Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mysterious `Blue Spiral' In Russia Skies (Video)

Wow - here's a beautiful anomaly or hoax. Certainly could be a beautiful re-entry of some space particle I assume. Unique and worth watching the spiral develop into - again - something to behold - 284 Views, Just Posted.

This was posted as the description:
A recent sighting of another strange object over Severodvinsk Russia captured February 26, 2011.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ret. Col. Says UFOs Are Real, but Denies Government Cover-Up

Rare Double Post Day

What you see above is the AOL headline for this story today - - and as you can read the retired military man supposedly gives a new point of view `sure to aggravate both sides' - to paraphrase from the AOL article.

I guess the poke in the ribs in all of this is that the words of Buzz Aldrin and others may no longer swept under the bridge regarding `aliens' in one from or another (which the article also go on to say, UFOs are small objects to mile long craft). It's a longer worthy read and could signal a shift in the lamestream media's acceptance (as obviously, ANYTHING more dramatic than the Jerusalem series of videos is likely to cause more effect than a 7-10 day window - except for the internet).

Oh, BTW, here's another declaration of Real UFOs, except this version has Roswell as a real UFO UFOs are Real : Lockheed Skunkworks Engineer, Don Phillips -
-----------------------------------A.D. After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact

A.D. After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact
Ufo & ET: How Government Disclosure of the Truth Will Impact Humanity
UFOs Disclosure: The Official Report On Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs : The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects)
If this video below is a repost within the last month I apologize as the strangeness is starting to look familar: (311 views)

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UFO `Chunk' Hits Mountlake Terrace Home *updated* (Video)

I had to bring this to Clockers today as sometimes a bit of levity is needed in all the UFO excitations that can seemingly build up. I do NOT want to spoil this video by saying too much - but, please do NOT read the update before viewing - indeed, try to imagine just what this object piece is: (on the internet less than 48 hours - 6,100 views) - or, supposedly is.

It is a Fortean Age for sure - keep your hands on the rails at all times.
The Fortean Collection: The Book of The Damned, New Lands, LO!, Wild Talents, The Outcast Manufacturers (with Linked TOC)
Oh, and BTW - here's a source for used Fortean Times via Barf Stew -


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real UFO Crash?

So, what else is new. I found this vid in my searching today - no date, no location, no reason to think it is real - that said, look at what the hell this shows all the way to the end: All of 18 views when I posted it:

Oh, btw, the original UFO poster in Jerusalem has two new vids up too shot at the locations of the original vids - not really sure of the reason. I will include this stuff in my final review.

Oh, and also, btw - look at this picture from the Tennessee skies:
UFO Photo - Tennessee

 -- what in the world folks?
Had something VERY bazaar on my strange UFO yesterday too - check it out -

Monday, February 21, 2011

TV Report - A `UFO' Hoaxer Steps Forward In Utah

Oh my. Ready for a little `twist' to the whole `dropping orbs' saga of the recent past? -------- Yeah, me neither; but, I feel obligated to bring you this `news'. Seems an `artist' (the TV report seemingly paints this guy as a tinkerer-mad scientist-artist) had rigged up an array of technical but relatively simple equipment to pull off a - red triangle in the sky that dropped an `orblike' flare looking substance - while no divulging his whole technique, think helium, plastic bags, flares, Lazar's (?) .... and you would be close.

As he said:
`was just experimenting and when he saw the news reports, he decided to do it again.

He showed ABC4 his video of the latest event, and says there’s a reason why he’s coming forward,” I don't want it to spiral out of control and turn into something more than it needs to be so I thought I’d come forward now.
"It was just a little fun,” he admits and adds the reason why he won’t tell us exactly how he did it is because he likes, “a little skepticism and mystery.”
And Smith says he realizes many won’t believe him, and will say he’s just taking credit but the Lehi father tells us to trust him because the only alien is him' (29 VIEWS)

And, Clockers - This is his own video - with about 7,600 views, that he says he is responsible for:

And, this is the description NOW posted with the video: (after coming forward)


February 14, 2011
48 likes, 3 dislikes

This "UFO" was launched Feb. 14 2011 from my back yard. It consisted of garbage bags full of helium with flares suspended below (with steel wire for obvious reasons, and a few other details have been left out). This launch consisted of five flares with model rocket fuse to delay ignition so they only illuminate once they were several thousand feet up. I know a lot of people are upset about this being a "hoax" or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line is, it is what it is, and it looked awesome!! I am not trying to debunk real UFO's, I tend to lean more towards them existing than not, either extraterrestrial or not. I know there are a lot of people who spend some serious time and devotion researching and looking into sightings.

