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1954 Alien Being Descriptions - VIA MUFON Database Search

This systematic search that I am conducting of the MUFON database from Jan 1st 1995 - Yesterday - is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogging tasks ever. Once again in 1954 we find only a handful of reports from the public for 1954 that included the self-tagged term `entity' by the submitter. However, finally, we are encountering an `adult' report or two - and once again below we have the `entity' being human or human like and looking out a window of the UFO. Windows it seems are almost a `standard feature' in a sense for the `alien' experience....... and as usual... a fraudulent report (with a link to a bargain sales page) and a duplicate report... which in total... leaves THREE ... but one report is a hearsay about Eisenhower - yet another retelling of the famous Ike and Aliens meeting. .... I'll let you sort it out below: Red is my emphasis.
1954 MUFON Reports With Entity Labels
Wading through the non-sense or fiction reports is part of the game in UFOlogy.
Report one

Short Description 
While on a hunting trip my uncles friend told me about a meeting between Eisenhower and other wordly beings
Report submitted 12-3-2013

Long Description below

When I was 19 years old I went on a hunting trip with my Uncle and his friend Roger in the Sierra Mountains at the Walker River area in California. 
We were camping and I made a comment about how clear the sky was and if UFOs were real we would have a good chance of seeing one tonight. 
My uncles friend Roger who worked as an engineer for Litton, said that UFOs were real. Back in 1953 or 1954 when he was working on a project for Litton at Edwards AFB, President Eisenhower flew in from Palm Springs one early afternoon. There were several dignitaries present with him for this meeting including some representatives from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles a couple of congressmen and military officers. They all went into a building. Roger asked an MP at the gate if he knew what was going on. The MP told Roger that there was a meeting going on between the group of dignitaries and people "not from this world". The beings had picked the United States because they had seen our atomic bomb. The MP told Roger that the people "not from this world" were negotiating a deal with the United States which was a trade for technology in exchange for the United States agreeing to become the "caretakers of the world". Later that afternoon the MP and Roger saw everyone including President Eisenhower come out of the building but never saw the "other worldly beings". They watched President Eisenhowers plane fly away.

First... here's some background on Litton - as you see it was up and running and in a possible way connected to the military and communications at the time. (started in 53).... It would be interesting to compare this to the many versions of the same story found on the internet. And... it's important to point out the term `PEOPLE' not from this world. (A possible source for tall white stories?) So, if you were looking for some `alien' physical description about the Eisenhower and aliens meeting - you can be disappointed that this hearsay story does not include such.
Here's another version:
I have no intention of tracking down the various retold and revised tales of this supposed meeting.

And with all due respect to the `aliens' - why would such a `contact' party wish to share intelligence with the country that just used advanced technology against other humans? And, after the 1952 `cruise' of UFO's over the White House in what can only be thought of as intimidation....Nonetheless, our first fun of our 1954 MUFON database search.
Report Two

Short Description Submitted
(this report was submitted twice... I will print both short descriptions below)
report submitted 6-5-2012

could see right threw it

saw ufo on ground went back too get closer look heard trige snape sent too turn around felt something hot and cold

Long Description
setting up camping equitment,radio started to buzz,looked like a piece of glass

started to walk back to it,I was about 20 to35 feet from was floating above the ground about a foot or two. the ship was like glass you could see right threw it. I was now about 10 ft or less from the starship.a door slide open and a ramp began to slide out and touch the ground and stop. there was no sound as this was going on. As i reached out to touch it I heard something move behind. Before I could turn around i felt something touch my back of my neck,it was hot and cold at the same time.Everything went black. when I awoke i was at least 500 ft from where I saw the object. I got my things together and began to walk home. About three hours later as i reached home i saw my parents all dressed up like they were just coming from church. They ask me where I had been I told them I was camping. I made a smart remark about then being dressed up. her reply was we always get dressed up for church. It was friday afternoon that I left to go camping,it was now sunday ,I had lost at lease 24 hours
I guess the first thing to point out is once again... there is NO alien being associated with this `missing time' report. First thought would be did he have his days mixed up? (And left on Saturday?).. Sadly lacking any details other than waking up in different location. Translucent ships/craft have been reported over time.
Report Three
And perhaps the best report of all IMO - this is how odd the UFO phenomena is, perhaps.

Short Description
Cigar shaped, silver
(submitted 6-28-2015)

Long Description of Sighting Report
It was in 1954 my mother and I were flying from San Francisco to Amarillo, Texas. We Left San Francisco flew to New Mexico (ABQ) landed for fuel. We left ABQ for our destination Amarillo. I was setting in the aisle seat when my mother said "look out the window", I was a long silver cigar shaped object flying just off the tip the our plains wing. It had no sound, no wings, no engines'. I saw a very nice looking woman reading a magazine or newspaper, she was facing left of the craft in her seat and a man facing right of the craft facing her. (odd)

She lowered what ever she was reading or looking at and looked at me, and smiled.

The object passed our plane at a steady speed, almost like they were sight seeing, then the craft was out of sight.

When we landed in Amarillo two men can aboard the plane and said "if anyone had seen anything unusual to stay in their seats they would like to talk to us. (if anyone has any camera's to let them know). The men were dressed in very nice black suits and had very shinny shoes on. 

My mom nudged me and said "don't say you saw anything or we will be here all day". The both of us walked off the plane. 

