Thursday, December 31, 2009

Strange UFO `Thoughts' As The Decade Ends-Begins Without American Disclosure

(I re-edited this on Dec. 31st - started it on 12-21 - and posted it 1-11)

Without some unexpected Earth shattering event in the next 14 or so hours - the first decade of the new millennium will end with NO American disclosure of the UFO phenomena. That said, the twists and turns of the whole phenomena, including disclosure, seems ripe for a new distillation of some sort.

One of those twists and turns - happened in a new synchronicity - with what this article WAS going to be about. You see, I was going to write 3-4 days ago an article (that I didn't get around to writing) speculating that, when and if, UFO disclosure came to America, and therefore the world, -- that the governments were only going to confirm the presence of `entities/ufo's/other intelligence' BUT NOT confirm `anything' associated with `alien abductions'. --------------- Then, yesterday, Joe Capp ran this link about alien-human mutilations and then still later in the day yesterday I ran across Lon Stricklers much fuller coverage of the same event. Indeed, it is well worth your time to read up on this strange case from earlier this decade in Pennsylvania.

Now, back to the article idea I was going to present. I was going to write that I felt the government would need to `thread the needle' nearly perfectly to pull off a `soft ufo disclosure' to the world -- and that part of that `soft disclosure' would be to NEVER referrer, at all, to the REAL possibility of `objective alien abduction'. The reason is obvious - as Mr. Capps' data above suggests - if 30K are truly missing each year -- our government and our world leaders -- would NEVER suggest that ANY % of those missing are because of aliens. ANY suggestion of that would make the `aliens' dangerous to the `individual', even if NOT dangerous to the society as a whole. Indeed, I view it as HIGHLY unlikely that the governments of the world would make `disclosure' seem threatening. They simply will not position humans as prey from forces `above'.

Which is why TWO `strange' confirmations of this, that aliens are not dangerous --- this year --- seem to be suspicious almost. Most significantly, we have the UK MOD closing their office that collects the UFO reports because of `no security threat in 50 years of reports'; AND, Dr. Greer of the Exo-politics movement saying the same thing repeatedly THIS YEAR - to the point of pissing off the Project Camelot `wing' of the same movement.

Then, again, in only the last few days/weeks -- we have the FAA suddenly involved in `who to call' regarding UFO sightings by pilots and air control (BAASS) - but, according to this report by Billy Cox, again just 2 days ago, the same FAA statement says

“If concern is expressed that life or property might be endangered, report the activity to the local law enforcement department.” --- (as you may know, I later found out that Bigelow has been the FAA man for nearly a decade now).

Yeah, things are getting a bit strange indeed. I mean, pilots and air control report to a person/company -- but, locally, by common folk - call the police. (?weird?)

But, not as strange as perhaps the final gasps of the ~insider informed' `Alien Races Meet Military' lunatic fringe (Great Rock Song) of the Disclosure movement led by Dr. Salla -- for example - his latest drivel - - where I will take only a moment to quote the first paragraph:

An anonymous source associated with the Defense Intelligence Agency recently claimed that military officials on November 12, 2009, met with extraterrestrials called Ebens, from the Zeta Reticula star system, on Akau Atoll in the Johnston Islands ... the Ebens met on Akau Island with a total of 18 representatives from the U.S., United Nations, Russia, China, the Vatican and certain other guests. U.S. representatives are said to have included five military personnel, two intelligence officers, one linguist and one person representing the Obama administration.


If you read the link - you will find that the `3 inside sources' - all talk of different Races of beings meeting with different groups of government individuals. (Of which NONE confirm the other.) All of the inside sources are unnamed - of course. I also find it of interest that no one associated with any of these meetings `has leaks'. Perhaps you can tell I'm less than a full believer in SERPO or any of the above.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on if you think the government would EVER admit that alien abductions might be real.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Could These `Chile Lights' Be What Systematic UFO Disclosure Looks Like?

For years upon years the nature of UFO Disclosure - and how it would be done - has been discussed on the internet, and even, the era before the internet. During most of that period - perhaps a third of the full 60+ year UFO era - the comparatively few people that felt the national governments would give us UFO Disclosure has continued to grow. Some individual folks have sprung off of this growing momentum for lecture circuits and much more - beckoning the government to come clean; even to the point of almost positioning themselves as `enlightened ones' with paranormal abilities or abilities to see and know the very future that will be occurring. (Remember, some of them have this behind the scenes information from the aliens themselves.)

This has made for quite a `heady' scene that somehow is expected to `explain' what UFO's are to the masses should a world government CONFIRM the existence of alien beings visiting Earth. Additionally, some of these same `heady' folk - think that it will not only be THEM explaining the aliens to the masses - but - will be THEM explaining the aliens to the very governments themselves. After all, they are the contactees bringing this disclosure to the peons.

So, take the scene as described above - throw into the mix the current soft UFO Disclosure by a few governments (that never `confirms' aliens OR any security threats) - and what you might end up with is -------------------- THE ALIENS TAKING IT INTO THEIR OWN HANDS. And, today, I will present a YouTube video from a few days ago that may represent how `the aliens' are going to self-disclose their presence.

As I've blogged about before - the old `land it on the White House lawn' is quite unlikely if the aliens wanted real time - gradual acceptance - disclosure - with the people of a world (as opposed to dealing with over 200 governments). This is especially true when the governments are looked at in such disregard as they are today after nearly bringing down the very economic system of the world less than 18 months ago.

So, as I've blogged about before - it's almost likely that if the aliens wanted a smooth transition into having an influence on Earth - they would do it as slowly as possible. And, one way would indeed be to introduce similar overwhelming nighttime events. Specifically, events that would be seen as not human in origin and totally mystical - ones that would leave governments opened mouthed and the press silent as usual --- something like the 1997 Phoenix Lights incident.

So, with that as the set-up ---- and with NO guarantee this is even real video ---- I present the `Chile Lights' Incident of 2009 and 2008.

And, this one from 2008 below.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What The UK's Ministry Of Defense's Shut Down Of UFO Investigations Could Mean For Disclosure

As you are probably aware, the UK's Ministry of Defense has stopped allowing the public to report UFO sightings to them, and, has shut down the office that did such investigations for 50 years (makes me wonder how many nations have an active office) - here's the link - with the article written by Nick Pope. To summarize, the end of the department came without fanfare and simply with an announcement that of all the investigations over the decades - no threat to security was found to occur.

And, with that statement of justification - the statement indicated that the money saved by closing the department would go to body armour for those fighting in Afghanistan. And, who in their right mind doesn't want more body armour in Afghanistan? Right? This has to do with loyalty to the troops - right? (Let's me judge by this action that England's politicians are as worthless as ours and just as full of themselves.)

So, is that it? Is it all about saving money in difficult economic times?

Somehow, after 50 years, it certainly seems unlikely; so, let's speculate what other reasons could spark such a move now - especially as this seems on the surface of it to go against the popular grain of nations disclosing UFO information to the public. OR does it?

For example; lets just say that some major country is about to release all of it's UFO stuff and that within that stuff - is beyond refute weirdness pertaining to the UFO phenomena. And, that like the above given reason, the general conclusion of all the information is that it, the UFO phenomena, shows NO aggression (at least the info that is going to be given to the public in such a release). And that BTW was the conclusion of the US research in the 1950's-1960's at the official government level - just as it is for the UK now. (Abductions are not delt with.)

So, what I am saying - is that it is possible that the US `let' the UK `go first' in this regard. The UK's statement is officially now - that no security risk was discovered in 50 years of investigations. And, guess what? Just such a `cover' could allow the US to have their `so-called' UFO Disclosure - with the ultimate conclusion being that `the phenomena isn't important - whatever it is'. And, with the UK already coming to the same conclusion and STOPPING the investigations -- we in the USA could hardly expect our government to START investigations with the SAME conclusion. Right?

