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About That November 8th Contact Date - The Message

As you would figure, the very name of this website and the content that I have put onto it, drives a considerable number of people from search engines to UDCC. And, all of the supposed predictions of UFO contact in our skies has temporarily spiked the number of visitors here. So, I would be amiss if I didn't feature one of the more novel ways yet to provide the internet with such a date - that being - November 8th.

And, what I mean by novel ways is this website which is - evidently as far as I can tell - the source for the November 8th prediction. Well, at least we won't have to wait long - and this ONE sounds a bit more than just dots or lights in the sky.

Stay tuned.

Oh, and a recent message -

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Friday, October 29, 2010

What Is This In This Cult Film?

Could it possibly be an alien? Can cameras catch a reality we don't see? (All of under 525 views when posted.)

Oh, and here is an unedited video from CBS of the Oct. 13th NYC UFO Event. I posted this link before but wanted UDCC readers to have it easily seen too.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Before You Accept The Weather Balloon UFO Ideas

Often ponied up as an explanation for UFO's - weather balloons - as one can see from this video - (which even shows one bursting) seems quite different than 99% of UFO videos out there so to speak:

And here are more `balloons' using the term loosely - this is a beautiful video:

Finally for today - did the NYC UFO's return on Oct. 15th?

My Squidoo Page - the best links of the last 60 days for paranormal and more.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Massive UFO Display In Delaware Pennslyvania

Almost a must see video - I count 21 `UFO's' at the 36 second mark - massive displays or massive UFO's in size - would seem the next logical step if indeed a stepping up process in going onward.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Phoenix Lights Witness YouTube Video

One of my UDCC readers `Wuzuzuzus' alerted me yesterday to this compelling video that at the time of posting has under 100 views as of Today. These folks were RIGHT UNDERNEATH the craft as it went over them at a very low height. Worth your time.

The Phoenix Lights: A Skeptics Discovery that We Are Not Alone

The Phoenix Lights: Beyond Top Secret

The Phoenix Lights

The Phoenix Lights Mystery

Kind of makes one wonder if anyone in the UFO community will ever ask Dr. Greer about his influence of the Phoenix event - which I covered right here -

Monday, October 25, 2010

Will The NYC Daytime UFO `Lights' Show - Be Replaced With A `Craft' Show?

Many people and websites interested in the UFO phenomena, or the `Alien Disclosure' issue, have pretty much jumped the gun so to speak on thinking that the UFO Event on Oct. 13th in NYC was a tipping point; in that it followed Leslie Kean's book - the important UFO/Nukes Press Club News Conference - and then with the `confirmation' VIA the `UFO's' `showing' on the `predicted date'.

But, as you know, UDCC's best analysis of the situation, my gut feel, was to provide my readers with `odds' of the event being different `things/ideas'. To which, I'd like to provide some additional analysis as to what such a daytime display might mean IF THE NEXT TIME IT WASN'T `ANOMALOUS LIGHTS' in the sky BUT - COULD CLEARLY BE SEEN TO BE A `CRAFT' OF SOME SORT.

And, first, I'd like to say to the 30% chance that the NYC event was some sort of signal from Extraterrestrials - that - the DAY `they' put a non-moving stationary craft in the sky for our observation - over a major city - for hours --- will truly be the so-called tipping point. That is - IF the government would ALLOW such coverage to begin! As, the difference between `lights' doing things - and `a sitting craft' - would have the most profound of differences to the human psyche (no matter how long the buildup of daytime `lights in the sky' coverage).

Indeed, while the `showing' of an alien craft - would seem to rule out the other possibilities UDCC has mentioned - I caution you in your thinking. The reason being - that each of the other possibilities IMO - has the chance to put a `craft' into the sky. Let me explain.

If you remember, UDCC gave a 40% chance to the possibility that the 10-3 event was possibly a nefarious human activity. That someone or something has the ability to `put on a show or light show' in our atmosphere. This is not the time or place (or perhaps it is) to get into a long discussion about Project Blue Beam --- but --- it's something along those lines - that either a government group or non (beyond) government group now has the technology to use the atmosphere for possibly less than noble purposes. Something to use this show ability to install fear (or possibly wonder). Something that IF it were to show a `craft' - for hours - in the daytime - over a major city - WOULD be beyond ignoring the implications of.

A blackmailing of the world governments? To me, it's not beyond a reasonable position. And, IF such a technology is in existence - will certainly be trotted out as one explanation for WHAT is in the skies on the day a `craft' is revealed. Indeed, the public will NOT have it `confirmed' as being Extraterrestrial as this will also be held out as `possible'. (Frankly, if such a Craft event went MSM and live, I think the MSM would `favor' the `alien' disclosure --- as the other choice `Project Blue Beam' - would be held to be even more sinister and riskier to spring onto the public.)

I won't get into the other details that I've speculated before on - such as the importance of how long the craft was in the skies; or how big the craft was, or, what the immediate `White House' reaction would be - as they too would be factors in all this.

Finally, the other two potentials also have IMO, the outside chance of ALSO producing an image in the sky --- as IMO - real collective consciousness, in some sort of `belief mode' could indeed `put' an image into the atmosphere in a real manner (I know the harder science folks who have read this far just rolled their eyes). Almost a mass hallucination in a sense, but, one that actualizes and can be seen by most to nearly all of other folks too - including TV cameras.

Finally, for you balloon believers - you too - IMO - would have a chance to be `right' if indeed a `craft' was put into the sky. As IMO, certainly a lunatic fringe of science folks exist --- off the payroll so to speak --- who might be able to build such a vision or even a real craft in some manner. (To demonstrate the possibility of `UFO's - to the world.)

But, would a `craft' next time -- in even a more mysterious manner --- be in the skies over NYC - generate a new set of odds from UDCC? To me it will depend on any pattern of similar events over the next few months - for - IF we have not seen the tipping point - (I look forward to your comments.)


Thanks for visiting UDCC today - UDCC posts nearly daily - hope you bookmark and return soon. Or, become a follower via the sidebar.

Need more - some 1950's UFO videos here that are a must see -

I've had over a dozen of my readers send books to these folks - great company story too - make sure to look around the website, try it out by entering a few books into their search engine - and then give it a whirl.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wyoming UFO Videos

Continuing our survey of the United States takes UDCC to Wyoming - big sky country (yes Montana too) and down to Earth people. Even if what affects them at times is in the sky as in this hypnosis session with a rancher:

How about the popular Triangle seen by so many - here in 2008 and of course - in Wyoming.

Here's another part of the same sighting.

