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Monday, August 29, 2016

A Four Paragraph Esoteric Explanation Of The UFO Phenomena And Why There Are No Longer `UFO Specials' On TV

Recently... I joined a website called - a new idea similar in a sense to Reddit - but that PAYS people who contribute to the cool new platform - via blogging or presenting links or commenting - in actual money (that is transferred into cryptocurrency - any cryptocurrency can be exchanged for Bitcoin... and Bitcoin can be easily transferred at any moment into cash). I've put the below article onto Steemit as original content first - and REprinted it here later. I'd appreciate if you would go to Steemit and upvote my article(s) - thanks. - (just go and upvote please)
Hello Steemit readers - thanks for taking the time to satisfy your inner quest for knowledge. I'll take the last question first - Why are there no longer `UFO Specials' on TV? Largely, IMO, it's because the Obama administration quietly `answered' the `Alien Disclosure' question in November 2011 as a complete - NEGATIVE. - removing any incentive for any national network to keep alive the `aliens are here' motif - and effectively silencing, once and for all, the `UFO Disclosure News Conferences' (remember those?) - popular in the build up to the `answer' - despite having some astronauts implying that they knew the `answer' to be possibly yes. Indeed - as the official government NO answer sunk in to the network executives - and the rise of `Drones' being the new answer to anything `strange' in the sky - they humbly shrunk off into the corner of rebuttal and took off their collective investigative gloves, just in time to keep the `2012 Crazies' at bay. No more CNN Larry King UFO specials or Miles O'Brian talking about aliens. - And if you wonder how any of the media reacted - only MSNBC offered up this dubious analysis -

Obviously, those in the UFO Disclosure movement thought that there would be a different answer to their submitted question -  considering the many files previously released over the years by the FBI -, the NSA and other government agencies. The Disclosure Movement was obviously wrong - and the now official explanation by the government as of 2011 - was that military officers suggesting that UFO's may have interfered with our Nukes or military fighter pilots who engaged unknown phenomena and craft - were simply lying or mistaken...... Now - if my assumption is correct -  intelligent Steemit readers hit a few of the above links - and anyone can see tons of what appears to be credible testimony from all kinds of individuals about experiences that they had with unknown sky phenomena. So - what is the `answer'? Is there a `middle ground'? Or are both sides liars....or bonkers?

Surprisingly - there is a middle ground - at least in a sense IMO. First - over the past 10 plus years of blogging about the UFO phenomena and looking at literally 1000's of UFO reports submitted to MUFON - I can tell you that at NO TIME did I see even ONE clear `saucer' or craft type UFO picture or UFO Video - NOT ONCE - and that says nearly it all - one would think - but it's not. Because there IS INDEED - something `anomalous' that happens on occasion in our skies. And...indeed... this phenomena can often be seen in the submittings to MUFON - I call it the Orb Phenomena; others simply say LITS (Lights In The Sky) Unidentified Ariel  Phenomena (UAP) - indeed I belong to a tight Facebook group of people who look to the sky for the anomalous - and find it -
- indeed the Sky Orb phenomena is NOT new... and has been studied for decades - especially in the early years of the phenomena, and later and on-going as you see here - - and - here's the UFO-SPOOKY part - some orbs seem to respond to human consciousness in these various studies - ie: coming closer or blinking upon command and other actions. I'm not kidding happens to many who get involved with the phenomena - others in the Scott Browne group will say the same thing and more.

So - let's review - despite cameras being everywhere - the only clear UFO videos are all CGI and only appear on FAKE UFO websites looking for clicks - - and there are tons of them - - so beware Steemit readers..... But all that said... please think about how dangerous it might be to the powers that be - IF it became widespread knowledge that SOME people seem to `produce anomalous phenomena' into the sky and on demand? Kinda magical - Kinda like REAL magicians; and something I blogged about here - - now let me strain your mind (and memory)  into one final example of the above and why even your local TV channel is likely to back off from the phenomena - do your remember the late Prophet Yahweh? In this clip - he did it on live TV - - since then others have done it too. Pretty mysterious... but still we seem to lack the how or why of the Orb phenomena - is it alien consciousness in some form - in a sense on the hunt for humans of a particular state of mind? Well - how deep do you want to go I ask - because in one of his final posts before his unexpected death last year - Bruce Duensing speculated that UAP's were really, perhaps a Quantum Detection System - - which I believe is about as close to the `truth' as you are likely to get without - digging into deeper phenomenology and its relation to human consciousness. I can take you to there too with my opinions - but that is for another time and space.
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Final Post - The End Of The UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock?

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.
For readers who have been here since at least late 2011 - you are aware the US Government `Disclosed' their answer to the UFO phenomena.

In reality, there hasn't been a UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock since 2011.

I'm working on an `overlooking' post that wraps up my coverage of the phenomena since 2007.

Don't despair - my sarcastic take on the MSM coverage of the phenomena as well as new material will still be produced by myself...occasionally.... simply in other avenues such as FB, Reddit and some of my other UFO blogs.

But this blog will become a museum of the final UFO era as I slowly turn some of the best esoteric posts into new E-books too.

