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Monday, February 21, 2011

TV Report - A `UFO' Hoaxer Steps Forward In Utah

Oh my. Ready for a little `twist' to the whole `dropping orbs' saga of the recent past? -------- Yeah, me neither; but, I feel obligated to bring you this `news'. Seems an `artist' (the TV report seemingly paints this guy as a tinkerer-mad scientist-artist) had rigged up an array of technical but relatively simple equipment to pull off a - red triangle in the sky that dropped an `orblike' flare looking substance - while no divulging his whole technique, think helium, plastic bags, flares, Lazar's (?) .... and you would be close.

As he said:
`was just experimenting and when he saw the news reports, he decided to do it again.

He showed ABC4 his video of the latest event, and says there’s a reason why he’s coming forward,” I don't want it to spiral out of control and turn into something more than it needs to be so I thought I’d come forward now.
"It was just a little fun,” he admits and adds the reason why he won’t tell us exactly how he did it is because he likes, “a little skepticism and mystery.”
And Smith says he realizes many won’t believe him, and will say he’s just taking credit but the Lehi father tells us to trust him because the only alien is him' (29 VIEWS)

And, Clockers - This is his own video - with about 7,600 views, that he says he is responsible for:

And, this is the description NOW posted with the video: (after coming forward)


February 14, 2011
48 likes, 3 dislikes

This "UFO" was launched Feb. 14 2011 from my back yard. It consisted of garbage bags full of helium with flares suspended below (with steel wire for obvious reasons, and a few other details have been left out). This launch consisted of five flares with model rocket fuse to delay ignition so they only illuminate once they were several thousand feet up. I know a lot of people are upset about this being a "hoax" or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line is, it is what it is, and it looked awesome!! I am not trying to debunk real UFO's, I tend to lean more towards them existing than not, either extraterrestrial or not. I know there are a lot of people who spend some serious time and devotion researching and looking into sightings.

This is one of the reasons I came forward, I didn't want people wasting there serious time and effort on a "snipe hunt". Fun as it would have been to sit back and watch, I decided to "let the cat out of the bag" out of simple respect. I'd like to think that is something still worth having these days.

Some people have had good fun with it (­rew-smith-claims-responsibility-for-utah­-lights/comment-page-1/), some still have no idea, and others have acted flat out childish in their response, (as can be seen in the comments, and if I am not mistaken, calling someone on their personal phone and threatening them probably qualifies as harassment) .

For those who still refuse to believe it was me, please refer to video response ( /watch?v=ufbSi-UTxZs) which not only shows the ignition of a third flare, along with smoke, but it is of the "UFO" that started this whole situation in the first place, on 1-26-2011. (4X8AzsOZbkg and Hb1EGsiRCMY).


Film & Animation
And, here Clockers, I provide the TV report (with video) of the Utah phenomena of Jan. 28th (TV report of a day later): - yes, I had this video Here Feb. 1st. too. :

So, what is the bottom line takeaway from all of the above - IMO?

Glad you asked, - all we can go by are the reports.

First, the tape that Mr. Smith (convenient?) indicates is his does not match the Jan. 28th cellphone video OR the descriptions by the two eyewitnesses, who both amazingly had experience with flares, claimed what they saw drop wasn't flares. Both of those Jan 28th eyewitnesses claimed 2 lights and then 3 lights (from which fell the orb or flare caught on cellphone). And, as you know from the tape uploaded by Mr. Smith, that video showed 4 distinct lights (with one having two sources, so five lights) -- NOT the 2-3 lights of the Jan. 28th video. And, the video by Mr. Smith clearly, eventually well into his video, show many many `orb-flare' drops. And, which, IMO, look FLARElike indeed. (but, conceding that they do look similar to the Jan. 28th one orb/flare drop.)

I would be more impressed with Mr. Smith's claims, especially of doing it in January (thereby implying that he was behind the Jan. 28th cellphone capture) if he had video of that event too. Certainly he would have filmed his initial efforts too? Right? ----------------- But, perhaps not, since the display was NOT as grand as his uploaded video of his more grand display that he claims was his alone. (Which I assume was in Mid-February a few days ago perhaps.). And, after he saw the hub-bub he was able to cause with his smaller display in Jan - upped the ante so to speak with his own filmed event in Feb. - more lights, more orb droppings, etc.

Actually, it is a story I'd possibly be willing to `buy into'. ---- Mr. Smith, just happened to pull off his first hoax of Salt Lake City 3 hours after the Jerusalem Orb Drop, by coincidence, but doesn't have that video - posts on YouTube as if he caught a UFO doing anomalous things in Feb. - then, changes story to claim responsibility.

TV reporter doesn't have the time to stick around to see a nighttime, one last time, demonstration. Leaving all interpretations open for TV viewer.

