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As The Year Ends - `Classic' North American UFO Stories From The 1900's Emerge On MUFON - 1958 Onward

The end of the year sometimes brings forth the need to fess up - to come clean - to hang out the dirty laundry so to speak. And, evidently, UFO reports fall into that category... here's today's CLASSIC UFO stories from the latest 20, yes just 20, the latest 20 MUFON reports all made on 12/30 or 12/31:
red is my emphasis
June 1958
Wellington Texas
I was traveling south on U.S 83 around 10:00 p.m. A very bright light appeared and followed me for 2-3 miles. It was about 5-10 feet behind me about 5 ft. high. I went faster to get away from it. When I approached a farm house, I braked quickly to pull into the yard and the light disappeared. I went on home, shaking, and did not see it again. Because of the tag people received for telling such a story, I told only my parents. Then on Christmas Eve of that year the Amarillo, Tx. TV station reported such a story as told by some out-of-state people. It happened to them the same as it did to me. All of the law enforcement officers for 100 miles around fled to the scene but found nothing. I still did not tell it around to people other than family. 

I was a junior in college when this happened and am now a retired teacher. I do not want to be classified as a nut case. I just thought my story might be added to your list of unusual events in this area. I saw nothing other than the very bright light that appeared and disappeared as quickly. 
LINK To Above Story

This Orb Follows Car Post Has Over 6000 Shares On Google Plus (why not share it too)
Dec. 1977
Quincy Illinois
I was 13 years old just before Christmas my mother wanted to mail a card to a friend at the post office here. My mother went into the post office to drop in the card and I noticed a ring of lights very close to the ground in the intersection lees than 75 feet from the car it covered up the view of a old farm house and power went out from what I can remember in the area near craft. It may have been coming closer to the car from what I can remember? Seem to take a long time for my mom to return to the car...I then pointed it out to her...I was very very frightened by the experience. My mother and my brother and I seen this together but my brother is in denial on it for some reason? Ever since it happened I have been interested in the issue of UFOs and have a strong feeling they do actually exists without doubt. Just thought after all this time it needed to be reported. Thanks. [Name removed/cms/tg]
Jan. 1978
Lloydminster Canada
it was a cold winter night my sister and i were heading out from our house to the dump hole to throw away a "slop pail" they used to call it. 
from the house to dump hole was about 100yrds.we were half ways when she looked up and said what is that?i looked up and this is what i seen!a v shaped object flying real slow no sound and red lights from tip to tip we stood watching it fly east ward for a few minutes then my sister said i never seen a plane that close before but that was very slow though that was strange .so that was that,i was about 10 yrs old when that happened.8 or 9 yrs later my brother and a friend of mine went out night hunting just north of my home.It was about 11pm ,we were spot lighting in very big paster that is situated on our reserve.we drove slow along a trail, a little more south of the paster.I was driving a small station wagon my brother and my friend were sitting out of the windows with a spot light and a rifle.We drove almost to end of the paster when over the trees a bright light came on and brightned up the whole field.My brother and friend slipped back in to the vehicle and said "what the hell is that"i stopped the vehicle and my brother said shut off the motor!We sat for a few seconds and light came back on over the trees cause it had shut off too when i shut my motor brother said what is that?it"s too quite to be a helecopter.He said let"s get out of here!I started up the swagon 
and turned around and headed back where we came from.As we were driving away my friend said it"s following us and all of a sudden it flew right by us on the south side over the trees.My brother then told me to pull in this one opening in trees it was kind of a hill and said shut off the motor.We parked and we could see the thing in the sky.It was a ways out but we seen it go up, go down, go left then flew away north.And also another iccident about 10 yrs ago with 5 witnesses I am 46yrs old 
May 1985
West Warwick Rhode Island
Please be advised that I do not remember the exact date. But this event was reported. The police came. 3 Army helicopters appeared. And me and my son were both questioned and taped by an official investigator within that week. There were other sightings in Rhode Island that week that were also in the local paper.
I was outside in my back yard with my two children. Son(5)daughter(3). I was swinging them on the swing set when I first noticed the object. It was quite far in the distance, just a black dot. (planes flew over our house often, so at first I thought nothing of it. But what caught my attention was how it suddenly moved way off to the side at a strange angle. But it still kept coming closer in my direction. I continued watching and realized then...this was unidentifiable. It moved like nothing we have here, and as it got closer I realized just how *huge* it was. Bigger then 2 football fields. It was massive. It appeared to have what I think was windows all around its circular edge. It was round,rather flat shaped with a very, very slight dome shape on top. It's speed at that time was consistent and not too fast. I could see it perfectly. As did my children. I'm not good with distance but I would say it came within a 1/2 mile to us. It moved impossibly amazing. It dipped at an angle and changed direction. It flew into the cloud and back out. Flew 'around' the cloud and at an angle back towards us. It hovered. It went up/down/sideways. It reflected the sun on it's top/bottom as it moved. It almost appeared to be giving a show! I was screaming for my neighbors to come out. But "strangely" I was not fearful at all. I was beside myself with excitement actually! I did not want to move or go to get anyone because I didn't want to miss any of what I was seeing. The object kept up the display above me for about 10 full minutes when suddenly I heard helicopters. Three green(Army) helicopters came into view from my left. The object dipped and dove down at an angle and then up to the right in the blink of a second______it was Gone!!
I ran into the house and called the police- because I didn't know what else to do. I then went back outside and the Army copters were still flying (back and forth). They saw it. I am certain of this. The police came and I reported what I had seen. The officers took it comically and I was angered by them. They also went around and questioned the neighbors. At this point- and I have no idea if this is even relevant- (but it sure was to me),The old woman who lived in back of me, (our yards were back to back separated by a stone wall)she came out and called me over wanting to know what was happening. I just told her I had called because I saw something strange in the sky. She then looked at me and said * Oh' you mean about all those colored lights in the yard last night?!"* I went numb. This woman knew everything that went on. I said "WHAT Colored Lights?" She then said that [the lights woke her and she went to her back door and there were all these colored lights moving over the back yard. She went and woke her husband who saw them too. They opened the door to go out but the lights suddenly were gone.]I called one of the officers over to take her statement too! __ About a week later I was visited by a gentlemen from the Rhode Island Institute of paranormal and UFO Investigations. He audio taped my account and my Sons account seperately. (my daughter was too young). He also had us draw pictures for him.
This account was reported and documented. There were also other sightings within that week that were reported and in the local paper. One of them which happen only 3 days from mine in which two young men in Exeter had an object come down extremely close to them in their truck. It (melted) the Fog lights on the truck.
West Warwick UFO Recalled
The giving a show of what the Orb is capable of is a common feeling with observers of the experience.
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Experiencer In Missouri - Talks Orbs