It won't be long until the final post... which is already a great read.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

YouTube EVER2020 - 8 Years Filming Into The Skies Above NYC

As with most videos of the anomalous for me these days... I came into contact with Ever2020 via the FB group by Scott Browne called In The Field Found Here... exclusively for folks scanning the skies for the anomalous..... So, a few days ago Ever2020 posted within the group a video called Small Amomaly (you will find it below) - and it was fairly well received by the group... somewhat a rarity. It still has under 110 views and it is interesting.... but then I decided - who is Ever2020 - and started a journey into his YT profile of videos... which began with a Chemtrail video on Sept. 7th, 2007 - right at the cusp of much of the craziness of 2008-2011-12... 

And... he filmed the skies for YEARS and years... has probably 80 or so videos... I'm going to page through a few to give you his take to a degree. But interestingly... he STOPPED totally... and only recently felt compelled to take his look UP into the skies once again. Three weeks ago to be exact (posting nearly 20 NEW videos in three weeks) .. after a 5 year absence. 

He came back with a highlight film of sorts... that starts 5/25/2008 - a few months after the Stephenville Texas UFO incident shook up the MSM and America -  the comeback film of his to highlight.... To Me Not So Impressive... Balloons? - 50 views ..... and back in the olden days when the MSM still covered the UFO phenomena. As I've indicate.. much of his material was shot in the daytime - and much above NYC .. which had it's own event of course in Oct. 2010. 

So... what has he claimed to find in just the last three weeks of observation? Well on April 4th he says he summoned this `cluster of orbs'... but IMO... a closer look again around the 40 second mark shows... IMO... balloons...or 4 Days Ago.. when IMO... Balloons once again....and yes... he's still in NYC. (Where balloons are released nearly in an ongoing fashion and were indeed said to be the NYC event in 2010...)

Indeed, as I browse his videos - I'm sure this guy would see my post and be convinced that I simply don't GET Orbs.... when as readers know... NO ONE is more in tune with the possible anomalous nature of the Orb Phenomena..... so... not seeing anything compelling (he calls a Chemtrail an Anomaly Here)... really compelling since his comeback... I dig deeper.. back 5 years ago and more... let's see what we find back in the crazy hey-day of Orb sky hunting.

But first... the video of at least a bit of interest - called Small Anomaly - Small Daytime Anomaly - 103 views.

Now to dig into Ever2020 History
In a video called `Best UFO Video Ever' - and videotaped THE SAME Week as the Stephenville Incident - and IS indeed a pretty strange orblike phenomena - His Most Viewed Video - 36K Views.... and this one's weird too - called Serpent In Sky (2008) - 10K views,,,,, (once again the Serpent could easily be a balloon IMO)... 
Overall... no smoking gun and less likely even Orbs... but he's in there trying - even if he is probably deceiving himself mostly IMO.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Lost 1999 Interview With Betty Hill - First Abductee (Part Two)

Hello Clockers... well... I've listened to part two now... it also is worth the 9:59.... what was of special interest to me was the `missing time' aspect of her recollections....

I'm not going to link to the other parts as you can dig into them yourselves if you wish. She seems like she is relating a real experience... and reminds me remarkably of my own grandmother... right down to her attitude about men from other planets.
And finally for today... Mark Corbin was an U.F.O. researcher... by simply being aware and having a camera... here's his story... only 58 views... deserves many more. This man had a knack for catching orbs and the one or two objects he says are UFOs in some daytime photos ...along with the attached storyline... well worth your time.. Mark Corbin died in 2013... this is his take on UFO's in his own words.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Lost 1999 Interview With Betty Hill - First Abductee

There are at least five parts... I've watched this... it's worth it to know her story... interesting.

I'll be getting to those bin links soon.
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Best Night-Vision UFO's Of 2015

As readers/Clockers know - we cover the real UFO story...

We really have to thank this gentleman (UFO Spotting) for putting together his best work of 2015.... I found this via the Facebook group run by Scott Browne called `In The Field' of which I am a member (only those who take an active look at sky phenomena). I've watched the entire video and you should to... pay special attention to around the 3:50 mark for when the orb is pacing the ISS station (and we have seen video FROM the ISS that seems to show orbs too)... and at the 6:50 mark or so and then the AMAZING video at the end of ...... welllllll a SWARM of something.... I may try to find his full video on this one. ( I've bookmarked one from his account that may be it.)

Another... walking the talk. Here's his Website.

Anyway... this is worthy of the attention of all Clockers. Feel free to comment.
346 Views - 12/1 Positive To Negative
Here's His YouTube Channel - UFO Spotting
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nedialko Kostadinov - Bulgarian Orb Hunter... Daytime Orb? Or Debris?

