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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Comparing Eyewitness Reports Of The NYC UFO Event - Was Some Info Censored Off MSM?

One of the purposes of the New UDCC - is to bring raw eyewitness reports (and the UFO Clock will be returning to such MUFON reports and YouTube UFO reports by state - soon) - And, while the UDCC comment section provided one of the first eyewitness reports on the internet - I've been digging around and found a good resource I wanted to bring to UDCC readers (BTW, thanks for all the new `followers' up from 55 just two weeks ago or so.). And, at this amazing link (which has so much stuff on it about the 10-13 event(s) that it loads VERY SLOW - so slow I wouldn't do it with dial up) were these comments and much more.

Does this match the impression left by the MSM of the event?

Here's the comments:

I just joined this site looking for a forum to tell about what I saw today, I live near 23rd and 8th and just went out to catch the ABC and NY1 reporters who did there report that you can see online or TV. Again, I feel compelled to write about what my girlfriend and i witnessed today. Make no joke about it, they were not balloons and the reports speak nothing about the formations that were formed and then broken between the smaller objects or about the “mothership” looking objects. ( UDCC emphasis) I spoke to the ABC reporter after he finished his report and he was sarcastic and joking about it, and the report of course comes off that way. Nothing about the military fighters that I and several other people saw. The military did scramble jets at high altitudes without a doubt. (UDCC emphasis) The guys I spoke with were older blue collar guys that saw the jest with me as did my girlfriend. Their contrails and speeds were definitive. Also, the patterns and the quantity of the smaller objects and their separation and then their union were beyond belief. (UDCC emphasis) They were not normal. They covered several hundred miles in seconds to unite and then breakaway from each other. I only witnessed one, near the ending of the entire event, smaller object proceed from a standing holding pattern across what must have been miles of sky to unite with a larger object. They were not balloons. They stop and moved. Scattered and formed. (UDCC emphasis) The military fighter (s), was as I said extremely high, well above the commercial air traffic. Their was something up, and it was not normal.

Well I am am the guy who called into the Jack Blood show. I saw these UFOs, whatever the hell they were with my bare eyes. I live on 34th btw 9th and 10th in NYC. We got a call from a friend who was shopping in Midtown. I went out side and didnt see #. Went up to our fire escape and sure enough these were these silverish glowing orbs that changed position, stood still at times, and vanished and appeared spontaneously. (UDCC emphasis) I don’t give a # if anyone believes me, I really didnt feel like typing this crap up. I have better things to do… but it made me laugh after I did a google search on it to see what was being said. Anybody who says it was ballons is talking out of their ass. These things had to be at 50,000 ft. I worked on A-6 Intruders in the Marine Corps, VMA 224, 2nd MAW out of Cherry Point, NC. I can gage these things pretty well. I believe they were some kind of military eye in the sky type of craft. (UDCC emphasis) I dont believe in aliens. Even if a craft landed in front of me and a little green man walked out I would still suspect the government. But that didnt happen.

I went out to 23rd and 8th during the daytime like everyone else to see whats going on. There were several objects up in the air, about 20-30 and they came and went pretty quickly. They did look like balloons thought but the shape seemed to change a bit. They were yellow and were in the air for hours. They basically hovered. At one point there was a group of about 15-20 and one came closer to that group as if it was going to join them but it went around them instead. They did not make sharp turns, they moved with intent unlike a floating balloon in the air. When they were hovering they did not move at all much. They moved in many directions and at one point there was a cluster of them. Some seemed to be near each other but moved in different directions, if they were balloons I don’t think they would have been doing that. My friend who was with me was convinced they were balloons but they were there far too long and moved in such an interesting way that I doubt they were balloons. (UDCC emphasis) I was watching this whole thing for about 45 minutes.

yes there was about 50 people or so gathered on 23rd street and 8th ave, my girlfriend and i and many of us witnessed white objects in the sky very high around 1pm, looked like 2 motherships white ballooned shaped, being at times merged with up to 30 to 50 very small round white objects. They were not weather balloons and they were way above commercial air traffic. We saw a military jet pass at high speeds well below the objects altitude. I personally saw one object still in position for 10 minutes then move across the sky and merge with one of the larger objects. My girlfriend, before I arrived witnessed a formation of around 10 smaller objects merge with a larger one. A man she spoke to had been there 2 hours prior and witnessed what he said was over 20 objects merging. No accounts on news. Anyone?

