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1-1-2012 - A Great Day For Alien Disclosure

Hello Clockers - fresh out of my noodle this morning - FICTION - to end the blogging year. The `what if' scenario; as if I were a channeler. Ready? Let's have some fun.
You are a billion year old race of beings who has been monitoring a blue ball of life planet since the slime turned into caterpillars. You genetically altered the most advanced of the beasts with potential opposeable thumbs. You waited and hovered and monitored for millions of years for the created humanoid to signal our data collectors - which they did with the first radio signals.

We then began our journey to what is called `Earth' by those genetically altered apes. `We', also means in our universe, all of the previous sentient beings in the galaxy which sends data monitors into the time cone for `intelligence' activation - such as those radio waves. Which means WE are a number of `entities' who are arriving to monitor your progress - an increasing number now for over the past 8 decades. And, as a group, we have made a decision.

The data collected on the genetically altered apes, based on comparison to other `monitored civilizations', - is NOT impressive. NOT impressive to the point that `we' need to `correct' things and reign in the powermasters of the Earth Geo-Political structure. As some of you know, we have been monitoring the brainwaves of the meditating/spiritual/psychedelic users/shaman/whirling dervishes among you - sending messages of the coming changes and of our impending arrival.

Since `we' know that what you call humanity is on the very brink of a meltdown - on the very year a long term calendar has foretold of your societies very ending - if not the planets ending; `we' have decided to bring change on the very day your planet celebrates those new numbers 2012. Therefore, we suggest that you monitor the skies of your world tonight - perhaps in NYC as we did on Oct. 13th, 2010 to validate Stanley Fulham's information from us.

But, `we' may choose - some other location perhaps. Does Jerusalem make sense? Or, perhaps, Washington D.C. with the famous White House Lawn Landing well developed within your collective brainwaves? Or, would the world respond more to a full on-going daytime event on 1-1-2012 in the Heartland Of America - say, Lee's Summit, Missouri? With a HUGE craft just sitting in the sky for all to see?

After all, `we think' that 1-1-2012 would be a Great Day For Alien Disclosure.
How about you?
Thanks for being a reader and leader in 2011 - see you in 20-12. Oh, I just made my first webpage on in several years. It's another UFO site that I am asking Clockers to bookmark and to visit occasionally - and guess what I called it? 2012 UFO Videos (there's already stuff to see).
Product Description

The book that changes the mentality. Improvisation with the ancient sacred texts. Secrets of Yoga, the Vedas, Aryan magic ...
"The disciple succeeded in absorbing deeper into himself.
He followed all the rules that the teacher advised.
He was staying in a clean area, being pure himself and sure in the aim. He was learning, deliberating and contemplating the truth.
He was becoming different; the connection to the past was slowly disappearing, as his mind was getting rid of hopes, fear and desires.
He discovered that being free from desires is the biggest treasure.
in the past he seldom felt happiness… but now his pure mind was shining inside and out with the golden glance of bliss.
Slowly, from day to day, the words of his teacher were changing something in his perception.
Now he was able to turn his mind inside himself…
Now he could control his feelings, he could break the connection to the reality and go far inside himself.
The words of the teacher served as a guiding neat through the labyrinths of his mind..."
 `Does it get heavier than Mathematical Beings?'

Friday, December 30, 2011

UDCC Mailbag - Texas MUFON Member Pam's - UFO/Orb Experiences

Over the past year, UDCC has had the privilege of serving as a sounding board a number of times for readers of UDCC who have something to say - today is another such occasion. As you can see from the headline today, it's a person named Pam who has sent to me some video and has a YouTube channel I will share with you. But, what I will share, with her permission, is some of her ORB story, in this, The Year Of The Orb, 2011.
This was Pam's second contact with UDCC:
Thank you for responding..

As far as the orbs are concerned, after my first sighting and turning into a Believer last year, I would see orbs. At our Mufon meeting our Director, John Schwab tells the others that I am the women that sees lights.. Well it was true. I had quater size in my bedrm. it stopped in front of my TV, they were also visible when I started sky watching last yr.. I would communicate or try, mentally but then it was more toward Crafts and we would see least few times. there was a LOT of activity here on NW side San Antonio, Tx.. I really hadn't felt them like before and sightings tapered off since Jan. this yr.. However, I wanted proof and was mentally calling for it when I started filming Orbs in daytime daily, both morning and evening. They use to come to my porch, I would generally just see flicks of light but one day a really small one, dime size stopped right in front of me at dusk.. i had to smile at it cuz so cute and small..

Several members of Mufon would come to my apT. to film for months but we never saw anything, which I believe because we were really loud..
Now I see the Stars that our aircraft are Very interested in nightly.. have filmed them as well.
I have tons of hrs of daytime orbs and other strange flying objects, most on external hard drive as my computer is always full of my vids..
I thought the orbs were like God's eyes but really believe they may be intelligent probe types for gathering intelligence.. Sounds crazy I know...
I have so many colors of the Orbs, green, white, amber, black, red and orangy looking ones. Most move very fast just blur other almost dancing in sky. I also capture something like black clouds of energy, they jump across the screen, u see it on one side then it reappears several ft away...
I believe that for awhile I could communicate with Craft but only one way..??? But after awhile I became afraid and I no longer felt a connection.. sounds crazy I know..
I usually film something everyday thats strange..
I had stopped filming for month,all of November this yr,but went out to smoke sitting outside saw a Star being buzzed by our planes.. The Star dimmed and jumped from its position to several miles away so I called my husband out to see.. The Star did it several more times until it just turned off.. Unbelieveable.. I have vids of this Star and our planes from last months, they are much better last week because Star really turning on which is visible to naked eye flashing red, green, blue and white.. Anyone that I point it out to can see as well. Sorry so long and Thanks again..
(red is UDCC emphasis)

