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The Mexico City Christmas 2011 Miracle `UFO' Video

Good morning Clockers and welcome all new visitors to UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) - I appreciate your interest in the unknown. And, as regulars know, it simply is impossible to keep up with all the forums that `UFO' material `surfaces' - be it via YouTube or blogs or MUFON reports or other similar `citizen reporting' opportunities. So, I don't need to apologize for missing this a few months - but - you will be saying wow after watching this video.

Indeed, make sure to watch AT LEAST the first 6 minutes or so; as it gets especially interesting about the 2:05 second mark when a `flash' occurs near the traveling Orb. It will result in what appears to be `an explosive release' of sub orbs - mini orbs/probes. Eventually Orbs are seen combining and traveling together - moving about. I don't know what it is about Mexico City and Orbs (remember the famous Orb videos before) but this Christmas Display is amazing IMO.

Now, the `kicker' (of course) - the guy who videoed this is - of course - ANOTHER UFO?ORB video man - caller. JMHZ71 YouTube handle. He has literally HUNDREDS of similar and not so similar vids - all up to DAYS ago. ------------------------- IS it THAT easy folks? What happens if MORE and MORE of the common folk go `out' and simply record this stuff in our collective skies? Who `believe' that it may just be this easy with an investment of time and interest? ------------- Time will tell I guess.
The video has 128K well deserved views since Christmas and a 20/1 pos/neg ratio - a must see.

link -
JMHZ's Channel -
BTW, the feather video hit 30K views today. IO9 eventually picked the story up too. Welcome to their readers. And, please make sure to look around today and UDCC has over 500 posts to explore. Some of the best are in the sidebar and down below the post section. You can also share today's GREAT Mexico City post via the Facebook button below in the Share Button area - you can also easily E-Mail this post to anyone using the same buttons - try it out.
Finally - IF you are new, I've been making a BEST of page for JUST the 2012 stuff - videos and pictures of the best UFO's so far 2012 UFO Videos And UFO Pictures.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Orb Videoer - Orb Caller Emerges/Found

Okay folks, as you know UDCC, with some frequency, features `Orb Callers-Videoers' in these posts. Today I've found yet another who in the last two years has recorded nearly two dozen `daytime Orb' videos. UFO's to many. UFO Disclosure to some. And, some of these videos are quite good in the sense of being clear and anomalous. 

The video I've chosen to feature of YouTube man `ishowUFO' is one from the very end of 2011 (Dec. 28th) - it's a multiple orb/splitting orb video if we need to categorize everything. Has a significant and deserved 30K views:

link -
Channel -
It's pretty impressive - don't you think? Make sure to check out others he has caught in the California skies...... and, he doesn't even rant crazy stuff like Endtimer/Orion  crappola.
BTW, the featured video on Monday has over 28K views (and more than likely 5k+ of them here, when I posted it the video had under 60 views) - and here I feature another `strange' light display that `openureyes10' caught in her neighborhood in 2012 (indeed just 3 weeks ago) - Strange `Earthly' Field Lights - you'll be shaking your head on this one too. WTH? I can also report that openureyes10 is also digging into some of her original recordings done a few years ago.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Picture - Ring UFO Over Chaska, Minnesota

The `Feather Orb' video is now the 6th most viewed page on UDCC ever - if you haven't seen it, make sure you do by clicking the link San Antonio Feather Orb. I can also report that I've listened and viewed some of Openureyes10 material that I had mentioned in this blog - and while interesting - IMO doesn't rise to the material of March 20th.

But, today, UDCC goes the MUFON route with our mailbag and the special offerings and selections of Ken Pfeifer - NJ's Chief MUFON Investigator. First up is this GREAT picture and UFO account from just a few days ago - March 25th:

I was on the phone and walked outside when I noticed a blueish ring of light in the clouds. On further inspection it was clear that the ring had equally spaced balls of blue light. After getting a few photos and for a minute or so the objects and the ring increased luminosity substantially. That did not last very long and after 20 minutes total, it had faded away and I went back inside. About 10 minutes later my father told me that it was back. I went outside and observed the same ringlike formation and more glowing spots in the clouds much higher than the initial ring. Within a minute or so another ring much higher above it had formed. This ring appeared to be made up of 6 seperate balls of light which seemed to be moving slowly and steadily in altitude and direction formed a semi circle. then 3 lights moved more east and the other 3 went west creating a gap and their positions appeared in tandum forming a ( ) pattern. All this time the original ring had reapearred and over the next few hours would dim out then randomly gain luminosity. Sometimes there would be no change and appear to "hover" for up to 20 minutes before dimming or changing into unidentifiable formations. During form changes the light was too dim to effectively be caught on my camera. I walked a few blocks to get a better view and after a couple hours the objects seemed to form a pattern resembling a parachute with beams that went below my sight due to tree cover. All colors were either blue or blue with a hint of white. The beams of light appeared to be gathered at a cental ground point. This lasted about 10 minutes. The objects did not seem to me to be farther away but were dim during this time. My first reaction was "did I just get duped by an elaborate light setup?" I found this unlikely as this was the only period during which any illumination went towards the ground. The weather had a mild cloud cover. a short light rain began after witnessing the initial "ring" and stopped before the event ended. The lights appeared to move much higher in elevation and some would move farther outward from view. There was always a noticable central ring of at least 6-12 clearly seperate orbs. Very shortly before the parachute formation with "beams" I watched a lower flying dual jet aircraft heading straight towards the objects parallel to me but the same trajectory. The aircraft got to a close enough to think "This is about to be interesting" when It made an immediate 180 flew for several seconds, made a right turn flying for a minute or so then another right. This aircraft clearly gave a wide berth to the objects. Sometime between 330am and 339 the "Ring" formation faded away completely. Prior to this even when no orbs were visible and the ring had significantly faded out, the area of the clouds it had been stayed obviously illuminated to some degree. The maximum time between the "fading" before a "fade in" was no longer than 15 minutes. My camera was insufficiant to reliable capture anything other than when formed in a ring as any other activities reduced their lumination below the capability of my camera. There are a couple pictures that were able to capture the beginning of formation changing. Albeit they are not that great.
Thanks to MUFON CMS system.

