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Are Ground Level Orbs INCREASING?

So, I do another state UFO update - this time Florida and not only do I find tons of recent material, I find once again that someone has captured the Orb phenomena near ground level. But, that submission was more than that - the Orbs were distinctly Red Orbs - yes, multiple orbs, like 15 of them. So, red orbs, in a group, at ground level - with two pictures of the LAST one (they were in a car). See those two photos below:
The Florida reports also had (a review of 50 most recent reports at MUFON) - at least 2 reports with Aliens, and a separate one with an implant..... you can feel the fear in these reports. Interestingly, none of these alien contacts were recent... have the subjective aliens left again? Some serious great reads at Florida UFO.
Oh, you will NOT believe the STRUCTURE in the Florida skies in one photo - supposedly seen by many.
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Strangeness In Georgia

So, I just finished today a post looking at the most recent 34 MUFON reports stated to have occurred in the state of Georgia. Some real interesting stuff - including supposedly a 30 year unidentified Atlanta meteorologist - who in the MUFON report stated he'd never seen anything like it. Like what? A strange cloud, that `based on another MUFON report' formed a minimum of TWICE the same day..... read and see the weirdness at the 2014 Georgia UFO Update.

And, two days ago I updated the 2014 Oregon UFO blog and found.... winners..... See Oregon's UFO Report Highlights Here which included a `blinking daytime' `thing' very similar to the famous 1979 UFO at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. Both of those links at the above link to Oregon's overview.
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Those UFO Tales From The 1950's - And The Omissions

One thing that is very satisfying when I look at the stats for UDCC is just how long the average person spends here each time they come - usually about 7 minutes plus..... today you will need to spend more than that to absorb this post about what happens to UFO stories as they get retold decade after decade... you man be surprised what real UFO blogging finds.
Today's post will reflect real UFO blogging. You can support such blogging by buying my books - finding some ads from Amazon to check out and purchase - or, my god - use the donation button on this page to show appreciation. 

As a surfer of internet UFO websites - you and I clearly are rarely given any deeper sense of what one is reading .... where did this information come from is often on my mind for instance. Today's real blogging will attempt to show what happens when a can of worms of a bit of UFO history is opened up to review..... 

Clearly, there seems to have been some element of high strangeness in the 1950's concerning the alien phenomena .... when men and boys still dreamed of a Mars with a teaming population. Because, unless it was ALL disinformation... which is indeed possible.... it seems that all the `aliens' of the 1950's have simply vanished ... along with their spacesuits and space helmets. And, while the account below - sent to me by Ken Pfeifer as he covered it on his website - doesn't include helmets.... well, let's let the fun begin:

(Ken sent this to me last Nov. 2013 and had posted it on his website - I found it interesting and put it in my bin)



At the time of the encounter, Dr. Botta was a man of 40 years old. He was well educated and respected by all who knew him. He was an ex-war pilot and aeronautical engineer. He was employed as an architectural engineer working with a well known company in Caracas in 1950. His job had placed him in Argentina working on a large construction project when he would be involved in the most bizarre event of his life. Botta was driving down the highway about seventy-five miles from his hotel in an isolated area known as Bahia Blanca when he saw a metallic, disc-shaped object sitting on the grass just off the road way. He stopped his car to watch the object for a few minutes to see what would happen. After seeing no sign of movement, he decided to get even closer to the unknown object. This vantage point allowed him to see an opening or doorway in the object's side. He decided to go inside.  At first the craft's inside seemed empty, except for a blinking red light in a domed top. As he ventured farther inside, he saw a curved divan with four seats; three of these seats were occupied with small beings about four feet tall with gray, tight-fitting overalls. The three small creatures were facing a control panel. It consisted of lights, gauges, and meters of different types.  Standing quietly behind them, Botta could not resist the urge to touch one of the small beings. As he did, he felt a rigid, charred texture. The three strange creatures were dead! All within a moment, he rushed from the saucer, got into his car, and was speeding down the highway. Arriving at his hotel, he related his strange experience to two of his closest friends. The group of men armed themselves with weapons and decided to return to the scene of Botta's encounter. However, it being almost dark, and the area being so isolated, they changed their minds, and opted for the next morning to do their search.