As I've been mentioning... I belong to In The Field at Facebook a group exclusively of folks... like myself... who take binoculars or better equipment and look to the anomalous skies above our collective heads..... It's pretty good ... but could be anything... about 500 views.
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

9/11/2015 Brazoria Texas - Lazer Tag With Orb Turns Into Craft/Object

I'm giving some life to my Texas UFO blog (you will see update in sidebar) and have screened the MUFON database for `entity' reports in Texas since 1/1/2015. The report below.. without any video or picture support... is interesting in that it has several elements we blog about here... namely that Orbs seem to respond to human intentionalities and that Orbs when coming close to humans... tends to morph into something more.... and often craftlike.... anyway.. it's a dozy - and is seen below in it's entirety.
(copy and pasted below with all misspellings intact)
RED is my emphasis

 me and my friend were seeing orbs of llight all night,my friend as stupid as he is pointed a very high powerd laser at this orb, ans instantlet it llight up like a cluster of 12 blue lights, the way it was arranged looked like some kind of single celled organism, i unplugged the laser and started yelling at him as we both noticed the craft coming down at us, it floated down like a pice of paper, and it gave off a low hum sound that pulsed through me, we instantly ran inside, but it didnt end there, about an hour later we came out side and it was right above my house. every step we would take it would squirm and wiggle to be right above us, it was deffinatley following us closley, it must have been from the laser, and then we went back inside freaked out. when we went back out side after another 30 min we noticed it again, and the last couple days i have noticed a black triagle that blended in with the stars, the riangle could have been in my head but the cluster organism thing has 3 other wittnesses. call me at [Phone number removed/cms/tg]
A little neighborhood UFO phenomena thrown in for good measure.
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Monday, February 29, 2016

The 2012 Craziness - A Look Back

It's already been four LONG years since the craziness of the alternative crowd in 2012 and the lead up years to 2012.... how crazy was it? Well, I dug out the LAST post from one of these `alternative 2012'  Timewave 2012 sites (this one only carried on the hype to 2010 not wanting to face the truth) that the UFO crowd and everyone else had to deal with. And on the website it had a POLL in the upper sidebar which asked - What's Your Opinion On 2012 - and then gave a list of choices for everyone to opine - see the results below.
Nothing will happen
  26 (25%)
Just a Galactic Alignment
  15 (14%)
Earth changes, planetary transformation
  36 (35%)
Enlightenment worldwide
  38 (37%)
Peace on Earth and new cycle
  31 (30%)
End of Duality
  24 (23%)
First Contact
  26 (25%)
All of the Above
  13 (12%)
  6 (5%)
Meteor strike
  2 (1%)
Solar sun storm
  19 (18%)
The return of the great masters
  26 (25%)
  31 (30%)
End of Time
  8 (7%)
Return to Freedom and Liberty
  26 (25%)

Votes so far: 101
Poll closed 
Yes, this is how bats*it crazy - it all was back then - and until Dec of 2012 who was to call them nuts? 

As you know... we are still awaiting all of the above... especially the `Enlightenment Worldwide'..... almost laughable.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Daytime Orb.... Or Drone.... In San Antonio

I found this in Scott Browne's FB group - as readers know... we've had the San Antonio connection here before.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

The 1976 Concorde Intelligent Orb Video

This is almost a `smoking gun' type of video... that somehow I've been unaware of (I think).... it's a must watch of the Concorde being `checked out' - right down to looking into the windows - by what is possibly an intelligent light source - what we around here call an Orb. That said, it's a bit curious that similar video hasn't been captured over the decades, at some interval, based on how many jets are in the air. OR is it all so Fortean that only HISTORIC jet flights rise to the `check out' actualization level? A `historic orb' much like the ones that checked out President Obama when running for office and on his Inauguration. 

Enjoy the video: 11K views.... 14/1 Positive to Negative votes at YT

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Brad Morris - Sky Videographer

Okay... today's feature is a YouTube account named Brad Morris which features over 100 YT videos of claimed anomalous sky phenomena. It's all pretty standard to Clockers around here and is generally some brief Orb findings in extreme close up daytime videos of the sky. I did see a plane video or two with apparent orbs in the background racing by. This is certainly a sincere person touched by seeing strange things in the sky.....that said.

Much of it is nearly `imaginary' IMO in its description - and to that end - I'll feature Brad's good anomalous video -  what I call a `structured orb' - a rarely caught phenomena indeed... but then Brad stretches that into `a being peering over the edge' .... less than 150 views and from 2014.

The reading bin is starting to overfill with great thought links - expect those soon. Thanks for being a reader - if you are new - please dig into the sidebar and archive... while you have the chance.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The 2015 Grand Canyon - Grand UFO/Orb Display

I've featured YouTube Orb videographer DarkSkyWatcher74 a few times already.... some don't like his material because at times it gets featured by some of the scammers (who he must listen to to get some coverage for his material IMO) - but, this video - except for a reservation or two of mine - is right up there with about as UNKNOWN a phenomena ever - the flare up of about 8 separate Orbs in close proximity. My reservations  with the video have to do with it's IMO abrupt ending and editing until the amazing stuff a couple minutes in. (And of course calling it a FLEET.) That said, the video has over 12K well deserved views and about an 8/1 positive to negative vote.
(course language)

I also just posted to NY UFO's too - It's part two of the ENTITY reports in 2015 in that state.
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Orbservation Anyone? - The 2015 Seeing `Lots' Of UFO's Feeling - Los Angeles Orb Faithfuls Spotlighted

As I alluded to in my most recent post... there's two camps of folks who are seemingly seeing `lots' of anomalous sky phenomena.... and BOTH times... seems to see MANY orblike things in our atmosphere simultaneously - what I call the multiple orbs phenomena. Now... of course, those of a particular science bent (think the Facebook group that I love and am a member of that has folks actively searching with the latest equipment)  are very reluctant to .. well... believe... those that believe and can prove - that orbs can simply be called `into being' by simply being a meditative observer(s). ( Hilariously, the non-believers (the techies who find via equipment) will do anything to believe themselves, that every summoning/observing is a fraud of pre-planned balloon releases.) Pointing fingers in other words. (And, hilariously, not realizing they are actually doing the same via intentionalities via their `science' proof methods.) I think I went into that in yesterdays posting. 

