Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Occult Elite?

In all honesty - I don't know which would be harder to find in 2013 - a (real) New World Order or a (valid) Hidden Esoteric School. Now, I know that some folks who read UDCC are strong believers in each...... I would put myself into the skeptical category for each...... but.... do concede that they might exist or have existed in the past. And, I love reading the `proofs' of each that some people believe when they put together certain attributes that seem to fit a particular scenario.

But, what about putting them BOTH together? Could the folks running the NWO BE paranormalists in some manner? Might the NWO be run by an Occult Elite?.................. Now, one of the quasi proponents of this idea is Jim Marrs.... as seen in the book below:

55 customer reviews - 39 Five Star Ratings

From the Back Cover

We are not alone.
And we never have been . . .
For years we've been taught that human progress has been a long, slow climb from the primordial ooze to hunter-gatherers to empires. But what if that's only part of the story?
Bestselling author and legendary conspiracy researcher Jim Marrs, who has investigated the recent financial crisis, the JFK assassination, and the national socialist takeover of America, now takes on his biggest subject: the history of mankind. Offering mind-blowing information that will radically alter the way we think about the world and our place in it, Marrs goes beyond the revelations of his classic Alien Agenda, interweaving science and authentic archaeo- logical finds with provocative speculation to show how human civilization may have originated with nonhumans who visited earth eons ago . . . and may still be here today.
Our Occulted History overturns conven-tional knowledge and beliefs, presenting com-pelling evidence that the earth once hosted prehistoric civilizations using technologies that very well may have surpassed our own. Sound unbelievable? Just a few hundred years ago, so was the concept that the earth revolved around the sun.
Marrs sifts through the historical, scientific, and cultural record, showing how numerous ancient texts and tablets tell of visitors from the stars colonizing the earth. From the flying vimanas of the Hindu Vedic literature and the flying shields reported by the Romans to the mysterious airships of the 1800s and the UFOs of today, he argues that someone other than us is still present on this planet. But are these visitors simply observers—or do they play a much more active and controlling role? Jim Marrs raises this shocking question and more in the provocative and persuasive Our Occulted History.
The truth is out there . . . and in here.
Now, I have NOT read this book or really much of Jim Maars (except a bit) - but I readily accept that `facts' can be ponied up in some ontological manner that supports his thesis of an `Occulted History'. Or an alien history.
Why do I bring all this up? Well.... and perhaps not a surprise to some of us.... MUZ has a lot of the same thoughts - he believes a bit differently I think however and doesn't necessarily tie the aliens into it (I could be wrong on MUZ's thoughts on that) - but one thing is for sure, MUZ believes that the MSM ignores evidence of a paranormal elite running the world - and that the common man -- you and me -- when shown the `proof' - are simply beyond willing to even talk about it.
Now, I'm not going to get into MUZ's points here in total but felt his ideas needed your insights too. The UDCC readership. I also wanted to commend MUZ on LITERALLY getting a response to his post from Dennis McKenna. Wow.
What's my view, in general, of the idea of an `occult elite' running the worlds evilness? I think it's an alternative viewpoint with some weaknesses..... but, remember, I am one who says that some events and perceptions are Fortean (in cause)..... so, what can you expect of me.
I also think an `occult elite' -- an esoteric school with connections to make `magik' happen - is likely to be FAR AWAY from any real power centers of the current Earth systems. And, that such events in the phenomenology of things is very localized in nature.
And, as far as a NWO, to me, I more likely see a `disintegration' of the huge countries and a combining of the others into larger entities. But perhaps for the purpose of a NWO and a new world currency..... IF that is evil. Frankly only a New World Currency might `solve' the 100 fiat currency explosions currently happening. And, yes, would keep an elite in `guidance-power'.
But, I see something even more scary - NO ONE IS IN CONTROL. The currencies of exchange are only as good as peoples `faith' in them. There are many currencies of exchange and the balance (its always in balance) of the teeter-tooter may indeed `touch the ground' (possible chaos). (Caused by leverage perhaps?)
I look at the `occult elite' if it exists - as some individual or perhaps a group of individuals (unlikely, but, many individuals acting in an unorganized fashion is certainly possible) - that have indeed figured out the proper belief mechanisms for producing anomalous phenomena. 
Yes, the Dean Clark's and the Lujan Matus's of the world. And perhaps in the remote schools talked about in The Fourth Way by Ouspensky and Gurdjieff --- and I don't think that EVIL is the organizing tool.
secret elite?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The `Proof' From Above - Daily In The Latest MUFON Reports

