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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The `Hearing Sounds' Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

As readers know, UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) has been `on' to the Sky Noise Phenomena (SNP) extensively and in an on-going manner since last spring. UDCC had many summer, fall and now winter examples of the now `widening' descriptions of strange sounds coming from the skies above us. As editor/webmaster of UDCC I have indicated that I've heard the `louder' version of the `jet hum' noise ONCE and that I've heard the `softer, mellower version' of it several times - including last evening for about 6-7 minutes around 1AM (this morning).

Of course, it could have been something else - such as a fighter jet or jets - that were somehow off at an exact distance to return the same vibration/sound for minutes upon end; just above the `awareness' threshold I would bet for most folks. Even in the dead of the night. It's that subtle when I've heard it most often - now about 4-5 times in the last year. Indeed, one almost has to concentrate upon it when one picks it up - it's that subtle - almost challenging your consciousness to NOT IGNORE IT.

That is - if you can.

Indeed, it is easy to `forget' you are listening - when it wains on occasion before finally fading or falling below ones level of concentration upon it. In fact, IF the SNP is indeed nefarious - this seems to be a very incredibly subtle manner of instilling who knows what? Paranoia?

As you know, the media has largely been silent about the phenomena - except for the recent over the top display in Costa 'Rica that has the world now buzzing about the `strange sky sounds'. How strange and just how much interest? Well, how about the phenomena now being the number one search term for this blog surpassing the terms associated with UFO Disclosure in their totality. UDCC is on the front page for both. Appropriately I may add, the google search got the content correct.

Nonetheless, this blog is about stating an opinion when possible about anomalous phenomena - and indeed, UDCC is making no declaration at all about the source of the SNP - as with most things it is probably MORE than ONE thing. Including hoaxes. And, therefore, let UDCC be one of the first to suggest that the sky sounds are a `test' of the MSM and what they are willing to `report'. Possibly. LOL.

Indeed, the phenomena may be so minimal or so minimally placed in location, and, obviously - VERY temporal - that for the MSM to report on the spattering of `reports elsewhere' - is simply NOT the way the MSM reports. For anomalous phenomena - the phenomena has to be in your face level - to even be noticed. Low hums that are temporal - that are easy explained away and forgotten, literally - are not something the MSM is going to be TALKING UP.

I mean, talk about paranoia - "Can you hear the hum?" - is that the next headline in the Weird section of the Huffington offerings? I can imagine the story quite easily as a TV story:

(standing before the camera is the stations `hippie reporter' the one with longer hair) The camera shot would open close to his face and then pan to the sky while he said - "Are you one of the people that CAN hear the hum?" The station would then play about 5 seconds of the famous Florida Strange sky noise clip from 2011 and perhaps cover the new Costa Rica event.
And, so will begin a new conspiracy theory - WHO can hear the hum? ........ (Will they hear `sounds' in their heads next?) ..... As IF everyone can't hear them - then, it MUST be IN THE HEADS of those that do, right?

When thinking this out - perhaps it's nice to be in the phase of this SNP phenomena that is coming next - that is - mainstream media's coverage of such. Certainly, they will dredge up the famous sounds last year at the Braves/Marlins game too. And, more and more folks may be given the start of fear about the phenomena.
BTW, I will have a real weird YouTube video to bring some super weirdness to the whole sound phenomena in a minute - a video that hasn't really been seen yet by very many I suspect.
But, back to the SNP. Let me provide some more depth to our discussion today - as the Sky Noise Phenomena may be something soon we are all talking about more. First, the whole IDEA of `hearing things/voices' inside of ones head - presented in this article under the heading of can hearing voices be GOOD? - It's a ScienceBlog link - That drew over 900 comments - Says 4% hear voices. Trippy stuff and read. Then, this wonderful article by Robert Krulwich (yeah, that guy) of NPR writing about how humans are Jukeboxes and that if on command you are asked to sing `God Bless America' in your head - you will dutifully do a few bars. Anyway more about how some sounds in our brain are Unwanted. And for a much more full review of where things stand - Lon Stickler had this massive post to catch newcomers up on the whole Strange Sky Noise Phenomena As Of Date.

But, if you can get thru that - I beckon you to push a little bit further into the conspiracy zone. And, perhaps you may want to put on the theme from the twilight zone in the background if you can do something like that. You see, up next is a YouTube video with less than 1,000 views - up for several months - that has the EXACT same sound that is being heard most around the world. --- However, this video has a twist - this video was taken with the approach of a hurricane (already we have plausible deniability) and involves an FM `radio station' that doesn't exist. IF you read the comments below the video you will find the typical `logical' explanation for the sounds you will hear at the end of the short 4 minute video. Two minutes the sounds in the sky - two minutes the sounds on the FM radio at the same time.

Something such as the below is fodder for the imagination and is provided as such: - with under a 1000 views: Is that aliens on the FM? LOL.

link - and giving the video more credibility is the fact it is the only anomalous of all his uploads. To me, it is certainly somewhat strange in the timing.
So, would YOU admit to HEARING SOUNDS? IF so, would you worry what is next? Is this something the media can even cover? Assuming the phenomena is real - how can all this possibly be a positive?

Is this `what's next?'
========================== You Are Now Singing The 1966 Hit
========================== They Are Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha
========================== In Your Head
click the above so more see this posting

My thanks to the reader who again watched `Glee' off my blogs last night and for the person that purchased the book you see below. This is a brave person, the book was reviewed once and was a one star. It is an edgy book evidently.
 - turns out the inability to use just the image was short lived, yea!
And, a bit more about Eligael of the Jerusalem Orb event - I have now exchanged some e-mails with him and am seeking permission to bring what I know to you. Even without permission I will provide some level of update in the near future - hang in there as I think the story will be interesting based on the very slight clarifications I've gotten to some basic questions. I'll leave it at that.
Please use the share button to spread the news about the Sky Noise Phenomena if you think it deserves a wider audience in the world.



  1. HI Rick, hmmm just tried your latest blog post about 'traditions' and its not working. Thought I would let you know

  2. Thnaks MUZ - believe it or not I accidently posted `traditions' on the wrong blog - here. It should have been on my BS blog. For about 10 minutes folks were probably wondering about UDCC, appropriately. LOL.

    Still awaiting a guest post from you if you wish.


  3. Thanks. what kind of subject? I have just done a blog about NDAA = 9/11 if your interested?

  4. Hi MUZ,

    I just took a look at your post - and as usual you don't take the easy way in any manner - I love that.

    Tell you what, I was thinking was more in the line of you posting something more related to what UDCC covers (not that we don't touch on the potential nefarious)BUT - I'd be happy to let you pick ANY post you've done and I will copy and paste it in it's entirety (with link back of course to your original and reason for you wanting it to be reposted; ie:why you like that post so much.) And, that of course WOULD include this most recent post if you wish.

    So, again, the post you pick (I assume it will be a MUZ post, esoteric, worthwhile) can be of any subject.

    Ideally, I'd love for one of the `followers'/Leaders - such as yourself to take the role of almost an ombudsman occasionally for UDCC. Give me something to think about. OR, to have someone step up (who I was comfortable with) to very occasionally, but regularly, step up with a pure UFO opinion post for the day.

    Just to have another viewpoint to read without the need to travel to another link.



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