Anyway... today I go - via YouTube video... to one of these `ORBservation' sessions (new coined term used here for the first time) -- where a group of individuals shows up at a pre-planned public place and time with camera and video in hand (these are the believers in calling who are now using the science folks methods too). Indeed, the lines are beginning to blur. And, while this is 2016 - what the non-believers in calling orbs don't seem to understand - is that I have seen this same phenomena (regular orb observation) on the internet as early as 2003 or so and it simply has grown as more people become aware.

Now is that to say that perhaps these `calling' observers aren't occasionally  DUPED by others, or their own beliefs at times, and are indeed picking up various balloon releases that happen over all big cities - at times? Of course that happens... but the phenomena of sky orbs is known, just as the orb phenomena is known to be responsive to select individuals or locations... orbs have been shown to respond to human intentions... the real question is = what are the orbs in their own space representations? 

And so,  this video is uploaded by YouTube account Fausto UFO (a prior caller who has seemingly lost his ability and now is in a more loose public calling/observing group) and looking closely at his account (you will see some strange slippery slope beliefs there) and reading between the lines - my surmise is that he was a `caller' four times about two years ago.... and was picked up at that time by the dreaded TPOTM (third phase of the moon).... which quickly drained his `power' IMHO... and now Fausto Perez (his name evidently) is part of a `group' that is able to, in a sense, re-gain his prior methodology/efforts by organizing these watching groups. Yeah, it's complicated.

Anyway... enough... and I will also print the most recent comment posted about this video... and it is very meaningful too to those that may read a bit too much into localized calling power of groups. Perhaps. 

SO - are you ready to see ORB-UFOs (in loose formation perhaps) a dozen of them in close proximity? 

Yeah, you are right... the YouTube cover `packaging' of this video doesn't give one much reason to believe - I know...... but IMO the guy seems like a sincere prior caller who would like to see the glory again in the sky. Give it a view.

Oh, remember I said above that I'd print one important comment that was below this video? Here it is and it's a point I have made before to NON believers who see orbs in their local area on a regular basis... it might simply be - you observing someone else's efforts and intentionalities.

I live in Venice Beach and have viewed similar UFO formations at night, but the orbs were orange most likely due to the alternate color of the sky. It's been a few years since the last sighting but I believe it was 9 orbs forming three triangles that were in a pattern. One by one they slowly dissolved into the darkness and when the last one disappeared the street lights flickered most likely due to intense energy. Taking credit for any visitation is bold, even more so considering how many govt bases are around and how little they tell us about black project tech. Interestingly enough Deepak Chopra recently mentioned how he has been changing his meditation frequency to try and contact ET, which is the same tip I've been on. But I would never claim to have summoned UFOs considering how many others meditate at any given time in a city of millions and the aforementioned factors.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Philosopher William Dudley Bass - The Seeing `Too Many' UFOs Feeling

My internet friend and storyteller William Bass saw an U.F.O. in broad daylight in September 2015, and wrote about it in his insightful blog here - UFO's Gone - and his report is very articulate in all aspects, including having drawings of the UFO craft within his perception for a few real seconds of actualization. He brought my attention to it later in the fall as in the post he talks about what my reflections have been on the UFO saga.... using some very glowing terms (IMO)...indeed at one point I sent his words about my UFOlogy onto a buddy or two.

But, today's post isn't really about William's experience - or even my analysis - but about something that William refers to (almost in passing) in his post... that this is NOT the first time he has witnessed UFO crafts or anomalous sky phenomena - and his wonderment about how many folks had the same perception he did in September in the cars surrounding him on the bridge. Did they too see the UFO?

So... two things really... 1... seeing too many UFOs....2 ....did others see the same thing. (And I could add 3 - the slippery slope of what constitutes  now and real of phenomenology.) How about we take a look at `seeing too many UFOs' first; something that almost amazingly I have not talked about as UFO theory over 1,300+ posts.

First... let me answer I think the easiest part of my questions above... I DON'T think that other motorists saw the UFO like William or at least VERY VERY few of them.... and don't think it had anything to do with their attentiveness....well maybe just a little bit......IMO the few that saw anything didn't have it register in their brain and probably dismissed the immediate impression without consciousness as a bird or something.

Not expecting the impossible (unlike William with a heighten awareness who is aware because of prior anomalous sky perceptions) they simply don't fold the perception into immediate actualization for their retina..... belief sets taking control of screening anomalous data (that could be a safety hazard while driving on a bridge too). Indeed, back in the earliest days of this blog I provided real estimate based on USA survey data questioning that suggested that only 1% or less of the US population had ever seen any anomalous sky phenomena. Taking all that into account and the brevity of the experience... William WAS probably that 1% representative. (Funny as William very represents the 99% in his view on reality.)

But... now, let's tackle the deeper issues.,,,,,lol.