This is one of the reasons I came forward, I didn't want people wasting there serious time and effort on a "snipe hunt". Fun as it would have been to sit back and watch, I decided to "let the cat out of the bag" out of simple respect. I'd like to think that is something still worth having these days.

Some people have had good fun with it (­rew-smith-claims-responsibility-for-utah­-lights/comment-page-1/), some still have no idea, and others have acted flat out childish in their response, (as can be seen in the comments, and if I am not mistaken, calling someone on their personal phone and threatening them probably qualifies as harassment) .

For those who still refuse to believe it was me, please refer to video response ( /watch?v=ufbSi-UTxZs) which not only shows the ignition of a third flare, along with smoke, but it is of the "UFO" that started this whole situation in the first place, on 1-26-2011. (4X8AzsOZbkg and Hb1EGsiRCMY).


Film & Animation
And, here Clockers, I provide the TV report (with video) of the Utah phenomena of Jan. 28th (TV report of a day later): - yes, I had this video Here Feb. 1st. too. :

So, what is the bottom line takeaway from all of the above - IMO?

Glad you asked, - all we can go by are the reports.

First, the tape that Mr. Smith (convenient?) indicates is his does not match the Jan. 28th cellphone video OR the descriptions by the two eyewitnesses, who both amazingly had experience with flares, claimed what they saw drop wasn't flares. Both of those Jan 28th eyewitnesses claimed 2 lights and then 3 lights (from which fell the orb or flare caught on cellphone). And, as you know from the tape uploaded by Mr. Smith, that video showed 4 distinct lights (with one having two sources, so five lights) -- NOT the 2-3 lights of the Jan. 28th video. And, the video by Mr. Smith clearly, eventually well into his video, show many many `orb-flare' drops. And, which, IMO, look FLARElike indeed. (but, conceding that they do look similar to the Jan. 28th one orb/flare drop.)

I would be more impressed with Mr. Smith's claims, especially of doing it in January (thereby implying that he was behind the Jan. 28th cellphone capture) if he had video of that event too. Certainly he would have filmed his initial efforts too? Right? ----------------- But, perhaps not, since the display was NOT as grand as his uploaded video of his more grand display that he claims was his alone. (Which I assume was in Mid-February a few days ago perhaps.). And, after he saw the hub-bub he was able to cause with his smaller display in Jan - upped the ante so to speak with his own filmed event in Feb. - more lights, more orb droppings, etc.

Actually, it is a story I'd possibly be willing to `buy into'. ---- Mr. Smith, just happened to pull off his first hoax of Salt Lake City 3 hours after the Jerusalem Orb Drop, by coincidence, but doesn't have that video - posts on YouTube as if he caught a UFO doing anomalous things in Feb. - then, changes story to claim responsibility.

TV reporter doesn't have the time to stick around to see a nighttime, one last time, demonstration. Leaving all interpretations open for TV viewer.

It's all pretty laughable. BUT, let UDCC draw a few final notions from all of this too. First, I AM INDEED VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE LENGTH OF TIME that Mr. Smith was able to hoax this sky event and the COMPLEXITY of the entire event. It would have been wonderful if someone OTHER THAN Mr. Smith had confirmation video of HIS HOAX!

That said, he does seem like a Mr. Magoo and Mr. Peabody combination. I don't doubt that this jokester put BOTH into the skies - in January which he didn't film and this one - which NO ONE else filmed. That is the weirdness of the UFO saga.

But, one must also admit, that when a Mr. Smith comes forward without proof, with claims that may in some way slightly discredit the Jerusalem Event - even as disconnected in scale as both events were - also has a slight twinge to it all too.

Ultimately, the seeking for meaning in an unrelated event - and one that was certainly NOT needed for confirmation that something unusual seemingly happened in Jerusalem on the same evening - will be remembered as little more than a footnote.

And, now, Mr. Smith will provide the proof? Or, would a return trip by the TV station be out of the question?
Thanks for visiting today - I've been doing lots of UFO posts at TAL too, please check it out - .
Philip Chen - Falling Star - Fiction?
Hard News Headlines? Today's Feb. 21st Headlines? Say No More -

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eligael Gedalyovich - Who Filmed the Jerusalem UFO Speaks Out

While this may be less than satisfying to all - IMO - (and that is all it is an opinion) - this guy hardly seems like a yuckster. For those looking for some confession, or admission of a hoax, forget about it. Eligael also indicates that this isn't the first UFO he has seen in the location (I can tell you from following this that he posted a non-interesting UFO video about a few days after his famous video): Fewer than 3,400 views as posted.

