFO Disclosure' crowd - with one wing led by Dr. Greer - have recently pinned their hopes once again on Greer to produce something (be it his first alien picture in boots ever) - and in 2013 it was the miniature skeleton that he claimed was a miniature ET and he was going to prove it by DNA analysis. Well, as you probably know - that wasn't proven - and you can follow this blog post to know how those moments felt to those in rapture that ET's were about to be PROVEN to the world in April 2013. But, the real reason was evidently a 2013 Twit from Greer featured at the website - you find that teaser below:
Dr. Steven Greer: 

" I was offered $2 billion in 1992 to shut up. I didn't. I have given up over $400,000 a year in income as an MD."

You can see the tweet's below along with the questions asked : Dr. Greer's Twitter
2 billion? By Whom?
Oh, BTW, one of the links I have featured for years in the sidebar about Humanoid accounts - has been culled and edited by someone new (taking the raw reports) and creating a new compelling book for Clockers:
click to read a sample
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Amusing Or Nefarious? What The Spammers Are Targeting On UDCC!

In just a few minutes - I'm going to remove this link to a post on UDCC from January 28th, 2012 in which I identified Boeing, among others, in doing `strange UFO searches' to end up at UDCC. Indeed, the searches were Boeing searching `solar warden' --- the Arlington (Wash. DC) County government searching `ufo disclosure' -------- and Andrews Air Force Base searching `obama ufo disclosure' - and the Dept of Transportation. These were in the days of before they blocked such views as for YEARS they made it painfully obvious that they visited UDCC REGULARLY. It is also now just as obvious that they block access to their IP's.

I guess pointing out in public what was done to intimidate - doesn't sit too well - as THAT POST is what is being targeted! Of all the 900 plus posts - THAT ONE! ............... So, what I've decided to do is to cause all those spams to reach a non-entity - I am going to remove the post - but, copy the `offending' part to this post today - see below:
13# (THE BOEING COMPANY) (ip removed)

Location Continent : North America 
Country : United States (Facts) 
State : Illinois 
City : Chicago 
Lat/Long : 41.8824, -87.6376 (Map) 
Distance : 622 miles 
Time of Visit Jan 27 2012 12:26:24 pm 
Last Page View Jan 27 2012 12:26:24 pm 
Visit Length 0 seconds 
Page Views 1 
Referring URL 
Search Engine 
Search Words solar warden 
Visit Entry Page http://ufodisclosure...ue-what-else-is.html 
158.# (Arlington County Government) (ip removed)

ISP Arlington County Government 
Location Continent : North America 
Country : United States (Facts) 
State : District of Columbia 
City : Washington 
Lat/Long : 38.9097, -77.0231 (Map) 
Distance : 555 miles 
Time of Visit Jan 27 2012 3:41:00 pm 
Last Page View Jan 27 2012 3:41:00 pm 
Visit Length 0 seconds 
Page Views 1 
Referring URL 
Search Engine 
Search Words ufo disclosure 
Visit Entry Page 

And, from the previous year and on consecutive days:
P Address 13# (SSG/SIN) 
Location Continent : North America 
Country : United States (Facts) 
State : Maryland 
City : Andrews Air Force Base 
Lat/Long : 38.8061, -76.8754 (Map) 
Distance : 556 miles 
Time of Visit Jul 19 2011 9:47:12 am 
Last Page View Jul 19 2011 9:47:12 am 
Visit Length 0 seconds 
Page Views 1 
Referring URL 
Search Engine 
Search Words obama alien disclosure 
Visit Entry Page 
===================================================================== ? (Military) 

IP Address 15.# (U.S. Department of Transportation) 
ISP U.S. Department of Transportation 
Location Continent : North America 
Country : United States (Facts) 
State : District of Columbia 
City : Washington 
Lat/Long : 38.884, -77.0221 (Map) 
Distance : 554 miles 
ime of Visit Jul 20 2011 5:18:36 am 
Last Page View Jul 20 2011 5:18:36 am 
Visit Length 0 seconds 
Page Views 1 
Referring URL 
Search Engine 
Search Words august 3rd 2011 conspiracy 
Visit Entry Page http://ufodisclosure...3-11-conspiracy.html 
So, the `story' is that on at least FOUR occasions I chose to show who was coming here of a nefarious nature (I could have literally done this bi-weekly at a minimum) - and you see those above. THIS is the spam target. You see what I am now going to remove. Removing the post will also take out a SOL comment and link he provided to some insights into the Sky Noise Phenomena. Both videos associated with this posting are GONE from YouTube BTW.
By The Way - I have NOT included the visit FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES that has happened on TWO of my blogs.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

The UFO Aliens Of 1954

One of the valid points that `skeptics' make about the UFO phenomena experience is that the `UFO's" and `aliens' seem to `change' with the (human) times. UFO's in the `old' UFO days were-tended to be of the streamlined saucer shape and the `aliens' tended to be humanlike and in Earth Protective gear - such as spacesuits or bubble helmets (after all the logic went - how likely is Earth going to be suitable for THEIR life).

Keep all of that in mind while you spend the next 6 minutes being amazed by one mindblowing story of a 1954 `alien' encounter by a mother and her children (who would have been a great resource for this short interview): (Gathering Site) 600 views, 24-0 positive to negative ratio of opinion)
Like all the videos this week? Feel free to comment....... In the 18 minutes that UDCC was not `private' yesterday - my stats showed multiple sites spamming here. Google has got to get this under control or their data is worthless - seriously.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Anomalous Sky-Ground Oddities in `Gray' Tennessee - 2013 Style

The private week continues with more good material from `Gray' TN - seems those grays have a way to get our attention perhaps...... First up - a crop circle in May covered by a TV station: And, once again, a `gathering sites' vid is better than the TV stations - 11K views - 42/0 Positive to Negative rating.
This is the link at WJHL - TV to the verbal story and the cool picture from the sky shown below: Teen prank?
Oh, it did supposedly appear overnight and didn't show obvious entry to the field.
Then, you remember what just happened THREE DAYS BEFORE in Gray TN - and once again, the story was on WJHL-TV:
Random chance? Most likely of course - but, curious. As the first story said, `count your cows'!
Thanks for your readership.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"We Like To Entertain Notions Of UFO's" - FOX NEWS

Over the next few days I'm going to share a number of `UFO' video stories - some carried by our so highly respected mouthpieces for the government..... I mean people..... The MainSteam Media (MSM for short). I mean, really, the senselessness of this babe is quite insulting to nearly anyone and the lack of interviewing anyone involved clearly shows it was a `mouthpiece' segment:

Oh, the `entertainment segment' has to be heard at 2:30 for the exact quote you see above as today's headline: A 14-1 positive to negative? Give me a break.
Thanks for being a reader - dig into the sidebar to enjoy the old time posts before they vanish soon.
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