Interesting stories and pictures in today's LMR's - enjoy the posting. Oh, please listen to some of my 15 minute UFO shows on Blog Talk Radio - links abound - so check it out. Thanks.
Up First - Corbin Kentucky 6-9-13 - an impossible silent craft in the middle of the night: Corbin Kentucky UFO Sighting. (Account below)
As I was standing in my driveway around midnight coming in from town, as I closed my car door I was looking westerly and noticed a triangular mass heading towards my direction. At first due to a hazey atmosphere that night, no stars visible, I thought to myself how odd it was to see three aircraft low enough to be visible. However, as I continued to observe the lights, there were no sounds as though low flying planes were in the area. Even a higher altitude jet wouldve been audibly observable in the area this occurred. What I noticed the most was an eerie silence as the object passed over head and out over the horizon towards the east. It was moving too quick to be humanly possible for high altitude, which would have been impossible to see from the haziness anyway. But even if it were three close moving private jets, there were no sounds to be heard. Once the three lights went out of sight, every neighborhood animal in the adjoining areas began to make excessive noises at once. Dogs barking histericly, horses in a close farm along with cows began to go crazy. All simultaneously with no other provocation other than the dim lights passing overhead. I had a feeling of disbelief and fright because no human object wouldve been visible in the atmosphere without some sort of audible tone of an engine accompanying.
Once again that ever pervasive `all knowingness' of the animal kingdom and the impossible 3 light(orb) Triangle object.
This next one falls into the `we didn't see it at the time' category - and is really a STRANGE looking object (if not some sort of camera anomaly of course) - happened supposedly years ago (2006)  and the film was just developed of this possible event in New England North Dakota.
Folks, it's not as crazy as you think that cameras may catch a  very temporary reality that is below our observation and perception IMO - I've blogged about  this idea before at my blog called The Heavy Stuff - Could `Cameras' Be Actualizing A Virtual Reality? How strange is our reality if such objects are indeed in some sort of parallel space?
Next up? How about some OMG `proof' from a retired Houston Cop about a 2009 event in Huntington Texas.
I could not sleep for some reason. Went to front door and looked out and craft was hovering just above trees. It executed upright manuever and floated down to within 5-8 from ground. Then floated back up and the turned vertical. After a few seconds I heard a uuf sound and there was a rear ignition, now what was strange was that as it ignited it started at the center and spiraled out like a bullseye, then shot of. As it descended I could see what looked to me like 4 red glowing windows. there were no wings on it no any at the rear. My family thought I was nuts until it was in the Lufkin daily newspaper the next day about ufo sightings. I can think of no other explanation other than it must have returned. A small section of woods across the street from me appeared to glow in the dark on the forest floor for 2 nights. Lufkin used to be a hub for Bush inter. Airport but that changed after that time. I had the strangest feeling that the craft was trying to extract something, maybe it did. personally I wish I had never seen it, but I did. Military craft have been active in the sky ever since. This craft executed manuevers contrary to gravity and it was not of this demension, or from earth. I guess I am just imagining but somehow I felt I would see it again, but I guess it was only wishful thinking. I was mesmerized while this happened, unable to call out for my family. I am a retire Lt of police from Houston PD and you wou would think I would have collected some evidence. I have a friend who said his brother shot a picture of it parked near a home but I have yet to see it. I stand ready to assist you, though I have no decent camera or eqpt.
How about another neighborhood UFO in Moore Oklahoma - yes, THAT Moore Oklahoma. Anyway, the lit up UFO was even during Heavy Lightning and happened on Thursday.
And, here's more of the Orb With A Jet Phenomena observed yesterday in PA.
Sincere citizen reports of anomalous perceptions!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brilliant Orb Photographed In Victorville California (Latest MUFON Reports)

Once again - only the recurrence of this Orb light allowed the photograph. Picture taken supposedly 6-22:
We were walking outside earlier in the evening and some distance (a few miles away high up in the sky) I noticed a strange white light that kept appearing, sweeping across our direction seemingly sideways like a lamp in a light tower, and then disappearing, and then reappearing elsewhere a few seconds later only to do the same thing. We saw this five or six times, wondered what it was, but went inside the building. The light made no noise what-so-ever that we could here, but it was far away so we thought maybe it was a police helicopter. Now we dont think so anymore.

