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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What The UK's Ministry Of Defense's Shut Down Of UFO Investigations Could Mean For Disclosure

As you are probably aware, the UK's Ministry of Defense has stopped allowing the public to report UFO sightings to them, and, has shut down the office that did such investigations for 50 years (makes me wonder how many nations have an active office) - here's the link - with the article written by Nick Pope. To summarize, the end of the department came without fanfare and simply with an announcement that of all the investigations over the decades - no threat to security was found to occur.

And, with that statement of justification - the statement indicated that the money saved by closing the department would go to body armour for those fighting in Afghanistan. And, who in their right mind doesn't want more body armour in Afghanistan? Right? This has to do with loyalty to the troops - right? (Let's me judge by this action that England's politicians are as worthless as ours and just as full of themselves.)

So, is that it? Is it all about saving money in difficult economic times?

Somehow, after 50 years, it certainly seems unlikely; so, let's speculate what other reasons could spark such a move now - especially as this seems on the surface of it to go against the popular grain of nations disclosing UFO information to the public. OR does it?

For example; lets just say that some major country is about to release all of it's UFO stuff and that within that stuff - is beyond refute weirdness pertaining to the UFO phenomena. And, that like the above given reason, the general conclusion of all the information is that it, the UFO phenomena, shows NO aggression (at least the info that is going to be given to the public in such a release). And that BTW was the conclusion of the US research in the 1950's-1960's at the official government level - just as it is for the UK now. (Abductions are not delt with.)

So, what I am saying - is that it is possible that the US `let' the UK `go first' in this regard. The UK's statement is officially now - that no security risk was discovered in 50 years of investigations. And, guess what? Just such a `cover' could allow the US to have their `so-called' UFO Disclosure - with the ultimate conclusion being that `the phenomena isn't important - whatever it is'. And, with the UK already coming to the same conclusion and STOPPING the investigations -- we in the USA could hardly expect our government to START investigations with the SAME conclusion. Right?

It all seems mighty convenient. So, it could be a prelude to one of these `soft-disclosures' the governments of the world seem to be interested in bringing to their masses - for whatever reason.

It's even possible that the governments fear an alien self-disclosure and want to make sure the populous is prepared at least at some level of understanding.

What's spooky about all that is, to me, - SHOULD WE BE ACCLIMATED to the idea that the aliens are NOT a threat (Dr. Greer's position)? Is that the purpose of all this? What if a Superior civilization wanted to interact at a serious level with our humanity? Is that what our assumption should be? You know what assuming does right? (The old adage of assume means that to assume makes an ass of you and me; of course.)

But, the brutal truth is - if the UK's move is not a cover for a stepped up UFO disclosure - it could be the beginning of the end of Exopolitics being taken seriously at the government level. And, as usual, when dealing with the edges of government policy - one never really knows for sure.

Let us see how this really plays out.

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  1. Rick, I suppose the real reason for the UK closing down it's UFO files, is that like everything else here, it is all about cost cutting due to the economic climate that should never exist. Ultimately what I mean is they have been told by your government to play it down as Obama has his hand stuck up our Prime ministers backside, Cameron the Puppet.


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