And one great MUFON report deserves another


This account is taken from notes I took, after the fact, and with additional modifications as details resurface in my memory of it. I know this area well, because when I was a kid, I used to hike all over the hills around here. The site where we parked are pickup truck, now has two houses there, and the field around the road is now much smaller and with some small trees in it. This sighting occurred approximately three and one-fourth miles west-southwest of Syracuse, NY. I am about 90 percent date certain as it being Wednesday 8:35 pm or so, June 15, 1996. I picked my wife up from work, at around 8:30 pm, or so, in the evening (still light out, blue sky, not hot or humid out and no sun or sun glare). While, driving home, on Fay Road, heading toward the Taunton area, my wife sees a small bright light in the sky. I look up and see it also. It was traveling from the Northwest (Fairmount Area). I quickly turned off on a side road called Henderson Place, where I could park, avoiding parking in front of someone’s house, next to an old overgrown field, that was maybe ten feet lower in elevation than we were. This object was traveling slowly, as well as coming down altitude. I jumped out of the car and it was still slowing down and then stops in mid-air maybe 1500 feet up in the air and maybe one-quarter mile west-northwest of us. It seemed to be directly over a wooded Drumlin, just across Terry Road. It was a small Spherical-shaped object, exceedingly bright. It was now motionless and silent. If I had to guess it’s size, and it was a small object, I would say that it was less than 15 feet in diameter. I became so excited, I had to get it’s attention. I started to shout up waving my hand, down and pointed to the field saying, come on down, a couple of times. I knew that they would probably not do something like that. My wife became terrified and told me to stop waving my hands. I got the impression that I did get it’s attention. There could probably be only one or two ‘persons’ in it. I did not think that it was unmanned. I just had this feeling I was looking at them and they were looking at me. I could not understand what kind of energy it was using to be able to just sit there in mid-air like that. Then, after what seemed about 30 seconds or more in this position, it began to slowly, toward the southwest, at like a 20 degree angle, begin to accelerate upward increasing in speed. It flew at such a precise straight line-ness, while remaining silent, all the while, that this stunned me. Then it started going really fast, like nothing I had ever seen. I got scared and my hands started to shake, and my stomach got out of sorts, alittle. Just when it seemed to be up at in the high ionsphere, now looking like a pin prick, almost- it stops and then sped up so fast, it looks like a streak and then it just disappears. Like the warp speed stuff on the science fiction television shows. That night, we were watching the local Channel 5 news, and the weather woman at that time, Kathy Orr, told people that their station was receiving reports on the telephone about lights in the western suburbs.


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Danger Of A Billion Magicians

Yesterday's post of P. Garcia's Orb capture in San Antonio was the lead `post' on, and was also featured on Coast To Coast AM (links to both sites in the sidebar). I expect that upwards of 1000 folks will see the post today. And, in that post, I used a phrase that I don't remember using before - comparing Orb Callers - Orb Videoers to `Magicians'.

I implied that Orb Callers/Videoers are indeed actually `dangerous'; well, to be exact - the COVERAGE of Orb Callers and Orb Videoers is..... dangerous - at this point of time while the cat is in the bag. (Remember folks, we live in a society that is willing to give up rights to be safe - so safe that we allow the TSA to search handicapped 3 years olds because they pose a danger.) Yes, dangerous. And, it's not an idea that I've totally missed before, and since I touch on Orb Callers with some frequency I hope my regular readers have `gotten the drift'. `But, if you are a newbie today, let me play out a scenario for your eyes to read and for your space to absorb.

The truth. The truth is that (IMO) `real UFOs' with `aliens' in them - who are IN, literally OUR Reality - (and who stay in and around Earth) are EXTREMELY limited; and that the REAL UFOs, that the media and government would rather NOT discuss, ARE ORBS. Indeed, here at UDCC, 2011 was declared the year of the ORB. (catch that link in the sidebar covered by

When I say, Orbs are the Real UFO, I mean it. A real `thing' (that is temporal) that on occasion seems to provide a bit of intelligent direction, or RESPOND to human intentionality's. All of this phenomena, of course, was first brought to the MSM's attention by Prophet Yahweh - who in about 2005 or so (too lazy to look it up for this post) `produced' an Orb on Live TV in Las Vegas to the astonishment of a TV reporter. At that moment, the cat was out of the bag. (Were `they' looking to discredit it before it became more mainstream?)

Now, this was all while I was aware via YouTube of a handful of `Orb Videoers'  around 2005 who existed on the West Coast, who DIDN'T pray to Yahweh, or think that the `white dot' in the sky was containing large black men ready to return to Earth (Prophet Yahweh believes something like that.). Indeed, in the mid 2000's first decade they were simply going out and filming - and LO and BEHOLD, they `caught' Orbs of light transversing the skies. Displaying themselves.