Certainly one of the possibilities of Orbs (and the phenomena is probably more than one thing (space)) is that `they' are probes with intelligence gathering the same. ---------------- I guess I would ask Pam if the `planes' were jets, or props, or what type........ I would also doubt, slightly, that noise prevented some event - that said, the setting is no doubt important often IMO....... and, my suggestion is that Pam's case in support of her ideas would be stronger with additional videos by others NOT associated with her in anyway. Seems their SHOULD be many folks in San Antonio that are catching these outside events...................... As a believer in `perception structures' - that can be localized in my opinion to a conscious space (human) - one cannot have real verification. Indeed, IMO, as strange as it sounds - `events' such as these might only be video(able) to one person................ It must also be taken into account that OTHERS may be the ones `calling' the Orbs and that one is simply an observer. Just sayin.......
Pam then shared a much fuller story about her on-going Orb experiences:
Yes, if you wish to.

However, if your interetested in the whole story it's really-eally crazy sounding.
I saw, I guess mid-afternoon, latter part of September 3 amber Spheres appear not 100 yds away with 6 or 7 dancing smaller white orbs. I was totally freake- could not believe my own eyes.

Then, not sure of the order as I didn't write it down, at 8:30 pm while at Wal-Mart, gotten out of daughters car at back of parking lot to smoke, looking up at night sky as I did at the time after what I had seen, a smallish retangular dull black object hanging above parking lot lights with a wire leading up to sky. The object I only saw few seconds as it slowly moved into glare of lights and no longer visible. That really, again, freaked me out.

Few days later, again in daylight, saw a dull silver object kinda floating above treetops that looked as tho slowly revoving as a glint would show- it moved out of sight.

Let me back track and say that after the first sighting I HAD to watch every evening.. I don't know now if I did so because I wanted to or what. But every evening before twilight I would be outside no matter the weather for over 4 months.. No night time TV or anything, just sitting outside by myself watching..

During that time, as I told you lights would appear briefly fly by, crafts of some kind as well. I would mentally be communicating or trying to as though I had a connection-- maybe it was jjust me??

I told my youngest daughter who lived away for college, my husband was away as well for training and his job, an my other daughter wanted to hear nothing about it-- so I was experiencing this alone..

I could see at night, what I believe were the 3 amber spheres out in the sky, sitting there well below the stars, but unlit very faint in sky, one of our planes flew around each of them one night but nothing occured. Also, looking up at sky, there were as far as I could see, dark small objects maybe 100 yds up, sitting in sky, every now and then they would light up, looked like thin sticks, white w red tip usually in pairs and fly away, only a night or two and then gone..

To make a very long story short, I had started filming with small camera approx few weeks after first sighting, but I would miss the crafts- of course..

I saw at dusk, out on NW horizon, really bright light an was watching it with binoculars, not filming( didn't have tripod) the light started emmitting a electrical charge as well started elongating then looked as tho it turned into eye shape that then turned int a freaking plane that flew short distance stopped went as white and bright as anything I've ever seen, turned back into ballish shape looked as tho going to explode and went out first letting out a small something.??

( the plane thing looked whitish body w pinkish tail)

I saw again days later, what looked like a grey military hugh airplane approx where 1st saw Spheres, turn on nose and just hang in sky, nose down.. My youngest daughter and her B-friend were coming to dinner, and I was really scattered after what I had seen told them about it but of course, no one really believed me..

At Thanksgiving, again my youngest daughter, sitting out side with me on 3rd floor apt. balcony, it was freezing here in San Antonio with high winds, I was mentally and few times out loud calling Them to show themselves so she could see.. nothing came out and we later at twilight went out to take trash to dumpster, as we rounded the corner there above the tree tops, a Craft hovering there, I laughed out loud to see her expression on her face, jaw dropping literaly.. She had her cell in pocket but couldn't take pic as it disappeared.. We talked about it briefly but months later when I reminded her at interview Mufon meeting, she was vague about it as tho she had forgotten..??But remembers now after we talked tho we differ on shape of it.

Our planes during this time were going crazy in sky, all commercial flights that flew tho at night had stopped except our crazy planes, I have footage of them.

I hadn't downloaded or looked at pics from my tiny camera since started filming. I didn't know how.. and didn't ask for help..

Finally, decided to download my memory cards after daughter showed me how.

In afternoon, in my bedrm, set up TV beside bed, as just as I started watching a quater size Orb appeared right in front of tv, as though it wanted to see what I was watching. I hadn't been watching TV for all this time, I would sky watch evenings till late and daytime clean and research on web UFO'S.. All

I saw a light on horizon, again at twilight that was very brite, started filming it no tripod couldn't tell what it was... I 'll send it to you..

I saw in nightime, over the hugh ground spotlights set uo on Nort horizon, a saucer shaped Craft that had no lights on, but as spotlights were then pointing up showed the object, kinda wobbling hovering or barely moving, rocking, until it moved out of the lights..

I finally went to Mufon meeting w my youngest daughter, was interviewed by (CHANNEL NAME) cooterlooter, told him my story..

