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UFO Disclosure 2014 - Again

The plan is to do some rambling..... to talk about the search terms of interest.... like `when will the aliens return the passengers of Flight 370'.. that I read today in my stats from Google Analytics. AND, wouldn't THAT be the `story of the century'?..... A bit like the show being promoted right now.... resurrection! There THEY would be - the passengers and the aliens! What an introduction to the world, right?

I'm quite surprised that the Susan Duclos, Paul Gilbert and the FAKE UFO disinformation folks haven't worked up a piece or two suggesting that this is all imminent.  IF you are wondering who I am talking about - you evidently didn't see my EXPLOSIVE piece earlier this month about the Ukraine UFO (that never existed and is a total complete BS lie by the forces of disinfo). - Think I'm kidding? The BS Of UFOlogy.....

So, the FIRST thing to say about UFO disclosure in 2014 is that you have to wade thru tons and tons of PURE crappola and be VERY careful the sources you use...... continuing........ and one would THINK that the folks within the UFO Disclosure Traveling Show would be it, right? 

You know, supposedly former military folks talking about UFOs stopping our nukes and stuff... with others in their crowd saying much more such as the ALIENS are here (if not multiple races of such)..... and yet others of the same crowd say they time travel and more.... ALL the same crowd of folks..... the same crowd of folks that had a successful (in a sense) `news conference' in DC a time or two in the mid part of our first decade of the 2000's.... and they slowly gathered steam as there was no pushback.  The question was (I think) to the MSM - how much of this is TRUE? A question they (the MSM) had no way to prove.

As the traveling UFO show grew near the end of that first decade of our new millennium  - and the year 2012 approached - the LOONIES came out in force... the `alternative thinking crowd'.... those expecting either Armageddon or to Ascend to some new higher mankind `vibration' -- think of the Project Avalon folks for this type of crappola....... MEANWHILE... the UFOs in our collective skies, along with the `carry in your pocket' technology to catch pictures and videos (cellphones)... seemed to change the very nature of what constituted what a UFO was.... indeed, things seemed to be developing on many fronts as the 2008-2009 (yea we have a new black president and America is changing euphoria).. the anti-war, anti-military democraps were waking up seemingly..... for one.... and lo and behold... the technology of cellphones was now capturing  and creating a new phenomena that I call here at UDCC  `Orb Videographers and Callers'....... 

You are only beginning to catch up. (New Readers To UDCC)

I haven't even mentioned Robert Bigelow... a person very connected to the strangest of the strangest UFO reports via the government and the public... who the MSM seems to treat as totally OFF LIMITS.... I'd need too much space for one quick post.... I'm giving you the overview to do your own legwork as a new user here who THINKS that UFO disclosure is STILL coming in some manner..... (IT ALREADY HAPPENED in 2011) - here's the links -   HERE and Here.... it can't come ... it already arrived and no one at any other UFO website is telling you; let alone the MSM.

But, what about someone like Dr. Greer you say?.... well, Greer it turns out, IMO, is now actually a `commercial Orb caller' (I'd let someone go so far as to say they are calling the space of an entity). A guru of sorts... but no different IMO than at least a dozen or two `orb callers' that I've identified on UDCC over the last 7 years. He's embedded within a faction of the Traveling UFO Disclosure Show and is a hero to the alternative crowd. 

Nearly ALL the Traveling UFO Disclosure show crowd are anti-war, anti-military, and supposedly anti-truth suppression (but, do they have or share the TRUTH?)..... all these folks IMO are using manipulations to keep their point of view being viable.

As you perhaps know, this all became ugly as the UFOs caught by the new technologies continued to saturate the world, resulting in the multi-camera/people `Jerusalem Orb' in Jan 2011 - which took the MSM by storm after the predicted NYC UFO in late 2010 - it was the fourth `UFO' the MSM covered with the open ended question mark at the end (the Chicago O'Hare and the 2008 Stephenville being the other two). And a slippery slope could be seen developing..... by the powers that be (TPTB). (Also, such as the near immediate disinfo about the Jerusalem Orb.)

Meanwhile, the media, led by Miles O'Brien and Larry King (about 2008 being the peak) were giving credence to the voices of the aliens on Earth crowd. Even if only every other month in non-prime time on CNN. UFO specials were commonplace in other media during the sweeps (rating periods). They, the MSM, were even dabbling into the serious unknown of `alien abductions' .... but mainly the `sleeping dreaming' in my bedroom type of alien abductions.... (beginning the total confusion of objective and subjective aliens).

Hell, it wasn't even 2012 yet... and while anyone with any mind was pretty sure - no one knew if the ancient knowledge was going to come to pass.... for sure at least. Meanwhile in 2011 the Orb phenomena seemed to accelerate... much like the actual prediction of Shaman Lujan Matus in these very pages. 

And, as mentioned earlier, the Orb calling phenomena was in full swing - with copycats of Dean Clark moved into action by 2010..... could this be the proof the 2012 loony crowd might even  be right? Heck, even former astronauts were hinting Roswell was real.. was a can of worms about to begin crawling over everyone's skin? Was every `missing child' and missing person report to be thought of as a possible alien abduction?