I've had a further contact with `Doug' in Missouri that I'd like to share with Clockers..... Orbs Are UFOs.... simple as that. (99% of UFOs are IMO):
red is my emphasis


  Well , I grew up in the Ozarks just south of Van Buren, Mo. Id say through the 80's and most of the 90's I would see multi colored strobing "stars" where no stars should be. And they would move faster to the horizon that the rest of the night sky.  Some would come down treetop high and glide along , turning ember red and splitting into multiple orbs. 

Seen two come down into a field as red embers and faded out. A few seconds later the whole field lit up with a white silvery type of light , almost glowing. It didnt seem to be beamed from anywhere. 

I have reason to believe they are telepathic and can traverse the timeline and I have a sneaky suspicion they can affect it

The book Project Identification describes what I have witnessed very accurately. When I found the book in the library in the early 90's I was happy to know that these things have been studied. Reality is stranger than we realize. I wish I had more answers and I study other peoples experiences to gain more knowledge. I take the " nuts and bolts " reports with a grain of salt , although I have seen these orbs imitate fighter jets complete with engine noise and low frequency rumbling. They will shake your house with that low rumble if you decide to ignore their arial shows. 

  There are many people who witness these things but wont ever say a word. What do you think these things are?


Thanks again Doug for your experiences and input to UDCC... you literally fit the motif that I've identified over the past seven years of `research' much like yourself. It's truly unbelievable what the phenomena is able to project as human experiences... to the point to seriously bring the `living software' idea to discussion (the orbs are software flaws - and we are less than `human' in the sense we like to think of ourselves) ... or the Orbs are indeed some sort of `idealized space' with awareness just waiting to be initialized by some human awareness/consciousness.

I don't know if `they' are so much `telepathic' as `the space' is able to actualized upon some human intentionality's... even if unintended and unwelcome on occasion. Somehow IMO it's the humans that are sensing this `different space' coming into their proximity. As you know IF you are a reader of this blog.... I've identified two types of `orb callers'... both ones that think they are involved with the orbs and others that are simply `recording' and not expressing out loud a `connection' like the others. (Yet, `knowing' when to go outside, etc.).... Many many folks indeed are REPEAT experiencers of the phenomena but IMO really only a few are evolving with the phenomena to the point of `focusing' the experience into the here/now of elsewhere/elsewhen.

The Motif BTW Doug (to save you from 1100 posts of reading) is that IF the `orb' gets real close to the human experiencer it can indeed cause some sort of time-distortion... even to the point of `missing time'. (One of the best posts I ever did was `The Missing Space Of Missing Time Experiences' - Check out my books at the top for some real HEAVY thinking.)

BUT - what also struck me about your unsolicited e-mail was the `imitation of fighter jets' complete `with localized sound' as part of the phenomena.... and here I thought that I was the only one that figured out the IMPOSSIBLE `explanation' that gullible UFO `researchers' assume... that the US military is SO AWARE OF UFOs as to respond occasionally instantly anywhere.... yeah right and I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Now, I agree that the `alternative' that I suggest is simply `mindblowing' and Fortean.... should we expect anything less from our reality I ask?
IF the UFO blogger you read doesn't use the word I in their posts.... who and what are you reading?
Real UFO Blogging
UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock
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from the interesting

to the absurd - most flipped out pre read ever?

