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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four Year Olds In PreK Shout - "Look At The Rocket Ships"!

`They' were shameless on Monday in Atlanta - as `they' often are. Indeed, THEY are so numerous lately and BLATANT, that EVEN four year olds have been noticing. What's that you ask? What are mere children seeing, that their adult parents are largely sweeping under the carpet for the last decade and one half?

The answer is CHEMTRAIL PLANES spraying whatever they spray.

You see, on Monday early afternoon it was just totally absurd in a particular portion of the Atlanta skies. I was sitting in a parking lot, looking at the huge slightly cloudy skies in front of me, as I was at one of those slightly higher elevations in the foothills of the north Atlanta area. A parking lot with an unobstructed view of the sky.

And, one of the first `things' I see is TWO PLANES - (spewing whatever) heading DIRECTLY AT EACH OTHER IN THE SKY and separated by only a short `space' -- only to have moments later -- BOTH PLANES VERVING off their collision course.

Folks, please ask yourself, why is it when I see `planes' doing something that `planes' shouldn't be doing - like flying at each other, --- they are ALWAYS, 100% OF THE TIME, SPEWING something too? HUH? Please, ask yourself why?

OR, when they do the things that ONLY planes that spew do - like go up at INCREDIBLE `Rocketlike' angles? Angles SO SEVERE that mere children looking into the sky go `LOOK AT THE ROCKET SHIPS'! (My daughter is a preK teacher and the source for this info.) ----------------- As the children see the spew spreading UPWARD into the sky at an impossible angle for commercial airplanes. This phenomena, very typical in Atlanta and not even eye catching anymore, is what prompted the various `Missile Launch' stories over the last year or two in the media - especially one off the California coast last year.

But, flying at each other OR rising at impossible or near impossible angles, is nothing compared to what then happened in the same section of the Atlanta skies on the 19th about 1 in the afternoon. Not more than 5 minutes after two `planes' played `Chicken' in the skies - SUDDENLY TWO WERE RACING ----------------------- RIGHT NEXT TO EACH ANOTHER.!!!!!

And, both were spewing of course (forming two parallel lines in the sky) - my phone, the oldest of the old got off two horrible pictures that I'm trying to bring to this page and haven't figured out how to yet. Needless to say - `planes' don't run immediately next to each other in the sky - do they folks?

`They' are absolutely shameless. We, the people, are up against Ludicrous Foes! The outcome is not certain with the worthless MSM we have.
Finally for today - TBS had some good material that Clockers may be interested in reading. First, did you hear that Apples Fell From The UK Sky the other day? And, TBS also has another of those strange sky noise phenomena sounds just a couple weeks ago - the SNP continues.
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1 comment:

  1. Yes, seen the exact same thing over our skies here in southern Ontario Canada on more than one occasion....two planes heading directly for each other which I also thought was an 'illegal' move for any two planes in the air? Plenty of 'criss-crossing' maneuvers and also some that seem to trail around the edge of lake ontario creating a trailed curve in the sky that mirrors the shape of the shoreline below...all very odd.


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