Later that evening, my friend was standing outside, noticed light moving across the sky from west to east. His phone was already in the camera app and so he pointed it up at the light clicked the zoom button and snapped the photo. He came in and showed me the photo and I didnt know what to make of it, but after looking at this in the computer we see this was much much more than just a floating light. The shape of the light and the flares coming off of it seem abnormal, like a stretched hexagon. The source of the light can not be seen, even though this was the "Super Moon" night where the moon was supposed to be the biggest because it was as close to the earth as it ever gets on this evening/morning. Next to the light but seemingly floating independent from it there is a shiny milky colored or grey sphere.

Around the sphere is a reddish colored aura as if it is also eminating some kind of light radiation in an spectrum we cant see, but somehow affected the image sensor on the camera. It is a possibility that the redness is lens-flare, but Ive not seen lens flare from lights before. We did a test with a bright light on the ground and the same camera phone looking directly at the light, unshaded and it did not produce any noticeable lens flare and did not blind the camera to anything beside or behind the light. The light in the sky produced no noticeable noise although it moved much like a helicopter. My buddys room mate who was inside at the time had seen the same light earlier when we were out away walking fly over the apartment complex. He said he was trying to sleep but then this brilliant white lights passed through all the windows in the building and there was no noise associated with the light. The light had also very visibly upset the cat.
Holy crappola on the brilliance of this object, right? IF all Orb captures were like this - the MSM might even take notice. Wonder why others didn't catch this event........
Oh, some a-hole tweeted with my account via the chatbox (I assume) - my apologies to my followers.
Thanks for those archive listens to my latest 15 minute radio show on Blog Talk Radio - you can catch others in the archive too.
Finally make sure to read my E-Books, chock full of analysis on Orbs such as you see on today's page. My E-Books are priced from 1.29 - 3.49 - go ahead and read a sample.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beams From The Sky (2005 UFO In Latest MUFON Reports)

One of the more curious UFO phenomena is where a person simply sees `beams of light' or simply some unusual light display. This 2005 report just submitted to MUFON of the incident in Indiana smacks of unusual-ness.

I was watching television and I heard something outside on the porch deck. I thought maybe there was somebody outside. So I walked slowly over to the back door leading to the deck and checked to see if it was locked. It wasnt so I locked it. I then sat on the couch to look out the row of windows to see if someone was on the deck outside and then I looked to see if somebody was in the yard behind our house. All of a sudden a beam of circular light appears 6 feet away from me onto the deck. It was about 1 foot in diameter. The beam was not like a flashlight or a dull porch light. It was bright white almost too bright I couldnt even see the color of the deck anymore. I watched one of our cats run around one of the lights as if it was scared. Then another light appeared exactly the same as the first, the second beam of white light appeared about 3-4 feet from the first beam of light. They both were stationary, I just stared and I had no clue what these lights were, because I knew they were different than any lights I had ever seen. So I started looking up and the lights were coming from darkness in the sky right above the house. I knew what I was seeing was not possible or was very rare to ever happen, and then the thought of aliens and UFO popped in my head. I tried my best to study the beam of light and how it could be so perfect and straight. It was as if the light came from its source and then there was no trace of it leading to the circle itself but there it was a circular beam of white light. I watched the first light disappear, and after that I ran away from the windows.

Now that I think about it I have a theory of what this possibly was. What if there was aliens visiting earth and the beams were there to pick them up to beam or materialize the aliens back to the ship. The cat was scared so maybe the cat sensed or saw the aliens they could have been invisible and beamed up to the UFO. Just like in star trek how the people would stand on the white circle to be beamed down to the surface of a planet.
Indeed, today - MORE than one account featured this moving or strange light phenomena - here's an account from Maryland that happened in 2010 and is also in the LMR's:
My friend and I were wound up after a long day and needed to get out. When we get together we are normally late night people , so even though we did a lot that day, we werent very tired. We went for a late night car ride and wound up at Dans Rock, a fairly close mountaintop view place that some of the kids in town told us about. They said the view would be fabulous, even at night.

