Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1-28-12's Anomalous Uploads To YouTube

Good morning Clockers and Newbies to UDCC - thanks for your visit and inquisitiveness in our era of `knowing'. LOL. So, today I did my original content search for you on YouTube to see what anomalies might be found - and - as usual, plenty to digest:
First up: An OHIO UFO - under 300 views - real uploader - really just an Orb at most but the reactions are real as is the guys eventual actions of chasing it.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_6Hd-HXgtc
Comments at the above vid of interest:
I saw something very similar to this at 2am on Jan 28th in northern Wisconsin, from an island in Lake Superior. I could clearly spot with my naked eye what appeared to be a star changing colors. I looked through a set of binoculars at these vibrantly changing colors, and noticed that no other star next to it or anywhere else in the clear night sky looked similar in anyway. I woke up my dad and he also said he had never seen anything like it before
Sweet! I looked for postings to this specific date hoping that someone else saw then as well. I live in western, MA and saw them too! At first I thought it was a plane, so I stood watching & the colors were red, green, blue and white-ish rotating. It stayed for about 5 mins, and 2 others showed up. After 5min, they vanished into thin air. Awesome! Glad we are all seeing the same thing 01/28/2012!!!
Here's a `fake' plane UFO by a UFO filmer/caller - hundreds of UFO videos by this guy. (dunkin1221)
Remember yesterday or so when I covered the FAKE STRANGE SOUND folks - here's another who simply can NOT accept that these strange sounds ARE Happening. He thinks it is all to bring fear to 2012. It's bringing fear alright - and the hoaxers, deniers will not let this come easily for sure. Especially with something heard by so few.
Perhaps the BEST Orb video of 1-28 was this one; unfortunately, it's the SAME MO that I've been seeing over and over. One site that points to the other as the original and that is always a GATHERING site with NO attribution. AS IF the gathering site IS MAKING UP THESE VIDEOS -- how long do we all have to put up with UFOSTORE1's bullcrap? Anyway, here's the latest FAKE effort Must be Fake - It's on a Gathering Site. What a joke the UFOSTORE has become.
And, finally - just a couple of links to more Orbs - OHIO Pictures of UFO near Akron. And, the same over Western North Carolina UFO.
Good news, UDCC has landed an interview with NJ's Chief Investigator with MUFON - look for that in this blog soon. Thanks for your visit today too - see you soon.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Canadian TV Reports On Sky Noise Phenomena - Purports To Have Answer

In only the second TV report I've been able to uncover about the Sky Noise Phenomena - it has to do with last weeks HUGE Canadian strange sky noise. Yes, the one that sounds like `synth' and more. You have to hear this video and hear the explanation too by a local scientist - who says it is electromagnetic radiation - the `gathering site' this is on thinks such info is DISinfo. What's your opinion?

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjhhLcgSdiY (hattip to SOL)
Here's a smattering of comments at the above video:
Ya, its normal alright ! So normal that in my 35 years of existence, and my neighbor of 68 years, have never once heard sounds like this come from the sky.  What type of hoax are they going to play on us ? HAARP ? Project Blue Beam ? Who fucking knows ? But as long as we are knowledgeable on such things, they can't get away with it. Research both of those topics, please !
The explanation these "experts" give is absolutely ludicrous. And this noise is "normal" and "casual"? Give me a break...
The noises started in 2011. I heard it was hoaxed to keep people in fear. People who are in fear are easy to control and manipulate. Probably right patjees, they are using HAARP to make the sounds
Auroras are producing those sound..... LMFAO ! So i'm able to fart with my toes ! NWO Scientific moron !
Finally for today - Strange UFO Videos - has ..... well... a strange UFO video. This one will test your memory, it's from 1979 and happened on LIVE TV at a football game. Indeed, the video is posted in both its CLOSE UP form and LONG form - it really is a must see Clockers. 1979 Three Rivers Stadium UFOs

A big thanks to the person who bought the plans for the 100 dollar electricity machine - let us all know what you find please.
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are Skeptics Getting Desparate About The Sky Noise Phenomena?

As you are probably aware, whatever happened earlier this month in the Costa Rican skies - soundwise - has alerted the naysayers to rise up on the internet. And, in typical fashion, I have now found some of the naysayers typical `logic' when addressing `the unknown'.

Find someone who knows nothing about the sky noise phenomena - play the most extreme example of it for a `reaction' - then note that the phenomena is so hot that people are making copies of Other Videos (and still going viral). And, EVIDENTLY - that proves it is all a hoax (regardless if the original copied and faked video is real or not). Yep the smoke and mirrors of the naysayers - and - the public awaits any official word or confirmation in any manner.