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Harley Rutledge - Real UFOlogist

Hello Clockers... 2014 was quite a year in UFOlogy IMO - as the escalation of the Orb phenomena seems to have scared MUFON into back editing the best of the photos of the phenomena IF not the videos. While I have noticed this... apparently nearly no one... wait... no one of the so-called UFOlogy community has or is commenting about it... only UDCC where you find real UFO blogging.

That said, IMO VERY few of the so-called UFO bloggers spends any time at all with the raw UFO reports at MUFON like I do.... so, I'm perhaps the most likely to call them out about it. And I have as you can see. Because it's been my clarion call that the UFO phenomena is something strongly related to the expanding Orb phenomena... as more and more of the so-called UFO/Orb `callers' and `observers/non callers'
are stepping forth... some in this very blog as Clockers know.

Indeed, yet ANOTHER reader from Missouri has enlightened me when I recieved this e-mail below:

Yes I have also noticed it is almost impossible to find real orb videos on youtube. Several years ago I  could find many.  If I search for "orbs missouri" , I get hardly any thing substantial, mainly "spam" results. Glad someone else is noticing. I have had many orb-star experiences and never a craft type experience. To me this seems to be the real ufo proof they dont want out. Maybe why no one took Harley Rutledge seriously although he proved it was real without a doubt.   73 Doug

As is often the case when folks are truly open to the unknown... I was ready to learn more about (PHD in Physics) Harley Rutledge and I wasn't disappointed in the least - here's his Wikipedia Link (BTW, YES - I gave the 3 Dollars donation fee at Wikipedia today, you can too.) This guy was a real UFOlogist IMO.

Here's what he found about the UFO phenomena... I will give specific quotes from the Wikipedia article:
red emphasis is mine

UFO Research

Challenged to explain sightings of unidentified lights and luminous phenomena in the sky around Piedmont, Missouri, Dr. Harley Rutledge decided to subject these reports to scientific analysis. He put together a team of observers with college training in the physical sciences, including a large array of equipment: RF spectrum analyzers, Questar telescopes, low-high frequency audio detectors, electromagnetic frequency analyzer, cameras, and a galvanometer to measure variations in the Earth's gravitational field.
The resulting Project Identification commenced in April 1973, logging several hundred hours of observation time. This was the first UFO scientific field study, able to monitor the phenomena in real-time, enabling Rutledge to calculate the objects' actual velocity, course, position, distance, and size.
Observation of the unclouded night sky often revealed "pseudostars" - stationary lights camouflaged by familiar constellations. Some objects appeared to mimic the appearance of known aircraft; others violated the laws of physics. The most startling discovery was that on at least 32 recorded occasions, the movement of the lights synchronized with actions of the observers. They appeared to respond to a light being switched on and off, and to verbal or radio messages. The final results of this project were documented in the 1981 book, Project Identification: The first Scientific Study of UFO Phenomena.

4.5 stars and quite pricey (to keep it out of the hands of the sheeple?)

I answered the reader by mentioning that a couple similar studies of `UFOs' has shown the same thing - UFOs are Orbs and seem to have an attraction to human consciousness. Hot stuff, in the 70's and, evidently,  in the 10's.
Thanks for your readership, the above is real important - I hope you share this with your friends via the `buttons' below - it just takes a minute.

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Merry UFO Christmas

Thanks for your readership in 2014
Merry Christmas
The Unknown Begins Anew Tomorrow

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2014 - MUFON Censorship And The Evolving Orb Phenomenology

As Clockers know, I've been highlighting me finding the POST REMOVALS by MUFON involving what I call the complex Orb phenomena that seems to be evolving in certain localities that are being observed or initiated by certain individuals. (Does an Orb twinkling in the sky unobserved twinkle? - Does a tree that falls in the woods.....) Most of these removals that I've discovered invovled reports with VERY good pictures of the unknown phenomena.

As a result.... a new policy at UDCC in 2015 - I will download all pictures in advance onto my computer before posting.... uh oh...MUFON better get someone to fully edit that Latest 20 UFO reports BEFORE they get to the public (like me who monitor them)...... that said, how could MUFON look worse than what I've already discovered... that some photos are simply too hot for their general public database. The ones in the suburb of St Louis comes to mind for 2014.... those Orbs ran along - near power lines for about a mile or two and were traveling in a group and photographed multiple times in different but close locations......... yeah, the censorship is THAT BAD.

Regardless.... (MUFON has alien abduction folks on their board.... Orbs... who cares?) Anyway... my finding of MUFON post edit censorship is my main blogging find of 2014 to share with readers.
I'm gonna scroll up my bin to see what might qualify for UFO phenomena in 2014 or UFO News .... Ready?
I found this really cool post at Global Love Think Tank called Space Sluts.... yes, sluts. You see the fantasy idea of `aliens' overpowering sexy women is hardly new... this is the stuff the boys of the 40's, 50's-60's grew up with.. and their sisters who snuck a look at the taudry material.

There's more pics and bigger pics at the link above. Probably PG13 to be safe.
One of the BEST efforts at digging at anomalous leads is LOU and I briefly have featured his blogging efforts before at Tales From The Conspiratum - and I take you to his UFO page where AFTER Lou positioningly glorifies the UFO `Dis'Closure Pony Show... I leave him with this comment... it's worth it to read all the others that let's me summarize UFOlogy in 2014 in a couple hundred words.... Ready?

