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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did A UFO `Fleet' Arrive In Sartoga County On December 9th? (YouTube Video)

Okay Clockers - while I bring this to you today from - Cosmic Drama Queen - with an untraceable sourcing (she claims SHE shot it BTW) - that somehow looks VERY familiar - that I make NO claims for - however, IF it is true, is quite convincing in its anomalousness. (Has CDQ become the NUMBER ONE `Orb caller'.) A HUGE number of views for just a couple days (313K) - set to I believe Cat Stevens music I guess for effect, (or is that Don McClaine). Especially be ready to stop click your video from the 1:50 mark to about the 2:40 mark. What in the world is going on? It seems that some structure, perhaps with those black parts being key, is present in the sky. WTH? Some `orbs' seem to turn on and off during this close up period in the video. Could the holding back of setting the UDCC clock ....... for December's time..........

link- all kinds of awards but no specific stats... hmm
But, as I said, I smelled something fishy - and this site is evidently the driving force of Cosmic Drama Queen's multi-hundred thousand hits. Caution, it's a `hard-R' blogsite with a mix of sex stuff and sensational stuff. A Russian Site - need I say more.

But, perhaps my suspicions were misplaced - as the video I thought she may have been using was this one below - `of another `fleet' (of balloons IMO) - that does indeed IMO `act' differently - than today's `fleet' of who knows what:

I featured the above `fleet' post in September -
But, I swear I remember it (the first video today of CDQ). That in itself, doesn't disparage what is on the video which could indeed be nefarious in some manner. But, to TRUST Cosmic Drama Queen - in an unsourced video - who has an agenda (mans cosmic evolution) - to get hits via a Russian Viral source with other UFO videos - (perhaps I need to send the weird stuff UDCC finds on YT) - pulls at the credibility strings a bit much.

But, with all my disparaging remarks: here is what she says to one of the commenters on her video:
Yeah...that's what I was trying to capture, I have a 20X optical zoom better than most cameras these days...could quite focus...with my naked eye, the dark traveling spots looked like small rectangles and I noticed them in two distinct areas of the formation...many in the "geese contingent" say it's a blue goose...I did not hear a sound nor see wings, just white glowing balls with two distinct dark rectangles moving against the flow...You are the only on who has picked up on that.
You owe it to yourself to read the comments at the first video to get a sense of what folks are saying about this. Could it be a flock of Geese? Can ORB Callers produce phenomena of this level?
Oh, I updated some of my other blogs that you may have an interest in yesterday or recently - at my `Science Edge' blog TAL I posted about a study which shows A Persons Language Affects Their Color Perception. If you haven't checked out TAL - it's a good read of ... like I said, edgy science ideas - some every edgy and speculative. I also updated TCI (The C Influence) my Esoteric based group blog with a bevy of great writers - find that post .
Clockers - Did I find you guys the coolest Christmas Gift Below - A Levitating Globe!

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  1. Just seen a really cool documentary featuring UFO witnesses. I just love this, and the UFO researcher John P Tipperman, he to me is a REAL scientist, or researcher, not like the arrogant so-and sos who will quickly tell you what it is all about and follow with "case closed", or the most absurd explanations. And the presenters eyes are quite amazing too lol

    The Edge Of Reality : UFO Witnesses Speak Out Documentary Film


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