Now, I would hold that those videoers `ritual act' of `going to a particular location and EXPECTING to film the anomalous', was virtually the same - as the `belief' that PY has in his `system of producing alien/Orbs.' His religion. Orbs are or at least CAN BE - evidently, a reflection of human intentions. IMO. 

And, that folks, is DANGEROUS. Seriously. 

The corporations of America and the world hardly need their workers being distracted by `A Billion Magicians'. And in more ways than one, it is even dangerous to the religious structure of things too. The `religious act' would be `brought to the people level'. Miracles would be nothing more than asking a neighbor to perform the `magic light show'. (A billion means 1 in 7 would have the ability.)

The `opening up' to such abilities - the expansion of human effect and relationship with the unknown - is very upsetting to the power structure apple cart and logo. Don't you think?...... Could that be a reason why the Orbs are SO ignored by the so-called MSM? Because they are a can of worms? Because they represent a rip in the common consensus ontological structure?

Indeed, Orbs have provided the TWO Biggest `UFO' events of the past two years, and have largely changed, IMO, how UFOs will be covered by the MSM. Something I've covered in this blog several times recently concerning the meaning of Phil Larson's declaration about the US governments position about `aliens and UFO information' (see sidebar for link). (IF you are scratching your head about the two ORB events - think the Stanley Fulham NYC predicted Orb event on Oct. 13th, 2010, and the Jerusalem Orb which literally happened at a `significant mankind location' while the Egypt uprising was in full discourse in early 2011.) Not saucers, not Triangle shaped Craft, ORBS.
Almost NO one is writing about the Orb underbelly of UFOlogy - and certainly not the majority of so-called UFO sites or `conspiracy' sites. Indeed, only a few esoteric oriented folks even give a crappola about the subject matter at all - something the powers that be would like to keep the case.

After all, we hardly need `The Danger of a Billion Magicians' mucking up the Forex exchange - right?
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Monday, March 26, 2012

STUNNING Daytime ORB Footage From San Antonio

Okay folks - I feel really privileged to bring you some nearly AMAZING `ORB' FOOTAGE - from (edit, 2016 name redacted)  (Openureyes10 on YouTube) - currently, one of the most active `Orb Callers/Videoers', who is occasionally sharing her captures with UDCC and it's readership. Today's `footage', uploaded on Thursday, was shot on March 20th and March 17th and has under 55 views as of this feature posting (about 5 of them mine). 

The first video is, without question, THE BEST daytime Orb video I've ever seen! And that is quite a comment in itself - as I have seen HUNDREDS via YouTube. The video shows a colored Orb, looks to be about the size of a basketball; moving swiftly to come to ground level and then zoom upward...... The second video segment is a `patch of lights' (cluster of ORBs) also as strange as any you can imagine.

Frankly, the material is so over the top - both videos - as to call into question (perhaps) WHO is (redacted name)? What does SHE think is going on in these videos? So, I've spent the last day contacting (redacted name) via E-mail for some comments.  I do know that (redacted name) has indicated to me that  Texas MUFON has `investigated' her claims -  and know that Orbs often seem to be in her presence.

Here's the video:

link -
March 20, 2012 -- while filming in the distance saw what at first appeared to be possible feather fluttering in the wind saw due to its flight pattern it wasn't-- so removed camera from tripod and filmed this cute small white Orb around 7 pm.. It was fairly close to me downstairs in courtyard.. I called my husband out to see it.. This was first Orb hubby has seen with naked eye.. Orb was meandering along and suddenly increased speed and went straight up into the sky, Night time Orb cluster was filmed on 17th March and was along curve in retaining wall. This is second time I've seen this cluster there- but 1st time to film it..
Now, (redacted name) provides a bit of info at the video, but, as I indicated - I have more insights from my E-Mail exchanges below for my readers:

I'm glad you liked the daytime Orb--it is really cool...It is the closest I've filmed so in that regard is the best.. but I have hrs of film of daytime Orbs in flight of all size and all colors flying around the school (school u can see in the vid I sent u as Orb in flight straight up)
To answer your question, I wasn't trying to call out for them but my husband and I were watching Paranormal Investigations and they were talking about black Orbs and neg energy- ghosts-demons.. I was telling my husband, who name is (redacted) , that I didn't want to see any "bad" ones and thinking to myself -especially since hearing the voice and noises- Love and Light.. if that makes any since? I don't know if that had anything to do with it showing up..But I, since several of ur columns, have called out to them thinking Love and Light- I don't want to be calling negative energy. When I really tried calling out for several days my first time lg high flying Orb showed flew straight over and North of me but I had hard time capturing it..

Night time Orb cluster, this is my opinion of what they are.. since my husband was here and I called him out to see them he wanted to go down to see what they were.. I was going to go with him but he said keep filming in case of anythig happening.. He came back and said it was light reflection.. BUT, I, after reviewing the film the next day didn't and don't agree with had been raining- had rained before in the almost 2 yrs I've been filmming and this is only second time "it" appeared.. I happen to think that he saw what "he thinks he saw- light reflection" and thats probably what he saw..I just "know" like I "know" that we have strange things flying all around us in the sky, which I film- like the fast flying objects to fast to see? I have tons of footage of them- fake birds that don't hold shape- on film-- It sounds crazy I know-but, when I do show my husband he will say "bird" until I show him frame by frame the "fakeness" then he will agree taht it isn't a bird.. so...
After I reviewed the footage of cluster, saw the movement and red glow around them- and just"knowing" the night before..  I say Orb cluster. but I stopped filming after 20 mins and went inside.. (redacted)
It's not like I am making it up.. I just "know" sometimes.. just like way back when first started I HAD to watch every night. And when i would finally go in to go to bed- sometimes get a feeling and have to go back out to see.. How crazy is that?? Maybe I was "touched" lol, but not the crazy
So, it is what it is... I've had Orbs on my porch many times when first started- I would see them flash by- or briefly come into my view.. in the private vid it shows one or something coming onto porch..
So you decide.
P (Red is UDCC emphasis)
Now, (name redacted) also has provided a private video to me that I will be looking at. Evidently (name redacted) normally NEVER listens to the video portion of her `Orb videos' but one day did and found some - perhaps to be expected - `strange phenomena'. That is what my first RED emphasis was about. MY second RED emphasis is that I'd like to ask (name redacted) if her husband saw the reflection of lights IN THE SKY - as IF sitting up there? OR, does he mean it was a reflection from distant lights - ONTO something, some surface normally there?