What’s funny is that you both have elements of `being right’ IMO. First, to think that only ONE kind of `anomalous entity’ exists is a bit blindsided in view. IMO, there are at least 4 possible types of `entities’. Now to UFOs – I’ve done over 1100 posts at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock since 2007. I can tell you that the stories of the Exopolitics folks are nearly as misleading as those in the government who deny any anomalous activity in our skies. So, what is REALLY going on?
First, the main thing to say – and I’ll be brief – is that Orbs in all their complexity are what represents the REAL UFO experience…… in further summary…. `bedroom alien abductions’ are NOT real in the sense we consider real…… Aliens In Crafts are VERY VERY limited in our area of the universe and Earth BUT – a few NON-biological entities may indeed be in Crafts with Earth intentions……and they represent almost nothing of what people call the UFO experience. And, Robert Bigelow represents the go-between of the government with anomalous phenomena.
Finally, if you REALLY want to see what folks upload to MUFON (the actual so-called proofs of their own experiences) – and I’m talking pictures and videos —- I run a pictures and video UFO webpresence at REDDIT called Strange State UFO. There you can see that the UFO phenomena is NOT what the UFO `gathering sites’ present on YouTube.
Best to you all – dig deeper is all I can say. The DISinfo agents for UFOs are many and has been going on for decades — afterall – the anagram for UFO Disclosure IS Ludicrous Foes.
===================================REAL UFO Blogging ==============================

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Hanging The Chemtrail Tinsle For `X'- Mas - Top 10 Chemtrail Posts For 2014

It Atlanta the Chemtrail phenomena is nearly relentless... and MANY Saturday mornings in particular TPTB like to show their awesomeness for all to bath in the glory of.... the picture below on Saturday past:

You'll note that one `plane' had to do an abrupt turn (when I noticed it first) to make it all happen with a nice XMas flair... how... peachy.
In 2014 UDCC was about the only `UFO' blog that even mentioned the Chemtrail phenomena (making you wonder, where are you getting your UFO info) .... even if it is apparent that our skies look nothing like they did even in the 1990's.... NOTHING like them.
2014 Chemtrail Posts

And Today's POST
Now, most of you who are repeat visitors to UDCC know that I not only talk the talk, I walk the talk - as I have two manners for you to support the view that `The Good Old Days Didn't Have Chemtrails' - The Bumpersticker
A Christmas Day Picture in 2010 in Atlanta
I sell the bumper sticker here for 3.98
So, look for some Tinsle Hanging In Your Skies
Or, you can read my book for free if you are on Kindle Unlimited.
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Thanks for your readership in 2014

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2014 - Anal Probing Aliens - Really?

As you might assume, being an U.F.O. blogger has its own range of beliefs that one encounters via listening to their readers and looking at what reporters of the phenomena report - let alone what you can find attributed to `aliens' on the internet (you know, Reptilians running the world - excuse me, shapeshifting Reptilians). And, BELIEF in what the so-called `aliens' are up to or even doing to humans is also very wide ranging, from the bringing of esoteric knowledge to warnings of mankind's demise,etc . To which - brings us to today's headline .... perhaps.

Because the range of ideas pertaining to the image projection of `aliens' in just the last 60 years - as to `aliens seen on Earth' has been incredible.... literally. They seemingly began projecting the phenomena of being `humanlike' to many of the early folks mid last century as you know.... Martians if you will.......then we all knew from those first pictures from Mars... that they weren't Martians ... or from the goddess of love, Venus (early aliens were from there too). 

Consequently, aliens perse , would be needed to be moved off our solar system ... for the ` human like alien idea' to work..... Oh, btw, none of these aliens of the 1940's, 50's, 60's etc.... were INTO anal probing..... inexperienced with humans I guess.......... And, the 50's aliens ... that humans saw... were hardly here to destroy us, some were tall blond and godlike - except in the movies.... they came with messages AFTER the nuking of other humans. (This is close to my best idea of Esoteric aliens.) And, unfortunately, none of these aliens from the 50's and early 60's hung around for any pictures or videos or introductions.

Indeed, as I've said in this blog before, the one thing `non-believers' (or skeptics) in/of the alien phenomena have on `believers' is that - NEVER has one been publicly on display EVER. Period. ... (yes I know of the one or two... WOW one or two.... seemingly legit alien videos... skinny bob etc.) No one has ever trotted them out for money or fame clandestinely - no one has even promised yet to do so.... (unlike the fraud filled Bigfoot marketing). So again.... no one with HARD evidence of real phenomenological aliens. Something that UFO bloggers simply don't repeat often enough. ..... I'm talking Biological aliens, living in crafts, here to check out the humans. All we have are EXTREMELY limited `verified' abduction stories... with perhaps Travis Walton being the only known case IMO. (Digging deep into the internet reveals my knowledge of Walton's veracity with locals at the time.)

