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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CE - 5 --- Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind

Several years ago I read Steven Greer's book `Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge' - and came away somewhat amazed by a number of things that happen in his story about extraterrestrials - not the least of which is what he called CE-5 or Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. Specifically, CE-5 is when a human `calls' a spacecraft into the local area thru a form of meditation and vectoring - this art-form is something that Greer claims to be able to teach to those with an open mind.

More specifically, the mediation is to focus on these alien beings and wishing peaceful involvement with them; and the vectoring - has to do with telling the aliens `where and when' to `show up' for confirmation of their existence. From reading the book, one would think this was a fairly easy thing to do and teach others - indeed, claims are made in the book of other folks calling crafts after being taught how to do so. Greer even makes it seem like he himself was part of the sightings happening down in Gulf Breeze Florida (late in the flap, or after the flap).

But, perhaps the most extreme claim about CE-5 contact made by Greer has to do with what occurred on March 13th, 1997 in the Phoenix Arizona area and what has become known as the Phoenix Lights. I will quote from page 149 (softcover):

---- I flew into Phoenix on a U.S. Airways flight and as we were landing, I began the CE-5 protocols. I went into an expanded state of consciousness and into space and began vectoring extraterrestrial vehicles into the Phoenix area. I told the ETs, "It'd be great if you can do something undeniable while we're here that we can put into this footage to share with Congress whom we will be briefing in a couple of weeks." This was on March 13th, 1997, and the briefing for Congress was in early April.

So, essentially, Greer claims he is the source of one of Ufo history's major mysteries. No small feat (has he proved his itinerary in some fashion? if he can prove he was in Phoenix on THAT night it means something ) - and one I haven't seen discussed before on Ufo Websites (I'd be happy to find such material if it exists - leave a comment.) -------- Which brings to mind the whole idea of `calling' crafts or orbs - into the sky.

As you know, if you follow my writings - I've covered this in my other blog The Heavy Stuff -- (Prophet Yahweh) and - (Kentucky Man puts `ufo's' into the sky). So, the point I want to bring out is Greer fully claims to `have a technique' before either of these other men demonstrated it before an audience. It also does lend some credibility to all the circumstances - as strange as it all seems. Perhaps Greer is a guru after all.

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  1. I wrote something similar not long ago, not about the Phoenix lights but just about Greer’s CE5 claims and also posted a video of the good Doctor in action.

    It’s at:


  2. Thanks for your comment and link.


  3. I was rudely awakened recently when I attended a lecture and workshop on November 13-14 in Costa Mesa, California. To my shock and disappointment, Dr. Greer showed character traits that were very alarming.

    Instead of talking about hard facts and the topics promised in the lecture/workshop description, he dedicated most of the time to personal topics and self-admiration. He is obviously quite impressed with himself and enjoys indulging in self-adulation and name-dropping.

    The most disconcerting part of my experience was the effortless curt and condescending way in which he snapped at audience members who tried to ask questions during his workshop lecture. This cold and uncaring behavior makes me question his claims of transcendental meditation practice and multitude of mystical abilities he alleges to possess. No spiritual person behaves in such a manner.

    To add insult to injury, during the boring workshop’s ET contact and craft sighting fieldtrip, Dr. Greer claimed that he could see (remote view) 'dematerialized' crafts in the area and that ET's where present and moving among the crowd. The few others that 'sensed' the crafts and beings were mostly from Greer's staff. Since I happen to be an intuitive, I know for a fact that at no time were ET beings or crafts present.

    Needless to say, for me the veracity of the material presented in Dr. Greer’s is now in question.

    I feel that it is my duty to broadcast this information, to warn those who, like me, read Dr. Greer’s books and consider attending Dr. Greer’s workshops. The 1day one is only $175, but I understand that there are longer “training” ones which are much more expensive.

    1. This is exactly word for word the exact same thing posted as reviews of at least two or more books of Dr. Greer on That in itself is highly suspicious. It seems you (possibly more than just you) are going out of your way to discredit him. Hmmm. I wonder why.

  4. true enough i think steve is not to be followed, however his information on how to contact ETs seemed to work.

    i did the meditation and in daylight. 430 pm summer of 2008 for about 20 minutes. then i was relaxed, very relaxed, with the sun at my back i was looking out and a craft just appeared out of thin air, it was a corrogated lampshade shape with a cone ontop.

    i live in calgary Alberta Canada , feel free to contact me, my name is Gabriel Binette

    there seems to be truth is the strangest places.

  5. Gabriel,

    I appreciate you commenting today. I have a phrase that I use around here at UDCC to describe what happened to you - ORB Calling. If you use that term in the sites search engine you will be overwhelmed by how often I cover this important and underplayed issue.
    I believe you.
    Has it happened again for you?

    If you have had some sort of experiences you'd like to describe feel free and at the least they will be here in the comments. Sometimes I elavate comments to the front page too.


  6. on my very 1st try i was able to summon our freinds, 2 crafts appeared and did some formation dance in the sky, St. Thomas Ontario!

  7. So is there a group here in Calgary that actively carries out the CE-5 protocols?


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