He came to film, first visit, we were standing out on balcony and I was telling them of how the sky sometimes would just light up as tho a camera flashed, but really bright, as I was telling him, the sky flashed, he didn't record it as he was aiming up into the sky and this was more ground level north horizon.. you cn hear them saying " did u see that" me laughing as it happened again..

So, I later as time went by, sighting decreased, my fear and anger probably caused loss of connection I had been feeling with Them..

I guess it was June this yr, nothing really occuring odd lights at night flying by or popping on and off, At twilight a dime size orb stopped in front of me on balcony, I thought it was cute so small... I smiled at it but it left..

Here's another strange story, I was in bed, around midnight started feeling sick, thought i had food poisoning.. In the bathrm --back and forth-- finally around 4 am, had just been reading in bathrm 15 mins or so, returned to bed, as my head it the pillow, heard strange mechanical soundind low music... I looked toward window then turned toward door leading toward hall, only light in house on, looked toward the hall saw post of foot of bed, thought to myself" 100 percent what an Aliens head looks like... felt PEACE, no fear and was instantly asleep.. Now that again freaked me out, I mean I was awake then instanly asleep... next morning awoke early perfectly fine when I had been really sick and feeling like it was going to go on and get worse...???

During I guess Febuary this yr, I couldn't sleep in my rm, (before being sick) I would sleep out in living rm for over month, don't know why, I when sleeping in my rm, have dreams, don't remember what and awake bolting and running to living rm, totally scared never remembering why.. happened sooooo many times..

At Mufon meeting months ago, one of our speakers, forgot his name, he was from Enland, an Experiencer, called on me and later told me I was an Experiencer, I laughed and said no, i was a watcher... I asked him why he said that and he said I can tell from ur eyes... The mufon people that come to my house heard him- I think they agree with him...

As i was saying, in June this year, not seeing anything wanting to see, asking to see, started filming daytime orbs across st at elementary school and buildings close to it.... Orbs are everywhere but lighting needs to be right to capture on film..

I know I forgot other things but got to go and this is toooo long... hope yu believe me.. most dont

Thank you....


ps.. I have hundreds of hrs of vids.. most with our planes acting crazy, others???
craft at dusk
(the above is a very impressive daytime Orb video)
Red is UDCC emphasis -- reason: Pam, the FIRST time I ever used a laser pointer and flashed a `countup/countdown' (flashing once, then twice, then 3 and so on and then down from 10) -- I perceived an entire section of the sky flash. I about crapped my pants. True story Clockers that I can't believe another is saying too. ---- Also notice Clockers - ANOTHER HANGING JETLINER!
This is Pam's YouTube Channel with over 2 dozen Orb videos - some impressive, some not.
Book Description

Publication Date: November 1, 2011
Are we alone? From War of the Worlds to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, ET to Close Encounters, creators of science fiction have always eagerly speculated on just how the story of alien contact would play out. Editor Marty Halpern has gathered together some of the best stories of the last 30 years, by today''s most exciting genre writers, weaving a tapestry that covers a broad range of scenarios: from the insidious, to the violent, to the transcendent.


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What IF `Orb Callers' Are INDEED `Advanced'?

Good Morning Clockers. Welcome also to all newbies to UDCC, this is a near daily at times blog about the whole spectrum of what passes for UFOlogy. And, today UDCC will take on a truly under-talked about aspect of certain `UFO' phenomena (not necessarily here) and that is the interaction of consciousness with the event horizon of the phenomena.

Mainly what I'd like to suggest is that certain aspects of consciousness may indeed be quantifiable. And some folks are..... welllllllll........ BIGGER. (And perhaps `better' too in some way.) And as the ads in the sidebars on ParaNormal sites have touted for years - the `aliens say listen to your meditation'. And, as you know, that is EXACTLY what at least some of the Orb Callers are saying about themselves.

IMO, it certainly is within the realm of chance if not probability that - inner mind states - play a role in many anomalous phenomena events. And, yes, literally `making' a phenomena `occur' - via their thoughts.

Even if what IT IS - is some sort of `spirit orb' - for a limited temporal event.

Some level of mind intention that can be reached thru ...... perhaps..... repeated efforts at ones own consciousness. Such as meditating over a long period of `time'. (Really Space.) OR, it could be as simple as having some ritual that takes YOU to a certain portion of your own brainwaves - that act as some trigger of desire within the framework of how our reality `sets up' on a moment to moment basis.

The whole IDEA that `some individuals' - have the `potential power' to shape a reality in front of them is certainly NOT in the MSM's interest to delve into in any manner. To the MSM, `we' don't need `little Christ's' walking around producing `miracles'.

But, what if it is NOT miracles - but - simply the way that even `slightly advanced' consciousnesses of `ordinary people' can interact with our reality we observe (and likely able to share with others in a temporary fashion like the Orb Callers do). Okay, I'll go so far as to say - `special ordinary people' - as IMO, very few folks do the necessary due diligence at `advancing their mind' in any intentional manner.

It's almost as if we are scared as a class of humans to USE the powers to dig within the internal BLANK landscape that perhaps acts as a `screen' for projection beyond what we are ready to `handle'. And, to make it even more bizarre, at least to this writer, is that ALMOST ANYTHING (obviously) `may work' to get one into these `advanced consciousness states'.