So, I've come to the conclusion via my blogging research and anal-ysis that biological aliens in crafts are EXTREMELY limited in scope and that almost NO interactions (not none but almost none) with those biological aliens ever happens with humans. BUT(t) that is NOT to say that `different' types of `aliens' may exist... and again... those that have been a reader of my blogs know that I suggest the word `entities' is more appropriate and that IMO up to 4 differing types of `aliens' may exist near or on Earth - at least possibly (and only the aliens in crafts with Earth based phenomenology are ONE of the four),

Butt rearing back to the ass-tributes.

A Freudian would have a field day.... people fear anal probes... people fear aliens.... put two and two together in a fantasy phenomenology `space' and lo and behold... aliens are probers. But, could it be that simple? .... Perhaps. IMO.
It also begs a few questions into my mind.... do the folks that experience the `nighttime-bedroom' aliens... in their full glory... are they even aware that those `same alien shapes and activities' are also involved with DMT.... ? That the `aliens' are simply a `stimulation' of a particular sequence of space within oneself? Or one that can be reproduced at the bare minimum. Or, is THAT not a good enough explanation for those that experience so-called `real aliens' interacting with them?

But, it also begs other questions. IMO.

IF humans are the pinnacle of `development' (big believers in `aliens' are heralding a new age and new age agenda) and humans have crossed some sort of threshold via going into space (as the new agers, and disclosure folks say) .... all the way to our own moon (wow, like 100 times further than California from where I sit in Atlanta) ....... then MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of human like civilizations -  `just barely not at our level of electronics' --- are out there in the universe.... are waiting and evolving to develop into advanced humans like us on Earth... shouldn't aliens be guiding THEM to avoiding our pitfalls? Are aliens evangelists? I doubt it.

And, wouldn't `aliens' already have conducted ENOUGH anal probes - elsewhere - over the last billions of years - even before Earth existed - to answer any question still existing in the universe about the rectal system? I think so.

As the doubters and skeptics of the very existence of ANYTHING anomalous in our skies... despite very strong evidence that some humans are interacting with some visible orblike phenomena.... like to point out..... `why would an alien travel across the universe to flash lights at humans?' Indeed, why? ........ Likewise, why would an alien travel across the universe to put a probe up someones anus? (Now humans in so-called UFO's with perversions.... wellllll).

Lastly, IMO, the near amazing phenomena and phenomenology that some humans seem to be able to create in locations close to them is something near miraculous... and certainly rise to interactions with entities well beyond `human perversions' of  the body.
My above essay reminds me of TWO books - one my own and the other, the book that began my own intellectual journey back in the early 70's



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Just The Facts Mam - Private Eye's UFO Encounter In Hawaii `This Is Who I Am, And This Is What I Can Do'

I love the way the report below is filed... and indeed, if true, reeks of the range of what the Orb Phenomena may possibly be able to actualize... responding to intentions and awareness.... as we've seen in report after report over the past half decade.
Reported To MUFON on Dec. 3rd - Event Was 10/26

I was on my morning walk before dawn on Kilohana Street in Kailua Kona, Hi. 
Conditions-70 degrees, dark, no clouds, 5:30 AM HST, sky filled with stars. 
Observed a yellow star in the SW sky, altitude-approx 3000' above sea level. 
Observed it slowly pacing me. I shined a 1300 Lumen flashlight on it in the quick strobe mode. It jerked, got brighter, and "Here it comes!" Condition of observer--very frightened. When it got right above me, at an estimated 250-500', I flashed my strobe on in again, and it stopped. It's light closed for 1.5-2 seconds. It appeared to be a brushed stainless steel or aluminum ball, best guess 15-20 in diameter. It's yellow light resumed, and it took off at a tremendous speed, crossing the entire horizon to the north in 1 second before disappearing. Time of observation- 8 seconds. Observer description-55 yr old male cauc. I wear corrective lenses. Profession--Eye witness identification expert--licensed private investigator, 32 years. No history of making unconservative or false statements. No-mental illness, drug abuse, hallucinations. Medical condition--I take a statin for high cholesterol. Opinion--I accept the idea there could be UFOs but don't believe anything until I can examine it. I can say what it wasn't--not a balloon, a bird, an insect, a drone, an airplane or helicopter. My immediate impression--there goes my understanding of our world. The object exhibited intelligent control, operated beyond our technology of flight, was silent. I am not making an accurate determination as to distances, size, and speed, but only approximations. Best guess--It was a solid obect. It behaved outside our current understanding of physics and propulsion. It (could have been) a probe, a spacecraft, military secret, alive. My impression--that it's message was--"this is who I am, and this is what I can do."

I want to emphasize once again that IF you don't see an update here... doesn't mean I'm not blogging UFOs (or interacting with readers about) at Reddit (Strange State UFO - now followed by over 500) and in the State UFO Series.... which as you see in the sidebar I updated at Florida UFOs in the last few days... you can see it Here.