So we conclude 1954's search with a `very nice looking woman' being the `entity' (and a man). Once again, our craft either had windows or was transparent in some manner.
Folks, in report after report... the beings being reported are humans or humanlike...or fantasy it seems. Could some rich splinter group of humans have had this technology and used it for a period of time? Could that be what accounts for these PEOPLE sightings in UFOs?
1955 is next... and the beginning of Rock And Roll?
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1953 Alien Being Descriptions - VIA MUFON Database Search

If you thought, like myself, that having virtually NO adults reporting the `entity' experience from 1947 to 1952 on the MUFON database was strange ... it continues with 1953 too... this time the only reports with two young boys... one five in one report and one six in another... and BOTH are claiming alien abduction of some sort - the most extreme type of UFO encounter. And, while the reports are somewhat with details... I can think of many many questions of what seem to be obvious omissions too of someone who would have such a remembered experience. IMO both reports seem like these are ` childhood dreams' implanted by living through the `alien abduction era' of the 1980's thru the early 2000's - of reports (and internalizing them) .... as one report didn't arrive until 2007 and the other just this year (2015).

I'll let you judge of course... Red is my emphasis.
Short Description
Around the age of five, I was lifted into the sky
report submitted 8-11-2015
Long Description

In the summer of 1953 I was a five year old boy who lived on [location removed] . Cedar street was a dirt road, with very little traffic. During the day, it was just as likely to see a mule-drawn cart as an automobile. I pretty much was free to roam the street because most of the houses belonged to relatives. While Phoenix City had a notoriously dangerous reputation, Cedar Street was a safe area.
The street ran east/west. Up the hill to the west was a paved road that split towards Eufaula, Alabama and towards Seale, Alabama. To the east, it ran towards the Chattahoochee River.
On this particular afternoon I walked up the hill to my grand father's house, who had a Coca Cola cooler in the small building at the front of his property. I asked for a Coke, but he refused.
Next, I continued up the hill to the small store at the intersection of Cedar Street and the paved highway. There were a few men at a table outside the store, playing dominoes. I hung around for a few minutes, but nobody offered to buy me a drink. So, I headed back home.
As I walked down the hill, I was on the north side of Cedar Street. But as I neared my cousin's house, I angled across the road to the opposite side because I didn't like walking past the deep ravine that bordered their property.
On two earlier occasions I had seen a large hairy ape-like man amongst the kudzu in that ravine. Although the creature had never threatened me, I was afraid to get too close.
I was about halfway across the dirt road when I was struck in the forehead by a bright narrow beam of light from above. The beam was less than two inches in diameter. It made no sound; nor had any "feel." But, it was amazingly bright to be seen during a mid afternoon.
I gazed skyward and saw a large gray disc suspended very high over the back yard of my home.
Immediately, I was lifted into the sky at a very fast speed.
Actually, I did not have the sensation of being lifted. Rather, it was a sensation of "falling" up.
My memory is clouded about the ensuing details. I seem to recall being greeted by at least three persons inside the craft. I can't describe what they looked like. I'm assuming they did not look like "monsters" because I did not panic. 
I recall being on a table; and something sharp being stuck into my left nostril. It wasn't painful; but it was uncomfortable.
I also recall being told that it was a beneficial procedure. They weren't speaking words. We were communicating via "thoughts."
I was also told to not tell anybody what had happened. They also told me that the hairy creature in the ravine would not harm me.
Next thing I recall, I was inside my house, standing behind a sheer curtain in the parlor. I don't know how I got there.
That night, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the hairy creature standing next to my bed. He was so tall, his head bumped against the light bulb that was hanging from the ceiling. Next to him was a shorter, similarly hairy woman holding a baby creature. The hair on the adults laid flat on their bodies. The hair on the baby was "fuzzy" and stood away from its body. 
Suddenly the baby jumped from its mother's arms and bounced onto my bed. She reached down to pick him up, and the small creature peed on my bed as it was being lifted.
The father seemed perturbed about the incident, and the three of them exited my room, went through the parlor, and out the front door.
I never again saw any hairy creatures. But for the next ten years I suffered from chronic nosebleeds and boils on my body.
During those years, I often "left my Body" and flew around during the night. Sometimes when I returned to my body, I would jolt so hard, it would bounce me out of bed.
I never spoke of these things to anyone. I tried to forget they even happened. I grew up in an area and in an era when things like UFOs were not even discussed. It wasn't until much later in life that I became curious.
After high school, the nosebleeds became rare. But, sometime around the year 2005, I began to notice something inside my left nostril. It felt almost like a small pimple. By 2009, that pimple inside my nose had begun sprouting something that resembled a stiff hair. I tried using trimmers to cut the "hair" but it would not cut. One day I grabbed a pair of tweezers and yanked it out.
It was not a hair. Removing that thing was very painful. It looked like a section of thick mono-filament fishing line. Maybe 40 or 50 pound test line. It was more than an inch long, although less than a quarter inch had been visible when I tried removing it.
I tossed it into the trash. As mentioned earlier, I never thought too much about UFOs. As an adult, I plodded along as a soldier, a commercial fisherman, and a pest control technician. Nothing special about me.
In 2013 I got throat cancer. The treatments nearly killed me. Until the cancer, I was an extremely healthy person. I did not have a primary doctor. I was never sick. The only time I saw a doctor was when I had injuries. The only times I missed work was when I was a bit too hungover from alcohol; and that was rare.
I am filing this report because things are only now becoming more clear in my memory about unexplained things that happened in my life. I am curious to know whether or not I might have had contact with alien beings.
Thanks for being available to hear from folks like myself. I apologize for not being able to provide better details.
Sincerely, D.D. 

So in this case the `entity' is a hairy ape-like man in description.... the overall report IMO is well beyond the level of belief I'm likely to extend into our common consensus reality. Ready for report 2? (Actually the search did have a third entity report... that in the short description said `first abduction' - and then had NO description beyond that... I'm not counting that one... but what is it about 1953 that inspired THREE abduction reports).
Report two
1953, at the age of 6 years old, I saw a ufo hover near our home, I notified my brother, & 2 male cousins, the ufo came to rest at the foot of the Hansen Dam , where I was abducted!