I mean when Meditation, Prayer, and other mind exercises do it --- but -- so does fasting and other body disciplines. They all focus on bringing ones consciousness from `escaping to things' and BACK to the body-within. Into OUR SPACE. --- And, THEN once there - some individuals seem to be able to `do the next step' -------------------- at/of a `contact' of sorts.

But, EVEN IF these `ordinary' powers are possible/accessible to everyone - very few folks see the `payoff' - or are worried of attracting `negative vibes' in one manner or another. (Which reminds me of using a Ouija Board to focus ones space without the `right' intentionality's.) So, very few --- very very few folks pursue that path of knowledge for themselves.

(Yes, some folks, perhaps the majority of folks who ever experience these `stranger' states of phenomenology - used illegal substances to `achieve understanding'. And some others might even get lucky and run into `literature' that brings to one a special reality state - and here - I'm reminded of Carlos Castaneda's `controlled lucid dreaming techniques' -- or -- even Gurdijeff's ideas written up by Ouspensky in The Fourth Way.)

But, some do pursue the path - and when reaching the branch of `contact' - pursue it further. This is where, IMO, it all gets tricky ----- except for the Orb callers in a sense. Because, when folks are into these specialized mind states of being, and `contact' begins (In my Phenomenology this would be in the able-to-not-be space.) -- all kinds of `things' are likely to be `there'. Including evil spaces, dead beings, and yes, likely, WONDERFUL spaces of advanced beings who `tell you things'.

But, it is here IMO, that an Orb caller has an opportunity `to shine' in a very strange sense of the word and action. You see, IMO, the `Orb Caller' is a type of individual that `wants proof' - indeed, wants `visible proof' - literally. Literally visible. And, guess where ORBs come in?

Yep - as an actualized temporal event horizon. An UFO Disclosure, literally.
So, we might have some people that are growing in number who are `figuring it all out' in one manner of belief or another. (I starting blogging about this phenomena of `spiritual orbs' in 2008 here when MUFON investigated a man (link at the above) in Kentucky who produced amazing local `light phenomena structures'.) And, with this growing number of individuals who can `produce an event in the sky' (think Prophet Yahweh) - even rural and religious minded folks - we certainly have a scenario TOO HOT for MSM coverage IMO.

You know `advanced folk'! LOL.

Anyway, IMO, the very idea that some folks can produce a `ball of light with some structure perhaps' - is WAY too slippery of a slope for the media to delve into. It would be like `legitimizing' some form of `alternative thought' - something again not really in the interest of the MSMs advertisers (or, perhaps as importantly, the news director who has station owners to answer to).

But, perhaps most of all - IMO - it could be perceived as INSULTING to the viewer; who is being told YOU CAN'T do this. YOU DON'T have a `higher connection' like THESE SPECIAL FOLKS DO. (Especially true do to the enforced MSM beliefs about the higher realm experiences of psychedelics.)

Coverage of an Orb caller by the MSM could even be viewed as a challenge to `OUR RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE' ------ IMO. Yet another reason it's below the radar screen for most people (Clockers, help spread the word, lol.).
And, for good reason perhaps - as the intentionality's used by an individual consciousness - that produces these Orb phenomena in recurring areas and ON-DEMAND nearly in temporal terms - may be `advanced' over what you and I can produce in the space in front of us `fortean events' for amazement. (Or, perhaps we all can if we are in something like a GROUP spoon bending session - where the collective belief as some of the phenomena begins to occur allows nearly EVERYONE to produce a limited temporal phenomena. Indeed, is even the `speaking in tongues' any different?)
Obviously, the MSM has no interest in saying to us all that `certain individuals' are indeed on a `higher plane' than us `lower plane' people; right? And, they are hardly going to tell us all to go out and use psychedelics; right? And, aren't `meditators' people who are withdrawn from the normal commercial BS of the MSM - can't promote that, right?
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I also am very interested in hearing your comments on this post so wing away. I've picked out some books of possible interest below.

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Fancy Talkers

Hi Clockers. Today will just be a slew of links that have piled up the last day or two. The title of today's post `Fancy Talkers' is one of the best tongue in cheek writings I've come across in quite awhile. Especially when this guy is talking about David Icke and other folks of off world character. Anyway, get ready for a Fun Read. A tease:
I should probably explain. For those not in the know, David Icke is a former professional soccer player and BBC sports journalist who completely lost his shit in the early 90’s and started going around claiming to be the son of God. When that didn’t stick, Icke took some time off to reflect and reinvented himself as a conspiracy theorist. And boy did he come out swinging. Reviving the dusty old NWO hypothesis for a new millennia, Icke put a novel spin on the idea
Next up - my esoteric and fun blog The Heavy Stuff has a GREAT post today - THE TOP FIVE FORTEAN EVENTS of 2011 (and some appeared right here of course) - Don't Miss This.
Here's an alien abductee who I found thru twitter somehow - seems she sees Orange Reptilians AND you can read her latest channeling at this same page. (Clears throat.)
Remember earlier this year when a gentleman named John Mike appeared in these pages with his book about how UFOs worked? Well, guess who has company in that regard - New - How UFOs `work' Theory - good physics read too.

Maybe John Mike will check in!
Hey how about a website that has updated more than 700 times this year alone about UFOs in the media? UDCC keeps you connected.
Did you notice how Dec. 21st 2011 got NO mention as to being ONE year EXACTLY from the predicted end of the world? Well, Barf Stew Did.
Remember the tag line `take me to your leader?' - Well, here's a great in-depth look at those folks with a special mission here on Earth (we are told) Like Uri Geller -- a tease:
Geller has always claimed that his own powers are extraterrestrial in origin, unlocked during a UFO entity encounter he had as a child. Puharich felt that Geller was actually not of this Earth.