But, beyond those points - I'd like to point out the `intentionality's' involved would seem to be `setting up' the daytime Orb event, IMO. IMO, the intentionality's make it `more likely' `more possible' - and evidently, with (name redacted) ----- BECAUSE SHE IS LITERALLY READY and with camera - THE ORBS `show themselves'. And, IMO, it's much like the `voices' that `show up' to be recorded on EVP electronics. 

Some `spirit information' seems to prefer to respond when `conditions are ideal to provide proof of their existence' - it's really not so stupid is it? `They' would look for SPACES such as (name redacted) to display to. Spaces filled with wonder, expectations, and the capacity to act. (There's that Phenomenologist in me again.)

Now, I'm not - UDCC's not - saying these are ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR; and indeed, IMO, they could be anything from Dead Humans to Dead Aliens to `Earth Spirits' to `Universal Spirits' to `billion year old entities' - and beyond LOL. And, yes, they could be something like alien probes or something more nefarious - `our own probes'. 
In the above e-mail, (name redacted) provided me also with this link to the high flying daytime Orb on Feb. 14, 2012 - - the video has about 450 views and is interesting and typical to a large degree of the daytime Orbs many are catching. At the video (name redacted) said this to a commenter:
Actually, all I did was look up. LOL.. I then saw it a couple hundred feet North of me, but really high up. So, it continued traveling North as I went inside to grab my camera an set it up. Plus the time I took to actually find it in the sky...I think I need glasses as I took a few minutes to locate it... by time I started filming it had traveled good distance away. It looked very bright in an already bright sunny day.. and large. 
Shortly after (name redacted) sent me her first answer to my questions - this e-mail arrived with the title `perceptions': Ready for more insights and on the ground level of the interactions with the unknown? Thought so:

Sorry, did't finish..
Just a thought,  when I first saw the cute Orb I thought it was a feather.. it drifted about as if it was one.. so, if I wasn't really looking I wouldn't have filmed it. But I don't believe that what you think you see is what it actually is anymore.. or.. perhaps it hasn't been for a long time or if ever?? If I didn't experience and see what I have seen and now question what I do see.. I would have thought it was a feather. So I suppose most people "see" what they expect to "see" and there is no question in their mind which makes it so hard for most to accept the UFO phenomeon.
If my eyes hadn't been "opened" I wouldn't believe it either..
so was it an Orb cluster???
A very close friend of mine doesn't believe- doesn't want to hear about anything to do with UFOS.  But the funny thing is that she believes in ghosts and thinks that she has had encounters with them in the past as well as that her house or a room in her house has had activity...
I, myself, am more afraid of the paranormal than the Ufo stuff.. maybe because I have already dealt with it and accepted and my friend on the other hand has dealt with the paranormal so that is acceptable to her?
My Mufon friend that films here wanted me to get a recorder and try to communicate with whatever - especially after I heard the strange mechanical music in my room- but I wouldn't do it because I didn't want to open up to that.. He feels and has gotten into the Paranormal stuff because he feels taht the UFO search has led him to the Paranormal and that its related...
In stead of answers its just more questions...
(name redacted) - I've highlighted those words for a reason involved with the Phenomenology of `things' - most importantly - `the transformation of ideas thru temporal characters' and my personal belief in the existence of a nearly parallel `perception structure' which is what we actually `see'. 

Also, I fully support your decision to NOT investigate into some corners of the overall structure - your beliefs alone are reason enough to NOT investigate. And, I believe your beliefs are valid in this instance.
In her next e-mail (name redacted) shared this video of Strange Daytime Objects And Shadow Objects - it's a 2 minute video of some of (name redacted) stranger captures (and IMO much less interesting than the `Feather Orb' featured today - but nonetheless, is what (name redacted) feels is her most important find - that many daytime objects are just beyond our collective perceptions).
I can see in my mailbox that I have another contact from (name redacted) - I also have NOT viewed the `voices' video, yet. So, I may certainly continue this post in some manner soon. But, (name redacted) case - as with so many of the Orb Callers - Orb Videoers is that in some manner - individual humans are, thru their mental and physical actions, - `providing a path' for actualization of some phenomenal activity, literally. Actualization following a path of least resistance. Using the vessel.
Is this type of `information' dangerous? I mean, society hardly needs `a billion magicians' demonstrating their abilities for all to see. Right?
And, really want to make it scary? Scientists tell us that over 95  billion humans have already died, - could `they' indeed be evolving in some manner as the people that are dying bring more and more technical information into the `after-space'? Could indeed some `veil' be being lifted? OR, is it that as more and more of the population has video ability, that we should EXPECT more of the paranormal phenomena, that has always been present, -  to be captured on video. And, we are simply THINKING this is all an increase when it is nothing but a numbers game and technology event; as we certainly are privileged to be living in THAT ERA (whether the actual number is increasing or not). 
Remember, it's important to make up your own mind. For all anyone knows, this path has been actuated by my desires for a perfect Orb video - and this is near perfect. Perhaps something is using Orbs as a distraction?