Anyway, these make for interesting reads - and have embedded videos I've already covered here. First up - Edmundton's Gig City - The Entertainment Source - who quotes the local sound engineer who says the sound is `synth' - the instrument. Hey, why dig any deeper right? And, while the above article includes the girl who copied the original, and purported it to be her own sound recording in a different location of Canada, - you have to see how the whole thing gets `edited' by the Skeptics section of the Doubtful Newsblog. And finally, Skeptic.Com makes sure we all know that their are prior historical accounts of sky sounds - so forgettaboutit...... Nonetheless, it is a good historical account you should incorporate into your thinking. Even if it isn't caused by some sudden increase in urban noise or the canyons of echoes in the wilderness. Then, there is this intellectual read on the phenomena last summer - with tons of videos (if you aren't aware of how hot this got last summer too) at Reality-Choice.Org. Strange Times Indeed.
Defensive? Denial? Desparate?
Need at least ONE more diverse take on the SNP? Well, how about the take of the website Raptureintheairnow.com? I can almost feel the Countdown Clock Moving.
And, sometimes Sundays at UDCC are for a good Sunday Morning Read - Strange Happenings - two minute read, well written first person high strangeness.
I've exchanged some nice emails with MUFON's NJ man - Ken - who also directs me to his archive of UFO photos you may want to dig much deeper into www.worldufophotos.org. Ken is the Chief Investigator - BTW, here's NJ's MUFON site too http://www.mufonnjnews.com/ . I've invited Ken to send photos of 2012 UFOs to UDCC and that we'd bring some to our readers. We also invite Ken to do an interview with UDCC if he wishes.
Here's another `gathering site' non attributed Blue UFO video - or LED on a kite? Supposedly happened in Chile in 2011.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnhRMcvdFt4
Thanks for your visit - please share this post with your friends who never talk about UFOs and who have never heard of the Sky Noise Phenomena. Thanks - just use the one click share buttons below. Thanks to your help UDCC recently touched 30,000 page views in 30 days - the running average is always on this page. Indeed, lots of info about this website is available via the sidebar.
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UPDATE - SEE SOL'S link via the comments which provides the `outside of Earth' (radiation belts) being the cause. Certainly has merit too. ---- Don't tell the sound engineer.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The RE-Cycling Of UFO Videos

Good morning Clockers. Welcome Newbies too. And, since MOST of you have never visited UDCC before - please make sure to explore the sidebar, and really the whole webpage, to get a much fuller understanding of the depth level of the content you can read and see today. And, in a sense, you arrived on a good day to see what I call the `Ludicrous Foes' part of the whole UFO Disclosure saga. BTW - Ludicrous Foes is an anagram for UFO Disclosure. UDCC is NOT for lightweights.

Today's UFO saga - issue #125 (lots of sarcasm on this website) - the rebranding and refabricating of UFO Stories - and the resulting mess. Up today - an EXCELLENT (IMO) `cloaking UFO' video supposedly shot in Italy on January 7th - views in the 6 figures already with nearly all major websites jumping onto it:

link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn6CNUEYjs0
As you can see - it is an Excellent video and indeed could be some sort of `cloaking' of some structure of some sort. We've been noting at UDCC how the `orbs' seem to be getting more structure to them within the past year or so. At least some of them, as Orbs are most likely many different things - as UDCC has covered many times before.

So, what's the problem? Same as often - ON ONLY, what I call, a `gathering site' with NO attribution - as if this is the original. (And, is this nothing more than a `producing fake vids shop'?)  You see, it appears that at some level - YouTube is now providing a bit of info about a videos attribution. And, you'll chuckle at how I found it out.

You see when I went searching YouTube today for UFO videos for Clockers - I immediately found this: @1400 views

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF_Ui4BV9jg
Yes, it's the SAME video - Now REcycled with the STORY that it was filmed in Ohio with even more specific details to make it more believable. --------- Now, here's a kicker - evidently this poster dharma08 - who COPIED the Italy video - is unaware of the `attribution' feature that YT now has when one copies a video and posts it as your own. Which now clearly links it back to the unattributed `SOURCE' site.

Now, obviously, dharma08 is a 100% jokester - posting a remade video from weeks prior - as his own -- with a date of the event as Jan. 26th -- and posting it on Jan. 22nd. ----- But, that was not enough to stop some comments like this posted at the video with dharma08 (who is treating this seriously):

nickrulzyou 3 days ago

For those in need of a geography lesson - Columbus is close to the claimed above video. ------------------ SO this guy sees a YT video that was purported to be shot the day before near Columbus and then goes outside and SEES the same thing?

If you can tell what is the mirror and what is the reflection -- I'm all ears. OR, it could, of course, be total BULL as the video itself very possibly is.
Ain't it FUN?
Meanwhile..... Unknown Life of The Atmosphere - Bruce Duensing strikes again in providing a deeper understanding of the possibilities of the reality structure of UFOs (per se) - includes Thoughts about lifeforms you didn't think existed and other links too. You can find Bruce's writing in the book now featured on top of the left hand sidebar (if you missed it).=================================

And, if you must go somewhere to spend the rest of your day - how about right here where you will find that someone has gathered all in one place 131 Humanoid Reports From 1969.
Oh, and if you want other years - yeah, that too - up to 2009. As I said, UDCC contains the full spectrum of the UFO saga. Great blog to explore at the link too. Fast loading.
That'll do for a Friday. I appreciate your visit today. How about sharing this post with a friend - you can find Email buttons below - or share this UDCC link with your twitter followers - it's as easy as one click below - find the button. Thanks. Really.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Couple Of Georgia Anomalies

Good Afternoon Clockers and Newbies. Figured I'd keep it short today and local (to me) - one from 2010 (a CNN UFO report in the Georgia skies) and one from 2011 also in the Atlanta area the now famous Sky Noise Phenomena. Indeed, while I have no idea why this guy only filmed 30 seconds of the SNP that he says lasted 12 minutes, - I can tell you that this is nearly EXACTLY what it sounds like -- like a Jet that simply will not end. To me, in Atlanta - sounds of this level and length are NOT unusual at all and really can't be identified as the SNP really IMO. THAT said, I believe this guy that it lasted 12 minutes as I have heard it that long (longer really, up to 20 minutes) , at a lower level, in the middle of the night. (last summer)
Anyway, here's this guys short video - listen, as this IS what the majority of the Sky Noise Phenomena sounds like. NOT like the spectacular ones that get the attention.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBA-0ldvT4o
And, here is a relevant comment from the above video for everyone to consider as it points out something VERY relevant:
ive been hearing this a lot lately and although i live by an air force base its different. its a rumble like jet sound kinda yes u can feel it sometimes.. EXCEPT WITHOUT THE DOPPLER EFFECT. when u "hear" something coming tward you, get close then pass you.. that CHANGE IN PITCH "shows" its moving through space & time. this sound i keep hearing its like a jet that is hooving in one place for 10 minutes. not going up, down, left nor right. equal volume in every direction. its odd on the senses.