After a fairly long hike to the top we took in the view, which was impressive. From where we were standing, which is the very top of the mountain, I could make out tree tops beyond the rocks, at the bottom. The trees themselves are around 40, so it was easy to judge our elevation at around 1000. You can see over a very large valley which leads to some homes and business across the other side. I would have loved to see it in daylight. Although somewhat windy, it was very peaceful up there.

At about 4:15 am, just as I was commenting that we should stay long enough to make the hike back down worth it, I noticed what appeared to be a very bright star. My friend said "its an airplane, see its moving." and I agreed. Until it stopped movement, hovered in one spot for about 6 seconds, then turn about 40 degrees and sped off in a zig zag manner. We both thought it was a little weird, and chalked it off to some military plane, or something like that.

Only minutes later, we decided to have a cigarette before beginning the climb down, and just after lighting it, I saw a beam of red light all the way at the bottom of the chasm. The red light appeared just like a 1/2 inch diagonal laser pointer dot that moved from left to right horizontally, approximately 5 inches over 1 1/2 seconds, then disappeared. I saw it first, all the way at the bottom. Around 10 seconds later, it appeared again, identical in shape and size, about 150 feet higher than the first time. I had no idea what it was.

I called my friends attention to it. He looked over the side of the railing with me and sure enough, the light appeared four more times, rising in elevation 150 or so feet each time, lighting around every 10 seconds in the exact size time and shape as before. It definitely changed path a couple of time on the way up, but was essentially a vertical ascent. The light finally appeared at eye level, approximately 20 feet in front of us hanging directly over the chasm.

There was absolutely no noise, no outline of any kind, only the light. We both got spooked, and just as I said "maybe we should get out of here," the light reappeared from eye level 20 feet away to eye level about 10 feet away. We made our way out of there with due haste, and never saw it again.

I have been bugged by this over the last several years, and my friend and I always discuss our theories, but in all my research over that time I have never found a similar incident reported. Some say it was some joker with a laser pen on a balloon. That would be easier to accept if it wasnt so windy and four oclock in the morning. Really, would someone be out there at that hour, at the bottom of Dans Rock just waiting for someone to show up so they can play a trick? I just dont know. But I would love to. Please advise if you have ever heard of a similar incident.
Curious, don't you think? Two light events with really..... no craft seen at all. The type of UFOlogy the MSM would rather simply avoid.
My E-Books feature my reactions and analysis of reports just like the above - in-depth thinking about UFO's and all priced at just 1.29 To 3.49.
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`Alien Disclosure In The USA' - (The Search Term)

As I did recently, I've decided once again to simply take the terms of a Google search that point folks towards UDCC - and provide an `answer' as to my opinion on the subject; today's term `alien disclosure in the USA'.................. and here's the basic `answer' from a UFO blogger.

Of course the simplest answer is that the USA `answered' the outlines of the question in late 2011 with a statement issued by Phil Larson - you can find that statement and the media reaction to it in the sidebar of UDCC. In simple terms - the USA answer was - total denial of any human interaction with aliens. Those looking for the USA government to give any credence to `aliens' is simply not listening to the governments `answers'.
So, the obvious question then becomes - are `they' right or full of manure. After all, we've had a `Disclosure Movement' lead by a variety of folks of various `former military' involvement with UFO's and aliens - and by offshoots of the same who profess the `calling of aliens'. (IE-Greer). NONE of those folks have gotten ANY traction with the MSM (likely controlled by the powers that be on important issues such as this)... of course.

But, is the Disclosure Movements stories about aliens, just that, stories? Stories designed to highlight OTHER ISSUES that the `Disclosure Movement' truly wants to bring out (the whole free energy crappola and a too big out of control military presence into everything). It certainly could be..... but, does the DM have any basis of fact to hang their `alien hats upon'?

That answer, anyone's answer,  is of course nothing more than `opinion' - as obviously, NO alien has ever been trotted out live on the MSM. Ever........... and EVER is an important point............... But, there does exist........ a grainy video or two.......... of what certainly appears to be an alien, non human, lifeform --- on the internet - the Main Stream Media (MSM) of the PEOPLE and not the government. But, are those videos dis-info? (The obvious advantage of letting your enemies think you have alien information.)