Spectra claimed to have been stationed in orbit around the Earth for 800 years and was, via messengers on Earth preparing to make itself known, materialising in the form of what we call UFOs.
As Spectra explained: "We cannot enter your Earth, only appear to you through computerizing your minds."-- Test Subject: Uri Geller

Thanks for visiting UDCC today - now, dig into the archive!
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Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 `FLYING SAUCER' Videos

Good morning Clockers - I hope you had a good one yesterday and that your celebration continues. Today I bring to you a compilation of what I found when I used the search term `Saucer', on YouTube the other day. After all, in the year of the Orb, did anyone get a convincing video of `the ultimate UFO shape'?
First up - While somewhat convincing it doesn't quite warrant anything more than a link description. First it's uploaded by a `producer' type of guy, ie: meaning adding soundtracks to anomalous phenomena without linking to the original uploader of the video. BIG Negative. ------------ That said, supposedly, the phenomena was filmed over Norway and is VERY saucer shaped at times - even MOST times. (sometimes on it's side however). -- It's entertaining and you see what you will in the first minute as much as all five minutes. Saucer Video 2011. The video was uploaded in the waning days of 2010.
Second up - I'm sorry, once again, this fakish feeling `UFO' - Clear - Daytime - Going Right over the video camera at 50 feet up - is a bit too much to waste the boot up time. It's short folks, excellent detail on the 99% CGI (or what we are told CGI looks like) video. Supposedly from China of course. All that said, the 99-1 thing was something to be aware of in 2011. (ows). Clockers decide of course. Purported to have happened in August.
And on Sept. 19th - URZI, --- yes Urzi captured 11 photos of another clear daytime craft - however, again, for UDCC it's all a Bit Too Fishy For A Video Unless You Want To See It. Urzi is the guy who captured other daytime video in the past.
None of the above seems as real as this very anomalous looking `saucer' from 1998:

link -
The above link has a complete description of this video that is very worth your read. I too like the above video as to me it shows just how `in and out' of our reality some UFOs can be.
And then folks, I ran into what evidently has been a sensation at least in some quarters. It has to do with a `Saucer' video from Oakland California just a few weeks ago. The video has two versions supposedly shot by non related folks (as far as I know and I could be mistaken as this is very dissed overall) - I bring you the one that is most over the top but encourage you to watch the other one too:

link - must read comments about this - many saying this is a blimp.
And here is the OTHER version Is this a blimp? Looks a bit more blimpish here IMO.
Seems my Year of the Orb post got a wider audience than usual as already reported - here's some more coverage - A Website Called Stardrive.Org and believe it or not -- as one of the featured links on Stanley Fulham's BOOK Page - Challenges Of Change. How about that? And, BTW, the Fulham page is an incredible resource on Stanley Fulham and his predictions. Page also has links to buy his book and links to various radio interviews he gave. If you are looking for a webpage to build your beliefs on Stanley's contacts - look no further.
 Click book image for more info.
UDCC looks to finish the year strong with some great posts - so don't go too far (except maybe to see a movie). Hope to see you again tomorrow. Please use the share buttons below - it takes under 30 seconds to `tweet' this post with your account. Thanks.
Yes, that is a new time on the UDCC `Clock'.

An UFO Clock - Under 30 Dollars.

Friday, December 23, 2011

MSNBC `Slammed' Phil Larson, An Op Shrill For Executive Branch, Using YouTube Mockery Of The Official Position Of Government On UFOs

As Clockers know, UDCC handled the `official position' put out by Phil Larson (evidently, UDCC was wrong to suggest that this guy even stood before a podium in front of humans to read this `answer' - the answer evidently about aliens was simply posted online) with very little respect - at the time, or at the time of UDCC's year end review a few days ago.

Oh, BTW, IO9 picked up that UDCC post and it's always interesting to hear others interpret ones blog. I think they did a good job at re-packaging the post  and I appreciate the coverage. IO9 is a very interesting place that I would hope Clockers have an awareness of. 
Anyway, back to the purpose of today's post - it came about as I went to try to find Phil Larson in front of a podium giving that famous UFO Disclosure `answer' requested by the citizen input - and I simply couldn't find it. And as I said above, evidently it was `phoned in' - as we used to say in the old time era -- indeed, he didn't, evidently, even phone it in but did the equivalent in the 2000's - it was simply posted on the internet to read.

But, what I did find was a piece from how MSNBC handled Phil's announcement, and it was worth sharing today as Clockers will enjoy the mockery of the government position it brings: - about a thousand views.

link -
I share below some of the people's reaction to the above video and Phil Larson's statement (from the comment section at YT):
What an ass. The ufo's over DC had made newspaper headlines and have been very well documented.

juttyPmusic 1 month ago

the only transparency about US government is there need to cover-up the truth. Shame on americans to have such a goverment.
supperuser3491 1 month ago 2

hell yea lets dont take that bullshit response they shit out to us
UndercoverPyramid55 1 month ago
But, what is most impressive about the above video - which really you need to watch, is that he dismantles the Government's own official position with nothing more than the own governments words and YouTube videos.