The people who are seeing `too many UFOs' in the skies - fall into only a very few categories. ONE - Folks like the Facebook group I'm a member of (with 390 others) and have been touting around UDCC for the past few months - In The Field - Active Observers In The Field - this group has active folks looking for the anomalous in the daytime (like myself) and night sky. And TWO - the callers/summoners - who since about 2002-2003 or so - have been able to demonstrate their expectations. 

And then there is group THREE - like William - and I suspect the vast majority of the 1% (who are NOT callers or actively seeking) who at some point in their life saw UFO one and then at some later point...or points... had the same perceptions again.,,,, and who were then relegated to putting that somehow into their expected reality mix..... without really any support for such things within society.... `Hey, I saw another UFO yesterday' --- (and the folks slink away from the one announcing such an event).

Humorously, both groups one and two - explain it in different ways in general (this is not to say that overlap exists for one and two as it certainly does) - and the number TWO group (callers and summoners) is a bit easier surprisingly. You see, the callers and summoners are convinced of THEIR contact methodology (since it works) and in nearly EVERY instance... that contact is mental and could be called meditative (to prayerful)..... to bleeding over into VERY religious. Additionally, these people `know the event' is for them - and what they are practicing to elicit the actualization. Readers of this blog know that I've identified DOZENS over the past few years.

Unfortunately for the callers/summoners - one of the most prominent callers has gotten caught up with the sleazy side of YouTube UFOlogy hoaxers - and many in group one are quick to brand all those who call and summon fakers and hoaxers... even seem to have a lot of their own more `science' view of UFOs vulnerable to such `callers'... it's as if their point of view is SO SHORT and new - to NOT have known that callers existed well before the YouTube UFO hoaxer crowd.

So... let's talk theoretically about group ONE - those `science oriented' `tech' finders of U.F.O.'s in our collective skies. Group one people using not thought and meditation (they believe) but modern technology to find those anomalous lights in our skies. High powered binoculars... night vision cameras... the most advanced high powered video cameras....etc, you get the idea (comparing their finds to sky charts, flight charts, and sky debris just to be sure)..... and sure enough... JUST LIKE THE CALLERS... the group one seekers - also find what they were seeking within our common consensus. 

Could it be that simple?

Could it be `intentions'?

Now, group one will tell you that they have NO expectations or intentions... really I say? They, like the group two callers, are NOT successful every time... and yet expect to be successful .. which is why they continue to look and seek. The groups IMO have few real differences... each has belief in methods which are rewarded by anomalous knowledge actualization.... seemingly for human benefit for one group and for NO REASON at all to the other.

Both of the above groups - the callers and the technology seekers - seemingly have a limited time-frame in which their own locality `yields' those anomalous seemingly conscious lights in the sky. Something ONLY someone like myself would know having watch the rise and fall of many callers and `hot areas' (one of the members in In The Field FB Group often talks about how her area was HOT a few years ago... these events go in sine-waves IMO -  to on/off - but rarely to never last even 5 years to most folks in most locations). Oh... most of the `tech' folk have been at it so short a time-frame that they may not even realize it will pass too.

IMO - Bruce Duensing got very close to what I'm describing above as `intentionalities' - he called it - Are UAP's A Quantum Detection System? - and IF I'm right - that it is `intentions' mixed with a bit of our local reality conditions and expectations - and that it is repeatable and demonstrable (like some of the callers like Dean Clark have shown) - then a perfect reason for the authorities to discourage this type of info becoming widespread is one of my old and favorite blog posts called The Danger Of A Billion Magicians.... read both the above links if you dare to rock your UFOlogy thinking to the core.

Again.... both of the above groups have some folks with HUNDREDS of videos ..... of Orbs. The anomalous. That they have seen. Don't tell them otherwise...... But, IMO... both of those groups combined are probably just 1% of the 1% who have ever had an UFO phenomena perception. A literal sliver of a sliver.... folks who in all reality are not going to attract the MSM..... for fear of what it would mean to both `other' 99%'s.

Okay... a quick and final look at group three ... with Philosophers like William Dudley Bass..... and heady folks of all kinds. Speaking of `heady folks' .... I have to say I was quite flattered to have William say these things about me and my mind in his post... see the below: Again from William's post Here... IF You Didn't Read It Already