Report submitted 7-17-2007
Long Description of Sighting Report
Todays date: 7/17/2007, My name is Ruben Sierra, male hispanic, former United States Marine, this instant case was first investigated by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, founder of (cufos) center for the studies of ufos, who in turn, gave the case to the late, Idabell Epperson, Director Mufon southern California, & her daughter Marylin Epperson, both field investigators for Mufon. I Ruben first sighted the ufo hoverning near our government housing project apartment unit, which was near a hilly area, the ufo then floated over the service drive, at which point I brought it to the attention of my older brother, & 2 male cousins, one older & one the same age as myself.
I was 6 years old at this ufo encounter, the ufo then came to rest at the base of the Hansen Dam, built by the Army Corps of Engineers, a Federal body, as was the Federal housing project were this all took place (Emphasis Added!) The community at this time and place called this location a ufo landing base, and I feel the community was built for the purpose of studying ufos and working hand in hand, with them. Moreover, it should be noticed that the Los Angeles Unified School District built a school for this government housing unit which is very odd to say the least!
The ufo while over the service drive came to a complete hault in the air, my brother and 2 cousins, and other children waved at the craft an the crafts occupants return the wave back to us. The ufo/craft the flew over the playground area, an came to rest at a 45 degree angle at the foot of the Hansen Dam. My brother & cousins, & other children followed the ufo to the Dams base, where all became afraid and returned to the housing units, but I Ruben remained at the crafts landed sight, as the craft was at a 45 degree angle, I approached it, an remember the smell of something similar to battery acid!? I remember walking on the gravel of the dams base, an placed one knee on the lowest point of the ufo which was at a 45 degree angle, and I crawled the circunference of the ufo, until I was at the opposite site of the craft, and I saw a small opening, where I saw beautiful lights of magenta, red, blues, yellowa, pink, and gold, lights, which seem to draw me to them, (Emphasis Added!)
I fell downward into the craft, an have screen memory which was brought out under hypnoist, after I came out of the craft I return to the housing units where the children were playing a game of (hide and seek), so I went into my apartment unit where I was in a state of confusion, as my mother was combing my sister hair, at which time I asked my mother if my sister was chinesse, being my family is hispanic, mexican american, I was in a state of confusion. Moreover, at this time my mother sent me to my room as she was agitated with me for not reconizing my sister, I asked my mother if my sister was chinesse, as in ELONGATED EYES, I believe from my experience in the craft I have no other explaination! Other than the alien beings had wrapped around ELONGATED EYES!
After I went to my bedroom, I sat in my red sofa chair, at which time I levitated upward to the ceiling, and I felt the curtain rods, the ceiling light bulbs, as my feet dangled downward, I then floated downward to the red sofa, an came to rest on it. I told my mother what transpired in the bedroom and she said you need a plane ticket to fly, an became more agitated and sent me outside to play with the other children.
The children were playing hide and seek, an as I was late coming to the game, I had to seek them out, I was instructed to count backwards from a 100 at a light post, at which time I feel into a stupor, at about 75 count, when I awoke I found myself at the roof of the 3 story apartment units, and I found the children one at a time in this method of some how levitating to the 3 story apartment roof top, hearing where the children were hiding and levitating downward until I stood in front of the children, at which point the children became afraid, saying how did he do that, I don't want to play anymore!
By this time it was now dark outside, and the adults were outside caring for the children, I remember a man pitching a baseball into the sky and catching the ball with his glove, it had to be a full moon as I could see the ball as he caught the ball, on his third toss, I glanced upward, and saw a ufo the size of a basketball, follow the baseball downward, then circle the housing unit at which time it shape shift to a giant ufo over lapping the roof tops of the 3 story apartment units, with the same colors of magenta, gold pink, etc. as in the day time sighting.
At this point the adults took the children into the apartments, and I went into my aunt and uncles apartment, as my parents were grocery shopping. When my parents return they took us home, an it was at this time I had my childhood ufo abductions, of abducting me from my bedroom apartment, and taking me to the same location of the base of the Hansen Dam, this transpired 3 times, and I told my parents, my mother then told me if I were to be taken into the craft again, as I reported to my parents of being seated in a chair in front of a large picture window, looking out into the blackness of space, and seeing millions of stars pass by at a great rate of speed, then the chair would shift into a different position, and the process would repeat itself.
My mother got the idea of tearing the white bed sheets into strips, as she said if you fly tonight you'll take your brother, she then tied my hand and arm to my brothers hand and arm, and my leg to my brothers leg, an turned off the bedroom light. The childhood ufo abduction repeated itself again, at approx. 5:00 AM my mother was making my fathers breakfast, and peeked into the bedroom, only to find the ufo aliens were not infalliable, as I was not tied to my brother but rather I was tied underneath, the bed itself, and my arm and legs were tied to the bedpost legs underneath the bed! (Emphasis Added!) Submitted by, Ruben Sierra, Palmdale, California. 7/17/2007 
A bizarre dream? Too much to be real? Levitating in public - yet no other person has a similar story or memory? Doesn't pass the smell test to me.
And there you have it... one additional year into the `saucer' era and yet to have anything to grasp onto IMO. 1954 next... the world awaits.
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J. Sparrow - Aussie Orb Videographer

This guy is one of the active posters on `In The Field' the FB group I belong to of folks who actively `look' for sky anomalies. I have covered him before. This guy has TONS of videos at his YouTube channel - see them Here. I've selected a video he uploaded in the past few weeks that REALLY gets incredible..... as I'm opening my mind to the Multiple Orb phenomena being able to manifest as the blinking light phenomena - (and fake plane phenomena) - you must watch this video at what he says is a multiple Orb display after a number of days of rain (he was anticipating a show BTW).

