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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Strange UFO `Thoughts' As The Decade Ends-Begins Without American Disclosure

(I re-edited this on Dec. 31st - started it on 12-21 - and posted it 1-11)

Without some unexpected Earth shattering event in the next 14 or so hours - the first decade of the new millennium will end with NO American disclosure of the UFO phenomena. That said, the twists and turns of the whole phenomena, including disclosure, seems ripe for a new distillation of some sort.

One of those twists and turns - happened in a new synchronicity - with what this article WAS going to be about. You see, I was going to write 3-4 days ago an article (that I didn't get around to writing) speculating that, when and if, UFO disclosure came to America, and therefore the world, -- that the governments were only going to confirm the presence of `entities/ufo's/other intelligence' BUT NOT confirm `anything' associated with `alien abductions'. --------------- Then, yesterday, Joe Capp ran this link about alien-human mutilations and then still later in the day yesterday I ran across Lon Stricklers much fuller coverage of the same event. Indeed, it is well worth your time to read up on this strange case from earlier this decade in Pennsylvania.

Now, back to the article idea I was going to present. I was going to write that I felt the government would need to `thread the needle' nearly perfectly to pull off a `soft ufo disclosure' to the world -- and that part of that `soft disclosure' would be to NEVER referrer, at all, to the REAL possibility of `objective alien abduction'. The reason is obvious - as Mr. Capps' data above suggests - if 30K are truly missing each year -- our government and our world leaders -- would NEVER suggest that ANY % of those missing are because of aliens. ANY suggestion of that would make the `aliens' dangerous to the `individual', even if NOT dangerous to the society as a whole. Indeed, I view it as HIGHLY unlikely that the governments of the world would make `disclosure' seem threatening. They simply will not position humans as prey from forces `above'.

Which is why TWO `strange' confirmations of this, that aliens are not dangerous --- this year --- seem to be suspicious almost. Most significantly, we have the UK MOD closing their office that collects the UFO reports because of `no security threat in 50 years of reports'; AND, Dr. Greer of the Exo-politics movement saying the same thing repeatedly THIS YEAR - to the point of pissing off the Project Camelot `wing' of the same movement.

Then, again, in only the last few days/weeks -- we have the FAA suddenly involved in `who to call' regarding UFO sightings by pilots and air control (BAASS) - but, according to this report by Billy Cox, again just 2 days ago, the same FAA statement says

“If concern is expressed that life or property might be endangered, report the activity to the local law enforcement department.” --- (as you may know, I later found out that Bigelow has been the FAA man for nearly a decade now).

Yeah, things are getting a bit strange indeed. I mean, pilots and air control report to a person/company -- but, locally, by common folk - call the police. (?weird?)

But, not as strange as perhaps the final gasps of the ~insider informed' `Alien Races Meet Military' lunatic fringe (Great Rock Song) of the Disclosure movement led by Dr. Salla -- for example - his latest drivel - - where I will take only a moment to quote the first paragraph:

An anonymous source associated with the Defense Intelligence Agency recently claimed that military officials on November 12, 2009, met with extraterrestrials called Ebens, from the Zeta Reticula star system, on Akau Atoll in the Johnston Islands ... the Ebens met on Akau Island with a total of 18 representatives from the U.S., United Nations, Russia, China, the Vatican and certain other guests. U.S. representatives are said to have included five military personnel, two intelligence officers, one linguist and one person representing the Obama administration.


If you read the link - you will find that the `3 inside sources' - all talk of different Races of beings meeting with different groups of government individuals. (Of which NONE confirm the other.) All of the inside sources are unnamed - of course. I also find it of interest that no one associated with any of these meetings `has leaks'. Perhaps you can tell I'm less than a full believer in SERPO or any of the above.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on if you think the government would EVER admit that alien abductions might be real.

Finally, I have lots of UFO stuff on my daily Squidoo site at -- thanks for visiting today.

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