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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did A Toronto ORB PRECEDE The Jerusalem Orb Event? (Video)

Another low hanging, impossibly bright, in the center of town, after darkness, ORB video has surfaced (under 700 views) from my search on Feb. 13th of all UFO videos submitted on YouTube within the previous day or so. Initially, I had put this in my Barf Stew bin; but, decided after a closer look, and, reading the description - and considering the SIMILAR circumstances to the Jerusalem event - which I provided a FIFTH view of Sunday from beneath (and was in the first of Sunday's posts) - I wanted to bring it to my Clockers at UDCC.

And, IF you consider the narrative of Stanley Fulham -- with the similarness of this event to Jerusalem (with THAT event as the TRUMP) - perhaps this was the `real one' that was expected to get world attention (The Moscow non-event.) . After all, IF it was indeed there for upwards of 20 minutes, (but lacked the dramatic drop and rise of the Jerusalem event), perhaps the `aliens' felt that would be noteworthy - thinking that duration would get the notice. (And it is IMO.) It would also lend credence to `upping the ante' with a short but more dramatic event over the next city center.

Here's the description at the YouTube posting: (Video posted Feb.3rd-found by me on Feb. 13th)

January 12,2011...Super bright light in mid town Toronto, no report on news of anything, no movie set. Very far away and so bright 1 mile away and still created light through the windows, standing outside on the balcony. The light was up for a long time about 20 minutes. We couldn't keep recording as didn't have time to keep recording. It just dissapeared, there was no gradual or after light if it was a bright light. This is down town Toronto, Sherbourne & Gerrard.

If someone knows what was this, please comment.Thanks for watching!..very similar to Jerusalem ufo...

Here's the HD posting:

AND, YES, here's a supposed video from a `different angle' - by a different poster (of course) this one addicted to posting (1,184 vids - as opposed to 12 vids by the guy above). Interestingly, or not, this posters video was posted the SAME day as the above videos and was looking INTO town (however, remember, the first video was from January). This poster  was also VERY into the whole spiritual realm of the experience - I will post the video `description after the video. 798  views

Here's the YouTube description:

This is an original video with aoutocorrection. It shows that the UFO is not a ship or a vessel but a living entity. The autocorrection clearly shows the electromagnetic fields generated and produced by the entity. It clearly shows the way the entity changes from a material to a plasma state and back into a material state. This video also shows a multitude of other entities all around this entity cluster. This hexahedron entity cluster is like a power cell into which all the entities in the surrounding area and vicinity enter into (the active cluster zone) to recharge and exit to make room for more of the external entities to go into the active cluster in order that they can recharge as well. This hexahedron active cluster powers and recharges all the surrounding entities in the air arround it. There are a anumber of these active hexahedron clusters in the Toronto area and some are larger and many are smaller - the smaller ones are near the ground level, and they all power and recharge the other almost invisible entities which are everywhere. These active clusters serve to maintain the speed and the momentum of the counterclockwise revolutions that all entities undergo and perform in their orbital patterns around their individual clusters whether those clusters are active or inactive. All the entities rotate and orbit revolving counterclockwise like a wheel spinning in reverse around the nucleii of their individual clusters. The clustering can take place anytime and anywhere - whenever the energy level and the vibrational speed/frequencies are depleted - it is then that smaller clusters come together into large, very large and mega clusters and power up by increasing the rate. speed and frequency of the orbittal revoulutions patterns creating energy in the form of electromagnetism, heat and light. All size clusters can serve as power cells even if they are sub-sub-sub atomic or if they are larger than our sun. These entities and clusters can be found all over the known universe and have been around since the creation of the universe. This is one of the fundamental lifeforms in our universe and a building block of other forms of life whether higher or lower. In some way this lifeform changes DNA structure in living organisms and influences their growth and development in a biological, biochemical, and bioelectric matrix - all through the forces of electromagnetism and low level cosmic radiation

So, then, I searched YouTube for Toronto UFO 2011.

Orb, Feb 8th - 341 views -
Very Strange Red Orb, Feb 5th - 183 views -
Flying Orb, Feb 1st - 870 views -

More videos by the addict.

Then, ONE day later in Jan. on Jan 13th - from a different poster - SEEMINGLY the same super bright UFO - Under 450 views: Language warning.

Video Description: (she has a UFO blog) (seemingly started AFTER her Jan. experience - caution, very slow loading and exiting this webpage)

January 13th 2011, I myself had witnessed a strange and BRIGHT light for approximately 1 1/3 hours. I took a very short video because the battery on the camera was almost dead. I waited about 20 minutes by the window after the video was shot and all of a sudden it was gone.

I've lived in the same apartment for 19 years and have NEVER seen anything that bright, let alone here in Mississauga (South West of Toronto)
What was the MOST intriguing part of the possible UFO, was that although not visible in the video, there was a beam of light coming directly up towards the sky. Around the same time, there had been MANY sightings of light pillars that looked a lot like what I saw all around the world. Coincidence?
Living by an airport and close to a stadium (where they shine spotlights into the sky all the time), I KNEW this wasn't anything like that. This is the first time I have had the pleasure of viewing something I could not find an explanation for.
I have also found many videos of the SAME BRIGHT UFO but on different days!:

Update: February 11/2011 @ 11:40, I had witnessed a BRIGHT YELLOW ORB over Pearson Airport.

I'll leave it at that Clockers. (I only scratched the surface of the YouTube search today.) That said, if you know of OTHER center of town, low hanging, Orb videos - please bring them to my attention.
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The Orb Project
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  1. If it helps...
    I started researching Jerusalem UFo incident from day 1, have been commenting on this blog about it.

    Anyhow, first day or so of doing that I saw some tweet about a Toronto UFO, person asked if anyone else had seen it night before (don't remember what day this was but had to be late Jan/early Feb)...I didn't do a screen shot or save this tweet in any way, but very soon I heard of other reports of the Toronto UFO.

  2. UFO Sightings,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Me too - since day one.

    Just onto this Toronto stuff.


  3. Arghhhh!! If I see one more stationary bright light or an out of focus star I'll throw up. Mmmmm, then I could take an out of focus movie of it stick it on You Tube and say it was a result of an alien encounter. Yes! I'm being cynical and I've lost all faith in posted videos.
    Love the Countdown Clock Rick, took me a while to get into it but now I'm a regular visitor.


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