(So, he's there at 1P.M. - his girlfriend was there earlier than him and she spoke with a man who witnessed this merging up to 2 hours earlier - once again pushing the timeframe to 11AM or before. Remember, we KNOW that one set of 12 balloon escaped at about 1PM. These accounts again speak of multiple events. Also, the stated `highness' of these accounts is also not a feature of the MSM TV reports. Or, the jets.)

we have video from bad cell phone, we just watched and you cant see the objects. the frog video is about the same. We are very freaked now, as we new nothing about the oct 13th predictions, i googles “ufos manhattan 0ct 13th” and got the link to the predictions of fulham for today! It’s unreal. Whatever was in the sky was not of this earth and they were not military. I am not going to guess their altitude but they were at least thousands of feet above the highest aircraft. we are kicking ourselves for not running home and getting video camera but then again the altitude may have denied any good pic. So frustrating. But I ama skeptic and an agnostic and so is my girlfriend and we know that what we saw was very very unusual. (UDCC emphasis)

I stood and watched them for about 40 minutes moving into formations backwards and forwards in the sky. The strangest thing that happened in that time, that I haven’t seen anyone yet report was the appearance of a triangle shaped fighter jet, which raced across the sky and seemed to circle near them 4 or 5 times before seemingly disappearing into thin air! It was without doubt the strangest thing ive ever seen in my life. Anybody else see it? A few people stood with me on the corner of 23rd and 8th Ave saw it as well. 2 questions… 1. Why would the Air Force scramble a fighter jet to check out balloons and 2. How and why did the said jet vanish into thin air in a clear blue sky?

(Does UDCC notice a pattern? How about You?)

I was in mid-town early this evening and there was a lone helicopter hovering in one spot extremely high in the sky. It caught my attention because it was in a stationery position and frankly, I’ve never noticed that before so I stared at it for aboout 3 minutes and it didn’t move. I chalked it up to the news covering traffic on the westside. I was on 5th Ave and 39th Street near Lord & Taylor. May or may not have meaning but 39th and 5th is not that far from 23rd and 8th Ave. Not liking the possibilities. As if we don’t have enough going on.

I was there. It was very unsettling to watch. There’s no rational explanation to that spectacle in the sky. They stood together, in the same relative position to each other – you could call it a formation – and in the same spot in the sky, with very minimal movement for a long time. Small bright perfectly formed dots, against a perfectly blue sky. Surreal. Much too far, too bright and too stationary to be balloons, though I’m open to that explanation if someone can prove it to me. What I saw was unnerving – still is. There were two crowds of people, one watching a formation visible to the East and another crowd the formation to the West. (UDCC emphasis) I did not see the one to the West, because the Eastern one was enough. It took a while for the eye to focus on the dots. They were so far away. The one to the East had 5 objects in it. All stayed put with very little movement for about 20 minutes or so except that at one point, three of them formed a perfect triangle, the fourth one moved a bit to the upper tip of the triangle and the fifth one moved farther away to the right. Then they kept that position for a while. It got to be disconcerting. (UDCC emphasis) I have no rational explanation and was hoping the news would post something logical about military exercises, etc. No luck!

from this link -
I've also unearthed more videos of 10-13 of interest from the above link and others that I will bring you tomorrow (saving you minutes of waiting for the above link to load) - be ready for your head to continue to spin.
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  1. This is a great post of information which for me greatly challenges the 'its baloons and air shows' explanations. I very much trust peoples eye witness acounts as relevent and DISTRUST the media which is corporate-owned:"Make no joke about it, they were not balloons and the reports speak nothing about the formations that were formed and then broken between the smaller objects or about the “mothership” looking objects. ( UDCC emphasis) I spoke to the ABC reporter after he finished his report and he was sarcastic and joking about it, and the report of course comes off that way."