It all seems mighty convenient. So, it could be a prelude to one of these `soft-disclosures' the governments of the world seem to be interested in bringing to their masses - for whatever reason.

It's even possible that the governments fear an alien self-disclosure and want to make sure the populous is prepared at least at some level of understanding.

What's spooky about all that is, to me, - SHOULD WE BE ACCLIMATED to the idea that the aliens are NOT a threat (Dr. Greer's position)? Is that the purpose of all this? What if a Superior civilization wanted to interact at a serious level with our humanity? Is that what our assumption should be? You know what assuming does right? (The old adage of assume means that to assume makes an ass of you and me; of course.)

But, the brutal truth is - if the UK's move is not a cover for a stepped up UFO disclosure - it could be the beginning of the end of Exopolitics being taken seriously at the government level. And, as usual, when dealing with the edges of government policy - one never really knows for sure.

Let us see how this really plays out.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Could Jesse Ventura's TruTv Show Help UFO Disclosure?

Ok, I'll admit it, like many (but still too few) folks in America - I was one of those waiting anxiously to see the caliber and tone of Jesse Ventura's new show about Conspiracy's last night at 10PM - even if it was later than my usual TV viewing patterns - I was not disappointed. Indeed, last nights show was about the governments HAARP program in Alaska - one of the most conspiracy oriented hot topics available. After all, what could be better than accusing the military of mind control, weather control and mass destruction? Right?

Now, I will not try to explain the `science' the government purports to do at the facility, but this link will give the nearly `straight-government' angle on the HAARP project Indeed, if one is to believe Jesse's show - this wiki link is a very highly sanitized version of the `possible ultimate usage' of this project and others like it. And, of course, that ultimate usage would be to those of a conspiracy mode of thinking - Military Related. That military conspiracy includes everything from knocking out enemy space satellites to causing earthquakes, and, yes, even to controlling the minds of the populous. Yes, that would be you.

If you didn't see the show - briefly - the show uses a bevy of slightly too young and unknown reporters - who are under Jesse's control - who beat the bushes and make most of the phone calls. Jesse is seen directing the operation and then makes himself the pointman when the time of confrontation comes - or - the time when the `witnesses story' will `only be told to Jesse'.

It all made for good TV IMO - much more compelling than most `fringe' type programming one can find on TV. That said, other production values, including the voiceover, a male-voice, describing the nefarious things the HAARP may be involved with, seemed a bit `flat' and strangely familiar. His voice didn't seem to rise to various dramatic statements in the show such as something like `that if HAARP was focused on a particular spot it would be like 10 Mt. Saint Helens going off'. And yes, N. Telsa's name was mentioned for good measure.

That was hardly the only provocative statement or claim about HAARP - anyway - the voice man seemed understated for such a heavy topic story. Ok, enough about the production values.

To back up the claims that the government is covering up what they are really doing at HAARP - the Ventura show used an array of scientists right down to the guy next door; literally; from a person somewhat responsible for the development of the `weapon' to the laborer who laid the cement for the roadway and built some of the buildings (and who talked about how the level of security had changed over the years). Ventura also `went to the gates of the facility' in true - Area 51 type - confrontation; asking to be let in. But, not gaining entry. There even was the `anomalous' failure of the recording equipment - when push came to almost shove. (NO, they did not use spooky music in the background - but - did imply that perhaps the equipment failure was HAARP facility related. If so, that is incredibly specific targeting or one incredible coincidence)

Finally, Jesse also demonstrated that frequencies can be projected that make you hear things in your head, sounds that are not heard though the ears - in this case music. This demonstration was to show support for the idea of conspiracy buffs that the HAARP is for crowd mind control (although the size of that crowd was never discussed - in other words - could the device just be used on a crowd - city - or are we talking nation or world). And, lastly, Jesse offered a conclusion to the show - which was big on charges of government cover-up - but - a little softer on certainty of HAARP's ultimate purpose or abilities. A conclusion that I thought was dead on.

Indeed, only a fool would come away after viewing the show and say -- `the government is being forthright about ALL of what the HAARP program is doing' - I think antedotely Jesse's proves that. Proves the government covers up things. That is not news to many as I'm sure you will concur. Nevertheless, it does conjour up visions of conspiracy (and justifies the shows title) - what else are the proverbial THEY not telling US.

But, the show was short of proving some of the great conspiracy claims made on the internet and elsewhere IMO - and - as I mentioned above - the show didn't claim to prove the claims to it's credit. That would include claims of the ability to destroy satellites (as no proof was offered) -or control the mind of a crowd (HAARP was offered as the reason for the Iraq Army giving up with no fight when we invaded in the 1990's the first time - conveniently forgetting that we had bombed them for over a month straight - which also soften their minds thru sleep deprivation. Interestingly, the show stated the conspiracy meme that HAARP was used to distort the Iraq Army sleep patterns - causing them to act irrationally and give up without a fight.) or control the weather (although it did show the anomalous lights in the sky before the tsunami).

Indeed, to me, the mind control claims seemed the weakest of the conspiracy ideas; BUT - the occurrence of `northern lights' in the sky just before the earthquake that triggered the tsunami - seems more than a coincidence - and perhaps is an example of HAARP's ultimate power. Scary ultimate power if we are talking about consequences to the Earth itself.

But, there is more than one form of power - and IMO - the power to question the official government position has never been facilitated in a manner like this show. Literally, a former high ranking government person - one truly elected by the people and not the parties - challenging what the `parties that represent the government' say. And, in that regard, the HAARP program was an excellent choice - as most people suspect it is the military who `hides' things (making a slight distinction compared to other parts of government) - who might fit the definition of a conspiracy.

And, the shows previews indicated that 9-11-01 was the next conspiracy up for review in the next episode - which shows that Jesse will be taking no hostages and will be dealing with the most modern of conspiracies first - perhaps. Which leads us and this whole article to its very premise - might Ventura's show eventually cover UFO's? I'd say that it is almost a certainty. And, yes, IMO, the show could indeed move the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock when the topic is covered.

Only problem? TruTv's reach - which in this press release indicated an audience in prime time of only about 1,000,000 households.

• In January 2008, truTV delivered its best-ever prime figures among adults 18-49 (568,000), adults 25-54 (620,000), viewers (1,352,000) and households (1,021,000).

So - what do I now believe about HAARP after watching the show? I think it started with one purpose and changed into multiple purposes - including military - perhaps with significant abilities in that regard. Which would now account for the layered security at the facility. And, those extreme capabilities may indeed be true as I find the `sky lights' prior to the earthquake as suspicious - and - as Jesse suggested in the show - probably not intentional - just some experiment gone wrong.

Finally, let's hope that the 9-11 show goes forward next week (Jesse was quoted in the media as doubting that even the first show may not be broadcast.) and that the UFO conspiracy show follows soon afterward.

And, perhaps most important - will the MSM pick up on the idea that it is okay to challenge the secrecy in the government? Don't hold your breath.

Here is the trailer for the show:

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock - The Current December Time Is 8:00 P.M.

Hello, and welcome back to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - and, as you can see - the countdown clock setting has been moved BACK one and one-half hours to 8:00 PM. The regression on the clock setting is based on the `exhaustion' of the Exopolitics movement and the media's apparent lack of interest in what could be significant `Roswell findings' by Anthony Bragalia several months ago. (Read here for my take

Now, what do I base my opinion on when I say the `exopolitics' movement is exhasuted? It's something I've covered in my recent posts as you may know - to me - the continual Begging for official disclosure - threatening for official disclosure - and even - predicting specific dates for such -- has tarnished what could have been a possible means for getting government disclosure on the UFO issue. But, instead, has now turned more into some sort of `new age messiah' type of movement in which free energy, a new world government, and even enlightenment can be found and be yours for a price even during some `clinics' held by those in the `movement'.