Then, as if to cool the 2012 fervor..... the `UFO Answer' was given (link was provided above already) - by the USA government - delivered NOT EVEN IN PERSON - but by a letter issued by Phil Larson on government stationary. That answer was hardly what the UFO disclosure crowd wanted, indeed, it was the opposite; - the USA government not only said they were hiding nothing concerning UFOs, they said the totally all encompassing `no alien interaction between or with ANY humans': - aliens were NO LONGER REAL and NO LONGER TO BE CONSIDERED as ON EARTH by the MSM. It was simple to read between the lines the the MSM had been given its marching orders.

I've repeatedly called it Suppression Via Disclosure - and you have seen a TOTAL BACK OFF by the MSM since.

The total void was taken up by the nut crowd in 2012 - but, who have SINCE run into all kinds of `confirmation' problems of their own.... Oh, and the void also permitted a new phenomena of thought control..... the internet `UFO Gathering Sites' phenomena.... and fear and disinfo sites .... like Before It's News, Above Top Secret and such.... and the MSM decided, with pressure as I've already pointed out - to relent,, and to let the UFO story be just that ... a story. Not the truth. And, to leave the `coverage' to the manipulated alternative crowd.

And, things continued to `evolve' with `UFO Disclosure' the UFO disclosure traveling show lost steam and kicked out some members of their cabal. The 2012 NUTcrowd was humiliated by the no-show of Armageddon and at not becoming a higher vibrating human. And, the Orb callers nearly all found that their so-called `power' was limited in scope and timeframe. Nonetheless, bits of each continued into 2013 surviving and re-grouping... (as I mentioned just last post - the backtracking by some is beyond remarkable.).

Which dumps us all into 2014 in an attempt to catch you up with so called UFO disclosure....but, isn't the real question `what are UFOs'... and why is the powers that be so reluctant to talk about them? To that, the answer is IMO multifaceted as regular readers around UDCC know.... and is not the purpose of this mind excursion to satisfy the 80% of all visitors who are NEW everyday - and who are wondering about UFO disclosure 2014. Now, if you are new - go to the sidebar and enlighten yourself to a different point of view about the UFO phenomena and UFOlogy in general.

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The Dan Aykroyd MIB Interview

Many folks are aware of the rumor that DA has the goods (the proof) about the Chicago O'Hare UFO incident of 2006... a video that has never surfaced.... he also dabbled in the paranormal stuff related with UFO's and was involved in a series a few years ago (in which he didn't produce any smoking gun on Chicago)... and in the video below he relates an interesting twist to THAT story about the day the series was unexpectedly cancelled upon (between) interviews with the Disclosure Crowd Traveling show........ yes this was 2011 and before the final shutdown by the government..... anyway it's a very interesting few minutes... highly recommended.

Oh, I haven't even mentioned the MIB part yet, have I? Well, I may be willing to go into the rabbit hole but are you - because we will be talking about `what is real and what isn't'.
137K Views - 13/1 Positive to Negative

what he has to say about John Mack is quite interesting especially since the `degrading' of the `abduction' experience in the last few years. Also, if MIB, and cars can vanish or dematerialize - or be not real - what's the difference between that and Tall Aliens of the 1950's for instance. It's a bit disturbing his mixing of the Mississippi incident and those that happen out of bedrooms while one is asleep. IMO.
For The 8 Page Read Of A Lifetime

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Searching Google `Did UFO Disclosure Happen In 2011?'

Clockers know of my obsession with the data with all my webpages.... and the search terms that bring folks to UDCC is certainly of interest...... so, it's of interest to me the WHOLESALE lack of awareness or even interest in the UFO DISCLOSURE answer that WAS INDEED forthcoming from a USA government official in late 2011 that `answered' the questions of the people - (literally - the petition time of which the government picks and chooses those unanswered questions burning in the common mans mind -  that meet some basic interest criteria level).....
This is how that 2011 document began:
red is my emphasis
OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE RESPONSE TOformally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race - Disclosure. and 1 other petition

Searching for ET, But No Evidence Yet

By Phil Larson
Thank you for signing the petition asking the Obama Administration to acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.
The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye.
So, I went in search of UDCC on Google to see where UDCC would rank -- near the top of the 3rd page for `did ufo disclosure happen in 2011'..... but, as always, the results are of interest.... a few highlights"
typical `bin' hype
Hilarious backtracking from their 2009-2012's crappola
Oh, not ONE mention in either of the above that it had already happened. 
You say that you'd like to look at UFO Pictures for the next half hour? Here You Go (website UFO Circle)
so, I added several of you who since October have joined the private mailing listing on MailChimp. As you know, that then gets you an invitation to be part of the PRIVATE list for entry to UDCC when UDCC is in PRIVATE mode. One problem, it appears that only 3 of the 4 of you will receive the invitation from blogger - UDCC may have hit the unknown limit set my blogger for private lists - I heard it was 50 but it seems that 40 might be the maximum. So, 3 of you are getting invitations today - please respond.
I've been working on a BIG post for the state of Virginia - check the sidebar this weekend for more.
My GREAT Anomalous Material On Squidoo.Com

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The NEVER Expected Link Between Daytime Orb Pictures And Bird Poop

Yeah, back in private mode again - hello to all my readers of UDCC who joined the private mailing listing or my invite to the blog. The reason for going private today, yesterday and probably the next day or two is that UDCC, once again, is under assault from spammers mainly out of Russia and Ukraine (I can see this in my stats). .... So, lets let all that traffic end up at a dead end in the internet and hope the assault lets up shortly.