There also exists a handful of seemingly credible accounts of what I call `real' alien abduction - mostly from decades ago (Travis Walton and the other handful of stories from mostly the mid 1970's.) And, of course, the near countless renditions of what I call subjective `alien abduction' - interlaced with a strange form of lucid dreaming/doppelganger engagement. And, of those - to me - only the VERY few handful of cases should be considered as involving real phenomenological `aliens'.

So, my take is that `real aliens' ARE here around Earth at some level that is very minimal but real. Minimal is of course a subjective word and my minimal might be THE ALIENS ARE HERE to you. Unlike, the DM, or the many varieties of the 2012 crowd -- I do NOT think the aliens are here to save or help or conquer us. NOR do I think that they even COULD save, help or conquer us. I think 99% of folks ascribe more `power' to a method of getting here (therefore they could conquer Earth and Earthlings) - than is what could be mustered as a destructive force.

And, to me, the obvious issues are more complex - such as - IF they are indeed here at any level HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN HERE? That is the big issue to me. Are we talking EONS? Or, are we indeed talking only decades based on `their' discovery that we have attained some level of intelligence with our radio waves? THAT is a much much harder issue to ferret out - but the evidence is certainly skewed to the decades answer IMO.  (There are other answers to ancient civilizations on Earth too IMO - and the out of place objects that turn up on occasion.)
Want more of my thoughtful UFO analysis? My E-Books are chock full of such material - read a sample today.
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Oh, Clockers, I have a stellar VIDEO from the latest MUFON reports over at Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos (my other UFO blog) - and it is a winner. From Grass Valley California (now that sounds like a heady place) and the video was shot 6-21.
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Ridiculous Overstatements About `Extra Terrestrial' Life Via `Wikileaks'

So, did you know that a recent Wikileaks Cable supposedly `confirms' Extra Terrestrial life to some publications? ..... Seems that the mayor of some location called Dushanbe - in a meeting with an ambassador - stated his OPINION (asserted)  that `Extra Terrestrial' life exists on other planets. 

You need a name of who to believe about this revelation found in the Wikileaks - Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev - yes, that Mahmadsaid!.............................. Oh please.

Anyway,..... here's what passes for big news in some corners of UFOlogy and the side-shoots like ET's on other planets and the need for Wikileaks to inform us all.
As Clockers know, one of the benefits of my State UFO series are the `offshoots' that I find - in this case from the recent South Dakota coverage - in the video below - South Dakota Orbs (via photographs) - Under 200 Views, 7/0 pos/neg ratio of opinion.
Yes, the guys a ghost-hunter at some level.
The slippery slope of `photograph orbs' and `sky luminous orbs' may be part of the clues as to what is going on in the anomalous spaces that surround every moment as part of the here/now and there/then of elsewhere. Indeed, I will probably bring the recent words of a Dan Mitchell post to these pages that articulates it from his point of view.
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Great Orb Video? Or, Suspicious Source?

A gathering site with only 28 videos - but - upon further search is the ONLY one with this video - very suspicious.... no attribution..... that said, looks like the shiny daytime Orbs we have come to love and know:
2,000 or so views - 19/1 positive to negative ratio of opinion.
So, I did another 15 minute radio podcast on Blog Talk Radio yesterday -- hear that Right Here - I talk about AMAZING UFO Stories.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ohio UFO Videos

Catch Today's Podcast At 4:00PM Eastern
Welcome Ohioans. One of the BEST features of UDCC is the `State UFO Series' - as I try to ferret out the best anomalous videos by State - and today is Ohio's day (see more State UFO's in the sidebar). Generally, such searches produce some excellent Orb videos - I'll let you make your own decisions. Also, I try NOT to embed too many videos and to let you simply view them at YouTube with the link provided. Ready?
How about a WOW video for a beginning?
About a month ago in Massillon Ohio - 500+ views 3/0 pos/neg ratio of opinion.
Fantastic Orange Orb Capture!
Published on May 18, 2013
This is some sort of glowing orb that I captured with an iPhone 5 from my car on May 18th, 2013 at around 11:50 pm. I don't know what the hell it is, but I'm fairly certain it isn't swamp gas or a plane.