  Early the next day, Botta led the three directly to the spot of the previous day's unusual encounter, but there was no craft there now. All that was found at the site the object had occupied was a pile of ashes. One of the men scooped some up. Immediately, his hand turned purple, and remained that way for several days. The three men, discouraged by the absence of the object, began to look around the area to see if any other evidence of its landing could be found.  One of the men looked up and saw three objects in the sky.   One, the largest of the three, was cigar-shaped, while the two smaller objects were disc-shaped. Dr. Botta hurriedly took five pictures of the objects, of which only two showed vague images of the objects. Soon, the two smaller objects joined the cigar-shaped flying object. The three became one, turned blood red, and quickly disappeared from view.  Dr. Botta would later relate more details of his observations on the day of the incident. He would recall that he saw vents or holes in the floor of the object. The control panel had a transparent sphere above it which rotated. The rigidness of the aliens' skin was an indication to him that they had died in a crash or malfunction. He also was amazed at the skin of the saucer, which was metallic in appearance, but had a "rubbery" feel to it.  Immediately after the encounter, Dr. Botta came down with a fever, and his skin was blistered. Doctors were unable to discover the origin of either ailment. The symptoms lasted for several weeks. He also had an impression of the sunglasses he wore into the craft on his face.  A test showed no sign of radiation.  Botta kept the details of his strange encounter private, except for his two companions, Horacio Gonzales G., and Leon Stringfield. Although the details of the strange happenings in Argentina seem most improbable, the character and reputation of Botta make this case extremely difficult to discount. 

Now, of course, your first question is `where did this story come from'? Right? (assuming UFO Casebook, for the retelling)

So, let's see where this goes....looking closely at this story it seems that one person is the link to this information really.... Mr. Gonzales.

FIRST, what I could find about about Horacio Gonzales G. -
at the back page of the above link - it shows facts that let us piece together the below IMO:

That he wrote at least one article in 1958 for the Venezuelan Army about UFO's "The Real Facts Of The Flying Saucers"  (as a speaker at one of the 1955 UFO conferences, was Gonzales one of the good guys or disinfo props?)

That the Mythical Dr. Botta - surfaces through Gonzales - who was speaking at a UFO conference in 1955.

That Gonzales was a member of the Venezuelan UFO APRO (Arial Phenomena Research Organization) in or by 1962. Gonzales eventually gives `the story' to UFO Researcher Leonard Stringfield for his 1977 book - `Situation Red - The UFO Siege' Situation Red: The UFO Siege!
"Situation Red" was the late Leonard Stringfield's (he died in 1994) definitive literary work, and the one book which anyone even slightly acquainted with his productive and interesting life knows about.

Stringfield's interest in the UFO/ET phenomenon was triggered by a daylight sighting in August 1945 when he was an Army Air Force Intelligence Officer. With 12 other USAAF personnel on board a C-46 aircraft on the way to Tokyo, he sighted three large glowing balls of light pacing their aircraft on the starboard side. The electronics on the plane were affected, one of the two engines stopped working and the pilot prepared to ditch in the Pacific. When the three balls of light departed in formation, everything returned to normal and the aircraft was able to successfully land at Iwo Jima. This encounter made a big impression on Stringfield, as well it might. When thousands of sightings of "flying saucers" and balls of light under obvious intelligent control and exhibiting "impossible" flight characteristics started to be reported all over the world in 1946-47, Stringfield immediately saw that these were almost certainly related to the phenomenon he and other allied servicemen had witnessed during WW2, often referred to in the European theatre as "Kraut Fireballs" and in the Pacific as "Foo Fighters".

This book, published in 1977, chronicles Stringfield's work with his organization Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects (CRIFO) from the 1950s through 1977 with a major focus on the years 1973-77. CRIFO became for a time the largest US-based civilian UFO-interest organization with more than 2,500 active members. He was always close to many senior USAF personnel and even asked to pass on details of encounters from any phone, anywhere, at the expense of the USAF.........
 Ten years prior to the publication of Timothy Good's seminal book of the same title, chapter nine of "Situation Red" is titled "Above Top Secret" and explores the evidence for crash/recoveries. He was certainly the first researcher to get his teeth into this issue, again several years prior to the 1947 Roswell crash being investigated by Stan Friedman and others.

Obviously, the above review indicates that this is a HUGELY important book IMO. (My God - his UFO experience was the very month we dropped the bomb on Japan,,,, I'd love to know if that was before or after. And, again, the 3 ball orb phenomena we are all so accustom to nowadays.

Continued digging in the internet produced the below.

I found the earliest INTERNET account of the above at an amazing website up since 2000, with VERY few hits, and who did the below account of the `story' on April 5th, 2001 --- here's what that said:

The events:

Dr. Botta, an ex-war pilot, aeronautical engineer, and now architectural engineer with a well-known real estate company in Caracas was in Argentina on a construction project. He was driving along the highway about 75 miles from his hotel in an isolated region when he saw the metallic, discoid object resting in the grass off the highway.
Approaching nearer, he saw an opening or door in its side. Peering inside, it seemed empty. There was some sort of red light pulsating in the dome at intervals of one second... he went inside and was surprised to see a curved divan with four seats, three of which were occupied by small beings covered in a kind of tight-fitting grey coveralls. He estimated the height of the beings to be about four feet. Their faces were dark, or charred. In front of them was a screen with rays playing on it, and on top of the screen was a globe of transparent material which was rotating. He touched one of the little occupants. Its flesh was rigid.
He related his story to two friends and they decided to return the next morning. All they found was a heap of ashes. One of the men looked up and spotted three objects. One was cigar shaped, high up. Two others were discoid and smaller. One of the discs, about ten meters in diameter, was hovering above the group at an estimated height of 600m. He took five pictures, only two of which show the object with any degree of clarity. The discs shot up and merged with the cigar-shaped object. It traveled for a short distance and turned blood red, made and 80 degree turn and disappeared in a few seconds.