More UFO Coverage Tomorrow - Hope To See You.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fulham's Prediction And Other October 13th Oddities

I think it might be important once again to state my/UDCC's position about the Oct. 13th NYC UFO Event:

40% chance it is nefarious human activity with possible ominous implications for `normal folk' like the rest of us
30% chance it was extraterrestrial - again, with possible ominous implications
(note that I feel that EVEN if one of the above two possibilities is true that it does not mean IMO that the ominous implications are immanent)
20% chance it was a paranormal phenomena - with unknown implications, if any
10% chance it was balloons, Jupiter, skydivers and other explanations

I trot my UDCC readers thru that again prior to bringing you some highlights of an interview on Noory's Show on 10-15 with Stanley Fulham himself:

In the first hour, ex-NORAD officer Stan Fulham talked about his prediction that a fleet of UFOs would hover over the Earth's major cities on October 13th. Fulham explained that he receives his insight from a "transcended spiritual group," which consists of "very old souls who have lived on many different planets and spiritual realms." According to him, the UFO visitation is because the Earth's environment has been polluted beyond the point of human salvation and, thus, the ETs must intervene to fix the situation. Unlike other planets, where the inhabitants were allowed to pollute their environment to the point of mass extinction, the Earth has the "greatest emotionally energy of any planet" in the universe and, therefore, was granted this special aid from off-world forces.

Fulham clarified his prediction's timetable with new information that he allegedly received three weeks ago. Originally, the entities planned to appear over a plethora of major Earth cities on October 13th, 2010. They had no intention of landing or communicating with the planet, instead opting merely to make their presence known in gradually increasing appearances. This would culminate with an outright address at the United Nations in 2014 and then they would commence cleaning the environment in 2015. However, Fulham said, the ETs grew wary of causing mass panic with their original 10/13/10 plan and decided to just appear over New York City on that date. The reasons given for the choice of NYC was that it is an international city, a media stronghold, and that New Yorkers are "a blase people" who would be nonplussed by the appearance of a UFO in the sky.

Let me begin kindly. In his book (not stated above) the aliens are concerned about the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and are here to remove it for us -- this graph certainly does seem ominous - and, supposedly the carbon dioxide is at it's highest level in a minimum of 800k years and perhaps 20 million years. And, it's hard to discount that information in regards to Fulham's stated reasons for his predicted alien intervention and alien disclosure display.

That said, his `after the book, only disclosed 3 weeks ago, and reasons for WHY it was a disclosure event in NYC - to me, IMO, - doesn't pass the sniff test fully. That said, I wouldn't rule it out completely either as the stated attributes are very within reason - NYC is international, a media center, and has blase people - who are used to seeing amazing things just being in the city.

Which makes me wonder if the aliens `expected more' from their display? (If aliens were behind the event.) And ONE HAS TO WONDER if the display wasn't simultaneous with the Chilean mine rescue - would the TV and MSM coverage been `different' (or did the aliens plan it that way thinking it would be a good `cover' and introduction)? Would indeed the event have been elevated to a LIVE allday report? Would the crowds have been even bigger had they not been inside watching the real news (the rescue)?

So, what about the prediction? Was Fulham `lucky'? Or, is that really a little too much to swallow too? -------- Or, was his `prediction' (which was mentioned by NOBODY on the street at the time of the event) a convenient way of cover for `nefarious forces'? Or, was the prediction even the CAUSE of the event IF it was a paranormal event?

I don't have an answer and no one else does too - you need to think this out for yourself. Certainly, Fulham's prediction and the supposed alien intentions can't be ruled out completely. Heck, if I had to guess, I'd say it even is more likely than the whole event being balloons. At the very least, his prediction makes the whole event even odder. (And, since he says it was to slowly get us humans used to the idea of the aliens being here and eventually humans being comfortable for them to be UN speakers in a short period of time, the ominous is on the aliens to continue to display in a significant extended manner like this and to be increasing the frequency too - we will all see IF that comes to pass.)

But, were other cities involved on Oct. 13th too? At this link you can find something very similar to the orbs that moved thru the night sky in NYC on the 13th -- except this is in SAN FRANCISCO -

Oh, make sure to read the comments at the above video too - for the range of ideas as to what may be happening if all this UFO activity is indeed the beginning of something.

Indeed, Oct. 13th oddities would include this 9 minute ORB video too:

Need more convincing of the nighttime UFO's/ORB's over NYC on the 13th?

And, did the UFO/Orb's return to NYC skies on the 15th?

And, how about this TV report of a another Triangle of lights in the air over Richmond Virginia on 10-17?

Finally, a recap of the oddities IMO:

Simultaneousness with Chilean Mine rescue.
Simultaneousness with Fulham prediction.
Reports of UFO's in sky hours before MSM's choice of answer for the mystery - balloon's escaping from teacher engagement party.
Street reports of `ufo formations' - `fighter jets' - not mentioned by MSM.
Police declaration of event being `unfounded' at 4:30 PM.
Buried reports of airport shutdown - and radar rooms being cleared. (second comment for the radar stuff -
(For balloon believers) Balloons that don't move for hours, then display independent movement.
Total 100% lack of `morning after MSM coverage' (ie: Today Show, etc).
Lack of ANY TV helicopters trying for a better shot of the event while on-going.

Finally, UDCC coverage of the NYC UFO Event is about over - time to continue with newer stuff and other stuff UDCC has been doing. UFO videos from Wyoming tomorrow!

Oh, thanks for all the comments and leads from my readers - you helped this entire story. Please feel free to comment further too.

Ok, one final link from 10-13 and NYC.

Sell Books Online at

Tons of great reads -
Tons of great reads -

My personal thanks to Rick Stokes at The Anomalist for his support in getting our coverage of the NYC event to the world. Many websites monitor TA and indeed our UDCC links were in lots of places.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Comparing Eyewitness Reports Of The NYC UFO Event - Was Some Info Censored Off MSM?

One of the purposes of the New UDCC - is to bring raw eyewitness reports (and the UFO Clock will be returning to such MUFON reports and YouTube UFO reports by state - soon) - And, while the UDCC comment section provided one of the first eyewitness reports on the internet - I've been digging around and found a good resource I wanted to bring to UDCC readers (BTW, thanks for all the new `followers' up from 55 just two weeks ago or so.). And, at this amazing link (which has so much stuff on it about the 10-13 event(s) that it loads VERY SLOW - so slow I wouldn't do it with dial up) were these comments and much more.

Does this match the impression left by the MSM of the event?