So, I have a rare gem that I doubt you are going to be seeing featured on any other `UFO' blogging site..... you see, as a Redditor I frequently see on my Reddit front page stuff from the UFO category..... and what I saw was the claim of an anomalous photo of `who knows what' -- that picture from that posting is below:

And, I have to say that EXCEPT for the line of poop - these look nearly identical to `daytime orbs' that many folks photograph - especially over water like this.... makes one think that if a flock of birds was up and over the water that simply filming below them -- with the birds out of frame - could produce multiple images of `moving orbs'..... has someone figured this out and often is simply pulling the UFOlogy crowds chain? .... Oh, that's right - the above picture is the one claiming to be Orbs or the unknown.... but, this picture below... from the comments on the same thread at Reddit... clearly show the similarities:
Now, we've all known for quite sometime that a lot of sh.t is mixed in with all the `info' about the unknown and UFO's -- but this is taking it to a new, unexpected level.
A bit of levity and only for my private mailing list folks.
In other Real UFO Blogging News

As Clockers know, I recently featured the edgy Australian UFO scene of 2009 and into today 2014 -- and one of the feature Guys, especially right now, is a fellow named Peter Slattery (who I hope to have on an interview at some point) who is an Orb Videograher and now moving into being a point person for interviewing the other `alternative' voices on the UFO scene --- and while I somewhat mocked the edgy guests of Peters and the taking hook line and sinker some of the far out ideas of the alternative crowd.... perhaps I went a bit too far as he also in the video below takes on Stan Romanek (something not done too often beyond at UDCC) (the alien in the window guy and one of the talk circuit in UFOlogy):
Is This A Uri Geller - Johnny Carson Moment?
A VERY Interesting `About This Video' comment too at the above link.
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Snapshot Of The Australia Edgy UFO Scene - Circa 2009-2014

As you will see at this Australian website - 2009 Was Heady Times - as with Dean Clark in America at the time... it seemed that Australian UFOs were simply materializing right out of the sky if you simply gave them time to appear for some folks..... Described still as Australia's Most Popular UFO Location (Northern Australia known more for UFOs evidently) Or Website... (not ranked in Alexa but actually showing UDCC as one of the listed 20 backlinks) ... I re-found something of interest the other day on the website - This Page which is largely the blogging effort of Alan Ferguson over the past year or so...... the page has some very good `UFO' videos ... the guy that runs this site is a UFOHunter `Alan Ferguson' (orb/UFO caller in 2009 that I referred to above) ..... (this site kinda skirts but not completely  the crappola side of 2009 UFO Disclosure crowd) (however it's still talking about Starseeds, abductions and stuff)...... Alan, hot with the Orb calling in 2009 -  was catching Orbs as recently as 2012 as you can see at the link - but seems to be in a cold patch now. (As with most Orb Callers UDCC has identified - most only have this so-called ability for a limited period of time.)

Anyway, the thing that caught my attention on Al's webpage was the supposed video of a `UFO' power up (Orb Display from intentions) - caused by a laser (something Clockers know we've looked for at UDCC before - laser/Orb shots) - and holy smokes - here's a real deal from another Orb caller on Alan's webpage (this one indeed with lasers) Peter M. Slattery (who has scads of UFO videos of his own  138 Videos Right Here - the one below, with the Orb power up after a laser flash -  was uploaded on Jan 4th, 2014 ---- 1,250 views as I upload it: (no public voting, at any of his videos?) Research into Peter's web presence seems to indicate that Peter started filming `ufos' in 2010 but didn't upload any videos to YouTube until November 8th, 2012 - the same day as filming another orb.... overall even up until that point in 2010 to Nov. 2012 - he's not an impressive caller or has impressive videos IMO. -  BUT then, in 2013, - his video collection goes wild and begins to include these `communications' with lasers videos: (His Video Page By Year On His Website).

Other `power up laser communication videos'
(not as impressive as the one I've embedded)
(many of the above videos have under 100 total views none more than about 400)
Finally He Says He Only Put The Camera On For Five Minutes Shooting Above His Home - A Very Interesting Daytime Orb Phenomena also in 2014. 

Readers, this is like at the beginning of the Orb video phenomena in 2003-2004, when a few folks in California would simply go out to the coastline and start videoing - knowing - that eventually that something would show up.