You will want to see the comments at the above link too - LOTS of other folks seeing the same thing and all saying it isn't Chinese Lanterns.
Other UFO Videos From Ohio
Ohio had no shortage of very recent 2013 UFO uploads - and this one brought tears to a teenagers eyes. It might be worthy of your 4 minutes too - but, seems to be multiple Orbs at the horizon at best - and could be simply teen hysteria.
Here's another Orange Orb video remarkably similar to the first embedded video. Published on 4-21-13, about 440 views and a 7-1 ratio of pos/neg opinion.
Hey, it could be Chinese Lanterns but doesn't seem that way.
Some States seem to have many already attuned to the `Orb Calling/Filming' aspects of UFOlogy - Ohio seemingly doesn't have many...... except for perhaps `The Dreamr' On YTube.
This one is from(NE Ohio - normally means Cleveland area) THIS MONTH (June 4th) -- one of about 7 UFO videos this guy has captured (all Orb videos or structured Orbs) and has all of LESS THAN 15 VIEWS:

Cincinnati hardly is left out either with this 
2012 - NEAR FANTASTIC - Multiple Orbs Filmed From Distance - might have one more of this same Sept.2012 event in his YTube channel too. - About a 1K views and a 6-1 positive to negative ratio of opinion. That said, it is SO far away that it could be anything such as lights on a kite, etc. The comments say flares - BS!
Next Up - Defiance Ohio, (probably shot on 9-11-12) uploaded in 2013 - Folks, this is one of the MOST honest Orb recordings you will ever find. Indeed, the Orb just sits there for minutes, THEN begins to change into what UDCC calls the multiple structured Orb phenomena - THEN the Orb moves over the couple (creating confusion as to is/was it a plane) - all the while the woman is speaking with other folks (her mom) who are seeing the same thing and more from their close location:
All of 76 views this year:
Defiance Ohio Spectacular Orb Display
More Possible Orb Videos Of Note From Ohio
3-4-2013 - Pioneer Ohio 5 Minute Orb Video - 54 views
5-26-2013 - Rudolph Ohio - Orb UFO MUFON Video Report
`Historic UFO's Of Ohio' Covered by the MSM
MSNBC Coverage of the 2010 Euclid Lights
Famous 1996 Air Traffic Control Describes UFO Associated With Cleveland
The BEST for last? Of course. You will really love this one - high tech - night vision - Orb goes INTO SPACE (or simply dims out via losing power/energy). Shot April 21st and posted to MUFON (I am using a Gathering Sites YT) - this footage over Cleveland Ohio Is
NOW, Don't miss the other State UFO Videos - for dozens of States in the sidebar to the left.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Sky Sound Phenomena Continues Into 2013

For what it's worth - only once since summer 2012 have I heard the phenomena - and like the video below - it too was at night:
This is a Canadian video, about 500 views, 4/1 pos/neg ratio of opinion. The uploader has at least one other Sky Sound upload. This was recorded in May 2013.
Here's another from May 2013 - Germany - Uploader is into Bach not paraNormal. That said, he indicated that it went on for about 5 minutes and what is recorded (I assume) is the last 1:40 of it. It's the truly over the top - why haven't tons of other videos been uploaded - sound phenomena that is MUCH more than a hum: 8,000 views, 20/1 pos/neg ratio of opinion.
I don't like to do three embedded videos in one post as it tends to slow things down - so, I'll just give this one to you too via a link. Denver area 2012 but just uploaded.
Lastly for today I want to thank folks for their participation on this blog lately - the goal of the evolution of course. First, we have the MUFON person who uploaded the FINE ORB picture from Wisconsin earlier in the week ------ both commenting in the chatroll AND in the comments. 
And that's not all - many of you used the link supplied to yesterday's podcast radio show The Heavy Stuff that I will be doing spontaneously....... And, the slow evolution of the chatroll itself and the private mailing listing. Thanks.
BTW folks, the world may have changed yesterday and no one told you. The Chinese banks stopped lending to each other and a real estate crash is imminent there. 7 day bank to bank rates went to 25% - shutting down the money flow. Things could get dicey.......... everywhere.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

ORB `UFO' Flies Over Protesters In Brazil

Supposedly happened yesterday. Hottest `UFO' video in sometime on the gathering sites. The 10 websites already carrying the video are all carrying this video - from a gathering site with NO attribution - HOWEVER - THANKS TO A READER I HAVE FOUND THE REAL ORIGINAL VIDEO (only 1K views in one day and a 25-1 Positive/Negative ratio of opinion). First the somewhat amazing video:
That said, some folks say that what you see in the video is a remote controlled object of the news channels to record the demonstration. But if you look at this link that I did here at UDCC in Sept. 2012 on Quadrocopters - the object (ORB) certainly seems to go further, higher and faster than these Quadrocopters. Obviously, we'd need folks at the demonstration to say whether it had sound or not. (Why would a news or military drone have such a light?)