Here you go:

I am not done with my full review of this event - stay tuned.

ORBs, Extreme Possibility One And Two - Making The Case

As `Clockers' know, UDCC has been ALL over this emerging and seemingly intensifying ORB phenomena. (Or, is it really increasing? As we know, there has been a HUGE increase in videotaping ability by humans in recent years, which could account for the seeming incidence of `caught events'. And, of course, there simply are MORE humans - as our world now approaches the 7 billion mark; which could also lead to an increase in available sources of video.)

But, that said, at least at some level, the phenomena seems to be changing - whether it is the `multiple orb' phenomena of singular orbs floating/moving together - or the `multiple orb' phenomena of `releasing orbs' (from `a quote', `mothership', - or - simply a middle space or source space). UP TO the phenomena - seemingly shown a few times in recent months - of a HUGE drop towards the ground. Clockers know I'm referring to the El Paso and Jerusalem Drops.

But, let's look closer, once again, at this Orb Phenomena.

Now, and almost obviously, it could indeed be a so-called `mothership' that is releasing some sort of scout craft. But, let's play devil's advocate..... Why do the `scout craft' orbs fade out eventually? Does some sort of power source leave their space? Would `scout craft' FADE? Is IT really a mothership and scout craft?

And, almost as obviously, it is possible that the Orbs are some sort of Earth Geosurface Event caused by forces we simply do not understand yet via our science. But, again, playing devil's advocate - are there REALLY forces that move about in our skies, sometimes in huge swarms, sometimes, seemingly reacting to on the ground human conscious intentions - THAT ARE GEOSURFACE FORCES? Does that seem to be a bit of a stretch?

And, these `reasons for Orbs' noted above are the more `mainstream' of the suggestions offered by internet thinkers.

But, there are other possibilities also; much more interesting possibilities in some ways (granting scout craft plenty of interest, and the unknown `science' chance ) - and one is that Orbs are The Dead. I will let that sink in. -------- And, it is nothing I haven't suggested before or that others haven't said of `small orbs' that show up sometimes in photographs (appearing as bubbles literally often and occasionally with FACES in them).

But, I mean something that is indeed QUANTITATIVELY different from the possible `invisible bubble orbs' of photograph fame - SKY Orbs, IMO, are quantitatively different in these obvious ways: 1) You CAN see them. 2) They are in the SKY. 3) They have an ontology, instead of `existing invisibly' in a flash instant of film. 4) They seem to have `some' consciousness perhaps OR ability for intentionality.

I can think of two types of entities - (using the term loosely) that might fit the above general attribute description - The Dead, and, Sky Creatures. ---------- Let me flush out both of these, what I am calling, `extreme' possibilities; both descriptions of which suggest that you will need to suspend your dis-belief levels for a bit of time.

The `Collective' Dead

Humans at all stages of humanity are nearly universal in their desire to cling to existence after `dying'; at least while on this `the living side'. As Clockers would be aware, many humans report NDE's of a similar structure - and science can tell us how `we' might `survive' as some representation of our `electrical' structure of our space mass and existence itself. And, literature is replete with tales of Ghosts, even `specific' ghosts which would suggest a continuation of `phenomenological' ontology. Doppelgangers of dead people also are examples.

So, lets say that - indeed - all the tales of `balls of light' that are known in the `back hallows' are indeed, conscious balls of remnants of `someones space'. That said, we MUST be willing to admit, that they seemingly DO NOT have a permanent existence in our normal phenomenology either - NONE of these Orb phenomena simply travel the sky endlessly.

And, in classic slippery slope thinking - if you are willing to concede that `Ghost Orbs' can exist in a temporal fashion, then it is also possible to think that these `spirit orbs' may - BE ABLE TO COMBINE into something Larger, Brighter, More Permanent, (and yes, more conscious).