And what UFO Disclosure looks like in 2011.
Oh, Clockers (you too can become a Clocker via the `followers/leaders' button in the sidebar) it looks like I will need to feature Eligael again soon - yes, a Jerusalem Orb update as a lead story soon.
I found this picture yesterday on Reddit of a very unusual cloud formation Trippy Cloud.
Humanoids in Business Suits? Lon Strickler has put together three accounts of one heckofa story from 1977. Fantastic Read. Great Blog.
A big thanks to the person who bought a blood pressure monitor off my blogs yesterday - good idea, these words can raise that number quite high.
The world of UFO's includes the world of High Strangeness - regardless of statements from Phil Larson. See you soon I hope and please bookmark this page and return.
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Four Year Olds In PreK Shout - "Look At The Rocket Ships"!

`They' were shameless on Monday in Atlanta - as `they' often are. Indeed, THEY are so numerous lately and BLATANT, that EVEN four year olds have been noticing. What's that you ask? What are mere children seeing, that their adult parents are largely sweeping under the carpet for the last decade and one half?

The answer is CHEMTRAIL PLANES spraying whatever they spray.

You see, on Monday early afternoon it was just totally absurd in a particular portion of the Atlanta skies. I was sitting in a parking lot, looking at the huge slightly cloudy skies in front of me, as I was at one of those slightly higher elevations in the foothills of the north Atlanta area. A parking lot with an unobstructed view of the sky.

And, one of the first `things' I see is TWO PLANES - (spewing whatever) heading DIRECTLY AT EACH OTHER IN THE SKY and separated by only a short `space' -- only to have moments later -- BOTH PLANES VERVING off their collision course.

Folks, please ask yourself, why is it when I see `planes' doing something that `planes' shouldn't be doing - like flying at each other, --- they are ALWAYS, 100% OF THE TIME, SPEWING something too? HUH? Please, ask yourself why?

OR, when they do the things that ONLY planes that spew do - like go up at INCREDIBLE `Rocketlike' angles? Angles SO SEVERE that mere children looking into the sky go `LOOK AT THE ROCKET SHIPS'! (My daughter is a preK teacher and the source for this info.) ----------------- As the children see the spew spreading UPWARD into the sky at an impossible angle for commercial airplanes. This phenomena, very typical in Atlanta and not even eye catching anymore, is what prompted the various `Missile Launch' stories over the last year or two in the media - especially one off the California coast last year.

But, flying at each other OR rising at impossible or near impossible angles, is nothing compared to what then happened in the same section of the Atlanta skies on the 19th about 1 in the afternoon. Not more than 5 minutes after two `planes' played `Chicken' in the skies - SUDDENLY TWO WERE RACING ----------------------- RIGHT NEXT TO EACH ANOTHER.!!!!!

And, both were spewing of course (forming two parallel lines in the sky) - my phone, the oldest of the old got off two horrible pictures that I'm trying to bring to this page and haven't figured out how to yet. Needless to say - `planes' don't run immediately next to each other in the sky - do they folks?

`They' are absolutely shameless. We, the people, are up against Ludicrous Foes! The outcome is not certain with the worthless MSM we have.
Finally for today - TBS had some good material that Clockers may be interested in reading. First, did you hear that Apples Fell From The UK Sky the other day? And, TBS also has another of those strange sky noise phenomena sounds just a couple weeks ago - the SNP continues.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011, The Year Of The Orb - The 2011 UFO Saga - Told In Story Form - With Top Five Videos

If you remember in the last chapter,  titled 2010 - the year ended with a huge level of expectations as for what to expect to happen in our skies in 2011 - do to the unprecedented PREDICTED October 13th, 2010 day-long UFO sky display that eventually had LIVE TV coverage with the man in the street in NYC.  As such, the Stanley Fulham predictions for 2011 loomed as he himself passed before the year began. Would alien contact be accelerating as he predicted so that aliens could save our atmosphere? Would the `shapes' of UFOs continue to develop new attributes as they did in 2010? (Reports have suggested a possible increase in  squareish, and rectangular and irregular shapes IMO.)
But, most importantly, would some form of UFO disclosure come in 2011 - some sort of direct `answer' about the anomalous phenomena seemingly being captured more and more on camera. Would the government of the USA itself take the `soft disclosure' route already taken by other countries, and, begged for by the exo-politics branch of the UFO contingent of folks.

And to that end, perhaps most amusingly of all official stances of the government in 2011, a man named Phil Larson stood in front of a podium and read some prepared statement in answer to the long awaited desires to know if aliens exist, or if the government is hiding information about such matters. You will be happy to know that your government is NOT withholding such information and according to Phil Larson (whose anagram is An Op Shrill) - humans have never interacted with alien entities. ............................... But that we continue to look with our telescopes and microscopes for life elsewhere other than our earth centered universe..................... Not quite the outcome that was desired by the Exo-politics folks.
At least TPTB got that out of the way, right? Now, President Obama could point at that as some sort of symbol of our open government system..... I mean, why dangle any carrot or grey area in the answer right .... cough cough?

