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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Conjectures Concerning A Repeat Of The NYC UFO Event

Yesterday I provided my gut speculations about the 10-13 UFO Event in NYC - even, absurdly, - putting percentages on what my ideas of what the event actually WAS. And, IMO, the most likely scenario at 40% likelihood - was that this was a display put on in the sky intentionally by humans in some manner. One would assume to do such an advanced activity would involve the resources of more than just a person or group of people - and therefore a government agency or something beyond such a formal designation - might be likely suspects.

And, really, we are back to square one - as this event is really an extended duplication of the same considerations one has to give to events such as the 2006 O'Hare Airport UFO Incident. Who or what would choose to do events in either restricted airspace or over hugely populated areas (let alone do it on a day that had some expectation that such an event could occur).

And, frankly folks - it doesn't seem like it would be the `good guys' if the most likely scenario of `humans' being behind this is the right one. That said, IF it were `humans' - and was NOT the `good guys' - what better ploy than to see if a little pandamonium could be established on the streets? Indeed, the `good guys' could be accessing how much coverage will be allowed of such events in the future IMO.

Have we seen the `little brother' of Project Blue Beam?

And, what IF it IS the `good guys'? Who for some internal reason decide to `test balloon' so to speak - the very notion that `aliens' might be here? To test street and press reaction. Who may have an agenda in regards to eventual real ET preparation.

Anyway, IMO, IF this is the right scenario, the human scenario - NYC will NOT see a similar event in any near timeframe - and indeed, to me, it is the `timeframe' of when the next NYC UFO event occurs - that may give a further clue into this first event mystery.


And, yesterday UDCC gave a 30% chance that the event was indeed Extraterrestrial. Indeed, after seeing the UFO Event in El Paso, Texas a couple evenings later - makes me almost ready to increase this percentage.

I mean - come on - is this the proof of the pudding? What if EXACTLY SIMILAR EVENTS OCCUR at an increasing rate? What if they OCCUR AT PREDICTABLE TIMES?

Could that mean that exactly one week, or one month, or one lunar cycle would have the same occurance? And, then, if so, the next week, or month, or lunar cycle? Or, the exact same event over another major world city - a week, or month, or lunar cycle from 10-13.

So, IF choice two is the actual scenario - IMO - we will see some sort of `predictable pattern' emerge. One that puts yet another `twist' to the unfolding events that would be gaining in awareness with each occurence. Much like the added twist that this event in NYC was predicted. Therefore, look for SAMENESS and regularity for the ET positioning to be correct.

If it was however somehow caused by a `collective expectation' - IMO, we would see NO repeat of the event in any near time frame; that is at least until the next `predicted' day. IF events like this seem to be most riveting on predicted days - we may indeed be dealing with some sort of `global consciousness' type of phenomenology. As such, the next event on a predicted day of `alien disclosure' - could be expected to evolve and be different than this event. IMO.
Finally, IF random balloons caused such a stir - we can expect the next set of UFO balloons soon to be released by hoaxers wanting attention. We could expect the next event soon IMO and it would look even more like balloons. The government could even do it to increase the silliness factor of the first event. Therefore, since copycat attention seekers are everywhere and since the MSM gave such huge attention to the balloon release stories as an explanation - we certainly are going to see at least someone do - scenario 4 - the balloon theory.

And, the disinformation will have begun again.

So, look for these patterns mentioned above - as - the next event is probably in the making - somewhere or somewhen.


  1. The New York event is suspicious at best - we know there were bunches of balloons let go at the time, and due to the 13th prediction, a lot of people *wanted* to see something, so they did (including the lunatic fringe on the internet). The El Paso "ufo" is almost 100% identifiable as the Golden Knights parachute team (they do night drops - look on youtube for a night video of theirs that is virtually identical to the "ufo" video - and they just happened to be in El Paso for an air show on that very date... hmmmm...). So I'd put the probability that this is anything at about 10%, just solely based on the NY event.

  2. Jeff,

    Are you trying to cause disinfo? Tomorrow I will have TWO of the Golden Knights videos - NEITHER OF WHICH LOOKS LIKE THE EL PASO EVENT IMO -- additionally, I will give a link to their schedule - that does NOT have el paso as to where they were - indeed, they were in Atlanta my hometown.

    Strange comment man, strange comment.


  3. Hi R.P.,

    On the contrary - I'm trying to get people to think a bit rather than instantly reacting to the hype. Directly from the Golden Knights website, from their Excel-based 2010 schedule:

    Oct 16-17 Amigo Airshow El Paso, TX Houston Texans Football, Houston, TX(17)

    and a nighttime jump video:

    If you can't come to the same conclusion based on that evidence, then I'd have to question your reasoning.

    Listen, I would like more than anything for true disclosure to happen and for a real, public alien visitation to take place - but I always think that these youtube-based, flimsily constructed pieces of "evidence" do the general UFO community more of a disservice than anything. Just mho.


  4. my hobby is the video of meteors. i am searching for bolides and fireballs. i have 4 low light level video cameras. in the past year i captured one nice shooting star, on the morning of september 11th, 2010.
    i have hours and hours and hours of wide field night sky recordings. lots of them need to be reviewed. in all the videos i have reviewed i have seen nothing that i would call alien space craft. i am currently a month behind and getting worse.
    i live near NYC and the hudson valley known for it's ufo "flaps".
    i have seen security videos of fireballs and meteors but never ufo's. i myself have not yet recorded a "youtube" meteor but i set up the system almost every clear night. meteor or ufo, bring 'em on!

  5. Good news from Brazil:

  6. Just one more thing: I read an article about a possible next event to take place on November 18th. It supposed to be a "big thing". It was mention even the time of its climax at 20:30 UTC. I don't know if this is true but I will be looking up that day just in case.



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