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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The UFO Video Illusions Of February 12th, 2011 - Part Two - REAL ALIEN TELEPORTATION And More

Now, just when you thought you'd need to live to 100 to see real teleportation - all you had to do was make it to Feb. 13th, 2011 - because this just appeared on the internet for you - supposedly a TV report (with plausable deniability too): (Under 400 views)

With 344 Views - The first in a series of the `lights in the sky videos' all less than two days old on YouTube - first up a TV report from Brazil:

Lake Erie Orbs from 2/10 - posted yesterday - 214 views
Night orbs - recorded with nightcamera - 82 views.
England orb - 40 views -

Meanwhile, do you want to see an incredibly CLEAR Daytime UFO? Sure, posted within the last two days of course: Under 300 views.

Appears Fake, but ANOTHER DAYTIME UFO - 249 views

Daytime Orb, 93 views -

Triangle Craft, 2008, posted yesterday 102 views -

Here's a bright daytime ORB in Japan - 6,776 views. Almost has a shape to it.

Heck, you think THAT was good? How about this UFO landing In Japan? 183 Views - supposedly covered in Japan media according to description:

IS this a fleet of UFOs? 58 views.

And, what in the H is this from Thailand? 99 views

And, how about these two Orbs (and two orb vids) caught on camera yesterday while people were filming the moon in a clear sky: 79 Views

Here's the second one: (65  views)

And, while this one wasn't shot yesterday - it hit the internet yesterday and is a combination of several amazing ORB videos -- INCLUDING the orb release videos:

Vermont, last night - what appears to be a sideways glowing UFO/Orb - 30 views.

Here is another one with 30 views that hit the internet yesterday - Illinois Orb from 2010 -

Here is another Jerusalem UFO-Orb video - with under 220 views - that is simply trying to get the idea across that the HUGE Generators installed just before the event - may actually have been a cause perhaps. This IS something that UDCC has mentioned in the comment section: -

AMAZING LONG ORB video from Peru mountainside: 43 views.

Two Orbs - Chili - shot Feb. 8th - posted yesterday: 192 views

There were also some `strange clouds' such as this UFO cloud - 39 views -

And a new `hoaxer' who put up TONS of UFO videos yesterday - labeling some as if they happened this week -- this is an example - I saw this video in 2008 --- so watch out for this poster -- another `hoaxer' as to sourcing his vids -

Finally, with 140 views is another German view of that Horseshoe UFO - that I featured on my blog The AnomalyMan Listing yesterday - consider this link, view two.

So, that's all folks except for one final TOPPER link - - Yes a MASSIVE UFO over Beijing yesterday. Again, found by a UDCC reader.
So, what was the point of ALL OF THIS? To prove, once and for all, that NO ONE can possibly take the time to disprove even ONE days worth of YouTube UFO videos -- OR -- to keep up with them. Most of the videos I've brought you will never see the light of the media or be given a second thought. I doubt that people all over the world are faking these Orb videos either.

Lastly, the Jerusalem UFO/ORB - I've now provided a FIFTH video point of view of -- get ready for the `debunkers'! And, here is a quick point that I will flush out soon -- the main sourse being sited by all the media has been this hoaxkiller1 person on YouTube. While I will be doing a post about this -- if you knew the level of this guys skills you might be surprised if you think he has been some `known' debunker - indeed, it is the MSM's latching onto this guy that is most surprising IMO. Find out why soon as I look much more closely at the posters and debunkers YouTube accounts.

Oh, thanks for being a Clocker.

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  1. You make a very good point. Even if someone spent every minute of every day (which is pretty much impossible) looking for new videos, it'd be really hard to keep up.

  2. That Hoaxkiller guy has commented on the AboveTopSecret forum devoted to the "hoax" - site owner participated in this thread, too. It was basically mods/debunkers bullying the rest of us who still think it could be real. Thread was deleted/404ed one night (they said someone on ATS "accidentally" deleted it) and now they've just CLOSED it.

  3. CJ - Thanks. Indeed I looked thru 25 pages of 2,000+ total returns - (results were decreasing for direct hits after about page 15-20)- and in no way did I include all the `ufo stuff' as many people were doing multiple posts on a variety of things.

    Laura Jane,

    without giving much away - I laughed out loud when I saw his first `debunking' video (not jerusalem). I assure you , this is not some super tech guy from within the movie industry.



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