It is this `dead consciousness' that I think may be developing into these more extreme Orb phenomena -  as opposed to my thoughts here, in this post, from Oct. 2008 on my blog The Heavy Stuff: Can The `Collective Dead’ Of Humanity - Evolve? - in that post I wrote these words:
Frankly, nearly all ghost experiences seem limited to ONE ghost - seldom is it multiple ghosts - or a whole slew of ghosts. There doesn’t seem to be a `collective dead’ that is able to materialize. The ghosts that do materialize do not seem to be hanging out with others bringing their will/consciousness/space into our living world. (That is not to say that in some seances or `communications’ that some `additional’ spirit wants to take over the communication - so, two or even a few seems to be a limit.) Maybe it’s just hard to get folks together at the same `real’ place and same `real’ time when they have been `dead’ for awhile. Perhaps the `real’ just isn’t that interesting.

But, the question that THS is trying to get behind in this post is `could the dead evolve’? After-all, lots of gurus of thought have died - Einstein, Husserl, Gandhi, Sartre, —- does it matter what additional intelligence is added by their deaths? Could those interested in the subject matter of communicating with the dead - after they die - have access to NEW information about EVP or other methods? Could the `best heads’ be put together on the `other side’ to more effectively reach our humanity on `this side’?
Frankly, honestly, it doesn’t seem that experience of our collective reality is suggesting that the collective dead of humanity is evolving - except perhaps in one manner. A very speculative manner.
What if our consciousness IS light. Or, at best - could be light. What if the Tulpas or Orbs seen in the sky more often in the last few years are a result of `conscious light’ visiting Earth and humans. Conscious light that is developing, evolving, from the 95 billion dead humans of the last million years. Especially, the `intelligent’ ones who have died recently with more awareness than in times and eras past.
THS is reminded of the Carlos Castaneda book - The Eagles Gift - which ends on Page 315 (hardback version) with the final visions that Carlos had of the Sorcerer Don Juan - as they all jumped off a cliff to their certain death.
“On my left side, however, I realized that I had entered into the other self….The warriors of don Juan’s party had caught me for an eternal instant, before they vanished into the total light……They were waiting for don Juan and don Genaro. I saw don Juan taking the lead. And then there was only a line of exquisite lights in the sky….There was a massive glow on one end of the lights where don Juan was…”

Perhaps the best that a human can attain is being `free light’ able to roam the cosmos with intentionality’s. And, that would be quite an evolution for the ape with opposing thumbs.

So, what I am indeed suggesting, is that it is possible that the increased abilities may be due to an evolution from `the other side'. What if THEY are now more able to retain folks remaining bits of awareness and package it almost as a group consciousness ball of light. Much like what Don Juan is said to have done.

(Noosphere full of consciousness)

OR, - we may indeed be seeing SKY CREATURES - that indeed, could somehow be `developing' or evolving right before our humankind eyes. Some sort of emerging intelligence using the plasma of the world and atmosphere. And, these sky creatures may not even need a permanent structure - simply coming together in the visible perception wavelength - only on occasion. Perhaps, NOT EVEN EXISTING, in an on-going manner that we consider on-going as humans. Sort of a temporal, emerging and fading, phenomena - at least to our perception.

(And, yes, orbs could be `rods' that have `grown up', so to speak.)

Finally, it is worth considering that our Earth's Noosphere is growing more full of data and information by the millisecond, in electrical form structure thru intentionality's by humans on keyboards such as the one producing these words of a phenomenological basis. An electrical grid that may be able to be tapped by forces we as humankind know very little about.

Forces, such as an evolving dead - or - an increasingly organized plasma entity structure to our perceptions.

Thanks for giving me your mind while I slogged my way thru things that must be said about Orbs - and why Orbs - may be a gateway to thinking about the universe in a different manner.
I'm open as always to your comments and thoughts.

ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of HopeIn the Sky: A Thrilling Look at the Prehistoric Creatures That Ruled the Skies (Snapping Turtle Guides: Dinosaurs)

All one hundred plus posts done on The Heavy Stuff with a brief description of each post - THS was my original esoteric blog and where I talked about UFOs before Nov. 2007 here at UDCC.
Lastly, I mentioned the Quote above from The Eagles Gift - here is the book:

The Eagle's Gift

Friday, February 18, 2011

Brazil- *It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a FIREBALL??

This anomalous sky `thing' will `change' direction if you watch the video to conclusion - yes, change direction. 272 views - posted a day or so ago. Any comments?

Strange one folks; in a week of strange ones.