And, if Donald Rumsfeld could answer `What is building 7?' to a question in 2011 - be happy that TPTB were willing to give any version of an `answer' at all - lord count your blessings. This answer of Phil's despite numerous retired military personal a bit more knowledgeable perhaps than Larson -  even inferring our NUKEs have been compromised by anomalous phenomena............ So, you have your answer sheeple, now be happy with it - and move along to the back of the pen please for your shots. Oh, and remember, your government has answered the `Alien Disclosure ' questions - And as a reminder, the answers are NO and NO.
But, the digging into the dusty pile of already released soft UFO disclosure papers and files in the most recent years of the 2000's  has produced some interesting `findings', or perhaps only opinions would be more accurate. Especially about what we here at UDCC call the Orb phenomena. As this year it came to light that this was the analysis of some UK agency:

That Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP or UFO) Exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to astonishing velocities and vanish. They can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamics characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile - either manned or unmanned.

The Conditions for the initial formation and sustaining of what are apparently buoyant charged masses (of Plasma), which can form, separate, merge, hover, climb, dive, and accelerate are not completely understood.
Dependent on a color's temperature and aerosol density, it may be seen visually, either by it self generated plasma color, by reflected light, or silhouette by light blockage and background contrast.
Occasionally and perhaps exceptionally, it seems a field with, undetermined characteristics can exist between certain charged buoyant objects in loose formation, the intervening space between them forms an area, viewed as a shape, often Triangular, from which the reflection of light does not occur. This is a key finding in the attribution of what have frequently been called black "Craft", often triangular and up to hundreds of feet in length. - The UK Ministry of Defence

Check out this document recently declassified by the UK Ministry Of Defense on Unidentified ]Aerial Phenomenon or UAP's, or as they are called in the US....UFO's

That's pretty darn close to what disclosure may be folks. Orbs are the key IMO to the vast vast majority of the anomalous sky phenomena. What is most intriguing to me perhaps is that the area between the plasma takes on special characteristics. That would seemingly make them MORE than plasma balls of some sort. Is this in-between area of the `Triangle of Lights' that often is seen as `part of the lights' which thereby forms a craftlike object - some sort of a projection of the Orbs? WTH?
So, in the same year that we have the declaration that nothing has EVER gone on concerning aliens -  and the declaration of something unknown going on; that mysteriously forms those black triangles in the sky perhaps...... is where we all - the public, are left to decide for ourselves.
But IMO, the `story' of UFO Disclosure is not so neatly wrapped into either of the official government viewpoints on `UFOs'  that I have just covered above. Indeed, the story of 2011 in UFOlogy, perhaps because of the big upcoming fear year of 2012, for the internet, largely focused on anything but the official government lines about such matters. As you know, governments are not in much favor in the worlds eyes right now with many billions of citizens.
So, away from the official chatter, - was the `internet world of UFO's' - which includes it all as you have seen on UDCC; but the 65th chapter of this story is `2011' and what made an impact. And, what made that impact was the 2012 syndrome - the end has to be near; and things have to be accelerating! (The websites always say, don't you feel it?) Indeed, in 2011 you could end up reading the end of time garbage for months and leave your mind as mush - so - this review of 2011 will include (and just did) some of the conspiracy and some of the high strangeness.
These were some of the other subchapters in the year counted as 2011: the first one, the MSM is yet to even delve into.

                          2011 - The Year of The ORB

While it's been buried deep within the history of UFOlogy - it's now becoming much more apparent that Orbs recur in certain locations and sometimes  even `come' or shine on command - some folks doing this mentally while others are via contact lights such as lasers. Orb callers who have orbs splitting and merging before the video camera.

Indeed Orbs that do all the things that the UK government paper above says they do. AND MORE. In fact, `the Jerusalem Orb' original videos of the dropping Orb - and the TV coverage given within the first week - changed somewhat the coverage of UFOs since then.

Indeed, compared to the alleged HUGE increase in UFO reporting to MUFON in 2011 and other quarters, the media has almost kept their mouth totally shut (except to be a mouthpiece for Phil Larson) since the Jerusalem Orb Drop. That even included ignoring the amazing spate of reports in the Lee's Summit area of Missouri - that included more than `just an orb'. Indeed, the lack of MSM interest of the on-going nature of many anomalous sky events is incredible to those even casually following the reports.
It will take something spectacular to shake the shutdown of the overall reporting on the anomalous now - especially with the upcoming political season in 2012.
Indeed, the anomalous reports are changing in ways the MSM is yet to really report; - such as the new Sky Noise Phenomena being reported in many places of the world. Such as the evolving seeing of more `boxlike' and rectangular `craft' - or simply strange hanging craft that look like hanging jetliners to apartment buildings. Saucers have not vanished from reports but it is nearly so.
But, back to what the internet covered of UFOlogy in 2011; - well, how about the endless predictions of the aliens `showing' or disclosing themselves? Remember `The Agency' Predicting UFOs over Washington D.C. back in February? OR, Shaman Lujan Mathus's prediction that March 8th (3-8-11) would be important? Or, the various Galactic Federation predictions? Dates were continuously floated all year long - some traced to bogus one man campaigns by UDCC

As the 65th year went on (1947 year one), the MUFON reports started to contain an increase in localization and high strangeness - with LOTS of startling close up experiences to report. (Very disappointing videowise however.) 2011 also saw the continuance of the nearly beautiful `sky symbols' experiences first associated with the Stephenville Texas events,  where the `sky light show' changes literally every second in impossible ways.
The year 2011 also had many videos of unknown sources that seemingly were over the top in stretching belief. UDCC vouches for none of the UFOs nor the current `understandings' of the UFO community for `where things stand' on any given video. These were the videos of most impact and interest to UDCC and the public in 2011. And, to that end - the below represent the Top UFO Videos, and Stories, OF 2011.
Drumroll please..................................................!!!!!!!!

