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Monday, October 25, 2010

Will The NYC Daytime UFO `Lights' Show - Be Replaced With A `Craft' Show?

Many people and websites interested in the UFO phenomena, or the `Alien Disclosure' issue, have pretty much jumped the gun so to speak on thinking that the UFO Event on Oct. 13th in NYC was a tipping point; in that it followed Leslie Kean's book - the important UFO/Nukes Press Club News Conference - and then with the `confirmation' VIA the `UFO's' `showing' on the `predicted date'.

But, as you know, UDCC's best analysis of the situation, my gut feel, was to provide my readers with `odds' of the event being different `things/ideas'. To which, I'd like to provide some additional analysis as to what such a daytime display might mean IF THE NEXT TIME IT WASN'T `ANOMALOUS LIGHTS' in the sky BUT - COULD CLEARLY BE SEEN TO BE A `CRAFT' OF SOME SORT.

And, first, I'd like to say to the 30% chance that the NYC event was some sort of signal from Extraterrestrials - that - the DAY `they' put a non-moving stationary craft in the sky for our observation - over a major city - for hours --- will truly be the so-called tipping point. That is - IF the government would ALLOW such coverage to begin! As, the difference between `lights' doing things - and `a sitting craft' - would have the most profound of differences to the human psyche (no matter how long the buildup of daytime `lights in the sky' coverage).

Indeed, while the `showing' of an alien craft - would seem to rule out the other possibilities UDCC has mentioned - I caution you in your thinking. The reason being - that each of the other possibilities IMO - has the chance to put a `craft' into the sky. Let me explain.

If you remember, UDCC gave a 40% chance to the possibility that the 10-3 event was possibly a nefarious human activity. That someone or something has the ability to `put on a show or light show' in our atmosphere. This is not the time or place (or perhaps it is) to get into a long discussion about Project Blue Beam --- but --- it's something along those lines - that either a government group or non (beyond) government group now has the technology to use the atmosphere for possibly less than noble purposes. Something to use this show ability to install fear (or possibly wonder). Something that IF it were to show a `craft' - for hours - in the daytime - over a major city - WOULD be beyond ignoring the implications of.

A blackmailing of the world governments? To me, it's not beyond a reasonable position. And, IF such a technology is in existence - will certainly be trotted out as one explanation for WHAT is in the skies on the day a `craft' is revealed. Indeed, the public will NOT have it `confirmed' as being Extraterrestrial as this will also be held out as `possible'. (Frankly, if such a Craft event went MSM and live, I think the MSM would `favor' the `alien' disclosure --- as the other choice `Project Blue Beam' - would be held to be even more sinister and riskier to spring onto the public.)

I won't get into the other details that I've speculated before on - such as the importance of how long the craft was in the skies; or how big the craft was, or, what the immediate `White House' reaction would be - as they too would be factors in all this.

Finally, the other two potentials also have IMO, the outside chance of ALSO producing an image in the sky --- as IMO - real collective consciousness, in some sort of `belief mode' could indeed `put' an image into the atmosphere in a real manner (I know the harder science folks who have read this far just rolled their eyes). Almost a mass hallucination in a sense, but, one that actualizes and can be seen by most to nearly all of other folks too - including TV cameras.

Finally, for you balloon believers - you too - IMO - would have a chance to be `right' if indeed a `craft' was put into the sky. As IMO, certainly a lunatic fringe of science folks exist --- off the payroll so to speak --- who might be able to build such a vision or even a real craft in some manner. (To demonstrate the possibility of `UFO's - to the world.)

But, would a `craft' next time -- in even a more mysterious manner --- be in the skies over NYC - generate a new set of odds from UDCC? To me it will depend on any pattern of similar events over the next few months - for - IF we have not seen the tipping point - (I look forward to your comments.)


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  1. I am thinking of starting a blog about the NYC UFOs. I think it was a very montous event. I have only skimmed Freeman's audio where he points out this accumulation of 'UFO agends events that preceeded with that NYC event and he talks about the date October 13th being very notable--it being connected to secret societies connected with the Templars. I feel all this should be seriously considered and added to the stew so to speak however seemingly outlandish.

    If it WAS a man-made psy op or black op that is also very significant. It could mean this urgent drive on their part to manipulate our collective imagination for obvious nefarious purposes as that seems to be their ilk

    Speaking of MASSIVE crafts in the sky which are unexplainable and yet seen by multiple people check this video out I saw earlier: UFO Family Detail Testimony Phoenix Lights Craft

    ps--did you hear the interview between Chris Knowles and --ooops I forget other guy who were discussing the NYC event and if I remember right mentioned your site?

  2. Muzuzuzus,

    Super - make sure to send me a link.

    I'm probably going to do a short article on it again on my squidoo page today as it has been two weeks now.



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