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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The `NYC UFO Event' - My Analysis, Opinion, And Speculations

Wow, where to begin.

Ok, so I woke up on the 13th thinking about the prediction of the UFO show; but, I run a UFO blog - how many other people woke up with similar thoughts? I can certainly say that it was a minimal number as this particular prediction seemingly had even less media attention than Blossom Goodchild's prediction of nearly the same date (Oct 14th was her prediction in 2008 - and BTW it would have been 10-14 in parts of the world). But, that said, perhaps many in NYC (it being a major city as the prediction said) did wake up with similar thoughts (this will be important in my speculations). IF even 1/10th of 1% of the metro area did have similar thoughts before hand (let's be conservative and just call the metro area 10 million) - that would be 10,000 folks.

But, most interestingly, the `evidence' indicates that NONE of the `time of the event' videos - be it of independent people OR even of the MSM (mainstream media) - WAS EVEN AWARE OF THE PREDICTION. Nowhere, on ANY video tape does ANYONE go "and you know what, it was predicted for this day" --- NONE, ZERO, NADA, Zilch. To all of these people - this UFO event had NOTHING TO DO WITH A PREDICTION. Thankfully, our MSM is so backwoods on 90% of all topics that they carried only their `giggly' attitude with them. Blissfully unaware that a prophecy was being fulfilled - perhaps.

Now, lets look at the evidence - video and blogwise - as what I can best gather via an internet monitor. There is some evidence of multiple orb sightings - the multi orb video of :38 seconds taken at 11AM, a continuous event from a vantage point of 23rd street and 8th ave - that went from `at least 1:26 PM' till 5:33 PM --- and at least two `orb' events at night - one caught on security camera and another supposedly of the SAME UFO still being in the sky (I assume the one from 23rd and 8th). And, there is anecdotal evidence that a similar orb event may have preceded all of this on Oct. 12th.

Personally, I know of NO OTHER UFO EVENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY that had a `unidentified flying object' in the skies from 1:00 PMish until AFTER DARK - in the same location! And, being covered by the MSM from 5:30ish - and continuing to show the UFO after dark; while using words like MYSTERY.

Now, it is again important to remember that the MSM ---- NEVER ONCE - on the 13th mentioned the `prediction' on live newscasts. However, they did work in words like little green men and used the Twilight Zone Theme. While stressing `balloon release stories' as soon as they got their hands on them.

However, yesterday I produced pictures of these balloons and they hardly seem to be able to hover in one place for hours or be seen from 1000's of feet. But, the media was able to largely deflect seriousness with their balloon hypothesis; conveniently ignoring the impossibility of the balloons not floating away; or seemingly preforming actions at times.

And, any analysis has to be include the supposed shutting down of Airports, the denial of the object affecting airtraffic only to seemingly reverse stance, the supposed jet flyby with the Orbs reacting, the statement that it was not on radar - and of course, the utter lack of follow thru of the MSM on any substantive points. And, the lack of ANY mention on the next AM national morning shows like Today, ect.

Now, amazingly, the MSM DOES HAVE COVER for their lack of immediately covering `hovering anomalous space' - as the UFO Event was during the `exact timeframe' of the rescues of the Chilean Miners - exactly. And, this too, will figure into my `speculations' positioning. Co-incidence you say?


The full evidence taken as a whole makes me conclude that something more than released balloons occurred. ONLY `peoples interest' via standing at the corner of 23rd and 8th - pointing out the anomaly - (obviously, this was being reported back to police headquarters one would hope - do they not monitor police bands anymore in newsrooms?) produced ANY MSM coverage of the event - over 4 hours, if not 6 hours, after it had begun.

The media played it as they always do - `UFO's are Entertaining'! I'm not even certain more than two channels even `bothered' with the story. Even with a supposed unexplained airport shutdown on the same day. Frankly, coverage that reeks of compliance to keep such events of low concern to the population.

So, what did happen in the sky?

UDCC will only offer possibilities with gut percentages.

I think that someone, or something, can now `produce' anomalous space - where and when they wish - with the features they want it to have. My gut feel is that it is Human in origin - and either government oriented or super-government oriented. My gut feel is that the event was to test how the reaction would be to limited coverage of something anomalous in the sky. I think this possibility has a 40% chance of being true.

However, I think --- for the same reasons - that the origin of the NYC UFO Event - could be extraterrestrial. As, the event was `obvious' and sustained - and evidently, beyond ignoring to the common man on the street. A `break-in' event so to speak - as opposed to a `break-thru' event. Masking the event via a minimal size with significant height in the sky. I think this possibility has a 30% chance of being true.

The next possibility, at least to me, is even scarier than either of the above scenarios and has about a 20% chance of being true. And, that is that it was some sort of `paranormal event' - beyond the physics that we know - caused by some tipping point in belief/awareness of a UFO event to happen over major cities on that day. (And, since the predictor this time was an American - probably focused into this countries major city.) Then, as further consciousness was given to `the wonder' from the street - sustained it for an unprecedented amount of time. Almost as a BREAKING IN to our phenomenology. A non-local caused event. Possibly caused or aided by the WORLD emotions of the Chilean Rescue.

And, there is that 10% chance that small balloons can stay in one place producing light for hours on end - while forming in different parts of the sky.

Tomorrow, I will speculate `what the next step could be' for any of the above scenarios. Buckle Up.


  1. the video I saw was obviously balloons---- You are guilty of wishful thinking, at least.
    use Occams razor sometime---- and compare your wild speculations with the simplicity of using your own eyes rather than your imagination. I believe in the ETH, but articles such as this make those of us who do, look like fools

  2. Check this out.


  4. Gnostic 23-7,

    Only the event taken as a whole, which includes the evening TV reports and the eye witness account on UDCC leads me to my opinion. You are welcome to yours. Thanks for commenting.

    Nat - Hawai05 - thanks for the links.


  5. I'm still wondering about that "balloon" theory in NYC. The Texas ufo sighting was eerily similar.

  6. I'm still wondering about that "balloon" theory in NYC. The Texas ufo sighting was eerily similar.


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