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My Reaction To The Holts Summit UFO Reports

Yesterday I provided an in-depth look at one of the UFO hotspots... Missouri .... and the experiences recorded by one gentleman..... I wrote to him my overall view about his thoughts about the UFO phenomena that I had been able to discern via  scanning his writings about his real experiences. He has also indicated to me that the LACK of viable links to his videos and pictures at Dropbox is being investigated on his behalf - he indicated that some of the material is on his twitter account too.

Anyhow, this is a part of what I wrote privately back to him:
Hi Tye. First, I thank you for reaching out to my blog and blogging efforts. Not knowing how familiar you are with my blogs - specifically UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock - it's hard to gauge where to begin with your UFO phenomena experiences. I guess the first thing to say is that I covered the UFO phenomena in Missouri BIG TIME a few years ago and have tons of material-stories similar to your experiences. In just reading a dozen or so of your pages - several things stand out and connect directly with my analysis in my blogging about the phenomena. One is that - like it or not - you are one of about 2 dozen `Orb Callers' that I've identified so far - a search of my website under Orb Callers will yield MUCH reading for you to see how similar or dissimilar their experiences were. I can tell you that some are nearly identical... even some have similar `theories' similar to your own ideas (that I've read so far). 

My Missouri coverage highlighted some of the experiences around the Lees Summit area - very in-depth - right down to interviewing the airport manager. What stood out about that flap and others I've been following since 2007 via the MUFON reports - is how the Orb/UFO phenomena projects one image/perception and yields yet another `photographic' image of itself completely different - often to most of the time the pictures look nothing like the perception. Also, the CLOSER the phenomena - the more distorted (potentially) the experience and phenomena is. I've even described a MOTIF for such encounters as the Orb phenomena seems to be `developing'.

All that said, I also see that you've been strongly considering the `ideas' of the `UFO Disclosure' crowd - something I call a dog an pony show. I have major differences with many of their opinions and `proofs' of aliens.... and I know you aren't a UFO researcher per se -- but the UFO Abduction phenomena (as far as BEDROOM experiences) has been largely discredited.... though that idea is only strong among some UFO researchers that I admire and communicate with. Oh, btw, that does not diminish your `intuitions' about when and where the phenomena may actualize. (you might want to look up Feather Orb on youtube or my blog - my blog may have directly inspired that experience of another).

As you may have gathered even from my wording of this e-mail back to you - I look VERY closely at the phenomenology of the experience(s) - and have a view only a phenomenologist might have.... (and if you think UFO experiencers are rare - phenomenologists are almost non existent). Oh, btw, I've had `anomalous' experiences, with others, while fully conscious, that I refuse to relate to my readership - so, nothing is impossible in a fortean, phenomenology based world IMO. You can share any experience and I'd have a one up with a completely different explanation. Just sayin.

Now, all that said, I mentioned some overlap - eerie overlap and NOT for the first time... and that is the #2 pencil lead below the skin acquired as a child and in my right hand below my middle finger and still visible. With a FULLY remembered experience of acquiring it that my father told me never happened. (My memory is of stabbing my hand at the age of 5-7 in a liquor store that I was in with my father.) - I've seen other photos by other experiencers that looked nearly identical to mine. Perhaps yours too.

I have not looked at one bit of your `evidence' and honestly don't need to - you are preaching to the choir. That said, of course I will look at at least some of your video and picture proofs. I've seen many structured Orbs videos and pics - they are bamboozling. Especially if you are caught up in their web of influence (like my Feather Orb reader in San Antonio.)..... You are also in need of seeing what Dean Clark was able to `bring forth' into the skies around his home in Kentucky in front on MUFON in 2008-09, eventually it was called a `religious display'. And, finally for now - the influence of Robert Bigelow on just about everything anomalous since the early 1990's is the most undertold story in `paranormal' and UFO's are front and center.

Rick Phillips -  Feel free to continue this conversation if you wish.
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Monday, December 1, 2014

(Exclusive) - Repeat Orb Experiencer Chronicles UFO Phenomena In Missouri And MUFONs Lack Of Interest

Hello folks.. once again and for the 2nd time in just a few weeks.. a UFO experiencer has reached out to UDCC to get the message out there... so to speak. This time from the UFO hotbed of Missouri.... What you will find is the link and comment submitted to my state UFO blog that deals with Missouri UFOs (find the state UFO series in the sidebar) that have been all around this man for the last few years... with some very spectacular close range experiences that have changed his view on reality in general. He's put all of that into a 50+ page document and uploaded many files to a website called dropbox.

As of yet, I have only gone thru a portion of what he has here - but I will share some material that I've reviewed already and rest assured... if you spend the time... he has lots and lots of videos and pictures too.... I will try to skim the report he created as I post this today and interject my comments and analysis too. I've already written a long response to Tye and I will include that too - I've also steered Tye into a bit of the thinking about UFOs around these parts (myself) - specifically his interests in the dog and pony show called UFO Disclosure with it's sidekick bedroom alien abductions. Clockers are well aware of my evolution on those characters.