Perhaps amusingly; the exopolitics movement is now infighting more than ever it seems. You know, those pesky differences of their `enlightenment's' and `inside sources' -- such as `are all aliens peaceful' - `will the aliens bring enlightenment to the world' - `are humans living on Mars' - `how many alien species are visiting Earth (or are in touch with governments)'. You get the picture. Anyway, the whole Exopolitics scene is nothing the MSM is about to touch again anytime soon.

Indeed, as I mentioned - the fact that the MSM hasn't even covered the findings of Bragalia in ANY fashion as of yet - despite their claimed interest in the case for decades now - is highly suspicious IMO. How could Larry King not have been all over this during the November sweeps with at least one show? That said, when Bragalia claimed to have solved the 1964 Socorro UFO incident just weeks later - perhaps they were leery. And, perhaps, justifiably. Maybe his Roswell findings are indeed too obtuse of a direct link to be able to `explain' to the masses - that the Roswell event involved a craft not made by humans.

But, be that as it may - the future settings on the UFO Disclosure Clock - do not look to be promising for those wishing to see the clock move towards midnight once again. Perhaps a Hail-Mary pass is needed.

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Lastly, this is the strangest video of something in the sky that I've seen in November - watch it till the end as it gets real weird.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Exopolitics Movement Discredited By Stupid Prediction Of Obama Alien Disclosure

As you know, this website attempts to give a realistic overview of the role our government is taking concerning `UFO' Disclosure. And, as you also most likely know, the `Ufo Disclosure' movement has been around since the early 1990's and most certainly peaked earlier in the decade with Dr. Steven Greer's National Press Club showing in 2001. Unfortunately, it has been nearly ALL been downhill ever since; regardless of folks - in general - being more open to intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and even more open to intelligent life visiting Earth.

Indeed, the `lack' of progress is quite startling ----------- UNTIL ---------- one considers those trying to peddle the idea and the ideas they expound upon. Indeed, between Project Camelot and Dr. Salla and the Mars Anomaly Photo man Andrew Basiago - you cover all angles of delusion out there. And, when most if not all of the `movement' is totally full of themselves - what you get is one of the most dysfunctional `movements' ever - capable at any moment to shoot themselves in the foot.

Their latest prediction - that President Obama had already purchased TV time on Nov. 27th to announce the alien presence to the world (this was to be after the UFO crafts landed in a Florida stadium last weekend) - would qualify in most thinking peoples eyes - as one of the most stupid predictions ever made. And, of course, President Obama didn't venture near the subject yesterday or EVER, yet. Indeed, for these Disclosure loudmouths to believe they are making any `progress' at all - just shows how unconnected they are to the real reality -- something they don't seem to have much of a connection to.

So, today - Nov. 28th -- let my copy and paste my words from this blog on Nov. 1st --- "Sorry; I just don't buy it - to me - expecting politicians to come clean with the truth is like expecting to find a clean pigpen on a farm. A zero % chance in the near term - while they look like fools predicting and begging for alien disclosure NOW - marginalizing themselves, their words, and their actions for probably years and years to come."

Frankly, I can't think of ANY reason to print ANYthing they have to say about specific `Disclosure Dates' in the future -can you?

I welcome your comments.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

`Web' Predicts Obama Alien Disclosure On Nov. 27th?

"And The Hits, Just Keep On Coming" CKLW Slogan late 1960's

Without question - the gig of predicting `the day' that aliens either show up or will be acknowledged - has to be coming to an end. Right? Or, is that just another silly prediction like the new one that has been put into the world of search terms?

The most recent bout of predicting seemed to begin anew last Oct. - as some of you remember - Ms. Blossom Goodchild received insight from her contacts with the beyond to tell us that aliens would hover for days straight in Alabama skies to announce their arrival and presence on Earth. That was supposed to happen last Oct. 14th. Guess what happened? Nothing.

Earlier this year the date was touted as May 31st --`or else' -- or else the Exopolitics movement was going to do it. The `or else' was directed at the government. Guess what happened? Nothing. Indeed, most recently, those in the movement seem to have shown their frustration at the lack of progress by virtually BEGGING the government and President Obama to come clean about alien technology. I blogged about it in my last post.

So, if enlightenment, if that is what it is to be called - isn't coming from `above' as in Ms. Goodchild's case ----- and --- isn't coming from the `inside' -- as in the Exopolitics movement case -- perhaps a prediction from `the outside' will work. In this case, the outside is Web Bot, a search engine tool/software, that is used to make predictions. (Don't worry, I'll be providing links.) In this case, predictions about alien disclosure and even some personalities that will be involved.

But, let me back up. My first exposure to a Web Bot prediction concerning the Nov. 27th Obama Disclosure was with this link on Nov. 6th to the online version of The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal and an article by Micheal Duff The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal In this article, he says that is used in an article analysing it's finding by a blog called (are you still with me).

Now, without a question - has lots of Web Bot material and predictions -- but, for the life of me - I could NOT come up with anything that predicted this Nov. 27th date and am not sure where Mr. Duff at the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal did either. Perhaps it is embedded in one of the many videos on the site with the predictions of Web Bot. Indeed, the website even has a tab for Web Bot. BTW, the software reports of the creators of the Web Bot Project, Clif High and George Ure, sell the predictions/download for 10.00 on Oh, by the way, expect the `predictions' to be full of doom and gloom that you will be reading.

Anyway, the Web Bot predictions didn't end there - as then I came across this today - - (yes, this is the same Andrew Basiago that I covered Sept. 10th in my blog The Heavy Stuff -- and, what a story it is. Seems that the Web Bot has predicted that Mr. Basiago will rise to planetary status in the next few months due to his findings about Mars --- here's the `wo-wo' stuff about the Web Bot predictions (Seems I beat the Exopolitics blog to Basiago by a week or so.)

So, after all this - what is my take?

My take is that Black Friday (Nov. 27th) the media will be in the shopping malls NOT in the White House briefing room for Alien Disclosure. You can take that as a prediction. That said, is the Web Bot wrong to predict that Basiago will be taking a more visible role soon about the wo-wo ideas of life elsewhere - perhaps not. Media coverage could soon extend into the new documents that seems to show an alien crash at Roswell via FOIA releases. And, that could propel the MSM to look for more `edgy' guests like Basiago - and, as I said when I covered his stuff in THS blog -- this guy does have some very interesting photographs of the surface of Mars.

Finally, one interesting thing about all this chatter is what it does to this blogs `hits' - which have escalated with virtually no posting since most of this chatter began: see the chart on top of the page or here -- is my website a predictor too?

Is a Midnight clock setting imminent? Or, will the Bot be wrong again (it predicted a 10,000 fold increase in UFO reports this last summer)?

Hey, don't laugh too hard.

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Here's the video that mentions Nov. 27th.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Primal Screams Of Exo-politics Proponents Move UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock To 9:30 P.M. For Novembers Current Time

Hello, welcome back to the Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock - the current clock setting has been moved to 9:30 P.M. from 9:00 P.M. last month. The reason? As I noted in my last post - Dr. Greer and now others within the Exo-politics movement (as if following his lead) have asked/called for/demanded that President Obama change the current understanding of the populous about UFO's and alien technology (that they think will be a godsend for humanity).

Excuse me while I yawn.