It's all pretty laughable. BUT, let UDCC draw a few final notions from all of this too. First, I AM INDEED VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE LENGTH OF TIME that Mr. Smith was able to hoax this sky event and the COMPLEXITY of the entire event. It would have been wonderful if someone OTHER THAN Mr. Smith had confirmation video of HIS HOAX!

That said, he does seem like a Mr. Magoo and Mr. Peabody combination. I don't doubt that this jokester put BOTH into the skies - in January which he didn't film and this one - which NO ONE else filmed. That is the weirdness of the UFO saga.

But, one must also admit, that when a Mr. Smith comes forward without proof, with claims that may in some way slightly discredit the Jerusalem Event - even as disconnected in scale as both events were - also has a slight twinge to it all too.

Ultimately, the seeking for meaning in an unrelated event - and one that was certainly NOT needed for confirmation that something unusual seemingly happened in Jerusalem on the same evening - will be remembered as little more than a footnote.

And, now, Mr. Smith will provide the proof? Or, would a return trip by the TV station be out of the question?
Thanks for visiting today - I've been doing lots of UFO posts at TAL too, please check it out - .
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  1. well we know the disinfo tactics wth the CC phenomenon with Doug&Dave dont we. Could this be similar...? hmmm

  2. Muz,

    For some reason I am inclinded to believe this guy - silly me - despite all the `data' I write about in my post that certainly shows he hasn't provided proof.

    That said, possible dis-info certainly has to remain possible to to any open minded folk.

    As I've shown with other videos, this `spinning off orbs' phenomena wouldn't be new anyways and as I said in this post, despite the `expertise' of the two witnesses on the ground for the Jan 28th event about flares, - IMO - it does indeed look flarelike.

    Just trying to call em as I see em as I have no agenda to support.


  3. Hellow!
    I love your site, it is a pleasure to visit.
    I have added your site to my site.
    Please link my site to your site.
    Thank you! 

  4. What a shame for Mr. Smith... Playing around with his balloons and wasting the time of people (like us) who are serious about ufo's.

    Anyway, I don't think this hoax can change my opinion about the Jerusalem case. I still believe.

  5. Hey guys...

    Just to let you know...I've been trying to investigate the Jerusalem UFO event on forums, but because of my persistence, I'm being banned. No joke. I've only disagreed with people, haven't name called or anything. Actually feel I've been rather polite considering the insults and condescension.

    Don't trust ATS !!!

  6. Mega,

    LOL. Glad you enjoy the site. UDCC doesn't really do unrelated banner or link exchanges - sorry. If you really want a presence on UDCC I do sell ads.

    Alexandre, thanks for checking in. Yep, - a footnote.

    UFO Sightings,

    Yeah, the UDCC post with the Jerusalem video poster is a big discussion at ATS. Generally UDCC links are not allowed too long on ATS. I was also banned from Godlike Productions for daring to speak real opinions years ago. As far as I know, I am allowed at ATS, but never bother.

    OH, ATS fans - I have NOT had the final word on Jerusalem yet, -- I expect that when it is all laid out for everyone - that the tongues will wag once again.


  7. hey UFO SIGHTINGS--link us to the thread you were banned from?

  8. Muz,

    It might be this one as about 1,000 have come from ATS from this link -


  9. It's funny, early on, I got warned by the site owner. And this is very early on, I certainly hadn't violated any Ts & Cs. Then the thread we were participating in got 404ed for hours one night. MIA, no trace. It magically reappeared next day - no explanation from ATS, except when we pushed..."someone accidentally deleted it."

    Anyways, SkepticOverlord - the site owner - continued to close threads and reopen them, dominating conversation with his undeniable proof it was all, every single video, a big hoax. So, I had to keep posting to remind ATS-ers of the past convos where the non-debunkers had a say. It was ridiculous.

    They also bullied one of the people who saw the Chicago UFOs and came to ATS for help - he flat out took his videos down!! It's sad!!

    Anyways, here's the original thread I participated in that got deleted and then eventually shut down-
    I'm banned, so I can't view what's going on

    What happened to Jerusalem UFO thread?

    And then the latest forum comments I made that I got banned (see hootlj):

  10. Hi Rick!:)

    I'm not sure I'm posting this on the correct forum but I thought I should let you know anyway. Your last video that you posted on the 22nd of Feb is actually the sample return vehicle from the NASA spacecraft Stardust. It was supposed to deploy parachutes and be caught by awaiting helicopters that would hook the parachute as it descended... Needless to say that didnt happen! Lmao! Sounds farfetched I know but you can view this on the NASA website archives I think. The Stardust spacecraft which is still in space at the moment was re-tasked with photographing the impact crater of another mission called deep impactor which collided with comet temple 1 recently. Anyway thought you would like to know:) I'm a bit gutted it wasn't a real UFO! Lol Dave


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