But, I've selected to bring you this one below - from Jan. 2014:

Seems Totally Authentic IMO
Published on Jan 4, 2014
On the 4th of January 2014, Peter Maxwell Slattery and his friend Karol did a contact session out at Bowna, which is located in N.S.W Australia.

Pete had 3 cameras set up, but only two caught a craft doing a power up. They had other sightings to, but this was the best.

The night vision monocular Pete uses does not record audio, but the other two cameras do. With the first bit of footage from Pete's night vision monocular that you are about to see, Pete added the audio to from the camera that did not pick up the craft. The footage after that is of the same craft but was recorded with Pete's All Sky Camera, which is not top of the line quality, but it does a good enough job to capture some things.

To see more go to
So, in following the first lead of Alan Ferguson at `UFO Territory', and the video above  - I was obviously put onto Peter Slattery (Alan Links To One Other Aussie UFO Person Too - An Abduction/Starseed type of individual who I will mention later) who seems to be keeping alive the orb-craft calling phenomena (as you can see above); - but like nearly ALL ORB callers -  Peter thinks he has some special insights into the world around us via these experiences.  (And IMO it is heady that you can act like a magician with the world as your showcase via Orb calling.) Unfortunately for the Orb callers - no one is getting the same info - and all get different messages. I'm reminded of Blossom Goodchild.

(IMO, they don't understand or only slightly understand (some of the CE-5 protocol is in line with it however) the very mechanism of the structure that triggers the events.)

The E.T. Contact Experience - is the positioning of Peter's information website which is highly recommended if you want to be drawn into `answers' - much like the UFO Disclosure exo-politics Crowd and Folks like those following Greer and the alternative 2012 crowd crappola. . . IE: Federation of Light stuff. Nonetheless, Peter's website and efforts are quite impressive over the past year or so.

Peters Books

And, yes, he even has a documentary:
no transcript available - haven't watched myself
Now the above seems to be the crux of Peter's focus - but - he indeed offers up more proofs on his ParaNormal Page of Orbs surrounding him. And, he has about 5 Witnesses To Strangeness While With Him - like many who have paraNormal times and experiences. 

His claimed ET Contact Experiences....(almost scary in its normalcy - and IMO something that suggests an alternative information perception core - a `seeing' to a Shaman) - as I've blogged about before, is with folks supposedly in contact with beings from `Orion' and `The Pleiades' and `Sirius' - these are NOT stars even in proximity to each other in the first two cases (the stars of Orion are 100's to over a 1000 light years from each other for example - saying `were from Orion' is crappola - and `they' just happen to come from the Constellation that man was making symbols about over 30,000 years ago, the one grouping of stars most familiar to mankind - yeah, right) - (also, they'd hardly describe themselves as being from places named by folks on Earth as constellations from our vantage point IMO) (and a thousand other reasons too numerous to mention). So, frankly, this part of Peter IMO is either imagination or less ... even disinfo perhaps.

Now, all that said about ET's I haven't dug deep enough yet, evidently, to know if he feels these are objective encounters or subjective encounters. But, rest assured - his abilities of Orb calling IMO are NOT dependent on such nonsense as beings from Sirius. As I mentioned, it's very heady to be `able' to `call Orbs' and in that sense - those folks can ascribe any power to their ability. Remember, Robert Bingham, Orb Caller 2012-2013 thinks that he is `calling angels' into the sky - Prophet Yahweh was thinking he was calling Ships Driven By Bible Characters - etc, etc.  (Some think that the orbs are demons.) This is Peter laying out very reasonable ideas for a CE-5 Contact - the guy does walk the talk.

But, I'm not done with Peter - who seems to be one of the LIVE forces in Australia for alternative thought right now - with 28 Talk Shows Since November 2013 - With A Fairly Tight Knit Group Of Folks Well Into The Aliens Are Real Scene - that said, it looks interesting and you could be there a couple days I bet. (Mary Rodwell, the `other' outside link on Alan's page is interviewed twice in the 28 for example - Mary is the alien abduction part of all of this - her website is Here. She was Peter's first interview. Mary's site is a big slippery slope of the heady days of UFO abduction phenomena - watch out.)

Peter's Second Interview - Was With Another Orb Caller In Australia - A Man Named Damien Nott (I am not kidding) - who can be found here on YouTube as KnightOfTruth79 with about 60 or so UFO videos - all from the past year - and indeed, he ALSO seems to be cooling off in being able to call the phenomena within video range - anyway - here's his collection PART one - outtakes of the best UFOs he has personally caught 
(that said, some of his stuff is laughable - and is not featured in his best of)
(It's also funny that of those that he interviews for his talk show - how disengaged some of the folks are since 2012 and the no-show for the alternative viewpoint of reality.)
My goal in is to share my ufo sightings and spread the truth to people in the world about the phenomena . Believers , non believers also those who want to believe .
The reality will come out eventualy and with your help , we can spread the truth .
Best Of Damien Nott
Other Aussies Interviewed On Peter's Show Include:

Psychic Anya Briggs 
Victorian UFO Action - Ben Hurle
Maverick Numberologist - Ellis C. Taylor
Lifelong Experiencer And Contactee - Suzanne Chancellor
ParaNormalist - Jackie Chin
Healer, UFO Researcher - Sheryl Gottschall
Body Light Too Is Sheryl's
Experiencer Brad Thornton - Flipped Out? (IMO, one of those creating fantasies for the alternative crowd. Associated with Mary Rodwell. Claims to have been taken as child with other children to MILAB training camps - google search has ONLY him as the source of quakery. Doesn't even have a website to be opened up to scrutiny.)
I love this next guy and website - Steven Strong tracing the world's homo sapiens to Australia.

