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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks That The Exo-Politics Folks Have Quieted Up

Happy Thanksgiving Clockers; and to all newbies today - thanks for being inquisitive about UFO Disclosure. On this thanksgiving I will bring a number of links I found yesterday but didn't get around to blogging. And, as you can see, the whole Exo-Politics mess is what I bring to your eyes first.
One of the irritating 95% or more dis-information sources in the past decade or so has been the Exo-politics movement; which has claimed to have inside sources time after time of truly over the top ideas about the human condition. You will find nearly EVERY conspiracy theory represented at some level of the exo folks. (Solar Warden type stuff.) But, thankfully, one of the worst offenders of common sense seems to have taken their glory and decided to bask in the glow of the disinformation. Yes, I'm talking Project Avalon - Project Camelot - which seems to have vanished with these links as thier last representations of near lunacy.
Human Visits to a Mars Base - no problem - Here's an overview from their own page or if you need more deep throat insiders check out these last blog postings Over 5 months ago.

Yes, over 5 months ago. Over 5 months ago. Be thankful.

All that said, here's someone doing a deep analysis (?)/ believer - who puts all of the BS (as he calls it himself) outthere - You might be reading this the rest of the day - believe it.
Now, I don't know if the produced video has any connection to the Exopolitics folks and I don't have awareness of their beliefs in particular - but, underground aliens are right up their alley for sure: All of 67 views in over a month - HOT. and of course, the hollow earth website oh, the letters stand for world-alien-police-living-underground
Entertained Yet?
Here's a person in Michigan last month who heard (and if you turn the video up you can too) sounds coming from UNDER the ground (which sounds a lot like the Sky Noise Phenomena too) - strange days indeed: 1,400 views or so.

link - (lots of comments) And, as Clockers are probably aware, at least some folks of a conspiracy bent are saying the Sky Noises ARE actually coming from underground excavations by governments for when we are all moved underground because of some pending disaster.
Sky Noise Phenomena recorded on Aug. 31st: New York State. 599 views.

has a `control sound' video at his channel too that was recorded 15 minutes later - Here.
If you think that the Triangle UFOs are new - think again. Here's a fine website that has dug out examples of REPORTED Triangle UFOs as early as 1947 - Excellent Website Too.
Finally - THANKS for being a Clocker today - please bookmark if this is all new to you as UDCC is updated multi times every week.
This guy is a cool blogger who has put together some of his heaviest thoughts into a book - check it out:

Sample Chapters:
How to materialise in a parallel universe

How to channel other people's thoughts
How dreams contain not only your thoughts but the thoughts of others
How the earth is the physical representation of mankind's ideas
How contradiction creates consciousness
How being born is the equivalent of going lucid
How mysticism is the father of science
How black holes and quasars have a distinct connection with awareness
How gravity is made of willpower
How the Sith want what is best for man
How open source software can give us clues to create an 'open reality'
How ego writes bits onto the holographic hard drive known as the universe
How shamanism is a defense against the New World Order
How the greatest secret truth known to man was embedded in a song performed by Queen


  1. Good day Rick – Another ramble from me :)
    What do the government agencies think of the exopolitics movement, hmmmmm!
    Well if one were trying to down play, hide or just deny UFO’s then one would welcome these groups with open arms even encourage them perhaps.
    Some of the claims made by the exo crew are so out there it makes the Wizard of Oz look like a documentary, or is it? Dam, I’ll have to stop surfing the exo sites!
    No wonder it’s hard to get serious acknowledgment by the media when the fringe people start sprouting about Obama visiting Mars and continual contact with the many space entities through channelling. Bet there’s a book for sale by some expert on the subject.
    Any serious but moderate UFO groups get the wash from the fringe and are treated like a mob of foil hats.

    It’s getting to be the case of you can’t hear the real message because of the fringe noise.
    Also if we toss in a couple of morphing (holographic) planes laying chem trails and HARRP signals destroying Japan and controlling minds (just started dribbling again on with the foil hat) then the noise is so loud nothing is heard.
    Isn’t that what the establishment want the truth buried, scrambled or diluted in all the BS
    One has to wonder where the subject of UFO’s would be today if the fringe weren’t around. It may be the case where it would be treated seriously by media and that in itself would pressure the governments into action.


  2. SOL,

    Thanks for your articulate comments as usual.

    Certainly `letting' them have the national press club twice would be part? Who knows, I agree they would welcome the outlandish words as they make what may be going on seem pretty innocent in nature.

    The thing that has to rattle in the back of ones brain however is that fact that TRILLIONS have gone somewhere to the military and one would F-ing HOPE that they have made some advances with it.

    Indeed, as sick as it sounds, what IF their IS a real ALIEN threat? Wouldn't it indeed be int he best interest of the governments to do SOMETHING?

    That's me giving the worthless government every benefit of the doubt.

    The contact with `space entities' is probably exactly how I would describe the phenomena - not contact with alien beings.

    Do you have the Chemtrails in your country? Just to ask.


  3. Part1

    G’day Rick,
    It’s certainly is a debating point isn’t it.
    When I saw the first Press Club conference set up by Steven Greer I was actually gob smacked. The calibre of the witnesses was very impressive and in the main the evidence put forward IMO was worthy of further investigation. There were a few odd statements made like one from a retired Air Force sergeant (I think) about there being several different alien species running around an air force base some where.
    Why would some one make a statement like that, in front of the nation, for no gain and very possibly a whole lot of grief? Either the gentlemen in question is deluded or telling the truth. And to take it further, are all the witnesses delude? Unlikely!
    So the first Press Club meeting should have raised a whole lot more interest, but it didn’t. The attacks on the US by the terrorists drew the attention away and that’s a another conspiracy debate.
    In all of this Greer and the Exo movement were in low key and they almost or came across as being normal (what ever normal is for a Disclosure movement.).

