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Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Old rockers will recognize the paraphrased above clarion call from the Buffalo Springfield concerning the emergence of worrisome times - and, if my inklings and gut feelings are correct - they may be coming to your area too. Here is what I have to report from my perception.

The first person I knew who described this phenomena or a similar one was Bruce Duensing last fall - it was a sound that he and his wife heard outside on the front porch - seemingly only directed for them. IF BD reads this perhaps he will provide the link as I could not find it in his works. (And, I know he wrote about it.).

Anyway, on March 24th on Barf Stew I ran this super strange story about a similar noise phenomena heard in Florida - and this was the video:

Then, to me, the impossible happened about a week or so later - I HEARD IT MYSELF IN ATLANTA (and it was NEVER reported in the MSM). In my experience, late morning, I was coming out of a friends home and noticed the strange sky sound about half way down his drive (East Atlanta). It was VERY strange and sounded identical to the Florida noise except at a lower volume. And, immediately I recognized it from the video you hear above.

I walked down to my car not believing it was happening to me; and so soon after I had ran the above video; - indeed, I was wondering what Atlanta's MSM would report. I stood at my car, almost hoping it was some sort of strange plane noise - fighter jets perhaps. But, the sound continued, unabated. And continued. ----- At this point I used my cellphone to call my buddy inside his house to come out. About 10 seconds later he emerged - I said, `you hear that' - He goes `What is THAT'?

I said, he didn't want to know but I thought that the same phenomena was beginning to happen and that it couldn't be good news. He kind of shook his head. The sound continued easily for another 2 minutes - with me saying - `can you believe this?'. It had easily been three and a half minutes that I had been hearing this sound as it began to fade ever so slightly.
I had heard enough and got in my car and drove off.

I asked, Bruce if the Florida sound was similar to what he had heard - he said this - Yes but with a noticeable exception. When it was ending the pitch went up very rapidly ( in a matter of a couple of seconds) and then absolutely "vanished". It was louder than this although it's hard to tell from this audio recording, very low frequency. We remain well..dumbfounded.


But, from the `oh wait.... there's more' department comes this link discussing the Florida event and bringing out these responses -
I heard the same sound in Dallas, TX last Wed morning while walking...I kept looking upward, but nothing appeared in the sky, however the ground was NOT shaking and whatever it was didn't sound as close to me as on the video but enough to get my attention...

I posted in another thread yesterday about feeling the house shaking on Friday morning.

We're based on the west coast, just north of Tampa in Pasco county. I could feel the floor shaking and see my laptop that was sitting on the arm of my chair shaking. And no, I wasn't moving and causing the laptop to move.
This is freaky because the area in that report is on the east coast but this happened right around the same time on the same day!
Here yet is another similar report but even more ominious -
Here's this description:
MUFON Case # 28251

Date/Time: 2011-03-16 21:30
City: Cocoa
State: Florida
Shape: Disc
Distance: Unknown
Vallee Index: CE1
Summary: flew over home in neighborhood very low
i was in my kitchen washing dishes when there was a very loud sound outside became louder and i could feel the house almost shake,i ran outside to see what it was and it was an extremely large disc like object that was so low just barely hovering over our house and continued on over the houses in the neighborhood.i originally thought a plane was going to crash because of the loud sound that you could actually feel..but it very slowly just glided was far bigger than a plane or jet and the shape was disc like but with no specific color almost appearing clear but yet you could see it was a solid shape.most recognizable about the shape was the middle with a bright lit up triangle with multi color lights.they did not flash anywhere and the lights in the shape of the triangle always stayed lit.i watched it till it was out of sight,,then my adult son came out to see what was going on and then i told him what i saw out there and pointed to the directions from which it came and went.he then told me of this sight and this is how i came to be here telling you what i just saw.i still cannot believe what i have just experienced..i even walked back out there hoping to see it again but of course i son asked me why i didnt call him..i explained to him that when i was out there watching it i was in such awe and couldnt take my eyes off of it.if i ran back into the house i would lose track of it.this is the first time i have seen something like this out son also stated that a friend of ours saw the same exact thing with the same exact description roughly 10 years ago.i am amazed at what i just saw..wish i could see it again..funny i didnt feel afraid once i saw photos.

And, phenomena related again to a sound event - (from February 2011) on MUFON's latest reports today: this one with alien visitation.
I included the recent MUFON reports just to show an extension of the phenomena possibilities, as what I'm really interested in pulling together for UDCC Clockers is the fact that this phenomena happened to me, AND, someone I know - independent of the Florida event. And, all three events didn't really make the MSM at any national level or hardly local (Florida's was so long and reported by so many that the locals gave a concocted theory about thunder storms and unusual clouds.)

I also echo Bruce's dumbfoundedness - something's happening here - what it is ain't exactly clear. ...... when your always afraid ..... take you away.......
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1 comment:

  1. You know, I remember hearing something very similar to this a couple of years back.

    I remember not only hearing it, but feeling it as well. I could pinpoint where the sound was coming from, but could see nothing there... it was in an open field and absolutely no wind whatsoever... freaky huh?

    Maybe, it could be a cloaked ship of some kind; maybe ours, maybe theirs - Who knows?

    or, it could well be the fat lady singing, as in Gaea... And I certainly hope it's not the latter.


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