Here's the comments:

I just joined this site looking for a forum to tell about what I saw today, I live near 23rd and 8th and just went out to catch the ABC and NY1 reporters who did there report that you can see online or TV. Again, I feel compelled to write about what my girlfriend and i witnessed today. Make no joke about it, they were not balloons and the reports speak nothing about the formations that were formed and then broken between the smaller objects or about the “mothership” looking objects. ( UDCC emphasis) I spoke to the ABC reporter after he finished his report and he was sarcastic and joking about it, and the report of course comes off that way. Nothing about the military fighters that I and several other people saw. The military did scramble jets at high altitudes without a doubt. (UDCC emphasis) The guys I spoke with were older blue collar guys that saw the jest with me as did my girlfriend. Their contrails and speeds were definitive. Also, the patterns and the quantity of the smaller objects and their separation and then their union were beyond belief. (UDCC emphasis) They were not normal. They covered several hundred miles in seconds to unite and then breakaway from each other. I only witnessed one, near the ending of the entire event, smaller object proceed from a standing holding pattern across what must have been miles of sky to unite with a larger object. They were not balloons. They stop and moved. Scattered and formed. (UDCC emphasis) The military fighter (s), was as I said extremely high, well above the commercial air traffic. Their was something up, and it was not normal.

Well I am am the guy who called into the Jack Blood show. I saw these UFOs, whatever the hell they were with my bare eyes. I live on 34th btw 9th and 10th in NYC. We got a call from a friend who was shopping in Midtown. I went out side and didnt see #. Went up to our fire escape and sure enough these were these silverish glowing orbs that changed position, stood still at times, and vanished and appeared spontaneously. (UDCC emphasis) I don’t give a # if anyone believes me, I really didnt feel like typing this crap up. I have better things to do… but it made me laugh after I did a google search on it to see what was being said. Anybody who says it was ballons is talking out of their ass. These things had to be at 50,000 ft. I worked on A-6 Intruders in the Marine Corps, VMA 224, 2nd MAW out of Cherry Point, NC. I can gage these things pretty well. I believe they were some kind of military eye in the sky type of craft. (UDCC emphasis) I dont believe in aliens. Even if a craft landed in front of me and a little green man walked out I would still suspect the government. But that didnt happen.

I went out to 23rd and 8th during the daytime like everyone else to see whats going on. There were several objects up in the air, about 20-30 and they came and went pretty quickly. They did look like balloons thought but the shape seemed to change a bit. They were yellow and were in the air for hours. They basically hovered. At one point there was a group of about 15-20 and one came closer to that group as if it was going to join them but it went around them instead. They did not make sharp turns, they moved with intent unlike a floating balloon in the air. When they were hovering they did not move at all much. They moved in many directions and at one point there was a cluster of them. Some seemed to be near each other but moved in different directions, if they were balloons I don’t think they would have been doing that. My friend who was with me was convinced they were balloons but they were there far too long and moved in such an interesting way that I doubt they were balloons. (UDCC emphasis) I was watching this whole thing for about 45 minutes.

yes there was about 50 people or so gathered on 23rd street and 8th ave, my girlfriend and i and many of us witnessed white objects in the sky very high around 1pm, looked like 2 motherships white ballooned shaped, being at times merged with up to 30 to 50 very small round white objects. They were not weather balloons and they were way above commercial air traffic. We saw a military jet pass at high speeds well below the objects altitude. I personally saw one object still in position for 10 minutes then move across the sky and merge with one of the larger objects. My girlfriend, before I arrived witnessed a formation of around 10 smaller objects merge with a larger one. A man she spoke to had been there 2 hours prior and witnessed what he said was over 20 objects merging. No accounts on news. Anyone?

(So, he's there at 1P.M. - his girlfriend was there earlier than him and she spoke with a man who witnessed this merging up to 2 hours earlier - once again pushing the timeframe to 11AM or before. Remember, we KNOW that one set of 12 balloon escaped at about 1PM. These accounts again speak of multiple events. Also, the stated `highness' of these accounts is also not a feature of the MSM TV reports. Or, the jets.)

we have video from bad cell phone, we just watched and you cant see the objects. the frog video is about the same. We are very freaked now, as we new nothing about the oct 13th predictions, i googles “ufos manhattan 0ct 13th” and got the link to the predictions of fulham for today! It’s unreal. Whatever was in the sky was not of this earth and they were not military. I am not going to guess their altitude but they were at least thousands of feet above the highest aircraft. we are kicking ourselves for not running home and getting video camera but then again the altitude may have denied any good pic. So frustrating. But I ama skeptic and an agnostic and so is my girlfriend and we know that what we saw was very very unusual. (UDCC emphasis)

I stood and watched them for about 40 minutes moving into formations backwards and forwards in the sky. The strangest thing that happened in that time, that I haven’t seen anyone yet report was the appearance of a triangle shaped fighter jet, which raced across the sky and seemed to circle near them 4 or 5 times before seemingly disappearing into thin air! It was without doubt the strangest thing ive ever seen in my life. Anybody else see it? A few people stood with me on the corner of 23rd and 8th Ave saw it as well. 2 questions… 1. Why would the Air Force scramble a fighter jet to check out balloons and 2. How and why did the said jet vanish into thin air in a clear blue sky?

(Does UDCC notice a pattern? How about You?)

I was in mid-town early this evening and there was a lone helicopter hovering in one spot extremely high in the sky. It caught my attention because it was in a stationery position and frankly, I’ve never noticed that before so I stared at it for aboout 3 minutes and it didn’t move. I chalked it up to the news covering traffic on the westside. I was on 5th Ave and 39th Street near Lord & Taylor. May or may not have meaning but 39th and 5th is not that far from 23rd and 8th Ave. Not liking the possibilities. As if we don’t have enough going on.

I was there. It was very unsettling to watch. There’s no rational explanation to that spectacle in the sky. They stood together, in the same relative position to each other – you could call it a formation – and in the same spot in the sky, with very minimal movement for a long time. Small bright perfectly formed dots, against a perfectly blue sky. Surreal. Much too far, too bright and too stationary to be balloons, though I’m open to that explanation if someone can prove it to me. What I saw was unnerving – still is. There were two crowds of people, one watching a formation visible to the East and another crowd the formation to the West. (UDCC emphasis) I did not see the one to the West, because the Eastern one was enough. It took a while for the eye to focus on the dots. They were so far away. The one to the East had 5 objects in it. All stayed put with very little movement for about 20 minutes or so except that at one point, three of them formed a perfect triangle, the fourth one moved a bit to the upper tip of the triangle and the fifth one moved farther away to the right. Then they kept that position for a while. It got to be disconcerting. (UDCC emphasis) I have no rational explanation and was hoping the news would post something logical about military exercises, etc. No luck!

from this link -
I've also unearthed more videos of 10-13 of interest from the above link and others that I will bring you tomorrow (saving you minutes of waiting for the above link to load) - be ready for your head to continue to spin.
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Sorting `Evidence' Of The El Paso and NYC UFO Event(s)

Today, in a few hours, it will have been one week since the NYC UFO(s) Event and 5 days since the `follow-up' El Paso UFO Event of 10-15. Now, you note how I use the word `Event'(s) in relation to the NYC phenomena - as, seemingly, based on the available blog reports, videos made on the street by citizens, and TV reports - more than one solitary event constituted the whole affair.