Ludicrous Foes - UFO Disclosure; never forget it.
Finally, IF you are new to UDCC (And, Welcome Coast To Coast AM listeners) I keep a `best of' UDCC at my Squidoo page. The page has the BEST of 2012 so far on UDCC, the best videos, the best videos, the best MUFON reports - all from just the last three months at 2012 UFO Videos - so, you can either dig into the archive here via the sidebar or the best of 2012 at the link. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Who Is Otis T. Carr?

Good Morning Clockers - And Welcome Newbies to UDCC, a near daily stagger into the Unknown unknowns of UFOlogy, such as man-made UFOs. Today's headline comes courtesy of a `local, alternative' news source in Chico, California. (Also with a hat tip to Lesley Gunter at The Debris Field, who had this in her very early morning offerings, which I check very often for Clockers.)

The story interviews a lecturer named Ralph Ring - who along with Otis T. Carr FLEW a 45 foot man-made UFO --------- with their minds, in the early 1960's. And, in their journey they landed and picked up rocks, putting them in their pocket - something they didn't remember until days later. Yeah, this is the kind of UFOlogy story that is like candy for the mind - and even involves Nikola Tesla's Name. Find out the details of Otis T. Carr today.
I will be bringing a number of reading links today that have been piling up in the bin and others too - hopefully. Oh, a btw, the Department of the Interior stopped by yesterday for some FUN reads (I assume.). Wonder what the file is on Otis T. Carr?
Next up - MUZ. Most of you know MUZ as one of the lead commenters on UDCC - and others know him for his Esoteric blog with EXTREMELY in-depth ideas. And, while I will let you read the post for yourself - the idea of it is Investigating The Occult Elite - here's a tease:
In attempting to research what an occult elite are possibly up to it is easy often to find yourself metaphorically falling down a great bottomless well. In the doing of this I see also the utter complexity of the task because in looking at this occult elite, I am also having to look at the researchers looking at it, (including myself of course).
Anyway, I enjoy the CONCEPT - and I bet my heavyweight readers of UDCC do too. The Occult Elite - has a ring to it.
And, from our mailbag/comments section - this link was suggested to a story about the Rumbles UNDER a Wisconsin town - Mysterious Rumbles which today ends up somehow in the Politics (Green Subsection) section of the Huffington Post and dissed as nothing but Tiny Baby Earthquakes that a `scientist' they quote in the article says is unlikely to have been felt or to have produced the sound. Sheesssh.
Okay - are you ready for a Columbian TV report about a Daytime Saucer shaped UFO video? Perhaps the best `Saucer' video of 2012 with 17K views in just a few days time? With a 30/0 (yes zero) pos/neg ratio? --- Thought so.

link -!
Perhaps our bi-language friends who read UDCC can help us out? Or, is it a balloon? After all, the video is SHORT.
IF you read the first post today - Ralph Ring said they had people working in secret locations to re-create the UFO he drove - and in that spirit and because UDCC is committed to bringing Clockers the range of UFOlogy and source points to them - dig into Secret Hangar. Good blog to put onto your bookmarks.
And, finally - a bit different of a tangent for UDCC's science oriented crowd - did you know that Chimps Teach Young About Humans - To Communicate With US.
Thanks for your visit today - much more this weekend so make sure to bookmark and return. Oh, if you enjoyed this post - please feel free to share it on your Facebook page by clicking the `F' on the Share Buttons below. Much Appreciated.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A WOW - UFO Picture From Maine

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting UDCC today - it is appreciated. Today I bring a `wow' UFO photo - IMO. The photo comes to me via UDCC's association with Ken Pfeifer the N.J. MUFON Chief Investigator who is hand selecting cases he would like to bring to attention and share with UDCC readers. (And, perhaps the Pentagon?)

I will begin with the MUFON report sent by Ken:
Subject: *** lily bay article from ken pfeifer world ufo photos

This is to report a series of sightings in the Mooshehead Lake region, dating back several years, most recently a recurring phenomenon. On several occasions since June of this year, my wife and I have observed through our bedroom window, bright, usually star-like objects that alternately hover then move rapidly in what appear to be random directions, but generally within a confined region of the sky. No sound is heard. No colored lights. Apparent magnitude varies quite a bit and sometimes the object will wink out then appear again in the same or a different location. The most recent siting (8/6/11, approx 0415) was different in that the object appeared square and was larger, subtending an angle equal to a dime at arms length. During this last time and on at least one other occasion, the sky was cloudy and it was raining during the period of observation. On one occasion, I was able to photograph the object moving about with a 200 mm zoom lens, resting the camera on the window frame. No detailed information can be extracted from the images due to movement artifact but expansive movement over a period of about 30 minutes is documented. The area of sky in which these observations have been made is northwest of our location and we are on the east side of Moosehead Lake. As an amateur astronomer, I have a pretty good sense of stars one might expect to see in the polar region at any given time and this does not fit with any of the patterns, nor is the movement consistent with position changes related to the earths rotation; nor does it fit the pattern of satellite trajectories. Two other sitings I should mention were when I was out with my telescope doing astrophotography. The first, several years ago, involved a very bright object, moving at a tremendous speed, from west to east across the lake, essentially going from horizon to horizon in seconds. No sound heard. No colored lights. The second was in late summer of 2009. I was up on a ridge behind our camp with the telescope. While doing a bright star alignment, I noted a bright, disc-shaped object suddernly becoming visible over the western drop-off. Because of the elevation, I thought at first that I was seeing a plane with its landing lights on. However, this object stayed in the same position for several minutes then just winked out.

