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Monday, March 26, 2012

STUNNING Daytime ORB Footage From San Antonio

Okay folks - I feel really privileged to bring you some nearly AMAZING `ORB' FOOTAGE - from P. Garcia (Openureyes10 on YouTube) - currently, one of the most active `Orb Callers/Videoers', who is occasionally sharing her captures with UDCC and it's readership. Today's `footage', uploaded on Thursday, was shot on March 20th and March 17th and has under 55 views as of this feature posting (about 5 of them mine). 

The first video is, without question, THE BEST daytime Orb video I've ever seen! And that is quite a comment in itself - as I have seen HUNDREDS via YouTube. The video shows a colored Orb, looks to be about the size of a basketball; moving swiftly to come to ground level and then zoom upward...... The second video segment is a `patch of lights' (cluster of ORBs) also as strange as any you can imagine.

Frankly, the material is so over the top - both videos - as to call into question (perhaps) WHO is P. Garcia? What does SHE think is going on in these videos? So, I've spent the last day contacting P. Garcia via E-mail for some comments.  I do know that Pam has indicated to me that  Texas MUFON has `investigated' her claims -  and know that Orbs often seem to be in her presence.

Here's the video:

link -
March 20, 2012 -- while filming in the distance saw what at first appeared to be possible feather fluttering in the wind saw due to its flight pattern it wasn't-- so removed camera from tripod and filmed this cute small white Orb around 7 pm.. It was fairly close to me downstairs in courtyard.. I called my husband out to see it.. This was first Orb hubby has seen with naked eye.. Orb was meandering along and suddenly increased speed and went straight up into the sky, Night time Orb cluster was filmed on 17th March and was along curve in retaining wall. This is second time I've seen this cluster there- but 1st time to film it..
Now, P. Garcia provides a bit of info at the video, but, as I indicated - I have more insights from my E-Mail exchanges below for my readers:

I'm glad you liked the daytime Orb--it is really cool...It is the closest I've filmed so in that regard is the best.. but I have hrs of film of daytime Orbs in flight of all size and all colors flying around the school (school u can see in the vid I sent u as Orb in flight straight up)
To answer your question, I wasn't trying to call out for them but my husband and I were watching Paranormal Investigations and they were talking about black Orbs and neg energy- ghosts-demons.. I was telling my husband, who name is (redacted) , that I didn't want to see any "bad" ones and thinking to myself -especially since hearing the voice and noises- Love and Light.. if that makes any since? I don't know if that had anything to do with it showing up..But I, since several of ur columns, have called out to them thinking Love and Light- I don't want to be calling negative energy. When I really tried calling out for several days my first time lg high flying Orb showed flew straight over and North of me but I had hard time capturing it..

Night time Orb cluster, this is my opinion of what they are.. since my husband was here and I called him out to see them he wanted to go down to see what they were.. I was going to go with him but he said keep filming in case of anythig happening.. He came back and said it was light reflection.. BUT, I, after reviewing the film the next day didn't and don't agree with had been raining- had rained before in the almost 2 yrs I've been filmming and this is only second time "it" appeared.. I happen to think that he saw what "he thinks he saw- light reflection" and thats probably what he saw..I just "know" like I "know" that we have strange things flying all around us in the sky, which I film- like the fast flying objects to fast to see? I have tons of footage of them- fake birds that don't hold shape- on film-- It sounds crazy I know-but, when I do show my husband he will say "bird" until I show him frame by frame the "fakeness" then he will agree taht it isn't a bird.. so...
After I reviewed the footage of cluster, saw the movement and red glow around them- and just"knowing" the night before..  I say Orb cluster. but I stopped filming after 20 mins and went inside.. (redacted)
It's not like I am making it up.. I just "know" sometimes.. just like way back when first started I HAD to watch every night. And when i would finally go in to go to bed- sometimes get a feeling and have to go back out to see.. How crazy is that?? Maybe I was "touched" lol, but not the crazy
So, it is what it is... I've had Orbs on my porch many times when first started- I would see them flash by- or briefly come into my view.. in the private vid it shows one or something coming onto porch..
So you decide.
P (Red is UDCC emphasis)
Now, P.Garcia also has provided a private video to me that I will be looking at. Evidently P.G. normally NEVER listens to the video portion of her `Orb videos' but one day did and found some - perhaps to be expected - `strange phenomena'. That is what my first RED emphasis was about. MY second RED emphasis is that I'd like to ask P.G. if her husband saw the reflection of lights IN THE SKY - as IF sitting up there? OR, does he mean it was a reflection from distant lights - ONTO something, some surface normally there?

But, beyond those points - I'd like to point out the `intentionality's' involved would seem to be `setting up' the daytime Orb event, IMO. IMO, the intentionality's make it `more likely' `more possible' - and evidently, with P.G. ----- BECAUSE SHE IS LITERALLY READY and with camera - THE ORBS `show themselves'. And, IMO, it's much like the `voices' that `show up' to be recorded on EVP electronics. 

Some `spirit information' seems to prefer to respond when `conditions are ideal to provide proof of their existence' - it's really not so stupid is it? `They' would look for SPACES such as P.G.'s to display to. Spaces filled with wonder, expectations, and the capacity to act. (There's that Phenomenologist in me again.)