That said, and as I've commented before in this blog - when one has these repeat `impossible' Orb (unknown) experiences.. ones mind has to come up with some sort of `rational' which often then involves belief systems of alliance. To be expected really. As I have my own analysis too of the phenomena. 
Still with me? Okay first his submitted comment to my Missouri UFO blog, one of the best of the state UFO blogs and one that continues to show very anomalous phenomena almost like no other place in the country. Here's his reachout.
(red is my emphasis)
UFOs over Holts Summit MO
Latest pics also posted on my twitter acct @tyea99
I gave up on reports to MUFON etc because you give them pictures, videos, tell them that you have witnesses, they do not even send an investigator... 

So, when I checked the Missouri blog - I couldn't BELIEVE how many EXCELLENT pictures of 2014 UFOs in Missouri that MUFON has REMOVED - REALLY SICK - WHAT IS GOING ON AT MUFON WITH THE DATABASE?
But, I get sidetracked on what is obviously something strange going on at MUFON. And back to Tye's tale -- first click the link he provides and you will be immediately impressed with his layout of the information concerning his experiences.
I'd like to take some excepts from the above document and present them below .....First, this is how he presents his document if you didn't go to the link (please do) - it also contains the links he is positioning as most important:
 with video, stills & picture file.
 Posted by Tye Hampton
This is the lead file, to much deeper information in subsequent files linked from here:
Sightings Contents:
Historical Experiences :
Summary & Copyright Usage Info: 

This "Intro" tells a little of why I decided to start documenting my experiences into this file and begins
giving one a general idea of whats been hoing on here in Holts Summit Missouri the last few years
through the Executive Summary of Best Pics & Videos. However the real depth of detailed
information is contained in subsequent files; 2010-2014 Sightings, Historical and Summary;, Files links
posted above (please update your bookmarks). As I do in many places, I swear this is all real, nothing

is faked or fabricated, and my testimony is all complete as I can make it..... 

(again from here on... it's excerpts)
This file having as my number of overall experiences having grown to extraordinary size, far beyond
what I originally intended with just wishing to document the original 2010 incident and later as time
went on the 2010-2013 UFO incidents. I decided to buy the Cannon Powershot Camera (it was
actually a gift chosen by me) in the summer of 2012 but, one thing was still missing the internet access,
thus in the fall of 2013 I overcame this buying my ipad to get online. It was a huge change, as this
simple act (like they -whomever they are- were watching) saw the beginning of a huge increase in these
regular but occasional incidents. I began filing my incidents with an alleged MUFON investigator (I
now have doubts really was) but upon trying to provide an update was unable to contact this individual.
Thus I began documenting these incidents first making written notes, later calendar notes in my 'dumbphone'
and finally with the addition of this ipad, putting notes on a calendar and later when NUFORC
and MUFON sort of blew me off, transferring this to the notes program and later into a file on Dropbox

online so everyone could read the story.
.....  I just want to present these facts, to let the public, which for the most part here in America is
so deceived, our people here in the USA, do lied to its hard to belueve what anyone says, I get that. As
a whole, most cannot accept that what we have been told, is our human history and the true nature of
reality as physicists are now beginning to present, and people believe it is all, just plain bullshit, let
alone are able to comprehend, the beginnings of the multiverse, in which we reside. It's easier to
believe the Christian creation myth, or some self created fantasy, than look at the true nature of reality
but, once you open your eyes awakening to what is really going on, you cannot look back. I have done
I feel certain the time is coming that all these things will all be revealed and humanity will understand
these things. If I can lessen the shock of that coming change with even one person, assisting them
coming to a wider enlightenment, then it is well worth my writing all of this, which honestly, represents
hundreds of hours of work, not just in writing but, in getting these pics and videos (thousands of
pictures in all snapped of which only 1% turned out and had something on them, and are in this file),
and all the money spent and pain endured, doing this. 

(WEBMASTER PHILLIPS - Really impressive documentation for sure. That said, I do not buy into the Bible side of the anomalous as readers know. I especially think all feelings of things being imminently different in some sort of consciousness manner are also off base and ring of the 2012 side of the disclosure movement.  Continuing with the document....)

...(I've)  included for the first time (posted 7-2014) a
childhood/teen strange incident that I had resisted posting because it just seemed to "out there" for
anyone to believe but, a recent confirmation as well from Wikipedia, supporting info that what
occurred in 1977, and my own relation to this unusual incident which I have resisted telling anyone
(but one submission I recall at MUFON) because it was so bizarre. However the confirmation of
something similar I found on UTube and the Wikipedia entry, I have decided to disclose this very
personal incident from 1977 that I had experienced and honestly, screwed me up, for years wondering
if it was real. Finally having decided it was an illusion that never occurred, that was, until 12-2013
when I came across the UTube video of something similar and confirmed this on Wikipedia having
actually happened. I was so shocked by this information, it changed my opinion of my own incident
and the nature of our existence as a whole. Thus I include it for the first time, if the reader chooses to
believe it or think I am truly confirming my sanity is in question, is up to them to decide. All I can say,
I have experienced these things, and, for the record I have included a summary of my own speculations,
feelings, opinions and conclusions that I've drawn from my experiences. This borders on the religious
and theoretical, and is "out there", as has been my life's experiences. 

(Webmaster Phillips - How's that for a tease of the 1977 event?)