Not in the case of the above video - but - I'm starting to get some thoughts about this Orb phenomena that have only ever been lightly explored by myself and others. Expect that write up soon.
Had that underview of the Jerusalem Orb on my TAL site yesterday - IF you didn't see it here last Sunday - see it here - 
------------------------ Attitude
Philip Chen - Falling Star - Aliens, 2013, Underwater Secrets

Update: 2:36 PM (eastern time) - GREAT Vid - of multiple Orb events, many with releases.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The MULTIPLE Orb Phenomena Intensifies - The Mendocino Orbs

Not only that, daily, more and more people are posting extraordinary videos for all to ponder. Such as this one - make sure to watch it till the end and the enhanced version at the link is also EXCELLENT.

I also expect, as the new naysayers to the `Orb Phenomena' are quite vocal right now, that eventually this ORB phenomena is going to get national attention - this video already has over 40K views this week and for good reason.
Filmed in the early morning on Feb 12th 2011 near Mendocino california

Enhanced version -
Here's a UFO Disk picture from the MUFON files yesterday -
More about MUFON, and it ain't pretty: -
I know many of you enjoy the attitude I bring to my websites - here's a new one - !
Some of you still haven't checked out this new book by a fan of this website - called Falling Star by Philip Chen - Falling Star (The Watchers) - Ebook is like a buck or so.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Dropping Orbs Phenomena - Feb. 15th, 2011

This video is by one of these `observers' who has really been going nuts in Pennsylvania (and has her detractors): that said, hang in there Clockers for a couple minutes of this video and see what I'm talking about with this increasing dropping Orbs phenomena. (301 Views)

ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of Hope

Metallic Spheres top notch music

More UFO videos at my other blog TAL -

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did A Toronto ORB PRECEDE The Jerusalem Orb Event? (Video)

Another low hanging, impossibly bright, in the center of town, after darkness, ORB video has surfaced (under 700 views) from my search on Feb. 13th of all UFO videos submitted on YouTube within the previous day or so. Initially, I had put this in my Barf Stew bin; but, decided after a closer look, and, reading the description - and considering the SIMILAR circumstances to the Jerusalem event - which I provided a FIFTH view of Sunday from beneath (and was in the first of Sunday's posts) - I wanted to bring it to my Clockers at UDCC.

And, IF you consider the narrative of Stanley Fulham -- with the similarness of this event to Jerusalem (with THAT event as the TRUMP) - perhaps this was the `real one' that was expected to get world attention (The Moscow non-event.) . After all, IF it was indeed there for upwards of 20 minutes, (but lacked the dramatic drop and rise of the Jerusalem event), perhaps the `aliens' felt that would be noteworthy - thinking that duration would get the notice. (And it is IMO.) It would also lend credence to `upping the ante' with a short but more dramatic event over the next city center.

Here's the description at the YouTube posting: (Video posted Feb.3rd-found by me on Feb. 13th)

January 12,2011...Super bright light in mid town Toronto, no report on news of anything, no movie set. Very far away and so bright 1 mile away and still created light through the windows, standing outside on the balcony. The light was up for a long time about 20 minutes. We couldn't keep recording as didn't have time to keep recording. It just dissapeared, there was no gradual or after light if it was a bright light. This is down town Toronto, Sherbourne & Gerrard.

If someone knows what was this, please comment.Thanks for watching!..very similar to Jerusalem ufo...

Here's the HD posting:

AND, YES, here's a supposed video from a `different angle' - by a different poster (of course) this one addicted to posting (1,184 vids - as opposed to 12 vids by the guy above). Interestingly, or not, this posters video was posted the SAME day as the above videos and was looking INTO town (however, remember, the first video was from January). This poster  was also VERY into the whole spiritual realm of the experience - I will post the video `description after the video. 798  views

Here's the YouTube description:

This is an original video with aoutocorrection. It shows that the UFO is not a ship or a vessel but a living entity. The autocorrection clearly shows the electromagnetic fields generated and produced by the entity. It clearly shows the way the entity changes from a material to a plasma state and back into a material state. This video also shows a multitude of other entities all around this entity cluster. This hexahedron entity cluster is like a power cell into which all the entities in the surrounding area and vicinity enter into (the active cluster zone) to recharge and exit to make room for more of the external entities to go into the active cluster in order that they can recharge as well. This hexahedron active cluster powers and recharges all the surrounding entities in the air arround it. There are a anumber of these active hexahedron clusters in the Toronto area and some are larger and many are smaller - the smaller ones are near the ground level, and they all power and recharge the other almost invisible entities which are everywhere. These active clusters serve to maintain the speed and the momentum of the counterclockwise revolutions that all entities undergo and perform in their orbital patterns around their individual clusters whether those clusters are active or inactive. All the entities rotate and orbit revolving counterclockwise like a wheel spinning in reverse around the nucleii of their individual clusters. The clustering can take place anytime and anywhere - whenever the energy level and the vibrational speed/frequencies are depleted - it is then that smaller clusters come together into large, very large and mega clusters and power up by increasing the rate. speed and frequency of the orbittal revoulutions patterns creating energy in the form of electromagnetism, heat and light. All size clusters can serve as power cells even if they are sub-sub-sub atomic or if they are larger than our sun. These entities and clusters can be found all over the known universe and have been around since the creation of the universe. This is one of the fundamental lifeforms in our universe and a building block of other forms of life whether higher or lower. In some way this lifeform changes DNA structure in living organisms and influences their growth and development in a biological, biochemical, and bioelectric matrix - all through the forces of electromagnetism and low level cosmic radiation