maryjaneofthejungle 2 months ago
And, finally for today - that CNN UFO Story.
I want to thank you for your visit today. And, today's last bit of GEORGIA news is this link http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/manifestation-materialization-ufo-drag-queen-delirium/18793139?productTrackingContext=author_spotlight_2314992_ which is what is now in the upper sidebar. In this book - some great bloggers take on some meaty esoteric issues. My thoughts about my Phillips Phenomenology are a 12 page chapter of the 285 page book. ------------ I am helping promote this book for Robert Cheatham the books author and organizer and who I will be appearing with on Feb. 15th at 7:30 PM in Atlanta at Poem88. It will be a book signing if you want my signature and I will probably say a few words about the current state of the UFO saga too. I want to emphasize that I am NOT making anything on this book but believe in the idea of gathering together thinkers into one forum. And Robert has done that.

That said, I am sliding down the slippery slope perhaps into authorship and WHEN I have something to sell - Clockers will be the first to know. So, go check out, via the books preview at the link above, page 10 table of contents for some of the heaviest titles of chapters you are ever likely to read. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What The Sky Noise Phenomena ISN'T

It's not a hoax, I've heard it. IF it comes to YOUR area - you may have to admit it too. Perhaps, you aren't listening closely enough, or, can't believe it IS happening when you hear it. Because, once you hear it - the soapy slippery slope is just ahead. After all, the MEDIA isn't even reporting it - BIG surprise there, right?

But, UDCC has already covered the `WHY reason' that the MSM may very well let the Sky Noise Phenomena (SNP) be where it is - IN THE SKY and ON the Internet. It literally IMO is TOO HOT for the MSM to cover as I stated in this post. For lots of reasons (click above link for more on that angle).

After all, what in the HELL is it?

Could we POSSIBLY, in any manner, be talking about some sort of pre-ordained Apocalypse foretold by religious books of thousands of years ago - as they say on the End Time sites? IF so, alot of non-religious folks like myself may have much to learn about. And, if the government came right out and said, `we don't know what is causing these new sky noises' - you can bet the END Timers of 2012 would be heard loud and clear. I've even trotted these thoughts out at DB Donlon's blog in the comments - http://dapht.blogspot.com/2012/01/recent-dreams-point-to-something-big.html#comment-form. So, could the SNP
be related to `the other side' - literally `the dead' or Earth Guardians going `off duty'?

We better hope not - but - only a fool would say it is NO chance about this SNP. Even if I believe, at this point, that it is NOT `paranormal' related. Even if the `paraNormal' is simply not understood physics in some manner. Because IF it is `the other side' and indeed these sounds in a sense represent - increasing change upon us - I doubt that the world's power structure is ready for such an upheaval as 24 hour a day worldwide SOUND. IN THE SKY.

I don't think I'd need to say how scary this phenomena would be if it is simply accelerating at an increasing pace, frequency and volume. Remember, the USA drove the IRAQ `red brigade' (or whatever it was called) to their knees with 40 days of bombing and noise. IMO, the world would be on it's knees in even less time. MUCH less time. A frighteningly short time - days perhaps? Would you carry on your life if the SOUND was EVERYWHERE?
Folks, this is MUCH scarier than `aliens are in our skies' - MUCH SCARIER. imo. Aliens, in all the ways they are percieved at least COULD be peaceful, etc - change the world in a better way. Could, or they could destroy us.

But, at least ALIENS could be `good'.

Now the above is dependent on an ESCALATING SNP event pattern. And that is a HUGE assumption for a phenomena that even the Internet is JUST beginning to acknowledge. So, it's probably NOT going to get worse - just slightly more and more hit wider areas for more time and more sound level. Maybe 1% of all people saying they have heard it by years end or so. That is more realistic = and the real `politics' that the MSM will be dealing with. And, I've already told you above WHY the MSM with that level of REAL experience of the people with NOT cover this AT ALL. I mean it. Only if it is unavoidable (on live TV or over a widespread area). After all it is SO transient.
So, the SNP isn't FAKE. And ISN'T going to be covered by the MSM unless unavoidable. And, I hope, ISN'T `religious' in nature.
But, what IF it is an Earth phenomena or indeed - some sort of sky phenomena from `outer space' (entering into some sort of fields that aren't normal in some fashion). What IF humans are indeed going to have to cope with Sky Sounds? Whatever the cause. What then?
OR, the whole SNP indeed could be some sort of `advanced tech' of humans - of a military bent. And, in all honesty, to me IMO seems the most likely of the four choices of - Aliens, Natural Earth/Sky Environment, Return of Religious Figures, and Humans. And, to have to be in a position of HOPING that it is nefarious military type humans - compared to the other choices - shows how dire this whole phenomena could be ultimately.
I wish I could bring to you a more hopeful analysis. But, unless this SNP begins to fade away into `what ever happened to those strange sounds in the sky' - don't bet on it. This is potentially quite serious - too bad we don't have a real and free media to report on the phenomena.