Street reports have the event unfolding as early as 9:30 with the first video on day one initially reported as 11:00 AM - and the initial report and video show many `UFO's' (or balloons) in the skies - all `individual dots' in the video. Then, a comment on this blog as early as 2:22 PM, talked about (probably) the developing scene at 8th and 23rd (remember, the vendor said this was going on from 9:30 in the sky at that location) about 1:26 P.M. with the citizens own footage about an hour later (indeed, he must have commented to UDCC just before returning to the scene).

Now, the afternoon `UFO's are described as being fewer than hours before and `doing things' - moving about, appearing and disappearing, reacting to Jets, etc. - it is in the afternoon scene that another video indicates police presence. This `afternoon' scene according to one TV report had died down by 4:30 (when the police said it was unfounded) with evidently nothing in the sky.

Then, by 5:30 PM - TV reports once again have a `UFO' in the skies from that same intersection - which continued into the evening. It is THIS stationary UFO - with blinking blue lights - that may be the most mysterious IMO. And then, finally, there was some evidence via webcam (security webcam?) of  more evening orbs `moving about' in the NYC skies.

Don't worry, I won't trot UDCC readers thru all the videos again (just page back the last few days) - but - I do want to cover the `various photo evidence' on the MSM about the event. First the Bubble UFO.

Then, there was the `Triangle' 3 Spot UFO Picture

Additionally, any freeze frame on the YouTube video we posted first here at UDCC could supply you the multi-multi UFO's in the sky picture. (the above `Triangle' may just be a splice. That said, this video was either shot at 11AM or the `doctored' 6 PM timeframe --- and it doesn't matter - because the 8th and 23rd UFO's started as many dots in the sky too and that was up until1:30 P.M.ish at least). So, I will leave it to my UDCC readers to find the `multiple' UFO's in the sky picture.

Next up: the balloon pictures from the Madrid Celebration:
Here's info from the event and another picture link UDCC had earlier:

Here also is a video, more than likely, of the Madrid Balloons up in the air. It uses the videoing of the event to claim that the UFO sightings were a hoax. And, indeed, in the best close-up of the video - one can see what appears to be Yellow balloons in a bunch (btw, NOT the same color as the Bubble UFO either) - and indeed, on the ground, in this video - one can see 6 groups of Yellow Balloons. (Do note how these balloons were floating away - as all balloons do.) So, while some of these balloons may have been release alone from the bunch they were in - it does seem that up to three were released as bunches? (IF that is what produces the `Triangle' Lights in the sky early in the video - this all seems highly edited - as videos trying to prove a hoax seem often to be - IF they are not a hoax themselves.)

And, here, you can see the whitish balloons from the kids to their teacher of which a bunch of 12 got loose around 1P.M.-

Now, as reported in previous links - NYC police are to be notified of balloon releases and initially said none were to be done on that day. Then, we discover the Madrid release and I would bet others too that didn't get on some registry. And, of course, we had the report of the accidental release of 12 balloons together and I would bet - that others were `accidentally' released that didn't rise up to the level of a MSM report too.

My point? EVERY SINGLE DAY BALLOONS ARE RELEASED and float away - just as these did. NEVER has a balloon release - with simple balloons like these - stayed in the sky for hours, did maneuvers - vanished and returned and captivated the public - despite 1,000's and 1,000's of previous balloon releases. Additionally, I've been cruising the available balloon YouTube videos - even had a couple on my blog Barf Stew in recent days - and I can tell you that no videos seem to exist of folks releasing their balloons, - filming them into the sky - and see the videos stay in the sky onward and onward. I challenge anyone to provide me a video of a release from the ground, into the sky - on one video that goes on for hours.

Indeed, this link, from a skeptic forum,  provides (supposed) proof, inadvertently, of `correct winds' - proving - the Madrid balloons are all the fuss - -- so, what is it -- IF there were winds - they would indeed be carried away -- and the testimony (taken from UDCC) hardly would explain the REFORMING of the lights at the same spot in the sky on a timed basis.

Anyway, it's hardly `news' to say that winds existed. Or, that winds blow balloons. Or, that balloons released after the time of first phenomena (either 9:30 if vendor TV story is true, 11AM if first video is true, or, 1:26 PM if UDCC report is true - and of course all could be true) could be the cause - virtually ruling out the teacher balloons. OR be the cause of events AT LEAST 5-6 HOURS LATER (the early evening TV reports of the SkyLight with blue tail).

(I have still not been able to determine the time of the Madrid Balloon release.)

I know, that is a lot of time to spend to discount the `idea' I ascribed the 10% possibility to. That said, let me make their best case right here. The `100's' of balloons seen, the 20-30 balloons seen, the 3 balloons seen - could have been the Madrid balloons - BUT - could NOT have been them over an sustained time period. And, more than likely (at a huge %) could NOT have been more than ONE of the three types of sightings seen (that of over 30 dots in the sky, about 20 dots in the sky, 3 dots in the sky (and changing numbers too)). Therefore, we have multiple sustained balloon sightings all day long - in one location that is unexplained. And, at that same location, many hours later - now into the night - the SAME location in the sky has an anomaly.

Really, balloon advocates, need I say more?

Hey, the MSM was simply doing their job and reporting things that float in the sky - as they did on that day. The fact that the MSM presented it all in a brainless way is hardly to anyones surprise. IMO.

And, I assume you have seen the near-amazing YouTube video shot by a TV reporteer - of what UDCC will be calling - The El Paso UFO 2010 Event. Now, you will note my emphasised words - shot by a TV reporter. This is not some computer generated images given to a TV station. And, while the TV report certainly shows some edited version of raw tape (I can assume that the lights were in the sky for a longer period than shown for example.) - I think it shows the highlights of the reporters experience.