Now, I'm not - UDCC's not - saying these are ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR; and indeed, IMO, they could be anything from Dead Humans to Dead Aliens to `Earth Spirits' to `Universal Spirits' to `billion year old entities' - and beyond LOL. And, yes, they could be something like alien probes or something more nefarious - `our own probes'. 
In the above e-mail, P.G. provided me also with this link to the high flying daytime Orb on Feb. 14, 2012 - - the video has about 450 views and is interesting and typical to a large degree of the daytime Orbs many are catching. At the video P.G. said this to a commenter:
Actually, all I did was look up. LOL.. I then saw it a couple hundred feet North of me, but really high up. So, it continued traveling North as I went inside to grab my camera an set it up. Plus the time I took to actually find it in the sky...I think I need glasses as I took a few minutes to locate it... by time I started filming it had traveled good distance away. It looked very bright in an already bright sunny day.. and large. 
Shortly after P.G. sent me her first answer to my questions - this e-mail arrived with the title `perceptions': Ready for more insights and on the ground level of the interactions with the unknown? Thought so:

Sorry, did't finish..
Just a thought,  when I first saw the cute Orb I thought it was a feather.. it drifted about as if it was one.. so, if I wasn't really looking I wouldn't have filmed it. But I don't believe that what you think you see is what it actually is anymore.. or.. perhaps it hasn't been for a long time or if ever?? If I didn't experience and see what I have seen and now question what I do see.. I would have thought it was a feather. So I suppose most people "see" what they expect to "see" and there is no question in their mind which makes it so hard for most to accept the UFO phenomeon.
If my eyes hadn't been "opened" I wouldn't believe it either..
so was it an Orb cluster???
A very close friend of mine doesn't believe- doesn't want to hear about anything to do with UFOS.  But the funny thing is that she believes in ghosts and thinks that she has had encounters with them in the past as well as that her house or a room in her house has had activity...
I, myself, am more afraid of the paranormal than the Ufo stuff.. maybe because I have already dealt with it and accepted and my friend on the other hand has dealt with the paranormal so that is acceptable to her?
My Mufon friend that films here wanted me to get a recorder and try to communicate with whatever - especially after I heard the strange mechanical music in my room- but I wouldn't do it because I didn't want to open up to that.. He feels and has gotten into the Paranormal stuff because he feels taht the UFO search has led him to the Paranormal and that its related...
In stead of answers its just more questions...
P.G. - I've highlighted those words for a reason involved with the Phenomenology of `things' - most importantly - `the transformation of ideas thru temporal characters' and my personal belief in the existence of a nearly parallel `perception structure' which is what we actually `see'. 

Also, I fully support your decision to NOT investigate into some corners of the overall structure - your beliefs alone are reason enough to NOT investigate. And, I believe your beliefs are valid in this instance.
In her next e-mail P.G. shared this video of Strange Daytime Objects And Shadow Objects - it's a 2 minute video of some of P.G.'s stranger captures (and IMO much less interesting than the `Feather Orb' featured today - but nonetheless, is what P.G. feels is her most important find - that many daytime objects are just beyond our collective perceptions).
I can see in my mailbox that I have another contact from P.G. - I also have NOT viewed the `voices' video, yet. So, I may certainly continue this post in some manner soon. But, P.G.'s case - as with so many of the Orb Callers - Orb Videoers is that in some manner - individual humans are, thru their mental and physical actions, - `providing a path' for actualization of some phenomenal activity, literally. Actualization following a path of least resistance. Using the vessel.
Is this type of `information' dangerous? I mean, society hardly needs `a billion magicians' demonstrating their abilities for all to see. Right?
And, really want to make it scary? Scientists tell us that over 95  billion humans have already died, - could `they' indeed be evolving in some manner as the people that are dying bring more and more technical information into the `after-space'? Could indeed some `veil' be being lifted? OR, is it that as more and more of the population has video ability, that we should EXPECT more of the paranormal phenomena, that has always been present, -  to be captured on video. And, we are simply THINKING this is all an increase when it is nothing but a numbers game and technology event; as we certainly are privileged to be living in THAT ERA (whether the actual number is increasing or not). 
Remember, it's important to make up your own mind. For all anyone knows, this path has been actuated by my desires for a perfect Orb video - and this is near perfect. Perhaps something is using Orbs as a distraction?

Ludicrous Foes - UFO Disclosure; never forget it.
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Finally, IF you are new to UDCC (And, Welcome Coast To Coast AM listeners) I keep a `best of' UDCC at my Squidoo page. The page has the BEST of 2012 so far on UDCC, the best videos, the best videos, the best MUFON reports - all from just the last three months at 2012 UFO Videos - so, you can either dig into the archive here via the sidebar or the best of 2012 at the link. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Great orb video. This looks very much like something I saw in Haverhill MA, on the Merrimack river. It was lazily meandering on the other shore. It was also orange.

  2. Isn't that just a yellow balloon?

    It's the right shape, size, colour, texture, to be a balloon and it floats like one too.

    Sorry to burst your... erm... balloon. ;-)

  3. I want to thank you both for your comments. That is interesting Shepherdcrane that it was orange.

    Especiallyskeptical - I'm of the opinion that it doesn't look like a balloon. Or, float like one. But, I do appreciate your readership.



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