It started about two weeks ago with Dr. Salla's ongoing prediction of immanent disclosure at continued with Dr. Greer's post a week ago today at - where he asked for a number of things I outlined from his letter in my last post and finally on Wednesday the 28th - we had Whitney Strieber's request for current disclosure at

Frankly, Dr. Salla's continuous predictions about disclosure - nearly all wrong in timing - are getting a little - no - hugely boring. As Clara said in the Wendy's hamburger commercial years ago - where's the beef? If I remember correctly, he predicted the same thing earlier in the year. Meanwhile, Dr. Greer seems to be becoming exasperated at the slowness of the Obama administration and has huge expectations in Obama that are truly undeserved (IMO); - while Strieber calls for `think tanks' to provide us with studies of the information that the aliens have revealed.

Time for another yawn? I'd say so.

Regardless of that - their unique and timed appeals (corresponding I assume to one year after the election of Obama) are acting like the squeakiest wheels demanding to be oiled. NOW. IMMEDIATELY. As if the information can't wait another second to head off mankind's slip into unconsciousness. Into not caring about the issue they are passionate about. Expecting this group of world leaders now to change course from what all world leaders told us before.

Sorry; I just don't buy it - to me - expecting politicians to come clean with the truth is like expecting to find a clean pigpen on a farm. A zero % chance in the near term - while they look like fools predicting and begging for alien disclosure NOW - marginalizing themselves, their words, and their actions for probably years and years to come.

But, combined, for one month - they did move the Disclosure Clock - a half hour.


Here's my candid accessment I made about he politics of UFO Disclosure on my political blog recently

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exopolitics Greer - Makes Disclosure Plea

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock Current October Time is 9:00 P.M -

Hello, welcome to the Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - and, as you can see, the clock setting remains at 9:00 P.M. for October. As you may remember, I moved the clock 12 hours forward last month based on the `research findings' of Anthony Bragalia via a FOIA document received in August. You can read my logic of the move here and, you can access the post of Mr. Bragalia too on that page. I have even re-read and reviewed what I took as virtual proof of the Roswell incident by Bragalia - and still feel the case is ontologically strong but does rely on `here say' IMO for complete confirmation of ties to the Roswell incident itself.

However, while I have as to yet not seen Bragalia on TV - he has in the meantime of the last 6 weeks -- come forward and claims `solving' another UFO mystery of the 1960's - the Socorro Incident. (He says it was a hoax by college students.) And, like his `solving' of the Roswell incident has again come under fire from various UFO folk for jumping the gun or over promising on scanty data.

In the above link - I gave you my first gut feel I had of the `Roswell proof' - here was my gut feel on my AnomalyMan page on about this new Socorro Proof - "The same guy that proved just last month that the Roswell incident seemed to involve an alien craft - this month - turns around and to me - doesn't quite prove that Socorro UFO was a hoax. Nonetheless, an excellent read and you may feel he indeed does prove it." What Bragalia has done - is up the ante - for the mainsteam media to ignore his information. On either Roswell or Socorro.

MEANWHILE , the month of September continued to produce amazing videos of lights in the sky and `orbs' - and orbs that seem to be able to be called - and orbs that `have a face'. There was even another statement from the Vatican about alien life. Sometimes it gets to the point of saying `what is next'?

I welcome your comments.

Here's the best UFO video I've seen in the last month or so - it purports to show a UFO streaking thru a cloud as it tracks Iranian Missiles -- or - is it a shadow of the missile itself?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Are Humans `Entertainment' For BILLION Year Old Entiites?


In the last few days, Greg Bishop at UFO Mystic has had a couple posts about just how different, weird, or, non-human, the aliens that visit our planet might be - stressing how we certainly may not be able to figure out their motivations or interests in our planet or human beings. Indeed, in his first post on the subject - it had a large outpouring of individuals reacting to his article. And, in one of those posts - the comment is made - as it often is on UFO sites - that any aliens visiting Earth may be a `million' years `ahead' of us in `development' (sciencewise as well as ethically).

Well, at least the comment person said a `million' - I can barely stand it when someone says 1,000 years ahead of us - with a gasp in their voice. But, since this is where our `air' transportation was 100 years ago (see picture on top of post) - I guess to that person 1,000 years in terms of the `civilizations out there' might indeed seem impressive. But,.................. it's not.

Indeed, the points that Greg brings up in his article about the `alienness' of the aliens is dead on. To fully comprehend what may be going on in our skies and perhaps even in peoples minds (abductions come to mind) - I'd say that to get a grasp on even a tiny portion of that - one needs to take a view of `time' that is truly enormous - almost really, beyond human comprehension. Because, such a view on `aliens and intelligence' would lead the thinking person on into realms involving billions of years - yes - billions.

I would hope that readers of this blog are knowledgeable enough to know that the material that our Sun is made of - and us too - are the remains of a `star' that `blew up' supposedly about 7 billion years ago. I would also hope my readers are aware that science speculates that our Universe is less than 14 billion years removed from the Big Bang event. And, finally, I would hope that my readers are aware that `stars come and go' and that stars (and most likely planets) have been present in the universe nearly all except for the first several hundred million years. But, what readers may not be aware of, is that as soon as the `heavier' elements began to be abundant - it was possible for `life' to be in the universe - a situation that could ONLY happen after the first generation of stars.

The long story short is that for BILLIONS of years - life, and indeed intelligent life - may have been present in the universe. Even intelligent live that could have been human like or beyond. So, what ultimately must be considered by folks with an interest in UFO's is that it's possible that entities or intelligences grown from our universe elements may exist in a form appropriate for life forms billions of years old. Indeed, the real question is - how would such life forms present themselves here, on Earth, about 14 billion years after the BB? AND, what could they possibly WANT from a species like human beings?

Greg Bishop in his post points out, and I agree, that they likely don't NEED us for anything, and, would probably have `solved' virtually any `problem' they had with their level of science intelligence. Indeed, if thought about - it makes the one UFO meme that the `aliens' need us for our genetics - seem silly.

Now, this isn't to say that `aliens' wouldn't exist at ALL levels of `timeframes'. Some civilizations could be billions of years old (obviously, they would be wanderers of the universe as their `parent' planet in all likelihood has been gone for eons) - although I expect that number to be quite limited. However, more and more civilizations may indeed be hundreds of millions of years old - and indeed, more would be only several million years old. And, yes, some would indeed, be only a million or even only a thousand years `ahead' of us.

Frankly, I think the odds that an alien race that is presenting itself to humans - is NOT just a thousand years ahead of us. Hundreds of thousands to many millions of years is much more likely. So, let's put ourselves into the position of a `species' that may have more than a million years advancement from humans. (And, obviously, advanced enough to NOT blow up their home planet - at least before leaving it.) What indeed could we expect from a civilization of such age - what would they want their legacy to be? What would they find of interest on planets?

Could it be that `drama' and `humor' - might fit the bill?

Did you know that in 2007 that over 200 star systems had been identified as being within 33 light years of Earth? And, that new ones are being discovered all the time (many of these are brown dwarfs - but - they too could possibly have a habitual zone too) - indeed one system recently discovered was only 12 light years away.

Now, why do I digress into these statistics?

Well, because we have been `broadcasting' to that universe for nearly 100 years. `I Love Lucy' has easily made it to over 500 if not 5000 star systems by now. And, what could be more humorous or have more drama than Human Beings? Could it be that the `things' that are seen in the sky are data collectors for that humor and drama? Would WE not watch such a `program stream' about another planet?

Are Humans Entertainment For Billion Year Old Entities?

Thanks for reading today - I'd love to read YOUR comments. Oh, and don't miss my main blog at where I have upwards of 80 posts on the strangest of ideas. Or, if you prefer current weirdness - I have a near daily Squidoo site about the high strangeness in the world

Friday, September 4, 2009

Awareness Of The 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Flap

Hello, welcome back to The UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for hitting the link. And, I assume that because you hit the link - you might indeed have some awareness of the `UFO Flap' that happened in Washington D.C. in 1952. Indeed, of all the `oldtime' tales that younger `UFO enthusiasts' may be aware of - the Washington `events' stand with the Roswell incident and perhaps the 1942 Battle Of Los Angeles as the `epic' tales of yesterday UFO (not including Betty and Barney Hill or Travis Walton's) that have awareness.