...However, in the same
breath I must say, if you are unsure if you want this process of enlightenment to begin, do not read my
words because words have the basis in thought, thought is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed only
change form. My "energy" my thoughts, are written herein, and reading this "Experiences File" may,
hopefully will, open to the reader this comprehension, thus, if the reader is unready or unwilling to
possibly have their faith in everything from government to religion affected, then maybe, they should
not read and should remain in their ignorant bliss. Knowing these things carries with it a price, a 'loss
of innocence', so read on at your own risk. I promise you nothing but, truth, and an understanding of
what I have seen and lived in my life but, without expecting it, you may receive far more. 

(WEBMASTER Phillips - pretty close to phenomenology above.... hmmm. The genie in the bottle is indeed tough to coax back into the bottle.)

The following are the best of my pictures of craft I have caught, this short list amounts to a summary of
thousands of times I have snapped pictures. Of those thousands about ten percent show something, and
of those maybe another ten percent are not blurred too badly, close enough, camera settings were
correct for the conditions and lighting etc., so this is the best if the best pictures showing more than just
the ionization field created by many if these craft. These I turned are also listed with the irrelevant
sightings reports (sorry I will eventually match the dates and list appropriate dates to these pics);
Nacelle Ship:
Multicolor lighted craft;
Tail end:
Arnold's Skipper (looks kinda like Kenneth Arnold's "saucer" descriptions):
Low Power Turn I (likely military);

(WEBMASTER Phillips - he has many many more at the full link.... I also love and comment eventually how the pictures rarely match the perception - read on....)

At that point, happening to glance back toward the shoreline, in a split second, I noticed a tree's
shadow on the lake bottom, at the waters edge, had gotten larger. I looked up at the tree on the
property's edge right along the shoreline. A distinct tree, that some years before my Mother bought this
property had been struck by lightning, blowing the top - probably 20-30' off the tree splintering it into
pieces at the very top leaving a stump, it otherwise would be the tallest by far.
 There, as if it was hung there, by wires, just above the tree "top stump", hung a craft very closely
resembling a stealth fighter (the smaller fighter, not the big bomber), black painted, just hanging there
silently, without moving, I could very clearly see the pilot, wearing his helmet, goggles like or visor, air
breathing equipment, etc. staring down, right at me, looking me in the eyes. This may sound strange
but, it was like at that moment, for an instant, we could read each others thoughts.... Mentally, I guess
is the best word, I could feel his reaction was like "Oops, you are not supposed to be there", and mine,
"what're not supposed to be there". It was an odd moment... I felt like the craft was somehow
out of position, like it had flown up to the lake at the tree tops to see if anyone was on the lake fishing
(there was not), to see if he could quickly shortcut across the lake without being seen. I know, that
does not make much sense but, that was my "feeling", and thats the only way I can describe it... I know
he was human, well humanoid, I could not see eyes through the goggles or visor (do not recall, but, I

think it was goggles like but, I am not certain 
..... THE EXPERIENCE CONTINUED ....  Just then two more duplicate craft floated up
silently from behind my Mom's house above the trees and right over me, on either side, coming up
behind the first, one taking the left wing position and slightly behind, the other the right wing position
and slightly behind, forming a triangular formation ( I could also clearly see the painted American Flag
on the rear of these craft with various identification letters & numbers and the white painted air force
star with a circle) as I continued to watch, the formation still gently floating perhaps a few feet a
second, continued floating out over the lake slowly, then I saw what they were waiting for as two more
craft came up over me but further to each side away, falling in place to make a flight of 5 in a perfect
triangle. These pilots were experts, clearly, flying so close, and the first three accelerating to match the
faster two coming up behind. Just as these last two joined the formation, they all began to accelerate,
already a quarter the way across the lake and quickly approaching halfway, in just seconds (perhaps
one, to one and one half, minute, had elapsed from the time I had seen the first one, hanging there....).
 I decided, that they would be gone fast, as they were accelerating quickly, and completely silent, with
no wind, nothing to indicate motion except movement...An amazing experience, which proves to me at least, that we have antigravity driven, stealth, fighter
I can say this, I really wish, in some ways, I had not ever seen these because from that moment forward - 3 / 8 -
my life was destroyed; I feel, what started following this, was a campaign to completely discredit me
using the powers of the state, doing everything they could to make certain no one would ever believe
me. Today, twenty years later, I tell this publicly, though I am still concerned that there could be
repercussions but, the truth must be told. 
(WEBMASTER Phillips - As Clockers know, I've went beyond any UFO researcher to suggest that the supposed `follow up helicopters and jets' are NOT real in the sense we consider real.)

So, I've read more including the 1977 incident that happened to Tye.... all very interesting and to me a reflection of the complex phenomenology our perceptions actually can live within.... All that said, the few video links I tried DIDN'T WORK at dropbox - and I hope that Tye digs a bit more into his links used - perhaps they have vanished from Dropbox.... hmmm.
So, once again REAL UFO blogging brings forth Real UFO experiences of great range - told in the first person, and you heard it here..... first. Thanks for being a reader.
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