But... I really want you to watch at about the 2 minute mark as an orb takes off into the sky seemingly and THEN discharges another Orb. Wild. Less than 200 views.

Have A Great ThanksGiving

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The Four Alien Being Types

This is a re-post of one of my favorite posts of all time and will be part of an upcoming E-book. I wrote it in 2009 at the peak of the UFO phenomena coverage in America for my blog called The Heavy Stuff. This is a detailed look at the `alien perception phenomena' as described from my own unique focus on Phenomenology (what spaces are and human consciousness of that structure). I hope you enjoy it and explore some of my other E-books on my author page:
(links no longer work btw)

Hello, and welcome back to The Heavy Stuff (THS) - a blog to bookmark if you want speculation into realities greatest mysteries. Today's posting is an offshoot of THS's  post earlier last month - having to do with just how strange the whole `ufo' experience can be to an individual or even a group of individuals. It was in that post that THS speculated that occasionally, and perhaps often,  a  `UFO experience' may involve `different types' of entities.

THS, when mentioning different entity types,  wasn't referring about the internet speculation (with some added  fantasy perhaps) that multiple alien races are here, permenantly,  in Earth's biosphere and are probably interacting with humans (some say dozens of races). No, what THS was and is referring to  is `spaces'* (entities) which do not have an equal `basis' of `common reality' grounding - compared to a human. (Wordy, THS knows, but we will get much more specific in a bit.) Let THS attempt to explain:

[* Remember, much of the Phillips Phenomenology (PP) positions `space' as a characteristic which must be actualized for an event to occur. The PP describes `different types of spaces' - and where they occur.]
Type One - Aliens/Entities

(Real & Travel In Craft)

Type One Properties ---> Real `physical' alien - in the same manner that a human is `physical' . A being with a birth, and, on-going, contiguous,  `space-time' reality - rooted in our same human perceived outer reality that we as humans consider a  `common consensus' - considered by all to be called our `real'** ontology. Type One Aliens are beings that do NOT exceed the speed of light for travel and are beings that travel by craft. They are beings that do not need to `become objective' to reveal `their reality of space'. They would be beings as trapped in our common reality as we humans are.

**[In other words, if a class of 100 college biology students were asked in an auditorium classroom if any of them thought the lecture was a `being dreamed' as opposed to being experienced while awake - all would KNOW it wasn't a dreamstate. (Then again with college students who knows, right?)]

Comment - To humans at our 2009 level of consciousness, these Type One Aliens are the most real and `humanlike'  of all alien types. `They' will probably have arms, legs, a head, be able to communicate with each other - etc - humanlike characteristics of which humans can identify. Nevertheless, `aliens' of any sort are inherently scary to most humans, of course.

However, type one beings that travel `anywhere' in the universe ONLY below the speed of light - can be assumed to be rare; very rare - in ANY one particular location, including Earth. That said, being very rare - in a near infinite universe - does not mean non-existent or impossible. Indeed, while of low probability to be at any one location in the universe - this would be the alien/entity type MOST likely to have an interest in living planets like Earth.

But, would such beings, Type One beings,  be so focused as `being here' only in the last 60 years? (Or would it be another type of the four entity/alien choices THS will review?) Wouldn't such type one beings be just as likely to have been here, around Earth, for at least the last few hundred million years? You know, coming and going at will over the millenia - perhaps staying on occasion for eons.

Could we really expect that more than a  handful would be `around' in any given era like ours? (If they did `stick around' how many `aliens' would they need to have a sustainable population?) Could we really expect a huge increase within a short period of 60 years, that we seem to have experienced,  from beings that use  `moving craft' in a `galaxy' context? (If there has been such an increase in the last 60 years.)

Indeed, the idea of a sudden increase in `this type' of alien - a type one alien/entity - just seems unlikely, logically. Why? Well, first, T1 beings living below the `light threshold' would not even have knowledge of mans recent advancements - outside of a 60 year light cone. Could there really be a significant number of civilizations within 60 years that have humanlike entities that have crafts that go a significant % of the speed of light? And who would want to come HERE if they did have such `slow' `interstellar' craft? It simply seems unlikely.


All that stated, doesn't it seem possible that a few - repeat, a few - species of aliens may be camped out semi-permanently on Earth or nearby planets (if they do have near light-speed craft)?It does to THS - but - at the same time - it also seems logical that there AREN'T - large numbers of different types. We can all quibble about what constitues a large number  within a 60 year radius or permanent level of visitation on all `live planets' in the universe. (Meaning that other planets with planet and animal life would be just as likely as Earth to have monitoring `type one' aliens.)