Now, since neither the Hills or Mr. Walton have video's of their events (Travis does have witnesses to his abduction however) - and - no video's exist of the Roswell event (I think someone has brought forward an enhanced photo of the Battle of Los Angeles `craft' - that I saw somewhere a time or two) - would make one think that IF a real `video' (in this case a `film') existed of the Washington D.C. incident that the video would be literally ETCHED in our mind -- as it would have been featured on every UFO special since TV UFO specials began.

So, when I became aware - just the other day - of this supposed footage of the July 12th, 1952 Washington D.C. UFO incident - I was surprised - to say the least - to say that I have never seen it or if I have - I have forgotten it (which is even stranger considering how ominous looking the event on this tape shows).

Indeed, if this YouTube video is real - it begs the question as to why the public is not more aware of it - as it indeed shows a VERY SCARY phenomena - regardless of what it is. In fact: if the video is not `proof' of a `blackmailing type event' I'd be surprised As you will see when you watch the video -- the lights in the sky phenomena that is shown totally dominates the evening sky -- many many lights, all moving in formation.

Even with all the `light in the sky' videos you see in today's era - this is a video that will stand out - not only for it's D.C. background - but for the unique event in the sky. Believe it or not, this video has under 23,200 views - spread the word.

This last video is supposedly also of `lights in the sky over D.C.' - in this case on Live TV in 2008.

Finally, have you seen my main blog - with lots of UFO stuff too - -- thanks for visiting today, leave a comment too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock Current September Time is 9:00 P.M - Due To `The Roswell Proof' Release

Hello, welcome back to The UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - the current September time is 9:00 P.M. - a move of the clock of 12 hours from last month, and the first time since the governments official statement about the Stephenville Texas UFO incidents in early 2008 that the `clock time' has been in the P.M category (except for the readers time setting earlier this year at 2:15 P.M.). It's no small move and not one that I make lightly; but, it seems as if the very criteria this website has been set up on has been met; and, that is - the government `has now been forthcoming' on the events surrounding the Roswell Incident in 1947.

Now, as you would expect with `the government' - they do this in only the most roundabout and obscure manner - that leaves it up to real investigative work to `solve'. And, in this case - this is that very investigative work - and, when I posted this link at - this was my short blurb "As you would expect - the story - just this month - has ONLY been an internet story. That said, how long will the MSM (mainstream media) let this sit - my bet is - NOT long.This is very very very close to proof the Roswell incident WAS aliens."

Officially, what I'd say is that what it `proves' is that Anthony Bragalia has `proven' is that a non-Earthly `craft' has crashed on Earth - `aliens' have not been proven - yet - IMO. Now, the reason for the disclosure clock moving is that Mr. Bragalia only proves this via the `government's own FOIA release'. Now, I'll let you read his proof and details yourself - but - suffice it to say - IMO - it has been proven that an alien craft did crash in New Mexico in 1947 and that material from that craft was very important to our government.

Interestingly, Mr. Bragalia's claims about his investigation have been met by some skepticism from within the respected UFO blogger community - for example - Mac Tonnies reaction is here - and, perhaps I am splitting hairs to say that Mr. Tonnies feels different than me - because he is saying in the above post that `perhaps' alien spacecraft has been proven - but not aliens visitation. I guess it's that I'd go beyond his `perhaps' statement.

Regardless, what Mr. Bragalia has uncovered - via the government - is `virtual proof' for anyone who can draw a straight line and understand the ontology that Bragalia presents. (With very slight reliance IMO on `collaboration' via `stories' of others.) I'd say the proof is indeed there - and - now - begs for an honest examination by the MSM (mainstream media). I find it hard to believe that Larry King can be far off on interviewing Mr. Bragalia.

But, at that point, after the story gains public awareness - I still highly doubt that the `government' is going to trot out ANYONE at all - to offer confirmation `proof'. After all, if the craft was unmanned (and we could assume that alien crafts certainly could be run via command systems) - `the government' really doesn't KNOW the origin perhaps (which could even be Earthly and time/dimensional in nature). And, as I have discussed in my blog The Heavy Stuff here - "Gallons Of Disclosure Everywhere and Not A Sip Of Confirmation To Drink" - -- even `sightings of aliens' is NOT PROOF (you can read my blog to find out why).

I have also moved the `clock' to reflect better on the - evidently enormous - amount of UFO information that has `already' been released by the U.S. Government as shown by some great detective work by Micah Hanks here It seems that lots has been dribbled out by even our government that simply hasn't been put into one place before. Leave it to the MSM to make bloggers put the whole story together.

Finally, I expect that if/when Bragalia's information finally makes the MSM (November sweeps perhaps?) that it will NOT hit the media like a rock - but - like a pillow. By that I mean, I think that Bragalia's information will go onto the talk circuit first via nighttime exposure (Larry King, Fox News) - before it will actually be `news' in the daytime rotation. I expect Bragalia will have fewer than a dozen MSM interviews a year from now. The media is simply going to allow the citizens to `make up their own minds' - and - will also NOT offer it as `proof' of `aliens visiting Earth'.

Lastly, a post I ran here just 11 days ago - about a plane abduction of UFO's - had been confessed to on a UFO Forum 16 days ago (Aug. 15th) which had less than a 1,000 page views. I have just become aware the video was an admitted fake one - I'm kinda proud to have inferred that it was beyond the pail before finding out for sure. The security camera man-abduction remains unknown.

More Background on aspects of this post:

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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Outrageous Possibilities Raised By The Mexico Orb Releasing UFO

On July 8th on this site - I posted a video supposedly taken in Mexico on May 22nd of this year. I chose to post that UFO video because it was absolutely unique, to me, in the realm of UFO/ORB videos - in that it showed `something' (most would call it a UFO or ORB) brightly shining high in the sky, suddenly releasing multitudes of smaller `orbs' in both directions - seemingly right out of the sides of the `ufo/orb Mothercraft'.

At the time, I called it an excellent UFO video (in terms of showing the anomalous). Now, since fake UFO videos are numerous, even while I've never seen one depicting what happens in this video, one must always be skeptical. That said, there is one thing that, to me, always makes things more persuasive; - and that, to me, is a SECOND video of the same event (taken with a camera on the opposite side of the event about a couple miles away). And, indeed, that has happened, and it is that video that you will find below today.

But, the purpose of this post is to tackle the obvious and yet unexplainable - the video events themselves. Just what could possibly be going on - if the video is REAL? And for purposes of this post - I will assume no Tom Foolery or shenanigans are involved with either video. Indeed, the only possibilities can be summed up as totally outrageous - but - if this type of phenomena starts to be very commonplace (as I have seen Orb's release another orb before on video - just not in this number) - we all need to have some sort of handle on the coming possible speculation.

Indeed, I've done a lot of speculating already about Orbs - both in this blog - and in my main blog - - indeed, just this month I wrote

"Indeed, `orbs’ have moved, changed, or transformed, from being the `light’ or circle captured in photos in the 80’s and 90’s via cameras (at this time they were thought to be ghosts/spirits/entities) - into - nowadays, via video camera - full fledged `balls of conscious light’ - seemingly. Some of which seem to even be able to be `called’ or `produced’ by a few individuals.
Indeed, some Orbs have been filmed recently that `emerge’ from other `orbs’. And, sometimes it isn’t even just one ..."