    As I explained in another of your posts, although I wasn't observing this in NYC, the most impressive video I have seen up to now is of a matching PATTERN of UFOS that were videod in different places, and --if memory is right---in daylight, (NYC) and at nighttime (?) and even the newscaster (who are usually all goofy and smiley talkin over the cliched X files soundtrack) was impressed, because both these formations when mirrored formed a similar pattern!

    As yet I have not watched the prediction of these events videos by Mr Fulham but intend to soon.

    I am interested what other commenters say in response to these eye witness acounts, etc., you have presented here.

  2. I just stumbled on to your site, and I am so glad to see someone doing some deeper research into this event.

    Have you heard reports of a "gas leak" in the radar control tower at one of NYC's airports? It was reported in a podcast that interviewed tha canadian author of the book that "predicted" the 10/13 display.

    This "gas leak" essentially cleared the radar staff from the building, and this is a VERY curious detail. I have no idea if this anecdote is actually true.

    Stanley Fulham interview:

  3. OK I have watched the Stanley Fulham interview now where he 'predicts' the 'UFO' events in NYC.
    Now my first rsecervations listening to this guy was his saying about 'world wide terrorism' which to me fits with the propaganda coming from the U.S. Also his quasi-mystical New Age explanation of these 'transcendors' and the 'channeling' etc, and a few other things--the fact that he is ex military. I am not saying my resrvations are 'truth' I am just voicing them.

    Anyhow I came across this video-- NYC UFOs Were a Psy Op at the beginning she claims he worked for NORAD--that rang alarm bells, and as she said there were no jets for all that time in the NYC UFO thing---though I read one of the witnesses from your post claims to have seen a triangular UFO which seemed to disappear?
    I then found this:

    Proof DailyKos is NWO? Censoring NORAD Officer UFO Prediction
    Submitted by Sue4theBillofrights on Thu, 10/14/2010 - 18:24

    * Current Events

    Now I didn't put much stock in the NYC UFO sighting, and I would have thought nothing of it. But if I were planning a false flag UFO massing I wouldn't want some NORAD guy's prediction of it plastered all over a high hit website. How would he know? It builds the case that it's a false flag. "Hide" recommendations are usually reserved for very offensive posts, Nazi-comparisons and such. This is just a mildly speculative post on NWO consisting of the following, already has 6 "hide" recommendations. It's not so much the post but the reaction to it which is interesting:

    NORAD Officer's UFO Prediction One Month Ago Was Right
    by Tallahasee Lassie [Subscribe]
    Thu Oct 14, 2010 at 01:29:22 PM PDT

    Just sharing, nothing more. I skimmed this headline on the Ron Paul website nearly a month ago to the day in which a retired NORAD officer predicts major UFO sightings on Oct. 13. I don't generally follow UFO stuff. Check the date on the post. Some are saying this is the beginning of an elaborate false flag operation intended to usher in world government. I don't know. All I know is my Yahoo headlines are now turning up this.

    CBS: UFO Sighting Over Manhattan

    Your guess is as good as mine. But how would a NORAD officer know? Just reporting the news. Have fun with it. And remember what you saw here, posted from exactly one month ago, if it matters to you.

    The news report doesn't satisfy the prediction of many major cities, but obviously the precise correspondence of the date for "sightings" is interesting if nothing more. And the city is NYC even if we don't know what they are. I personally don't believe any aliens would bother with us. They're interested in intelligent life, not cavemen who devote all their wits to thinking of better ways to blow each other to bits."

  4. ALSO this which I am currently listening to. Here we can hear witnesses' audio of what they saw. This guy I am listening to saying 'any one who thinks they were balloons wheren't there--the were like shining metalic orbs' and he says he was a marine of something--checkit out

    WEIRD huh???

  5. Muzuzuzus - Thanks for your input.

    Mike Clelland - Thanks also - indeed that is VERY curious. I have heard the `report' only mentioned about the time 10-13--10-14 that the airport (or all airports?) was closed for an unexplained reason. You can find the link of such by looking deeper in this site.

    Rick Phillips


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