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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eligael's Jerusalem Orb - Possible Insights (With Update)

Good morning Clockers and Newbies to UDCC - I appreciate you still having an interest in the Unknown of our planet. Ultimately, today's post will be a lot of `little journeys' - so, take a few of them.
As per today's headline and inline with what I've been leaking to you via this blog - I've exchanged a few e-mails with Eligael Gedalyovich; clarified some slight language differences, and gotten a bit deeper into his mindset. Also, Eligael was so impressed with the Jerusalem Orb Review that UDCC did last spring that he has put a link to it on his new website. I'm honored to have that connection and trust from his view - even if the link doesn't even work.

Okay, where to begin with what I've encountered in our mail exchanges since I posted this The return of Eligael Gedalyovich........... I guess the first thing to say is that the Israel TV Channel 10 `investigation' of him was totally bogus and that the statement from his so-called friend was also false. He was at a loss to explain his friend or the statements about him being an actor or having a production company. I can also say, as you will read, that him having a `production company' is pretty unlikely. That is, if one chooses to believe his words at this point of time.

Indeed, I risk some credibility perhaps for even relating what he says to me via the internet. (As of now I am keeping the emails private and am relating info from them.) That is IF anyone has ANY credibility in the UFO field? LOL. (I view this as more credibility as a blogger and person in all honesty.) So, in addition to denying the TV investigative report - what else you ask?

Well, perhaps the most interesting and `newsworthy' to me - was what Eligael told me about the 3 second video and the Full Craft video - basically HE DOESN'T KNOW WHERE THEY CAME FROM OR WHO was the source. (Which I think is different from the initial idea that he found this tape thru an investigation.) I was NOT able to clarify with him how the exchange of the tape happened or the circumstances of that transaction. (And, just as an aside, he said nothing to me when I suggested that he is under a non-disclosure agreement - is saying nothing an agreement?) Or, for how long he was in possession of the tapes before uploading them? (Which I suspect was very minimal.)

Now, for those looking for the wo-wo factor.

Eligael claims that there are SECRETS associated with the Dome of the Rock. (And that the powers that be don't want it known.) He also indicated that he saw MORE than just the Orb that night, at least that is the way I am interpreting his words. He also believes deeply in secrets connected to all of this (the sighting) and how he met his wife (told with less of what he inferred to me) - which is told at his website. in his blog - which you will find he has not improved. (I pointed out some spelling problems and such to him too.) (The connection is that he had an epiphany upon seeing a UFO video and had the thought they could be connected with via mental telepathy.)

(Perhaps he believes he willed it to drop or something? Just guessing.)

Finally, he indicated to me that he doesn't want/didn't want the event to be associated with `religious' overtones. He feels he has a FULL story to tell involving the elements I've outlined above - but indeed knows he is stymied for now, even mentioning needing to feel `safe' about continuing. Feeling he needs the support of an `organization or production company'.

Hmmm. Right?

To that end, I did indicate to Eligael that almost any of the scenarios of what might have happened concerning the Jerusalem Orb might have merit as a documentary. Because, if you think about it - it only can have THREE possibilities IMO. Right?
1. HIS video, the teens, and the `security camera' are real. The event was REAL.
2. EVERY video of the event is FAKE and he orchestrated one of the biggest hoaxes in internet history - literally changing the way UFOs are covered by the MSM in America.
3. The event was REAL as was the orchestrated MSM effort to discredit it - pure suppression of facts the positioning.

I mentioned to him I would be willing to co-write a book perhaps about it.

IMO, each of these would have viability as a documentary. HBO special?
I have no contacts within the film industry - do you?
So, with all of the above - where's my gut on this whole matter as of today? ---- Real event too hot for the MSM. Followed by campaign to discredit which included the `craft video'. And, probably, too much read into the symbology of it all by Eligael.
That's my opinion, I'd be happy to share yours below too.
I sent a link to the above post to Eligael - and at 5:18 AM on 1/23 I got this response from him:
Hi Rick,

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I will do it.

There were some film makers and production company who interested in the story, but from diferent perspective then I want to focus on. The buzz of the story is less interesting for me ( I was a witness to ufo over this place twice ), the secret hidden there that I saw part of it is what interesting me, and that is the reason this sighting made such a big bazz, it's remind us something from our collective unconscious which who control this place don't want us to remembers. This is the reason that I mean ,when I will have a support of strong company to continue in this I will do so.
Eligael, Clockers:
For me, the above e-mail from Eligael FITS perfectly the whole story IMO - or nearly so. To me, it now makes SENSE that Eligael was indeed approached by some production company that wanted to `cash in' on the videos notoriety while it was hot; perhaps even representing to Eligael `they had a video'. Then, I bet, he went ahead based on some understanding of a project/movie - then changed his mind for reasons unknown - perhaps indeed as he says, because they had a `different perspective' - than showing Eligael's idea of `what's hidden there'. Indeed, to me, with an open mind - I think I can put two and two together about the `reality' of the `craft video(s)'.

I also understand what Eligael is saying about his `perception' and why he wanted a different story - which is much deeper. At least to him. And, he may very well be right - as I certainly think TPTB (the powers that be) - USE that area of location of the world to hold the system hostage to `something else'. Their power.

Finally, for this post - I hope to continue a dialouge with Eligael and will bring updates if applicable and different from my understandings as of this post. Clockers feel free to check in with your opinion.
Oh, I updated my `Science' blog and my `News blog' this morning - did you know they are now saying that dogs have been man's best friend for 30,000 Years? and what did Wikileaks say about how a conspiracy was involved in setting legal precendent for the SOPA? You will be surprised I bet.
That's enough for today - Please share this post with the Facebook button below - how many of your friends know anything about The Jerusalem Orb? And, thanks to the person who bought the FUNKY item below yesterday off my blogs:
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  1. Cool post! I know a little about it, just read this: Strange Happenings

    Just stop by and take a look. What I saw is remarkably similar to the video that most think is fake. Here: Jerusalem UFO

    Cool blog.

  2. Hi CDH - Liked the first link; but the second link is to the totally discredited `tourist' video.

    Thanks for checking in.

    Rick Phillips


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