Also, the report clearly indicates that the lights hovered - rearranged - had a fourth light appear - moved then faded. Here's that report again:

Here is a written account - offering up several possibilities for the sightings - "They are magnesium flares on parachutes. They are used to light up battle fields. A single mortar is launched, then the three flares ignite, and drift down on parachutes. Then they burn out and go dark. Odds are there was some national guard training going one." and in the same article - an OR possibility - "Yes, it's skydivers, specifically the US Army's Golden Knights skydiving team from US Marine airbase Miramar practicing for this weekend's Alamo Airsho," said another commenter.

Others feel they had some connection to planes with the Amigo Airshow.

Let me take the EASIEST FIRST - PLANES? Give me a break! That looked like PLANES TO SOMEONE (other than a crashing plane - yet to be reported).? Ok, on to the next idea.

FLARES ON PARACHUTES had that kind of stability? Had that level of timing? Had that level of control afterward? Have the ability to leave no trace of smoke when finished with manuaver? -------------- I'd need to see the evidence. Seems to not fit the sniff test.

Okay, so we are left with the Golden Knights. And, here, I begin a slightly inside UDCC angle for a bit - you see a long time commenter, who I respect, buffeted the idea of the El Paso UFO with a post on UDCC that I thought was, possibly, trying to mis-direct people - especially based on quick `research on my end'.

Here is what he said:

The New York event is suspicious at best - we know there were bunches of balloons let go at the time, and due to the 13th prediction, a lot of people *wanted* to see something, so they did (including the lunatic fringe on the internet). The El Paso "ufo" is almost 100% identifiable as the Golden Knights parachute team (they do night drops - look on youtube for a night video of theirs that is virtually identical to the "ufo" video - and they just happened to be in El Paso for an air show on that very date... hmmmm...). So I'd put the probability that this is anything at about 10%, just solely based on the NY event.

One thing that I like about Jeff when he comments is that he, like myself, doesn't overextend my opinion as being infallible or open to other opinions. So, it was a bit unlike his comments to be so sure of the El Paso event. To which, as I said, I did this research and made my follow up comment - and as you can see, at the first link I dig into it showed the G.K.'s to be in Atlanta (my hometown, of which I had seen some of the amazing warm ups for the show, right over I-75 near Dobbins AFB) on Oct. 16th-17th Air Show.

I was wrong in the sense that ultimately there are different parachute teams ultimately operating under one name - all skilled skydivers of course. Often with multiple teams performing in different cities at the same weekend. So, my comment back to Jeff was too `surface research'.

Anyway, my incorrect rebuttal to Jeff - resulted in his additional comment that I've yet to publish until this moment here:

Hi R.P., On the contrary - I'm trying to get people to think a bit rather than instantly reacting to the hype. Directly from the Golden Knights website, from their Excel-based 2010 schedule: Oct 16-17 Amigo Airshow El Paso, TX Houston Texans Football, Houston, TX(17) and a nighttime jump video: If you can't come to the same conclusion based on that evidence, then I'd have to question your reasoning. Listen, I would like more than anything for true disclosure to happen and for a real, public alien visitation to take place - but I always think that these youtube-based, flimsily constructed pieces of "evidence" do the general UFO community more of a disservice than anything. Just mho. Jeff

Now, more than anything I wanted to follow thru with what Jeff was providing with both the YouTube link (which I had already bookmarked and bring to you below) and his G.K. schedule link. Jeff was dead on about a show being in El Paso that weekend. ----- As for the video, (and I may use it below) - I had already scourered YouTube for G.K. videos - and had either seen the same or close to it. But, one thing that I did notice was that 85% plus of G.K. videos were of day skydives and the FEW that weren't were of `twilight' dives (sun twlight still in the sky).

So, with that in mind - here's the best video of my initial research to `support' the G.K.'s theory of the El Paso 2010 UFO - It was the video Jeff is leaning on too:

Now, it does look somewhat like the `UFO' video - UNTIL - the 21 second mark on the tape - as the parachute is clearly visible when deployed - CLEARLY VISIBLE. There even exists a YouTube I found that shot the scene from `above' the divers after deploying that also looked a bit like the lights manuevering in the UFO video - but, once again, the parachutes could be seen.

So, while I've certainly had my reasoning questioned before (lol) - I'd ask Jeff to once again look at the tapes and see how really dis-similar they are.

Here's a few more links to the El Paso Airshow - and this one has a video of them in the early evening jump
And, finally, here's another link to the first video - this time presented by a different TV newscrew than the first.

Lastly, concerning the El Paso 2010 UFO - it seems that the website ATS (Above Top Secret) obtained a cryptic response from the G.K's (perhaps) about the event -

Think this is a local US only event? Here is how the UK is handling it and indeed, even better pictures can be found at this link than above ( a treat for those of you that have read the whole thing) (Great Cluster Shot Of Dots too).

See you tomorrow with some final 10-13 connections.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did The NYC UFO Event Begin At 9:30 A.M.?

The video below may be the one TV coverage not linked to by UDCC previously that really blows the lid off of the overall coverage. For one - it extends the timeline well into the morning of the 13th - as early as 9:30 according to a vendor. AND, it verifies the anecdotal reports that initially there were `hundreds' of `stars' blinking on and off. AND, it confirms the `clustering together' at times (with the dots of light `doing things').

It also is probably the best TV view of the EVENING UFO with blue lights (supposedly in the same spot in the sky) - which is on the video from the 36 second mark or so for about 30-40 seconds.

Finally, the video provides `funny' info too - such as the `police patrol' that finally investigated at 4:30 only to find nothing and who say `it is unfounded' - (the silliness of police showing up 7 hours later, or at least 3 hours later and saying that - is over the top IMO) - so those who have faith in the police can rest calmly I suppose. The video also includes two interesting points of view from the street - on the MUCH BIGGER IDEA than a UFO in the sky (you know the giggly attitude carried by our MSM) - in one a woman says "as long as it wasn't here to hurt us....that is the bottom line" -- followed by a man who says "if it is real, that would be the best .... we would not be alone".

Hilariously, on this YouTube video, if you look at the verbiage about the video - seems the MYFOX staff was willing to use a reader E-mail to explain the Evening UFO:

A Fox 5 viewer e-mailed the station to say the UFOs were probably balloons floating away from the celebration on Broadway in Times Square of the 100th anniversary of Madrid's Gran Via Avenue.

"Balloons will float to a point and then seem to bob up and down in the upper atmosphere as the pressures change and wind currents blow," Stephen Parris wrote. "The tails were the black strings on them and the blue lights were the reflection of the sun on them."