Object Appearance:

Disc, 32 feet diameter, 13 feet, tower (dome?) with windows six feet.

Interior Appearance:

Interior 7 feet high; metallic appearance, but resilient, like rubber. Holes or vents in the floor, no pipes or cables. Control panel with bright instruments in front of center occupant, whose hands were resting on two levers. Above the panel, there was a small sphere with a circle. To the right, an apparatus similar to a TV screen was seen. An intermittent light of orange-whitish color in the roof of the cabin. Note the change in roof color light, even in this original account from I assume the book.

Occupant Description:

Humanoid, four feet in height, with eyes, nose and mouth. Grey-chestnut hair, cut short. Skin bronze, faces dark. Dressed in overalls of a lead grey color.

Object Behavior:

Tilted on ground. Later observation may have been of the same object hovering near another disc and a cigar object. Discs merged into cigar, cigar moved a small distance, turned red, made an 80 degree turn and was gone in seconds.

Physical Effect:

Smell of ozone and garlic.

Medical Effect:

Fever and skin blisters; had been wearing dark green sunglasses and outline of glasses was plain on his face. Was tested by a doctor for radiation, but no traces were found.


An apparently multiple witness case, with physical and medical effects along with a clear view of the occupants and the interior of a UFO. Unfortunately, it seems that the photos, ash samples, medical reports, or accounts by the secondary witnesses have never been made public.


  • "Situation Red - The UFO Siege", book by Leonard Stringfield, ISBN 0-449-23654-4, page 103, 1977.
So, a UFO website blogger - Patrick Gross - brings about a very specific `treatment' of the story I assume from the book itself. One that has details no future retelling will have.
Now, as you saw above, the name of the sole witness to this event is stated to be  Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta, 

But, what if I told you that the same story of above is told in HUGE detail WAY BEYOND WHAT YOU SEE ABOVE - is AT ANOTHER LOCATION ON THE INTERNET - AND THAT BOTTA'S real name was Dr. Enrico Carotenuto Bossa an Italian, and fighter pilot (for Italy) in WW2. BOSSA, NOT BOTTA.
His story first appeared in the Venezuelan newspaper "El Universal" on Saturday, May 7, 1955 (five years later) reporting that an Italian architect named Dr. Enrico Carotenuto Bossa, was driving through the countryside, outside the city of Bahia Blanca in Argentina and encountered a strange object resting on the ground just off the road. Thinking that it may be a downed airplane, he stopped his vehicle and continued on foot. As he got closer, he noticed that it was a metallic disc shaped object with a door opened on its side. Curious, he entered the craft and to his amazement, discovered that three strange beings were dead. 
Please note: Some assert, on the Internet, that his name was Dr. "Enrique Carotenuto Botta", with a Spanish sounding name and never mentioned that he was Italian, only that he was from South America. But he was Italian, therefore, his actual Italian name was Dr. Enrico Carotenuto Bossa.

Here's the link to the above and below treatment of the same story - --- appeared on the internet 4-26-2012
PRUFON NEWS (Puerto Rico UFO Network News) is an English
language site, which publishes news articles about the UFO
phenomenon and other paranormal events, serving the
island's English speaking community, the U.S. mainland
and the world.

About the webmaster of this website:
Nelson C. Rivera

Ufologist, criminal investigator, musician, artist, web developer and writer.

Nelson worked 20 years for the New York City Department of Correction. First as a Correction Officer for 4 years, Captain for 12 years, and as a Deputy Warden for 4 years. As a law enforcement officer and supervisor, he has conducted countless of criminal investigations, some for unimaginable allegations. 

On June of 2005, after his retirement, he moved to Puerto Rico with his family where his wife and daughter faced extraordinary experiences with extraterrestrials. These alien encounters, subsequent abductions of his wife and the lack of help from so-called, "ufologists" here on the island, prompted him to become involved in the field of ufology and in the need to help others who have had similar experiences.