Thanks to MUFON CMS system.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pentagon Searches` Obama Announcement Major Ufo'

Ready to be perhaps a pawn? That is the thought that went thru my mind when I saw the Pentagon searching Google about an Obama UFO announcement and ended up ---- for over 20 minutes - at UDCC. Indeed, all kinds of thoughts go thru ones mind when the Army Information Systems Command is at your figurative doorstep, reading ones words.

Is this simply a bored staffer at the Pentagon filling in their afternoon with some fun reads? Is the information and opinions I give on this site `going up the ladder' in some sense; am I being monitored - or about to be silenced? Did someone at the Pentagon MISS the 2011 announcement by Phil Larson about UFOs and the human population? IS UDCC being used to see if the Pentagon's search can reach the public?

OR - the least likely IMO - Obama is about to make a Major UFO Announcement?
Remember folks, Phil Larson TOLD us that the human population has NEVER interacted with aliens - and that the US Government is NOT withholding ANY INFO about UFOs from the public. (I have the MSNBC rebuttal in the sidebar for you to track down.) And, while I suspect that a near ZERO percent of the population knows who Phil Larson is - why is it that the Military and those that work for it - have ANY interest in something supposedly that DOESN'T EXIST?

I'm sure this post is destined to be on my best of 2012 page at Squidoo - Find the highlights of January thru yesterday at this link - 2012 UFO Videos And 2012 UFO Pictures. Maybe the Pentagon will want to check that out too.
I edited the IP.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Foes Ludicrous = UFO Disclosure? To Some In 2012 It Does!

Howdy Clockers - thanks once again for making your way back to UDCC for your fix of the UFOlogy lunacy. Today's featured lunacy is the make-up of the distribution of `fantastic UFO videos' - and their relation to UFO Disclosure. 
And, I begin with someone who has been `capturing daytime UFOs on video'; much in the same manner in which Pam Garcia has been in Texas (she shares some stuff with UDCC). What that means is simply setting up the video camera, and then looking at the results frame by frame - looking for something that appears to be anomalous. 

Yes, it is a very slippery slope and open to imagination and more. (That said, Pam's case seems different than the one I'm featuring now.)

I mean, are we indeed to believe that already in our atmosphere are dronelike probes? (Come to think of it that way it's not so unlikely. LOL) Objects that are simply going TOO FAST for us to catch in our normal perceptions? (It is a longshot IMO.) Or are there MUCH simpler ideas like `this is what birds or insects or video anomalies LOOK LIKE in ultra slow motion'? Indeed, would atmospheric creatures be SO CLOSE to our perception level - wouldn't these `things' show up in EVERYONES videos?
So, with that as a backdrop, we get to some of the meat of the Foes Ludicrous part of UFO Disclosure. Now, I'm not saying that this guy isn't catching something in his videos. But, do you believe that UFOs are so readily caught by random video taking - multi times a week? ------------- Anyway, this part of Foes Ludicrous is the niche of folks - with full sincerity and with a straight face - using the `slow down the video' method of UFO Disclosure (remember all my caveats above please). ARE they RIGHT? - Clockers can make up their own mind. This video has all of 274 views, 5/1 pos/neg ratio: `Caught on 3/14 around noon in Massachusetts by NWOrDREGS

link -
NWOrDREGS, a 54 year old `Freedom Seeker' (according to YT account) has caught a little over a dozen of his own UFOs since he started posting his own about 6 months ago (he used to post OTHER folks UFO videos). He goes by Real UFO's at YouTube too; with a background image of a badge for Area 51.......... Like many folks, he knows that the system is corrupt.
Next Up - A Daytime `UFO SWARM' - of course. (NOT balloons or the many things suggested in the comments.) - The video has nearly 6000 views since 2009. About 2/1 pos/neg. The uploader PushTheFader has 10 videos - most UFO videos he shot in 2008 and 2009.

link - (see his feed here)
As with most Foes Ludicrous Videos - the Title of the Videos nearly always OVERpromise. 
And, last but not least, I bring to you a link from a reader in the comments section of UDCC of what COULD have been a great video - except for the trail left when trying to verify the video. As you might expect - MassLandings2012 (any possible chance they are IN with an agenda? lol.) - with 37 themed videos - might have an agenda. This version of the video has about 6000 views and a 20/1 pos/neg ratio on this GATHERING Site. MassLandings2012 brings a HUGE story with the video and provides his link to the GalacticFederationOfLight info (sheeessh). Anyway, catch your of the  Massive Galactic Federation Mothership video is here. (It's always a mothership of course.)

Now, at least ML2012 gave the source link for the video -> MFGLOOM, who has two UFO videos - with an alien avatar. Both videos, the first three weeks ago, are of `suspicious lights' (Orb) type videos (and easy to fake IMO). His first video a few weeks ago was of UFOs going in and out of the distant ocean which got about 3K views using the USO keyword; - so, two weeks later, he ups his keyword to Happy Anniversary Phoenix Lights, and posts what most certainly is a CGI effort that gets him 25k+ views in recent days. The video has a 10-1 pos/neg break. 