Never mind that the balloons - seen in this picture - are tiny, (and supposedly released separately) - and would have been released many many hours before -
--- black strings on them? reflecting blue lights from the sun? ---

Give me a F-ing break.
More tomorrow on The El Paso UFO Event too.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Conjectures Concerning A Repeat Of The NYC UFO Event

Yesterday I provided my gut speculations about the 10-13 UFO Event in NYC - even, absurdly, - putting percentages on what my ideas of what the event actually WAS. And, IMO, the most likely scenario at 40% likelihood - was that this was a display put on in the sky intentionally by humans in some manner. One would assume to do such an advanced activity would involve the resources of more than just a person or group of people - and therefore a government agency or something beyond such a formal designation - might be likely suspects.

And, really, we are back to square one - as this event is really an extended duplication of the same considerations one has to give to events such as the 2006 O'Hare Airport UFO Incident. Who or what would choose to do events in either restricted airspace or over hugely populated areas (let alone do it on a day that had some expectation that such an event could occur).

And, frankly folks - it doesn't seem like it would be the `good guys' if the most likely scenario of `humans' being behind this is the right one. That said, IF it were `humans' - and was NOT the `good guys' - what better ploy than to see if a little pandamonium could be established on the streets? Indeed, the `good guys' could be accessing how much coverage will be allowed of such events in the future IMO.

Have we seen the `little brother' of Project Blue Beam?

And, what IF it IS the `good guys'? Who for some internal reason decide to `test balloon' so to speak - the very notion that `aliens' might be here? To test street and press reaction. Who may have an agenda in regards to eventual real ET preparation.

Anyway, IMO, IF this is the right scenario, the human scenario - NYC will NOT see a similar event in any near timeframe - and indeed, to me, it is the `timeframe' of when the next NYC UFO event occurs - that may give a further clue into this first event mystery.


And, yesterday UDCC gave a 30% chance that the event was indeed Extraterrestrial. Indeed, after seeing the UFO Event in El Paso, Texas a couple evenings later - makes me almost ready to increase this percentage.

I mean - come on - is this the proof of the pudding? What if EXACTLY SIMILAR EVENTS OCCUR at an increasing rate? What if they OCCUR AT PREDICTABLE TIMES?

Could that mean that exactly one week, or one month, or one lunar cycle would have the same occurance? And, then, if so, the next week, or month, or lunar cycle? Or, the exact same event over another major world city - a week, or month, or lunar cycle from 10-13.

So, IF choice two is the actual scenario - IMO - we will see some sort of `predictable pattern' emerge. One that puts yet another `twist' to the unfolding events that would be gaining in awareness with each occurence. Much like the added twist that this event in NYC was predicted. Therefore, look for SAMENESS and regularity for the ET positioning to be correct.

If it was however somehow caused by a `collective expectation' - IMO, we would see NO repeat of the event in any near time frame; that is at least until the next `predicted' day. IF events like this seem to be most riveting on predicted days - we may indeed be dealing with some sort of `global consciousness' type of phenomenology. As such, the next event on a predicted day of `alien disclosure' - could be expected to evolve and be different than this event. IMO.
Finally, IF random balloons caused such a stir - we can expect the next set of UFO balloons soon to be released by hoaxers wanting attention. We could expect the next event soon IMO and it would look even more like balloons. The government could even do it to increase the silliness factor of the first event. Therefore, since copycat attention seekers are everywhere and since the MSM gave such huge attention to the balloon release stories as an explanation - we certainly are going to see at least someone do - scenario 4 - the balloon theory.

And, the disinformation will have begun again.

So, look for these patterns mentioned above - as - the next event is probably in the making - somewhere or somewhen.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The `NYC UFO Event' - My Analysis, Opinion, And Speculations

Wow, where to begin.

Ok, so I woke up on the 13th thinking about the prediction of the UFO show; but, I run a UFO blog - how many other people woke up with similar thoughts? I can certainly say that it was a minimal number as this particular prediction seemingly had even less media attention than Blossom Goodchild's prediction of nearly the same date (Oct 14th was her prediction in 2008 - and BTW it would have been 10-14 in parts of the world). But, that said, perhaps many in NYC (it being a major city as the prediction said) did wake up with similar thoughts (this will be important in my speculations). IF even 1/10th of 1% of the metro area did have similar thoughts before hand (let's be conservative and just call the metro area 10 million) - that would be 10,000 folks.

But, most interestingly, the `evidence' indicates that NONE of the `time of the event' videos - be it of independent people OR even of the MSM (mainstream media) - WAS EVEN AWARE OF THE PREDICTION. Nowhere, on ANY video tape does ANYONE go "and you know what, it was predicted for this day" --- NONE, ZERO, NADA, Zilch. To all of these people - this UFO event had NOTHING TO DO WITH A PREDICTION. Thankfully, our MSM is so backwoods on 90% of all topics that they carried only their `giggly' attitude with them. Blissfully unaware that a prophecy was being fulfilled - perhaps.

Now, lets look at the evidence - video and blogwise - as what I can best gather via an internet monitor. There is some evidence of multiple orb sightings - the multi orb video of :38 seconds taken at 11AM, a continuous event from a vantage point of 23rd street and 8th ave - that went from `at least 1:26 PM' till 5:33 PM --- and at least two `orb' events at night - one caught on security camera and another supposedly of the SAME UFO still being in the sky (I assume the one from 23rd and 8th). And, there is anecdotal evidence that a similar orb event may have preceded all of this on Oct. 12th.

Personally, I know of NO OTHER UFO EVENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY that had a `unidentified flying object' in the skies from 1:00 PMish until AFTER DARK - in the same location! And, being covered by the MSM from 5:30ish - and continuing to show the UFO after dark; while using words like MYSTERY.

Now, it is again important to remember that the MSM ---- NEVER ONCE - on the 13th mentioned the `prediction' on live newscasts. However, they did work in words like little green men and used the Twilight Zone Theme. While stressing `balloon release stories' as soon as they got their hands on them.

However, yesterday I produced pictures of these balloons and they hardly seem to be able to hover in one place for hours or be seen from 1000's of feet. But, the media was able to largely deflect seriousness with their balloon hypothesis; conveniently ignoring the impossibility of the balloons not floating away; or seemingly preforming actions at times.

And, any analysis has to be include the supposed shutting down of Airports, the denial of the object affecting airtraffic only to seemingly reverse stance, the supposed jet flyby with the Orbs reacting, the statement that it was not on radar - and of course, the utter lack of follow thru of the MSM on any substantive points. And, the lack of ANY mention on the next AM national morning shows like Today, ect.