At least they haven't shut down the Internet yet.
Today I bring to you the link posted yesterday in our comment section by a reader of UDCC. It is VERY worthwhile even if longer and you will hear VERY VERY strange sounds - extreme sounds - in this video that you must hear to take this whole matter seriously. 20,000 views.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlKG2X4stog&feature=player_embedded
Thanks for your visit today. IF you think this post is worthy of sharing with your friends - please use the `share buttons' below to post on Facebook, etc. All help in spreading the SNP word and the opinions of UDCC are appreciated.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

D.B. Donlon Returns With Some Amazing Posts

In our reality today - one can feel a kinship with people they have NEVER met or spoken to; BUT - HAVE READ. Yes, read - as in blogging. Especially bloggers who seem to have the same general ideas as yourself but who express them in ways that somehow puff out one's own ideas too. I have favorites like everyone who stimulate my mind with their words on their blogs - Duensing, Kuersten, our own MUZ - but, another of my personal favorites has been ..... ta da..... D.B. Donlon.

Today I'm going to link to his two latest posts after he took a bit of a breather as he re-evaluated his blogging efforts. Personally I'm glad he's back (hopefully). His first post upon returning was about what he knows is why many folks end up discovering his blog - Bigfoot. Donlon, IMO, has been one of the ultimate explorers of the phenomena of the last decade. Honestly. Not only that, his conclusion of the phenomena was one of the best reads the internet has ever had. You may need to explore his blog to find out more, right?

Anyway, in his post a few days ago - About Bigfoot Seekers he provided pure esoteric advice like this:
1. Remember that you don't know the first thing about how the world really works. You may have beliefs -- most of us do -- but to really do this job right, you have to put those aside. You don't even know whether the world you see this morning is in fact the one you left when you went to sleep last night. (Have a look at Consistent Histories http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consistent_histories if you don't believe me.) We get enough Fortean evidence that the world we live in is bizarre that we should carry with us supreme doubts about our ability to suss out the reality of it all. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raining_animals The only thing we can really be sure of is that the world is weird.

And, this is only a touch of his GREAT post. DB Donlon, like myself, is one of the few bloggers who MEAN it when we say that `Fortean Events' are signs into understanding the reality structure.
And, in his latest post - today as I write this - yesterday as you read it - he tackles his own dreams and lo and behold - DB Donlon's vibes are NOT good. And folks, before you judge his post of the 23rd day of 12 - dig into the overall head of his thinking in his blog - this guy is NOT an apocalyptic guy normally. But, this post is MUCH more than a guy seeing scary times ahead for the world - okay - VERY scary times ahead for the world.

Indeed, what DB Donlon got out of these dreams in his analysis is the stuff of a Stephen King novel in 500 words or less. I almost don't want to give away his best nugget of thought in this as his WHOLE post is incredible. But, I have to tease:
I've had this image before in other contexts -- the people who work behind the scenes know something is coming and they aren't doing their jobs anymore. These people are spiritual folk, not the living, and they may represent archetypes or subconscious energies, or really, just the denizens of the afterlife doing their jobs. Except they aren't doing them anymore.
I mean, OMG!!!! His F-ing dream is that -- putting it into my own words -- the guardians of the reality structure are simply going off duty for an unknown reason. ----- I mean OMG!!!!
Folks, nearly all of this guys thought nuggets and kernels of analysis are that good - and, he's got 100's of posts. Bloggers with this much depth deserve to be in your bookmarks. Thanks for checking Donlon's material out.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

More North Coast Lights - This Time Mentor Ohio

Have a MUFON report today from near where I grew up and where I know folks - Mentor Ohio, exo-suburb of Cleveland Ohio. This report has several very interesting features - I'll let you absorb the report raw:
I was driving on I-90 Eastbound on the East side of Cleveland OH near the town of Mentor OH. I and my passenger saw a bright (intensity of lighting)bluish / white ball of light develop off in front of us at an unknown distance. To do my best guess, it was maybe 1/4 mile... but it could have been 50 miles. It was hard to determine.

The ball shaped object immediately caught both of our attention, and stayed sort of a pulsating ball for maybe 4 seconds. Then, the ball remained, but a perfectly shaped "V" ray of light shot to the sky, and then it went out.

Both I an my passenger both said Holy @#$% what was that... at exactly the same time. There were numerous cars on I-90, and I know they saw it too in that many of us hit the brakes on our cars at the same time.

My first thought was the the nuclear power plant (Perry Electric Plant) had exploded. My second thought was some sort of nuclear explosion happened way off in the distance, and there was some sort of terror attact. My 3rd, 4th, & 5th thoughts were it was some weird lighting (no storm and clear night) or Gasoline Truck accident (None found), or Electrical Transformer explosion (have seen those before, and not the same). So, I dont know what it was, and I can not venture a guess.

I felt scared, because I know there is a Nuclear reactor near there, and the possibility of terrorism.

The object just disappated like a light turning off.

As for the next question ... # of witnesses... I know about 8 cars in front of me all hit their brakes at the same time. I stopped 2 exits ahead for gas, and ran into a husband and wife who saw the same thing. They couldnt explain it either. So I dont know how to answer that question. There were 2 or 3 (my son was sleeping in the back) who saw it in my car, plus many others on the highway. http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=35060
Obviously, it is impossible to know from this report what occurred. It certainly is within the realm of being nothing more than a very large fireworks setup. IMO.
MUFON.COM also had this picture of THREE `Triangles' - Picture shot on 1-1-12 and Clockers we've seen this before back on July 4th I believe.
I hope you caught the UPDATE to yesterday's post at 5:30 or so this morning. It's worth the read and has to do with Eligael reacting to yesterday's post. Indeed, I may even be forming some sort of `Alternative 3' type of theory in my mind.
I should have up a link to my appearance on Beyond The Edge Radio last week soon. And, I will be appearing again at Poem88 for the book signing of Robert Cheatham's new book that I contributed to - called Materialization's and Manifestations. The book signing is Feb. 15th - come and buy a book if you are an Atlantan - I will also probably speak for at least a few minutes with Robert. Music and Refreshments too. Poem88 is an Atlanta Art Gallery.
More and More Clockers are trying the game Dire Grove in the sidebar - thanks. Make sure to use the COUPON on this page, then you can save 19.01 cent off your next sitdown eat out meal. It's a no-brainer.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eligael's Jerusalem Orb - Possible Insights (With Update)