Which leads to Outrageous Possibility one - Orbs are INDEED `spirits' (dead consciousness) and they are indeed - evolving --> as I speculated here in The Heavy Stuff "Can The `Collective Dead’ Of Humanity - Evolve?" - "Frankly, nearly all ghost experiences seem limited to ONE ghost - seldom is it multiple ghosts - or a whole slew of ghosts. There doesn’t seem to be a `collective dead’ that is able to materialize. The ghosts that do materialize do not seem to be hanging out with others bringing their will/consciousness/space into our living world. (That is not to say that in some seances or `communications’ that some `additional’ spirit wants to take over the communication - so, two or even a few seems to be a limit.) Maybe it’s just hard to get folks together at the same `real’ place and same `real’ time when they have been `dead’ for awhile.

Perhaps the `real’ just isn’t that interesting.

But, the question that THS is trying to get behind in this post is `could the dead evolve’? After-all, lots of gurus of thought have died - Einstein, Husserl, Gandhi, Sartre, —- does it matter what additional intelligence is added by their deaths? Could those interested in the subject matter of communicating with the dead - after they die - have access to NEW information about EVP or other methods? Could the `best heads’ be put together on the `other side’ to more effectively reach our humanity on `this side’?"

So, possibility one is `the dead are evolving' - are able to form into a `conscious ball of light' - that can -- break up into individual orbs (spirits). And, what could be the purpose of such a display? Could it be a simple as to bring wonder to the world? Or, to bring about a Fortean event to question the everyday reality - and perhaps turn mankind to a higher calling - a more spiritual one?

But, I get ahead of myself - because, to me, another possibility of what we witness in the videos is indeed -- `A Fortean Meme'. A Fortean or Impossible event that requires mankind to think of the `how's' of reality - to break with the common consensus explanation of `things'. More or less, a braking mechanism for consciousness' certainty. Indeed, could ORB's - conscious balls of light - become another new Meme?

This Fortean side of Ontology, to me, is best described by Colin Bennett about a Fortean/UFO/Missing Time/MIB - experience that he had - I will quote some of his heavy words - "It took me some time to realize just how complex my UFO experience was. It had a subtle psycho-mythological substrate. When I discovered this, I was quite shaken by the implications. I had seen a mythological animal, no less. Not a unicorn or a white rabbit with a pocket watch, but a mythological creature for a technological Age: a Lancaster bomber, of all things. Why is such a thing mythological? Because this aircraft was once was a flying lance of freedom, a piece of Britain’s sacred electro-mechanical muscle, just as symbolic as the lance of St George .....What I saw was a multi-faceted information-based phenomenon...To myself now, years later, this UFO was a liminal object that is something whose “existence” lies between fact and fiction, like an Escher drawing. I am now aware that indeed there were other structured levels involving time, destiny, and personality besides an “objective” component. ...This kind of technology, not far removed from holographic TV, could produce a “man from Venus” at the drop of a hat. It would be an equally sobering experience for scientists to find that their discoveries were part of a multi-dimensional media/gaming entertainment system of many levels of focus, development, and application. "

so, possibility two - is that the Orb event - is a developing Fortean Meme using human consciousness for its very existence. The purpose - to prevent certainty about `things'. (If you want a great read about Fortean Events - see Bennett's write-up's of 9-11 or contrails in our skies.)

Now, after those far out, subjective, qualitative, consciousness possibilities - we move into the structured ontological - well, we will get to that eventually. LOL.

No, next up for possibility number three is kind of between the `concrete' and `human consciousness related' - that being - "communication" from `outside' our `timecone' - in other words a multi-dimensional event. Let me describe my thoughts.

Lets say that entities, perhaps even humanlike entities, live on a planet many light years away - perhaps, even in a different galaxy than the Milky Way; and, that, while the science-fiction of faster than light travel may be nice, -- let's say that it is found to be impossible for anything `other than a light structure' - to transverse the Universe `instantly' (faster than light/time). But, let's say that certain `light structures' can be `sent out' , via an entity with intelligence, that can `appear' in the skies of a planet with intelligent species like mankind (much like a greeting card shout out).

And, perhaps, that `light' can be sent - even - having an intelligence imprinted onto it. A `light' that can even `do things'/events - at the eventual placement outcome in a planets skies - light years across the universe. After all, this video almost looks like sophisticated fireworks.

So, Outrageous Possibility three is - `a signal from another intelligence across the universe'. The purpose - the `universal' desire to reach out and say `I am here'!

Which brings us to possibility four - no, we are not finished even yet. And, possibility number four is that these are human based, Earth based objects/events - caused by humans (probably of an underground human elite core) - that could be some projection of plasma or projection of a hologram. (This same plasma or hologram - may be what is being `sent' by non-humans in possibility three.)

If events such as Orbs begetting Orbs - are caused by elite humans operating outside of government structures - whose purpose is totally unknown - I can only suggest reading all the conspiracy websites on the internet or google `solar warden' for explanations.

Which leaves three more possibilities - the potentially obvious one -- and two more obscure possibilities. I'll begin with the obvious, the 5th possibility -- these ORBs are, indeed, `alien craft' or `entities' of some sort with a temporary status or time in our reality. (that is unless we are to assume that every one of these `cloaks' and becomes invisible after a period of time). The `purpose' of these `alien craft'? Who knows - data collection -entertainment - historical recording devices - to even `contact with the human race'. At this point in our understanding - who knows what a race of entities more developed than humans `wants' from us - by this display.

The 6th possibility is one I've blogged about before - and qualifies as Outrageous - and that is - the event is the display of `sky creatures' of the Earth's atmosphere. I titled the post "Could Some `Rods' Grow Into `Orbs' - Could Some `Orbs' Grow Into Some `Ufo's'?" -- where I wrote - "That's right - today's post is going to speculate that our atmosphere - just like the `land' of Earth and just like the `water' of Earth - has `creatures' - perhaps of multiple sorts - species even. `Creatures' of different sizes with a degree of intelligence and awareness; just like on land and within the ocean. Creatures, that could be increasing to the point that more and more of them are being `seen' by the more and more humans on the planet Earth.

And, the seventh possibility is similar in a sense to number two - the Fortean Meme - with two possibilities for it. Anyway, the seventh choice is the age-old idea that `reality is not real' - `it is all, including humans, software' - `the matrix'.

The two variations of this would be: first - we are nothing but a software program simulating consciousness and self-awareness and are programmed from `outside entities' who can do `anything' in our `fake computer world'. The other variation - it is WE humans who are `doing the programming of our own universe' - and - events can be `produced' for and by humans - that exceed our ability to understand them or even control them in a cause-effect manner.

Finally, more than just describe the possibilities - and with the chance that similar phenomena can be produced by more than one of the above possibilities - I'd like to `give' my gut instinct on what we see in the Mexico UFO/ORB video below.

Possibility One - `Dead Human Spirits are developing' - (10%)
#2 ---> `Fortean Ontology' (<5%)
#3 ---> `Multi-dimensional communication' (10%)
#4 ---> `Elite Humans'/Secret Government (20%)
#5 ---> `Alien Crafts' (30%)
#6 ---> `Evolving Sky Creatures' (<5%)
#7 ---> (a)`Matrix Universe - Computer' (15%)
(b) `Matrix Universe - Human' (10%)

I'd love to know your thoughts and percentages too - leave a comment. Make sure to visit some of those ORB links above too.

Tip of the hat to Lon at for first running with this video.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Over The Top `UFO Abduction' Videos -- Ignore? Or, Watch?

Hello, welcome back to The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for visiting and for your curiosity. As you can see from the title of today's post - my subject is - since fake video's can be generated about almost anything - including UFO's - can they be taken as `Proof' anymore, and are they even worth watching?