UDCC's 2011 Number One - The Jerusalem Orb

first covered on UDCC -
UDCC's Number Two - The 2011 Sky Noise Phenomena

first covered on UDCC -
UDCC's Number Three - Phil Coseski, Orb Caller

first covered on UDCC -
UDCC's Number Four - The July 4th LIVE TV - UFO on Chicago TV

first covered on UDCC -
UDCC's Number Five - Fisherman Cellphone UFO Video And Story

first covered on UDCC -
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Serious Look At The Possibly Nefarious Side of UFOlogy In 2011

Hello Clockers and Welcome Newbies to UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) - you've arrived on a good day - it's time for a `review' of what loosely passes for the UFOlogy spectrum in 2011. And, frankly, going thru a year of posts was mind numbing - I was surprised at how much had blended together or how much I was blotting out. But, then, it really was a year with EVERYTHING.

Including even NEW potentially nefarious Phenomena - such as the SKY Noise Phenomena - if you thought Chemtrails were bad - welcome to the 2010's. Indeed, the noise phenomena - like most anomalous phenomena it seems - has already seemingly evolved into different `forms/sounds' - some from way up in the sky and some from seemingly very local locations. Some high pitched sounds, some low rumbling ongoing tones. The phenomena is prevalent enough in the Atlanta area that I've heard it myself on multiple occasions over the past year.

It's subtle folks, just listen for what sounds like a fading jetliner that simply DOESN'T fade and you will possibly hear the most frequent type - at least in my local area. As I've said in this blog - WTH are `they' - I assume TPTB - doing? IT sounds like the atmosphere itself is being `fried'. Could it be some effort to combat the carbon dioxide buildup? The heat buildup? Methane?

But, beyond that, sound can be used in many ways - including as a weapon or to create fear IMO - just listen to this woman's voice in Florida in one of the earliest YouTube examples of the sky noise phenomena:

Perhaps the most nefarious YouTube video of the year IMO. And, these strange sky sounds keep appearing at the most public of moments - such as at a live major league baseball game - again, in Florida: listen closely, you can hear the announcers fear as the unknown noise continues.

Now, I won't bother here with the high pitched sounds or bring you dozens and dozens of similar recordings made almost exclusively in the past year of the more `hum' oriented sound. But, the lack of ANY coverage by the MSM of the phenomena almost speaks for itself. As has their continued ignoring of the Chemtrail Phenomena since the mid 90's. So, without question, to UDCC the strangest development of the year with possible nefarious implications is the SNP.
However, also in 2011, UDCC sensed an increase in `smaller' hovering spheres - often seen over peoples homes. Are these data collectors of some sort? Mind devices? And what would be the purpose of the government working with local law officials on a top secret project (away from public scrutiny) about another data collector - that looked like a UFO - that was to hover to 10 days at 60K feet? Strange and nefarious enough for you?

Tomorrow's post will bring you my TOP UFO Videos and Top UFO Stories of 2011 Listing - you do not want to miss that.
These above videos first appeared with my take at the time The Akron UFO and SNP At Baseball Game and the original Strange Florida Sky Sound.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The BLUE UFO Phenomena Of 2011 - Part Two

As Clockers know, in the last post I provided a YT video of `something' hovering about treetop level that was kinda similar to a LED light - but - seemed to have structure to it. The video seemed genuine, and I told you at the time I posted, that I found it in searching YT to see if any Blue UFO videos were comparable to last years Centreville Virgina phenomena.

Well, as you can see from the title of this post - you will have a few more to digest today and links to more of the same. Also, you will note I've provided BLUE LED videos for some comparison so you can make up your own mind on the matter.

Are you ready?
A pretty incredible video to start off - these 4 Blue UFOs are WAY UP in the sky - and seem very stable if these are part of a kite system or balloon system of a hoaxer. The source is untraceable which clouds the veracity and the video is on a `hyped up' source page. For example, using the word FLEET in this instance. Supposedly shot in Turkey in Sept. 2011.

link - or
Anomalous? Nefarious? Alien Disclosure? OR, hoaxer/fun seeker?
Now here is what a KITE with LED Lights  looks like. To me, very very Kitelike and LED looking. I will have the BLUE LEDs coming up. Here's more Kites With Lights
Now, actually, the year BEGAN on 1-4 with a BLUE UFO over Russia and you can see that here in this under 2 minutes TV Reporting of the incident - again, a pretty convincing solo blue Orb. 1,200 views or so.
Then on May 12th in the UK was this blinking BLUE Orb - under 800 views and uploader has this video only - anomalous?

link -
And, here's another UK Blinking Blue `UFO' on June 23rd - under 700 Views - These Lights are a number of colors and somewhat LEDish IMO. That said, seems legit videoer. This is perhaps the most kiteish in appearance. Here's a strange BLUE LIGHT in the sky In Mexico. Quick video. STRANGE.
Finally, here's the most similar LED lights I could find to this whole saga - A 42inch BLUE LED Light Bar With Several Lights --- hmmmm.
Seek and ye shall find - right?
Here's an update on my more `science' blog TAL (The AnomalyMan Listing) - Humans Were Catching Tuna - A Deep Sea Fish - 42K Years Ago and a great video on YT explaining in simple terms - The Speed Of Light. You'll enjoy the look and feel of this blog too I bet.
Thanks for your attention today - see you tomorrow?


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