Good morning Clockers and Newbies to UDCC - I appreciate you still having an interest in the Unknown of our planet. Ultimately, today's post will be a lot of `little journeys' - so, take a few of them.
As per today's headline and inline with what I've been leaking to you via this blog - I've exchanged a few e-mails with Eligael Gedalyovich; clarified some slight language differences, and gotten a bit deeper into his mindset. Also, Eligael was so impressed with the Jerusalem Orb Review that UDCC did last spring that he has put a link to it on his new website. I'm honored to have that connection and trust from his view - even if the link doesn't even work.

Okay, where to begin with what I've encountered in our mail exchanges since I posted this The return of Eligael Gedalyovich........... I guess the first thing to say is that the Israel TV Channel 10 `investigation' of him was totally bogus and that the statement from his so-called friend was also false. He was at a loss to explain his friend or the statements about him being an actor or having a production company. I can also say, as you will read, that him having a `production company' is pretty unlikely. That is, if one chooses to believe his words at this point of time.

Indeed, I risk some credibility perhaps for even relating what he says to me via the internet. (As of now I am keeping the emails private and am relating info from them.) That is IF anyone has ANY credibility in the UFO field? LOL. (I view this as more credibility as a blogger and person in all honesty.) So, in addition to denying the TV investigative report - what else you ask?

Well, perhaps the most interesting and `newsworthy' to me - was what Eligael told me about the 3 second video and the Full Craft video - basically HE DOESN'T KNOW WHERE THEY CAME FROM OR WHO was the source. (Which I think is different from the initial idea that he found this tape thru an investigation.) I was NOT able to clarify with him how the exchange of the tape happened or the circumstances of that transaction. (And, just as an aside, he said nothing to me when I suggested that he is under a non-disclosure agreement - is saying nothing an agreement?) Or, for how long he was in possession of the tapes before uploading them? (Which I suspect was very minimal.)

Now, for those looking for the wo-wo factor.

Eligael claims that there are SECRETS associated with the Dome of the Rock. (And that the powers that be don't want it known.) He also indicated that he saw MORE than just the Orb that night, at least that is the way I am interpreting his words. He also believes deeply in secrets connected to all of this (the sighting) and how he met his wife (told with less of what he inferred to me) - which is told at his website.  http://jerusalemufoexperience.com/ in his blog - which you will find he has not improved. (I pointed out some spelling problems and such to him too.) (The connection is that he had an epiphany upon seeing a UFO video and had the thought they could be connected with via mental telepathy.)

(Perhaps he believes he willed it to drop or something? Just guessing.)

Finally, he indicated to me that he doesn't want/didn't want the event to be associated with `religious' overtones. He feels he has a FULL story to tell involving the elements I've outlined above - but indeed knows he is stymied for now, even mentioning needing to feel `safe' about continuing. Feeling he needs the support of an `organization or production company'.

Hmmm. Right?

To that end, I did indicate to Eligael that almost any of the scenarios of what might have happened concerning the Jerusalem Orb might have merit as a documentary. Because, if you think about it - it only can have THREE possibilities IMO. Right?
1. HIS video, the teens, and the `security camera' are real. The event was REAL.
2. EVERY video of the event is FAKE and he orchestrated one of the biggest hoaxes in internet history - literally changing the way UFOs are covered by the MSM in America.
3. The event was REAL as was the orchestrated MSM effort to discredit it - pure suppression of facts the positioning.

I mentioned to him I would be willing to co-write a book perhaps about it.

IMO, each of these would have viability as a documentary. HBO special?
I have no contacts within the film industry - do you?
So, with all of the above - where's my gut on this whole matter as of today? ---- Real event too hot for the MSM. Followed by campaign to discredit which included the `craft video'. And, probably, too much read into the symbology of it all by Eligael.
That's my opinion, I'd be happy to share yours below too.
I sent a link to the above post to Eligael - and at 5:18 AM on 1/23 I got this response from him:
Hi Rick,

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I will do it.

There were some film makers and production company who interested in the story, but from diferent perspective then I want to focus on. The buzz of the story is less interesting for me ( I was a witness to ufo over this place twice ), the secret hidden there that I saw part of it is what interesting me, and that is the reason this sighting made such a big bazz, it's remind us something from our collective unconscious which who control this place don't want us to remembers. This is the reason that I mean ,when I will have a support of strong company to continue in this I will do so.
Eligael, Clockers:
For me, the above e-mail from Eligael FITS perfectly the whole story IMO - or nearly so. To me, it now makes SENSE that Eligael was indeed approached by some production company that wanted to `cash in' on the videos notoriety while it was hot; perhaps even representing to Eligael `they had a video'. Then, I bet, he went ahead based on some understanding of a project/movie - then changed his mind for reasons unknown - perhaps indeed as he says, because they had a `different perspective' - than showing Eligael's idea of `what's hidden there'. Indeed, to me, with an open mind - I think I can put two and two together about the `reality' of the `craft video(s)'.

I also understand what Eligael is saying about his `perception' and why he wanted a different story - which is much deeper. At least to him. And, he may very well be right - as I certainly think TPTB (the powers that be) - USE that area of location of the world to hold the system hostage to `something else'. Their power.