It might be a cool blog post to speculate `how many' craftable alien civilazations might be within any given 100 mile light year `radius'? Why? Because if an entity had access to the universe `above' the speed of light -- there exists little reason to `limit' oneself to the `local' 60 light year light cone. Which leads us to the next logical type of entity:

Type Two - Aliens/Entities

(Real and Travel Without Craft)

Type Two Properties --> Real physical alien - in the same manner as a human is physical and the type one alien. A being with a birth and an on-going `space-time' reality - rooted in a common consensus with similar beings on a planet with a real ontology - just like humans and type one aliens. Beings that can EXCEED the speed of light for travel and do NOT travel by `craft/structure' in the strict sense of the word. Beings that `become objective' to reveal their reality on Earth. (Obviously, the `how' part of this is the `science' side - or - `consciousness' side -- the esoteric aspect. On the science side, perhaps humans/aliens/beings can create machines that can be `stepped into' and as the outcome - provide `bi-location' for the `space identity'. On the consciousness side - perhaps some beings with intelligence on some planet somewhere have been able to develop - just thru `mind' focus -- an ability to travel the universe --- and in essence - `plant'  their `space' elsewhere/elsewhen. To THS, both of these `new location experiences' - would seem to be within the rhelm of possibility if the concept of `dopplegangers' is real. If there is a `space' which can `be representative' within `another reality' (not connected by the light cone to the original now) - then the `doppleganger' may be just the `vehicle' needed. IT WOULD ALSO EXPLAIN THE MANY MANY TIMES THAT ALIENS HAVE BEEN SAID TO JUST `VANISH'. Because, it's not really `their space' that is here at all. It would be like having perception from an out of body experience taken to the 10th degree. Frankly, it, this explanation, would also account for the great variety of `beings' - indeed, those of type two that are more rooted in `science' travel -- may be limited in the way that they can `appear' based on some specific `programming' - ones `space' could appear as perhaps an animal or non-similar entity that was originating the `signal'.

Comment - To humans in 2009 at our collective consciousness levels - these `forms' or alien/entities - are perhaps the most mysterious - as they seem to be possibly `more real' than `more spiritual entites - like Type 3 & 4' (which we will cover soon). WHY? Because things that seem totally solid, totally here - and then can vanish -- does not fit our normal consensus reality. Is this how a Bigfoot can be within 20 feet of a human and compel that human to search to find a `real Bigfoot' - again - for the rest of their lives? Or, how `beings' or entities can come out of, or go into, a `glowing slot' of space - as seen on the Bigelow Ranch.

Doesn't it seem likely that many of the experiences that are described as paranormal are really an encounter with these `enhanced' Type Two creatures? Doesn't this really seem to describe much of what is taken to be UFO's - speeding away at unbelievable' speeds? Indeed, if we are ready to be honest as thinking humans - this type to alien - literally from a different world with a `common now' (meaning the alien or entities world does exist as a planet within our timecone) and `common spaces' to our Earth -- seems to be the `main type of alien/entity' that we as humans have encounters. That is, if we base the `population' on the actual number of `high strangeness - close encounters'. (Certainly, there are more `lights in the sky' stories. Remember, lights in the sky stories are a dime a dozen and could involve machines or crafts built by humans within the governments and militarys of the world.)

Key characteristic of Type Two alien/entity -- `travel' of being is accomplished by `structure' of temporarily increased consciousness level or `increase' in space bi-location via some `science' methodology that enhances that ability of bi-locate. For the entity that `travels' the travel is temporary and `not' the `normal state' for such a being.

Type Three - Aliens/Entities

(`Real', Travel without Craft, Do NOT Live On Any `Planet' Surface)

These beings are `real' in `quotation marks' - and do not appear `as real' (solid - in a quantitative sense) as the many close up sightings of legendary creatures such as a Bigfoot (a Type Two creature). That said, they may be viewed as appearing in any `shape' from an Orb to a `translucent' or ghost like being -- ie - an entity that doesn't appear `solid' - and appears to have a light basis. Somehow, a human that encounters such a `being' `knows' that it isn't real in our normal sense -- and furthermore - doesn't seem to be able to have a `permanent time' within our reality common consensus. These beings/aliens/entities seem to be operating on the energy from the local environment.

While it's possible that these entities see `themselves' in some on-going manner - it's equally likely that - these entities have NO on-going consciousness of their own space. There is no reason that both types may be part of Type Three. But, even for `spaces/entities' that see themselves in an on-going manner -- it's hard to believe that these `spaces' were ever `born' or that they `live' on a planet. Indeed, these type of `spaces' seem `very local' and very temporal - probably distorting the very localness and temporalness of common consensus that humans live within on Earth.

Indeed, these seem to be the creatures of `our own making' - mythology -  and iconic shapes and feelings - that can form into temporary `translucent' type of `solids'. The land of angels as a possible origin for this type of entity also. For, if these are not `super-local' specialized consensus events, then - they must be `timeless' beings that permeate everything. These are the `Godlike' `guardian' type entities that Mr. Bledsoe reported (my recent post covers this -  - and that many many people have reported over the years). Likewise, Mr. Bledsoe also reported entities (translucent) with glowing red eyes -- this also would be a Type Three entity.

These type three entities are perhaps the most frightening to humans (with good reason) -- as they appear to be powerful `locally'. These spaces seem to be part of the human condition encountered by only a few. The limited number of `possessions' would seem to fall into this category in general. Entities `built' by the dilemma of the human condition of needing to embrace despair.

Type Four - Aliens/Entities

(`Real', Travel without Craft, Human based - alive and dead)

This type of entity is very similar to Type Three except that it has a `singular human' basis - either `prior' or `current' - as opposed to Type Three being a more `common consensus space' with energy generally supplied by living humans. Indeed, Type Four entities could often be thought of as Ghosts or in the most extreme rare circumstance `a real doppelganger'. These entities would tend to visit or at least be most perceivable to  humans or places they `knew' when alive.

While poltergeist events can be scary - often `visits' from these entities are spiritually uplifting and not frightening. And, unless `called' these entities seem to be short lived and infrequent to often being a just `one time showing' after death - to a loved one -- and often only in a symbolic manner or in a dreamstate.