But the biggest drawback, perhaps, is that NO OTHER videos of the same object are on YouTube (based on the search that I did) --- this would certainly be something with multiple PROOFS one would assume IF it were a real video of a daytime UFO over a mass of people.
Below is another purported Brazil UFO - May 2013 - From yet another suspicious YTube person (recent join, tons of UFO videos) -- Just about 100 views on this one.
That said, the above does look like what was seen in New Orleans last fall IMO. The Ballground Georgia Blob. (look at all three vids here).
Oh, I just did a Blog Talk Radio Show ABOUT today's post and the post from the last two days too. Brazil UFO Radio Show.
Have some good material the next couple days - stay tuned.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6-17 - PA Trucker Photographs Daytime UFO - Hears CB Chatter Too (MUFON Reports)

We will start our review of the LMR's with the headline picture:
(blow-up is better with above original link)
yes, it's that smudge above the mountain horizon straight ahead
Today's Featured Orb Report (via LMR's)

Having just left a weekly discussion group meeting along Constitution Ave on Lummi Island WA, approximately 1/4 mile from the islands general store and ferry crossing dock, I turned right on Constitution when I saw a red glowing orb-like light, perhaps 3-5 feet in diameter, hovering 5 feet above road level about 75 feet ahead of me. At first it appeared stationary and I thought it might be some odd glow from a house light, but as I accelerated west on Constitution it began moving ahead of me in apparent unison/speed with my car now up to 20 mph. This 2-lane road cuts through thick, tall trees and passes just one house for approximately 1/4 mile before a 90-degree right turn--and its very dark on Lummi Island--so once Id passed that house (and its one porch light) I knew this red light orb couldnt be attributed to any manmade light or reflection. It continued ahead of me on the road, its red light glowing into the trees it passed, for perhaps 20 seconds when--still about 75 feet ahead of my car--it followed the roads path taking a sharp left turn and disappeared behind the trees at that corner. The red glow of its lights increased there, leaving a short trail in its path and bathing the trees on both sides of the road perhaps halfway or further up those tall Douglas firs. I accelerated to that corner to try and re-establish visual contact, but it was gone by the time I made the turn which is about 50 feet from the entrance to The Tree Frog Farms entrance gate. Throughout this experience I felt that rush of excitement combined with fear that I might be seeing non-human, at first unsure but then fear rose and goosebumps up my spine when I saw that not only was it moving, but apparently tracking my speed as it kept the same distance from my car down the road. I wondered if it was possibly the light on the back of very fast bicyclist, or single tail light of a car driving with its headlights off--but when it made that sharp left turn and accelerated like no bike or even fast car could around that corner, I knew it was something else. And that stunned me. I stopped my car well past Tree Frog Farm, where the road cuts through a clearing beside a field about 1/4 mile from my cabin, when I realized Id lost the red glowing orb. My thoughts raced, and I wondered if there could be any connection between this lights appearance and the fact our discussion group had just been talking about the possibility of UFOs on Lummi Island. One member had been describing her experience of living there many years before when the Navy had actually dived to investigate a famous UFO sighting (it had dived into the waters just south of Lummi, I believe back in the 60s or 70s. I will never forget that experience (and another I had on LUmmi a year later, which Ill detail in next submission here). Sorry Im just now reporting it 10 years later, but I just now heard of MUFON on Coast To Coast recently and thought I should mention it.)
I absolutely love the UFO connection to prior `discussion' about such phenomena. Also, as Clockers know, on very rare occasions the Orb experience will seemingly include `pacing a car' ---- haven't seen too many red Orbs so alive. The above event occurred in 2003 in Washington State.
Other Citizen Reports Of UFO Found At MUFON Today
Today's Featured `Alien' Report (via LMR's)
1989 Chelsea Michigan
(from the actual pre-description at MUFON)
{dr}Since i was a little girl there have be many objects observed in my grandmas back yard some so scary my grandpa and i would hurry into the house. when i was around 19, i woke up with 4 of (them) around my bed i could not speak or move for awhile.. ,

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6-17's Menasha Wisconsin - Multiple Orbs Photographed Prior To Storm (Latest MUFON Reports)

Hello Clockers - thanks for your visit today. IF you are a new visitor, welcome too. This is UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) a UFO blog with over 800 UFO posts - make sure to check out the sidebar before you leave.,_Wisconsin
What is done here at UDCC is the finding of original content as much as possible (ie:not just using what's on other UFO websites) and one of the prime sources for such is the Latest MUFON reports ----- this story, and these pictures, are associated with today's headline.