So, then, I searched YouTube for Toronto UFO 2011.

Orb, Feb 8th - 341 views -
Very Strange Red Orb, Feb 5th - 183 views -
Flying Orb, Feb 1st - 870 views -

More videos by the addict.

Then, ONE day later in Jan. on Jan 13th - from a different poster - SEEMINGLY the same super bright UFO - Under 450 views: Language warning.

Video Description: (she has a UFO blog) (seemingly started AFTER her Jan. experience - caution, very slow loading and exiting this webpage)

January 13th 2011, I myself had witnessed a strange and BRIGHT light for approximately 1 1/3 hours. I took a very short video because the battery on the camera was almost dead. I waited about 20 minutes by the window after the video was shot and all of a sudden it was gone.

I've lived in the same apartment for 19 years and have NEVER seen anything that bright, let alone here in Mississauga (South West of Toronto)
What was the MOST intriguing part of the possible UFO, was that although not visible in the video, there was a beam of light coming directly up towards the sky. Around the same time, there had been MANY sightings of light pillars that looked a lot like what I saw all around the world. Coincidence?
Living by an airport and close to a stadium (where they shine spotlights into the sky all the time), I KNEW this wasn't anything like that. This is the first time I have had the pleasure of viewing something I could not find an explanation for.
I have also found many videos of the SAME BRIGHT UFO but on different days!:

Update: February 11/2011 @ 11:40, I had witnessed a BRIGHT YELLOW ORB over Pearson Airport.

I'll leave it at that Clockers. (I only scratched the surface of the YouTube search today.) That said, if you know of OTHER center of town, low hanging, Orb videos - please bring them to my attention.
ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of Hope
The Orb Project
More UFO Vids at my other blog - Barf Stew -

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The UFO Video Illusions Of February 12th, 2011 - Part Two - REAL ALIEN TELEPORTATION And More

Now, just when you thought you'd need to live to 100 to see real teleportation - all you had to do was make it to Feb. 13th, 2011 - because this just appeared on the internet for you - supposedly a TV report (with plausable deniability too): (Under 400 views)

With 344 Views - The first in a series of the `lights in the sky videos' all less than two days old on YouTube - first up a TV report from Brazil:

Lake Erie Orbs from 2/10 - posted yesterday - 214 views
Night orbs - recorded with nightcamera - 82 views.
England orb - 40 views -

Meanwhile, do you want to see an incredibly CLEAR Daytime UFO? Sure, posted within the last two days of course: Under 300 views.

Appears Fake, but ANOTHER DAYTIME UFO - 249 views

Daytime Orb, 93 views -

Triangle Craft, 2008, posted yesterday 102 views -

Here's a bright daytime ORB in Japan - 6,776 views. Almost has a shape to it.

Heck, you think THAT was good? How about this UFO landing In Japan? 183 Views - supposedly covered in Japan media according to description:

IS this a fleet of UFOs? 58 views.

And, what in the H is this from Thailand? 99 views

And, how about these two Orbs (and two orb vids) caught on camera yesterday while people were filming the moon in a clear sky: 79 Views

Here's the second one: (65  views)

And, while this one wasn't shot yesterday - it hit the internet yesterday and is a combination of several amazing ORB videos -- INCLUDING the orb release videos:

Vermont, last night - what appears to be a sideways glowing UFO/Orb - 30 views.

Here is another one with 30 views that hit the internet yesterday - Illinois Orb from 2010 -

Here is another Jerusalem UFO-Orb video - with under 220 views - that is simply trying to get the idea across that the HUGE Generators installed just before the event - may actually have been a cause perhaps. This IS something that UDCC has mentioned in the comment section: -

AMAZING LONG ORB video from Peru mountainside: 43 views.