Finally, for this post - I hope to continue a dialouge with Eligael and will bring updates if applicable and different from my understandings as of this post. Clockers feel free to check in with your opinion.
Oh, I updated my `Science' blog and my `News blog' this morning - did you know they are now saying that dogs have been man's best friend for 30,000 Years? and what did Wikileaks say about how a conspiracy was involved in setting legal precendent for the SOPA? You will be surprised I bet.
That's enough for today - Please share this post with the Facebook button below - how many of your friends know anything about The Jerusalem Orb? And, thanks to the person who bought the FUNKY item below yesterday off my blogs:
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Video Defines Ludicrous Foes Of UFO Disclosure

As Clockers know, the anagram for UFO Disclosure is Ludicrous Foes, and today's YouTube video is the perfect example IMO. The video is from a `gathering site' with no link to any original. (Note video is also shot by unreliable teen male demographic - with graphic obscene language.) The video shows either a sophisticated light show of a `hoaxer' (with the video folks possibly in on the joke) - OR - possible communication of `conscious Orbs'  in a display of UFO Disclosure - it simply is not possible to discern with this little to go on. How's that for a range of outcomes? Less than 100 views.

And, the Sky Noise Phenomena is simply ..... getting more complicated. I mean, are we to ASSUME (remember the, ass out of u and me) that NO ONE ELSE in this area of Spain stepped outside during this extreme Sky Sound Event just 3 days ago? A HUGE sound that turned ON and OFF? Is that pushing plausibility, or are we still getting a handle on what it takes for multiple YT videos to appear about ANYTHING? About 7,000 views.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhRMnybldt4&feature=player_embedded
hattip - http://strangesoundsinthesky.com/ (unless this website soon limits its number of page loading YouTube videos via the settings tab - I may no longer link to it as it is VERY slow loading for some machines IMO.)
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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Sky Sounds Are Google Trending

It was not a statement I typed lightly yesterday - that the Sky Noise Phenomena (SNP) - called by various names including sky sound phenomena, strange sky sounds, sky noise - among other variations; had eclipsed at least for now the raw number of people coming to this blog from the big G search. Literally replacing many of those visitors with a whole new set of folks - replacing those interested in `when the government is going to come clean about aliens' -- with the NEW mystery of this new `thing' coming from the sky.

And, after all, people should realize, - now that we have the OFFICIAL word about UFOs and alien interaction with humans from our government in 2011 - (see sidebar) - folks don't need to worry their little heads with such nonsense anymore. They don't need to look up UFO disclosure because they have already been told it is BUNK. And, amazingly, IMO that is happening to a degree.

But, suddenly the powers that be might have something new on their hands to explain. Something more than just a local Orb being seen by an unsuspecting individual(s) - something that is almost obvious. Almost as obvious as the Chemtrail differences in the sky on a significant percentage of the days. Except, less frequent. Much less frequent; - and the government hasn't even fessed up to those Chemtrails yet. So, don't be expected any fessin up about the sky sounds anytime soon - unless it is TOO obvious.

So, I figured, let's take a look at what Google shows in the Trends area (wondering if the interest was largely confined to a group of weirdoes in the paranormal and related fields of interest) and I entered the `sky sounds' and WOW is the CHART. For example, for four years straight it hugely Peaks In December as far as search. You will see it is currently at the same peaklike formation. And, this graph - which is for `strange sounds' is OFF The charts recently - especially in Canada - as the MSM has picked up a bit on the sounds in the Edmundton area skies (covered here on UDCC too). Peaks are also being seen with the term Strange Sky - especially in the UK area.
But, as Clockers know, this is not a subject that the MSM is going to fall over to cover. If you become aware of TV coverage in your area please let UDCC know. To new visitors to UDCC who are searching for SKY NOISE PHENOMENA information - just search this blog in the Google search box - it searches UDCC first. The tags of this site will also provide you background material.
Ready for your real mind stretch of the day? June 1st, 1975 - you are frozen in the air by a UFO - a MUFON report tease:
took place in Moline,Illinois as we walked away from our home to take a walk we were looking at stars me,my brother Mike,and his two friends Chris and Jeff, mysister too it blinked rocking back & forth then it flew to Joh Deere Middle School, then it turned around and chased us we ran fast as we could back home but did not make it home it caught up with us and hovered abouve a tree pushing the branches down hard the branches blew around hard,all the sudden I and my brother were frozen in running action 3 ft off the ground and my sister was watching us from a distance,I could NOT move my body at all, all I could move was my kneck,I thought I would never ever see home ever again and it traumatized me I was 16 yrs old then I am age 54 now.Then I got away and ran home, I never felt the same, scared to go out on walks at nite after that.

Then yrs later I have reason to believe that same UFO landed in my fathers field and I had a conversation with the Alien, he looked like a man, he kept ....
read the conclusion and his cry for Spielburg In This Detailed MUFON Report.
The conspiracy continues on all fronts on the blog When The SHTF - How Much Is True? - Fun read. I guess.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The `Hearing Sounds' Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

As readers know, UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) has been `on' to the Sky Noise Phenomena (SNP) extensively and in an on-going manner since last spring. UDCC had many summer, fall and now winter examples of the now `widening' descriptions of strange sounds coming from the skies above us. As editor/webmaster of UDCC I have indicated that I've heard the `louder' version of the `jet hum' noise ONCE and that I've heard the `softer, mellower version' of it several times - including last evening for about 6-7 minutes around 1AM (this morning).

Of course, it could have been something else - such as a fighter jet or jets - that were somehow off at an exact distance to return the same vibration/sound for minutes upon end; just above the `awareness' threshold I would bet for most folks. Even in the dead of the night. It's that subtle when I've heard it most often - now about 4-5 times in the last year. Indeed, one almost has to concentrate upon it when one picks it up - it's that subtle - almost challenging your consciousness to NOT IGNORE IT.

