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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Could Jesse Ventura's TruTv Show Help UFO Disclosure?

Ok, I'll admit it, like many (but still too few) folks in America - I was one of those waiting anxiously to see the caliber and tone of Jesse Ventura's new show about Conspiracy's last night at 10PM - even if it was later than my usual TV viewing patterns - I was not disappointed. Indeed, last nights show was about the governments HAARP program in Alaska - one of the most conspiracy oriented hot topics available. After all, what could be better than accusing the military of mind control, weather control and mass destruction? Right?

Now, I will not try to explain the `science' the government purports to do at the facility, but this link will give the nearly `straight-government' angle on the HAARP project Indeed, if one is to believe Jesse's show - this wiki link is a very highly sanitized version of the `possible ultimate usage' of this project and others like it. And, of course, that ultimate usage would be to those of a conspiracy mode of thinking - Military Related. That military conspiracy includes everything from knocking out enemy space satellites to causing earthquakes, and, yes, even to controlling the minds of the populous. Yes, that would be you.

If you didn't see the show - briefly - the show uses a bevy of slightly too young and unknown reporters - who are under Jesse's control - who beat the bushes and make most of the phone calls. Jesse is seen directing the operation and then makes himself the pointman when the time of confrontation comes - or - the time when the `witnesses story' will `only be told to Jesse'.

It all made for good TV IMO - much more compelling than most `fringe' type programming one can find on TV. That said, other production values, including the voiceover, a male-voice, describing the nefarious things the HAARP may be involved with, seemed a bit `flat' and strangely familiar. His voice didn't seem to rise to various dramatic statements in the show such as something like `that if HAARP was focused on a particular spot it would be like 10 Mt. Saint Helens going off'. And yes, N. Telsa's name was mentioned for good measure.

That was hardly the only provocative statement or claim about HAARP - anyway - the voice man seemed understated for such a heavy topic story. Ok, enough about the production values.

To back up the claims that the government is covering up what they are really doing at HAARP - the Ventura show used an array of scientists right down to the guy next door; literally; from a person somewhat responsible for the development of the `weapon' to the laborer who laid the cement for the roadway and built some of the buildings (and who talked about how the level of security had changed over the years). Ventura also `went to the gates of the facility' in true - Area 51 type - confrontation; asking to be let in. But, not gaining entry. There even was the `anomalous' failure of the recording equipment - when push came to almost shove. (NO, they did not use spooky music in the background - but - did imply that perhaps the equipment failure was HAARP facility related. If so, that is incredibly specific targeting or one incredible coincidence)

Finally, Jesse also demonstrated that frequencies can be projected that make you hear things in your head, sounds that are not heard though the ears - in this case music. This demonstration was to show support for the idea of conspiracy buffs that the HAARP is for crowd mind control (although the size of that crowd was never discussed - in other words - could the device just be used on a crowd - city - or are we talking nation or world). And, lastly, Jesse offered a conclusion to the show - which was big on charges of government cover-up - but - a little softer on certainty of HAARP's ultimate purpose or abilities. A conclusion that I thought was dead on.

Indeed, only a fool would come away after viewing the show and say -- `the government is being forthright about ALL of what the HAARP program is doing' - I think antedotely Jesse's proves that. Proves the government covers up things. That is not news to many as I'm sure you will concur. Nevertheless, it does conjour up visions of conspiracy (and justifies the shows title) - what else are the proverbial THEY not telling US.

But, the show was short of proving some of the great conspiracy claims made on the internet and elsewhere IMO - and - as I mentioned above - the show didn't claim to prove the claims to it's credit. That would include claims of the ability to destroy satellites (as no proof was offered) -or control the mind of a crowd (HAARP was offered as the reason for the Iraq Army giving up with no fight when we invaded in the 1990's the first time - conveniently forgetting that we had bombed them for over a month straight - which also soften their minds thru sleep deprivation. Interestingly, the show stated the conspiracy meme that HAARP was used to distort the Iraq Army sleep patterns - causing them to act irrationally and give up without a fight.) or control the weather (although it did show the anomalous lights in the sky before the tsunami).