Walking and seen that a really dark storm was moving in. Looking up at the clouds and the storm moving in I seen Chrome ball about the size of basketball hovering about 150 feet from me above houses right before storm. Object then moved very slowly away then vanished. Took a few pictures on my cell phone.
Indeed, it's as IF the person doesn't see the other very small orb lights - but, the closeness of the object (by his estimate) is very interesting on that main Orb.
the brightest one is above the tree

Other LMR's
More and more in the reports we hear about the `same or similar craft came back minutes later on the same path and did the same thing  ----- well consider this report of an event exactly  one month ago in Brandon Florida - 2 Occurrences, 3 Craft Total - Only At 3000 Feet.

Also, frankly, there are a couple other breathless accounts that I am putting onto my other UFO blog today Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos too. Make sure to give it a visit  today.
Digging Deeper?

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17th - CE-5 Contact "Amazing" - (Latest MUFON Reports)

As regular readers know around here - I have strongly mixed feelings about Dr. Steven Greer's involvement with the whole UFOlogy saga - especially the `Disclosure' movement of comrades. That said, and like Carlos Castaneda before him, his CE-5 protocol --- to him the calling of extraterrestrial beings, most likely has some substance behind his concepts for what is occurring. THAT SAID, IMO - he is most likely over-reaching what his CE-5 `accomplishes' (like the first alien picture he claimed to take who was wearing boots).

Nonetheless, like Dean Clark, P.Garcia and any number of other `Orb Callers' that have been featured on UDCC - the concept of `calling the anomalous' - is bearing fruit over and over for folks of a certain ilk. ............... Believers in their own methodology that initiates a real phenomenological event for observation. Think of it as reverse QM (Quantum Mechanics) -- in that by seeking to observe - it `changes' into visible format.

Anyway, this brief report from the latest MUFON reports, demonstrates the euphoric effect of such a discovery that one is really a magician on a scale that is hard to conceive possible.  

I was looking up the sky at night and starting a CE5.
It worked. After a few minutes I saw three different Ufos in a five-minute-tact.
I do this every night.
It's an amazing feeling to have contact with extraterrestial beings. 
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The FEAR Of `People In Suits'

Obviously, one of the permutations of blogging anything is bringing the various elements and attributes to readers - including the `frequent attributes and infrequent'. Consider this the infrequent - someone who indicates that THEY personally didn't go outside to capture a fantastic UFO picture because of this very FEAR. ................. Even the movies yuk-yuk-yuking it up of the MIB movies doesn't help evidently. Or, one could easily say the known truth - it's just simply better to avoid the government's attention - the `people in suits'. (And you wonder if blogging UFO's is attraction getting?) ----------- Anyway, I had to dig no deeper for this account of another Neighborhood 3 Light Orb Craft than the Latest MUFON reports.

At about 10:30pm I happened to look out my window of my 3rd story apartment building to see if the wind was blowing in. I looked up in the sky and saw 3 chinese lanterns flying in a triangle formation. I thought to myself, "this is neat I hope it lasts." After I thought this I noticed that these chinese lanterns were flying against the wind in an almost perfect triangle formation. They were also changing colors from red, to blue, to green, and to orange. The triangle shape was not solid in the middle because the orbs were not flying in a perfect geometric triangle. These orbs in the triangle formation flew over the apartment building across the court yard and then flew over mine. It was moving very slow. I lost the sighting when the object flew over my building. I could have rushed outside and got a perfect picture but I decided not to because I was a little scared of what I saw. I have also heard stories about people in suits who show up at your door after a sighting and demand that you never speak a word of what you saw. I did not want that hassle.
Friday Night - Monroe Michigan Orb Event - People In Suits Show Up
Could government disdain limit UFO reporting?
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