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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorting `Evidence' Of The El Paso and NYC UFO Event(s)

Today, in a few hours, it will have been one week since the NYC UFO(s) Event and 5 days since the `follow-up' El Paso UFO Event of 10-15. Now, you note how I use the word `Event'(s) in relation to the NYC phenomena - as, seemingly, based on the available blog reports, videos made on the street by citizens, and TV reports - more than one solitary event constituted the whole affair.

Street reports have the event unfolding as early as 9:30 with the first video on day one initially reported as 11:00 AM - and the initial report and video show many `UFO's' (or balloons) in the skies - all `individual dots' in the video. Then, a comment on this blog as early as 2:22 PM, talked about (probably) the developing scene at 8th and 23rd (remember, the vendor said this was going on from 9:30 in the sky at that location) about 1:26 P.M. with the citizens own footage about an hour later (indeed, he must have commented to UDCC just before returning to the scene).

Now, the afternoon `UFO's are described as being fewer than hours before and `doing things' - moving about, appearing and disappearing, reacting to Jets, etc. - it is in the afternoon scene that another video indicates police presence. This `afternoon' scene according to one TV report had died down by 4:30 (when the police said it was unfounded) with evidently nothing in the sky.

Then, by 5:30 PM - TV reports once again have a `UFO' in the skies from that same intersection - which continued into the evening. It is THIS stationary UFO - with blinking blue lights - that may be the most mysterious IMO. And then, finally, there was some evidence via webcam (security webcam?) of  more evening orbs `moving about' in the NYC skies.

Don't worry, I won't trot UDCC readers thru all the videos again (just page back the last few days) - but - I do want to cover the `various photo evidence' on the MSM about the event. First the Bubble UFO.

Then, there was the `Triangle' 3 Spot UFO Picture

Additionally, any freeze frame on the YouTube video we posted first here at UDCC could supply you the multi-multi UFO's in the sky picture. (the above `Triangle' may just be a splice. That said, this video was either shot at 11AM or the `doctored' 6 PM timeframe --- and it doesn't matter - because the 8th and 23rd UFO's started as many dots in the sky too and that was up until1:30 P.M.ish at least). So, I will leave it to my UDCC readers to find the `multiple' UFO's in the sky picture.

Next up: the balloon pictures from the Madrid Celebration:
Here's info from the event and another picture link UDCC had earlier:

Here also is a video, more than likely, of the Madrid Balloons up in the air. It uses the videoing of the event to claim that the UFO sightings were a hoax. And, indeed, in the best close-up of the video - one can see what appears to be Yellow balloons in a bunch (btw, NOT the same color as the Bubble UFO either) - and indeed, on the ground, in this video - one can see 6 groups of Yellow Balloons. (Do note how these balloons were floating away - as all balloons do.) So, while some of these balloons may have been release alone from the bunch they were in - it does seem that up to three were released as bunches? (IF that is what produces the `Triangle' Lights in the sky early in the video - this all seems highly edited - as videos trying to prove a hoax seem often to be - IF they are not a hoax themselves.)

And, here, you can see the whitish balloons from the kids to their teacher of which a bunch of 12 got loose around 1P.M.-

Now, as reported in previous links - NYC police are to be notified of balloon releases and initially said none were to be done on that day. Then, we discover the Madrid release and I would bet others too that didn't get on some registry. And, of course, we had the report of the accidental release of 12 balloons together and I would bet - that others were `accidentally' released that didn't rise up to the level of a MSM report too.

My point? EVERY SINGLE DAY BALLOONS ARE RELEASED and float away - just as these did. NEVER has a balloon release - with simple balloons like these - stayed in the sky for hours, did maneuvers - vanished and returned and captivated the public - despite 1,000's and 1,000's of previous balloon releases. Additionally, I've been cruising the available balloon YouTube videos - even had a couple on my blog Barf Stew in recent days - and I can tell you that no videos seem to exist of folks releasing their balloons, - filming them into the sky - and see the videos stay in the sky onward and onward. I challenge anyone to provide me a video of a release from the ground, into the sky - on one video that goes on for hours.

