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Sunday, February 20, 2011

ORBs, Extreme Possibility One And Two - Making The Case

As `Clockers' know, UDCC has been ALL over this emerging and seemingly intensifying ORB phenomena. (Or, is it really increasing? As we know, there has been a HUGE increase in videotaping ability by humans in recent years, which could account for the seeming incidence of `caught events'. And, of course, there simply are MORE humans - as our world now approaches the 7 billion mark; which could also lead to an increase in available sources of video.)

But, that said, at least at some level, the phenomena seems to be changing - whether it is the `multiple orb' phenomena of singular orbs floating/moving together - or the `multiple orb' phenomena of `releasing orbs' (from `a quote', `mothership', - or - simply a middle space or source space). UP TO the phenomena - seemingly shown a few times in recent months - of a HUGE drop towards the ground. Clockers know I'm referring to the El Paso and Jerusalem Drops.

But, let's look closer, once again, at this Orb Phenomena.

Now, and almost obviously, it could indeed be a so-called `mothership' that is releasing some sort of scout craft. But, let's play devil's advocate..... Why do the `scout craft' orbs fade out eventually? Does some sort of power source leave their space? Would `scout craft' FADE? Is IT really a mothership and scout craft?

And, almost as obviously, it is possible that the Orbs are some sort of Earth Geosurface Event caused by forces we simply do not understand yet via our science. But, again, playing devil's advocate - are there REALLY forces that move about in our skies, sometimes in huge swarms, sometimes, seemingly reacting to on the ground human conscious intentions - THAT ARE GEOSURFACE FORCES? Does that seem to be a bit of a stretch?

And, these `reasons for Orbs' noted above are the more `mainstream' of the suggestions offered by internet thinkers.

But, there are other possibilities also; much more interesting possibilities in some ways (granting scout craft plenty of interest, and the unknown `science' chance ) - and one is that Orbs are The Dead. I will let that sink in. -------- And, it is nothing I haven't suggested before or that others haven't said of `small orbs' that show up sometimes in photographs (appearing as bubbles literally often and occasionally with FACES in them).

But, I mean something that is indeed QUANTITATIVELY different from the possible `invisible bubble orbs' of photograph fame - SKY Orbs, IMO, are quantitatively different in these obvious ways: 1) You CAN see them. 2) They are in the SKY. 3) They have an ontology, instead of `existing invisibly' in a flash instant of film. 4) They seem to have `some' consciousness perhaps OR ability for intentionality.

I can think of two types of entities - (using the term loosely) that might fit the above general attribute description - The Dead, and, Sky Creatures. ---------- Let me flush out both of these, what I am calling, `extreme' possibilities; both descriptions of which suggest that you will need to suspend your dis-belief levels for a bit of time.

The `Collective' Dead

Humans at all stages of humanity are nearly universal in their desire to cling to existence after `dying'; at least while on this `the living side'. As Clockers would be aware, many humans report NDE's of a similar structure - and science can tell us how `we' might `survive' as some representation of our `electrical' structure of our space mass and existence itself. And, literature is replete with tales of Ghosts, even `specific' ghosts which would suggest a continuation of `phenomenological' ontology. Doppelgangers of dead people also are examples.

So, lets say that - indeed - all the tales of `balls of light' that are known in the `back hallows' are indeed, conscious balls of remnants of `someones space'. That said, we MUST be willing to admit, that they seemingly DO NOT have a permanent existence in our normal phenomenology either - NONE of these Orb phenomena simply travel the sky endlessly.

And, in classic slippery slope thinking - if you are willing to concede that `Ghost Orbs' can exist in a temporal fashion, then it is also possible to think that these `spirit orbs' may - BE ABLE TO COMBINE into something Larger, Brighter, More Permanent, (and yes, more conscious).

It is this `dead consciousness' that I think may be developing into these more extreme Orb phenomena -  as opposed to my thoughts here, in this post, from Oct. 2008 on my blog The Heavy Stuff: Can The `Collective Dead’ Of Humanity - Evolve? - in that post I wrote these words:
Frankly, nearly all ghost experiences seem limited to ONE ghost - seldom is it multiple ghosts - or a whole slew of ghosts. There doesn’t seem to be a `collective dead’ that is able to materialize. The ghosts that do materialize do not seem to be hanging out with others bringing their will/consciousness/space into our living world. (That is not to say that in some seances or `communications’ that some `additional’ spirit wants to take over the communication - so, two or even a few seems to be a limit.) Maybe it’s just hard to get folks together at the same `real’ place and same `real’ time when they have been `dead’ for awhile. Perhaps the `real’ just isn’t that interesting.