Now, amazingly, the MSM DOES HAVE COVER for their lack of immediately covering `hovering anomalous space' - as the UFO Event was during the `exact timeframe' of the rescues of the Chilean Miners - exactly. And, this too, will figure into my `speculations' positioning. Co-incidence you say?


The full evidence taken as a whole makes me conclude that something more than released balloons occurred. ONLY `peoples interest' via standing at the corner of 23rd and 8th - pointing out the anomaly - (obviously, this was being reported back to police headquarters one would hope - do they not monitor police bands anymore in newsrooms?) produced ANY MSM coverage of the event - over 4 hours, if not 6 hours, after it had begun.

The media played it as they always do - `UFO's are Entertaining'! I'm not even certain more than two channels even `bothered' with the story. Even with a supposed unexplained airport shutdown on the same day. Frankly, coverage that reeks of compliance to keep such events of low concern to the population.

So, what did happen in the sky?

UDCC will only offer possibilities with gut percentages.

I think that someone, or something, can now `produce' anomalous space - where and when they wish - with the features they want it to have. My gut feel is that it is Human in origin - and either government oriented or super-government oriented. My gut feel is that the event was to test how the reaction would be to limited coverage of something anomalous in the sky. I think this possibility has a 40% chance of being true.

However, I think --- for the same reasons - that the origin of the NYC UFO Event - could be extraterrestrial. As, the event was `obvious' and sustained - and evidently, beyond ignoring to the common man on the street. A `break-in' event so to speak - as opposed to a `break-thru' event. Masking the event via a minimal size with significant height in the sky. I think this possibility has a 30% chance of being true.

The next possibility, at least to me, is even scarier than either of the above scenarios and has about a 20% chance of being true. And, that is that it was some sort of `paranormal event' - beyond the physics that we know - caused by some tipping point in belief/awareness of a UFO event to happen over major cities on that day. (And, since the predictor this time was an American - probably focused into this countries major city.) Then, as further consciousness was given to `the wonder' from the street - sustained it for an unprecedented amount of time. Almost as a BREAKING IN to our phenomenology. A non-local caused event. Possibly caused or aided by the WORLD emotions of the Chilean Rescue.

And, there is that 10% chance that small balloons can stay in one place producing light for hours on end - while forming in different parts of the sky.

Tomorrow, I will speculate `what the next step could be' for any of the above scenarios. Buckle Up.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The NYC `UFO Event' - The Day After, The Day After - A Gathering Of Information

It's been about 48 hours - the day after the day after.

I've been posting to this website since late 2007; a website started because of my interest in UFO's since a up close 1991 sighting by myself (link in sidebar). And, if you check my sidebar, you will note a particularly skeptical attitude to `the whole UFO thing' from the stated government points of view, to the psychics predicting this and that, to `proof' via Videos of observers - to the hopeless and hapless media coverage of the whole saga - especially their hands off approach to interviewing the one man who has seen most of the FAA UFO reports for the past decade or so - Robert Bigelow.

Indeed, if you look over my posts PRIOR to the 10-13 event in NYC, you will note that I greeted this latest prediction with a YAWN. And, so now - something occurred in the skies - over A major world city - on the day that it was predicted. Kinda reminds me of Prophet Yahweh's famous live TV shot occurrence.

But, like throwing the Prophet Y's name into all this - the day after the day after - the whole affair reeks with weirdness. And, UDCC will begin today by noting the `evidence' UDCC presented as a first response yesterday.

First up - UDCC presented this video as the first take - btw, this video went from under 400 views to 588,000 - UDCC was almost first on this:

which was allegedly shot at around 11:00 AM. (just wait, the timeline on this thing is real strange - this same video you will find below is stated to be 6 pm in the `revised' to make the balloon theory stronger - despite what the video itself says) - And, if you look at the video closely - it does look somewhat like balloon's (as one of the talkers on the video says) ----- but, they also look almost exactly like the `orbs' that appeared over Mexico City during that eclipse of the sun.

Now, America's MSM (mainstream media) -- has not really moved onto `orbs' - and still likes to stick with the more giggly `UFO' take. Or, as UDCC's second video showed -

As you can see in the video - the live reporter at 5:33 PM (confirmed with this link - wondered when getting the assignment if it was a joke - then got unto the scene and at :33 seconds into the video you can see a focus on ONE object in the sky - very much looking saucerish in shape - the TV `show' then edits in a man saying it may be `superwoman' (to carry on the joke I assume) - (location of 8th and 23rd for crowd) - then, the on-air personality is allowed to admit he sees more than ONE (two) - a lady points out that IT was `over there' earlier - next up - the swamp gas of the 2000's, (much like weather balloon's was the swamp gas of the 1980's) BALLOON'S -- if offered up - BUT, the SAME guy then says `BUT then again, balloon's don't stand still' --- then the admission of UFO calls to the 311 line by NYC officials - followed - as it can only be - by the FINAL GIGGLE -- a woman who says she is waiting for the mothership. --- Then, the FAA statement that Planes were NOT being affected (did anyone bother to ask if they were on RADAR?) - and finishes but admitting that some have been looking at these objects (remember balloon's float away) for 45 minutes in the sky.

Whew, I feel soiled from taking you thru that `presentation of facts' by the MSM. I mean, giggles, and more giggles; mixed with words like 311, FAA, Mothership. Yet, beginning and ending the segment with the word MYSTERY. Slimy in - Slimy out.

Finally, UDCC yesterday presented the supposed news story of the NYC airports being closed for a period of time -- (evidently after the TV report which reported no effect of the lights in the sky). And, the VANISHING of that story - or the connection to the `orb' balloon UFO events - can not be understated on the day after the day. (link at bottom). This was the only link that I could find that referred to the airports being shut (again with NO timeframe noted) -- this link also includes the what I will call the `bubbleballoon' picture - and a video. It also includes the actual predictions from the NORAD officers book. UNBELIEVABLY - THIS LINK THEN LINKS TO THE FIRST VIDEO SUPPOSEDLY SHOT AT 11AM AND SAYS THAT IT IS FROM 6PM HERE - - AND, NOW, WE HAVE A REFERENCE TO `YELLOW BALLOONS' - even though color is not mentioned by the video people - (and now fits the times square release of the non-timed given yellow balloons released to celebrate something) mentioned in

Now, I continue with more `evidence' of the weirdness IMO.

