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Monday, January 23, 2012

More North Coast Lights - This Time Mentor Ohio

Have a MUFON report today from near where I grew up and where I know folks - Mentor Ohio, exo-suburb of Cleveland Ohio. This report has several very interesting features - I'll let you absorb the report raw:
I was driving on I-90 Eastbound on the East side of Cleveland OH near the town of Mentor OH. I and my passenger saw a bright (intensity of lighting)bluish / white ball of light develop off in front of us at an unknown distance. To do my best guess, it was maybe 1/4 mile... but it could have been 50 miles. It was hard to determine.

The ball shaped object immediately caught both of our attention, and stayed sort of a pulsating ball for maybe 4 seconds. Then, the ball remained, but a perfectly shaped "V" ray of light shot to the sky, and then it went out.

Both I an my passenger both said Holy @#$% what was that... at exactly the same time. There were numerous cars on I-90, and I know they saw it too in that many of us hit the brakes on our cars at the same time.

My first thought was the the nuclear power plant (Perry Electric Plant) had exploded. My second thought was some sort of nuclear explosion happened way off in the distance, and there was some sort of terror attact. My 3rd, 4th, & 5th thoughts were it was some weird lighting (no storm and clear night) or Gasoline Truck accident (None found), or Electrical Transformer explosion (have seen those before, and not the same). So, I dont know what it was, and I can not venture a guess.

I felt scared, because I know there is a Nuclear reactor near there, and the possibility of terrorism.

The object just disappated like a light turning off.

As for the next question ... # of witnesses... I know about 8 cars in front of me all hit their brakes at the same time. I stopped 2 exits ahead for gas, and ran into a husband and wife who saw the same thing. They couldnt explain it either. So I dont know how to answer that question. There were 2 or 3 (my son was sleeping in the back) who saw it in my car, plus many others on the highway.
Obviously, it is impossible to know from this report what occurred. It certainly is within the realm of being nothing more than a very large fireworks setup. IMO.
MUFON.COM also had this picture of THREE `Triangles' - Picture shot on 1-1-12 and Clockers we've seen this before back on July 4th I believe.
I hope you caught the UPDATE to yesterday's post at 5:30 or so this morning. It's worth the read and has to do with Eligael reacting to yesterday's post. Indeed, I may even be forming some sort of `Alternative 3' type of theory in my mind.
I should have up a link to my appearance on Beyond The Edge Radio last week soon. And, I will be appearing again at Poem88 for the book signing of Robert Cheatham's new book that I contributed to - called Materialization's and Manifestations. The book signing is Feb. 15th - come and buy a book if you are an Atlantan - I will also probably speak for at least a few minutes with Robert. Music and Refreshments too. Poem88 is an Atlanta Art Gallery.
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  1. Hey Rick,

    I wasn't sure how to email you so I figured I would just leave a comment. Im from Boston and I've been visiting your blog every once in a while for about 2 years now. Its great how much time you put into this site, its extremely insightful. I just came across this video regarding the sky noise phenomenon - thought you'd be interested. Keep up the great work, take care.

  2. Cleahy2789,

    Hey, thanks for stopping by and for the kind words - nothing good is without some effort. Appreciated.

    As I hope you saw - I featured your link. thanks again.



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