====================================== Americans Include
Debi Tripp - Experiencer, Hypnotherapist Debi's High Strangeness Experiences Since 2011

W. Patrick - Experiencer, Caller

Niara Isley - Experiencer, Hypnotherapist
Niara's Book

The Einstein Of Biblical Prophecy - Peter Kling
Prince William Is The Anti-Christ And Future King Of OWG (as I find a barf bag)
Featuring hook line and sinker Exo-politics and Alternative crappola:
Peter's Book
From 2012 of course
And in February 2014 Peter Interviewed
The one and only There's An Alien Peeking In My Window - Stan Romanek (now accused of child porn by the government?) - Stan IMO is a significant BSer; much like his `formulas' from the beings above.
Peter also interviewed the Lake Erie Orb Caller/Videotaper  a man named Micheal Lee Hill (known as Frozen Hill on YouTube as you see) who from 2007-2010 was regularly seeing Orbs over the lake. Many awesome videos.
Susan Kornacki - Experiencer and another who bought into the 2012 vibration crappola - only surfacing again via this interview since 2012.
And Italy's Paola Harris - With Pictures Of The Handsome Human Looking Alien That Visited With President Ike and yes, there is still a Traveling UFO Show - Ms. Harris will be speaking and attending.

Get Your Ticket Early - Don't Be Shut Out
My thanks to all of you checking out and buying my books from my Author Page - Beginning At 99 Cents.
And, check out those books featured above too.

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UFO's Australia - Tomorrow

For days I've been pulling together a LONG and detailed post about the edgy UFO scene I uncovered via the internet. The result was the finding of an excellent video of the Orb phenomena responding to a Laser and much more. Aussies I will be covering include - Alan Ferguson, Peter Slattery, and a host of others such as - Damien Nott, Anya Briggs, Ellis C. Taylor and many others. This is a post you will not want to miss tomorrow.

For now - Find Some Content In The Sidebar

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UFO Disclosure 2014

Nearly everyday, and usually first monthly, in the search terms which bring folks to UDCC is the term `UFO Disclosure 2014'. And, as you can imagine as someone with over 1000 posts about the Ufology phenomena - it's somewhat irritating that more folks aren't aware of the late 2011 `answer' to the UFO/Alien question by the United States government by an official but lower level bureaucrat by the name of Phil Larson. You can find Phil's exact statement in the sidebar - and some of the MSM's analysis of it too.

The simple crux of it is this - officially - A BIG NO! ----- NOTHING IS BEING WITHHELD ABOUT UFOs, AND NO ALIEN HAS EVER INTERACTED WITH A HUMAN. Simple as that - go look it up for yourself in the sidebar to your left..... But, what wasn't realized at the time.... except for yours truly... was that it was going to change the manner in which the MSM covered the `Unknowns in our skies' categories. And, theirs was indeed a new immediate change.... probably only picked up upon a very few folks; the change being effectively `suppression by `disclosure''.