Nevertheless, most humans consider the Type Four entity to be real and of our very essence - even beyond our own humanness. Indeed, type four entities give the human race hope that we are more than just our physical bones - and thoughts - and that we too - may be connected to the entities of our universe that can travel.
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Friday, November 20, 2015

1952 Alien Being Descriptions - VIA MUFON Database Search

Once again - my fascination grows with the sheer LACK of `UFO' reports in 1952 labeled as having an `entity' - what I did find was ONLY TWO reports were self-identified by submitters in such a manner. Two. Seems that the little green men, tall majestic whites and other aliens we have been cued to think existed in UFO lore in the early days.... doesn't show up in the reality we check. We aren't even up to a dozen reports yet despite searching from 1947-1952 - and nearly every report leaves MUCH to be desired in it's personal retelling to be convincing that any alien experiences happened at all. That is not to say folks didn't see `UFO's' - as folks do today - and often have Fortean experiences after the experience/phenomena occurs to an individual. And, I do sense a `creeping' of modern MSM portrayals of alien beings coming into the two accounts below - 

READY? Red is my emphasis.
submitted 9-17-2008
this report is of a 1952 `strange light' in the sky event, AND - a 2005 `being/entity' event
Since we aren't doing 2005 alien events - the report below is provided to simply show the `lifetime' of experiences phenomena - again NO Entity for 1952

We were waiting for the bus to go to our grandfathers at the 1500 block of Park ave. in Balt. Md. I look up at the stars. I saw one making squares .I said "look Bud what is that? It dident make a sound just made squares all over the evening sky.Then shot away. We never told any one. 
Also about three years ago I saw an alien in my back yard. It was summer IIwas in bed about midnight looked out the open window by my bed. Something was moving,I put on my glasses to see what it was. It was a very small person about 4 feet tall. He was creeping across the yard I knew He didn't want to be seen.My yard is very bright there. He was wearing some kind of suit one peace with hood as I saw no ears. I was fasanated. He creeped so slowly looking all around.He sure didn't want to be seen. I thought he was cute. I realy wanted to speak to him but thought better of it. He was not human. I searched the web to see if I could find one who looked like him. and I did but its not much help as he looked like the one in the alien autopsuy Sure wish I could see him again. I layed back down when I looked again he was gone.This took place at my home in Kanab Ut. In 2005 

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck... Really folks... sounds like a human to me. That said, as I mentioned before the MSM alien view creeping in.
submitted 6-22-2015

Long Description of Sighting Report
In The Late Fall Of The Year Of 1952 In The County Of Boone W.Va. While Sitting On A Glidder Swing On The Front Porch, With My Grand Mother A Bright Lite Came Around The Mountain And Stopped Over The Two Lane Highway Below Our House. Next To My Grade School We Lived Half Way Up The Mountain So We Were Above The Craft. It Had A Very Domed Lite Under It, That Actually Was A Magnify Lite.When I Looked To The Left Of The Craft ,I Could See A Rock Formation That We Played In. About One Mile From The House. I Could See The Holes That We Crawled Out Of.The Craft Had Port Holes On The Top Of It. They Were Maned By The Grey Beings, Who Pointed At Me And My Grand Mother, And Summed A Taller One To The Window. He Shrugged It Off As Not To Worry About Us. I Looked To The Right Of The Craft, At A Tree, And Saw A Slight Movement In It. There Was A Squirrel That Lived In A Knot Hole Facing The Craft.It Took Off Through The Branches. Then The Craft Took Off To The North Into Space.The Next Day The Local News Paper, Reported There Was Ball Lighting ,Spotted The Night Before.I Knew No One Would Believe Me So I Have Kept It To My Self Ever Since

Grey beings of which the only description of anything specific is the Tallness of one of them?.... nothing about sharing the stories with the grandmother over a lifetime? It's interesting to note the rare perception of the area near the craft to serve as a magnification lens.... but, this report is so disjointed.... `holes that we crawled out of'???? what the hell is that to mean? and yet another young kid report with port holes in the domed craft, of course.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1951 Alien Being Descriptions - VIA MUFON Database Search

As I reported in the 1949 post - NO UFO reports in the MUFON database for 1950 had been labeled as having an `entity' by any of the submitters since 1995. I've also been relating in this series of blog posts the LACK of any adult reports from this era and how every report was the recollection of a child.... that ends with the 1951 report in which one report was made by someone 16 years old at the time. But, as you will read, we continue to have much less than any smoking gun and continue to have `aliens' that seem much more humanlike and ghost like (and fantasy like) than any of the so-called `aliens' of today's MSM painting of the alien being perception.

So... are you ready? Red is my emphasis...
submitted 5-13-2006
MUFON Short Description
This was a flash of light in my room through my window which occurred many times. There was 10 miles of woods and swamp behind our house and no reason for flashing brilliant lights.

And the full report

This has to do more with what walked through my house more then a sighting of an object outside. 

That night was just after my 16th birthday. Infrequently there would be brilliant lights outside of my window. We owned a lot of land behind us and there were no cars back there, it wasn't hunting season and it wasn't our family. There was never and explanation for the lights. 
Anyway this night was different. I seemed to wake up with a noise. I sat up and to my absolute shock here comes this form, tall, not short, walking through my wall from my brothers room. It was human form underneath with a glowing exterior. This thing walked across my room and stood in an opposite corner from me turning to look at me. 
As it turned to look at me I felt myself falling backward and falling to sleep. 

I didn't tell anyone for a week. Things like this just didn't happen! I think I must have been in shock. 

A week later I told my mother. She said she saw the same thing and told our pastor. It was said to have been our guardian angel. 

My daughter has been seriesly bother by ufo, esp. during here child birth years. My daughter and I are watching closely our grandaughter. 

IMO the guardian angel (or simply a ghost form) is the best explanation for this `human form'. So... despite us having once again the BEDROOM being --- and this time told by an adult(ish) person - it's once again in human like form and seems more paranormal than alien - and ONCE again... like in previous reports, a TALL being.
Submitted 1-2-2014
MUFON Short Description
 It hovered over me then landed about a 100 ft. away then 2 beings came back to my house and took me for about 10 hours. It happened at least 2 times.