Here's some more real details in this version:
(it was translated from Spanish supposedly)
red is my emphasis
"In the period of April-May 1950, I was in the city of Bahia Blanca, the capital of the province of La Pampa, to build a number of houses. I had a habit, from time to time, of taking long trips around that province in my vehicle to take my mind off things......"On May 15, 1950, I made one of such trips,....when suddenly, a silver object on the ground caught my attention. I did not find the thing that important, which was at the left of the road at a distance of about 300 meters....."As I approached, I noticed strange details such as skylights and a translucent dome. At 50 meters (about 164 feet) of the object, I stopped and observed the exterior of the vehicle carefully and thought of the remains of a crashed airplane. But the strange shape of the object made me abandon that idea. The passing clouds obstructing the sun produced on the object a strange effect. I thought about leaving the car and to approach on foot. At 10 meters (about 33 feet) away, I realized at last that it was a 'saucer'. As a result of my subconscious, I was as happy as a child and with the bold spirit that is acquired under those conditions; I did not hesitate to come closer and to enter inside the object, whose door was open.
"Before entering, I began to examine the object in detail. It had an approximate diameter of 10 meters (about 33 feet); it was formed in two parts: the bottom one was an inverted saucer-shaped (bell) and the other above, cylindrical (tower) and covered by a dome. On top of the dome, there was a strange round lantern. Its total height would be about 4 meters (about 13 feet). A number of high rectangular windows, I have not counted, with long rounded angles. The object was resting on the ground with an inclination of about 20 degrees, supported by a terrain relief. It had an extravagant chromed surface, magnificently polished which reflected my image and the sky. It looked like a dead thing: no life, no noise or vibration. I looked for the door, which was open precisely at the foot of the tower. I thought that I would have some difficulty in climbing to the edge of the bell, but I then realized that this place was extremely unpolished and rough as sandpaper. I realized that the object was not new, because the bottom edge of the bell was a bit deteriorated and chopped in some places.
"I put my feet on the rough metal and from that point to the tower there was a distance of two meters (about 7 feet) without any support, I had to squat to crawl to the door whose approximate dimensions were 1.20 by 0.90 meters (about 4 feet by 3 feet). I poked my head inside without seeing much due to a certain darkness that reigned in there and I smelled a strong odor of ozone and garlic. I immediately jumped inside whose floor was at a depth of about 60 centimeters (about 2 feet). The spectacle I saw was so strange that surpassed my imagination. 

"The floor was a platform that gave me the sensation of sinking slowly under my weight. The control room was perfectly circular, with a height of 2.10 meters (about 7 feet), of a dark color. Around the wall was a series of skylights, very thick, covered with a transparent material bearing a resemblance to Plexiglas.

"My eyes were getting accustomed to the lighting; the scene I saw was horrible. In the center of the control room, which measured about 3.50 meters (about 11 feet) in diameter, was a strange seat occupied by a man of 1.20 to 1.40 meters (about 4 to 4½ feet) in height, wearing a lead-gray overall. His head was round, with sparse light hair and bending forward over his chest. The hands were well formed, of a light tobacco color; they were resting nervously on two handles (levers) that were sticking out of a black box that was a few inches from his body. His face was the same color of his hands, with a well-formed straight nose, his lips without a mustache, and hairless cheeks. The eyes were large, very dilated and glassy. The shapes of the body, as far as could be guessed, were perfectly human and no hint of an animal species was evident. He looked like a 15-year-old adolescent, but with the features of a man. He was not a dwarf. I touched his arm, which was stiff and the body was cold. The overall covered his neck closely and the same on the wrists. The feet were resting slightly on two tubes attached to the floor serving as supports. The overall seemed to be made of hard leather and was inflated at the shoulders, giving the pilot the aspect of a rugby player. The man was not fastened. The seat was in a way appropriate for his body and of a red-vermilion color. It was supported by a central axis. The black box that the pilot had in front of him looked like a dashboard, measuring about 1 meter high by 0.80 meter wide (about 3 by 2½ feet), in which there were two 'cat eyes', the kind you see on certain radio devices. Below this dashboard and a little above his feet, I saw a wide horizontal band with a vertical needle and some strange signs which were undoubtedly numbers. To the right of the pilot, a little in front of the dashboard, there was a semi-opaque disc, like a TV screen switched off.
"The most impressive scene was that of two other identical men, lying on two large comfortable chairs on each side of the pilot and against the wall, appearing equally dead. They were not strapped and there was no belt.

"Their eyes were open and terrified, with half-opened mouths and a bit swollen. But why the third seat was empty? I touched it and found that it was a very soft material. The whereabouts of the fourth member of the crew, evidently left leaving the door opened, began to worry me. My attention was drawn to two rectangular power strips about 4 centimeters (about 1½ inches) high, placed on the floor and going from the center to the periphery, ending up on each side of the door. I also noticed on the dashboard, a transparent sphere of 25 centimeters (about 10 inches) in diameter surrounded by a flat ring, inclined at 40 degrees and looked exactly like the planet Saturn as observed through a telescope. Was it an automatic calculator of latitude or colatitude?