No longer does the national or even the local media entertain the idea that `aliens', real `aliens', are in any way associated with real experiences that people have that seem unexplainable. Indeed, we are all to collectively forget the ratings bonanza that CNN set out upon in the mid 2000's first decade to `out' the `so called facts' about the UFO phenomena - and that it included real aliens in some manner. My book about those heady times of 2008-2009 - when a gullible `Democratic' gaggle of ex-military folks decided that now was the time to push our near worthless leaders for `the truth' of the phenomena and matter - is below:
But after the NYC UFO (predicted) event in Oct. 2010 and then the Jerusalem Orb coverage in early 2011 - the pressure from the media was building once again (after the pause to look at the near collapse of the economic system?) for some sort of `answer' to the question - and by late 2011 `they got' an answer they didn't expect. NO.
Since then, the `UFO' specials in even the `sweeps' rating periods are GONE - totally from the MSM channels. Meanwhile, the `internet' phenomena of `UFOs' has totally been dominated by the FAKE `gathering sites' (largely since the announcement by the government) -- probably a collection of largely disinformation plants of who knows who. And, consequently, the MSM has totally washed itself of any `Internet UFO' sensations.... that may crop up on the `gathering sites'. In a sense, appropriately.
IF any of all this is new to you - please search my labels under Gathering Sites = and get a good background read on things. It isn't pretty at all. The `TRUTH' is totally obscured ... for whatever reasons. (Most likely black budget details IMO.) Aliens, especially with the recent BLASTING of the `out of bed alien abduction' scenario, are now a part of the FANTASY WORLD. (Of entertainment.)
So, for those still under the illusion that `the government' is going to somehow `come clean' about the:
1942 `Battle Of LA'
1947 Roswell
1997 Phoenix
2006 O'Hare
2008 Stephenville
(Or all of the on the ground aliens of the 1950's)
Incidents - or any of the others I could list - it simply ain't gonna happen - and it's time to accept that the MSM will NEVER dig for `the answer' now or again.
Now, many of my readers do understand the nature of the disinfo agents - those making up stories about UFO's - (as I demonstrated within the last month) - and I mean LITERALLY MAKING UP STORIES even down to FAKE links covering the FAKE stories. Total bullshit. Seriously.
But, mixed in with all that - with the disinfo - is yet the other aspect ... that of the individual experiencer. Those with perceptions `literally' of the impossible - be it Bigfoots in urban areas, or aliens out in the field. Experiences of the unknown - that are BEYOND a memory - they are an experience that is on-going and mixed with ones normal consensus reality. The experiences that nearly always happen in an up awareness state of mind or anticipation.
Unique locations and expectations seem to be at the core of the experience for many. Suggesting that the unknown, can be beckoned in some `concrete' fashion - or may already exist in some information structure.
Indeed, if you want real UFO disclosure consider these ideas of someone who has looked at 1000's of reports now on MUFON and other locations..... the UK study that was released about UFOs had a small un-promoted idea that hits home about a part of the 2014 phenomena... and that was that `when three orbs come together, often in a triangle, that the area between them can be a projection' --- in other words an object for perception. Your `typical'  impossible `solid Triangle neighborhood UFO' for example, that we see so often in current MUFON reports.
The question really is - what are these `spaces', these objects of perception - and how do they get into our perception field to see them? (The side question is - are all perceptions - yes all - suggest that our consciousness is tied to some ultimate computer program - for lack of a better term/reference. Are we REALLY to believe that NOWHERE in our universe that an intelligent species hasn't created fake internal worlds like what we seem to experience? Is there some special reason why WE aren't THAT?) Are the non-normal perceptions `blips' (UFOs and such) in the program or a clue into the real phenomenological structure?
If you read closely between the lines around here - I believe the latter. (Which is just as mystical, IMO,  as being inside a computer program.)

I believe `spaces' `display' a type of space to our normal consensus reality - which is overwhelmingly of nearly all one type - but does MIX with `other types of spaces'. Now these other types of spaces are - in general - so elsewhere and elsewhen, as to not `bother' us so to speak in our normal here and nowish location we inhabit.
But, not at all times and not at all places.
Because it seems, based on many reports, that when the human is focused on something slightly non-normal (calling an Orb or hunting in a Bigfoot location) that the `other' type of `space' (object) can `draw closer' into our location for inspection almost. Indeed, in my opinion (IMO), that - object/space is the same `expired' reality that mixes with ours - that our actualized now `runs off' `into' so to speak. (A very real `place' - event.) It's literally `immediately here'. (but past, and technically NOT REAL - in the manner that OUR PAST isn't real).
As I described in my E-Book, Now and Real have a very slippery slope.....
And, because of such - the powers that be (TPTB) want to diminish the `truth' - lest we have - as I've blogged in the past - `A Billion Magicians walking around our planet'. To focus instead the collective us/all, often with fear - to focus on the `real and now'. Hence the lack of focus on today's Prophet Yahweh,  one Mr. Robert Bingham - Orb Caller. (Or like what Mr. Dean Clark was doing in Kentucky in 2008-09.) Three known Orb callers of many in the past decade alone.
Indeed, as I've now written in my newest E-Book, the `visible universe' is likely to have at a minimum ` QUINTILLIONS' of concurrent civilizations of at least our Earth `radio level' of intelligences. Some civilizations of which will be BILLIONS of years older.
As I say in the above book - no Galactic Federation is going around the universe trying to right the wrongs on a Quintillion advanced planets - let alone all the planets still striving for our so-called sophistication.

So, what does all the above mean for you concerning UFO Disclosure in 2014?

It means that NO one - and no one country is going to be allowed to declare the aliens as real and be taken seriously by the bought and controlled media of the world.
It means that the REAL UNKNOWNS about the strange phenomena seen and experienced in our skies is NOT going to be offered up as compelling evidence by the MSM, ever.
It means that nearly EVERY viral UFO video is guaranteed to be a FAKE and disinfo for sheeple designed to not question the official authority.

And, we haven't even mentioned Robert Bigelow.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A WOW UFO Story From Maine - Alien Observation, Crop Circles, And Possible Contact! (MUFON Reports)

Hello Clockers, I've been having trouble with my G. Chrome so I'm updating in IE. Oh well. ... (my best links on in my Chrome files).... So, if you look in the sidebar you can see that I updated within the State UFO blogging series yesterday - (Tennessee) - and found some real good stuff that I'd miss in MUFON for TN in 2014... then, I turned to Maine (also updated like TN from 11/30/13) and found some stellar material for the state UFO blog - (haven't published Maine yet as of typing this) that you can probably see in the sidebar too.