And the Full Report
In the summer of 1951 I was 6 years old, out playing in the front of our house. I heard a swishing noise and looked up to see what it was. It was a hot sunny day without any breeze. About 50-60 feet above me was a saucer shaped vehicle hovering and spinning. It caused all of the leaves on the tree to fold and turn downward as if trying to avoid radiation or some sort of emissions. Electro magnetic maybe. I was waiting for my grandmother to call me in for lunch so it was probably about noon. The saucer hovered for about 2 minutes and tilted toward me. At that time it moved away from my yard and landed behind some trees blocking its view from my house. I ran into the house and told my grandmother what I had seen and she just blew it off. I was sitting on my bed looking out the window in the back of the house when I saw the 2 beings passing along the outer edge of our yard behind some peach trees. They were different heights. One was a half head shorter than the other. They seemed to be wearing suits which were rouge red in color. They were walking side by side and moved out of sight from my window. That was my last memory until about 10pm. My Grandmother and I were standing in the kitchen in the dark and lunch was still sitting out on the counter. At one point I know I was in the saucer. It had a window and I could see the road below. I think we were over the Blue Ridge Mountains which were visible from our house on a clear day. We were hovering above a car traveling along a winding mountain road. I was watching the headlights from the car flashing into the woods as it went around curves. I think we may have taken them but cant remember a lot. I don't recall any words ever being spoken but they showed me lights off in the distance and said that was where I lived. I had never been in a plane so watching that car below was something Ill never forget. 
One of them was 5 feet tall and the other about 6ft or maybe a little less. 
When I realized I was home There was blood on my legs and feet dried. I never felt any pain or had any effects from this and didn't think about it again until I was about 15 yrs old. I had an exam by a gynecologist and I overheard the doctor asking my mother who had done the surgery on me. I had never had surgery or sex. I thought back to that night finding the blood on myself. This has happened more than one so I know thay have some sort of tracking device inside my body. Im now in Florida and they did some sort of scanning on me. I have a lot of details and would even consent to hypnotherapy. I don't mind others knowing but fact is, most don't believe it if you tell them. Contact me if you wish and we will go onto further details. Im 68 years old and am not a nut case.Ive never had any mental problems. I have a friend who is an FBI agent and I gave him the written detail as well. Thanks for listening. Have a great new year,
While 5 or 6 of these early reports are way to early to say a Motif is forming... patterns of these early reports suggest that at least until 1952 (if then) you do not find any `alien aliens' to speak of - I'm sure that is about to change, right? After all, 1952 had the UFO incident over Washington D.C.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

1949 Alien Being Description - VIA MUFON Database Search

The LACK of  `entities' - via my MUFON database search - in the first years of the Modern UFO Era 1947, and 1948, and now 1949, is getting a bit astonishing to me. Remember - this search is for all records since 1995 - and in 1995 - millions of adults were in their 60's - who would have been of adult age in 1947 - yet NONE of them have or had any reports of entities in 47 or 48. ONLY the children of that era have memories of it? I FIND that hard to believe. Not only that - these `bedroom alien' memories and abductions - seem totally devoid of the details you would think would be part of such accounts - as largely told via the internet for twenty years or so. Judge for yourself of course - but - why would the early and one would assume if real - the `increasing' visiting of Earth by ET's in the late 40's -  NOT have any real alien reports and just CRAFT reports? (are aliens an additional visualization/representation of the Orb/Craft phenomena as I've been recently surmising?).

So, using the same criteria as I did in my 47, and 48 searches only yielded ONE submission tagged `entity' for 1949 - ONLY ONE.... and again... it's with kids who are abducted by a craft and once again - NO description of any aliens within the craft in any manner... indeed once again it reads much like the fictional alien bedroom abduction accounts of the 1980's and 90's - becoming real in someones mind... that said, with the one account below - it does seem that something happened to these two boys in Arizona in August 1949. Red is my emphasis

1949's Report Of Entity

Long Description of Sighting Report
In late August of 1949 I and another boy (we are both alive, cognitive and active) were abducted and taken aboard a disc like craft where I (I cannot say the same happened to the other man) was examined and an unknown type of medical procedure was performed on both my mind and body. The abduction took place in a rural area approximately 8-miles south of the town of Rainier Oregon at 10 pm in the evening while the two of us were walking along a country road that led towards Mayger Oregon.

However, our being taken was not remembered other than as a fragmented event until 1987 when the two of us again met up at a wake being held for my mother. Upon seeing me across the room the other man simply stated, "Do you remember when we lit up"? That is when we were first able to talk about our being taken with others. More of the event was learned in 2007 when I was hypnotically regressed by a therapist for PTSD and the event was what came to mind and not any event during the Vietnam War.

Since then the other man has told me that when our bodies lit up with a white light that covered us from head to tow but not other nearby objects he said that he was able to see my entire skeleton and it scared the hell out of him.

After we were released I did see a large fan type structure that glowed with a blue light which was similar in intensity and hue to the shaft of light that was used to bring the two of us up into the ship.

Where are the human-venus like god aliens of the early 50's have they not arrived yet? Is it then that the collective imagination took off about the UFO phenomena? Are all of the accounts so far implanted by later life memories?

