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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What IF `Orb Callers' Are INDEED `Advanced'?

Good Morning Clockers. Welcome also to all newbies to UDCC, this is a near daily at times blog about the whole spectrum of what passes for UFOlogy. And, today UDCC will take on a truly under-talked about aspect of certain `UFO' phenomena (not necessarily here) and that is the interaction of consciousness with the event horizon of the phenomena.

Mainly what I'd like to suggest is that certain aspects of consciousness may indeed be quantifiable. And some folks are..... welllllllll........ BIGGER. (And perhaps `better' too in some way.) And as the ads in the sidebars on ParaNormal sites have touted for years - the `aliens say listen to your meditation'. And, as you know, that is EXACTLY what at least some of the Orb Callers are saying about themselves.

IMO, it certainly is within the realm of chance if not probability that - inner mind states - play a role in many anomalous phenomena events. And, yes, literally `making' a phenomena `occur' - via their thoughts.

Even if what IT IS - is some sort of `spirit orb' - for a limited temporal event.

Some level of mind intention that can be reached thru ...... perhaps..... repeated efforts at ones own consciousness. Such as meditating over a long period of `time'. (Really Space.) OR, it could be as simple as having some ritual that takes YOU to a certain portion of your own brainwaves - that act as some trigger of desire within the framework of how our reality `sets up' on a moment to moment basis.

The whole IDEA that `some individuals' - have the `potential power' to shape a reality in front of them is certainly NOT in the MSM's interest to delve into in any manner. To the MSM, `we' don't need `little Christ's' walking around producing `miracles'.

But, what if it is NOT miracles - but - simply the way that even `slightly advanced' consciousnesses of `ordinary people' can interact with our reality we observe (and likely able to share with others in a temporary fashion like the Orb Callers do). Okay, I'll go so far as to say - `special ordinary people' - as IMO, very few folks do the necessary due diligence at `advancing their mind' in any intentional manner.

It's almost as if we are scared as a class of humans to USE the powers to dig within the internal BLANK landscape that perhaps acts as a `screen' for projection beyond what we are ready to `handle'. And, to make it even more bizarre, at least to this writer, is that ALMOST ANYTHING (obviously) `may work' to get one into these `advanced consciousness states'.

I mean when Meditation, Prayer, and other mind exercises do it --- but -- so does fasting and other body disciplines. They all focus on bringing ones consciousness from `escaping to things' and BACK to the body-within. Into OUR SPACE. --- And, THEN once there - some individuals seem to be able to `do the next step' -------------------- at/of a `contact' of sorts.

But, EVEN IF these `ordinary' powers are possible/accessible to everyone - very few folks see the `payoff' - or are worried of attracting `negative vibes' in one manner or another. (Which reminds me of using a Ouija Board to focus ones space without the `right' intentionality's.) So, very few --- very very few folks pursue that path of knowledge for themselves.

(Yes, some folks, perhaps the majority of folks who ever experience these `stranger' states of phenomenology - used illegal substances to `achieve understanding'. And some others might even get lucky and run into `literature' that brings to one a special reality state - and here - I'm reminded of Carlos Castaneda's `controlled lucid dreaming techniques' -- or -- even Gurdijeff's ideas written up by Ouspensky in The Fourth Way.)

But, some do pursue the path - and when reaching the branch of `contact' - pursue it further. This is where, IMO, it all gets tricky ----- except for the Orb callers in a sense. Because, when folks are into these specialized mind states of being, and `contact' begins (In my Phenomenology this would be in the able-to-not-be space.) -- all kinds of `things' are likely to be `there'. Including evil spaces, dead beings, and yes, likely, WONDERFUL spaces of advanced beings who `tell you things'.

But, it is here IMO, that an Orb caller has an opportunity `to shine' in a very strange sense of the word and action. You see, IMO, the `Orb Caller' is a type of individual that `wants proof' - indeed, wants `visible proof' - literally. Literally visible. And, guess where ORBs come in?

Yep - as an actualized temporal event horizon. An UFO Disclosure, literally.
So, we might have some people that are growing in number who are `figuring it all out' in one manner of belief or another. (I starting blogging about this phenomena of `spiritual orbs' in 2008 here when MUFON investigated a man (link at the above) in Kentucky who produced amazing local `light phenomena structures'.) And, with this growing number of individuals who can `produce an event in the sky' (think Prophet Yahweh) - even rural and religious minded folks - we certainly have a scenario TOO HOT for MSM coverage IMO.

You know `advanced folk'! LOL.

Anyway, IMO, the very idea that some folks can produce a `ball of light with some structure perhaps' - is WAY too slippery of a slope for the media to delve into. It would be like `legitimizing' some form of `alternative thought' - something again not really in the interest of the MSMs advertisers (or, perhaps as importantly, the news director who has station owners to answer to).

But, perhaps most of all - IMO - it could be perceived as INSULTING to the viewer; who is being told YOU CAN'T do this. YOU DON'T have a `higher connection' like THESE SPECIAL FOLKS DO. (Especially true do to the enforced MSM beliefs about the higher realm experiences of psychedelics.)

Coverage of an Orb caller by the MSM could even be viewed as a challenge to `OUR RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE' ------ IMO. Yet another reason it's below the radar screen for most people (Clockers, help spread the word, lol.).
And, for good reason perhaps - as the intentionality's used by an individual consciousness - that produces these Orb phenomena in recurring areas and ON-DEMAND nearly in temporal terms - may be `advanced' over what you and I can produce in the space in front of us `fortean events' for amazement. (Or, perhaps we all can if we are in something like a GROUP spoon bending session - where the collective belief as some of the phenomena begins to occur allows nearly EVERYONE to produce a limited temporal phenomena. Indeed, is even the `speaking in tongues' any different?)
Obviously, the MSM has no interest in saying to us all that `certain individuals' are indeed on a `higher plane' than us `lower plane' people; right? And, they are hardly going to tell us all to go out and use psychedelics; right? And, aren't `meditators' people who are withdrawn from the normal commercial BS of the MSM - can't promote that, right?
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  1. I can believe no one left a comment. I am a poltergeist, I have been responsible for orbs of light and object moving of their own accord, and I spontaneously become another and feel, think, experience them like a mind weld. I have died as individuals and groups. No one cares about the ideas you are writing about. I thank you for a thought provoking article. I get you.

  2. Matriarch of the Erie - First, I grew up living within a mile or so of Lake Erie. Next, love your positioning and appreciate your comment, dead or alive.



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