Indeed, I've taken one of those links and made it my main link today for readers. As you can see above at the headline... this will be a wild ride so hang on:
we moved to union maine when I was in 3rd grade (about 1981). On may or June of each year I would be awoken by lights in the field that I could see by my window. I DID see greys several times as I used binocs to look at the craft landing site. about 8 years later, I remember walking into the field and returned to my room not by myself. I bieleve now that I was being abducted. When I was about 10 yrs old a mark that resembles a birth mark appeared on my right hand between my pointing and middle finger in the shape of a triangle. It hasn't always been there, I was told if I have it removed I will be marked with something else. All I remember from that abduction was being scared. And I am very sorry but I don't remember all of them.

When I was about 8yrs old, I didn't see the craft that year. Instead I was walking in the field with the dogs, the field was going to be mowed for hay in two days so I wanted to walk through the field one last time.. this time was weird. In the middle of the field the furture hay was laying down in a circler motion, I had no idea what had happened but there was several little places connecting to the big circle.. When my parent got home I took him to that spot to show him what I found.. he got very anxious. We went bad to the house and he climbed on the roof to see the 'circles' from up high.. He came down and said come with me, we went to the barn got a couple of brooms, we went back to the field and stood the grass back up.. it was totally amazing to find the grass INTACT!!! the stock was NOT broken, it was whole. after we stood it up, he mowed it, that day. Several days after my mother was going to the store, being a typical kid I BEGGED her to let me stay home alone.. She finally gave in with stipulations.. ya know don't do this, don't touch that etc. 5 to 10 minutes after she left a car pulled into our driveway..

now union is in the country, we lived up on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere... this car was black. black wheels, black windows, black everything and NO plate. the people were also dressed in black. I knew wasy of leaving the house without anyone hearing me and that is what I did. These men walked to the EXACT place where that crop circle was, they took samples of the earth and the grass around it, walked back to their car and left. to this day if I write or talk about it I get painful goosebumps. Men in Black???
As far as what it looked like...
It looked like a Disk, with red,blue,green,white,orange colored lights moving in patterns. It was always the same type of craft. When I think about it I get deep painful goosebumps. and really freaks ME OUT!

I don't really remember much about being abducted thankfully. I kinda remember them being nice to me at first then being more forsful as I got older. and my reactions now... scared...
Here Are NINE Other UFO (MUFON) Reports From Maine in 2014 Including video links and more.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Phillips Formula - The NEW Drake Equation (Alone In A Universe Teeming With Life)

Today I've released my 12th Kindle E-Book - a expanded read of the once free blogpost done here nearly a year ago on April 18th, 2013 (I've now removed the original post and left a shell). As you can guess - or - perhaps you read it here yourself - The new Kindle book is a heady read.
99 cents
The Phillips Formula - A New Drake Equation: ALONE IN A UNIVERSE TEEMING WITH LIFE

Book Description

April 7, 2014
H. R. Phillips, aka Rick Phillips, has been an important voice in the world of UFOlogy blogging since 2007 with his blog UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock. Phillips brings the skills he developed as a marketing analyst and marketing wordsmith to the world of UFOlogy and Esoteric thought in his line of Kindle books on Amazon. This book is no exception – as Phillips expands upon one of his most original blogging posts ever (the original blogpost is included at the end of this expanded version) – his insights into what he calls `A New Drake Equation’; and reveals two formulas that employ the latest science information to produce real estimates for how many `intelligent’ human level species might exist within our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Phillips’s original post calculated the new `Phillips Formula’ to produce the estimate of about 200 `Radio Level’ civilizations concurrently in the Milky Way. And while the range for that logic, which is fully outlined in this E-Book, indicates a range of about 70-400 civilizations - while writing up the full expression of the original blogpost a new idea occurred to Phillips – and that gave yet another fun avenue (formula two) to explore in this discovery of the Phillips Formula. That new line of logic suggests far fewer concurrent intelligent humanlike beings on Earthlike planets in the Milky Way – but when extrapolated to the entire visible universe – still indicates a universe teeming with vibrant life with all levels of development.

Finally in this short E-Book mind excursion – Phillips brings his reasoned speculation as to what it might mean, here and now on Earth, that Earthlings live in a probable visible universe teaming with life – intelligent life – yet we can’t see any sign of it. What that might imply about the means for interstellar and inter-galaxy travel and communication is also part of this books discussion.

Lastly – all books by H.R. Phillips are part of the FREE – for Amazon Prime Members.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Animal Mutilations - `Extreme' Alien Reality?

Alright, as promised yesterday - today I will comment about the apparent phenomena of cattle mutilations and such - a subject that  Clockers are aware I rarely to never venture into. Indeed, to some of you I'm betting that my overall read here at UDCC is to have it `both ways' in a sense on aliens - and indeed you are right about that. As you know I nearly always discount the `bedroom' alien theme as being part of our objective reality - yet, have told you that indeed I believe that there probably are a limited number of non-human physical entities in Earthly contact too - with even fewer of these entities within `space craft'.