"Lifting my eyes, I noticed that the control room wall was not continuing to the ceiling, but there was adjoining the ceiling a very pronounced circular relief, with rectangular holes of 60 centimeters (about 2 feet) wide and 20 centimeters (about 8 inches) high. This perforated molding was repeated in the same way around the floor. A luminous globe of light, attached to the ceiling, was flashing slowly and emitting a white-orange light. I thought at that moment that the energy of the craft was still active and a thousand ideas went through my head... a mad panic seized me and a jolt of cold blood was all that was needed to regain my composure. I took a last look at the control room and went outside sliding on the rough edge of the bell. When hardly on the ground I suffered vertigo and while breathing our air again I realized then how heavy the control room air was and how distressing it was to breathe.

"Furious for not bringing my camera, I thought of going quickly to General Acha, a town situated about 200 kilometers (about 124 miles) from the place, to look for some engineer friends that were there. I rushed to my car and found that, in contrary to the usual, the engine started with great difficulty, barely working and giving the impression that the battery was weak even though I was sure that this wasn't the case. Once up and running, everything little by little began to return to normal, as I moved away from the object.....

AND the return story:
We then set off at dawn taking with us a Kodak Retina 2 camera, but because of a violent storm, we arrived on the scene at 12.45 hours (12:45 pm). The sky was half covered with cumulonimbus clouds over the mountains. We looked for the object and we couldn't find it.

"The ironic expressions began to show on the faces of my friends, when our attention was drawn to a pile of ashes about 2 meters (about 7 feet) high and 5 meters (about 16 feet) in diameter that was exactly where I had seen the disc. The ashes had a red-silvery color and were still smoldering slightly. I put my hand on it and noticed that the temperature was about 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit).

"At this moment one of us raised the eyes to the sky and we observed a saucer identical to the one I had seen, that was flying over us at an estimated altitude of 600 meters (1,968.50 feet). I immediately took a picture of the object at the precise moment that it gained altitude. Above the craft, another object could be seen flying identically to the first one. And yet higher, we saw a cigar-shaped object hovering at some distance from us. The two discs headed toward the cigar-shaped object in an oblique climb, inclining as they traveled toward it. During their acceleration, the discs changed from a silvery color to a pinkish color. In a few seconds, the two discs met with the cigar-shaped object, which then disappeared and immediately the cigar-shaped object dashed off in a sudden fantastic speed that we estimated at 12,000 km /h (7,456.45 mph)."

And, yes, this version comes with two photos:


What happened to the dead aliens? Since he did state that the bottom edge of the bell was a bit deteriorated and chopped in some places and was also tilted 20 degrees on the ground, supported by a terrain relief, it is possible that the spacecraft crashed in that barren region of Argentina.

I've noticed that since he was an architect, he was able to describe the exterior and interior of the craft in detail and appeared to be well versed at taking measurements since he hardly used words like "about" or "approximately". He had all the attributes to describe an unknown object in detail. Dr. Enrico Carotenuto Bossa, was a former fighter pilot, an architect by profession, and had a doctorate degree in aeronautical engineering.

A Venezuelan ufologist and the main investigator in the case named, Horacio Gonzalez Ganteaume (who died in 1971), interviewed Dr. Bossa for several weeks. Dr. Bossa informed him that he suffered a fever or high temperature and his skin was covered with blisters. Even though he said that he has consulted with several specialists, none was able to formulate a diagnosis, nor to alleviate its condition and those symptoms went away after a while. Also, since he wore eyeglasses while entering the disc, a red mark appeared around his eyes with the outline of the lenses. A doctor had tested him with a Geiger counter to determine if he had been exposed to radiation, but did not find any trace. In addition, there were visible greenish spots on his skin, which disappeared with the application of a medication.

The article, which appeared in "Le Courrier Interplan├ętaire" (a French magazine) on April 1956, ends with a footnote indicating that the author of this report is a 44-year-old Italian architect who signs his name as Enrico Bossa. He asked on that occasion not to reveal his main name (Carotenuto) because his life has been tough in Argentina and Venezuela and has lost one of his jobs "for believing in flying saucers". 
So, he'd been in his 30's in 1950.
In the decade of the seventies, Leonard H. Stringfield, a veteran UFO researcher from Cincinnati, (who died in 1994), was dedicated in gathering evidence to prove that the U.S. government had in its possession UFOs and their occupants. He published in his book "Situation Red: The UFO Siege" in 1978 that the witness's name was "Enrique Caretenuto Botta" (his actual Italian name is Enrico Caretenuto Bossa). That's because he was used to protecting the identity of witnesses, thus made a variation of his real name, without mentioning that it was a pseudonym, creating some confusion. In addition, his version, which contains errors, inaccuracies and discrepancies, was based on reports provided to him by Horacio Gonzalez Ganteaume and the witness himself in a 1955 letter.
OR, as they say, the rest of the story - that is - until it begins to unravel on the internet with fewer details and more streamlining for the consciousness of the readers in the 2000's.