So, today, in this post I will include two such videos - one I just recently became aware of that is of a Plane Abduction -- yes - you read that right - a Plane (as in flying) abduction caught on video. The other one is even more bizarre if that is possible - it purports to be a video of a man not only being abducted but even being returned to the exact same place.

First, my comments about the Plane abduction incident and what distinguishes it from the Man abduction incident; it's `shot' by a human - and is REALLY over the top - which to me raises my suspicions. Also, this to me looks like a private prop plane and such planes often draw the look of folks on the ground (as opposed to staring high in the sky to see the occasional jet) - and - one would think that MORE than just the video'er of the event would see this occur. Evidently NOT however. (Or a re-appearance of a plane, since none were missing.)

I won't comment on the seemingly bizarre path the UFO takes to do the abduction - either. Or, how, UN-conventional it's path seems compared to `other UFO videos'. (Then again, I've never seen a plane abduction on video either before this.)

And, I'll say the same thing about the Plane video as I did the first time I saw the Man Abduction video -- show me MANY similar videos - and I may begin to be convinced. But, as of today, - daytime UFO abductions of Planes - I just don't buy it.

Now, onto the Man Abduction video. First, I admit, I have a preference that this was supposedly shot with an unmanned security camera and was submitted anonymously. Additionally, IF entity abduction can happen instantaneously, as this video depicts - it may well occur with a flash of light. I also have to say that the effects that the person shows, as well as the `expert' testimony saying how that is often the case upon `return' - as well as the subsequent story of the gentleman quitting the job and moving on - make this much more compelling to me than the first one (and I am of the belief that 99% of abductions are by entities without a real ontological structure - in other words - a subjective world with real qualities - as in what happens via mutual hypnosis - something I've posted about here

But, once again, - there are a lot of security cameras now in the world - IF this is a real video - I would suspect that this type of event would be captured more and more often -- and - until I see more - I'll withhold judgement on this one.

Security Camera Footage Of An Alien Abduction? - A funny movie is a click away

Finally, my answer to the first question is NO - even the over the top videos are NOT Proof - not yet -- but - YES - they are worth watching and MAY even be real.

Have you seen my UFO archive section on Squidoo - UFO videos and more - thanks for your visit today and thanks for the comments on the previous post too. I welcome your comments on today's post too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dr. Steven Greer's Latest Statement That ALL E.T.'s Are Friendly - Ruffles Feathers

As you may know, recently, in Europe, they had an `Exo-Politics' seminar and invited the `biggies' of the UFO `movement' - one of them - of course - Dr. Steven Greer. And, as you may also know, I've covered the Dr. before in my article about his term CE-5 -- Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. And, this post will NOT be a review about Dr. Greer, but, will examine various statements and ideas he presented in an interview following the most recent seminar -- that video is on the bottom of this page.

The video itself is very interesting; mainly because of the interaction between the interviewer and Dr. Greer. You see, the interviewer is part of the `movement' too - and has a different take on at least one particular aspect of the UFO saga than Greer does. The result, is an interview - that really digs into Greer's explanation for the aliens.

It turns out that the one particular part that the interviewer doesn't like at all is Greer's contention that ALL E.T.'s are friendly, or, at the very least, NOT a threat. And, for that belief, Greer gets vilified mercilessly by the interviewer .

I guess I'm here to `back' Greer in that viewpoint.

Because, unless you accept the very `out-there' conspiracy concept that `Reptilian' aliens are running the planet in one manner or another - there is NO evidence of `aliens' EVER taking over the Earth in its history since humans. Indeed, NO evidence of `aliens' even `living here' prior to mankind's accent in those hundreds of millions of years of life on Earth before mankind.

Now, what Greer is saying is obvious - but important. And, that is, ANY alien race - that is real in the sense we humans are real (having an ontological presence) with the intelligence to GET to Earth - would obviously be MUCH advanced from human intelligence. And, would therefore be MUCH advanced in terms of `armament' too.

In other words, they would have been able to have destroyed us long long ago -- if they wanted this planet. Remember, while intelligence is assumed to only have arisen in the universe after the second generation of stars -- that was BILLIONS of years ago. Some intelligences may have billions of years of science behind them.

So, therefore, as Greer suggests, if we are indeed being monitored by aliens - perhaps by more than one species of aliens - it's obvious that they will NOT be attacking. And, if you think about it -- that was basically how the `outcome' of thought about `UFO's' happened in the 50's.

That being, and apparently the governments conclusion too - was that `whatever' the UFO phenomena IS - it is not a threat to humans. Indeed, it's what has allowed the government to push the whole `UFO thing' - so far away from the common man. To relegate it to the fringe of thought. To be able to `laugh' (others say threaten) at those who suggest otherwise.

BUT, Greer suggests a HUGE caveat -- a HUGE caveat. And that is, that the human race by back engineering crashed UFO's -- IS CAPABLE of Interstellar Travel - BUT IS NOT ALLOWED -------------- BY THE ALIENS. Which is, therefore, why they are here and are impeding our move into space ---- as `THEY' don't want `warlike' humans to come to THEIR planet -- in so an uncivilized manner. Greer points out that humans have already killed 160 million humans in WARS; and, that that is NOT allowed of species that `wander the universe'.

And, I have to admit -- that is an appealing concept -- that the aliens are here to make sure we don't go anywhere else until we get our hostilities in order. And, our priorities in order. To better understand what mankind is to this planet and the universe. Yepper, it's a comforting concept. And, while I will agree that IF aliens are here that it's obvious (to me) they are not taking the planet over -- I find it a stretch to say they are here to keep us here.

But, that was not all that Greer said -- or, should I say -- claimed to KNOW. For example, he maintains that the `Greys' are really a `grown' nanotechnology - and that they are MADE in test tubes - and that they are programmed for specific duties. He also makes claims about mind control by the military.

Finally, one last time - I want to examine a subtly that Greer uses to diffuse the `bad alien' idea presented by the interviewer (who felt that we should have military defenses against the aliens) who sites numerous times of what she would consider violence by the aliens (including the abductions). And, Greer's explanation seemed to go over her head -- Greer ascribes these type of experiences to a more qualitative realm of beings-entities ------ that are NOT ontological like humans and real aliens. And, as you know, in one of my more recent post at my blog The Heavy Stuff -- I got into quite deeply that I feel their are at least 4 types of entities/aliens.

And, lastly, I will provide at the bottom a few of the links of relevance to this posting - including the views of the interviewer - which include Roswell as being some sort of craft from our future sent to straighten out our timeline.

Yeah, right.

Greer's stuff sounds simple and logical compared to that.

Please watch this video - and leave a comment.
Much more on UFO's at my blog too.

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The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock Current August Time is 9:00 A.M. - Due To More Evidence Of `UFO' `Calling'

Hello, welcome back to the Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) on Blogspot - thanks for hitting the link or returning today. As you can see from the title of this post - the `clock setting' has `advanced' from a July setting of 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. - one of the most noteworthy moves ever for the time setting.

No, it wasn't the Buzz Aldrin comment on C-SPAN about a Monolith on a Mars moon. No, it wasn't the lack of comment from Robert Gibbs, the President's Press Secretary, on C-SPAN, when asked directly, as the first question from the public to him, for President Obama to comment about the Roswell crash. You can see that video on another of my pages here -- make sure to hear his chuckle as he answers.

And, it wasn't the non-ending stream of videos taken by the public showing UFO's, Orbs and Rods or Nighttime `Ribbonlike UFO's' seemingly made of plasma -- although, at some point -- all of this will probably go mainstream. After all, how long can the media hold out and NOT show what is getting attention on the internet. Can the NEXT Larry King `ufo special' be far away?