    The missing money, now that is an interesting topic.
    I had the opportunity some time back to put some questions to Col (ret) John Alexander. His statements about there being minimal secrecy in the US military left me puzzled. I take it your familiar with Dr Johns statements of UFO etc. Any way, I put It to him “That if the American military couldn’t keep secrets and it leaked every where, then explain how the SR71 was produced without any one except for those who were on a need to know basis having knowledge of it.”
    I can’t remember the exact response but was like a politicians answer i.e it skirted around the question with out answering it.
    Recently on the History channel there was an exposé on the SR71. If you want proof of black ops then this show was disclosure central. Hundreds if not thousands of people were involved over the life of this project and yet very few people new of it’s existence. They interviewed an electronics engineer who was involved in the radar side of things. He told the story of how his wife and friends thought he was an appliance repair man and how he used disappear for days at a time to repair stuff some where.
    There was also interviewed the pilots who recounted that the flights were so secret that no one was informed when they flew.
    They occasionally had issues with the air traffic controllers who some how got them up on radar. The excuses given to the ATC by the pilots makes you laugh. As a final statement by the pilots who were smiling, was that they wonder how many times they had been reported as UFO’s over the US?
    Can’t keep a secret BS! The proof is there!
    There are no doubt many, many other projects that fall under black ops and this is one thing people should believe!
    I bet that there many things that have been developed that are under wraps.
    And as you say, if we do have a real threat then let’s hope that someone can pull the rabbit out of the hat.

  4. Part 2

    With regard to the Alien threat…..
    Logic would have to prevail here and I agree with some of Stanton Friedman statements.
    Given the (speculated) time our visitors have been here and given that their technology would be hugely advanced, then if they had hostile intent we would already have known about it.

    Entities or Alien beings, an interesting concept Rick. I used to have the old belief that a visitor would take off from planet X and end up hear on Earth. I’m probably not an orphan here because that’s what is portrayed on the MSM and is touted as the exact reason why the “Boys From Above” can’t be visiting. Our accepted understanding of physics doesn’t allow interstellar travel.
    I have a saying “The more I know the less I know”, it may not be original but I’ve claimed it.
    In the last few years science has changed, we now talk about multi dimensions, worm holes and even transportation in a simple form. Not Witch Doctors talk but recognised physicists and researchers discovering and theorising new possibilities.
    No one I’m aware of has proven Einstein wrong yet so the basics of physics still holds true. So no one is going to hop into a craft and zoom off any where of great consequence. Saying that, physicists now propose other theories that may be or are a real possibility for future exploration of space and its many dimensions.
    I’m now beginning to believe a lot of strange things we experience may not be supernatural or mystical but be part of the physical world and that one day it will fit in with the laws of known physics.
    These days I keep an open mind to different possibilities and reasoning, be it orbs, apparitions or entities. There is one caveat, reasonable proof, not just the You Tube BS.

    We still have con trails hear in Australia Rick or we did last time I saw one.
    The first time I heard about chem trails I thought they were referring to the plane exhaust mixing with cold air causing pollution, a reasonable assumption. Wrong!
    We now have, depending on what faction, a plot by either the military or the Illuminati to save or destroy the populations of the world.
    I’ve read on a number of forums where pilots have tried to explain the science behind con trails to the conspiracy merchants only to be fobbed off as apart of it.
    I personally can’t see the reasoning behind it myself.
    We also have the web holographic morphing planes WTF! On ya Rod.
    Got called a Troll after trying to point out that at the magnification they were using chromatic aberration is common and one gets fringing. It causes optical and colour distortion hence the strange changes in some of the detail of the planes.
    In any case again WHY? What would be reasoning it doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t normally go into print; I just keep my opinions to myself. But every now and again the spell checker gets a work out.

    I Enjoy the diversity of UDCC Rick


  5. SOL,

    First, again, your comments ont he range of UFO topics is appreciated and well thought out IMO for the most part.

    I have to believe based on your answer that you do not have the level of Chemtrails we see in America - specifically over URBAN areas in general. I am not shitting you when I say that on a perfectly clear day with NOTHING showing in the sky - that within 15 seconds THREE of these machines can turn on in the sky within a narrow box of observation. Literally at the same moments - they are F-ing shameless beyond belief; throwing it in anyones faces and saying `here you go' ignore me.

    Trillions are gone somewhere; spent with one would hope a semblence of logic. An `alien' threat would indeed be at least a plusiable excuse. Governments have NO incentive to admit the lack of control with the airspace they have a responsibility for. Even ORBs IMO are probably worrisome at some level.

    Aliens or Entities within our atmosphere or ON the Earth itself - IMO - may be as related to intentionalities and the reality structure as it relates to phenomenology as `the vastness of space'. I literally think `spaces' can sneak into the time-cone of perception.

    Finally about Greer - if one is to believe the scuttlebutt - he can use the group intentionality idea to produce some anomalous events in their presence - now, is that aliens or something else? I also feel that at least some of the Exopolitics movement see Exopolitics itself as one of the few means to draw attention to the out of control `defense' budget of the USA government.

    thanks SOL.



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