The next treatment I could find was by BJ Booth in 2006 for - the UFO Chronicles. (note the real details are not available any longer at the link here - which probably is why he wrote it up again below) who picked up the pseudonym name without mention, and the details of the book - not - the verbatim given by Bossa in the 1956 article (which BJ Booth may or may not be aware of, of course)

The above 2006 post was all re-written in Feb 2008 by B J Booth for a website called hotspotsz -
Many reports of UFO encounters made by single individuals are often given little weight by most investigators. However, when that one person is of high esteem and credibility, the case is given much weight. Such is the case with an Alien encounter that occurred in 1950 in South America. The lone witness was Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta, who passed his incredible story on to Horacio Gonzales G. in Caracas at a UFO conference in 1955.Dr. Botta would soon give permission to Horacio G. to relate the story to famed UFO researcher Leon Stringfield. The researcher would release the details of the Botta encounter in his book, "Situation Red." At the time of the encounter, Dr. Botta was a man of 40 years old. He was well educated and respected by all who knew him. He was an ex-war pilot and aeronautical engineer. He was employed as an architectural engineer working with a well known company in Caracas in 1950. His job had placed him in Argentina working on a large construction project when he would be involved in the most bizarre event of his life.
Botta was driving down the highway about seventy-five miles from his hotel in an isolated area known as Bahia Blanca when he saw a metallic, disc-shaped object sitting on the grass just off the road way. He stopped his car to watch the object for a few minutes to see what would happen. After seeing no sign of movement, he decided to get even closer to the unknown object. This vantage point allowed him to see an opening or doorway in the object's side. He decided to go inside. At first the craft's inside seemed empty, except for a blinking red light in a domed top. As he ventured farther inside, he saw a curved divan with four seats; three of these seats were occupied with small beings about four feet tall with gray, tight-fitting overalls. The three small creatures were facing a control panel. It consisted of lights, gauges, and meters of different types. Standing quietly behind them, Botta could not resist the urge to touch one of the small beings. As he did, he felt a rigid, charred texture. The three strange creatures were dead! All within a moment, he rushed from the saucer, got into his car, and was speeding down the highway.
There's more but it involved registering with the website and such.
Then, BJ Booth wrote up the mythical Dr. Botta as one of the classic UFO cases here -
(year unknown of write up)
BJ Included more details in this account: (the humanoids were victims of a fire in this account)

Reduced to Pile of Ashes:

Because of the lateness of the hour, the three men decided to go back to the object at first light. Upon arriving at the exact location of Botta's experience the day before, they found that the flying saucer was gone. Looking over the area, they did find a pile of ashes. One of the men grabbed a handful of the ash, and at once, his hand turned a purple color. After a few days, the color wore off.

Three Flying Objects:

Since the three men saw nothing else at the location of the landed saucer, they began to look around the area more extensively, hoping to find some evidence of its existence. As they did, one of the men saw not one, but three UFOs above them. One was the largest, and cigar-shaped. The two smaller objects were disc-shaped. Dr. Botta took five photos, but only two of them showed a faint trace of the objects.

Objects Turn Blood Red:

The three men watched as the two smaller objects united with the larger object. The objects were now one, and turned a blood red. The object soon disappeared into the sky. Shortly after the incident, Dr. Botta became ill. He had a high fever, and blistered, irritated skin. He went for medical help, but doctors were unable to diagnose his condition. After a couple of weeks, the symptoms disappeared.

The Real Thing?:

Could this story be the real thing? Or just a silly hoax to gain attention or sell a story for financial gain? Botta was not in need of any money, and as far as we can ascertain, he did not make a cent from his story. He put his reputation on the line by relating it to others, and we have no reason to believe he made his experience up.
Then, BJ Booth - did a similar write up for his UFO Website - UFO Casebook - the origin of Ken P.s piece. Yes, BJ Booth is the webmaster for not only but also UFO Casebook. Here's his profile at About.Com -
Note how BJ Booths final versions of the story don't include the specifics of size of craft(?) Or that the panel resembled a TV screen.... too 1950ish? Or the six foot windows? Or details about the ash pile, like its temperature ( or at being exactly 1/2 in size BTW to the craft)?
And the above details, B.J. Booths details,  all then seem destined for the various websites below, all using the same verbiage: (these below are just a few of the many) and all leaving out the basics like size of craft, etc.