Well, if it is -- it's possible that a somewhat new phenomena is `emerging' - literally - in the UFO `disclosure' ontology; and, that is - a `willing, summoning, calling, seeing' of Plasmalike, Orblike, phenomena. Indeed, below I will have examples of two gentlemen, new in the YouTube realm (as of today, these videos have under 1,800 viewings) - who are posting material eerily similar, if not identical, to the famous `calling' of an Orb for the TV cameras in Las Vegas several years ago by `Prophet Yahweh'.

No, neither of these `callers' believe the `UFOs' to be manned by Giant Black Gods as PY does.

But, at least Dean Clark (I wrote about Mr. Clark here - believes the experiences to be related to his beliefs in God - just like PY. Indeed, this common component is not easy to dismiss; as it seems possible that the mens `ideas' or `beliefs and intentionality's and expectations' - are indeed - triggering some sort of `actualization' from the environment. An actualization that `looks' like what some have described as Orbs or light -- others say that the phenomena occasionally `turns solid' and resembles a `Ufo' more so at those times.

Indeed, I'm reminded of one of the opening passages in Joseph Chilton Pearce's book `Exploring The Crack In The Cosmic Egg' - as he references his incredible book - `The Crack In The Cosmic Egg' - I quote:

"In my book The Crack In The Cosmic Egg, I examined the way our thinking enters into the structuring of our reality. I showed how transformations of our concepts about reality could change aspects of our reality. My contention, that "man's mind mirrors a universe that mirrors man's world""

If one `thinks' about it -- influencing the `real reality' we are so absorbed within - may indeed, be VERY hard to do; but, influencing `the impossible' or `near impossible' in a given ontological structure - just could have influence. Indeed, is that the very thing that is happening? And, if so, what are these short lived balls of light - and what is their relationship with mankind?

I first present a couple videos from evilwear818 on YouTube -- evidently a new `caller':

In the above videos - evidently, on demand, for a skeptic, he calls an Orb. His YouTube page has other callings such as this second video.

I also include Dean Clarks YouTube effort:

Finally -- give a visit to my daily site -

Saturday, July 25, 2009

C-SPAN Becomes New UFO Disclosure Forum

This post is now part of a fantastic E-book called `The UFO Disclosure Destruction Papers' - The book details, via my blog posts, the lead up to and the aftermath of, the official `UFO' answer given by the USA in late 2011. You can click the book cover below to read a sample of this book released on Kindle in 2013:

You can also find it at my Kindle Author page right here - - along with other of my UFO books.

Thanks for reading a sample!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AnomalyMan's Best Ufo Videos Of The Past Three Years - Part Two

Thanks for the great response to Part One - Part Two begins on Jan. 1st, 2008 above the skies of San Diego California - here's a TV report of a formation of lights in the sky just after midnight to welcome the New Year:

Video #1

As you can hear from the newscast - this was seen by many folks in southern California. The fact that these are in formation and happened JUST after midnight seems mighty odd. (Part of the AnomalyMan Listing in Jan. 2008)

Video #2

This video is the `over the top' type - literally, daytime, solid, and flies Right Overhead of the video recording. FAKE is the yell - if not - see what a real UFO looks like -- if FAKE, see just how good they can make this look.

Real Texas UFO - or Not? (AnomalyMan Listing May 2009)

Video #3

`The Istanbul UFO with visible humanoid occupants' has caused a minor sensation with the claim that you can see the aliens inside the craft thru a window in the craft. (Ran Feb. 2008 on AnomalyMan Listing.)

The above videos found on this list - thanks for visiting today.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

AnomalyMan's Best UFO Videos Of The Past Three Years - Part One

VIDEO #1 - Flying Egg Video

Hello, and welcome back to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC). As you can see from the title of today's posting -- it's time for some of the `best' AnomalyMan UFO Videos. AnomalyMan is the name that I used when I first signed up with in 2006 -- and I chose that name because I liked to read `fortean' type links and often used and for my pleasure reading. And, because I was bookmarking so many links from both sites - I started a page on Squidoo called -- a page I still run and hope you will visit sometime. It is on the `AnomalyMan Listing' that all of these videos were posted first.

Now, on AnomalyMan - I only post a few diverse links each day; and, of which in a month with 150 links - perhaps 5-20 will be `UFO' links. As you know, you can read 25 fresh UFO links a day on sites dedicated to UFO's - as they go with the good the bad and the ugly brought to the UFO community each day. I do surf those sites and enjoy them.

But, it's overwhelming really. So, I look and pick only select ones. Only the best ideas, videos, ect. that has UFO as a focus. Finally, the select few of those - make it to my AnomalyMan Archive page on Squidoo - this is the source of the videos I will be posting -- the best of the best (I will have that direct link later).

Anyway; on that page I `save' (post) only the best of what I encounter on the web in certain areas of my Fortean interests - one being UFO's - (a strong interest since my personal `seeing' a UFO in 1991 - I posted about it here a year ago Now, I review all of this just to give a sense of the various UFO video's that I'm going to link to over the next several posts to this blog. I will add some comments about each video also.

#1 Flying Egg Video -- First, this one has under 6,000 YouTube views - IMO, it certainly deserves more. With the caveat that ANYTHING can be faked on video - my comments will be based on `saying' the video is real. I vouch for none of the videos - just an honest judgement - which includes all my best guesses at the overall UFO phenomena. (This video was on the AnomalyMan Listing in July 2008.)

So, again, with all that out of the way -- I find this 30 second video interesting because of the shape of the UFO and the `actions' observed on video. We all have seen these `close up' type UFO videos that `end' with the craft `zipping off-scree' - as if we are being `teased' with the image of `the unknown' - which could be manifesting for many `unknown' reasons. I say all this because -- `did the UFO go `zipping' over the next county, or state or region, or continent -- NO. These events seem literally to `vanish' after the initial `sightings - video-ings' -- in over 99.9% of cases. To me, it points to some sort of temporal phenomena (obviously, the idea that the UFO becomes `invisible' is also a strong possibility) in all likelihood.

Another idea that comes to me is that these `orbs' up to and including much more solid phenomena as shown in the Egg UFO - may be `data collectors' in some sense -- for some unknown entities (`entities' that could include anything from nefarious human groups, to `real alien species', to `spiritual entities' (for lack of a better term) to finally - dimension entities. In other words, what humans `see' as a `temporary' UFO - may be the `physical side' of what is projected into our common space reality. These UFO's `show up' and `take our picture' (in a sense).

All that said, I give you a link to an almost exact Egg UFO Video from the 1950's

Video #2 -- Cow Abduction Caught On Video (use this if video doesn't work)

My comments on the cow abduction video - would be that it `fits' almost exactly how one could envision this event happening. That said, and perhaps for that very reason, I'd have to see more than one of these types of videos to `believe' it. If indeed however, as more and more phone cameras come into being with rural areas - this was a phenomena `videoed' on multiple occasions - it would be worthy of strong contemplation.

Do I personally believe in that Cattle Mutilation happens - yes - of course.

I believe, like I do about UFO's in general, that some are probably `human based' such as secret government or non-government groups - but also - including consciousness, and `spiritual' `spaces' - as possible explanations. And, of course, throw in a mix of possible real alien species in `crafts' too.

Video #3 - UFO `RING'

I had this `UFO Ring' on my AnomalyMan listing in July of 2008 - and - unlike the other two - this is of the `light in the sky' type of UFO. An unknown that could be something from an energy plasma - to a discharge from a UFO craft - to an advanced lasar system in the distance. Considering that at least one of the Stephenville Texas UFO's of 2008 was vaguely similar - that even remains a possibility too. Certainly, this video deserves more than 6,127 views.

All of the above videos are from this link - where much more can be found in the UFO Archive -- --- thanks for checking it out --- don't forget to look around this page more too.

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