There is more to a psychological, synergistic/synchronicity/spiritual component, too.
I saw this after watching alleged whistleblower Corey Goode being interviewed by David Wilcock on the latter’s Cosmic Disclosure presentation on Gaiam TV. Been reading and researching a lot on the UFO literature from opposing ends of the spectrum, from Dr. Michael Salla and whistleblowers such as Corey Goode and Clark C. McClelland on one hand and Disclosure Clock Countdown man Rick Phillips, iconoclastic guy who reminds me of Gurdjieff’s take on reality.
Phillips turns everything upside down as he discombobulates conventional interpretations of UFO phenomena and perturbs conditioned ideas regarding news, mass media, and alternative media. He pulls aside the sheets of paper diagrammed with carefully researched flowcharts of the Cabal to reveal the air and the imaginations beneath as gas and mind, themselves possibly projections of greater holographic dramas unfolding in the software code of consciousness for two billion years or more.
Having dealt with lots of weird stuff, and after he challenged himself to think deeper upon his experiences of observations and the power of the conscious mind, indeed to reflectupon reflections, Rick Phillips discerned a common “UFO motif” behind “99% of UFO experiences.” Using motifs as linked successions “of notes producing a single impression,” he determined the most common UFO motif is “a vigorous plasma Orb that catches one’s attention” and then morphs into “structured” shapes, morphs again, morphs into recognizable patterns, then “passes out of perception.” Passes out of perception, and perception is as much mental as physical. More importantly, Phillips notes such experiences tend to be localized and are usually “tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans.” I would add human personalities, as in UFO experiences are “tied to intentionalities and” personalities as well as interpretations by everyday consciousness minds streaming mindlessly as radio signals stream thru radios without considering the power of consciousness to morph perception, intention, and personality.
Okay - I'm blushing... being compared to one of my hero's of thought - Gurdjieff
And, I won't go into Williams FINE ANALYSIS of the possibilities he experienced - please read his entire piece - as I would be nearly in agreement with all his main conjectures. I do think the fine minds are tuning into something that is a version of the truth of the anomalous.
Anyway... back to seeing `too many UFOs' - early in 2015 I had the same feeling. I had taken to looking closely with high powered binoculars at the Chemtrails in our collective skies - especially on the few Carolina Blue sky days after the passing of weather fronts. Because on several occasions I've seen `strange things going on in or around' Chemtrails... from movement of something `down' the Chemtrail from the `plane'... to an Orb on more than one occasion. And, in one week after such occurrences...saw TWO Orbs..(one each time) by simply scanning the skies with my binoculars.
My thoughts were ---- IS THIS POSSIBLE? 
It's a bit unnerving IMO. Hilariously, I don't consider myself in any of the three groups.... just reflecting on reflections..... Thanks for the stimulus Mr. Bass.
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Orb Caller Dean Clark Reaches Out To UDCC

Anyone who follows this blog with any regularity knows that the orb calling/videographer aspect of UFOlogy IMO is indeed WHAT UFOs are........ with that in mind last night I got a message from one of the earliest known `callers' or summoners - who are now getting a tarnished image due to a few being associated with SCAM UFO websites/YouTube pages. But, nonetheless... IMO - Dean Clark was one of the originals and this is the message he left on one of my 6 posts I've done about him since 2008 on this blog this morning. He left this comment on this post - one of the best I did about his works. Click the link to see some of the amazing phenomena that Dean called into the sky in front of investigators.

Hi, i am the Dean Clark you search for......
ufo's are very real ,and beings of another world are here among us...both day and night they are here......there is a thing called soul catchers....orbs as they have been called,,,they roam the earth both above and below out to them speak to them as you would speak to another person,they are there and they can hear you.....i have thousands of unseen videos and pictures i need to expose but it seems each time i try i am kicked off help me show the world what i have discovered............... 

I've indicated to Dean that I'd like to interview him and put it in these pages... we will see where that goes. My e-mail for Mr. Clark and anyone else is 
Thanks for your readership
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Friday, January 8, 2016

Shedding Light On The `Dirty Panties' Of Alien Abduction UFOlogy

This will be a complex post today - so put on your thinking and clarity caps as we slide into the sexy depths of the `alien abduction' rabbit hole...and one of the major reasons that UFOlogy in 2016 is viewed by the public as it is. As you may or may not know - the UFO blogger analysts who are trying to bring you the very complex world of UFOlogy - are VERY few and far between... UDCC (our blog here) being one of the small handful. And, today I will venture into the abyss for you so that perhaps you need not soil yourself with months of your own personal research into the subject. Perhaps.

Indeed, as you may also know or not - nearly all MSM attention to UFOs has been `altered' since the late 2011 announcement by the Obama administration when it `answered' the public's call for UFO Disclosure - Official USA Position - it's a short read and is important you know the what the official answer is - NO aliens have ever interacted with any Humans and that the US government is NOT hiding UFO info from the public.... and with that vanished the UFO specials from the ratings sweeps, `Larry King' type of discussions... even your local TV station carrying a `ufo' video set to spooky music with grinning TV talking heads. 

It's all gone. And folks that `talk aliens' AFTER 2012 - are NOT to be taken seriously..... yeah... maybe you can already see the difference when I point it out... right? Now.. sky talk... is about DRONES.

Well... believe it or not... IMO... the announcement was almost needed by someone in government, as the IMO `2012 loonies' of the `UFO Disclosure Movement', were somehow.. IMO with smoke and mirrors... gaining real traction with their `extreme views' about aliens BEING on EARTH and the USA being in co-operation with them. These thoughts being believed mainly from the reports and fantasies of a network of ex-military and leftist peace folk of an alternative bent. I've come to call the UFO Disclosure movement in these pages - THE DOG AND PONY show of UFO Disclosure. .... But, this post isn't about that... as I've touched on that repeatedly over the past 5 years.

Anyway... that movement has bleedovers into MUFON and some of the major MSM quoted `UFO expert bloggers'.... nearly all of whom are NOT respected by the real `analysts of the UFO phenomena'.... AND FOR GOOD REASON IMO... I fall into the later group who are demanding common sense to `beliefs' about UFO's and their direct connection to human beings..... and that brings us to those `very special human beings' who have had `alien interactions' and most likely in THEIR own opinion must have had an alien communion of sorts. These visions include nearly anything imaginable but often concentrate on intimate bedroom visitations with impossible scenarios such as moving thru walls into spaceships going to other worlds... having sex with aliens and seeing the `hybrid' results... all kinds of visions and often infused with advice for greater humanity. 