Picked Up in March 2013 here (word for word the post)
Picked up in Nov. 2013 (probably from Ken?) -
So, as you can see - the `classic' and `historical' UFO cases you read about - the ones with nothing to latch onto for content and origin..... probably come from a background like you see above. Taylored for the UFO consumers of today - and not for folks who believe that the aliens wear overalls.
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Orb Caller In Chile Brings Orbs To Near Ground Level

As Clockers are aware - I've been featuring a UFO website called UFO Flicks - and one of the Orb Callers (they don't use the term) that they link to is one from Chile who uses mirrors to bring the Orbs into visibility and then to near ground level. Stick with this video as the first minute can be confusing as he highlights its coming down from the higher atmosphere. Eventually you will see the video in real time and the orbs close up in a sense....... also you will note that OFTEN it is THREE orbs (as is amazingly often the case for these projections)..... Was Shaman Lujan Matus right about the escalation of UFO activity starting in 2011 -- that UFO activity being Orb activity?

dozens of orb videos
could it be as simple as mirrors? and belief?
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Strange Orb Display In California 6/18 Caught By Many And Reported To MUFON With Pictures And Videos

At this point... it's all at my state UFO blog - it's up to SIX different accounts, some from very close to underneath it (the bright lights). As you can see at the link and the videos at the link - it appeared not only as one bright light but as two at times - it also repeatedly vanished in one location to show up in another. It was also moving slowly in some videos.... as I say at California UFO... this reminds me of two Orbs in particular in early 2011 - the Jerusalem Orb and the Toronto Orb a week or two before. One of the accounts to MUFON was submitted with 10 pictures... including the floating overhead shots. Incredible. Will it recur? Has any explanation come forward in 5 days?
As I mentioned the other day - UFO Flicks website links to some important UFO documents... just like UDCC does in the sidebar of the page you are reading. But, I wanted to point out their link to a Dec. 27th 1969 report  about UFO's (a rebuttal report to the official final government view on UFOs in 1969) - and I will copy and paste just a taste of the page below:
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 134th Meeting
General Symposium, Unidentified Flying Objects
James E. McDonald, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences
The University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
December 27, 1969
(interesting excerpt)
Within the federal government, official responsibility for UFO investigations has rested with the Air Force since early 1948. Unidentified aerial objects quite naturally fall within the area of Air Force concern, so this assignment of responsibility was basically reasonable, However, once it became clear (early 1949) that UFO reports did not seem to involve advanced aircraft of some hostile foreign power, Air Force interest subsided to relatively low levels, marked, however, by occasional temporary resurgence of interest following large waves of UFO reports, such as that of 1952, or 1957, or 1965.
A most unfortunate pattern of press reporting developed by about 1953, in which the Air Force would assert that they had found no evidence of anything “defying explanation in terms of present-day science and technology” in their growing files of UFO reports. (red is my emphasis)
Tons of excellent reading at the above link for the above report - be curious. I will be continuing to dig into UFO Flicks in upcoming posts.
What if the Orb phenomena `steps it up'? These California videos suggest just that to me at this point of time - what is also curious is that ONLY six folks recorded and reported this phenomena... or will there be many more come forward as this isn't even a week old. NO TV coverage as of yet that I am aware of. Updates expected.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

WTH? Strange Photo Found On Cellphone - (with full Reddit Analysis) No Memory Of Taking Photo

Guy goes to bed at 9:30-10:00, falls asleep, the photo that he discovers on his phone at a later point indicates the photo was taken about an hour after he went to bed.... the photo and statement about event:
The Reddit crowd analysis with enhancements of the photo in different manners.... believes it was taken outside of house.
This is how strange the phenomena can be or the ludicrous foes can distract with. Seriously, read the crowd analysis at Reddit.
How did you like yesterday's and Friday's read here? Kinda a full review of my blogging efforts yesterday... oh, if you want a real `where does this end' try reading this post at The AnomalyMan listing about `severed head experiments' - Much Like Trying To Re-Describe Old UFO Experiences......
And, I haven't forgotten that I've promised at least part two if not more about UFO Flicks. It's coming. I wanted to say that while UFO Flicks is of the opinion that all UFO activity is Orb related I do not go that far but do believe that UFO Flicks has some good evidence to suggest that some are. If you are a Clocker you know that I believe more is phenomenology related too.
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Share Believe Question Dismiss

Today's post is a repost of something from The AnomalyMan Listing I wrote in early 2011 - explaining .. well, read it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The ParaNormal Blogger Dilemma - Share, Believe, Question or Dismiss

Hello, and welcome to The new AnomalyMan Listing - now on Blogspot. Yes, I've started another new blog with the focus on the strange and unusual; and, I've got about 30 posts for you to enjoy if you dig into the site.