And what do the 1950's hold?
Zero accounts marked `entity' for 1950 - now to search 1951.
Those with an investigative mind might wish to look into the below:
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Monday, November 16, 2015

1948 Alien Being Description - VIA MUFON Database Search

As I mentioned in the `1947' `alien post' - I have found 3 `entity' reports for 1948 within the MUFON database - and today I will present all three with a bit of commentary concerning what I am finding on these `entity' searches (some of you know by looking in the sidebar or being regular readers that I've also searched `the last week' and several states for `entities' in 2015 - see sidebar for more). Also, remember - the term `entity' is chosen by the submitter of the report - and as I've found so far MANY things in people's mind qualify for using/submitting with the entity tag that MUFON provides to sort reports.... consequently few have `aliens' or `beings' - providing just how rare this phenomena is actually reported. Additionally, I assume that these reports will increase as the years go on and if I continue this series I will probably ONLY probe into the reports with `aliens' or `beings' --- just sayin. Nonetheless - I find these first searches very revealing in that NONE of these reports at the time were adults or even teens - and that despite the beginning of UFO fever - this database lacks ANY real aliens seen as of yet IMO. The search will continue.

So... here's the three reports - RED is my emphasis

Thanks for your readership.
Submitted 10-23-2014

My father had taken a walk sometime earlier in the day and came back to our cabin located on 7 Caves Road in Hightland County between the villages of Bainbridge and Rainsboro, OH. This was either in the Spring or Fall of 1948! We had moved there a year or so earlier from Chillicothe. He seemed very excited and kept telling me he had seen something, a huge owl in an old dilapidated barn located across US 50 which was undergoing some construction at the time. A new widened section with a new bridge was being built. He was acting strange and agitated telling me he wanted me to see the owl. We walked across a fallow farm field that was uncultivated and wild with weeds and undergrowth. We went in the barn and he kept saying how amazing the owl was! As we entered the barn he began pointing excitedly to a cross beam strut maybe 20 or 30 feet above the barn floor. When it was obvious that the owl wasn't there, he seemed to be confused and disoriented and kept telling me about how beautiful the owl was. We stood in there maybe 5 or 10 minutes while he tried to tell me about his encounter. We returned home and my grandmother, his mother was preparing a meal. It was like he completely forgot about the event. I remember asking him sometime later about the owl and it was like it never happened. 
The reason I chose to write this report was years later I saw a very large object in the dark of what appeared to be a very large owl resting up in a tree at night. Suddenly the bird or winged creature descended down out of the branches of a tree adjacent to Buffalo Bayou in Houston on a property our group was leasing for a Men's Association dedicated to exploring many issues men face in a changing social environment since the Women's Lib Movement began in the 60's. This was about 1993 or 1994. Something jogged my memory about these two events and their possible connection to each other though separated by decades of time.
So, no aliens - but is of interest to many as the Owl is a symbolic creature commonplace within the paranormal consensus for some reason. The `forgetting' is commonplace too in UFO encounters of high strangeness... all that said, this is NOT any description of what most folks would say is an `entity'.
Submitted 1-23-2012
1948 - Report 2

Short Description Via MUFON
This was the beginning of a life long visits from UFO`s on our family. My Mother brothers report sighting UFO too

Now, the long version:

In the spring of 1948 in Kelseyville Ca. I was laying in a drawer on a pillow out side with mother while she worked , while my 6 year sister played nearby while Mom was hanging clothes on the line a flash of light in the sky caught Moms attention and she watched a silver disk with sunlight glinting on the surface of the craft. The UFO dropped down through the air moving back and forth in a stair pattern, then it moved closer and closer until craft hovered over Mom and she saw a being in the round window, the Being had a sharp shaped face with pointed ears. The middle of the craft stayed still while underneath the bottom of the UFO spun around. 
The UFO was silent except for the sound of the wind it created which pulled Moms dress and the clothes on the clothes line toward the craft.
After a few minutes, the UFO began to rise back up to the sky about 300 ft where it began to wobble in flight then the UFO began to wobble and descend again, The UFO dropped out of site behind the nearby mountain ridge, then there was an explosion and a fire and shortly after that, the forestry dept. made us evacuate. 
This was the beginning of a life long visits from UFO`s on our family. My Mother brothers report sighting UFO too. 

I'm sorry... to me...this doesn't quite pass the smell test for me... a lifetime of UFO visits WITHOUT any description of them? A UFO CRASH that no one has ever mentioned anywhere? - THAT said, the oscillating movement of UFOs... especially in the early era of UFO's was in line and UFO's in genetic lines also is within normal banter. BUT all that said.... the BEING description is `sharp shaped face with pointed ears'  - and ya gotta love the `round window' via which such a description is possible.
Are you ready for the last report from 1948 that is tagged `entity'? You glutton.
And Finally

Aug 18th 1948 - Uniontown Kentucky - Sleepwalking 4 Year Olds Perception

NO BEING - Submitted 6-26-2015

I was 4 years old and I found myself in deep forest I must have walked in my sleep and next thing I was standing next to a stream trees on both sides and very dark but for the stars off the water. Then a round shadow and then the bright light with a warm feeling hit me and next thing I was standing next to the old house I went inside and lay on the floor and fell asleep. The next time was when I was 12 years old. And one at 68 years old I never would want to tell others because they might think I'm crazy!!! Thank You

Not one description of any being despite 3 supposed experiences....a very implausible story - doesn't pass the smell test IMO.

Lastly for today - don't you find it of interest that DESPITE the database extending back to 1995 (and 1947-48 being just 50 years back at that point of time) - that NO ADULT perceptions of aliens for those years are in the database? After all if you were say 18 in 1947 - you were only 66 (in 1995)... easy to recall memories as more than a child... yet not one person of such an age has YET to submit an entity report of those years. We will see about 1949 perhaps.... looking of the first recall of an alien by an adult. Are these just the imaginations of young children after hearing of the Roswell crash?

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