But, the question that THS is trying to get behind in this post is `could the dead evolve’? After-all, lots of gurus of thought have died - Einstein, Husserl, Gandhi, Sartre, —- does it matter what additional intelligence is added by their deaths? Could those interested in the subject matter of communicating with the dead - after they die - have access to NEW information about EVP or other methods? Could the `best heads’ be put together on the `other side’ to more effectively reach our humanity on `this side’?
Frankly, honestly, it doesn’t seem that experience of our collective reality is suggesting that the collective dead of humanity is evolving - except perhaps in one manner. A very speculative manner.
What if our consciousness IS light. Or, at best - could be light. What if the Tulpas or Orbs seen in the sky more often in the last few years are a result of `conscious light’ visiting Earth and humans. Conscious light that is developing, evolving, from the 95 billion dead humans of the last million years. Especially, the `intelligent’ ones who have died recently with more awareness than in times and eras past.
THS is reminded of the Carlos Castaneda book - The Eagles Gift - which ends on Page 315 (hardback version) with the final visions that Carlos had of the Sorcerer Don Juan - as they all jumped off a cliff to their certain death.
“On my left side, however, I realized that I had entered into the other self….The warriors of don Juan’s party had caught me for an eternal instant, before they vanished into the total light……They were waiting for don Juan and don Genaro. I saw don Juan taking the lead. And then there was only a line of exquisite lights in the sky….There was a massive glow on one end of the lights where don Juan was…”

Perhaps the best that a human can attain is being `free light’ able to roam the cosmos with intentionality’s. And, that would be quite an evolution for the ape with opposing thumbs.

So, what I am indeed suggesting, is that it is possible that the increased abilities may be due to an evolution from `the other side'. What if THEY are now more able to retain folks remaining bits of awareness and package it almost as a group consciousness ball of light. Much like what Don Juan is said to have done.

(Noosphere full of consciousness)

OR, - we may indeed be seeing SKY CREATURES - that indeed, could somehow be `developing' or evolving right before our humankind eyes. Some sort of emerging intelligence using the plasma of the world and atmosphere. And, these sky creatures may not even need a permanent structure - simply coming together in the visible perception wavelength - only on occasion. Perhaps, NOT EVEN EXISTING, in an on-going manner that we consider on-going as humans. Sort of a temporal, emerging and fading, phenomena - at least to our perception.

(And, yes, orbs could be `rods' that have `grown up', so to speak.)

Finally, it is worth considering that our Earth's Noosphere is growing more full of data and information by the millisecond, in electrical form structure thru intentionality's by humans on keyboards such as the one producing these words of a phenomenological basis. An electrical grid that may be able to be tapped by forces we as humankind know very little about.

Forces, such as an evolving dead - or - an increasingly organized plasma entity structure to our perceptions.

Thanks for giving me your mind while I slogged my way thru things that must be said about Orbs - and why Orbs - may be a gateway to thinking about the universe in a different manner.
I'm open as always to your comments and thoughts.

ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of HopeIn the Sky: A Thrilling Look at the Prehistoric Creatures That Ruled the Skies (Snapping Turtle Guides: Dinosaurs)

All one hundred plus posts done on The Heavy Stuff with a brief description of each post - THS was my original esoteric blog and where I talked about UFOs before Nov. 2007 here at UDCC.
Lastly, I mentioned the Quote above from The Eagles Gift - here is the book:

The Eagle's Gift


  1. I think there's plenty science hasn't even touched yet. I'm choosing to remain pretty open to all the possibilities on this orb topic. I do think, however, that there are different types of orbs, that they may be completely separate entities.

  2. I have been looking into this for a number of years now since the early 1990's when i noticed them appearing on disposable 35mm cameras,living now in a spirit active house built on an ancient burial ground,i have been gathering many many captures over the last 8 years,i have come to believe from what i have been able to discern that this and the UFO/ET experience are very much interconnected in many ways.
    My public works can be found here
    I hope this is of some use and i would be quite happy to answer any questions you may have.


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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
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