As many of you know, I have  multiple `paranormal' sites/blogs. One, my first, and dearest to my heart - is my phenomenology blog -- -- it has all of four posts. I have pages upon pages of original 1970's phenomenology notes (none of which are on the site) that were seemingly sent to my brain in a type of `channeling' - I literally have no idea where the ideas came from -- only later did I discover that I was writing Phenomenology. Of those original papers I literally don't know whether to share, believe, question or dismiss them.

That phenomenology however became a sieve for myself on how I view the `paranormal'. However, internally, I KNOW that even phenomenology is only PART of the `so called answer' being sought by many involved in the `unknown' side of reality. The paranormal side. The able-to-not-be side.

I was next motivated to begin the blog The Heavy Stuff - when I ran across what I considered and perhaps still consider - to be the most INCREDIBLE DATA that I had ever seen - on the Princeton Noosphere site. It was the data that happened in random-generator number programs on 9-11-01 - more specifically the morning of 9-11. I did three posts. Patrick Hughye of the printed the third one (after telling me he just couldn't digest the first two) - and suddenly I was a blogger (in my mind). My words were reaching hundreds and the `review' was reaching thousands. I was `sharing' my phenomenology - believing it slightly - questionning it totally - not dismissing it.

What I sought to explain in that third post was how the worldwide linked computers `began to show anomalous data' WHEN THE HIJACKERS CLEARED SCREENING. I sought to show, intellectually, thru phenomenology, how data set eggs could change via INTENTIONALITY'S. AND, what the actual `change' that happened was,  to bring about the data anomalies. I was an `explainer' of the paraNormal. I knew I was out on a limb.

Yeah, that heavy.

And, then, the O'Hara UFO event happened - reigniting my interest in sharing my ONE personal UFO experience. (But what an experience - a close up sighting of a saucer.) It also brought out my `book knowledge' of UFOs - as I had devoured all that I could find after my 1991 event. I knew that the `field' was ripe with disinformation - and that the `UFO phenomena' itself was a MULTITUDE of `paranormal' things. Including strong doses of politics.  Indeed, if one was looking for an `answer' to paranormal - via UFOs - good luck - as in my estimation - at least 4 (four) types of `entities' may exist. 

I needed to separate out the UFO from the paranormal - and started where I try to confine myself to UFO and sky issues (chemtrails). Okay, I let a bit of the 2012 nonsense in too on occasion. Indeed, most of that `nonsense' (to me) has to do with all the `channelers' of galactic info (even while being channeled once  myself perhaps, no, I am NOT certain it was a channeling).

Indeed, now, we are starting the REAL talk about the ParaNormal. 

The `area' (space) that `lies beyond the senses'. Insert spooky or New Age sounds here. Because indeed, myself, and others I believe - have experienced that which is `beyond sense', beyond cause. Often in the presence of others or even with others.

And, then, with the experience, the dilemma arises.

It's almost like the Ouiji board - one KNOWS that one should NOT mess with inviting the paranormal. Should NOT mess with disturbing ones own common-consensus. Should NOT spend excess time even thinking about it - as the A influences demand nearly our attention. 

Indeed, what `gains' are paranormal bloggers to expect for their attention to the paranormal phenomena.

Is it that `we' will enlighten the world? Has PSI being proven, in the aggregate, done anything? Are more people being interested in the paranormal bringing a new consciousness to humanity?

The hard `answer' is NO. IMO. 

So why do it?

(Indeed, my next blog was Barf Stew - where I expressed and express my being overwhelmed by the whole ParaNormal saga - is it Barf or is it Stew (worthy). So, here I share, question and then dismiss often.)

After one has literally pounded away on `possibilities' of the paranormal for any length of time - most bloggers - begin to burn out. Words will not express the impossible. Theories are just that - theories. Indeed, eventually, one isn't even as `fearful' of the unknown - but the desire to say `look at this' to others - fades.And, it especially fades when one provides the words with little to no feedback -from what has become a jaded `paranormal' audience. 

The desire for the smoking gun in a world of camouflage seems no closer today than in the days of Gurdjieff and possible real C influence (schools of higher, real higher, learning). That said, perhaps the `brain modulation' machines are today's individual schools.
The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff

Finally, paranormal `exists' in such fleeting phenomena (that runs off) - and is of such a huge range (equal to what CAN be believed I think) - that putting words to the subject is doomed to failure if one expects to be original or comprehensive. Perhaps the best a paranormal blogger, thinker, experiencer can do is to stick STRICTLY with personal experiences of the unknown and share them with other experiencers - something that some bloggers at The C Influence are trying to do - my latest blog effort, now in group form.

Thanks for reading.

This post was inspired by Bruce Duensing - co-founder of TCI.

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