Right............... It's not as if the `alien abduction folks' don't make you jump high enough to commit to simply `aliens' being around... you better be ready to believe in alien hybrids and other communication plans by aliens with humans... and it gets worse from there... now... this all is believed by these folks DESPITE REAL RESEARCH THAT SHOWS THAT DMT Has The Same Possible Effect in a brain. The same `going to spaceship aliens'. 

So, logically - we should assume IMO that something along those lines is occurring (and that the folks aren't outright liars for the most part). Indeed, this DMT info may be new to some of you... but is that obvious answer to those not seeking communion with our space brothers... something very strong in a world that seemingly is falling apart to some.... especially with some of those with a `all war is bad' focus. (THE CRUX of the UFO Disclosure crowd IMO).

Dear lord... this far into the post without even one whiff of the tawdry `dirty panties' teaser in the headline... don't worry you UFO perverts ... we are soon to get there.... 

You see, MUFON is a big proponent of the UFO Abduction phenomena - offering complete support for it - and in turn strange things happen as a result of the MSM looking to them for `reliable' info on the subject. Consequently... since the USA `disclosure' in 2011... the MUFON position has been losing ground.... in their desire to connect UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) to `aliens'... clinging to the notion that is peddled as an alien invasion of our bedrooms....even while it gets more discredited all the time (yes the dirty panties will be soon).... but first a bit of history about WHY the UFO alien abduction phenomena has any legitimacy at all... IMO it would be because of  the late John Mack M.D, (of Harvard University) and let me quote from the intro to Mack at Wikipedia. Red is my emphasis.

John Edward Mack M.D. (October 4, 1929 – September 27, 2004) was an American psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences.[1]
Early career[edit]
Mack was born in New York City and graduated from the Horace Mann-Lincoln School in 1947. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Oberlin in 1951, and received his medical degree cum laude from Harvard Medical School in 1955. He was a graduate of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and was certified in child and adult psychoanalysis.

The dominant theme of his life's work has been the exploration of how one's perceptions of the world affect one's relationships. He addressed this issue of "world view" on the individual level in his early clinical explorations of dreams, nightmares and teen suicide, and in A Prince of Our Disorder, his biographical study of the life of British officer T. E. Lawrence, for which he received the Pulitzer Prize for Biography in 1977.[2]

Cold War and anti-nuclear activism[edit]
In the 1980s, Mack interviewed many international political figures as part of his research into the root causes of the Cold War, including former President Jimmy Carter and the "father of the hydrogen bomb", Edward Teller. Together with luminaries such as Carl Sagan, Mack and other Physicians for Social Responsibility (the US affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) promoted the elimination of nuclear weapons and an end to the simmering conflict between the United States and the USSR. Emboldened by the organization's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985, Mack, Sagan, and 700 other academics walked upon the grounds of the Nevada Test Site in the summer of 1986, setting a civil disobedience record for that nuclear weapons testing facility.[3]

Alien abduction phenomenon[edit]
Mack had a world view inspired by elements of spiritual and philosophical traditions which hold that people are all connected to one another[citation needed]; this theme of "connection" was taken to a controversial extreme in the early 1990s when Mack commenced his decade-plus study of 200 men and women who reported recurrent alien encounter experiences. Such encounters had seen some limited attention from academic figures (R. Leo Sprinkle perhaps being the earliest, in the 1960s). Mack, however, remains probably the most esteemed academic to have studied the subject.

He initially suspected that such persons were suffering from mental illness, but when no obvious pathologies were present in the persons he interviewed, his interest was piqued. Following encouragement from longtime friend Thomas Kuhn, who predicted that the subject might be controversial, but urged Mack to collect data and ignore prevailing materialist, dualist and "either/or" analysis, Mack began concerted study and interviews. Many of those he interviewed reported that their encounters had affected the way they regarded the world, including producing a heightened sense of spirituality and environmental concern.
There is much more at WIKI and I urge you to read the full link... but what I want to point out is that alien abduction FIT the overall worldview of MACK - he in essence elicited what he believed to be true from his hypnotized subjects IMO. 

And indeed... the dirty panties are seemingly part of the same `leading' of subjects by the person who also is one  of the resource pillars for the whole `alien abduction' idea and continuation now that MACK is dead - DR. David Jacobs. Doctor of History... Doctor Jacobs... who has come to be the new guru in this area one could argue. (Mack has been dead a decade +.) 

Okay Okay - I won't make you wait any longer for the video - but you still will have lots to read below .... so, you might want to do that before going to about the (9:00) nine minute mark for the beginning of the dirty panties talk.... and how it relates to UFOlogy that MUFON wants you to believe too. I have watched the video TWICE - it's really excellent. And with a British accent to boot.

While I will give you an overview of the video... it does not replace this fine bloggers effort... you need to see and hear this video to really feel the strangeness that is going on in `mainstream UFO thinking' by believers. This is his actual blog Ripples In A Pool Of High Strangeness (link to above post) by UFO Joe.

That out of the way... here's a synopsis and further opinion by myself too.