Indeed, this link, from a skeptic forum,  provides (supposed) proof, inadvertently, of `correct winds' - proving - the Madrid balloons are all the fuss - -- so, what is it -- IF there were winds - they would indeed be carried away -- and the testimony (taken from UDCC) hardly would explain the REFORMING of the lights at the same spot in the sky on a timed basis.

Anyway, it's hardly `news' to say that winds existed. Or, that winds blow balloons. Or, that balloons released after the time of first phenomena (either 9:30 if vendor TV story is true, 11AM if first video is true, or, 1:26 PM if UDCC report is true - and of course all could be true) could be the cause - virtually ruling out the teacher balloons. OR be the cause of events AT LEAST 5-6 HOURS LATER (the early evening TV reports of the SkyLight with blue tail).

(I have still not been able to determine the time of the Madrid Balloon release.)

I know, that is a lot of time to spend to discount the `idea' I ascribed the 10% possibility to. That said, let me make their best case right here. The `100's' of balloons seen, the 20-30 balloons seen, the 3 balloons seen - could have been the Madrid balloons - BUT - could NOT have been them over an sustained time period. And, more than likely (at a huge %) could NOT have been more than ONE of the three types of sightings seen (that of over 30 dots in the sky, about 20 dots in the sky, 3 dots in the sky (and changing numbers too)). Therefore, we have multiple sustained balloon sightings all day long - in one location that is unexplained. And, at that same location, many hours later - now into the night - the SAME location in the sky has an anomaly.

Really, balloon advocates, need I say more?

Hey, the MSM was simply doing their job and reporting things that float in the sky - as they did on that day. The fact that the MSM presented it all in a brainless way is hardly to anyones surprise. IMO.

And, I assume you have seen the near-amazing YouTube video shot by a TV reporteer - of what UDCC will be calling - The El Paso UFO 2010 Event. Now, you will note my emphasised words - shot by a TV reporter. This is not some computer generated images given to a TV station. And, while the TV report certainly shows some edited version of raw tape (I can assume that the lights were in the sky for a longer period than shown for example.) - I think it shows the highlights of the reporters experience.

Also, the report clearly indicates that the lights hovered - rearranged - had a fourth light appear - moved then faded. Here's that report again:

Here is a written account - offering up several possibilities for the sightings - "They are magnesium flares on parachutes. They are used to light up battle fields. A single mortar is launched, then the three flares ignite, and drift down on parachutes. Then they burn out and go dark. Odds are there was some national guard training going one." and in the same article - an OR possibility - "Yes, it's skydivers, specifically the US Army's Golden Knights skydiving team from US Marine airbase Miramar practicing for this weekend's Alamo Airsho," said another commenter.

Others feel they had some connection to planes with the Amigo Airshow.

Let me take the EASIEST FIRST - PLANES? Give me a break! That looked like PLANES TO SOMEONE (other than a crashing plane - yet to be reported).? Ok, on to the next idea.

FLARES ON PARACHUTES had that kind of stability? Had that level of timing? Had that level of control afterward? Have the ability to leave no trace of smoke when finished with manuaver? -------------- I'd need to see the evidence. Seems to not fit the sniff test.

Okay, so we are left with the Golden Knights. And, here, I begin a slightly inside UDCC angle for a bit - you see a long time commenter, who I respect, buffeted the idea of the El Paso UFO with a post on UDCC that I thought was, possibly, trying to mis-direct people - especially based on quick `research on my end'.

Here is what he said:

The New York event is suspicious at best - we know there were bunches of balloons let go at the time, and due to the 13th prediction, a lot of people *wanted* to see something, so they did (including the lunatic fringe on the internet). The El Paso "ufo" is almost 100% identifiable as the Golden Knights parachute team (they do night drops - look on youtube for a night video of theirs that is virtually identical to the "ufo" video - and they just happened to be in El Paso for an air show on that very date... hmmmm...). So I'd put the probability that this is anything at about 10%, just solely based on the NY event.