I guess I will start off with the balloon -- yepper, you can bet that in a metro area of many millions that balloons are released on purpose and accidentally in ANY given day - and indeed the media was able to pony up two such stories. This first one with about the balloon's included the delightful and heart warming twist of the white teacher being surrounded by her black students - you see a parent brought in about 40 balloons and to quote the article - : A parent was bringing about 40 iridescent pearl balloons to the school for language arts teacher Andrea Craparo when the wind spent a bunch away around 1 p.m. (UDCC emphasis)

"They looked big and they were all together, so it looked like one UFO," said fourth-grader Nia Foster, 9.
Awestruck gawkers began calling the NYPD and the FAA starting about an hour later when mysterious flying objects appeared over Manhattan.
Read more:

So, here, above - we obviously have balloons that were not part of the 11 AM filming, and probably NOT the `5:33 PM' TV report in which folks had been watching for 45 minutes either. You will also note in the above link that they also note at least one other yellow balloon release celebrating a Madrid and New York tourism thing (again conveniently with no time of release in the mention).

However, the above, DAY AFTER, article - does mention - Stanley Fulham and his prediction of the Oct. 13th event over major cities. Something NOT noted in the TV report above and as you will see NOT noted by the `on the street footage' as the event was going onward.

So, at this time - I decided to find out what I could about the retired NORAD officer who made the prediction - turns out he has four-five books based on how one counts with 2-3 of these books being about `UFO's' (to simplify to the maximum). And, to me it appears this prediction is simply an updating new edition of a book he originally wrote in 2003 and 2008. Interestingly, his non-UFO books include one with the theme and title `In Search of a Future : A Submission on the Migration of Native People - (are humans the next in submission wondering of our future) - connection?

I also note this from some review about the book:Be warned, I do not think this book is completely honest. The general overview appears correct, but there appears to be some serious disinformation thrown into the mix. It appears to be a very clever story with some truth, some half truth, and some disinformation, all mixed together. Unless you are discerning reader who is VERY well versed in fringe science, you won't be able to know what's real and what's not.

And, I'll leave it to my UDCC readers to figure out the truth about the NORAD officer (the book btw has UFO's in the skies over Earth as it's cover, as you can see below) -

Now, if the above isn't weird enough for you - hold onto your hats.

You see, in addition to the kids thinking their balloons were causing events to be seen in the sky PRIOR to the balloons getting loose - was this Prophet who is taking credit for an entirely DIFFERENT SET OF UFO'S/ORBS than what the media is claiming - and of course - ordinary things here will be construed to be miraculous (BTW, this guy has no crowds and seems oblivious to the actual UFO commotion noted above for the day) -- UDCC's point -- on any given day you MIGHT be able to find `unrelated' `disclosure ufo events' - evidently. Anyway - here's the video for your viewing (you may want to come back to this at the end as alot of it goes over about 5 interesting seconds of video).

Indeed, as you can see in the `called sign/ufo's' above religion video ---- which has NO crowds on the street -- the internet already has some interesting video of on the street reaction beyond the TV report - indeed, it turns out that the FINAL piece of INFO yesterday that UDCC had - the post in the comment section of UDCC blog -- turns out to be a VIDEO source on this story too as the poster is a producer (conveniently?) - too; hmmm.

Nevertheless, this is his video which he says he shot an hour after his sighting - or about 2:26 PM. - again, at the intersection of 23rd street and 8th ave - the same intersection that the TV crew is at over 3 hours later.

In this video above - at the :29 second mark the woman notes something `coming out' of the object in the sky (at 2:30 ish in the afternoon - possibly up to two hours later than the newscast? -) - at the 46 second mark he claims to provide proof of jets flying over the general area (I can't hear anything) - and what would it matter really. Also, this guys uploads does NOT show any interest in UFO's. However, he does provide proof so to speak of someone else - like he and the others at 1:36 seeing objects circling and emerging (and disappearing) from the sky object.

Now, here is a citizen report I found on Lon Stricklers site yesterday Phantom and Monsters - at a time when a TV crew was supposedly there - the citizen also reports how the object was first ONE object then 4 objects and then ONE again. - This report suggests `panadmonium' was on the verge (exaggerated IMO) - and at one point goes "there's dudes across the street with M-16's and shit"...."police drivin around" ....."I don't know if this is the last day of Earth"

Here's another MSM report at 5:58 PM which includes that the object was not on radar - and that the police require notification about balloon releases of which they had none -
It also has a video link that includes the classic words `little green men" and somehow uses the same woman begging for the Mothership too.

So, were things getting freaky? Or not? Did the police actually up their security?

Or, was this all really some sort of ORB display much more widespread than an event here and an event there? Already UDCC has this comment:
Chris said...

I saw something as well, But hears the funny thing, I saw this on Tuesday October 12th @ about 2:45pm.
Right before I was about to head into work I pulled my bike up on the curb and just happened to look up for some reason and saw 3 shimmering objects in a a V formation flying at the same altitude, watched for a about 3 min as they broke and re-formed there triangle formation. I had a point of reference as well, a jet liner flew underneath them, so they were pretty high up, i thought at first they were balloons, but I don't believe at this height I would have been able to see them they looked like mirrors, super bright and shimering almost, "maybe huge Mylar balloons who knows"... but then again balloons don't behave like these things did.
Did anyone else see this? October 12th 2010 at the corner of Atlantic and Court St, Cobble hill / Brooklyn Heights Area.
October 15, 2010 12:10 AM

UDCC also had another UFO blogger comment that he too saw two objects about 4:30 on Oct. 13th and then there is this: ORBS from a webcam on the city at 10:00 PM.

And, here is another TV report (that starts with nearly the full opening to the Twilight Zone) that speaks with two experts - when stating that the daytime UFO was still in the sky:(with all of 164 views when posted)

Here is a blog reporting the downplaying of the balloon theory as too many folks have said these objects were stationary -- do note how some of the videos almost seem to be edited to show balloons. IMO.

And, here is a picture of small little balloons being released on 10-13 at that Madrid event I mentioned above -
that I found in this discussion forum about this event - And, btw - here is a video of the actual balloons of which 12 escaped from that school event - do these look of the size that they would be seen 1,000's of feet in the air and remain there for hours?

Finally, I saved the BEST FOR LAST - the ultimate digging deeper into what is available via image in this Event - if you stick with this video - at one point in the `magnification' you will be able to IMAGINE THE ALIEN INSIDE THE CRAFT -- I'm not fooling on this day after the day after. I will provide more commentary tomorrow - stay tuned.

Lastly, if you are still a believer in Disclosure from the powers that be - in any timely manner - remember these examples provided by Bruce Duensing about the subject of disclosure -

It's getting towards 5:00 and I want to post this - see you tomorrow.

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