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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

West Virginia UFO Videos

Hello - welcome to UDCC - glad to have you here today -  as UDCC continues the searches of YouTube for the best UFO videos state-by-state. As you can see today, West Virgina has been chosen; and again, just like Arkansas a week or so ago - does NOT disappoint.

Oh, thanks to all of you checking out the `solar links' this website has been offering all summer, and that UDCC will continue to offer, as the interest to go at least `slightly solar' seems to be gaining momentum as people learn the real savings possible, and about government incentives. Anyway,  thanks --- it's a learning curve for sure - learning about the components of systems and their terminology.
And, with that - let UDCC begin:

WV Video One ---- July 25th, 2010 (uploaded later) - under 260 views. -------- I start with the most compelling `personal' video first, but we have some doozies to come for sure. In this video the guy captures the ORB phenomena as few have before; however, that said, I have posted near identical ones before on UDCC. The action is spectacular as the Orb LITERALLY breaks apart via the command of the intentionality's of the observers. Watch the whole vid to get the set-up, but the action starts at about the three minute mark. Very Compelling storyline.

YT link -
YT Channel -
Even more of interest is that he has filmed these ORBS multiple times including several times in 2011 too. Oh, and the above video was part of a multi-hour, multi-night phenomena. I have marked this man as a `caller', and have put him into the bin with the others - I will be featuring the callers in the near future.
Here's some more Orb videos not quite worthy of slowing down this website to load but worth your time. The videos are a mix of daytime and nighttime `lights in the sky'
WV - #2 - 96 views, April 2011 - Night, `Orb' moves.
WV -#3 - 2011, 300+ views, daytime `Orb' (or insect) -
WV - #4 - - Night Orb, 3,000+ views, 2007 Charleston
WV - #5 - 32,000 views, Night, movement and possible intentionality's -
WV - #6 - daytime Orb, 2010, 235 views
Now, of course, IMO the most famous Unidentified FLYING Object in West Virginia's history - are the Mothman events in the the late 1960's (began in 1966) - here is a GREAT review of the known `facts' of the phenomena - - part of the Mysterious Planet series - 81K views.
The Mothman PropheciesEyes of the MothmanThe Mothman Prophecies
The Silver Bridge: The Classic Mothman TaleMothman and Other Curious EncountersThe Mothman Returns
Run Cursor over pics for more info
One of the strangest finds UDCC had during the search was finding TWO videos from Chester, WV - shot on successive July 4th's in 08-09 by two different people. The first one is very short but shows a `triangle' and the second one is a Great Red Orb.
#1 -
#2 - (2K views)
Next, we come to the most CGI (based on the comment section) ---- OR --- holy crappola video for ORBs in WV. I'll let it speak for itself. 51K views and for good reason.

Link -
Are you ready for this next one? The 1991 Dogway, WV UFO crash ALIEN (hooked up to IV's) - (a little BS I think) - perhaps a lot of BS.
Finally - I bring to UDCC readers/viewers TWO UFO videos from the 1960's or so (50's?) of the CLASSIC saucer shaped UFO caught on FILM -- in different locations in WV - and both look NEAR IDENTICAL. Both of these videos have been seen by less than 2K folks.
In #1 - the UFO can be seen pacing small planes as they come into an airport: (Bendum Airport)

Link -
#2 - The Lost Creek Saucer - - supposedly taken above a marsh hunting area - the UFO is seen doing extremely strange movements. See how comparable both of these video segments and daytime closeups of the UFOs are to each other.
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