Two Orbs - Chili - shot Feb. 8th - posted yesterday: 192 views

There were also some `strange clouds' such as this UFO cloud - 39 views -

And a new `hoaxer' who put up TONS of UFO videos yesterday - labeling some as if they happened this week -- this is an example - I saw this video in 2008 --- so watch out for this poster -- another `hoaxer' as to sourcing his vids -

Finally, with 140 views is another German view of that Horseshoe UFO - that I featured on my blog The AnomalyMan Listing yesterday - consider this link, view two.

So, that's all folks except for one final TOPPER link - - Yes a MASSIVE UFO over Beijing yesterday. Again, found by a UDCC reader.
So, what was the point of ALL OF THIS? To prove, once and for all, that NO ONE can possibly take the time to disprove even ONE days worth of YouTube UFO videos -- OR -- to keep up with them. Most of the videos I've brought you will never see the light of the media or be given a second thought. I doubt that people all over the world are faking these Orb videos either.

Lastly, the Jerusalem UFO/ORB - I've now provided a FIFTH video point of view of -- get ready for the `debunkers'! And, here is a quick point that I will flush out soon -- the main sourse being sited by all the media has been this hoaxkiller1 person on YouTube. While I will be doing a post about this -- if you knew the level of this guys skills you might be surprised if you think he has been some `known' debunker - indeed, it is the MSM's latching onto this guy that is most surprising IMO. Find out why soon as I look much more closely at the posters and debunkers YouTube accounts.

Oh, thanks for being a Clocker.

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The UFO Video Illusions Of Feb. 12th, 2011 - NEW Jerusalem Video And More

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of UDCC - thanks for stopping to check out the UFO videos today; and, hello to all regular `Clockers' (Quantcast says you are about 38% of visits -
Today, I present a real mind excursion into the landscape of what happens OVERNIGHT in the UFO listings on YouTube.

None of these videos have been up even TWO days.

I first present what is purported to be a NEW Jerusalem UFO video (at least to me). IF it is to be believed, it is from a NEW angle `on the ground' and `below' it - JUST AS YOU WOULD HAVE EXPECTED THERE TO BE IN A LANDMARK SPOT. Once again, very real crowd reactions. (196 views as of post)

Oh, clockers, I am not done with the Jerusalem event on a couple of levels - including a look at Hoaxkiller1 and other `counter winds' - so, hang in there for more commentary and analysis.

Next up today - again, posted yesterday, - another example of someone playing with the original tapes from Jerusalem - making them 3-D.
Next Up - How about something posted (I assume) by our guys in Afghanistan - UFO with Four lights that are alligned and blinking: (94 views) --- Oh, here's a UFO found in Afghanistan - click the link for that - WITH PICTURE - POSTED YESTERDAY.

Oh, before you think I've forgotten about yesterday's headline here about Washington DC UFOs - here's a supposed video of several UFOs over DC last night: (167 views)

Perhaps your cup of tea is FOUND UFO footage - like this classic put on the internet yesterday with less than 100 views.

Are you up for a Strange Cloud Ring UFO shot in Louisiana yesterday?

Or, how about - New Amazing UFO Sighting Sweden(Göteborg) 2011.2.12: (302 Views)

End of Part One - Part Two Posted Later Today - Many More Videos To Come From JUST posted UFO yesterday!

Falling Star - Fiction from 2013, aliens, and more.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

`The Agency' Predicts UFOs Over White House - Today or Tomorrow? Is It Happening?

Okay clockers - the field force of UDCC has turned up a new `conspiracy hoax' for you to digest. ............ Naw, here's the videos, they can explain it: (less than 325 views when posted)

Here is the YouTube description for part one and two:
Please forgive us for the recent gap between communication. We must establish a credible non-governmental communication channel with you. We will appear over the White House of the United States of America between the 12th and 13th of February, 2011. There will be no retraction. We have prepared all that we need to prepare, diligently

Links provided:

And, here is part two: Less than 200 views when posted.

Interestingly, the first photo of the UFO over the White House does indeed look like this from Rense in 2005:
So, what the H is all this? Well, I can say that I was aware of the first round of FAILED predictions by `The Agency' last year. Seemed like some silly attempt at a hoax site.

I will let Clockers decide this one.

