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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Foes Ludicrous = UFO Disclosure? To Some In 2012 It Does!

Howdy Clockers - thanks once again for making your way back to UDCC for your fix of the UFOlogy lunacy. Today's featured lunacy is the make-up of the distribution of `fantastic UFO videos' - and their relation to UFO Disclosure. 
And, I begin with someone who has been `capturing daytime UFOs on video'; much in the same manner in which Pam Garcia has been in Texas (she shares some stuff with UDCC). What that means is simply setting up the video camera, and then looking at the results frame by frame - looking for something that appears to be anomalous. 

Yes, it is a very slippery slope and open to imagination and more. (That said, Pam's case seems different than the one I'm featuring now.)

I mean, are we indeed to believe that already in our atmosphere are dronelike probes? (Come to think of it that way it's not so unlikely. LOL) Objects that are simply going TOO FAST for us to catch in our normal perceptions? (It is a longshot IMO.) Or are there MUCH simpler ideas like `this is what birds or insects or video anomalies LOOK LIKE in ultra slow motion'? Indeed, would atmospheric creatures be SO CLOSE to our perception level - wouldn't these `things' show up in EVERYONES videos?
So, with that as a backdrop, we get to some of the meat of the Foes Ludicrous part of UFO Disclosure. Now, I'm not saying that this guy isn't catching something in his videos. But, do you believe that UFOs are so readily caught by random video taking - multi times a week? ------------- Anyway, this part of Foes Ludicrous is the niche of folks - with full sincerity and with a straight face - using the `slow down the video' method of UFO Disclosure (remember all my caveats above please). ARE they RIGHT? - Clockers can make up their own mind. This video has all of 274 views, 5/1 pos/neg ratio: `Caught on 3/14 around noon in Massachusetts by NWOrDREGS

link -
NWOrDREGS, a 54 year old `Freedom Seeker' (according to YT account) has caught a little over a dozen of his own UFOs since he started posting his own about 6 months ago (he used to post OTHER folks UFO videos). He goes by Real UFO's at YouTube too; with a background image of a badge for Area 51.......... Like many folks, he knows that the system is corrupt.
Next Up - A Daytime `UFO SWARM' - of course. (NOT balloons or the many things suggested in the comments.) - The video has nearly 6000 views since 2009. About 2/1 pos/neg. The uploader PushTheFader has 10 videos - most UFO videos he shot in 2008 and 2009.

link - (see his feed here)
As with most Foes Ludicrous Videos - the Title of the Videos nearly always OVERpromise. 
And, last but not least, I bring to you a link from a reader in the comments section of UDCC of what COULD have been a great video - except for the trail left when trying to verify the video. As you might expect - MassLandings2012 (any possible chance they are IN with an agenda? lol.) - with 37 themed videos - might have an agenda. This version of the video has about 6000 views and a 20/1 pos/neg ratio on this GATHERING Site. MassLandings2012 brings a HUGE story with the video and provides his link to the GalacticFederationOfLight info (sheeessh). Anyway, catch your of the  Massive Galactic Federation Mothership video is here. (It's always a mothership of course.)

Now, at least ML2012 gave the source link for the video -> MFGLOOM, who has two UFO videos - with an alien avatar. Both videos, the first three weeks ago, are of `suspicious lights' (Orb) type videos (and easy to fake IMO). His first video a few weeks ago was of UFOs going in and out of the distant ocean which got about 3K views using the USO keyword; - so, two weeks later, he ups his keyword to Happy Anniversary Phoenix Lights, and posts what most certainly is a CGI effort that gets him 25k+ views in recent days. The video has a 10-1 pos/neg break. 

Anyway, two weeks after his first YT upload of anything - he has a MILE WIDE UFO go over him while hiking - this guy knows a good story, right? Jumped on by lots of websites - MILE WIDE UFO Lights. And, here's an example of how such videos of MILE WIDE UFOs are used by the undertow of UFOlogy - Ascension Earth 2012. Who's webmaster has THIS as his profile:

I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray & channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence. 

Foes Ludicrous. Mucking It Up.
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  1. Hi Rick, concerning Foe Lud. capturing/filming super fast objects in flight.. I too film them pretty regularly but they are very hard to say "UFO"(most ppl I show them to say BIRD)very hard to prove usually due to distance or poor sky clarity as our skies "SPRAYED regularly" also, I do not yet know how to enlarge or slow down... but they are out there.. If more ppl filmed would probably have lot more footage...perhaps u will like this cute daytime Orb that was just meandering along after thunderstorms couple days ago.. Thank you for your GREAT SUBJECTS!!

  2. Hi PG - Folks got a few days head start by checking out your link here - didn't they?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences too. Appreciate the readership.



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