Indeed, to me, the mind control claims seemed the weakest of the conspiracy ideas; BUT - the occurrence of `northern lights' in the sky just before the earthquake that triggered the tsunami - seems more than a coincidence - and perhaps is an example of HAARP's ultimate power. Scary ultimate power if we are talking about consequences to the Earth itself.

But, there is more than one form of power - and IMO - the power to question the official government position has never been facilitated in a manner like this show. Literally, a former high ranking government person - one truly elected by the people and not the parties - challenging what the `parties that represent the government' say. And, in that regard, the HAARP program was an excellent choice - as most people suspect it is the military who `hides' things (making a slight distinction compared to other parts of government) - who might fit the definition of a conspiracy.

And, the shows previews indicated that 9-11-01 was the next conspiracy up for review in the next episode - which shows that Jesse will be taking no hostages and will be dealing with the most modern of conspiracies first - perhaps. Which leads us and this whole article to its very premise - might Ventura's show eventually cover UFO's? I'd say that it is almost a certainty. And, yes, IMO, the show could indeed move the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock when the topic is covered.

Only problem? TruTv's reach - which in this press release indicated an audience in prime time of only about 1,000,000 households.

• In January 2008, truTV delivered its best-ever prime figures among adults 18-49 (568,000), adults 25-54 (620,000), viewers (1,352,000) and households (1,021,000).

So - what do I now believe about HAARP after watching the show? I think it started with one purpose and changed into multiple purposes - including military - perhaps with significant abilities in that regard. Which would now account for the layered security at the facility. And, those extreme capabilities may indeed be true as I find the `sky lights' prior to the earthquake as suspicious - and - as Jesse suggested in the show - probably not intentional - just some experiment gone wrong.

Finally, let's hope that the 9-11 show goes forward next week (Jesse was quoted in the media as doubting that even the first show may not be broadcast.) and that the UFO conspiracy show follows soon afterward.

And, perhaps most important - will the MSM pick up on the idea that it is okay to challenge the secrecy in the government? Don't hold your breath.

Here is the trailer for the show:

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  1. I had a slightly different take on the show and posted on my blog about it.

    I thought it was pretty lame; interviewing a waitress and town drunk. Repeating rumor and innuendo. Acting surprised and finding it suspicious that people didn't want to talk to him on his show was absurd.

    A serious story about HAARP would have been much better than this silly bit of trash.


  2. John,

    Thanks for your differing opinion about the show. Indeed, I hope my readers use your signature to go to your blog and check out a different take on the matter.


  3. Hi Mr.Ventura, I'm a victim of ESMC since 2007, and there's THOUSANDS more like me...Loved the clip about Haarp, Directed Energy and Neurological weapons are being used already throughout the WORLD...I hope you can HELP US...I live in Bellingham,wa,I'm targeted 24/7...Lauched my own investigation i'm followed pretty much 24/7, so i started taking lis.plates and very interesting, most of the plates go back to Texas, where an old rebound 12yrs ago came from...One is From Corpus Christi, Navy Army Federal c.u.Name Agustin Gonzalez...Would like to get name of guy who put device on you,You just got a baby taste, you have no idea what EVIL INHUMAN SICK PERVERTED MONSTERS WE DEAL WITH DAILY, THEY GET OFF SEXUALLY BY RAPING ME, SODIMIZING, THEY INDUCE MY PRIVATE AREA DAILY TO MAKE ME HAVE A ORG...THEY CAN MAKE THIS DIRECTED ENERGY FEEL AS IF IT'S PENETRATING YOU LIKE A PENIS...I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME BRING THESE SADISTIC RAPISTS TO JUSTICE...I WOULD LOVE TO TELL MY STORY, I HAVE A FEELING OF A FEW THAT'S INVOLVED,i'm willing to take a lie detector test and challange who i think is the handlers...PLEASE HELP!!!!! J.W.

  4. I look forward to the Show. I have been showing the public every bit of research that I have done, which succeeds in panning out through more than one resource. There are many things happening, not just UFO's, but incantations placed on pharmacueticals, Vaccinations that lead to certain things (mainly the block for longevity) as well as the birth of another Sun and the list goes on. We have found many things like whats in the Water and how this all adds up to some pretty dirty players behind the Scenes.. I think Full Disclosure is a must and we must become a transparent people.


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