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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Exopolitics Movement Discredited By Stupid Prediction Of Obama Alien Disclosure

As you know, this website attempts to give a realistic overview of the role our government is taking concerning `UFO' Disclosure. And, as you also most likely know, the `Ufo Disclosure' movement has been around since the early 1990's and most certainly peaked earlier in the decade with Dr. Steven Greer's National Press Club showing in 2001. Unfortunately, it has been nearly ALL been downhill ever since; regardless of folks - in general - being more open to intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and even more open to intelligent life visiting Earth.

Indeed, the `lack' of progress is quite startling ----------- UNTIL ---------- one considers those trying to peddle the idea and the ideas they expound upon. Indeed, between Project Camelot and Dr. Salla and the Mars Anomaly Photo man Andrew Basiago - you cover all angles of delusion out there. And, when most if not all of the `movement' is totally full of themselves - what you get is one of the most dysfunctional `movements' ever - capable at any moment to shoot themselves in the foot.

Their latest prediction - that President Obama had already purchased TV time on Nov. 27th to announce the alien presence to the world (this was to be after the UFO crafts landed in a Florida stadium last weekend) - would qualify in most thinking peoples eyes - as one of the most stupid predictions ever made. And, of course, President Obama didn't venture near the subject yesterday or EVER, yet. Indeed, for these Disclosure loudmouths to believe they are making any `progress' at all - just shows how unconnected they are to the real reality -- something they don't seem to have much of a connection to.

So, today - Nov. 28th -- let my copy and paste my words from this blog on Nov. 1st --- "Sorry; I just don't buy it - to me - expecting politicians to come clean with the truth is like expecting to find a clean pigpen on a farm. A zero % chance in the near term - while they look like fools predicting and begging for alien disclosure NOW - marginalizing themselves, their words, and their actions for probably years and years to come."

Frankly, I can't think of ANY reason to print ANYthing they have to say about specific `Disclosure Dates' in the future -can you?

I welcome your comments.
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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. Disclosure (official government lead) will probably never happen, disclosure (witness provided evidence, youtube, flickr, etc) probably will. I've never been one to buy into predicted dates.

  2. I've been following this story from the beginning. I wrote a post on my blog."The UFO Doctor who Cried Wolf Wolf? I am not going to let him get away with it that easy. I am going to remind him in comments how ridiculous he made the whole UFO community look with these statements. Also I am waiting for him at any UFO conference I will have some question for him he won't easily forget.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. I believe they're succeeding with their real intent, which is to make the ufology movement seem utterly idiotic to the public at large. This is why they're such attention-whores. It's cointelpro, only without the prerequisite intelligence... perhaps some people have been fooled, but those who are serious researchers or aficionados (and whose IQs are at least as high as their ages, heh) haven't bought into their rhetoric. I believe there's (just) enough reputable UFO publicity reaching the public that few people will judge either the aubject or the ufology movement by this sort of drivel.

  4. Aliens - Thanks for your comment. It is getting to be a little surprising to me that MORE hasn't come via real folks via the real web - something I may be posting about soon.

    Joe - Of course, thanks for taking the time for your comment. I was aware of your post and linked to it on my Squidoo site just yesterday. As you know, I've been `hard' on these guys for some time now also. I appreciate that you will ask the hard questions in person when you get the chance. Keep us informed of their official answers.

    Enigmatica - Excellent insights and thanks for sharing them on my blog.

  5. For decades we are jumping from one UFO-sighting to the other, discussing for hours and days whether it’s real or a fake. Some people spend a lot of energy doing this. There are even people who make money with this stuff (what else is new?). I know some of them get all the attention they need so badly, but I am getting so tired from lines like, “My source told me……..My secret contacts at NASA….In my dream…..Not to mention all the “channeling” done by Golden, silver, blossom or whatever “childs”. What makes me most mad is that there is an organization, screaming for disclosure, comes out of the dessert and then have nothing to share with us and only say, “It was a great succes”. November 21 a huge spaceship comes down to us (again). On November 27 Obama will make an announcement. For God sake! These are adult people asking us for donations to keep up the good work! (In some case good work means go into the dessert, bring your laserpointers, have a party and get drunk). Some advise to the normal people: Never, ever talk about any date for disclosure, because it makes you look absolutely stupid afterwards. (Sorry for my spelling, I’m a German).
    A website like this is very important!

  6. i agree with all your comments on the disclosure issue. i seriously doubt that the government will come clean to the general public any time soon we have no leader with any guts to do this. By all accounts the credible ufo sighting are doing a mighty fine job of this themselves. Do we really think that a superior intelligence would listen to our so called leaders (unless we are in any danger as a species) if they truly wanted to communicate with us they would. Maybe they have their own agenda and when the time is right we will all know en mass anyway. there does seem to be a general mood on this subject and I think those 'in charge' are waiting for us to get tired of asking and get on with our mundane little lives, brush it under the carpet and pay our taxes like good little sheeple. we have no say and only if the human race as a whole makes a stand will anything be disclosed, until then we are just 'wacko's' for thinking there may be a jot of truth to all this and that we could have one leader who is willing to actually say 'you know what there is something strange going on', drop the ego thing and take a chance on trying to inform the population. Nah I don't see it do you?

  7. Do you want to know the reason for our governments “Non-Disclosure" on UFOs and advanced being aliens??? The answer may surprise you but does follow a path of logic...

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