However, frankly, it doesn't make much sense that these non-human physical entities are totally biological, if at all biological IMO - as any `travel' within even our own Milky Way at speeds below light speed are prohibitive to `living' creatures needing reproduction and a `sustaining population base' to continue their existence. So, my basic assumption is that extremely FEW `races-species' are here - if any honestly. That said, I DO believe that the more `non-biological' the operators of `space craft' are - that the more of them is possible (as more could be from outside of the area of influence of humans at this point - the outer reaches of our radio waves from back in the 1920's and such).

So, COULD there indeed be `space craft' that cruise our skies - with NON humans - who may be doing something beyond belief (such as the bloodless surgeries) to our livestock? - I'd have to say that the evidence suggests that is the case. Evidence that obviously is so `nasty' to the `consensus viewpoint' of the mainstream media,  that they simply largely avoid the topic altogether - as it suggests a human underground black budget beyond belief and abilities - or an alien presence in our very skies. Neither of which is the stuff of selling brand name packaged goods to mothers 25-34 for advertising purposes.

Heck, I avoid talking about it myself.

So, I'm going to provide some background from Wiki and intersperse it with other `proofs' of points of view on the matter and my own comments and analysis too. (I've been sitting on this stuff all week already from the distaste of tackling this issue for Clockers.) Here's the Wikipedia Link which reviews the literature and research into the phenomena - it's a quick read relatively. All the possibilities are there from Unknown animals doing the mutilation to humans to aliens to natural causes. (From Wiki)
A hallmark of these incidents is the reportedly surgical nature of the mutilation, and unexplained phenomena such as the complete draining of the animal's blood, loss of internal organs with no obvious point of entry, and surgically precise removal of the reproductive organs and anal coring. Another reported event is that the animal is found dumped in an area where there are no marks or tracks leading to or from the carcass, even when it is found in soft ground or mud. The surgical-type wounds tend to be cauterized by an intense heat and made by very sharp/precise instruments, with no bleeding evident. Often flesh will be removed to the bone in an exact manner, consistent across cases, such as removal of flesh from around the jaw exposing the mandible.

Humans include the underground activities of our government or someones government - to cults (the 1970's favorite that I remember being trotted out by the MSM as the reason). Unknown animals being credited for the phenomena include the Chupacabra - and as I said, aliens. 

Some of the most unusual findings the research on the mutilated animals and general research into the phenomena would be:

* avoidance by large scavengers like coyotes, bobcats and such
* absence of tracks - bones broken as if carcass was dropped from height
* some samples devoid of copper - high levels of zinc, potassium and phosphorus
*levels of radiation

Yes, there are some indications of black military helicopters and unknown aircraft..... there is also the one mutilation that happened in the same field that was being worked by ranchers at a close distance. Meaning... that it simply appeared almost.

Oh, and then there's that 1967 study by the FBI funded with all of 44K in cash.
The alien side?
Various hypotheses suggest cattle mutilations have been committed by aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes. Most of these hypotheses are based on the premise that earthly entities could not perform such clean dissections in such a short space of time without being seen or leaving evidence behind at the mutilation site, and around laboratory reports suggesting the use of unconventional cutting tools and other unexpected phenomena.[citation needed] Numerous speculative theories abound, but others center on possible specific nutrient requisites, hormone procurement, species propagation (reproduction), and rote experimentation on mammalian populations.[citation needed]
Now what else did I find?

Well in 2009 Paranormal People Online did this review of
much of the same info.. coming to this conclusion:
At some point in our not-so-distant past the faculty of some unknown and mysterious entity or complex took to abducting and mutilating cattle for whatever purpose; whether every report of such activity is a true and accurate measurement of that entity’s scale and capacity is in question, but in-so-far as no plausible explanation has been put forward in the 40 some years since ‘Snippy’s’ unfortunate demise, we can safely say that whatever is going on, it remains organized and holds a consistent but evolving methodology.
And, for real discussion of the alien possibilities - see the comments at this 15-1 positive to negative public vote with 5K views by Linda Howe - a well known researcher into the phenomena: Got 2 hours?

So it's either the military up to some shady stuff or there's an extraterrestrial element to it. This is far too widespread and technical to be a "cult" or "predators". Or something far too strange to imagine

Yeah, I've used the ONE comment at the YouTube video to be my sum up of the situation - something that comes from the sky is the culprit here.
(Or, is it just Fortean?)
On a sidenote - this website - was still pushing the BS Ukraine UFO as legit in late March The One I Proved Was Crappola and all smoke and mirrors of the disinfo folks.
UFO Disclosure = Ludicrous Foes
So, as you can see I've installed a new stats counter - I'll be moving it down the page soon. Wanted to compare the various ones already on the site and am a softy for the numbers..... I also wanted to thanks recent book purchasers too - including those who took advantage of the `limited time specials' that Amazon now lets Authors do at any time - so, please - check out my books My Author Page.
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