That is - if you can.

Indeed, it is easy to `forget' you are listening - when it wains on occasion before finally fading or falling below ones level of concentration upon it. In fact, IF the SNP is indeed nefarious - this seems to be a very incredibly subtle manner of instilling who knows what? Paranoia?

As you know, the media has largely been silent about the phenomena - except for the recent over the top display in Costa 'Rica that has the world now buzzing about the `strange sky sounds'. How strange and just how much interest? Well, how about the phenomena now being the number one search term for this blog surpassing the terms associated with UFO Disclosure in their totality. UDCC is on the front page for both. Appropriately I may add, the google search got the content correct.

Nonetheless, this blog is about stating an opinion when possible about anomalous phenomena - and indeed, UDCC is making no declaration at all about the source of the SNP - as with most things it is probably MORE than ONE thing. Including hoaxes. And, therefore, let UDCC be one of the first to suggest that the sky sounds are a `test' of the MSM and what they are willing to `report'. Possibly. LOL.

Indeed, the phenomena may be so minimal or so minimally placed in location, and, obviously - VERY temporal - that for the MSM to report on the spattering of `reports elsewhere' - is simply NOT the way the MSM reports. For anomalous phenomena - the phenomena has to be in your face level - to even be noticed. Low hums that are temporal - that are easy explained away and forgotten, literally - are not something the MSM is going to be TALKING UP.

I mean, talk about paranoia - "Can you hear the hum?" - is that the next headline in the Weird section of the Huffington offerings? I can imagine the story quite easily as a TV story:

(standing before the camera is the stations `hippie reporter' the one with longer hair) The camera shot would open close to his face and then pan to the sky while he said - "Are you one of the people that CAN hear the hum?" The station would then play about 5 seconds of the famous Florida Strange sky noise clip from 2011 and perhaps cover the new Costa Rica event.
And, so will begin a new conspiracy theory - WHO can hear the hum? ........ (Will they hear `sounds' in their heads next?) ..... As IF everyone can't hear them - then, it MUST be IN THE HEADS of those that do, right?

When thinking this out - perhaps it's nice to be in the phase of this SNP phenomena that is coming next - that is - mainstream media's coverage of such. Certainly, they will dredge up the famous sounds last year at the Braves/Marlins game too. And, more and more folks may be given the start of fear about the phenomena.
BTW, I will have a real weird YouTube video to bring some super weirdness to the whole sound phenomena in a minute - a video that hasn't really been seen yet by very many I suspect.
But, back to the SNP. Let me provide some more depth to our discussion today - as the Sky Noise Phenomena may be something soon we are all talking about more. First, the whole IDEA of `hearing things/voices' inside of ones head - presented in this article under the heading of can hearing voices be GOOD? - It's a ScienceBlog link - That drew over 900 comments - Says 4% hear voices. Trippy stuff and read. Then, this wonderful article by Robert Krulwich (yeah, that guy) of NPR writing about how humans are Jukeboxes and that if on command you are asked to sing `God Bless America' in your head - you will dutifully do a few bars. Anyway more about how some sounds in our brain are Unwanted. And for a much more full review of where things stand - Lon Stickler had this massive post to catch newcomers up on the whole Strange Sky Noise Phenomena As Of Date.

But, if you can get thru that - I beckon you to push a little bit further into the conspiracy zone. And, perhaps you may want to put on the theme from the twilight zone in the background if you can do something like that. You see, up next is a YouTube video with less than 1,000 views - up for several months - that has the EXACT same sound that is being heard most around the world. --- However, this video has a twist - this video was taken with the approach of a hurricane (already we have plausible deniability) and involves an FM `radio station' that doesn't exist. IF you read the comments below the video you will find the typical `logical' explanation for the sounds you will hear at the end of the short 4 minute video. Two minutes the sounds in the sky - two minutes the sounds on the FM radio at the same time.

Something such as the below is fodder for the imagination and is provided as such: - with under a 1000 views: Is that aliens on the FM? LOL.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugjWkxsfbBc and giving the video more credibility is the fact it is the only anomalous of all his uploads. To me, it is certainly somewhat strange in the timing.
So, would YOU admit to HEARING SOUNDS? IF so, would you worry what is next? Is this something the media can even cover? Assuming the phenomena is real - how can all this possibly be a positive?

Is this `what's next?'
========================== You Are Now Singing The 1966 Hit
========================== They Are Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha
========================== In Your Head
click the above so more see this posting

My thanks to the reader who again watched `Glee' off my blogs last night and for the person that purchased the book you see below. This is a brave person, the book was reviewed once and was a one star. It is an edgy book evidently.
 - turns out the inability to use just the image was short lived, yea!
And, a bit more about Eligael of the Jerusalem Orb event - I have now exchanged some e-mails with him and am seeking permission to bring what I know to you. Even without permission I will provide some level of update in the near future - hang in there as I think the story will be interesting based on the very slight clarifications I've gotten to some basic questions. I'll leave it at that.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Turkey Daytime UFO, 12-28-11 Three Minute Video

Hello Clockers and Newbies to UDCC, thanks for your visit today. Below you will find a video I found yesterday but that evidently has been making the rounds for a couple weeks. It's shot in Turkey supposedly and is a slowly moving Orblike structure that on extreme close-up is almost craftlike. Quite interesting for sure. 9700 views or so on a `gathering site' with no link to original poster:

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdKkaWQdcTI&feature=related 6/1 like/dislike ratio and this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eq-2PD8Tp8 seems to be the same video at an Arab channel on YT. Perhaps the source.
Here's some incredible `still frames' of the above From AboveTopSecret.com - strange craft indeed.
These Orblike/Crafts seem to be getting `more structure' recently - is this a new development? A deeper view into the `other spaces'?
Oh, thanks for your participation with the new sponsers of UDCC via the Google Affiliate Program. You might be surprised how many feel the content on UDCC is inappropriate for their products - so, thanks for your support of the ones that approved of folks searching for the truth and answers about UFOs via the internet. I have screened these choices with the hope that they are a fit with a portion of visitors to this webpage.
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Stunning UFO Videos Posted To YouTube In Last 48 Hours

And, some of the UFO videos you will be catching here first in a sense (other websites not onto them yet). That said, in this day of CGI and `YT gathering sites' - who is to say for sure what to believe and what to discard. In no way do I vouch for these, and can only provide you my opinion and best guess based on the actual posting circumstances of the video. As always Clockers decide.

Also, I don't want to post all of these videos as it slows down the loadtime of the site - but - make sure to hit the links if the description is worthy. Okay, I've got so many lined up that I need to decide how to order this post:
Ok, first up - a TV report of a boy 10 in Israel shooting some UFO footage about a week ago while on a ski cable car (it seems) - the description of the TV report is below the video at YT. Not much footage really IMO, and one comment of a dissenter of the video said it is just reflections (which is also possible IMO for this video - note that `reflections' is a favorite - dissing comment to good video too). Anyhow, here's the Israel Ski Area UFO - about 16K views in two days - 7/1 ratio on like/dislike.
Oh, I have VERY interesting news. After I ran the post updating on Eligael  of the Jerusalem UFO - I indicated that I may try to contact him via his new website. I did that. I also sent him my link to the 50 link review on UDCC. I asked him a question or two and issued a challenge or two.

I have heard from Eligael today - I will update soon.

This next one is a CLASSIC that I suspect may be removed soon from YT. It is supposedly of an AMAZING DISPLAY OF ORB/UFOs - and it is and you can see it at the link. Supposedly shot two nights ago in Florida. These are some of the most energetic Orbs you will see and an amazing movement display. Problems - the link references a `gathering site' as his source - (and this is already a gathering site) - and then in listing the `source' link - it says the video has been removed by the user. And, IMO, the tape simply ends too quickly and does not have very believable dialogue.

IMO - this is the second time in recent memory where the exact same scenario occurred - gathering site refers gathering site - and original video no longer exists. Convenient. Too convenient. Nonetheless - LedaOhio5's UFO Upload of this amazing video. 465 views. 9likes/4dislikes. ----------- LED's, Flares? Who knows.
This video - supposedly shot in Brazil on January 3rd is VERY similar to the above video in Florida (not shown, only linked): Lots of `Orbs Dropping'(?) and Movements.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWafIEDcxtk&feature=autoplay&list=PL1DFCAC2AD6A8C069&lf=results_video&playnext=2 (gather site - no orginal sourcing) 57K views since Jan 5th (it's that good) about a 10/1 like ratio.
Here's another OMG - Sky Noise Phenomena in Chile - Uploaded on the 14th, occurred the 12th - 3,700 views - Trumpet sound - Scary Sky Noise - this is well worth your click Clockers. WTH is going on? 25/1 like/dislike ratio. The below is one of the commenter's at the video:
Oh my god that the same sound I heard last year Oct, it's the strangest noise and it goes right through your body. My dogs woke me up barking at my bedroom window at 3am and then I heard it. I looked out the window and went out the back could not see anything, I listen for about 1 hr and then it stopped because I live on a farm (ranch) I had no noises to contaminate with that sound. Thanks for sharing. Australia
Then, it was time to move onward to DAYTIME anomalous phenomena in the sky videos - here's one, videotaped in Germany with appropriate teenage girl reaction shot. Certainly seems to be `something' - balloon? Flying Saucer? 847 views, gathering site, no legit sourcing, only to another gathering site.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmLOYHmKO4s - looks worth your minute and 50 seconds - ends too abruptly for me.
Here's a YT video, shot in Paris on Saturday night - under 140 views - seems to show an interesting stationary Orb for about the first Five Minutes - Then, Evidently - `Becomes' A Plane? and begins moving. 3/3 likes/dislikes - Caution, seems to be an ongoing Orb filmer of recent.
How about a 14 minute daytime Orb over Romania on Jan. 13th? Certainly seems legit IMO - Romanian Orb and here's another SUPER bright UFO/ORB display that is simply over the top in movement ETC - HAS TO BE CGI? - a must see if simply for the audacity of some folks to see what will be believed. IF the real thing - heaven help us all. Cyprus Orbs and 8 minutes to make it truly amazing.
These super bright ORBs are impossible to ignore and NOT see - one would expect more than just one video IMO. Just sayin.
So, I saved the best for last, right? Well, not so fast.... the most interesting - okay. First - an LEDish Kiteish looking phenomena - a Blue Light UFO? Or Mischief? 2,100 views, only video of uploader, seeking subscribers for new ufo videos?, 12/7 likes/dislikes. Uploaded two days ago with no description. Fakery sensed in comments.

link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRPHfMA12mU&feature=related
Or, finally, is the BEST video of the day this one - Short Daytime UFO/Orb/Craft with about a thousand views. That was reported to MUFON and I assume is a MUFON tape. Recommended. Shot on January 14th.
I found more but the above will keep you busy for tonight. I hope you had a chance to tune in to the Beyond The Edge Radio Show Last Night - I certainly had fun talking with Lon And Eric. If I can get a link to an archive of the show I will provide it. Word is - I may get a re-invite too.
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