Anyway, two weeks after his first YT upload of anything - he has a MILE WIDE UFO go over him while hiking - this guy knows a good story, right? Jumped on by lots of websites - MILE WIDE UFO Lights. And, here's an example of how such videos of MILE WIDE UFOs are used by the undertow of UFOlogy - Ascension Earth 2012. Who's webmaster has THIS as his profile:

I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray & channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence. 

Foes Ludicrous. Mucking It Up.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

500 UFO Blog Posts Later

UDCC has reached a milestone, 500 posted offerings about the whole UFOlogy spectrum. A spectrum with more frequencies and sub-areas than even remotely imagined upon my first investigations into the whole phenomena in late 1991. A `phenomena' that seemingly continues to evolve even in 2012. And, yes, a phenomena with a spectrum of `realness' of which an simple overview is almost impossible in one blog post (but, I'm going to give it a try to hit what I think are the highlights, lol).
Indeed, what are UFOs to most people?

Even the fact that it is a question - is worth noting. 

Indeed, in Today's Age, has the 30 foot in diameter saucer shaped perception been replaced by an Orb lighted V-Shaped object of much greater size? Which, regardless of era, are crafts that NEVER seemingly land or conclude a journey - and, are always observed in a temporal and temporary fashion. Indeed, in my opinion - the amazing LACK of real video evidence for CRAFT of any sort (other than plasma objects) is VERY unlikely IF such craft are real phenomenological objects with any great frequency of occurrence. 

And, as readers probably are aware, a large portion of the public is of the belief that ALL UFOs are simply unexplainable things humans don't understand or are the `imagination' of the observers. As usual, at least the way I look at things, both camps of view have truths within them as long as they don't get dogmatic about it all.
But, more importantly for this 500th post - what is my OPINION about UFOlogy and UFO Disclosure --- OPINIONS FOLKS. Opinions, because NO one knows the FACTS.

* The 2011 `UFO Disclosure' by Phil Larson, the statement representing the US Government, was a `signal' to the MSM to `lay-off' using the `alien explanation' when it comes to anomalous phenomena. Likewise, since the `aliens' would be non-existent, there is no need for the MSM to `go-to' `UFO hotspots' in a fashion similar to what happened in  Stephenville, Texas. (The days of Larry King fondly asking the `dumb questions' - are over.) NO UFO stories are to have `legs'.
* Of the few craft that are REAL - Cloaking, or a slight phasing of space, are much under-rated manners in which the UFO phenomena might be representing itself to our human perceptions.
* `Aliens', IMO, generally are `entities' more than phenomenological beings. Generally, not entirely.
*Orbs, the real UFO IMO, are the REAL UNKNOWN about the whole phenomena and probably `themselves' are different `things' too.
* People who expect a UFO Disclosure haven't been paying attention. What was provided was a `soft disclosure' by some countries in which edited documents were provided - as a 36 hour news story - with NO country EVER then saying `Yes, there are Aliens' - NEVER. And, with other countries, such as our own here in the USA, placing their heads in the sand with a complete denial of the phenomena (rather than deal with the nuances of high strangeness). Additionally, IMO, the `black budget' side of the the military in regards to this type of technology - will never be fully revealed to the simpleton and MSM dumbed down Joe Public. 
* My personal belief in the Fortean - including also that humans can be entertainment for BILLION year old beings/entities. That the Fortean accounts for a significant percentage of High Strangeness perceptions.
*That an extremely small but notable percentage of `Orb Phenomena' is `produced by human intentionality's' that involve BELIEVING in SOMETHING - be it a religious belief or an off the beaten path belief. It's as if the `event' is more dependent on the belief itself - rather than the `thing' of the belief. And, THIS PHENOMENA MAY BE increasing - Yikes.
*That there is a Perception Structure - nearly identical to - but NOT identical to - our phenomenological structure; which when combined with some shifting of human consciousness - can create non ordinary unique realities to observe.
Also Notable:
Undeclared FAKE video makers and distributors are everywhere and the best are occasionally supported by the MSM by featuring the FAKE. (as if they don't know what the characteristics are of the posters - such as David Icke believers or Exo-politic folks or other variations, such as a `gathering site').
Finally, and on a personal observation note (of the evolving UFO saga?), Friday was a very warm day in the Atlanta area and the windows were open upon going to bed................ And, there it was - I noticed it about 10:30 PM at the very lowest threshold of my hearing - `the low jet-roar' sky noise phenomena - continuous for over an hour - with only slight variation. So low in volume, as to be easily forgotten, if one was NOT focusing on it. But, the same unending wavy pattern of noise with no Doppler effect, only slightly more than the background din of the outer suburbs. 

Others had to have heard it - at least for a few moments - before ascribing it to distant jets, never thinking that it was an on-going phenomena.

I can easily see how the NON Glamorous `low hum' Sky Noise Phenomena - will be near impossible to explain to those who don't even see the Chemtrails; or don't even remember that they haven't ALWAYS been in our skies............... Oh my, and not a saucer to be seen.
Oh, if you are in North Carolina in the Durham area - you may want to check this out Psychometry Reading at the Rhine Institute. A tease from the mailing I get from being on their listing:
Kathe Martin returns for another psychometry reading event. Psychometry is defined as the ability to gain intuitive impressions of an object’s past history and associations simply by touching or handling it.

Please join us this time for an afternoon of readings following a semi-research format where Kathe will not initially know the identity of the object or the person who brought it. Objects will be placed in plain sacks. To accommodate more readings, these will be relatively brief, as opposed to the usual 30-60 minute private readings Kathe conducts. When a strong connection is made quantity does not necessarily equal quality. 