One thing that I like about Jeff when he comments is that he, like myself, doesn't overextend my opinion as being infallible or open to other opinions. So, it was a bit unlike his comments to be so sure of the El Paso event. To which, as I said, I did this research and made my follow up comment - and as you can see, at the first link I dig into it showed the G.K.'s to be in Atlanta (my hometown, of which I had seen some of the amazing warm ups for the show, right over I-75 near Dobbins AFB) on Oct. 16th-17th Air Show.

I was wrong in the sense that ultimately there are different parachute teams ultimately operating under one name - all skilled skydivers of course. Often with multiple teams performing in different cities at the same weekend. So, my comment back to Jeff was too `surface research'.

Anyway, my incorrect rebuttal to Jeff - resulted in his additional comment that I've yet to publish until this moment here:

Hi R.P., On the contrary - I'm trying to get people to think a bit rather than instantly reacting to the hype. Directly from the Golden Knights website, from their Excel-based 2010 schedule: Oct 16-17 Amigo Airshow El Paso, TX Houston Texans Football, Houston, TX(17) and a nighttime jump video: If you can't come to the same conclusion based on that evidence, then I'd have to question your reasoning. Listen, I would like more than anything for true disclosure to happen and for a real, public alien visitation to take place - but I always think that these youtube-based, flimsily constructed pieces of "evidence" do the general UFO community more of a disservice than anything. Just mho. Jeff

Now, more than anything I wanted to follow thru with what Jeff was providing with both the YouTube link (which I had already bookmarked and bring to you below) and his G.K. schedule link. Jeff was dead on about a show being in El Paso that weekend. ----- As for the video, (and I may use it below) - I had already scourered YouTube for G.K. videos - and had either seen the same or close to it. But, one thing that I did notice was that 85% plus of G.K. videos were of day skydives and the FEW that weren't were of `twilight' dives (sun twlight still in the sky).

So, with that in mind - here's the best video of my initial research to `support' the G.K.'s theory of the El Paso 2010 UFO - It was the video Jeff is leaning on too:

Now, it does look somewhat like the `UFO' video - UNTIL - the 21 second mark on the tape - as the parachute is clearly visible when deployed - CLEARLY VISIBLE. There even exists a YouTube I found that shot the scene from `above' the divers after deploying that also looked a bit like the lights manuevering in the UFO video - but, once again, the parachutes could be seen.

So, while I've certainly had my reasoning questioned before (lol) - I'd ask Jeff to once again look at the tapes and see how really dis-similar they are.

Here's a few more links to the El Paso Airshow - and this one has a video of them in the early evening jump
And, finally, here's another link to the first video - this time presented by a different TV newscrew than the first.

Lastly, concerning the El Paso 2010 UFO - it seems that the website ATS (Above Top Secret) obtained a cryptic response from the G.K's (perhaps) about the event -

Think this is a local US only event? Here is how the UK is handling it and indeed, even better pictures can be found at this link than above ( a treat for those of you that have read the whole thing) (Great Cluster Shot Of Dots too).

See you tomorrow with some final 10-13 connections.

1 comment:

  1. Hi R.P.,

    I think you are confusing me with another Jeff - this is the first series of posts I've made to your site. But anyhow, let me just say that I respect what you're doing on this blog and I think it could be important. That said, it's events like the El Paso one that go viral based solely on hype and mis-information that get to me, and I felt a need to respond in some fashion and just happened to do so after reading your post.

    I've read this latest post, but it doesn't change my opinion on El Paso. There are three facts that say there's a high probability that there was nothing anomalous about this event and it was indeed the Golden Knights:

    1) similar videos of the Golden Knights night jumps
    2) the fact that the Golden Knights were indeed in El Paso on that very night
    3) the fact that the Golden Knights are claiming the video is actually them

    I like to think of myself an open-minded skeptic (and no, not the annoying debunker type that blindly dismisses everything) - I've seen a good number of videos and read a good number of UFO accounts that can't easily be explained, but this is not one of them. Had this happened a month ago prior to the NY event and prior to the Oct 13 prediction, I have to wonder if less people would be so vehement about it.



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