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The Happening - One Sick But Cool Movie
The Happening
(UPDATE - SAT. 2:33)

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sept. 2010 `Ghostly' UFOs In China

Here is what appears to be a TV report from China about video that shows very unusual `UFOs' - about a `fleet' of nine - seemingly chasing each other:

This is the `report' printed at the YouTube description:

Date of UFO sighting: September 1, 2010

Location of Sighting: Xi'ian, China
Source: China Daily Newspaper

At 9:10 PM in Xi'ian city, there appeared in the sky 8-9 white spots. These unusual spots in the sky were separated into groups of

Many citizens saw these objects performing in the sky. It was located directly above East Street South Exit.

On eyewitness named Mr. Jiang stated, "These things stayed in a group and kept it moving. They flew apart at the most 100 meters from oneanother.

Another eyewitness, Ms. Chan stated, "there was a cloud over the objects that was in the shape of a dragon and was recorded on many of our cell phones."

The China Daily estimates that hundreds of people were eyewitnesses to these strange white objects glowing and rotating in the night sky.

Another eyewitness said, "they suddenly came together, and quickly spread out."
Here's the full monty within the UFO `community' about certain `hypnonist' alien abduction `research' and the `reaction' by some big names in UFOlogy to the findings. Be prepared to read one HOT rant:
Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings
Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings
UFO Disclosure commentary:
Is the Chemtrail Gig falling apart? Did a drunk Oregon man spill the beans?
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Radar Data Suggests DOZENS of UFOs Near Pittsburgh On Oct. 24, 2008

Yes, only 10 days after the failed Blossom Goodchilds prediction of UFOs in America's skies over Alabama in 2008; 23 separate radar views over a couple hours of the skies of Western Pennslyvannia suggest that up to three dozen `targets were tracked from 2 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. at variable speeds ranging from 7 to 20 mph, and up to 40 mph at the top end. The objects flew at between 4,000 and 5,000 feet, which didn’t pose a traffic hazard for the known planes whose cruising altitudes were roughly 20,000 feet.'....the targets as “uncooperative,” meaning they had no transponders, and their signatures were different from “the four or five planes we had over that part of Pennsylvania during that time of night.” there is more at the link - including the radar shots. The article suggests it was almost a `survey' of the land below.

The worrisome aspect of the above report is that it suggests the `UFOs' DO indeed have signifcant `fleets' perhaps. The fact that this all occured over the cloudy skies is also perhaps telling. One thing for sure, the MSM may be willing to mention UFOs that seem less than threatening - but - up the ante to dozens cruising undisturbed in our airspace - and you certainly would run into a brick wall one would assume from the lamestream media in reporting such incidents. IMO.
As Clockers know, I have brought you access to the links that screamed `hoax' for the Jerusalem UFO/Orb event - but, have yet to run one here - so in the interest of being `fair' - to what ALSO could be a FAKE video - here goes:


Did you know that one of our Clockers, and frequent commenters,  is an author of speculative fiction? Here is her website - you can find her book stuff in her sidebar -
Here's a strong view about the Jerusalem UFO -- another one who KNOWS -
The Revealing: The Time Is Now (Nephilim Series Vol. 3)
The Revealing: The Time Is Now (Nephilim Series Vol. 3)
More Jerusalem UFO/Orb linkage - - YES, ON DEC. 16TH -- the very day of the OTHER Jerusalem Orb video - is the day CNN reported a UFO shot down over Israel. Could the video I ran the other day BE the shot down UFO? OMG.
So, Did anyone else see the Jerusalem UFO besides the videographers? - - A must read account by a NON video person.
Was it caught on a Webcam?

Webcam with panorama view of Jerusalem at time of UFO
Uploaded by Yahn25. - Explore more science and tech videos.
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Finally, Clockers have been buying this book on my recommendation this week Falling Star - and here is the promo: This guy is a fan of UDCC.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Four Jerusalem UFO Video Perspectives

No one has stepped forward - 9 days AC (after contact?) - UDCC expects one,  as some `fame seeker' will probably make a try, perhaps. Will they be scrutinized or accepted for all the videos to be brushed off?

Once again, - the Day 10 Video review in one location:

The Coming: The Bible's Identity of "So-Called" UFOs
The Coming: The Bible's Identity of "So-Called" UFOs
Now, let's put it all into some perspective:

Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries
Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries
The Pluto Files: The Rise and Fall of America's Favorite Planet
The Sky Is Not the Limit: Adventures of an Urban Astrophysicist
Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution
Merlin's Tour of the Universe
Oh, I found another short vid by a first time ufo caller:
Philip Chen - Underwater adventure, aliens, 2013 - Falling Star

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