Finally, as some of you know - before I had nearly any of my blogs I did pages on Squidoo - I still have 7 pages there. Indeed, I started the new one on Dec. 31st of 2011 to record the BEST from UDCC. The best pictures, the best videos, the best UFO writings and links - and you can find the best of UDCC here at 2012 UFO Videos And Pictures.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

`Forgetting' The Impossible

Hello Clockers - thanks for your return visit. Today's lead story is from Ken Pfeifer's mailings to UDCC about a 1983 incident - experienced by three individuals, yet `remembered' as a phenomenological event differently by each. Indeed, as you will read, IF it happened isn't in question - but, WHERE it happened and the mode of consciousness experiencing it - is in question. And, as some of you may know, the impossible, when experienced with another person - often has a tendency to NOT get discussed in the manner that one would think `normal'.

Enough of that - Here's the listing by Ken Pfeifer:


There was a night when I was walking home from a cousins and saw a bright light in the sky. I stopped walking to stare at it to see if it twinkled as I was told it would be a planet if it didn't and a star if it did. This one didn't. What it did do was start moving to the right, slowly. It moved a short distance then went back left a similar distance past its starting point, then back a bit faster then picking up speed zig zagged back and forth about 4 or 5 times, VERY fast, descending a bit each time and then Shot off to the right Extremely fast! The direction was towards Manhattan. If I had to guess, it was over the city some where. The next Sighting was a few years later, Heading home the same way and again saw a bright light. Again, waited to see if it was going to twinkle or move. Instead it seemed to split in two. Then three, then another appeared below it. The longer I watched the more I realized it was moving towards me and the one below was behind it. It did the same and another appeared behind it. As it got closer I could see it was a ship. I ran inside and got two of my cousins to come out an watch with me. The three of us stood there and watched as these HUGE ships passed over us. They were completely silent and filed the sky above us. They were Triangle shaped and the undersides were covered with Pipes. The first passed over and the second was passing and that was the last I remembered. I seemed to have forgotten all about it and have no idea what happened after. Several years later, I was at work talking with co workers and suddenly remembered that incident. I quickly called one cousin and got the second in on a conference call and then said to the two of them, "do you guys remember..." and went on to describe that day and both said, "Yeah, but that was a dream I had. I must have told you about it!" but then started arguing over who actually had the dream but I KNOW we never discussed it as if it was someones dream. I can only assume we were abducted and the entire incident wiped from our memories or pushed back to where it seemed like a dream.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.
Thanks to MUFON CMS system.

And, there is hardly a reason to stop at one 8-15-1983 gem from Ken:
I returned home from work to my residence in Cookstown New Jersey.  Since my girlfriend didn’t have dinner ready, I decided to take my two dogs for a walk. I had already been warned by the New Hanover Police not to walk my dogs through town as they were vicious and I kept them as guard dogs. I chose instead, to walk them through the adjacent property which encompassed a large field and a since shuttered Oil Company. It was very humid this night and the sky was overcast and no stars were visible. I began the walk around the outside perimeter of the property along the wood line, when it became obvious that my dogs were growling at something that was not in my field of vision. Since I had already had trouble with the police and couldn’t see what was upsetting the dogs, I began to walk the dogs away from the wood line to avoid my dogs attacking a person or another animal.
I had then reached the middle of the field, away from the shadow of the wood line and now the dogs became even more aggressive and both dogs were now looking “up” in the same direction. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but then I saw it. A massive triangular object sitting motionless in the air above us. The object was horizontal in the air above me, with the point of the triangle at the top and the wingspan below that. The air reeked of ozone, which really surprised me as I didn’t see any sign of lightning the entire ride home from work, or since I had arrived home. Looking at the object, I had a strong feeling that there was something very unnatural before me; it was as if this object was not entirely there before me, only a “portion” and another “portion” was somewhere else. It was as if a hole or window had been punched into the air above me, reeking of ozone and the object was within this “hole”.  I tried to make sense in my mind to what I was watching, and tried to dismiss this object as a classified aircraft since the Main Gate of Macguire Air Force Base was about 1 ½ miles away. I then began to wonder why the Air Force would test such a Top Secret Aircraft in a residential area away from the base. Nothing made sense at all, especially a craft that obviously has mastered gravity. While pondering these thoughts, I decided to calm down and smoke a cigarette. At the instant I struck my lighter, an immense wave of “feeling” hit me, the hair rose on the back of my neck and it was very clear that both my dogs reacted in the same instant as the feeling hit me. The “feeling” I had was unmistakable, it seethed through every part of my being. It was pure contempt, as if I was the intruder! In this instant I knew it was not of human origin and I immediately began walking back to the house and didn’t look back. I had an unshakeable sensation that I had eyes on my back the entire time bringing the dogs home!  Upon turning to leave, I then saw a translucent “tunnel” of spiraling mist on the ground leading into the farthest tree line from me with shapes moving in both directions.  Upon getting back in the house, my girlfriend told me that I had been gone with the dogs for over an hour, of which I thought was maybe (15) minutes tops. At that point I looked at my watch and found it had stopped. During this entire experience, not one car past down the road, nor was there any police or Military presence there the remainder of the night. I have kept this event secret for years, along with the location; however I will give the exact location to MUFON.  Please note, I am more than willing to submit to any battery of polygraph testing, hypnosis and sodium pentothal to validate my statement.

Thanks for your visit again today. Below I bring you an Art Canvas rendering of `Strange Encounters' - might you want this on your wall?

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