The first thing UFO JOE points out is that - what kind of ETHICS (ET-HICS?) - does one have to NAME your own website THE NAME OF YOUR `ACCUSER' -?... Something I feel the same about... but, let's give him a pass on that one (barely) - as his website is about the RAW data he has of his encounters with Emma Woods. Oh Oh... a new name and the start of the slippery slope... so an explanation is in order.... after all it would be Emma Wood's panties that we are talking about.

Emma Woods is the pseudonym name for the woman who is bringing charges about the manner in which she was treated by Dr. of History David Jacobs. Indeed, Emma has her own version of the truth... on her blog Emma Woods Files - now you will note... Emma Woods names her blog after herself... But.. back to David Jacobs point for HIS blog named Emma Woods The Real Story - now interestingly.... BOTH blogs feature the SAME tapes MP3's - but EMMA's is the shortened versions of the scores and scores of hypnotic regression sessions ALL DONE BY PHONE by a doctor of history. EMMA's reason for shortening the files is that most of the sound on the files is Doctor of History David Jacobs voice and endless leading of his patients memories. Indeed, DJ does most of the talking. 

Whereas DJ insists that EMMA on her blog is picking and choosing things out of context... which is why his blog has the full MP3 files... I guess a fair enough reason... IF TRUE. But still, why not name HIS blog after HIM? ... A minor but real point. After all... it's mostly his narrative of `previous' people he researched and their impressions of their alien experiences (tell me that isn't leading a hypnotized subject)... suggesting what fits his vision of the data he collects.... to the hypnotized.

Okay - we've established for you that the very foundation of `alien abduction research' and the position of MUFON itself is tied up in one Doctor Of History conducting PHONE Hypnosis in which he does most of the talking. Cough. Cough.

Okay.. back to the UFO Joe video. And more closely at what you saw if you watched the compelling 29 minutes in its entirety. 

As you know - UFO Joe refers to various MP3 files during his YouTube video - Certainly the first 4:30 of the video UFO Joe is tearing apart the credentials of Dr Of History David Jacobs.... his lack of training etc. That said, he goes on to question DJ using Temple University `consent forms' for his `research' at about the 6:54 mark. (Who is a retired teacher from there and still has an email address to support that.)

Yes... the dirty panties are next.

At about the 9:00 mark UFO Joe begins to discuss the `Underwear Session' with the word `dirty panties' used about 9:33 in relation to that session. 

Yes... finally I'll explain how UFOlogy may hinge slightly on fragrant material such as this. You see, `Emma' was convinced she was not only being abducted by aliens but was having sex with them (or a hybrid) ... and so... of course... the good Doctor of History David Jacobs - thought it may be a good idea ... to suggest... to the patient UNDER HYPNOSIS that she take her panties off and send them to him in a ziplock bag...... he wanted to do DNA testing on the ... well.... you get the idea. Here's the Underware Session As Blogged At David Jacobs Website. The file is on this website.

Well UFO Joe simply and deservedly goes after the whole idea that this guy was DNA testing them.... what qualifications... the outcome...etc. etc. Which then leads up to the CHASTITY BELT SESSION.... (talked about at 11:45)... of course she would need the chastity belt provided by the good doctor to keep the aliens from having sex with her.... something the good doctor suggested might piss the aliens off.... but all done for the patients benefit. Here you can hear the Chastity Belt MP3 outtake from Emma Woods Blog.

Feel a bit slimy yet?

It gets worse in UFO Joe's opinion - as you can see in his video starting at about 18:26 when he rips David Jacobs a new a-hole for suggesting to Emma while under hypnosis that she may have multiple personality disorder. 

Indeed, from this point on UFO Joe simply makes his case over and over about the Doctor of History - from leading the subjects with mental images and stories - to at 21:00 revealing that DJ suggests that he gets IM messages... from an alien hybrid...on another persons computer... who was one of the research subjects he investigated =====DEAR LORD ======== to at the 22:00 minute mark talking about DJ's website and the `hate mail section' --- which isn't hate mail - to at 24:00 minutes talking about how it all seems to be an agenda to sell books and be an `alien abduction' star/feature speaker/authority.

Meanwhile... David Jacobs continues unabated on the talk show circuit A Two Hour Interview On November 4th 2015 for example - here he expounds on Aliens Desire To Control Humanity and here he talks about Hybrids And Their Integration Plans - dear lord, indeed - bad science fiction.

UFO JOE isn't alone................
Here is someone else who took the time to investigate BAD UFOlogy all involving the same wide circle of the UFO Disclosure crowd... the dog and pony show.

So, it's important to know - that one of the linchpins of UFOlogy as some peddle it - is on the basis of a Doctor of History doing Phone Hypnotic Regression - with patients who have the same experiences as what DMT research has shown in a clinical setting. And that those phone regression sessions... those stories  re-told to hypnotized patients - and lead by the investigator doctor of history voice... are what `believers in the abduction scenario' are left with - dirty laundry.
A final opinion before getting out the ajax.... it's possible that the good doctor IMO is fully earnest in his desires for the so-called UFO truth that we all seek in giving answers to the anomalous phenomena that seems to invade human consciousness....but short of REAL PROOF ..tangible `science' proof of any of the alien hypothesis ... alien abduction remains a well soaped slope to hinge your beliefs upon.

Never forget the catch phrase around here... the anagram for the words for UFO Disclosure

Ludicrous Foes.
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