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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What The Sky Noise Phenomena ISN'T

It's not a hoax, I've heard it. IF it comes to YOUR area - you may have to admit it too. Perhaps, you aren't listening closely enough, or, can't believe it IS happening when you hear it. Because, once you hear it - the soapy slippery slope is just ahead. After all, the MEDIA isn't even reporting it - BIG surprise there, right?

But, UDCC has already covered the `WHY reason' that the MSM may very well let the Sky Noise Phenomena (SNP) be where it is - IN THE SKY and ON the Internet. It literally IMO is TOO HOT for the MSM to cover as I stated in this post. For lots of reasons (click above link for more on that angle).

After all, what in the HELL is it?

Could we POSSIBLY, in any manner, be talking about some sort of pre-ordained Apocalypse foretold by religious books of thousands of years ago - as they say on the End Time sites? IF so, alot of non-religious folks like myself may have much to learn about. And, if the government came right out and said, `we don't know what is causing these new sky noises' - you can bet the END Timers of 2012 would be heard loud and clear. I've even trotted these thoughts out at DB Donlon's blog in the comments - So, could the SNP
be related to `the other side' - literally `the dead' or Earth Guardians going `off duty'?

We better hope not - but - only a fool would say it is NO chance about this SNP. Even if I believe, at this point, that it is NOT `paranormal' related. Even if the `paraNormal' is simply not understood physics in some manner. Because IF it is `the other side' and indeed these sounds in a sense represent - increasing change upon us - I doubt that the world's power structure is ready for such an upheaval as 24 hour a day worldwide SOUND. IN THE SKY.

I don't think I'd need to say how scary this phenomena would be if it is simply accelerating at an increasing pace, frequency and volume. Remember, the USA drove the IRAQ `red brigade' (or whatever it was called) to their knees with 40 days of bombing and noise. IMO, the world would be on it's knees in even less time. MUCH less time. A frighteningly short time - days perhaps? Would you carry on your life if the SOUND was EVERYWHERE?
Folks, this is MUCH scarier than `aliens are in our skies' - MUCH SCARIER. imo. Aliens, in all the ways they are percieved at least COULD be peaceful, etc - change the world in a better way. Could, or they could destroy us.

But, at least ALIENS could be `good'.

Now the above is dependent on an ESCALATING SNP event pattern. And that is a HUGE assumption for a phenomena that even the Internet is JUST beginning to acknowledge. So, it's probably NOT going to get worse - just slightly more and more hit wider areas for more time and more sound level. Maybe 1% of all people saying they have heard it by years end or so. That is more realistic = and the real `politics' that the MSM will be dealing with. And, I've already told you above WHY the MSM with that level of REAL experience of the people with NOT cover this AT ALL. I mean it. Only if it is unavoidable (on live TV or over a widespread area). After all it is SO transient.
So, the SNP isn't FAKE. And ISN'T going to be covered by the MSM unless unavoidable. And, I hope, ISN'T `religious' in nature.
But, what IF it is an Earth phenomena or indeed - some sort of sky phenomena from `outer space' (entering into some sort of fields that aren't normal in some fashion). What IF humans are indeed going to have to cope with Sky Sounds? Whatever the cause. What then?
OR, the whole SNP indeed could be some sort of `advanced tech' of humans - of a military bent. And, in all honesty, to me IMO seems the most likely of the four choices of - Aliens, Natural Earth/Sky Environment, Return of Religious Figures, and Humans. And, to have to be in a position of HOPING that it is nefarious military type humans - compared to the other choices - shows how dire this whole phenomena could be ultimately.
I wish I could bring to you a more hopeful analysis. But, unless this SNP begins to fade away into `what ever happened to those strange sounds in the sky' - don't bet on it. This is potentially quite serious - too bad we don't have a real and free media to report on the phenomena.

At least they haven't shut down the Internet yet.
Today I bring to you the link posted yesterday in our comment section by a reader of UDCC. It is VERY worthwhile even if longer and you will hear VERY VERY strange sounds - extreme sounds - in this video that you must hear to take this whole matter seriously. 20,000 views.

link -
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1 comment:

  1. hello there, i have been following the sky sound videos a bit and find them fascinating. last night i was up ver late and was finally getting to bed around 5:30 am (so it was actually SUnday the 29th) i noticed a slight humming, or vibration sound. it honestly sounded like a propeller plane hovering in the sky w/ very little tonal shift, as if the plane was stagnant. anyway, i gave it some time to dissipate and then made the connection that it might be the same "sound phenomenon" recored around the world this year. thought the sound was different then in the videos. it was more disrupted and had a vibration to it, as the videos seemed like a humming? anyway, i didnt get a chance to record it, but im living in Plano Tx right now and thought id share my experience. another idea ive been bouncing around in my head, is that the sound i heard to day and the one earlier this year both coincide with extreme solar activity recorded a day or two before? maybe the sound has something to do w/ the phenomena? none the less, thought i'd share and wish you the best on your researches.


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