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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are Skeptics Getting Desparate About The Sky Noise Phenomena?

As you are probably aware, whatever happened earlier this month in the Costa Rican skies - soundwise - has alerted the naysayers to rise up on the internet. And, in typical fashion, I have now found some of the naysayers typical `logic' when addressing `the unknown'.

Find someone who knows nothing about the sky noise phenomena - play the most extreme example of it for a `reaction' - then note that the phenomena is so hot that people are making copies of Other Videos (and still going viral). And, EVIDENTLY - that proves it is all a hoax (regardless if the original copied and faked video is real or not). Yep the smoke and mirrors of the naysayers - and - the public awaits any official word or confirmation in any manner.

Anyway, these make for interesting reads - and have embedded videos I've already covered here. First up - Edmundton's Gig City - The Entertainment Source - who quotes the local sound engineer who says the sound is `synth' - the instrument. Hey, why dig any deeper right? And, while the above article includes the girl who copied the original, and purported it to be her own sound recording in a different location of Canada, - you have to see how the whole thing gets `edited' by the Skeptics section of the Doubtful Newsblog. And finally, Skeptic.Com makes sure we all know that their are prior historical accounts of sky sounds - so forgettaboutit...... Nonetheless, it is a good historical account you should incorporate into your thinking. Even if it isn't caused by some sudden increase in urban noise or the canyons of echoes in the wilderness. Then, there is this intellectual read on the phenomena last summer - with tons of videos (if you aren't aware of how hot this got last summer too) at Reality-Choice.Org. Strange Times Indeed.
Defensive? Denial? Desparate?
Need at least ONE more diverse take on the SNP? Well, how about the take of the website I can almost feel the Countdown Clock Moving.
And, sometimes Sundays at UDCC are for a good Sunday Morning Read - Strange Happenings - two minute read, well written first person high strangeness.
I've exchanged some nice emails with MUFON's NJ man - Ken - who also directs me to his archive of UFO photos you may want to dig much deeper into Ken is the Chief Investigator - BTW, here's NJ's MUFON site too . I've invited Ken to send photos of 2012 UFOs to UDCC and that we'd bring some to our readers. We also invite Ken to do an interview with UDCC if he wishes.
Here's another `gathering site' non attributed Blue UFO video - or LED on a kite? Supposedly happened in Chile in 2011.

link -
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UPDATE - SEE SOL'S link via the comments which provides the `outside of Earth' (radiation belts) being the cause. Certainly has merit too. ---- Don't tell the sound engineer.


  1. Let me crack an egg of knowledge on this situation.
    While I cannot testify to all videos being real these noises are happening. THIS IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!
    I live in Calgary Canada and I am listening to th noises right now.
    These sounds occur from solar flares. NASA even acknowledges that this will be the craziest year for solar storms that current mankind has seen.
    These flares create ripples in our earths ionosphere and also create waves that are audible to our human ear.
    Look into space weather and look at the majority of postings, for the most part they all align. I was able to stay awake just to listen to these noises, and how did I know? I wasn't at the "trumpets of the apocalypse" band practice, they were unreachable. I check They tell you about solar storms.
    Go educate yourself and show other to stop being so damn scared of everything. People only think it doesn't exist or that its terrifying. It's neither, it's science and its happening all around us.

  2. gramF - First, thanks for your comment and being a reader. Also, for being another one who has heard and is hearing the sound. I assure you that I have heard `the hum;jet version' now on numerous occasions - most often at a low level in the middle of the night for minutes upon minutes - as ONLY that would stand out in Atlanta (except for the ONE time I did hear the loud version IMO).

    gramF - you indeed could be right and indeed the solar storms are to be the worst this time around - AND I have brought that to these pages too - just as a FYI. Every `sky noise story' does not include all the `explanations' whether it is the cosmic ones or the science answers.

    Also gramF - I might have a bit more belief in how nefarious the UFO phenomena is too, which influences my thinking.

    The funny thing about your post gramF is that `the hoaxers' all have the same idea as you `they want the people to be less afraid'. Interesting, don't you think?

    Finally, thanks for your link to it is in my bookmarks already from prior use on occasion. Tell you what, what would be MOST impressive to me is to show a correlation between the actual time of the recordings and the actual locations of the space weather hitting us.


  3. Hey Rick, thank you aswell for responding with an intellectual response rather than a disrespectful rant.
    Last night I was hearing these amazing sounds for about 5 hrs. It was very periodic and sometimes came with super high intensity that actually made it feel like an aircraft was flying directly overhead, and i assure you there was no plane in the CLEAR sky.
    yes Rick you are very correct that they d not ALL line up with these solar dates, but then again I dont believe that ALL these videos are legit. I think for the most part you can find the most reliable videos and audios line up with these solar events.
    I do have a bit of audio i recorded on my phone, its not great quality but I will work on getting it on my computer so i can hopefully show you the most intense parts, and I promise there will be ZERO sound manipulation.

    Now the UFO phenomenon...
    First of all, I HAVE seen a ufo myself. I was with 5 friends and we all saw it. So I am a full believer, and I am aware that these things are coming down to earth
    From what I can find these "flying discs" can be traced back THOUSANDS of years.
    I truly believe if they wanted to do something they would have done it by now (especially since our "guards" are fully up for the 2012 prophecy)
    although our preparation is futile.
    These "aliens" have been flying around in our skies for 65 years (being a minimalist based on the roswell crash). People also report these things taking off at lightspeed.
    So lets break this down.
    These grey dude 65 years ago, are still about a hundred years(at least i think) ahead of us in the technology race. If these guys wanted to make stuff happen they would do so freely. They could do ANYTHING they want to us....really...all the reports these people seem to be unable to resist their abduction.
    So I just dont see why we are getting scared about these things in the sky all the sudden when we can trace them back so far in time.

    Well i think why people say dont be scared, is because 95% of people are scared. If there is a logical reason behind it...why get scared??
    I see it as this...
    If your driving down the road and your low gas light comes on, and you just hear the beeping..that might freak you out a tad..for a second. Then you realize that your dash says "low fuel". would you still wonder where that beeping was coming from?
    I wouldnt.

    Well I will try and get those audio tracks off my phone for you. and last night on there was a solar storm in the High Latitudes at 30% last night. My recordings were taken at approx 2-4am.

    I look forward to a intellectual reply, not many people do that respectfully.
    and sorry if I come off as a jerk, not my intention at all.

  4. gramF - Thanks for your articulate reply too. Obviously a lot to respond to so let me choose some points I'd like to comment upon.

    First, as you are hearing this sound for hours on end, do you call a buddy to ask if they are hearing it? Is this something EVERYONE in your area is talking about at the store, gas pump etc? OR, is this in limited areas? VERY limited AREAS. That is one of the most curious things about this phenomena to me. What `range' is it being heard?

    Next, IF it is solar storms - they happen every decade or so, to me, IMO, it seems weird that this phenomena is more available now. And, yes, I am aware of the `history'. (the bible thumpers would say the same thing I would point out too).

    I'd love to hear your recording - why not upload to YT if you can as that is probably best way for me to hear it.

    I appreciate you relating your UFO experience/beliefs. You can find my description of my sighting on this page too. Concerning how advanced a potential `race of beings' could be - I already blogged that we may be entertainment for BILLION year old entities (you can find that link on this page too).

    Question about how the `space weather' works - how precise are you able to determine the ground area that would be affected by the overhead event?

    Looking forward to continuing this dialouge - convince me of how precise this `space weather' can be targeted and I will think even deeper on this matter.



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